The Ultimate List of Travel Gifts for Your Wanderlust Bestie

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We all have that friend. The friend who literally spent a quarter of a summer in Europe to study abroad… and it’s become their entire personality for the last decade.

Well, here is the gift guide just for them, to remind them of how deep their wanderlust runs… while also allowing them to subtly flex how well-traveled they are. Ha.

Sass aside, here is a great gift guide for any gal in your life who is always jet-setting (or wishing they were).

Let’s dig in!

The MVP list of travel gifts for women

Daybird Tinted Moisturizer travel gifts for women


For the low-maintenance one


I once read an article about how much makeup dries out your face when you’re on a plane, and ever since I just slather on the moisturizer and nothing more, no matter the state of my skin or appearance.

However, that recently changed when I discovered Daybird. It gives you that BB coverage I love, but also has skincare in it. That’s what we call a win, win. And let’s just say if they had a 6-pack of these I’d be buying it – its my favorite thing in my make-up bag right now (whether i’m travelling or not!).

Shop Daybird
popflex belladonna duffle travel gifts for women


For the active traveler


Look no further than this duffle. It’s the perfect under-the-seat personal item that still manages to fit ✨everything✨.

It has pockets for easy organization (love!), a compartment at the bottom for shoes (great for dirty shoes after your trip) and the best feature of all… a secret yoga mat holder in the front! Literally perfect for their next yoga retreat.

monos carry-on luggage travel gifts for women


For the aesthetic one

Monos Carry-On

Maybe a little more pricey, but the neutral and subtle tones of this suitcase really make it a great choice for that hard-to-buy traveller on your list. You really can’t go wrong.

I love how compact it is! I’ve always been a “will this carry-on actually fit in the overhead compartment” size girl, but this one really is perfect for your shorter weekend trips. On our recent trip to Marfa, my 2-year-old claimed this one as her own, and managed to pack it full (yes there were two halloween costumes that made the cut).

Shop Monos
gravette mini boost portable charger travel gift for women


For the one always needing a charge

MiniBoost Charger

I am not kidding you when I say this is my new travel must-have. There is something so reassuring about having a backup charger.

Gone are the days when i’m stressfully ordering an Uber and memorizing the license plate with 2% battery. There are of course many options of these on the market, but Gravette is my go-to. Their packaging is also so elevated for that gifting moment. It’s like unboxing An apple product. It’s a great gift – if I’m on your list, I can’t have enough of these. 

Shop Gravette
trouvaille color in mug travel gift


For the one flexing their travel history

Trouvaille Color In Mug

I love this one. It’s also so versatile with any age. Adults love it, kids love it, and it’s something they can see every day that will remind them of you. 

Shop on Uncommon Goods
fernweh editions creme brulee scented soy candle travel gifts for women


For the one who went to France once

Crème Brûlée Scented Soy Candle

They say nothing brings you back to a place than the smell of something. Well, Fernweh Editions candles will bring your friend back to their study abroad trip to Paris, for better or worse. I love the Crème Brûlée one, but they also have a full France edition set complete with a champagne scented one and dark chocolate (yum!).

Shop Fernweh Editions
vagabond heart travel stickers gift guide


For the one who collects momentos

Vagabond Travel Stickers

You know those people who have stickers from like 27 different countries on their bottle as a subtle nod to how well cultured they are. Well this, this is for them! I love these because they are also great stocking stuffers.

Shop Vagabond Heart
popflex cloud hoodie heather grey travel gifts for women


For the one who values comfort > everything

POPFLEX Cloud Hoodie

Literally the only hoodie you need. It’s the coziest addition for any trip, and I can also unzip it and use it as a blanket for me or my little one. Also while we’re here can we just talk about how different plane temperatures are? One flight can have you sweating, the next can have you wishing you brought your winter puffer.

bling sting kit travel gifts for women


For the one who always needs a safety pin

Bling Sting First Aid Kit

I adore Bling Sting. It’s like a gift, but also this may save your friends life one day. And this, this is literally the most glam first aid kit ever, and I always have one in my purse and I want another one for my car. Its compact yet comes with 72 items from bandages, and alcohol pads to safety pins (I always need these and never have them!). Other honorable mentions were their Bling Sting Pepper Spray and Glammer. 

Like this is literally a line from their packaging:

‘We believe in being a girl. We believe in sparkles, crying at the movies… eating a good majority of that pint of ice cream (ok, the whole thing).” I mean it’s like they are speaking to me.

Shop on Amazon
chasing paper art prints this must be the place travel gifts


For the one who loves art

Chasing Paper Prints

When I first stumbled across Chasing Paper, I loved how simple their designs were but they still spoke to me, you know? It’s also great for gift giving because no matter the receiver’s art preference they are likely to find a place in their home for these beauties.

I fell even more in love with this small business when I realized that they made them just for me after I ordered. I opted for no frame since that was going to tack on more time. And I 10/10 recommend them for the person on your list that has chronic wanderlust.

Shop Chasing Paper
mumi packing cubes travel gifts for women


For the one who is Type A

Mumi Packing Cubes

I’ve always aspired to be that traveler that uses packing cubes. You know that moment of shame when your bag is 10 lbs over the limit and you have to open it in front of everyone in line?

With these Mumi travel cubes you will hear a loud gasp of admiration from the crowd as you show your organized suitcase… and take out the 10 books you’re bringing on your trip that you won’t read a single one of. Your friend will thank you, trust me.

Shop on Amazon

Have fun shopping these travel gifts for women!

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