The Not So Glamorous Life…

The Not So Glamorous Life…

Hey POPsters!

Just posted a new video on my pullup progress! So far so good. I am down to 25 lb assistance from 55 then 40. It’s going to be really hard to take more and more weight off the next 2 months. But I’ve got this! It’s just 5 unassisted pullups by the end of Feb. Just…LOL.

As you know I have been traveling a ton and it has KILLED my diet and workouts. Really. I feel like I am in such a rut. It’s even thrown my whole video schedule off, so I apologize for that. I just wanna be in one place for more than 2 weeks please!!!!

Now onto the title of this post.

I feel like every time I get in the groove of things (meaning I am meal prepping, grocery shopping, cooking, planning my workouts, sleeping better) I have to pack and go. That’s why I hope this move to LA will help me find my balance again. Traveling is NOT GLAMOROUS. For me at least. It’s really been tough on my mind and body these past few months. I felt like I’ve been taking care of myself less and less. It’s really not a good thing.

Some of you may be wondering why I stress so much about working out and eating clean and why I worry when I have a few too many YOLO meals. Let’s be real here. To a certain degree, I as well as many other fitness trainers, need to “look good” for what we do. Some people have an easier time than others. I’m not the “naturally skinny” type. I know my body. I was a chubby kid. You can read the story here that still haunts me sometimes. I cannot eat a hamburger with fries a few times a week and get away with “skinny-fat”. My type of body is the one I have to work daily for. (But it’s ok, because I like the strength that builds.) So, when I stray away from a clean diet I can instantly see a difference and feel a degradation in my energy levels.

I whole-heartedly believe that good nutrition is the core of your health and well-being. And because I haven’t been making the best food choices (and I do this consciously…saying I need to eat for my soul LOL) my well being is not as bright as usual. See, even fitness gurus struggle. Most won’t tell you that though. But don’t feel alone. I don’t think very many will tell you they have a hard time keeping their appearance but seriously, looking and eating a certain way takes a lot of energy and thought. That’s why I always emphasize that if you are trying to transform your body, it will take a LIFESTYLE change – something you can stick to – that will lead you towards your goal.

Now some people…take it too far. I recently saw a tweet from ABC News that led me to this video called “A Not So Glamorous Model Life”:

Watch it. There are a list of things that scare me in this video. Notice their extremely restricted diet. How much cardio they do. And how if the girls’ waists doesn’t fall under a certain number, they are told to go home and lose some more weight. It is such an image driven industry in which people WILL DO ANYTHING to lose weight in order to make it to the runway. I mean, this to me is a perfect storm that cultivates unhealthy thinking and ultimately major eating disorders.

It’s sad to see that the way these girls eat and workout isn’t for heath or fitness at all, but rather for external beauty, or what fashion magazines exemplify as external beauty. As gorgeous as these girls are, I feel very uneasy when I see people exercise for physical results only. It is just not everlasting and absolutely toxic to one’s health and one’s mind. Once you have your head thinking the wrong way, it is very difficult to dig yourself out of the hole to see the light again. EDs are much more mental disorders than anything.

Anyway, just wanted to share that video with you and show you that fitness trainers struggle, models struggle, and you struggle too. We all need to find our own balance and our own way of eating and training to be happy with ourselves. That is the ultimate goal. We need to glow from the inside! And that happens with a clean and healthy diet that you can stick to and workouts that you enjoy. The physical results that follow are just that…RESULTS THAT COME WITH the whole healthy lifestyle package.

Remember. Don’t suffer for beauty. Work hard for your physical, mental, and spiritual happiness – and everything else will fall into place.

Where do you think you are right now? Are you struggling? And do you relate to any of the things I listed above?

Have a wonderful holiday and Merry Xmas to those of you celebrating it!!!

<3 Cassey

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  1. Teela says:

    hey cassey i love all your post videos and more~ But what i really want to know is if you have school and hard to workout how do you?! Also show us what shampoos and stuff you use for your hair love it!!

  2. Yasmin says:

    Hi Cassey, i found your workouts to be super helpful you’re so cheerful and happy i love you!! 🙂 I was wondering, what type of gloves do you use for your pullups? Everytime i use the pullup machine it feels like the skin on my hand is like ripping up. My biceps aren’t very good i’ve been trying to work on it for the past few weeks and I havn’t seen any progress 🙁 my goal is to do a pullup by 7 months time if i can make it i’ll be super happy! I would LOVE it if you’d make more bicep and back workout videos. Thanks for all you do Cassey! You’re a great inspiration to all of us and have changed sooo many lives including mine. I love you Cassey!!

  3. Dean Joseph says:

    “Remember. Don’t suffer for beauty. Work hard for your physical, mental, and spiritual happiness – and everything else will fall into place.” Truest thing ever wrote! People get caught up on the image and then expect changes to happen over night. Great post! Keep up the good work!

  4. Tara says:

    So sad.

    But it’s not surprising that so many develop EDs considering the mixed messages we are getting in our society. On the one hand we are bombarded by messages to eat MORE fast food / chocolate / candy / whatever. Then you’ve got the fashon industry that is telling us that to be beautiful you have to be thin almost to the point of anorexia. And by comparison, there is virtually no emphasis put on healthy eating and exercise. The “eat more” and the “be thin” messages are like two extremes of the same spectrum. And we are left in the middle caught in a viscious cycle of YOLO moments and self-hate, each state purpetuating the other.

  5. tiffany says:

    to keep going, i just think about all the things my body can do. not everyone is so fortunate, so i might as well take advantage of my capabilities!!

  6. Dolly says:

    Cassey, I love the fact that you posted this because it motivates me to continue eating clean and doing pop pilates and running on the treadmill (btw your workout calenders are awesome!). I have the same body type as you and most of my life i have yo-yo’d from being skinny to almost overweight. Most of my life I would have peaks of exercising but I would binge and then starve myself and I didn’t even know it! Growing up, my family put more of an emphasis on eating meats and breads; fruit and veggies were rarely in my diet. I watched my mom yo-yo on fad diets and long hours working out. I was taught that eating candies and chocolates and fatty foods were very very bad and never ever eat them but I had them too often for it to be healthy. I would lose weight merely for vanity by doing unhealthy amounts of exercise and dieting to the point where I can honestly say I was doing the same thing as the girls in that video. I would gain weight super fast because I would eat my woes away and sabatoge myself with pizza, hot wings, cookies, and lots of chocolate. I was always sick: migraines, sinus infections, fatigue, and I did not like myself. I would often times look at myself in the mirror and disect what was wrong with my body.
    As of the beginning of the summer, I have been following your video and blog because someone mentioned pilates; I was brought up to think that it pilates was just a “weak girl type of exercise” but I tried it and I liked it!People would make fun of me for doing pilates and eating clean but I stuck to my guns and OMG i have lost 10 more pounds than my original goal-that’s a total of 38 pounds. I have never been this light and healthy in my ENTIRE life and I feel AWESOME! I read your blog for your advice and tips and although it is hard to admit that the way i was thinking was unhealthy and down right wrong I now have learned to love my body. I enjoy your FREE workouts, your food challenges ( i am one week away from finishing your 90 day challenge, i did the vegan challenge in the summer-so good!) I know now that I want to be healthy mentally, physically, and spiritually because it feels amazing! Ironically, I now have people tell me that I am TOO skinny and “i need to gain some meat on my bones” my response is “I may be a double zero but it’s mostly hard earned lean muscle mass;) t I don’t let their comments get me because I worked so hard to get this strong and I am happy with how I look=) I will continue working hard to get stronger, gain more endurance, stay positive, and even when i have my fat and failing days I make it an extra effort to eat clean and complete the workouts for that day and I feel so much better! i am very close to obtaining a flat belly now,something i have never done before, but I know in time I will get there because this is my new lifestlye. Like you say, “if you work hard and eat clean and don’t forget your cardio evfall into placeerthing will . thank you, Cassey. <3

    1. Dolly says:

      *evfall is supposed to be “everything will fall” woopsie lol

  7. Alyeen Lim says:

    I have a wonderful support network of friends that are helping me stay motivated. When I am feeling discouraged they left me up with positive comments that keep me going. My other motivation is pinterest–yes pinterest!! I have a board just for my fitness goals and motivational quotes!!

  8. Kate says:

    You are such an inspiration, I have suffered with an ED for almost 2 years and have suffered from constant binges then starving. Your videos and recipes make me want to get better and healthier! 🙂

  9. Elly says:

    I was just starting to get all those cookies and chocolate cravings, and this post really wakes me up!

    I’m also one of those girls who’s not naturally skinny and it’s nice to be able to relate my struggles with you

    Thanks Cassey 🙂

  10. Heather says:

    my music always motivates me to work harder, i’ll put on one of my favorite songs and it get my adrenaline pumping! i’ve been changing up my workout mixes when i run and that always keeps me going too, as for my goal for the end of feb? well thats not going too well, i took a vacation back home (i’m currently living in texas) and i kind of went food crazy, but i’m determined to get back on track! I’ve upped my veggies and i’ve been drinking water like crazy! And it felt soo good to get back in the gym and run again! Love you Cassey!! you also motivate me! You hit home when you talked about being afraid that you might not make your goal, I’m feeling the same way, I’ve let myself down so much before, but I can’t wait to see progress and I know that if I keep going I will get there!

  11. Jess says:

    Great post Cassey. I’ve been in a bit of a rut myself with university getting on top of me and family problems, but it’s good to see that you’re with us through the lows and well as the highs. I’m planning on going for a good long run tomorrow and getting back into my fitness routine on the 27th – I think that putting it off to New Year is just setting myself up to fail. I’ll work out tomorrow and every day between the 27th and January 1st – got to give myself a break sometimes! This is me making myself accountable I guess, so I’ll report back with how I got on!

  12. Marissa says:

    OMG, Cassey, thank you so much!!! I can’t believe you saw my comment, let alone that I was one of the 3 lucky winners! I showed my dad and little sister your video and they said they’re so proud that I’m continuing to eat healthy and now I can make sure that I won’t stop!

    You’re an amazing instructor and this just keeps me motivated to have some self control during this holiday break and keep at the pop pilates videos. In fact, I’m going to go for a run tomorrow morning in honor of you. Thanks again and happy holidays!

  13. Helena says:

    Reading all these comments made me want to reply to all of you.

    I often think about how easy it can be to know what you should be thinking and how you should feel about something in contrast to how hard it is to really think and feel this way.

    Let me try to explain: For example

    -I know I should love myself for who I am.
    Loving myself would give me the strength to work on my weaknesses.
    Working on my weaknesses would make me love myself even more.-

    But the truth is I dont because I just dont feel like I can.

    -I most of the time dont even like myself.
    If you dont like yourself, you dont see a purpose in growing.
    If you dont do anything for yourself, you’ll start hating yourself for not even liking yourself in the first place.- (circulus vitiosus)

    I hope this made sence. (at least to a certain degree)
    This may seem unrelated to the post but I just wanted to explain the “scheme”.

    When I see a skinny girl I automatically think: I wish I was that skinny!
    This is shocking to me in two ways.
    1. The girl might be dangerously underweight and all I’d see is that I’m not as thin as she is and this will lead me to thinking that I’m not as “good” as she is. Regardless of all other aspects. (I do realize that this way of thinking is absolutly insane but I just cant seem to change it and I guess that this is something I’m not alone with?)
    2. If you want something you shouldnt just wish for it. You should be aware of what it takes to achieve and question yourself: Do you REALLY want it? If you do than start doing what it takes raver than just sit and wait. Working for something will make you feel much more confident whereas doing nothing will make feel depressed.

    There is a big “BUT” here. As I mentioned before: Knowing all this is so much easier than actually believing it; believing in yourself.
    (excuse the long comment. i just had to get this off my heart. i hope you dont mind. it might be good to know that i dont suffer from an ED but i do see that this way of thinking can get you there.)

  14. Cassey, very well said girl!~it’s not worth it to suffer and make our lives go through unnecessary (excuse my language) hell because in the end, if our minds aren’t at peace nor happy, then everything loses its meaning. It’s better to be healthy from the inside so that we can slowly progress to health on the outside. And you’re such a sweet and honest girl! But I’m sure everyone tells you that. 😀

  15. S says:

    In the past I have not 100% agreed with the way you have voiced some of your posts about losing weight but I now genuinely think it was just a bit of carelessness with the wording, rather than an actually unhealthy outlook. That video terrified me, I am recovering from an eating disorder and if someone had ever measured me with a tape measure and told me 24 1/2 inches was too big I would have never got out of that black hole. That sort of statement would haunt a young girl forever. Those people should be ashamed of themselves, they can pretend they are promoting a healthy lifestyle all they like but at the end of the day they just see dollar signs.

    What you do is amazing Cassey. You inspire and help so many people and I hope this video makes people realise how empty your life is if you can’t enjoy food and your body. Merry Christmas 🙂

  16. Amber says:

    Cassy, you are always so kind and supportive. While I am lucky to have a good self image(delusions ;)…) , I often wonder how to address friends that do not. One of my ultra besties is very obese, and will often put herself down over it. She has tried many times to lose weight, once losing 35lbs! Although, it never maintains. When she is in her “go” mode she will join me for yoga and hikes, and watch her intake. I would love her to get fit for her health and personal image, but I do not know how to help her manifest the ongoing motivation to make a lifestyle change. Yesterday she commented to me that I am not normal because I do not eat if I am full. To which I responded with a laugh, “yeah, normal isn’t my style”. I have no idea if that was the “right” answer. She wants to lose weight for herself, and I would love to know how to support that. I don’t want to nag her, or cause her to feel that I do not think she is perfect just how she is. Any tips on being there for someone in this situation?

  17. Alina says:

    All I can say is that you are one of the people that motivates me on a daily basis. We are similar in that our bodies are not naturally thin so its a daily struggle with food and working out for me to make sure I can fit in my favorite skinny jeans. I am no longer over weight but just like you I WAS!!! In about the 8th grade I decided to do something about it and lost forty ponds that year, in time for high school. Now, when I need to motivate myself I say, well if you’ve done it once, there’s no reason you can’t do it again. Also, my piano teacher passed away from cancer and would constantly, and I mean, CONSTANTLY tell me that health was key. If you ensure health, you can ensure a happy life because you won’t be bogged down by as many physical illnesses, diseases, etc. Of course some are inevitable, but prevent what you can. She’s one of the many reasons I workout 6 times a week, go running, do Pilates, and even want to be an instructor some day.
    Yes, I have a lot of vain reasons for wanting to work out and eat healthy, I mean, any teenager in high school would right? (By the way, I am 18). It’s normal. My biggest mental thing would be trying to focus more on the inward, not outward benefits of a healthy lifestyle which I am working on. I don’t want to be obsessive. Counting calories isn’t fun even though its become second nature to me. I need to find a balance. So that is a goal of mine that I will always be working on.
    Anyways, enough of my rant, I forgot this was a comment not a post (I blog too) so THANK YOU CASSEY for being so INCREDIBLY MOTIVATIONAL. I honestly look up to you for both physical and mental motivation and that important note that sometimes you have to say YOLO.

    Have an awesome day and good luck with the pull-ups!
    Alina 🙂

  18. Morgan says:

    One of the reasons why I keep coming back to your workouts and following your blog is because of how real you are. There are several other workout gurus on youtube that I appreciate a lot and look up to for their hard work and amazing bodies but I get frustrated with them sometimes because their lifestyle seems so unattainable because it looks like they lead such a perfect life. So, thank you Cassey for just being you 🙂

  19. Bekah says:

    Wow. You are so open! Thank you for being real!
    I’ve been struggling soooo much with eating clean…Refined sugar/flour this season-KILLER!
    Thanks Cassey!
    Blessings for your move!
    Have a joyous Chirstmas!

  20. Carly McHale says:

    Your post was ON POINT. As a person in recovery from an eating disorder, it pains me to see what our societal beauty standards and norms push women to do. We need to love our bodies, individuality, and worship them by eating right and being fit.

    I am motivated to be healthy so I can spread the knowledge! A lot of people don’t know what being “healthy” and eating right really means… when people see clean eating they ask questions and learn themselves! I am also motivated to be healthy from the fantastic role model that my mother provides. As a survivor of breast cancer TWICE, she integrated an organic/whole foods diet into my life at an early age. She exercises every day and is the happiest person I know… I want to spread that positive energy to the people around me in just the same way that she bestowed it upon me 🙂

  21. Daniella says:

    Hi Cassey!! Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for this post (and all your other awesome posts, and videos, really)!! I’ve been trying so hard to stick to my diet (which I love so much because I feel so healthy eating clean!) and ive slacked off quite a bit on the working out department, but these past few days the brownies and the yolo foods have gotten the best of me 🙁 and my body and mind feel it now. But now i realize im not alone after reading this post and seeing others and yourself going through the same thing, and being so real and honest and kind (like your usual awesome self!) makes me admire you even more than I already did before! I am getting back on the horse thanks to your amazing words of encouragement and love. You are SO beyond amazing and i thank you for being my health and fitness (and sometimes even life in general!) rock and the person I go to every time I need some encouragement and motivation (which is every time I work out and everywhere in between lol). Ill never get tired of saying you’re THE best and I hope I get to meet you one day and thank you personally!!!

    Lots of love!!

    Dani <3

  22. kat says:

    Wow, can I just say: thank you SO much Cassey, I couldn’t believe how much everything you said resonated with me!!! I have to work really hard to get/stay in shape, and have for most of my life been very body-conscious. I used to think the only way to feel good was to be skinny and tried all sorts of diets/restrictions that yes, made me lose weight, but health-wise made me feel absolutely terrible. But thanks to you, my entire mindset has shifted – “fit & healthy” is a mental state as well as a physical one and even though I may have been thin in the past I have never really been healthy! I am a little nervous right now as I’m moving to a new country for 3 months and am scared that I’ll regress again, but I know how much better my entire life and mind feels when I eat clean and work out so fingers crossed I can get into a new routine there that works. Thank you so much for your honesty in sharing yourself with all of us, and for all the incredible work you do: you are truly an inspirational, beautiful person Cassey, never lose heart because we are all with you, and you are a BEAST who can achieve anything!!!! 🙂 <3

  23. Cryssy says:

    I agree so much on the model video! The man and woman have no right to say that to the girls, and they are basically starving themselves and working out too much- not healthy at all! So happy you inspire people to be HEALTHY not ED! You are my role model and inspiration thank you soo much!

  24. I’m sorry to say this, but, I’m not even trying. Ironically, I’m too happy with the way I look to actually take action.

    1. I mean, I work out, I do! And I guess I’ve always eaten kind of healthy (my mom alway make our food from scratch), but she also make cookies, that I’m not afraid to eat. This is a picture of me, from this sommer: and I feel perfectly happy looking like that. And I guess the suger-addiction is kind of.. existing. It’s like I have to have a piece of chocolate from time to time, and THAT I would like to change. I love your workouts though – especially the VS leg workout. I do it every time I get bored, haha 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Casey! And sorry for my bad english.

  25. Angie F says:

    Thank you Cassey for this. I’ve been so good with my diet and workouts but slowly Christmas has crept up and let’s face it, Christmas food is too good! I have the type of body where I have to work for as well and it’s stressful at times but I always feel better mentally and physically after clean eating and a good pilates or cardio session.
    I have slipped a bit, with chocolates and christmas treats as my weakness but I’ve mentally prepared myself to continue on with a clean diet and regular exercise routine. Lifes too short to restrict yourself 24/7.
    Seeing these girls restrict themselves like that breaks my heart. They’re such gorgeous girls and I hope they don’t fall into the dreaded ED

    1. Angie F says:

      *ED trap. I hope they realise that unless you treat your body with respect, IE eat healthy and clean, that your soul and mind will follow.

  26. Alaura says:


    You don’t know how much I needed these words today. I only completed 30 minutes of you workout today and after I had just given up. I was just emotionally drained, that I was not able to do this anymore. That there wasn’t a point for me to try and lose weight and that I should except my body for what it was now then how it used to be. That I could never reach my full potential ever again.

    I read this and just cried.

    You have been such a great inspiration and I hope you don’t ever feel alone because you have so many people that love you. You have touched so many people and I am grateful to know you and your mission.

    So, thank you.

    1. blogilates says:

      Thank you for your comment! You are amazing and maybe need some rest. Being emotionally drained is the same as being exhausted physically…it still takes energy from you! Sleep and recharge.

  27. Carina Cristina says:

    Cassey, thank you so much for taking the time to address these issues. I used to be one of those girls. For many years. Scary.

    Your positive attitude and approach to healthy living is helping me take a step in the right direction every day. MY goal for 2013 is to eat MORE and to stop restricting myself too much. I’m tall, I’m strong – I need the fuel. I will be stronger and fitter than every before! 🙂

    Thank you for being such a wonderful and inspirational person. Love <3

    1. blogilates says:

      love u too! good for u for seeing the light!

  28. Lilybug says:

    Cassie, thank you for inspiring me with this video and inspiring me today and everyday, to do one more circle, one pulse, and to do it for me, nothing or anything else. YOU ARE AN ANGEL.

  29. Liz J says:

    Plus, eating right and exercising for the purpose of being healthy is a much more personal and attainable goal. At least for me, it’s harder to be inspired to be healthy when I’m thinking about other people’s opinion’s of my body. Thinking about having great energy levels and feeling strong is so much more motivating for me because it’s something I can attain. I can never have a body that is attractive to everyone. But I can have a body that is strong. I DO have a body that is strong, and getting stronger every day. Sometimes I lose sight of my real goal, worrying about how my stomach looks in a tight shirt, and that’s when I start to get off track. But then you post things like this and I remember the real reason my fridge is filled with fruits and veggies and I’m back on track!

    1. blogilates says:

      YES YES YES so good to hear!

  30. Winter says:

    I love what you do, but I’m a little unsettled that you would post this video after all those vs workouts. I feel very conflicted and confused with the message you’re sending out. I really hope you don’t take this the wrong way. I really do appreciate what you do.

    1. Cynthia Villalvazo says:

      VS models are actually pretty healthy.

      High fashion models are a completely different story though. They look like walking skeletons… Not good.

    2. Kate says:

      I have to agree with you. Cassey is always about health and positivity and focusing on the right fitness goals but VS models diet & train as extreme as any other models. I think Cassey made the VS videos because she knows the fashion show is popular but you’re right, those women–who work very hard for their careers, to be sure–are completely tied up in how they look & projecting an unrealistic body image. To me the VS message seems to go against the healthy lifestyle Cassey swears by.

    3. blogilates says:

      No worries! I did the VS series because the fashion show was coming up and it was something a bunch of fans had requested. If you look at the physique of the VS model vs the models in this video, you can see the VS models def have more muscle tone than the standard runway model. I know that they do train but as far as diet, I can’t speak for sure.

  31. Shelby says:

    I couldn’t comment on the YouTube channel so I decide to comment here! The quote “when your legs get tired, run with your heart” has truly been my motivation these last couple of months. I ran my first half marathon in November and all throughout my training I found myself talking to myself on my long runs. I reminded myself that this was my journey and no one else. I was only competing against myself. It has been a goal of mine to complete a half and I did it through faith and dedication. My legs got tired but my heart never did! Next half…..march 16!!!

  32. Sandy says:

    Notice how the link in this post dates to 21st of last year !

  33. Sandy says:

    I remember an ex calling me a fat cow 🙁 .It was devastating at first but I knew I had to step out of that kind of abusive relationship and it lead me on a journey of self empowerment and Blogilates ! now I am in a better place . I am so grateful for Pilates ,Yoga and Cassey . Wish you all a merry christmas !

  34. candy says:

    Great article. Since I’m not in my 20’s anymore, I’ve found that not dieting, not owning a scale and not measuring the food I eat keeps me at a healthy and stable weight .I think eating healthy and working out sensibly is effective for me at first.

  35. Anna Marie says:

    Wow, that really is a restricted diet those girls are on. When I was a kid, I remember begging my mother to allow me model (I was 6 or 7) because talent scouts kept sending letters and calling. However, now that I’m an adult I’m really glad that my mom refused. Now my main goal is to be healthy and build strength, not just working towards a goal that deals with appearance alone. I used to have these periods of time where I would workout/restrict my food intake because I wanted to solely lose weight. I could never sustain it. Now that I’m working towards strength and health, I’ve been able to sustain this lifestyle change for a little over a year now and the weight just came off. I still struggle sometimes, especially in the winter, since I crave more carbs/comfort foods than veggies and other clean foods… but with this lifestyle change, I know I will eventually get there.

  36. Margaret Hoar says:

    Cassey, your old story really touched me. I am an American and when I was 12 years old we moved to Thailand. I was a little chubby then but definitely not fat… I was walking through a market with my father and someone asked me when I was expecting. Oh, it hurt! I really struggled after that and now even when I am 21 and at a very trim and healthy weight I still get my stomach poked and pointed out to me. Its hard! Its hurts! I love you girl, you’re beautiful. Thank you for not agreeing with society and pointing out the truths about that video.

  37. Sophia Nicole says:

    Cassey I love your post I have been reading your new ones and your older ones, I find them so insporational and enlightening. I’m only 15 and I started to do your work outs because of the school I go to I’m not able to dance anymore or at least go to dance classes like I had been doing before(I still dance around my house) and I wanted a form of excirse that I loved and I am loving pilates! I’m even trying to get my mom into it. Thank you for posting that video, I had always envied the bodies of models but if that’s what they have to go through I feel sorry for them. You were right that is unhealthy, it was sad when one of the girls said she wanted bread but didn’t let herself have it. Sometimes I feel bad about my body when I have one too many slices of pizza but that is definitely not something I should be worrying about.
    You are truly the type of model that girls my age should be looking up to, a role model and an insporation.
    Thank you <3

  38. Ivori Rose says:

    Cassie, this is a very honest and lovely post. I have to say my favorite line is; To a certain degree, I as well as many other fitness trainers, need to “look good” for what we do.
    I once weighed 275 pounds, lost 145 pounds, gained 20 pounds because, and now I am maintaining at 137 pounds. I thought I NEEDED to look like those super thin models in order to be at a place mentally, where I had accomplished my weight loss goals. I do not travel, but I work from home and absolutely CRAVE your workouts everyday. Thank you so very much for making the monthly workout calendars, and creating fun, yet intense workout videos !

  39. Fawn says:

    Hi Cassey!!
    Thanks again for your honest post! I feel like these honest posts really keep the Blogilates community connected & real. That openness & sincerity is what I love so much about you & the community. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

  40. Tiffany says:

    I’d like to premise this by saying that I’ve been following your blog since 2011, and I love every part of it. Cassey I think you’re such an inspiration. You’re so sweet and beautiful and I love you so much for changing my life. With your videos and tips I’ve lost well over 30 pounds! I cannot thank you enough. I’m SO glad I found your blog. Secondly, I can relate to you when you say you know your body. I was chubby growing up as well. I’m not at my goal yet, but even now, I must work and eat super clean to maintain the weight that I’ve achieved so far. At times I complain and wish that my genetics were different, but I’ve read your story about the birthday party incident. It touched me because I’ve been there before. When I was in the 7th Grade, I was playing on this pull-up bar in gym class after school, and a student from my class passed by and said, “Ew you have stretch marks!” I immediately let go of the bar and ran in a corner and cried. I was so upset. His facial expression from that moment is burned into my mind, I can still picture every single detail. Ironically, he was overweight also. In that moment I hated myself for not having a different metabolism. But now that I’ve found your blog, I’ve learned how to properly nourish my body. Not only do I look better, I FEEL better. Once again, thank you for sharing your story with us POPsters! I love how much effort you put into your work. You deserve so much love Cassey. I can’t wait for Blogilates to get even BIGGER. <3

  41. Ari says:

    We love you Cassey!

    Thank you thank you for being so open with us, who go through the same struggles. I feel like I can really relate to you, thank you for dedicating so much of your time for this community, for uploading great videos, etc…you are my inspiration and health guru.

    Hang in there and Merry Christmas! <3

  42. Julia says:

    The model video you posted really, really scared me. I find that society nowadays tends to glamorize “skinny,” when that is not necessarily healthy for everyone. Everyone has a natural body weight: if you can only maintain your physique through hours every day at the gym, you are not doing your body any favors. I think you would like this video Cassey:

    it’s really informative about the dangers of overexercise and disordered eating.

    1. blogilates says:

      thanks for the link!

  43. MyYellowBike says:

    “Abs are made in the gym and revealed in the kitchen”

  44. Krystal says:

    I always love your blog posts, even when you’re stressing out you’re motivating the rest of us at the same time!
    As for what motivates me to keep working at my fitness goals it’s a three parter. First, I am motivated to stay fit because I am in the Navy and regardless of your rate (job) in the Navy we should strive to be fit enough to defend our country. Even if I never have to use my body to physically fight for anyone, civilians expect us to be a certain way. If we look fit, strong and confident it helps them feel safer and more confident in their safety as well.
    The second part that motivates me is a little more personal. In a field mostly dominated by men (my job in the navy is as a mechanic) and where, frankly, most women are looked at as weak, I am very motivated to consistantly prove them wrong. I am motivated to be strong enough to do my job just as well as any man and to maintain the hard earned respect that I have gained.
    And lastly I am motivated by..YOU! When I have those down days where I can’t be motovated by duty and commitment, your cheerful blog posts and fun workouts usually do the trick! So thank you!

    1. blogilates says:

      thank u for defending our country!!!!! <3

  45. Jamie says:

    I can’t believe the modelling business nowadays. These girls were my age when they were told that they needed to look a certain way to reach their goals. That in order for them to feel accomplished, they need to be somebody else’s idea of perfect. Some of these girls are rejected because of their height – something they can’t even control!

    Imagine eating a 100% clean diet every single day for your entire career. Working out for 2 hours each day no matter what. Putting yourself through so much pain just to please someone else. Pushing yourself to accomplish your dreams and aspirations, I can understand. But torturing yourself each and every day for it, I just can’t fathom.

    Although I love the mom of the little girl in Macy’s in the beginning of the video. She didn’t even consider her daughter being a model. She didn’t care about what her daughter wanted because of the stress and potential danger she’d be in. And I love that.

  46. cari garvey says:

    Love you Cassey! You always make me feel better when i have had a rotten week

  47. Joan says:

    Great commentary on disordered thinking, Cassey. I feel the behavior is so common now that must people feel it’s normal to feel that way about food and their bodies, which is why I appreciate every time I see a fitness pro openly talk about it.

    Hopefully the comments section keeps the conversation ON TOPIC and that it doesn’t turn it into a slim-body type bashing zone. No body type is intrinsically bad or wrong, but the entire thought process behind achieving it (slim, curvy, heavy, whatever) might be. That’s where we need to check ourselves.

    1. Joan says:

      Side comment: “Fat” is not a bad word. It is so often use it with a negative connotation that we instantly associated as such and it gets on people’s mind. This is a great post on just that:

      1. blogilates says:

        good to hear from u joan! thank u! will def check that out!!

  48. anniebells says:

    oh my gosh,,, i read your older blog post about growing up..
    goodness me, i know what that feels like…except it came from a father whom for said used to say i always had a fat derriere(NOT the word he used)..more times than i cared to count…… then later on some boy, who i was seeing, said the same thing, different words..but i took it the same way..
    it can totally crush any bit of confidence you ever had.. :’ (
    I truly hope you NEVER SEE ANY ONE call you the “f” word on Youtube ! you are so beautiful, Cassey, inside and out.. and it takes so much courage being so open and honest.. because some people can’t even be that honest with themselves.
    amazing post!! it kind of made me tear up.. first sad then happy tears.. because i know i am amazing and beautiful no matter what my booty looks like !

    1. blogilates says:

      u are amazing and beautiful!

  49. Michelle says:

    That model video is so messed up! Those girls look so fragile 🙁

    I’ll take my muscles over that look any day!

    1. Sophia Nicole says:

      I agree!

  50. Kiersten says:

    Holidays are a tough time in particular to eat right. I’ve been trying, but I’ve just gotten so busy that I haven’t been able to go get the things I need to eat well, plus with the events I havent found the time to work out. Nevermind the event food. Hopefully I’ll be able to reset soon, but at the moment it looks like the next week is forfeit and I’ll have to start again in January. Still trying though!

    Thanks for all you do Cassey!

  51. HImani says:

    this videso ‘a not so glamorous life’ has been blocked

    1. Anna Marie says:

      You can click on the link “Watch on Youtube” that shows up in the middle of the youtube screen when it tells you it’s blocked. It’ll open up another tab to the actual video on youtube.

    2. Asha says:

      Hey HImani, you can watch the video on youtube. It’s only blocked from here (there’s a link on the screen to watch it on youtube). 🙂