Transformation Tuesday! Nisha

Transformation Tuesday! Nisha

Hey POPsters!!

Today I want to share with you someone’s story – a story of a young girl who was determined to change her own life. This story is special because I actually met the beautiful Nisha at the Blogilates NYC Meetup. I remember her being so loud and crazy with her big smile and her wide eyes! She kept thanking and thanking me for helping her, but I didn’t realize how young she was and the steps she calculated to transform her life. It’s always an inspiration to see people of any age, any size take a stance and say “OK. This is it. I’m doing it.” But for a person who’s so young, it takes incredible determination. Especially because I don’t think schools teach enough about nutrition.

In fact, when I was growing up I remember getting served hot dogs, mac n cheese, pizza, and fried chicken with whole milk every day! Hahaha. Wow. I’m sure Jamie Oliver has worked to change some of that…but the other problem is…I hated PE! I’m not a competitive sports type of girl and PE really tormented me. The thought of “Am I going to be picked last?” gave me so much anxiety as a kid. I really think PE should be like group fitness classes. They’re FUN and motivating!! I know that I would have enjoyed that A LOT more. Plus…why did they make us wear those ugly basketball shorts and baggy tshirts! Let kids wear cute fitness clothes and they will enjoy working out the way all of us POPsters do 🙂

Oops sorry for the PE rant but Nisha really brought back memories of school and how I struggled with my weight too when I was in grade school! Anyway…without further adieu…please give a warm welcome to your fellow POPster, Nisha from NYC!


Hi I’m Nisha and im 15. I’ve been following Blogilates for a year now and honestly it is the best thing I have ever done. I actually discovered Cassey thanks to a beauty guru on youtube. The first video I ever watched was 10 min. Intense abs and OMG it was pretty insane and I was hooked on Cassey. She’s helped me lose 39 pounds!!

As a child I was obese and I was very shy and insecure, my fashion sense was terrible too because I hated everything on me. It’s weird though because I was a dancer and did gymnastics on the weekends, yet was obese. My biggest issue was the food, I always thought people had to diet to lose weight and I hated the idea. I was on and off with actually exercising until I found Cassey. I stuck to it because of her positive attitude and how she is just so cheerful, motivational, inspirational, and just amazing. Cassey made me forget I was even exercising, it felt like I was just with a friend.

I started my journey in late 8th grade and i was 147, now i am in 10th grade and 108 pounds! I first started just by working out and eating like I normally do and I started to lose weight. I was so happy but I decided that I need to get healthy too. So I started EATING CLEAN, not dieting! My life and the way I feel has completely changed and I just want to thank Cassey so much, without her being with me every step of this journey I would never have made it. Cassey’s support of all the Popsters means the world to me, she is just so inspirational!

After I started eating clean and healthy I noticed such a change in my mood and my hair and skin too. I also noticed that when you LOVE food like me, eating clean just makes you appreciate food so much more and then you enjoy it even more, especially the YOLO meals! You really start paying attention to what goes in your body which is so important because you’re fueling your body so that it can get what it deserves…and I learned that from the best 🙂

Once again Cassey thank you so much, you are my role model and the best one ever too! This transformation just makes me feel amazing about myself,  and I love fashion now because I love my body and the way I look thanks to you 🙂 Please never stop making videos because us Popsters love you and you are our motivation.

P.S. it was amazing to meet you at the NYC meetup, it was better than meeting a celebrity because you have done so much for me and I love you. I also loved the class, it was harder because there was no pause button! Hahaha but it was great!


instagram: @nishanedwardc


YAY!!! Nisha you are so inspirational!!! Keep it up and just know that you are motivating millions of eyeballs all over the world. We’re looking up to you 🙂

<3 Cassey

PS – If you have a motivational story you want to share with me, please send it to with some before and after pics.

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  1. sushi says:

    Hey guys i also need help i Am 13 years old and 5’5 and have struggled with obesity since i was 5. I have started the monthly calendars and have been committed for 2 months but have not seen any results so i was thinking that maybe u could give me some tips or advice i would really appreciate it.

    1. Michelle says:

      Hey! I’m 14 years old, so I definitely understand your struggle with losing weight at a younger age. But I just want to let you know to never get discouraged; if you continue being committed like that, then change will come, without a doubt! I’m definitely not an expert, but I do know that weight loss is a little different in everyone, so you might not see results after a few months, but that doesn’t mean change isn’t happening in your body – you’ll feel it when some of the workouts start becoming just a little easier, or if you can run for a little longer, or when you start feeling stronger altogether. Also, eating cleaner, smaller meals throughout the day can help boost your metabolism. Remember that weight loss is 80% what you eat. With that, good luck on your journey!! Keep up the hustle, and don’t get discouraged!

    2. Sameen says:

      Hey! I’m 13 too! I’m 5′ 3″ and i’m 129 lbs, just keep going i’ve been doing Blogilates for about a year now, you’ll get there! I base my progress on how i feel, right now i feel amazing! I haven’t lost any weight, i’ve actually gained weight, you have to remember though muscle weighs more than fat, so don’t pay attention to the scale! Maybe we can help each other out on this journey 🙂

  2. jood says:

    Hey guys, I really want your help. first of all I am not American of curse you would noticing by my writing any way I am 15 years old I am also 4`11 know I am short my weight 163 bounds. I really want to lose my weight before I come back to my country to inspired my family. so what should I do I already started the beginners schedule so hopefully I will lose weight by the end of June. I also started to eat clean

    1. Kamile says:

      Keep going! Eating clean and exercising will definitely make you fitter. Good luck! 🙂 Don’t lose that motivation, I will be right here with you 🙂

      1. Jood says:

        thank you so much for your support 🙂

  3. Sapphire says:

    I’m 13 5’3” 143 lbs I play badminton on Saturdays. I started exercising around the end of 2015 and it was working a bit but then during March onwards I started eating junk everyday and I started gaining again. I can’t seem to be motivated anymore but I’m trying again now.

    1. Olivia says:

      Hey Sapphire (if that’s your name lol!),
      I totally understand how hard it is to get motivated to workout instead of hanging and posting pics on Insta! 😉 But you just gotta find that inner goddess inside of you and stay strong and true to your body and your heart. Just believe in yourself and try to improve day by day. Always keep trying and remember that we POPsters or PIITsters support ya!

      XX Olivia

  4. Marjorie D. says:

    Congratulations Nisha! 🙂
    I’m 18, 5’3 and currently at 115lbs. I started following blogilates and doing Cassey’s workout videos around Spetember this year, I followed the beginners callendar. I only did it for a month, I guess I’m still lacking in motivation. I want to start again and reading your story really inspired me. I was self-conscious about my body since highschool, I was both anorexic and bulimic. And the bullying made me feel worse. Even now, I cant help but still feel “fat”. But now I want to start exercising not to lose weight but to feel good about my body. 🙂
    Im focusing on developing my abs and to slim my calves. My calves are really huge, its bulky and kind of muscular. Doing calf exercises seem to build more muscle in it. Is there a way to slim it down without gaining muscle and maybe slimming the muscle too?

    1. jerina says:

      Hey good luck on your journey! 🙂 I have the same problems with my calves, hahah and I heard that stretching should help. I didn’t try it yet cuz you have to stretch them regulary but it’s a nice idea, don’t you think? Please let me know if it helped you, you can dm me at the blogilates app if you want, my name is Jerina Stirling 😀 cya then!

  5. Anusha Kulkarni says:

    Congratz Nisha! Your story really inspired me because I’m Indian too, and I am 15 years old. It’s nice to see that I am not alone, and that there are others like me who have made changes and became healthier. It is such a struggle for me to lose weight because all I ever eat is Indian food, and most of it is carb, and I don’t get much protein at all. I want to start losing weight because I am completely unfit. I am 5’2” and I weigh 148 lbs. I’ve always been chubby as a kid, and I am overweight, and it makes me feel embarrassed when I’m around my more slim friends. I totally can relate to your comment about your sense of fashion. Right now, I just wear the same few pants and shirts everyday (don’t worry, I wash them), because everything else looks bad on me. I have finally decided to make a change, though, and I’ve just started the beginners’ blogilates calender. I’ve also made some changes to my diet by eating a hard boiled egg everyday for some more protein (even though I hate eggs), and eating less rice. I’m cutting down on portion sizes too. My goal is to lose 25 lbs 🙂

  6. Victoria says:

    Hi Cassey!
    I am also 15. I am 5’5 and i weigh 125. I really would like to feel better about my stomach and your videos have been great, and have started to help me feel better/ I really want to get the side ab lines.And i would like your help.

    1. Victoria says:

      I just don’t feel confident in my body because my best friends are so pretty and have great bodies. i like my body but my stomach , and thighs just make me feel fat. can you help me?

      1. Melissa Pham says:

        Victoria I feel the same way all the time toward my friends. I’m trying to push myself to do the July workout calendar and more healthy. Would you like to be my motivation buddy? 🙂

        1. Melissa Pham says:


  7. Melissa Pham says:

    I’m 4’11” and 14y/o. I weigh around 110lbs… well 111 a few hours ago according to the scale that jumps the numbers all the time.
    Compared to all of my friends, I’m pretty– SUPER muscular. Plus I’m short. So my calves look HUGEEE! xD I have a bit of stomach fat though. I’ve started blogilates last summer but I got discouraged and now I’m restarting.(My abs were 75% there! :[ ) I’ve been doing 1-3 videos per night before bedtime because I don’t want my family to see me LOOL. It’s only been a few days and I can see my top part of my abs coming in, but not the lower area. whyyyy?
    But no matter how much I exercise and try to lose weight, it doesn’t work. It’s easy for me to obtain abs but not lose some weight? How come? Since the summer of 2013 I was around 98Ibs.SOOOO…. basically I’ve gained about 10 pounds….. (I still fit all of my clothes though) Is It normal for my age to gain that much weight? Will it be easier to put some of that weight off as I grow up? AND…I’m always so insecure about my legs and booty. lol. My legs are… weirdly shaped. My knee joint touches each other and curves out (where my calves are) and it curves back in where my ankles are. WEIRD.
    SO my question is: Is it possible that if I keep working out, my legs will look a little different and not so weird? Or should I avoid calve exercises? And would my calves look leaner and not so BUNDLED together????

  8. katie says:

    So I wanted to ask a question. Is 12 to young to want to lose weight? Im 135 pounds and 5’1. Im not fat but I do have a bit of belly chub. I want to have a flat belly so I can feel more confidant in how I look.

    1. Natasha says:

      Hi Katie,
      A lot of times girls begin to be insecure with themselves at the start of puberty. But gaining a little weight at 12 is super normal!! DO NOT DIET. If you have healthy habits right now (eating clean, exercising, etc) you will set yourself up for success in your health when you get older. You are still growing because you are so young, so losing weight when you’re not overweight will be extremely harmful to your health. A mindset like this sets you up for developing eating disorders (which really really suck). So instead of trying to “lose weight” you should bring your focus to being healthy. Remember that and you will be a healthy, happy girl!

      1. Katie says:

        Thanks Natasha! Your advice is really going to help me. I hate dieting any way, it sucks! I tried dieting for a little while but I decided not to any more when I saw your post. I am doing the pop Pilates beginners calendar though, and just doing that has made a difference in how I look, and feel. I’ve started to gain more muscle, and I have lost a little weight, but nothing drastic. I don’t think I’m going to diet again, but I am going to keep exercising. Thanks for the advice!

        1. Sameen says:

          Hey Katie! I’m with you, when i started Blogilates i was 12 and i had just started homeschooling so it was a great way to stay fit, I’m 13 now…14 soon and by the looks of it you’re probably around 15 by now? Anyway it’s never too early to exercise!

  9. Hannah says:

    Is 13 too young to start blogilates

    1. Kayla says:

      Nope, just keep being healthy as the goal more so than weight loss because your weight will still change as you are growing. You can do it!

  10. arianna hines says:

    Nisha,you inspired me to try hard and telling your story,i have been obese since i was 9,and im only 5’4 so i looked up workout videos,and i came across cassey, all of you from the blogilates commmunity inspired me to be a better person. Thank you all for helping me try harder even though you didn’t do it intetionally,you sure helped a lot.

  11. Emily says:

    Nisha can I just say you have motivated more than I have ever been motivated! I have been struggling for so long with yo yo dieting and to see you someone my age actually achieve something as big as this… Its crazy. I found Cassey about a year ago and you are right. I love how she talks throughout the whole video and keeps the positivity flowing through the whole time. Thank you for posting your story and your pictures, you have truly inspired me!

  12. Angelica says:

    young as you are and you already know how to be healthy! keep it up!

  13. Anthea wilson says:

    congratulations nisha I totally understand how you felt before you lost all the weight it was the same thing with me I would dance on weekends all the time but still be fat but after finding Cassey my life has turned around thank you Cassey for inspiring me sooo much xx

  14. Vaiznavie says:

    This really motivated me, thank you c: x

  15. Cynia says:

    WOW! This was truly inspirational. I’m fifteen and I know that I could be a lot thinner. It actually just inspired me to go do the ABC abs and Abs on Fire videos. Thank YOU Nisha for your inspiration, you look amazing!

  16. Cailyn says:

    Well done Nisha! I think fitness classes would be a good idea for people who like fitness classes but what about people who like sports? And about the uniforms, I think that was probably what the school could afford. I don’t want to seem mean or anything but I am someone who likes sports but I TOTALLY understand your side too!

  17. Sonya says:

    Out of all the before and after posts this one definitely motivated me the most. I can see the change not only in your body but in your face, hair and skin as well. When I first saw the before picture I was struck immediately at how similar I looked to the picture before I started my plan to lose weight. I compared it to some photos of when I was younger and we actually look really similar!!, for me being able to see the end result on you is amazing because you look fantastic and really different to the before picture. This has given me the motivation to want to do this because I can see what I can achieve if I put my mind to it! I am also around your age so it’s really great to know that someone like me has done this already and gotten fantastic results. I’ll definitely make sure to come read this again every to I want to give up 😀

  18. Rebecca Lynn says:

    This really inspired me! I’m 16 and I currently weight 116.4lbs at 5ft5. I have a small binge eating problem, but now I want to totally conquer it. I want to show off all of my muscle that I earn from horseback riding and field hockey! I want to feel good again. Thanks so much! xoxo

  19. Kelsey says:

    This story is soo inspiring! I am 16 and weigh 147 pounds and am 5’6″. I’ve already lost about 25 pounds the past two years and have struggled to get to my goal weight of 135-130. It’s soo hard to lose those last pounds isn’t it? I found blogilates a couple weeks ago and love how their challenging and i’m now beginning to notice a change in my muscles and legs and arms… still waiting for a flat stomach haha

  20. Claire says:

    I have been doing Sweatember and have been doing Cassey’s videos almost everyday. I haven’t noticed a huge change though, which got be discouraged and eating badly again. Posts like these make me get back and track and tell me I can do it!

  21. B says:

    Can I just say that this was the post that really inspired and motivated me to get fit. I have hated my body for years but after seeing someone the same age as me succeed despite all the distractions from homework and revision etc. I truly got motivated- if someone my own age can do it, then why not me?. Thank you to Cassey for uploading these posts, they are the best and I can’t wait to have my own success story to tell one day. Well done Nisha, thank you for sharing your story or I may not be the motivated person I am at the moment!

  22. ana says:

    wow this is so me!!!! I am 14 and 5’2 and 147 pounds I have been on diets and it didn’t work I want to be fit not just skinny. I just found Cassey like 2 days ago!! Im going to start the 8week challenge Monday!!! but I wish someone else would do it with me!!! Wish me luck.

    1. Mya says:

      Hey Ana I don’t mind doing the challenge with you, I’m 16 and I’m 5’7 . I am 143 pounds .

  23. mimi says:

    im 5″7 and weigh 134lbs, i want to lose some weight in my legs but im struggling to eat healthy. I can eat healthy for a couple of days but then i always break it! I want to know though whether the blogilates help? or if i should do some running more often?

  24. Danni says:

    I’m 13 and I discovered this about a month ago cuz my cousin does the POP Pilates Challenges. Though I’m not so fat, I’m aiming to get a good shape. I’m 118 pounds.I know I’m kinda young but having a fat body (since my friends are fit) reduces my self confidence. <3

  25. Delaney says:

    Great job girl! I’m 14 and I just discovered Blogilates today. I absolutely love it 🙂 It seems like so much fun and I cant wait to get started. I’m about 5’3 and I weigh 137 pounds. I’m not necessarily fat, I just wanna get active and live healthy before I get worse. Thanks so much for the inspiration <3 xxx

    1. Haley says:

      I’m 16 and the same height/weight as you! I wish I had found this sooner, good luck!

  26. Alyssa says:

    I just need advice, I’m 15 years old , I weight 91 pounds it sounds super bad but i’m really short like 4’8 and my weight might look like i’m anerxoic but I’m not because I have a gut but I’m not overweight, I’m considered ‘Chubby’. Also I’m super picky, It would take me forever to talk about all the types of food i don’t like. Anyways i would just like to know How would i be able to loose my weight without becoming to skinny or unhealthy?

    1. Lena says:

      I think you should try toning first because you are in your weight range and follow Cassey`s calendar and of course eat clean if you haven`t been already. I’m sure you can find healthy foods you like, but if you don`t, than you can always try holding your nose and eating lol >.<If you gain muscle and tone you`ll lose some of that 'chubbiness'. If that dosen`t work, than try cardio,exercise, and eat healthy but it entirely depends on you and your body type to know what works best. That`s just my five cents:) Good Luck!

  27. Wow she is such a beautiful girl! ♥

  28. Agata says:

    This is such an inspiring story. I thought i was the only person under 20 who actually used these videos. I’m 13 and I started using these videos last year. I am a competitive swimmer and i swim 5 days a week. I wasn’t building too much muscle or losing weight until I started using these videos. I am so glad because I am now much healthier and muscular. I am no longer self-concious about my body. Reading this story gives me a lot of motivation.

  29. Ella says:

    You are so inspiring, Nisha!!

  30. Victoria says:

    You. Are. Amazing. This is so inspiring, you look beautiful and GREAT JOB!!!

  31. Rachel says:

    I am 12 and i have always had a poor body image and i suffered from anorexia. i found Cassey and i started eating clean and healthy and got back to a higher weight then started losing againd but in a healthier way. i still have anorexic tendencies but i really love the feeling of being healthy and fit.
    Thank You so much Cassey!

  32. Tanaya says:

    Thats so inspiring!!!!! You must be very proud!! this encourages me to workout so much!!!!! Im 13 and I want to get fit and in shape so I can feel amazing and look amazing in anything i wear! You are truly fantastic and so strong! <3

  33. Beatrice says:

    This is so inspiring! I want to get like this in 3 months! I weigh 54 kg and Im 1,69. It’s possible in 2 or 3 months?

    1. Nicole says:

      If you push yourself and you tell yourself that you can do it I’m sure you can! It’s all about sticking to your goal.

  34. Bri says:

    This is so inspiring! Congrats Nisha! I am the same age and I used to weigh between 156-154 pounds (depending on whatever) and I started doing blogilates regularly in june and didn’t really notice a difference. Well, two months later, it’s finally catching up to me and now I weigh about 147 pounds and continue dropping ounces every day! So to anyone who’s not noticing results right away, sometimes it just takes a little while but trust me, you WILL notice results at a (sometimes) unexpected time!

  35. Nicole says:

    I just have a question. I’m 17, (turned it in April) and I weigh 110 pounds. I know I’m not overweight and my friends tell me I’m skinny, but I do want nice legs and abs. I’ve been doing blogilates for about a month and a half, I’m on to her regular monthly workout calendars, not the beginner’s one and I love it, but Cassey always talks about how eating clean is important too. She emphasizes how important it is if you want to lose fat/weight but I’m not exactly trying to lose weight. I just want to be toned/build muscle. I’ve always been a pretty healthy eater in general but since I’m still in high school/living at home, I don’t really cook my own meals and stuff yet. Any tips, or do you think I’m okay with just keeping up with her workouts?

    1. Amber Reynolds says:

      Keep up with the workouts! The more muscle you build (which you’ll definitely do from the workouts), your body will start to burn more body fat without changing your diet.

      As far as eating goes, talk to your family about it! I’m sure they would be supportive and would want to help in you reaching your goals. If your family has trouble eating clean, offer to try to cook a healthy family meal every once in a while.. You just might end up inspiring your whole family to be healthier.

      Just make sure you eat enough to fuel the machine you’re building.

      Rock it out, girl!

    2. Shela says:

      I think if you stick to her workouts, you’ll get toned up. You should still eat clean though to maintain a fit body.

  36. Christina Marie says:

    Wow! She didn’t even look over weight in the before picture..she looks great though 🙂

  37. Misty says:

    Hey:) Im 15 and I need some help ?!! Recently i’ve been obsessing over my body because 3 of my close family members told me i’m gaining weight. I see it, especially in my face. Im really short (5’1) and im 115. Some might say its okay but I look a tad chubby. My friends can feel comfortable wearing bikinis with their flat stomachs and im tired of being envious! Its not huge or anything but its not flat and my cheeks gotta go ! Lol i’m trying to switch my food habits though but can someone help me with a exercise routine that’ll help? I tried running and sports but exercise routines are what fits me best .

    1. Daisy says:

      Try blogilates beginner fitness calender!!!! It’s a super awesome start and I love it.

  38. jade says:

    im 15 too! i just found blogilates and this really inspires me! ive never liked my legs and stomach at all even though people say that im thin i just really want to tone up and lose some weight. so this right here has really given me motivation to start blogilates! thank you so much!!!!

    1. Maggie says:

      I am 15 too!! It’s nice to know that I’m not alone 🙂

      1. Léa says:

        I’m 15 too !!!! 🙂

  39. Theresa says:

    this story,and all the other ones too, are soo inspirational!
    Congrats to everyone soo far!!
    I’m the 3rd day into the beginners calender and I’m already sore on my abs!! 😛 I used to do Yoga… but then I kinda gave up. But this time I’m not planning on giving up! And I don’t think I’m gonna, cause it’s really fun with Cassey :D.
    Although I do have a question… I read about people wanting/starting to “eat clean” what does it mean? I googled it, but it didn’t help much. I hope someone can help me answer this question.
    Congrats again on Nisha’s success.

    1. YSweeny says:

      “Eat Clean” is the eating support program of Cassey, where she gives up tips, and recipes for also improving our eating style :
      – the playlist ( ;
      – the recipes ( ;
      – meal plans (

      I haven’t started eating “clean” yet, but like you, I’ve started the beginners calendar but I am stuck at the 1st day, because I still can not handle the leg exercises (my thighs are so heavy… XD) and your right this story (didn’t read the other one for the moment) is really inspirational… ^^b

      Congrats (for finishing or starting) and Cheer up also (because nobody never finish actually… ^^”) to everyone!! ^o^

    2. Xavy says:

      Hi Theresa,
      I just thought I could help by letting you know that Cassey actually has a video explaining what it means to eat clean. I hope this helps you, and congrats on pushing through the calender. Eating clean means to eat whole, nutritious, unprocessed foods that are good for your body. This means cutting out anything fried and sugary. Also cut out any refined carbs like white breads, regular pasta and white rice. Stay AWAY from soda and be careful with fruit juices. They contain a lot of sugar. Instead opt for steamed veggies, whole grains, lean meats like chicken breast, and lots of water.

      I wish you soo of success! We can do this 🙂

      Here’s the link to that video:

    3. Ananya says:

      Hi Theresa!
      Eating clean is all about eating whole, unprocessed foods! For example, white breads and cookies are all very processed. An apple is whole and clean because it came straight from nature with no processing help! Eating clean would mean essentially cutting out refined sugars, alcohol, and processed foods. Try and stick with things that came straight from the ground or maybe took very little to get to where it was! Hope this helped 🙂
      Good luck!

  40. Twinkle says:

    It is definitely motivational but i think 147 pounds or 70 kgs is not obese… she doesn’t look obese in her before picture.. Seems overweight.. Confused… Maybe its just me!

    1. Elena says:

      Well I don’t know if she was obese or just overweight (I think probably overweight) but one can only see that with her height and body fat percentage, someone can look thin and still have too much body fat percentage. 🙂

    2. Lisa says:

      It means to eat healthy: lots of veggies, proteins,good carbs and last but not least drinking enough:) hope that helped

  41. Stina says:

    I think this is really great! I’ve been trying to get myself motivate to do this and now I am. Nisha is my age and finally seeing someone who’s like me do this is fantastic. She’s a reasonable role model now, thank you so much and congratulations!

    1. Georgina says:

      I feel the exact fame as you! I’m 15 and I’ve wanted to start this, and reading Nisha’s story has motivated me. Especially seeing the difference in her before and after shots – she looked so good! :)Congrats to her and everyone else for trying and (when you get there) completing these exercises and finally reaching a point where you are satisfied with yourself and your image!
      GO GIRLS! 🙂

  42. EverythingLina says:

    i love nisha’s story! it gets me motivated!

    i love the white lace cutout dress… if anyone knows where i can get it please give me a reply! thanks!

  43. Brontae says:

    This story is so inspirational! I absolutely love seeing stories of girls close to my age also trying to be happier and healthier. I was always petite no matter what I ate or how I worked out, I guess it was just genetics. But as I started to realize that I wanted to act/sing/dance professionally, I would need a super strong body and crazy stamina to keep up with the big dance numbers while singing my heart out at the same time. Thanks to Blogilates and “Eating Clean”, I can do that and once I graduate, I’ll be able to do it every single day.

  44. Emily says:

    This is so inspirational i’m a year older than her and this is probably the number one most inspiring thing i’ve seen so far. I thought i was to young to change because i only saw older people getting in shape but clearly that is not true. Healthy lives can start at whatever age. I’m so happy for her and I can only imagine how happy and healthy she must feel now. GOOD JOB GIRL KEEP IT UP.

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  46. Mae says:

    When I saw that you lost 30+ pounds, my eyes widened and I was thinking, “Is this for real?!” You look beautiful, and I’m glad you made it through. I’m also in (very) late 8th grade and this is just what I needed to give me more inspiration. Congrats again 🙂

  47. Kayleigh says:

    WOW! great job! I have been doing almost the exact same thing! But I had to take a bit of a break from doing these amazing excersises because I injured myself 🙁 And Im trying my best to get back on track. I was i think 152 pounds and now Im 142. Im so happy with myself!<3 You are so insprational! 🙂

  48. Lola says:

    Im 15 years old too and I Love u Cassy
    I started your workout 2 weeks ago and i hooooope to lose weight

  49. B says:

    I have to comment, as one person above did, on the “cute fitness clothes”–and I think perhaps Cassey would agree with me. I think we can distinguish between what is cute and flattering for a teenager in middle or high school and what is more appropriate outside of school or for a college student and beyond. I’m in my late 20s and love wearing sexy outfits to workout, and I don’t mind getting a few glances from men who happen to see me. However, I don’t think it would be a very good idea to encourage younger girls in a mixed PE setting to wear fitted, skin-baring clothing–honestly, teenage boys do not need any more provocation…. So: cute (not sexy) clothing, yes: i.e., fun colors and designs, and less baggy so as to be flattering.

  50. Céline says:

    That’s amazing !
    Congratz ! You’re really pretty and you seem to have so much more confidence ! You’re an inspiration to me because your curent weight is my goal ! You really make me want to keep going !


  51. Vanessa says:

    I have an issue with this: “let kids wear cute fitness clothes” – t shirts that say “train like a beast look like a beauty” – why would we want to send a message to kids from an early age that everything they do including exercise which should be to enhance their health is to do with looks & aesthetics?

    1. VannahW says:

      I don’t think it necessarily means they have to wear a shirt that says something specific – I think it just means having some choice for kids to get involved in and excited about their fitness. I like colorful workout clothes – but it just so happens that none of them have words on them…

  52. Kate says:

    I’m just a tad older (about 3 years?), and just started blogilates- VERY inspired!
    You look gorgeous, keep it up!

  53. Ellen says:

    Wow! You can really see the difference in your hair and skin! Pretty!

  54. Romana says:

    Wow! Congratz Nisha! Your story is very inspirational and you look very beautiful!
    I see the sparkles in your eyes on your after pic!


  55. Cristina Liang says:

    Congratulations Nisha! You are an inspiration and a role model for me, just like Cassey. I hope you continue your current way of life and continue to show everyone that determination and passion really do achieve success 😀 Congrats again and thank you for sharing such a wonderful story!

  56. susan says:

    Amazing story 🙂

  57. Zina Johnson says:

    I think I wrote my email wrong sorry, it’s

  58. Zina Johnson says:

    Hi Nisha, I’m not sure if you’ll see it. I’m a 19 year old girl in South Africa and would love to email you and ask you how you did and if you have any tips for me. my email is . I really hope to hear from you and congratulations on your achievement x

  59. anniebells says:

    wow, Nisha, that is AHmazing !!
    you were beautiful before and you are beautiful now !! <3

  60. Wow! How did you do it, Nisha? You looks so amazing. I’m really inspired right now. I wish I can lose 30 lbs just like you! You just give me a reason to check this site every day. Thanks a lot! 😉

  61. kerker says:

    Congrats Nisha, you did a really good job!

  62. Christina says:

    Congrats Nisha on your journey! You’re so pretty and you have lots to look forward to!

  63. Catalina says:

    I’m so happy to see a young girl so happy with her body! I’m not that old either (18) but I remember having her age and not liking myself one bit. I also see my bros now and just like her they have started getting coincious on their eating and working out. I REALLY hope this is a new generation that makes their health an issue.

  64. Sunny says:

    Totally agree about PE class. I always hated gym class. We could definitely just have had running classes without seeing who could do the most laps or do them the fastest. I’m sure the competitive people loved it, but it was torture for everyone else. And gym teachers were not nice to the overweight people. Unless you excelled at a sport, they barely noticed you. If you weren’t healthy, then they were mean.

  65. Missy says:

    This is such a great story!
    I really love your videos, Cassey, it wasn’t until about a two years ago I got really into healthy eating, and realizing just how bad the bad foods were. Now I can’t even eat junk food without getting a stomach ache, because I am so used to healthy food. But even though I started eating healthier, I still wasn’t exercising regularly enough, I would exercise maybe once or twice a week for half an hour, but that wasn’t enough. Last March I found your videos and in the last 3 months I have lost 10 pounds, plus I am a young teen so I also grew an inch. Both my mom and dad’s side have always been somewhat overweight, so as a kid I was always overweight. Ever since the beginning of getting concerned about my weight my goal has been to be healthy, and I really hope to lose at least another 20 pounds. I know every time I exercise and eat something healthy I am just that much closer to reaching my goal weight.
    Thank you for inspiring me! 🙂

  66. Em says:

    What a beautiful transformation Nisha! You look beautiful.

  67. Kate says:

    Well done Nisha. You are a great role model for any young girl that struggles with her weight. You should be very proud of yourself.

  68. Lynn says:

    Nisha is so cute! Such an inspirational story!

  69. Anja says:

    Oh, and Cassey – re: your PE rant – seconded! 100% AGREED!

    I actually WAS obese as a child/teenager and I hated sports classes at school. I always got picked last when it came to team choices and I HATED that I was humiliated by just about everything we had to do.

    I felt that it was all about competition and I think one primary goal of PE should definitely be “training for health reasons”. This should be the basis for all other things taught.

  70. Anja says:

    “Keep it up and just know that you are motivating millions of eyeballs all over the world. ”

    Yeah you do!

    Can’t agree more! I can see how difficult it may be as a teenager to eat clean vs. eating the food you’re being served by parents, school, “the industry”, whatever – and GOOD JOB GIRL making your own decisions regarding nutritition and working out!
    Still, I have to agree that you do not look “fat” or obese in the before-picture. You look(ed) normal. Now you look toned and – glowing. I think I admire THE GLOW way more than the weight loss!

  71. MiinaMarie says:

    Nisha, if you read this…how did you start out? following the calendar, doing a few videos here and there? or what was it for you? I can see the toned difference between the two pictures and it’s really amazing! It’s so great that you’ve found something to stick to that works for you. I jumped right in but was actually over doing it, so I had to step back a little, that’s why I ask.
    Thanks and great job!!

    1. Nisha says:

      Hii:) if you wanna know some info you can watch my youtube video on this topic ! My channel is nishacullen, but i started without a calender i just did a lot of cardio and hiit videos and then later on i focused on getting toned and would do a different body group each day. Now i do the blogilates calender and i love it! I do put in more cardio though:)

  72. Sara says:

    gr8 story!!u r a beautiful girl in the before as well as the after pic!!i realized dat i hve 2 lose weight wen i ws 15!!i weighed 74 kg(163 pounds)!!i strted doing cardio nd managed to lose around 17 kg (37 pounds)!!bt i totally neglected the fact dat m nt jst losing fat bt muscle mass too!!i hve bin eating clean since den wid a few glitches in between!!its been around 5 yrs nw nd i hve gained some weight back(15 poundsto b precise) nd i cudnt be more depressed!!i tried a lot of things!!working out at home!joining de gym etc etc!den around a month bak i found cassey while you-tubing nd i cudnt b more happier!!u make wrking out fun cassey!!m still struggling 2 lose weight again nd dis tym in a correct manner!!thnx 4 de inspiration nisha!!i needed it!! <3

  73. Gloria says:

    you are soo inspirational!! you are exactly my age and to see that you were able to make this incredible change and take this journey proves to me that i’m able to do it too. i thought you were beautiful in both pictures, but to see you shine and your smile bigger in the after photo just motivated me to work harder. thank you Nisha for sharing your story! 😀

  74. Jane says:

    Congrats dear Nisha! You look so stunning and sooo healthy! You know that you have been a role model for us too. Keep livin in healthy lifestyle! 😀

  75. Cassie says:

    your gorgeous <3 I'm a teenager too ! so inspirational <3

  76. Chelsea says:

    Congratulations, Nisha ! That was a really inspiring story. 🙂 I am 15 too and I am so glad I am not the only young popster in this community. 😀 Anyways just wanted to say you look amazing in both ways but you glow more when your healthier and happier 🙂 I have been exercising for 2 and 1/2 years now and I too have seen big changes not only physically but emotionally. I have gain toned muscles and being healthy just makes me happy and I don’t go around hating myself anymore I start to appreciate what I have. But there’s still a long way to go with this journey and I want you to be strong and know that we are all in this together 🙂 Plus we have such an amazing coach who will always be there to motivate and push us :DD

  77. Joanna says:

    Wow I do agree with Cassey about how hard it is to stay healthy at a young age! I enjoyed this fitness post, this came at the right time!

    P.S.- I also enjoyed your PE rant too Cassey, PE should be fun for all kids!

  78. Diana says:

    Such an amazing story! I’m trying to achieve what she has done to get to her goal; All popsters have motivation which is Cassey!
    I, myself only discover’d Cassey three weeks ago and that has been the best discovery yet! once I started the Beginners calender two days after I discovered Cassey, my family were (still are!) slowly seeing the changes in me and in my appearance which makes me feel great and shows that there is progress! I shall continue on the beginners calendar for few more weeks to see if i’m ready to move on the next calendar 🙂

    This story is truly amazing as it shows me that, if you have the motivation and the right mind-set, you can do anything!

  79. Andrea says:

    Nice to know there are other young POPsters like me 🙂 Seriously props to you for embracing a healthy lifestyle instead of just going on extreme diets.

  80. Nisha says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!! You guys are so sweet and I am so grateful for cassey, thank you <3

  81. Teresa says:

    Wow, great job losing so many pounds! I wish I would have lost a tenth of it, but I’m probably not yet as far… But eventually we’ll get there! =)

    P.S. And I also don’t think that you were obese, if the left picture shows you before your weightloss. Just slightly overweight (and even that not very much) 😉
    But great job you did! =)

  82. Sigrid says:

    Awesome, girl!

  83. Abby says:

    Not to belittle you, but Nisha, 147 is not obese. I understand that you want to lose weight, cuz I do too, but you looked good before losing weight! Good job though!

    1. Anja says:

      Was going to say this, too.. ! Nisha, let me say congratulations to what you have achieved BUT – you were beautiful before and I hope you know that!

    2. Bex says:

      I completely agree! I can’t understand how the first pic could be anywhere near obese, she had killer legs. Not to not say congrats for her hard work and dedication but your were great before!

    3. Nisha says:

      I said i was an obese child. Which i was i was over weight. As time went on i got taller but i was shit not HEALTHY ! Now i am and thats what matters to me! And thank you 🙂

  84. Laura Burton says:

    Congratulations! You’ve become an inspiration with your determination and life changing decisions. Keep up the great work but know you will because you clearly love your new healthy lifestyle xx

  85. Hannah says:

    Well done!!! you can now inspire your friends to get fit and eat clean, to be a healthy weight and not have eating disorders, as food needs to be enjoyed 😉

  86. Breanna says:

    Great story and all. But I’m sorry, since when is 147 considered to be obese? In the before picture she looks completely normal and a great size. I’m 25 years old and currently at 190. I am definitely considered to be heavyset. I’m in a size 16 pants and basically an XL shirt. I would kill to be 147 pounds. That was basically my pre-pregnancy weight and I was just starting to love my body before I ended up pregnant. So seeing this girl at 147 in her before picture it kind of makes me sick to think she thought she was obese. To me that was a normal healthy weight and her new weight of what, 108, to me that seems bordering on too skinny. I don’t know. This story just irritated me as I’ve been trying to lose weight by working out and eating healthier and it doesn’t seem to be working. I am so sick of this extra weight on me but I’m one of those people who have a super hard time working it off no matter what I do.

    1. Lindsay says:

      Hi Breanna, I definitely know what you mean and can see how something like this is so frustrating to see…but, she doesn’t say how tall she is either. For her, 147 may just well be considered obese. Keep in mind, all of our bodies are different! I’m the “biggest’ out of all of my friends, and it’s tough to hear them talk about being so overweight at 120lbs knowing I weigh a solid 35 more than that. But, I’m also the fittest out of all of my friends. The hardest thing to do is not compare yourself to other people. Keep eating healthy, keep working at it and I promise, the moment you stop thinking about it will be the moment you realize how much you’ve changed 🙂

    2. s6milerun says:

      Breanna! Chill girl! We hear you, but know you can totally get your pre-baby body back. Take it day by day, little by little and all in stride or else you’ll stress yourself out. Yes, Nisha may seem to be on the thin side, but she is a young girl. Most likely, how she perceives herself is based on her cultural background, because her family members are like that.

      Anyway back to you! At 25 I am not impressed by your struggles – wait till you get to my age! It is the time to scale back on food portions that fit to the size of your palm! Yup! I went there!! Do you do that 5x a day? Do you do that? Honestly?? Are you eating smaller, protein-based foods with small portions of whole grains at every small meal? Whole wheat and whole grains are filling and NOT to be avoided. Did you try Cassey’s recommended diet: broccoli, chicken/tofu, potato and chug that water?! It works! And, most importantly, you cannot equate sitting with resting. Walk, walk, walk, and then walk some more!

      Finally, keep a FOOD JOURNAL and distract yourself away from the food with cool magazines to read, gardening, becoming an expert on a subject by reading cool books, researching scholarships, grants, and programs that will earn your child a free college education (never too early for that), creating a scrapbook of drawings, poems, insights, and songs related to your new baby! Do you do any of that?!? Cause if you are not, try it for two weeks and then tell me nothing is working! Now, my day is physically and mentally exhausting, so if I can look hot, you can too! Remember, you are WOMAN and You ARE A SEXY BEAST! Walk it out!

      Good luck!

    3. Marissa says:

      I think it’s possible to be considered “obese” based on a BMI that’s 30 or greater (from what I’ve read online). So she may have been in the obese category for her height. Although, I do agree with you that she looks healthy in her before picture! 🙂 But don’t be discouraged! I personally have to keep reminding myself that it’s not going to all happen over night, and that I’m making progress every day even if I can’t see it.

    4. Kate says:

      Actually, if she was any shorter than 5’2, she was obese for that age. Children and teenagers have a totally different classification system for healthy weight, it’s just sadly not too well-known. She does look like she’s at a healthy weight in the “before” picture, but she looks less tire, as well more healthy and more confident in herself in the second one, and that to me makes her look better then (: I wish you luck in losing your baby weight though! I know you can do it, just like Nisha and the other amazing Popsters!!

    5. Nisha says:

      Thank you girls for saying that because yes breanna i was obese. I was short for my age and i had a high BMI for my age and i was over weight according to doctors.

      1. breanna says:

        Okay so how tall were you then? I’m 5’5″ and a healthy weight for me would be 145 to 150. I think in high school I was never less than 140 and was never told I was obese.

    6. Beth says:

      Hi Breanna,
      I was in your boat a few years ago, and I probably would have been annoyed at this story as well. I’m 5’2″ and at my heaviest–with each pregnancy–I weighed around 225. I remember thinking that 140 was a distant dream. However, persistence does pay off! What really helped me was cutting out snacking, and I mean ALL snacking at first, and watching my portions. Then, I made sure to incorporate some strength (light weights), core, and cardio into my daily workouts. Weight definitely started to come off. When I got to under 140, I was jumping up and down excited until I happened to come across one of those BMI calculators only to discover I was still considered “overweight.” I found Blogilates last summer and have been using the videos to help me stay toned and am now consistently around 125. This community has helped me maintain an awareness about making healthy choices and consistently provides positive reminders about making good choices. I love that Nisha talks about being healthy not thin, and I think that is the most important message to take from her story.

      1. breanna says:

        Thanks for all the encouraging words you guys but its been insanely hard to lose any weight. I’ve just been gaining despite my changes. And this isn’t post pregnancy weight. My twin girls are 6 and a half years old. When I had them at 18 the weight came off without doing anything. Since then my life has just been a huge ball of stress for reasons I don’t want to get into and its taken a major tole on my weight. I’ve been eating better and now that I’ve finally found work I rarely have time to work out. So great for all of you shedding those pounds but its obviously not happening for me.

  87. Angelina says:

    Wow, good job to her! About how schools need more nutrition, at our school, the lunches in the cafeteria are pretty healthy, because cafeteria is an actual class you can take, and we have two chefs teach the class. Also, at my school, the teacher picks all the teams in gym ( I’m 14 btw), and we do fitness runs, but the teacher told us it is about improvement in time, and to just try your best. We also have a weight room, and one unit in gym was fitness.

  88. What a great story! I agree with PE being torture for us free spirits. Whenever the dance or aerobics or yoga class came up in rotation, I was so excited to take it. I was lucky to go to a district with a pretty good PE program so we did things like rock climbing and outdoor mountain biking, but sometimes I had to take basketball and I was not happy. Congratulations, Nisha! You look AMAZING. And don’t let negative comments or questions about your before picture get to you. The important thing is that you got healthy, not that you lost weight! And I love your dresses!!

  89. Sian says:

    Right I’ve made my mind up, prom is in a year and gunna start the beginners calendar tomorrow so I’m in tip top condition!!!

    1. Anja says:

      Keep it up!!!

  90. Natalie says:

    Well congratulations for deciding to be healthy and get fit, but can I ask if the first photo was a before picture? I don’t want to belittle the progress you’ve made at all but if that was a before picture, I have to say you didn’t look overweight in that photo to me.

  91. Hollie says:

    As a 16 year old myself, this story was inspiring to show that people my age can actually make a change! I’m only doing the beginners workout right now to ease myself into it, but my diet hasn’t changed. If anyone has any tips on how to eat clean, that would be great! ♥

  92. Sandy says:

    I love your vibe! And yes I wish I could go back to my 15 year old self and make me read your story!! It took me 10 more years to actually realizing that YES I needed to move my butt to see results and NO diets were not the key! Now I’m on my way too =) I admire your commitment and how many pounds you lost! You’re super beautiful!

  93. Emalee says:

    Wow, what an inspiring story!! I loved this Transformation Tuesday! Nisha has an amazing story! I’m 16, so I love seeing other teens my age on here! She is gorgeous & such a great role model!

  94. Yer says:

    You go girl! It is so inspiring to see someone so young be so mature and dedicated. You are beautiful in both pictures of course but I’m sure are much more healthy, energetic, and happy now. Congratulations on your accomplishment and thank you for inspiring those of us who are trying to transition into healthier lifestyles. You rock! 🙂

  95. Julia says:

    I am so happy for you Nisha!! It is just absolutely amazing to see your results. Thanks for being such an inspiration!
    I am a 17 year old girl and I myself am trying to loose some weight and to become fitter. Especially since my older sister is much slimmer than I am. But I don’t hold a grudge against her. Actually I see her more as my role model. But for some reason I just won’t loose any weight even though I exercise almost daily ( Beginners Calender). I don’t think that the food is my main problem since I am already eating clean. It is just that I often find myself snacking…I really try to avoid that or at least snack on something healthy like fruits or veggies. But since I don’t really loose weight I am extremely frustrated and unmotivated 🙁
    And next to that I also have school and that stuff.This can be a real bummer from time to time.
    Does any of you have any kind of advise for me? It would be awesome to finally achieve my goal 🙂
    Thank you!! 🙂

    1. Sophia says:

      Hey julia

      i knw its tough but actually u shud try following the juneon fire calender , i ve lost so much in just 25 days. it has cardio three times a week and they are amazing for losing weight .main thing is dont lose hope , keep beleiveing , drink loads of water. trust if u keep at it u will do lose weight. it happened for me and im fitting in to clothes that didnt fit me for 2 years.

    2. Hollie says:

      Hey, I don’t really have any advice, but I am going through exactly the same thing as you in terms of doing the beginners calendar but not seeing any weight loss results,and i’m 16. What i’m trying to do is see if my measurements change rather than my weight because I know I must be building some muscle with the way it hurts! And muscle weighs more than fat so i’m hoping that’s what’s happening! I hope both of us as well as others can see some change in terms of our health as opposed to weight! ♥

      1. Zuni says:

        Be patient on your progress, it actually took me around 2months before I could properly see progress, and most people see much progress after 4-6 weeks- other people saw my progress before I could see it on myself so you might be like me! Don’t fret too much about it and focus on doing the moves properly with goodform, I know it’s hard not to obsess and worry because I’ve been through the same thing and from time to time still worry and obsess. It’s natural, but remember it’s going to take time and effort- but the end result will be fab 😉

        As for the unmotivation- I cut through mine by looking at fitness magazines, looking at those fitness pages on instagram, vision boards etc I kept a constant reminder on what my goal is and what I will achieve =)

        Good luck!!! <3 xx

        1. Julia says:

          Thank you all!! <3 I really appreciate it!!
          I will try hard to achieve my goal 🙂
          as for the june on fire calender…I still believe that it is a little bit too much for me right now to handle because I am certain that I am going to die within one day 😀 I already tried the May calender and it was hell!! I felt soo sore after the first day that I didn't even touch it for the entire month….and that is not what I want since I really want to get fitter.
          Perhaps I am going to pick one or two videos from the june on fire calender and do them after my beginners routine…
          Thanks again ! and Good luck to you too!! <3

  96. Glory says:

    so many teen girls sterve to lose their weight. I used to do that when I was in 8th grade. I’m so happy to see this girl who realized importance of halthy food and workouts at a young age:^)

  97. Mars says:

    This is amazing!! I was close to 130 lbs and now down to 115 lbs but hoping to lose yet another 10 lbs and looking as great as you!! Congrats!!!

  98. Lauren Lisante says:

    What a lovely girl! She looks much older than her age! But wow!! I’m really jealous now. I’ve wanted to only lose about 7 pounds and I’ve only lost 2! I eat clean and I eat a high fiber diet but still not much progress! I guess my journey will just be slower than the rest!
    I’ll definitely be looking up to Nisha as I continue on my fitness journey! Congratulations Nisha, you are so beautiful inside and out!

  99. Amy George says:

    Awesome job!! And at such a young age. Fabulous, keep it up!!! 🙂

  100. Jane Doe says:

    You can be proud of yourself Nisha !
    You are very brave and determinate !
    Love from France! 🙂

  101. Laycee says:

    This is exactly what I needed to see today. I’m 16 and have been struggling with my weight for the past couple of years. This month I have been terrible on myself…haven’t exercised, haven’t cared about what I was eating, and hating myself along the way. Nisha has given me the motivation I needed to get back on track and actually do this! I’m truly grateful for you, Cassey, and Blogilates, because you haven’t just been helping me physically, but also mentally. I know now that if I really put my mind to it, I can succeed. Thank you for sharing this story!

  102. Mer says:

    Go Nisha! You seriously rock!

    TOTALLY agree with you on making PE a group exercise class! My elementary school gym teacher once told me he “needed a calendar to keep track of my mile time.” It was a long time before I ever attempted running again…as in, 15 years! What a jerk! Fitness should be fun, not anxiety-filled! I would have loved to have someone like Cassey showing me the way back in 5th grade!

  103. Amanda says:

    I am not a negative hater and this little girl has done a great job! She looks terrific. But she was not obese or even fat in her before pic. She looked normal and now, while it looks terrific on her, she is very skinny and it is not a realistic goal for most people. I hope she realizes if she loses anymore weight, she is going beyond the scope of living healthy.

  104. Nisey says:

    What a cutie pie! Great story!! I wish I had that determination at her age!!