The Talking Version of the Last Post

The Talking Version of the Last Post

Hey POPsters!!

Basically the title says it all. If you don’t wanna read the last post, you can watch this video 🙂

I am currently packing for NYC while simultaneously editing your new workout video for Monday! There’s a tiny preview of it at the end of this vlog. I’m gonna try to vlog more too – you know what my problem is? I want every video to be super meaningful and perfect so I either film and don’t release or don’t film because I feel like I don’t have anything significant enough to say. These are the troubles of a perfectionist…not good…because you just end up being a procrastinator!!!

Anyone else feel this way?

Ok well back to work! Get ready for your new workout – “The Way we Tone.”

<3 Cassey

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  1. Sunny says:

    Yes! I build something up in my head about how perfect it should be and how well I’m going to do it until it gets too intimidating to actually do it. It then gets to a point where I have to finish it or not do it at all. So I hurriedly rush through it. The results aren’t bad, to be totally honest.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I am so excited that you’re finally coming to NYC! I’ve been faithfully following you for two years, you are such an inspiration.
    I’d like to RSVP but I do not have Facebook. Is there any other way I can RSVP?
    Love you, girl.