Is This High-End Stroller Wagon Worth the Price Tag? 

*This piece features my personal opinion on the Wonderfold W2 Luxe Stroller Wagon. All thoughts are based on my individual experience with the product, including features that I loved and those that I didn’t.

My short list of criteria for deciding what to tote my little one around in is fairly simple. The ride needs to have comfortable and safe seating, easily unfold and later fold back up for trunk storage, and of course, offer ample space for baby gear. Whether it’s a sleek, lightweight travel stroller or other situation-serving option, the buy has to check these boxes.

But…what about planning your purchase around the inevitable: when your infant grows into a toddler and onto a big(er) kid? If you have an independent tot on your hands, you’re no stranger to your bundle of joy’s growing hunger for new ways to experience the world around them. Namely, not sitting strapped into a stroller or car seat. 

Real talk: the moment my son got a taste of mobility, our stroller became the ultimate obstacle to going on walks.

Every attempt to buckle him in was accompanied by an arched back, digging his heels into the seat in an attempt to springboard out of the ride, and of course, tears. It was a tough period for me as a mom who cherished our morning walks to start the day off on the right foot. 🚶‍♀️Pun fully intended.

I began exploring stroller alternatives, landing on a search for the perfect wagon.

I was looking for wheels I could easily maneuver, and would be a few steps above the red, plastic rectangle I fondly remember my sister pulling me down the neighborhood street in. Less retro, more functionality, if you will.

With Summer around the corner, our adventures would require space to store everything from wet clothes to snacks and wheels that could take on grassy hills and smooth sidewalks. A wagon would give him a new vantage point, support the sense of freedom he sought at every corner, and would offer our family more storage space on outings. Bonus points if I could find one with a sunshade to protect him from the scorching summer rays here at the beach.

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The Wonderfold Stroller Wagon

When I stumbled upon the IG sensation, Wonderfold’s wagons, I knew they were worth researching. The W2 Luxe Stroller Wagon featured:

  • All-terrain XL wheels
  • Raised seats, a sunshade
  • An adjustable handlebar
  • A magnetic harness, and
  • A weight capacity of 200 pounds. 🤯


It looked chic and spacious and could fit another little one when our family grows. Until then, my girlfriends could throw their littles in the second seat during trail walks or trips to the splash pad. With nearly 1,500 5-star reviews, why not take one of their wagons for a (literal) spin? My biggest question was: was this ride worth the price tag?

Wonderfold Stroller Wagon assembly

The Setup

I’m not one to judge a stroller wagon by its box, but the weight of this delivery had me quickly wondering: would it be a beast to push? How will I manage to get this into my car’s trunk? My concerns were quickly resolved after I had a chance to take it for a ride, but more on that later. 

As a self-proclaimed setup amateur, I enlisted my husband’s help to get the wagon road-ready. It was a fairly simple process, mostly because Wonderfold offers a setup video that’s easy to follow. My son was quick to scurry over and help us, confiscating each piece as we hurried to put the wagon together. I loved that there weren’t any small, choking hazards floating around. Instead, we had seats, the brake pedal, and heavy wheels on the floor in our setup area. As my toddler happily pushed the wheels across our floor with his body weight, it gave extreme obstacle course vibes. These are the mildly hilarious, little moments I cherish.

Hooking the raised seats onto the wagon’s frame was the finishing touch and a slight challenge on the first go. They’re unbelievably sturdy, aka these seats aren’t going anywhere once clipped in. I loved the sense of security this gave me, and clipping the seats in became easier with more reps. Now I’m a pro and can set up the wagon in seconds.

After parking the wagon in our now playroom, brake on, my son was beyond excited to climb into what almost looked like a Pack ‘n Play on wheels because it was so spacious. He was perched up high, standing in the center, gaining more inches in a moment than he had in the last 3 months. He loved the viewpoint and having his own nook so much, that he had a *minor* meltdown trying to take him out of it. Better to protest getting out than protesting getting in! 

side view of Wonderfold W2 Luxe Stroller Wagon

The Scoop on the (Wagon) Stroll

Our first stroll in the wagon was wildly successful. We took a walk in our neighborhood – on roads that could use some serious TLC – and from getting my son buckled in, to the end of a 45-minute walk, he was content, engaged, and joyful. As I passed him sticks and leaves to explore with his hands, he wondered at his new vantage point that gave him a comfortable, forward-facing view of the neighborhood he knew so well. It was the first seamless walk we had taken in months. But as kids are, I knew a fickle attitude could mean our next attempt was a different story.

Typically, I can feel every pothole our day-to-day stroller runs over. This sensation was nonexistent with the wagon. It was a smooth walk for the books, all around. 

Wonderfold W2 Luxe Stroller Wagon in the trunk of a car

Adventuring away from home

The following week my husband and I took the Wonderfold stroller wagon on the road, walking through one of our favorite oceanfront neighborhoods. Admittedly, getting the wagon into the back of my car was a challenge at first. It took both of us to lift and place it flat in my trunk. Its weight caught me off guard – but also confirmed something I knew from our first ride. This was a sturdy wagon. Since our first adventure, I’ve figured out a way to lift and lower the wagon in a position that works best for me solo. 

Prepped with watermelon cubes and fig bars, we hit the pavement. In the wagon’s storage pockets, I placed my phone, sunglasses, water for the family, a light sweatshirt for my son, and backup snacks, not even scratching the storage surface. The exterior pocket storage, rear storage bin, and deep body of the wagon give you space for days. 👏  My Cora Backpack (AKA my diaper bag) fit perfectly in place of the second seat.

The 5-way magnetic harness and buckle (still) impressed me with its Fort Knox level of security. Our very wiggly son wasn’t going to magically unclip himself. Mid-walk, we took a break and let him stand in the wagon, exploring the zippers which he quickly became infatuated with. His curiosity turned into a game of peekaboo, squatting down and intermittently popping up. His loud giggles expressed, “Here I am!”

Wonderfold W2 Luxe Stroller Wagon details

Notable features

As our adventures continued on different terrains in various weather, we experimented with the sunshade. It stores easily in the stroller and adjusts to shield your little one no matter where the sun hits. My hands fell in love with the buttery vegan leather handlebar cover that unzips and removes if you want to get down and dirty on your rides. You know, when your walk through the woods somehow turns into collecting mud, rocks, and sticks.

As with many families, my husband and I aren’t the same height and prefer pushing handlebars at different angles. So, having 7 handlebar adjustment options means we can push comfortably, even if we’re mid-walk and switch who’s driving.

I felt empowered every time we had a successful outing in the wagon, not only because it made my son happy, but because it gave me everything I was in search of…and something I wasn’t. A little added workout. The wagon pushes easily and is accompanied by a slight heaviness that gives a touch of added resistance. Instead of bouncing through walks and feeling every big rock beneath us, the wagon absorbs the shock and gives me a constant, ever-so-slight weight to push forward. 

wonderfold stroller wagon view from above

Spotted: Wonderfold Stroller Wagon Takeover

When you start seeing a hot product everywhere, there’s typically merit to its popularity. And I can say with full confidence that I understood why my trips to the farmers market and local botanical garden were suddenly filled with Wonderfold Stroller Wagon sightings. And I mean everywhere.

I never saw the same model twice, reinforcing the idea that not only does Wonderfold offer durable, quality wagons, but they have options for every type of family. Watching a family of 3 littles very close in age roll past the farm market’s donut stand made me realize how perfect the wagon is for families who need seating for 2 or more kids. Instead of investing in multiple strollers over time, once your littles are 6 months or older, they can sit in a 4-seater wagon for years to come. Each W4 Luxe Stroller Wagon’s 2 bench seats 99 pounds (close to 50 lb per seat), and the wagon can hold up to 300 pounds. That’s 100 pounds beyond the weight of your children!   

Gets a BIG thumbs up for:

  • Smoothest ride we’ve owned, and we’ve tried quite a few strollers
  • Made to last – quality and durability with premium materials
  • Removable, adjustable sunshade – great for sunny days or shading your little one for a nap
  • Spacious interior – room to store adventure essentials beneath seats and in the center of the wagon   
  • Add-on snack tray available (because snacks are always a must)
  • All-terrain XL wheels conquer bumpy roads, grassy hills, and gravel easily
  • 5-point magnetic harness – your little Einstein isn’t breaking out! 
  • Exterior storage on sides and in rear basket (all included)
  • Zip opening at the end of carriage so littles can crawl in and out when parked
  • High weight capacity (45 lbs per seat, 200 lbs per wagon)
  • Deep carriage means my son can currently stand and watch the world go by *yes, I’m always right next to him
  • Easy to fold and quickly put in your trunk
  • Ideal for families of multiple littles very close in age – triplet moms, take a look at the W4 Luxe Stroller Wagon!


What I didn’t love:

  • Investment price point – The MSRP on this stroller wagon is $659. But, based on durability, quality, and anticipated years of use, this was a great investment for our family
  • Initially challenging to hook the seats in – this became easier with more reps, and now is a breeze
  • Slightly heavier than I would like from a lifting standpoint. However, its weight means heavy-duty materials, and feels grounded as you stroll. No topple-over terror for this mama!

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A *Wonderful* Wagon

The W2 Luxe Stroller Wagon was so worth the investment for our family. Our long days out are greeted with less resistance in-between stops for play and getting buckled back in. It’s a perfect shaded spot for my son to snack and hydrate, and I love the look and feel of every ride. While complimenting parents on their cuties in passing is normal, we had never received shoutouts about our stroller until pushing this wagon. From “That looks luxurious!” to “Wow, the Rolls Royce of wagons!” the flattery doesn’t stop.

I feel confident in the wagon’s durability for years (and kids) to come, and know my son will live for the snack tray that’s in our shopping cart.

Would you take a Wonderfold stroller wagon for a ride?

What are you and your littles looking for in a wagon? 

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