Transformation Tuesday! Lashon Halley!

Transformation Tuesday! Lashon Halley!

Hey POPsters!

It’s time for another inspirational story from a fellow peer of yours. Today I want to share with you the story of an athlete who found a way to match her inner strength with her outer strength. Please meet Lashon!

Lashon Halley

From 4th grade on I had always been overweight. Bad eating habits and lack of exercise turned into childhood obesity in middle school. I hadn’t really given much thought into what I was consuming or health in general for that matter until I started doing track and field freshman year of high school.

Seeing the bodies of some of these girls on the team made me feel something that I had never felt before, body envy. From freshman to senior year I was a part of the team and competed as a varsity thrower (as a freshman) but never felt that I belonged around all of these athletic girls and boys. I thought being a thrower gave me an excuse to not care about excess weight because the bigger the stronger right? But when every check up at your doctors office harbors bad news involving “At risk for type 2 diabetes” and “abnormal testosterone levels”, its difficult to continue to think that way.

After high school I moved on to attend Santa Barbara City College. I had never lived on my own and it was a very emotional experience in of itself. Naturally I joined the track team and threw shot put and discus as was routine for the last 4 years. During the middle half of preseason training; around November 2011, I noticed a change in my body. I was losing weight, and it was unintentional. I saw this as my lifeline to finally get healthy and change my life. So that is exactly what I did!

I started to slowly eat healthy foods as to not sabotage the progress that I had gained and it worked. I soon became vegetarian, cut out all dairy, bread, etc. and focused on bettering myself from the outside in with clean eating and routine exercise. Losing weight and becoming fit was not only a choice but also my only option and even I was surprised by my self-motivation. After preseason and competition time winded down summer break happened. This was when I had already lost about 45 pounds and when I came back to my hometown I received a mass amount of compliments. This encouraged me to keep on the path of fitness.

During the latter half of summer 2012 though I hit a wall. I was no longer losing at the pace that I was used to. This past summer I suffered from extreme depression, an eating disorder and self-loathing. Constantly telling myself that I wasn’t good enough, I was fat, worthless etc. I only stayed at that weight for about a month until I started training again for track. My parents and friends were there for me through all of it and without them I don’t know if I’d still be here to tell my story.

I then began to research free workout videos online when I didn’t have enough time in between assignments and classes to go to the gym. I stumbled across Cassey’s POP Pilates videos and was shocked at how sore they made me! Now that’s coming from a thrower who lifts and runs at least 6 times a week! After doing a couple pilates videos I noticed a change in the muscle that I was forming. I was becoming more lean and toned and this had a major impact on my track and field performance. Pilates helped in my throwing technique for shot-put and discus becauseI had gained balance in my body. This present track season I began doing running events as well as throwing and now run at least 3 miles a day. I didn’t have a clue about Pilates until Cassey’s videos and they were my saving grace.

I knew getting fit would be difficult but I greatly underestimated the impact that it has on your mind, body AND soul.

During this past winter break I did Blogilates videos religiously and began to love my body, a feeling I thought I would never have towards it. Reading Cassey’s blog posts about the importance of being mentally in tune with your body really pushed my thinking. Comparing myself to others who have not gone through the same transformation just didn’t make sense. I decided that this is the body that I have and I am proud of how far I have come in my fitness journey.

I love my tiger stripes (stretch marks) and my loose skin because it is a testimony to my achievement of ultimate health and fitness.

I have lost about 65 pounds overall and it has been one hell of a journey. I am still working on the self-love part of my journey but Cassey definitely made it so much easier to see that although I am not stick thin, nor ever will be, that I am beautiful and that with determination and hard work I can achieve my own personal greatness.


Thank you for everything! – Lashon


WOW!!! What a great story. I love the quote about tiger stripes. You are a fierce warrior and I have so much respect for you girl! The fitness journey is different for everyone and I appreciate you sharing your personal challenges with us today. So honest. So true. So grateful. I know a lot of POPsters may still have questions for Lashon, so feel free to reach out and connect with her via email or follow her on instagram! She was kind enough to provide a way for us all to seek advice and frienship from her.

instagram: @lashblast

Have a fabulous rest of your Tues! If anyone else has a story they would like to share please send an email and pics to

<3 Cassey

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  1. Jood says:

    how to get rid of the stretch marks?

  2. Yfke says:

    WOW! When I read this, the first thing that crossed my mind, was that you had some much discipline, and that you did an amazing job. Your body is amzing! Rescpect!

  3. Jazmin says:

    Oh my god, you look amazing, keep going!!

  4. Jessica says:

    I know I’m reading this pretty late, but I was just looking for a little motivation in my workouts.
    Love your story! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. Lashon Halley says:

      You’re welcome! thanks for taking the time to read my story 🙂

  5. Tessa says:

    Thank you so much for telling your story girl! I was feeling kind of sad, just because I didn’t know what to do for workouts/not eating very well. But now I know that I have to keep going. Only then I will get the results that I always wanted. So that’s what I’m going to do now! Thanks so much, you’re definitely an inspiration and you look stunning!

  6. Meit says:

    Wow, such an inspiring story! Thank you so much for sharing it, keep up the good work, you look great!

  7. colleen says:

    wow.. the quote about tiger stripes hit me.. I had them for a while now and I didn’t think that they were an indication of weight loss, I am totally motivated to keep going with my daily exercise.. I’m so glad I read this article because it empowered me so much..

  8. Sarah says:

    Wow, you look absolutely fantastic! Your story is super inspirational and definitely makes me want to get out and work my butt off! I think I might, anywho, CONGRATS and keep inspiring others, like myself, to work hard for their goals!


  9. Wendy says:

    I think your story is really inspiring. You look really great and healthy. More importantly, you look really happy! I’m also an athlete… I’m a fourth dan black belt in ITF Taekwondo (I even competed internationally for Canada!) and I found Blogilates to be SUPER hard too! I’m glad you don’t compare yourself to others with different body types. For me personally, I had a hard time listening to girls calling themselves fat if they were over 100 lb when I was once over 170 lb. I have to remind myself a lot of the times that weight isn’t everything, that I have a different body shape and more muscle mass and that’s fine. Anyways, I think you look really great, dare I say… radiant? Hope you’re happy!

  10. Megan says:

    Congrats Lashon! I have also been overweight most of my life, but I just had my first medical complication last month. My cholesterol was getting high, and I needed to lose weight if I didn’t want to get on medication for it. I have started eating clean and religiously doing blogilates as well! It’s only been 3 weeks, but I’ve already lost 10 pounds! I’m also going for the 65 pound total, and you have proven it is possible! Thanks for the inspiration =) <3

  11. s6milerun says:

    Lashon, You have inspired me to keep going forward with my health a little bit more today. I cried after reading your story. You’re beautiful!

    Cassey, I hope you see how awesome you are to each and every one of us!

    I’m a mess of tears right now.

  12. Lynn says:

    Congrats Lashon! Such an inspirational story! You are beautiful!

  13. Brandy says:

    your story is so inspiring!

  14. Clarice says:

    I love hearing stories like this. Lashon, you are an inspiration!!

  15. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for this story Lashon. You look incredible! Your journey is inspiring and your honesty is beautiful. Of all the transformations here I relate most to you! I’m working on the self-love part too. It’s as much of a physical journey as a mental one! IT’s amazing how far you’ve come. Let’s stay strong together!

  16. Elizabeth says:

    Wow! You look absolutely stunning!

  17. Amy M. says:

    Good job! You are so cute. 🙂

  18. Amanda says:

    Congratulations! You look amazing! Thank you for sharing your story. I feel totally inspired 🙂

  19. Kayleigh says:

    SO inspiring! Congrats, you look amazing! Your story has given me extra motivation to keep eating healthy and exercising! Thank you for being amazing!

  20. Liz M. says:

    I love this story, as well!

    Could one we see more stories from gals who weren’t dieting, but managed to change their bodies? Just the “moderation” diet. Just wondering…

  21. Romana says:

    Wow! Such an inspirational story! It almost make me cry! I love your quote about the tiger stripes, because that is something I still need to learn to accept. You look amazing Lashon!

  22. Anja says:

    Wow, Lashon! Your story and that quote about tiger stripes made me cry – I’m so proud of you without even knowing you! Well done!

  23. Jessica Jann says:

    Awesome job! Keep inspiring others!

  24. Annabelle says:

    Reading this seriously made me smile c: Congratulations, Lashon! I”m glad you overcame everything, especially your depression and eating disorder. I’m with Cassey, your tiger stripes comment is great! Keep it up, and continue loving your body more and more! 😀

  25. Thanks for all the inspiration and the heartfelt story. Will definitely check out Blogilates!

  26. melissa says:

    You’re gorgeous, Lashon! Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration!

  27. Katrina says:

    You are so beautiful!!!!! Wow!!!!!

  28. PrincessRhonda says:

    Such a beautiful and encouraging story! You are blessed with so much courage and strength. You look great!! God bless

  29. Léa says:

    I want to thank you, Lashon, for this beautiful post. You are giving me hope and are an inspiration. We are all with you on this journey, as Popsters, we are a family. Thank you for sharing your story! <3

  30. Amber Rosario says:

    I run track and field too! In socal as well and sometimes my college goes to meets where we see SBCC and thats cool to see someone from around where i am from and does the same things i love. love blogilates. I started doing blogilates this past season and it made me so much stronger so i know what ya mean girl! Congratulations you look amazing and it is much deserved! As a t&f athlete I am sure you know “you get out what you put in”

  31. Taelen says:

    that is amazing progress!!! i’m so happy for you!!! do you have any tips for running? i find it a HUGE challenge but i want to get into it

    1. Tamar says:

      Hey Taelen, I would recommend the Runkeeper app – it trains you to go on a certain plan ex: 28 day workout to get to 5k and more plans. it also tracks your distance, pace, time weightloss. and it’s free! i started 2 weeks ago and im getting stronger already, can run 3k 🙂

    2. fran says:

      yes, RunKeeper (for iOS or Android) is the best, I started to run last year and honestly that app was my biggest motivation. Not only does it track your runs (time, distance, calories etc) but also it has lots of build-in “training programs” that can help you get started: start with the begginers 5K one and you’ll be on your way! I ran my first 5k race after about a month and a half of starting to run with it! Good luck

  32. Lashon says:

    Thank you all so much! Reading these comments is making me tear up, in a good way! Haha 🙂

    1. Me-anne says:

      Hi Lashon! I am super inspired by your transformation! 🙂 I love the comment about the tiger stripes too! 🙂 I have never viewed my stretch marks the way you do 🙂 God Bless girl! ♥

  33. Mireille says:

    Congrats!! You are so great and totally inspiring for the rest of us :)))

  34. Anette says:

    You’re really amazing girl! I honestly look up to you. Great work!

  35. Chloe says:

    Lashen! bro! I am so proud of you and how far you have come in the past 3 years! you are a much happier person and I love you so much. I’m excited to work out with you when I get back to SB, but I prolly won’t be able to keep up with you because you’re a BEAST. I’m so glad I went to the Blogilates LA event with you because it was really fun. Keep up the good work and good luck with your summer classes 😛

  36. sharon aguilar says:

    Congratulations on your transformation Lashon! It’s a very inspirational..Thanks for sharing your story with us 🙂

  37. Maya says:

    You are beautiful and very charming girl! Keep up the good work and love yourself. You’ve done a great job!

  38. jennifer says:

    Lashon you look so beautiful and I just want to thank u for sharimg your story here 🙂
    your story gives me extra motivation to become fit and healthy
    I wish u all the best with your healthy lifestyle

  39. jennifer says:

    I justwant to say that you are such a inspiration and thank you for sharing your story here
    your story gives me extra motivation to be healthy and to be fit and i also want to say
    Lashon u are a beautiful woman 🙂 good luck with your healthy lifestyle xx

  40. Hannah says:

    Thank you Cassey for posting this! I have also sent Lashon an email to thank her, because I feel like where she started from, is where I am at now, and I really want to get to the stage as is at now! 🙂

  41. Sandy says:

    Aww my post got erased! I’m gonna make short this time! CONGRATULATIONS and thank you for sharing your amazing journey! Long live tiger stripes!

  42. Sandy says:

    But woooooooooooooooooooow Lashon! I love your inspirational story, your transformation and the way you write!! It feels so good to read about your journey! Just like Cassey, I loved when you say you love your tiger stripes! Not many people would have that courage and it’s a great way of seeing them. I will look at mine differently from now on!
    I am also on a self-love journey and I can’t wait for the moment when, like you, I will love 100% my body!

  43. Kiwisilla says:

    amazing!!!! 😀

  44. Kiwisilla says:

    Wow, amazing, you look beautiful 😀

  45. Jen says:

    Lashon, you are gorgeous and an inspiration! It’s cool to hear that Pilates helped with track and field. Keep up the awesome work!

  46. Kayleigh says:

    Congratulations! You look fabulous.