This October Workout Calendar is somethin’ else!

Hey guys!

I CANNOT TELL YOU how excited I am for you to experience the October workout calendar!!! The entire Blogifam worked so hard to make this calendar super special for you.


Well because each year, I notice a trend in workout video views dropping beginning mid September. People tend to fade off of the whole summer bikini hype and instead focus their energy on parties, food, and holiday gatherings. Then there’s a mad rush that comes again beginning the 1st of EVERY SINGLE new year!

So, the Blogifam wanted to find a way to get you guys EXCITED for your workouts to get you ready for the holiday season. We sat around our round table and brainstormed all the creative ways we could get you pumped. Because we all love dressing up, super heroes, and fitness so much (obvi) – we were like – WHOA what if we combined all of that together and exploded October with the most action packed workouts you’ve ever seen!?

And that’s how the October 2017 Workout Calendar was born…

Download linked PDF | Download hi-res JPEG

You will be getting 5 new and free PIIT28 workouts throughout the entire month of October! I’ve created special workouts featuring my favorite super-heroines throughout animated history:

Oct 2: Wonder Woman Workout

Oct 9: Sailor Moon Workout

Oct 16: Super Girl Workout

Oct 23: Street Fighter Workout

Oct 30: Catwoman Workout

OH-EM-GEE. I had soooooooo much fun dressing up as each character. I CANNOT wait for you to see the mini “movie trailers” we made for each workout.

If you need extra motivation, share this calendar with 1 person and ask them to do it with you. Having a buddy is one of the most motivating ways to stay on track. Plus, it would mean the world to me to have your genuine support in sharing the our special community with your friends.

Good luck with October! Absolutely SMASH IT!






PS: What are you gonna be for Halloween!!???

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