The ULTIMATE Workout for a HOT Body!

The ULTIMATE Workout for a HOT Body!

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Hey Guys!

Happy Friday! AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Are you off to a STRONG START? I’ve been seeing so many wonderful tweets and instagrams and it looks like you guys are ABSOLUTELY CRUSHING IT. I am so proud of you. Keep it up.

I hope you had a chance to try the Hot Body Workout from above. I didn’t realize I never actually posted about it on the blog! Haha. Well guys, it’s definitely one of my favorite all time videos. The workout is 17 min long and it combines 4 of your favorite POP Song Challenges: “Abs All Night“, “Drive By Inner Thighs“, “What Makes You Bootyful“, and “Want U Back Arms“. It’s a nonstop back to back workout that features only 4 moves but will push your body to the limit. I want you to fight past the pain and just finish it. You have been working hard all of 2013 – now show me what you’ve got. Your body can achieve what the mind believes. I CHALLENGE YOU TO FINISH THE WHOLE THING WITHOUT STOPPING!

Also, I wanted to share a special nugget with you:

fire within

One of the number one questions I get is “How do you stay motivated?” You’ve got to find the reason behind why you’re doing what you’re doing…what your passion is…why it’s worth the fight and the pain. Once you figure out what your driving force is…nothing can stop you. No one can stop you. This is what I call your fire. I am here to help guide you and show you all the tools you can use. But you are the one who must fuel your own fire and keep it burning. I can’t make you. I can inspire you. But you need to ignite that flame and make it burn red, hot, and bright. I’ll be here for you always. But it really only takes one person to change your life…and that is YOU.

pop pilates dvd

Oh and thank you so much to everyone who has been supporting me and getting the POP Pilates DVD at Target!!! It’s so surreal and I cannot believe something that we made together became a real product in a real retail store! Every time I walk past the fitness section, my heart still skips a beat. It’s weird! But really though, thank you for showing me your lovely faces along with the dvd! If we can show Target how much we love Blogilates, perhaps they will give me a chance to release your next DVD in stores. How cool would that be!? Currently the DVD is only available in Target USA.  My international POPsters, you can still get the DVD in my shop here.

new year dress

And…if you’ve been following on Instagram, you saw that I chose the sparkly dress!! Thank you for helping me pick it! For those of you wondering, the brand is Jovani and I got it at The Mint Collection. I had a blast doing the countdown at the A-List Ball at the Westin St. Francis this year with my good friend Wendy from I’ve never been on stage counting down a huge crowd before and to be honest…it was kinda awesome 🙂 I was so happy to spend the evening with a bunch of our friends and my lil sis Jackelyn here in the photo. It’s so important to surround yourself with inspiring people and people who care about you throughout your successes and your failures. I’ve definitely had to experience removing myself from certain circles because the chemistry just didn’t feel good. Hate, jealousy, and lying are just as unhealthy as eating junk food everyday. Fill yourself with it, be around it too long, and you will become just like it…junk.

Today is Day 3, Dance Day on the January Workout Calendar! Click here to see your routine, and click here to get your New Body Makeover Meal Plan! Beginners, if you find the regular calendar to be a bit too challenging, so worries! Go here and get the Beginner’s Calendar which helps you build strength over 4 weeks to get you ready for the monthly workouts 🙂 Oh and good luck to all Blogilates Dietbetters! I’ll be announcing the 9 lucky winners who will be getting a private training session with me soon.

Have fun guys! Love you so much! Here’s to an amazing 2014 together!!

<3 Cassey

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  1. Alexandra says:

    Wow, I really like those peas, where did you get those from?! Anyway I just wanted you to know, that I just completely adore you Cassey! You talk me through every video and keep me motivated to keep on going. Got on your blog after my brother did some of your workouts and highly recommend them! I also love the blogilates clothing line, I’m planning on ordering something soon!

  2. Hongcho says:

    make a printable for this?? 😀

  3. Amber says:

    I saw you at Target today!!! I was so excited. Congratulations!

  4. SB says:

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could get some help. Recently, I started noticing that my abs were ‘bulging’ out when I did Cassey’s videos. I started trying to pull my stomach in, and pull my bellybutton to my spine, like she recommends. That works well for most moves, and also improves my breathing, as it forces me to exhale and inhale slowly and helps me control my breathing.
    However, I’ve had a lot of trouble trying to keep my ab muscles tight while doing moves like double leg lifts, corkscrews and cheerleader L’s. As soon as my legs drop down, my ab muscles just do not behave! I was hoping some Popsters out there could help me out, or maybe Cassey could explain it in a video? I know that, with practice, I could keep my core tight, but it’s hard to practise when I don’t know what to do, if that makes sense!
    Sorry for the essay! Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Beth says:

      Oh yes, I am feeling that too! I just started the Beginner’s Calendar last week, and while I definitely notice a difference already, my poor little abs are still pretty weak! I just try to do what I can to keep from hurting my back by placing my hands under my tailbone. And if I notice that I’m getting sloppy and puffing my belly out, even if I’m on the 2nd rep haha, I stop and regroup.

      1. SB says:

        Thanks very much for the reply, Beth 🙂 I try to keep an eye on my abs too throughout the move just to make sure that they’re where they should be 😉 If they aren’t, I stop too, exhale and try again! I guess we’ll just have to train our abs so they’ll stay put!

  5. Lynn says:

    Great workout Cassey!! Those pea plushies are adorable and I like how they were moved throughout the video. Cute!

  6. Harishma says:

    hi i work in the day time, so is it okayh to exercise at night after dinner and go to bed right after?

    1. rosa says:

      Hi Cassey has mentioned in a few videos that the time of day doesn’t matter as long as you workout, only thing is that some people get a surge of energy after they workout making it harder to fall asleep but if its not right before bedtime I don’t see the problem. I used to do that for almost 6 months and actually used to sleep like a baby since after cassey’s workouts left me pooped so for me it was better =) hope that helps

  7. Florence says:

    The workout looks so tough but a good challenge! Thanks for the video to start off the new year! Also I agree with everyone who’d like a tight-schedule workout, I think that’d be so helpful for days I don’t have a lot of time!

  8. Sarah says:

    Inspirational as always! As soon as I’m over this pesky flu I will be right on that total body workout! It’s just what I need for a quick early morning routine! You and your sis look fantastic in that pic too! Loving both your dresses – and her electric blue shoes are WOW!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  9. Crystal says:

    I did it! I struggled thru some parts, but I caught my breath and just kept pushing forward! Been working thru the Beginner’s Calendar this last month and saw this and wanted to challenge myself…can’t believe I did it! So proud of me right now! I have been losing weight and getting stronger all this past year. I found you thru ShayCarl and the video you did with him and Rawn on his ShayLoss channel – so glad I did…Your videos and recipes have been great and just what I needed to push past my plateau and start moving forward again. Have 20 more lbs to lose this year and I KNOW I’m gonna do it!

  10. Claire says:

    Help POPsters!
    How many calories do you think a YOLO meal should be around? I never eat YOLO meals- I eat clean almost 100% of the time for about a year and a half now, but I had one today- after I already ate all the food of my normal meal plan I had an extra 600ish calories of peanut butter- I had been craving it all day and after tea and walks and puttin it out of my head I decided to cave to some creamy deliciousness. Are YOLO meals normally more like 300 cals? 200? Thoughts?

    1. Scallywag says:

      I reckon its not calorie-controlled. In her post here: she mentions pizza, fries, and dim sum as examples of YOLO meals, all of which will be over 600kcal.

      I think the real point of YOLO meals is NOT to think about the calories. They’re a meal towards your mental healthiness and having a good relationship with food.

      If you eat clean the rest of the time, 600 of PB will make NO difference after today. Please don’t worry about it and if you’re eating clean the rest of the time maybe consider not looking at the calorie content for a wee while.

      So basically, yeah I think a YOLO meal is easily over 600!

    2. Asha says:

      A YOLO meal is just you making a conscious choice to eat something unhealthy that you’ve been craving (once or twice a week). The calories don’t matter.

    3. rosa says:

      peanut butter has some good nutrients in it anyways like good fats so technically your YOLO meal was still a bit on the healthy side, my last yolo meal was more dessert but it was a brownie with ice cream loll which has zip of nutrients but I needed the sugar and I ate it and since you eat clean almost 100% don’t stress that wouldn’t put a dimple in your healthy lifestyle or hard work =)

  11. Asha says:

    Cassey, who won the last weekly giveaway in December? You never posted about it..

  12. canadian yogi says:

    I love the bodylanguage gear you wear and are promoting; it sucks that on their website they choose to use skinny, nonathletic models to show their clothes. On a real, muscular body, it is hard tot ell how these would fit. All the models have major saddlebags LOL

  13. Charlotte says:

    I finished the Hot Body Workout the first time I tried! Full beast mode! I have to say, what really made the difference was you saying how hard it was going to be and how it was alright if I didn’t get all the way through. As soon as I heard that I told myself that I was going to finish. Mind over matter all the way! I looked at my abs in the mirror this morning and they already look way more defined! Can I do this workout every day? I love it so so much! Thank you!!

  14. Laura says:

    possible idea for 2014….a “tight-schedule” workout calendar for people in school, work, etc that cannot debate an hour for six days/week. As hard as the month ones, but maybe like a half an hour instead. Also, so it is more accessible, maybe something not requiring gym membership (ex. january 2014 calendar has shred mill treadmill)
    thanks so much cassey! love you and have been following for a long time. just find with a tight schedule it is hard to pick which w/os to do. And I know people say you can cut down on videos, but beginners could modify moves that don’t work…instead you made them a calendar.

    I know I and anyone who is extremely busy but very motivated would really appreciate if you made a “tight-schedule” calendar! Thank you so much!!!!!!

    1. Laura says:

      cannot workout…I don’t know why it says debate

    2. Charlotte says:

      This is a super great idea!! 🙂

      1. Emma says:

        Agreed, a tight-schedule workout would be amazing! I know we have to dedicate time to workout, and I do my very best with this (promise!), but having the option to do a half an hour that is super-beast mode would be wonderful 🙂

    3. Kelsey says:

      I agree, Laura. I barely have an hour most days to follow the calendar and it would be awesome if there was a schedule for busy people. Also, I don’t go to a gym since I just workout at home with the videos so I also can’t do the treadmill workouts. Thx Cassie! 🙂

    4. Kathy says:

      agree too. I am in university and I take my work home (e.g. typing in my handwriten scripts otherwise I can forget to take an exam because after a while I can’t read my own hand, it looks so awful!! I write 5-6 pages on checked paper, every single line and as quick as possible to catch all. Sadly my university doesn’t offer scripts to buy.. hand cramps are normal. but this takes up 1-2 hours a day after coming home). Dad and I are used to force ourselves to go to the gym though because he works hard and long too. So I am doing my normal workout in the gym and blogilates at home (I do abs and stuff in gym, but it’s more fun to have my computer running and hear her voice forcing me not to stop.).
      as for treadmill: I am no runner and never will be thanks to my knees which started to hurt a lot several years ago and my doctor said I got something only runners have (haven’t been doing much sports back then). I know now ways and moves to get my knees to order whenever they start hurting again but I simply can’t run with them. I can run to the bus and regret it for the next hour. 🙁

  15. Amber says:

    So excited for the new year! 😀 I love this months calendar. Going to kick butt. We’ve got this guys <3 And Cassey I absolutely loved the Ultimate Hot Body Workout! It was amazing :3