Workout in a New Place! Week #8 Challenge

Workout in a New Place! Week #8 Challenge

Hey guys!

Do you know that it is actually REALLY HARD work being a designer? OMG. Hours and hours and hours are spent designing, sourcing fabrics, talking technicalities of the construction etc etc. Then the development process takes weeks to get perfection. The production anywhere from 40-90 days…and then another month on a cargo ship!

So for those of you asking when the Beverly Bowtie gym bag in dusty rose will be back, the answer is probably in 3 months – late May I am thinking.

And there will be tons of new designs and even wallets! Yes yes I am so excited about the wallets! Think more bows, pleats, scalloped edges – ah – you will love!!!

Today I am taking a day of rest. I worked all Sat, Sun, and Mon.

So I totally woke up early today to workout but then was like “ooooo let’s research where to go today” and spent like 3 hours wasting time on the comp in my hotel checking travel advisor and a bunch of other Guangzhou travel sites. Ugh Cassey. Now it’s 10am and I am still in my room. I suck.

So I have decided to skip my workout and take a taxi to Shangxiajiu. It is supposed to be a really cool place that has tons of markets, crazy Chinese foods, beautiful architecture, and according to the sites I’ve been on, I am supposed to spend several hours there to take in the magnificence of it all.

Workout Cassey is mad that she didn’t get to exercise today. Worldly Cassey says, “You’re in China! Get over it!”

So Worldly Cassey wins today and I am just going to wander and be inspired. I am takin my DSLR with me so that I can capture the beauty of it all for you guys. Maybe I will be inspired enough to vlog my first entrepreneurial video for the new channel. Might as well! Should have some GREAT scenery.

Have any of you guys ever ditched a workout? I hate the feeling but seriously, a 1 hr workout actually means like 2+ hours and maybe more getting ready to leave. It’s 10am. Seriously Cassey. Stop justifying!!!! Ha.

See you soon!


OMG. I just realized that I forgot to tell you what the challenge was. Oh silly me. OK, this week’s challenge is to workout in a new place! If you normally watch my vids in your bedroom, then do em in the living room! Or go for a run in a new neighborhood or scenic location. If you’re stuck at the gym, then instead of staying at the back of the group ex class, come to the front. Have a fave treadmill? Use the one 3 spots over. Haha – anything just change it up!! Should change your attitude and energy too. Trust me.

This challenge was inspired by my travels!

OK for real, see you soon. Bye!

<3 Cassey

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  1. mess_capri says:

    wow!! Cassie you look OH SO GORGEOUS

    you got really bright smile =]

  2. Sunny says:

    Awesome! So excited for the wallets and the Beverly Bowtie restock!! Hopefully, I’ll have a job by then and extra reason to reward myself!

  3. I’m excited for the wallets! How cool! And I hope you really consider having workout towels at some point because I really need those!

  4. Anita says:

    OMG WALLETS?!!??! I’ve been needing a new one really badly! I was supposed to get one from the Japanese company “Yumetenbo” but they sold out and replied that they don’t restock… O_o

    I’m so excited, good job Cassey, I love you! 😀

  5. Cari Garvey says:

    The background is fixed now…yesterday it was weird for me too where it was the tree background all over now its white again in the middle…glad your having a great time Cassey and REALLY excited about the wallets…any chance the wallets will have lots of pockets too?? I have a money system where i separate all my cash into different “envelopes” for the whole month…I need at least 4 cash size pockets…if not no big deal they will still rock!

    1. blogilates says:

      there are tons of pockets indeed! wow what a system!

  6. katrina says:

    I am going to start doing stretches with my students this week. Get them up and moving. I have some of them running and walking with nd at recess already. I like adding things like this onto my daily workout with you 🙂 thanks. I was wondering where the new challenge was

  7. Stephanie says:

    There’s also an ad for Old Navy on the side that can’t be moved or closed that prevents the text from being read. WHY SO HARD, I WANNA READ! =)

    1. We are not having these problems, Stephanie. The text background should be white and the text itself should be dark. There’s a couple of ads to the side of the text, but nothing in the way of reading. Might be your browser or even computer malware. What browser are you using?

      1. Oh, apparently there was something weird going on for some other people too. Hope the issues were fixed for you as well!

  8. Stephanie says:

    Wish I could read this, but it’s WAY too hard with this background =(

    1. blogilates says:

      ahh really? the background should be white…this is so weird! will get someone to look into it soon.

      1. blogilates says:

        for now you can highlight the text