What I Wore to Eras 💜🌈✨🦋🖤

Hey guys!

Thank you for helping me choose what to wear! In the final moments, it was between 1 and 2, and I just had to do the purple for Speak Now – probably my favorite album right next to Red. 💜


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Now before we even get to the concert…I have to say that one of my favorite memories of the night happened on the freeway. In the thick of the traffic, everyone annoyed, cars barely moving, we saw one car that had the words “Swifties on board” painted on their back window. When we spotted each other, we rolled down our windows to wave at each other! Complete strangers making a connection on the 405. 🫶 I suddenly had this surge of something rush through my body and it felt like we were all headed to be a part of a special moment in history.

The show was full of energy, full of sparkle, and full of love for a woman who has touched us with the same lyrics in different ways. I kept thinking to myself…who are we all thinking of right now as we sing these songs? Who made us feel this way? Who made us need these songs so bad? Ha. Dramatic. But how else do you cope with relationships in your 20s? Thanks Taylor Swift for helping us heal our broken hearts as you were healing yours.

I had the bestttt time with Jackelyn belting out the lyrics to our favorite songs. Also it was so lovely to meet some of you guys yesterday! Thank you for saying hi!

PS: In the video we are wearing the Corset Bra and Supershort from POPFLEX and then I changed into the Shira set from 12th Tribe with Matisse boots. (Also I saw like 100 people wearing some form of these boots but I bet there were probably 8,000 more ha). The set was so cute but made me sweat a lot from the lack of fabric ventilation (it’s plastic). The boots overall were as comfortable as a boot can possibly be for walking over 15,000 steps that night!

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