The Moment You’re About to Quit is the Moment the Miracle Happens

The Moment You’re About to Quit is the Moment the Miracle Happens

Hey POPsters!

I just got back from a Utah trip (yes my 2nd one) and I visited the gorgeous Salt Flats to do a photoshoot for that secret project I was telling you about. Hmm…should I just tell you what it is? I hate saying “secret project” because well, I hate keeping secrets. Let me think about it and maybe I will reveal it at the end of the post.

Anyway! I went to shoot here to create a Winter-y look. Last time I went, which was like a month ago, the salt looked like snow. It was powdery.

This time, well, it was a lake.


Yup, my friends David and Sam were literally walking on water. This was not supposed to happen. Apparently there had been a storm the week before and the flats got flooded. JUST. MY. LUCK.

We were supposed to shoot in the afternoon and be done by like 4 or 5pm. It was 3pm. How the heck was I supposed to lay in the water and do Pilates??!!! We got into “The Apprentice” mode. Limited time. Restricted access to civilization. And battling against the will of Mother Nature…high winds, flooded flats, and heat from the sun. We had to find a solution. I wasn’t gonna fly to Utah to fail here.

Somehow we got our heads thinking and thought of a way to elevate me above the water. We got a piece of white board at a random hardware store (we had to drive into Nevada to locate this) and velcro’d my white yoga mat right on top. I am so fortunate there was even a hardware store at all! Ah the luck of determination. Then when we got back, somehow the water had dried out a little and we were left with a glacier-like scene.

pilates in the salt flats

Photography by David Kim Photography

It was beautiful. We shot everything I needed. I only got minorly wet, and the gloss of the water on the salt made the land look even more beautiful than when I last saw it. It was like this was supposed to happen. We finished as the sun was setting. Phew.


The next day we were on a journey to search for a Spring look. I needed wildflowers. We decided to scout Cecret Lake in Mt. Alta. From the pics, it was supposed to be flowery and green! I didn’t realize how hard the hike was to see this lake…I climbed rocks with 2 yoga mats and a heavy bag. My friends were holding camera equipment, tripods, and lights. Let’s just say my glutes and quads are on FIRE! And that was some SERIOUS cardio. It was interesting – as I climbed I actually had to keep telling myself, “Don’t stop. Keep going! Almost there!”


When we got to the top, it was indeed lovely.


But cold. Really cold.


I painted my nails up there a nice minty green color for the Spring shoot. My friends took a pic of me and then we laughed. Who the heck brings nail polish on a nature hike in Utah!!??? Me. Procrastinator Cassey.


Though the lake was gorgeous and we spent about 1.5 hours or more setting up, it just didn’t work. It didn’t scream Spring at all. Saddened, we all packed up and headed back down the mountain with no pictures. The boys didn’t bring jackets (we are such Californians – who knew it gets cold in September!!??) and were freezing. No one could feel their noses, fingers, or toes by the time we got down. Never have I ever felt so happy to be sitting in a car. Warmth.

So we sat in the car thinking, is this really another “Hardware Store Situation”??? Really? 2 days in a row on a 2 day trip?? We had lunch and I practically gave up. I thought, oh well, maybe we should just go back to Cali and test our luck there. I was hungry. We had a late lunch. The boys had pizza and I ate a salad. We all were silent, just scouting locations on our iPhones using the free wifi at Pie 5.

Then Sam said let’s just try one more guys. David suggested this place called Mt. Timpanogos. We drove there and met with a ranger to ask about the flowers. “Trying to find Spring in Fall?” she said. “Sorry. The leaves have already started turning. Wildflowers bloom in July and August.” Disheartened but determined, we kept on driving. The sun was starting to set. I was ready to give up so that I wouldn’t be so disappointed.

But then…

We found this.

blogilates spring flowers

The moment you’re about to give up is the moment when miracles start to happen.

I honestly do not know how we found the last patch of wildflowers in Utah (or at least that’s how it seemed) but it was like it was meant to be this way. I quickly rolled out my yoga mat and we shot the moves until the sum came down in less than an hour. Oh man. I cannot tell you how fortunate all 3 of us felt. It was truly amazing. We celebrated with a yummmmy dinner at a Nepalese restaurant downtown. It was the first time I had something other than a salad on the trip! I ate this coconut curry tofu dish with brown rice. It was the best.

Well, that was my Utah trip! I hope you enjoyed the photos from behind the scenes. And big thanks to David and Sam for battling Mother Nature with me this week! I wonder if you have guessed what this is all for yet? Ah, I think I should just tell you.

Wait no.

Wait yes.

OK fine.

So…been keeping this from you but…POPsters, I am officially writing a book for all of you that will  showcase my best POP Pilates routines and recipes for every season to keep fit and beautiful. Never have I ever spent so much time and energy into taking photos, but it’s been so rewarding going on nature hikes and exploring the phenomenal hidden sights of National parks. I am not a big fan of hiking, but this trip has made be appreciate the beauty of nature so much more.

I’ve shot summer in Malibu and now the next stop is Boston for Fall Foliage. I can’t wait to return back to where it all started. Excited to see my old students and visit my old apartment in the city.

And in case you haven’t seen, there’s a new workout up on the Blogilates YouTube Channel! I teamed up with Chriselle Lim of to bring you The ULTIMATE Fashion Blogger Workout.


The routine helps you trim down for those crop tops and backless numbers that are so hot this season. Also, join us to get some styling tips from Chriselle as I interview her through a series of slimming moves. Our bottoms are from the brand Onzie and you can find other prints at

Alrighty my loves! I hope you enjoyed this photo post. Those of you from the East Coast, if you know a beautiful place for me to shoot my Autumn Pilates pics, could you please let me know in the comments below? If you have a link to the location, please share that too!

Have a magnificent weekend. Hope you are KILLING that #Sweatember Calendar!

<3 Cassey

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  1. sophi6912 says:

    Watching this in 2018 and realizing that “her friend Sam” is the one she just married #mindblown

  2. Michaela says:

    A book?! What will it be called?

  3. Lista says:

    I Nepalese 😀 i was squealing when I saw the line!!!

  4. Dorothy says:

    Wow looks like you had an awesome time here in Utah!! 🙂 Please come back and hopefully do a meetup!!! 😀 😀 😀

  5. Savannah says:

    Wolfeboro in the state New Hampshire

  6. Meghan says:

    A book? I can’t wait! Do you know the release date yet, if not when will we know? A book will be awesomely helpful! Thanks so much for all you do!

  7. Jenny says:

    Hey! Congratulations with the successful UTAH trip!! 😀 I am genuinely SUPER EXCITED about your new book! I just have three points!

    1. Can we pre-order the book?
    2. Penn State University would total welcome you for a meet and greet!
    3. There many beautiful landscapes in PA, such as Mt Nittany right next to Penn State.


  8. Emilie says:

    WAHOOOO! A book! That is so exciting because now I can get access to Cassey without having frustrations with WIFI! Haha 🙂 Thank you, Cassey, for all your hard work and dedication to us POPsters. We love you!!!

  9. Katie says:

    Heck yeah a book! I’m stoked! 😀 I actually can’t wait omg

  10. Mille Bro says:

    I am sooo looking forward for your book, oh god, this is just what i need!!
    Will i be able to buy it, if i live in Denmark? 🙂 Please sell them in Europe as well!!!
    Love xx

    1. cat says:

      yes pleaase sell them in Europe!! (im from the UK) xx

  11. Coralie says:

    A book!
    That’s AMAZING, FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! Go Cassey!!!!!

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Oh, and the UVA campus is pretty in the Fall, too 🙂

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Utah is great for diverse settings in nature. Just a couple hours South and you’re in Moab where it’s almost proper desert and Arches National Park (which would be an awesome place to do a video, by the way…).

    As far as Autumn shoots, the Blue Ridge Parkway/Skyline Drive is GORGEOUS when the leaves turn. 105 miles of rollings hills covered in trees on the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. It can get pretty chilly here in the Fall, though, so dress warmly! You don’t want a repeat of what happened in Utah! 🙂

  14. So glad it all worked out in the end! Thanks for sharing the process. It’s easy to read blogs and just assume everything is perfect all the time. This is a nice reminder that bloggers are normal people who have to problem solvers. Great job!

  15. Oh man, this is so exciting!! I’m sure that the book will be like everything else that you put together for us popsters – simply amazing!!!
    Also, I live in Ottawa, Canada (close-ish to Boston) and the leave are officially starting to change – you will def have an amazing backdrop to your photoshoot soon!

  16. Meg V. says:

    You should check out Walden Pond if you’re going to be in the Boston area already. Absolutely gorgeous in the fall, especially by the water with the vibrant leaves and sky reflected in the pond.

  17. Ashley says:

    Cook Forest in PA is beautiful in fall 🙂

  18. Ajoop says:

    You should definitely try out the Berkshires in octoberish because they will be full of the fall colors you’re looking for! Can’t wait for the book cassey!

  19. M says:

    I grew up in Utah but recently moved away in August for grad school. It’s great to see such beautiful pictures of my home state!

  20. Beth says:


    I would suggest the Emerald Necklace which runs from the Back bay through Brookline, especially Arnold Arboretum.

    Can’t wait for your book! I’m currently on Week 4 of the beginner’s calendar and I can honestly say that your workouts have saved my soul. I was feeling sorry for myself after I stopped exercising after an accident and now I feel more confident! Keep on keepin’ on 🙂

  21. Sam says:

    You are so light, LOVE your soul!
    I really hope you succeed in every single thing you do!
    God bless you (:

  22. Katherine says:

    OH MY GOD A BLOGILATES BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I THOUGHT I WAS EXCITED FOR THE APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  23. Leah says:

    Cassey, I am super stoked for your book! I also must ask: Would you consider doing a meet up when you come to Boston??

  24. Celladan says:

    I suggest somewhere in rural Virginia for the fall looks. So beautiful here, the national parks are chock full of trees, wildlife, lakes, ponds, rivers…and the mountains (Blue Ridge) are gorgeous year round – there is a good reason they are called the Blue Ridge. The Shenandoah Valley has some beautiful natural areas. I would avoid the touristy and busy areas of Richmond, VA beach and northern VA although Maymont in Richmond would also be a gorgeous place to film with their Italian and Japanese gardens. Can’t wait for your book to come out! Go Cassey! You inspire an entire community of wonderful people and I can’t possibly put into words how fantastic I think you are. SO brave and motivated and all-around lovely.
    Thank you for everything you do for the POPster community 🙂

  25. Sandy says:

    Super happy about your upcoming book Cassey!! Thank you so much for having all those awesome projects!!

  26. Steph says:

    You are such a wonderful inspiration and motivator for so many people! Mount Monadnock in southern New Hampshire has a lovely New England view of the foliage, but you will have to come soon, because the peak foliage season is over by Columbus Day. 🙂

  27. Bridget says:

    Come to Maine! We are king of the leaf-peepers, especially in Acadia way down east. Trust me, Bar Harbor in autumn is worth it.

  28. Bethany says:

    Hi Cassey!! Congrats on the book!! I’m such a fan of what you do and the example you set for everyone. I was reading an old post of yours (Vegan Challenge and EDs) and wanted to offer my “expertise” if you’re still looking to talk to someone about EDs. I work in the field of ED recovery and am recovered myself…while still trying to stay balanced with having a fit, healthy body! I live in santa monica, so I could meet up with you or something and would be happy to shed some light on it. Thanks and keep up the amazing work you do!


  29. Wow. Stunning. I love that part of the country to death.

    (and I love the title of this post)

  30. Alison says:

    Hickory Run, Pennsylvania is so gorgeous in the fall, it’s one of my favorites 🙂 They have this really awesome boulder field, it’s just miles of boulders.

    Also, there’s Mt. Laurel in the Poconos (which is also in Pennsylvania.)

    we’re all so excited for your book 🙂 Love you Cassey

  31. Nicole says:

    An area in the east coast I can recommend is the Sleeping Giant! It’s in Hamden Connecticut. It has beautiful scenery with hiking trails, lakes and rivers and within the next month it should be gorgeous with the leaves changing! I’ve never been on top of the actual “sleeping giant” because I heard it quite a bit of a hike but it would most definitely be worth the effort. I hope this helps!

    Here is the state park website:

    By the way thank you for the videos and keep them coming! You keep me motivated =)
    – Nicole <3

  32. Angie says:

    Asheville, NC is beautiful for fall shoots. The Grove Park Inn, Blue Ridge Parkway, and what better place than the only largest estate still privately owned….The Biltmore!! (Link above)
    The only thing I ask is that you email me and allow me to come and watch you film. I promise I will be quiet AND I can be the runner for any crew members needs.

  33. Miriam says:

    For the fall, I recommend western Massachusetts! I go to school in South Hadley, MA and every year I look forward to the beautiful fall foliage overlooking our lakes. It is truly an amazing sight to see! Here’s a pic of the colorful leaves:

    Hope to see you there!

  34. Maja says:

    Hello all the popsters!
    Anyone who just NEED to do pop pilates, or else they will go crazy and do waaay to many video’s in ONE workout? Well, I just went crazy…
    It was so fun! I haven’t been working out on like 6 days! (except for some song challenges, school is really busy) so… I was dancing with my sister the game “Just Dance 4”, it’s really fun! 😀 But we got tired, and I asked her if she wanted to do the “What makes you bootyful”-challenge. She hates to work out, but we did the “Call me maybe”-challenge yesterday, and she loved it! And when I asked her, she said “Well, if we can do the Squat-challenge afterwards!”And I was like “Okay!” But we didn’t only do those two, we did “Drive by” and “Roar” too 🙂 It was really fun! But she’s not used to exercising, so she quit. I’m very proud of her doing the Roar-video, it’s so hard!
    But I keep doing pop pilates and pop cardio videos for over one more hour! It’s crazy, right? I’m not sure if it’s so healthy, but I think I needed a kickstart! (or kick-end of the week, hehe.. 🙂 ) Sooo, it was really fun! I was smiling all the time! I did 6 videos plus stretching at the end, the “Stretching for flexibility”, I’ve done that so many times now, I didn’t need the video since I remember every move 🙂 I was so tired, especially in my arms! But I did the brigde, it was actually easier when I was like really tired and hot and sweaty!
    I will try to work out every day this upcoming week, but I’m not sure if I will make it. But hey, it’s okay to fail one day, just do it next day! And if you don’t do it for like 6 days. Go beast mode the seventh day! 😀
    Thank you so much Cassey, for making working out so much fun! 🙂

  35. Jasmin says:

    hey cassey!
    you’re one of the most inspiring ladies on earth and I’m really happy i’ve discovered you! Thanks so much for your workouts, calender, app, recipes (speaking of that, is there a new cheap clean eats yet? I’m looking forward to this every week! Hope you’ll upload it soon!) !!
    <3 Jasmin

  36. Sarah says:

    omg cassey how exciting! love you so much!!!

  37. Chelsea says:

    Seriously that is soooo awesome good for you Cassey!! Thank you for sharing! Your workouts have turned my workout routine into something fun and inspiring! I can’t thank you enough for all the time you have put into helping others Thank You so much!!!

  38. Amit says:

    These are so awesome and mind blowing pictures. You have an amazing trip. Thanks so much for taking the time to describe everything. I look forward to seeing your book and the opportunity to learn more from your experiences.

  39. Katy says:

    East Coast Autumn shots? Try the Billy Goat Trail/Great Falls! It’s this long, wide, stretch of rocky rapids in the Potomac River between MD and VA. Though Great Falls Park is technically in VA, you get on the Billy Goat Trail from the MD side, and you have spectacular views of it all from there. Plus there’s tons of great rocks to climb; super fun. It’s breathtaking year-round, but when the foliage starts to turn, it’s just . . . wow. It’s kinda the fringes of Appalachia for those of us in the DC region.

    And while you’re here you could do a meetup on the National Mall! 🙂

  40. Ellie says:

    Hi Cassey!!!
    You’re going to be in Boston for the fall shoot, correct? Western Mass is GORGEOUS in the fall! Check out Pioneer Valley, it’s about two hours west of Boston (so you don’t have to travel much!). The Five College Consortium is there (UMass Amherst, Amherst College, Smith College, Hampshire College & Mt. Holyoke College) and all the campuses plus surrounding areas are absolutely gorgeous. I’d recommend Smith (and Northhampton has amazing vegan noms!) for gorgeous architecture and there’s a river nearby. Deerfield, MA (about 45 mins away from Amherst) is equally gorgeous. Lots of mountains and woodsy stuff.

    AHH can’t wait for everything!!! you’re so inspirational <3!

  41. Léa says:

    I’ve creamed in my bedroom during this part : “a book” !!!!!!!! I will be the first one buying it !!! I’m so excited about it and the pictures you took are awesome !!
    I love you Cassey <3

  42. Belinda says:

    How much do you think the book will cost?

  43. Kristina says:

    Really nice photos and what a adventurous trip you have made!!! 🙂 im excited for your book! Actually it will be my first (book/fitness) that i will invest on buying!!! because you were my inspiration on changing my lifestyle and im 1000% sure its gonna be LEGEDARY !

  44. yansha says:

    OMG CANNOT WAIT FOR THE BOOK!!! will DEFINITELY buy!!! Thank you Cassey!!!!!

  45. Sadikshya says:

    I am so glad things worked out for you and stoked to hear that you ate at a Nepalese restaurant. Haha I myself haven’t gotten a whole lot of chances to find one here in AZ. Infact, there is none unless you go to flagstaff! Btw I am from Nepal and excited that you liked the food! I was like wait did I see Nepali food? Haha you can tell its rare that it happens.
    I am so excited for your new project.
    Much much much love Cassey! <3

  46. Amy says:

    Please plan a class while you are in Boston- just like your New York meet up! I know there’s a ton of blogilates fans here in the boston area awaiting your return! 🙂

    1. Catherine says:

      I agree, a class in Boston would be amazing!

  47. Liz S. says:

    Shenandoah National Park in Virginia!

  48. Jenn says:

    New Hampshire has some awesome foliage, and just about 1 hour from Boston!

  49. Sarah says:

    **BIG BIG GASP** I thought I knew but you surprised me again. XD Yay I’m so excited!! I love book and reading and blogilates. It’s going to be perfect!! 😀

  50. Sarah says:

    West Virginia is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL in Fall. Nothing but mountains covered in trees all changing to their pretty fall colors 🙂

  51. Liz Schultz says:

    The Nature Center at the base of Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, TN! You have the mountain in the background and the place is GORGEOUS!!! We did our engagement shoot there.

  52. Cady says:

    I hiked to the Mt. Timpanogos caves this morning! Such a beautiful area.

  53. Aimee says:

    oh my gosh a book! that’s amazing! what a beautiful trip, too 🙂

  54. Libby says:

    You are such an inspiration to me. This news has brightened up my day even further! I’m really excited for you, and for when the book will finally be available to us all 🙂

  55. Megan Goodell says:

    Willoughby Lake in Vermont is a GORGEOUS place to see fall foliage!!! It’s easy to access (you don’t need to hike unless you want to climb nearby cliff/mountain trails), and there’s a perfect little beach on the North side. Check it out! 🙂

  56. Rachel says:

    wow!!! that pic of you in the field of flowers is gorgeous! so jealous of the nature hike. it’s perfect this season to go enjoy outdoors in this mild weather. i’ve got to get ahold of ur book as soon as it comes out! blogilates have been keeping me fit ever since i’ve started college :))) it means so much to me after losing 50 pounds <3

  57. Nick says:

    Wow, the photos look amazing. I’ll definitely have to check out Salt Flats myself. I’m also excited about your upcoming book. All the best routines and recipes in one book? What a deal!!!

  58. I am so excited for your book! I’ve been waiting for a recipe book from you, and I’m hoping this has recipes in it!

    Have a beautiful day


  59. Rebelllll says:

    anywhere in the mountains of North Carolina! Like Grandfather Mountain… Or really anywhere near the Blue Ridge Parkway! It’s amazing!

    1. Aneesa says:

      YES!! I absolutely agree!! Grandfather Mountains, NC, are sooooo beautiful in Autumn. The hike up the mountains is so gorgeous. And right up the top is a really pretty lookout.

  60. Liz says:

    Asheville, NC!

  61. Anna says:

    I loved your story it was so inspiring! Thank you! That is so cool you went to Mt. Timpanogos! I got married there 😉 Small world! Thank you so much for your hard work and all you do for us! I really really appreciate it!

  62. Grace says:

    I’m so excited you’re writing a book! More Cassey is always a plus 🙂 But I can’t really help but notice on the workout that all your fashion trends are aimed towards people who AREN’T about to spend the next 4-5 months freezing and wrapped up in layers. Sorry to be a buzzkill but most of us are probably going to be having a cold winter instead of a California “winter” haha!

  63. Libby says:

    I second northern New England in the fall. I like New Hampshire around this time of year, but the leaves have all turned there by Columbus Day weekend, so if you come after then you need to head south, maybe to the Berkshires in western Massachusetts.

  64. Bronwyn says:

    A book! What a great idea! You are such a brilliant business woman on top of being a talented fitness instructor.
    When do the leaves start to turn in Boston? I’ve only been there in the winter. All the trees are still green here in Canada (at least the southern part). We don’t usually see fall colours until October. Is it around the same time in the eastern states?

  65. Hayley says:

    OMG!!! I’m so excited!!! Do you know when the book will be coming out? Make sure you post it please so that I can get it as soon as it comes out. Will it be sold in book stores or will it only be available online? What do you think the approx cost will be? I’m so excited for this book, I have been waiting for this for so long!!

    1. blogilates says:

      it will be sold in bookstores but it won’t be published until next fall unfortunately! it takes a long time to get the graphics together for the book.

  66. JenB says:

    MAINE! I only visit Maine in the fall. So many pretty places there. Or try the Adirondacks in upstate NY. Very nature-y. Both are super colorful in the fall when all the leaves turn. I cannot wait to pick up a copy of your book!!!

  67. sevda says:

    A BOOK! oh my god! OH MY GOD!! can’t wait!

  68. Juni says:

    WOAH !! I DEFINITELY WANT THAT BOOK!! Pls let it sell internationally I want it sooooooo bad pls pls plssssssss >.<

  69. Piggy says:

    Cassey – Come back to San Francisco and do a pilates workout video on the brand spanking new Bay Bridge that just opened a few weeks ago. It’s the biggest thing happening here in the Bay Area this past month. People can now walk onto the bridge, just like the golden gate bridge. If you haven’t seen the gorgeous white bridge yet, here are some pics:

  70. Leah Aguirre says:

    That is so amazing!!!! Congratulations Cassey! What a great opportunity to teach more people about healthy living 🙂 I can’t wait to order it. You’re the best!!!

  71. Tess says:

    Omg you’re writing a book?? I must get this when it comes out!! Can’t wait…keep us posted!!

    The Pine Barrens in NJ is gorgeous in the fall! It’s in the middle of nowhere but it gets gorgeous around October-ish 🙂

  72. Leanne says:

    OMG A BOOK. You made my day Cassey! Please be on sale internationally I want it NO I NEED IT.

  73. Tarrie says:

    Williamsburg, VA, the historic area would be an awesome place for the fall shoot, or the area around Shenandoah River in VA. BEAUTIFUL woodsy fall area. =)

  74. Vanessa says:

    Love your post and the pictures. I´m also not a huge fan of hiking, but sometimes it´s great to just be outside and appreciate nature ^^

    Congratulations to your book! Sounds exciting!!

  75. Dina says:

    dear Cassey,

    you’ve no idea how much of an inspiration you’re to me. i’m tearing up now b’cos you’re releasing a book. i’m so friggin’ egg-cited.


  76. Zoe says:

    Thank you so much Cassey for posting this. This what really motivates me to stay on track and aim for a healthier lifestyle.
    xoxo Zoe

  77. Vanessa says:

    Omg I’m tearing up just thinking that there will be a book released! It’ll be like Cassey is there to support me 24/7 as creepy as it sounds haha. Wow I’m so excited now! Seeing you work this hard, has really motivated me to try hard in my current situation as well.
    Let’s both do our best!

  78. Jenny says:

    I am so happy for you – I can’t wait to see your book. You are so inspiring I have no words. I fell in love with fall in the Poconos – who knew – PA, right? Check out the fall description and call their number for the peak (its coming fast this year).
    Also, who wouldn’t want to stay in a cottage with a heart-shaped tub!

  79. Christina says:

    Woah, that is seriously just so inspiring, plus, the places you’ve visited look so gorgeous! 🙂 Can’t wait for your book to come out…(:

  80. Victoria says:

    Loved your post, it’s really inspiring 🙂 Thanks for all your motivational words. All the best for your new project!

  81. Ann-Marie says:

    Ahhhhh a book?! I am pumped for it! Whoo hoo! The shots came out wonderful, keep it up Cassey, you are so inspiring to sooo many people!

  82. Jess says:

    Cassey, PLEASE tell me you’ll do a meet-up in Boston. That would make my life!!

  83. Angela says:

    Fall foliiage! You should totally come here to New Hampshire, we have the best foliage ^^

  84. Angie says:

    The leaves haven’t started changing yet, but late September and October The Noland Trail in Newport News, Virginia isa
    absolutely gorgeous in the fall. The trail goes around a lake that reflects all the gorgeous colors. Definitely my favorite place to go and take pictures in the Fall!

    Love the pictures and story of your trip! So excited about your book!

  85. I love Pilates too and when I don’t have the opportunity to go to a class my daughter and I do your videos at home. We love them! Especially the intense ab workouts. Great job and awesome post.

  86. Wow! I live in Utah, I can’t believe it! This is awesome 🙂

    Mt. Timp is like out my window! That’s great.

    Where did you eat the curry chicken, what was the resturant? Now I want to try it! It sounds delicious!

    Thanks for all of your videos! They are nice and easy and they work so well!

  87. Helen says:

    Best of luck to you Cassey as you take on this project! You’re beautiful inside and out.

  88. Steffi says:

    Your personality is awesome Cassey. You are beautiful inside and out. :3

  89. Lauryn says:

    You are so awesome! I wish you could have waited until March or April or maybe May, because Texas has the most beautiful field of Bluebonnets and indian paint brushes. I wouls have been a perfect spring spot with all the blues, yellows, pinks and whites. Plus, I really want you to have a meet up here. However, I’m glad you are doing this, I can’t wait to see the results and I wish you the best of luck. 🙂

  90. Kali Hart says:

    I have had that happen to me, where you are ready to give up already walking away when you get hit with a miracle. 🙂 Really excited for you and myself lol can not wait to buy your book!
    Kali <3

  91. Melanie says:

    Hey we have lots of Fall leaves here in Canada 🙂

  92. Lucy says:

    I am so excited for the book! Do you know when it will come out?

  93. Becca says:

    I am so excited for your book!! Yay Cassey, congrats!! You are killing it in all forms of media! You have completely changed my life. In the last couple months that I have started following you, I have become the healthiest I have been in a very long time and I am at my lowest weight in years! I look forward to purchasing your book!!

  94. Jeanie says:

    You look great standing in those flowers!

  95. Rachel Ward says:

    You should go to D.C. for fall!!

  96. Teresa says:

    Hey Cassey!
    I know the perfect place for fall photo shoots and it’s closer than Boston. It’s in Colorado, close to where you are now. It’s a town called Telluride, and I promise you will not be disappointed . Usually the aspen leaves are peak around September 24- October 1. I think of it as Heaven on Earth. I even got married there seven years ago (on Sept 29th). I absolutely love Telluride. Hope you have time to check it out.

  97. Mariya says:

    Best idea ever! This is so exciting because I love books, I love working out, and I love you! This will be an amazing book because you always put 100% into whatever you do!

  98. Nessuuhhh says:

    Ahhhh! I’m beyond excited for your book!

  99. Jessica A says:

    I am looking forward to seeing the book available in the future 🙂 Take care of your health too hehe

    1. Jessica A says:

      Btw, I hope the books have plenty of recipes hehe. And I think to write workout routines/exercises in the book is a bit difficult to make it interesting (well, I usually don’t buy workout book because it is less motivating and watching video makes me understand the routines better). So, I hope the book turns out well 😀

  100. Hannah says:

    Hey Cassey,

    If you want a really pretty fall photo location, try Shenandoah Valley. The leaves are beautiful colors of red, and orange and the views are breathtaking. I go there every fall because of the amazing views. Also, I wanted to say how much you inspire me, and that finally blogilates has been a form of exercise that I can stick to and look forward to every day. It is amazing to see the changes in my body from following your calendars.

    Thanks for being amazing and inspiring,

  101. ilse zatarain says:

    A BOOK?!?! O.M.G!!!!!!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats Cassey you are doing an excellent job!!!! I can’t wait for your book to ccome out! I’m sure it’s gonna be as awesome (if not awesom-er) as your app and website. I love reading and fitness (especially blogilates even though you kill me in every workout ;)) so this is a super awesome combination of the things I like!!!! =)

  102. This is so inspiring and wonderful Cassey! I’m excited for the book. It will be so awesome 😀

  103. Mathilde says:

    Cassey, there’s nothing else to say about you, except you’re the ABSOLUTE BEST.
    Thank you for everything! We love YOU!

  104. anusha says:

    Yeah I really thought that you were making a calendar, before reaching the end of what you wrote!! But, I’m looking forward to the book as well!! All the best 😀

  105. Sasha says:

    Those picture are gorgeous but I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw the “wild flowers.” They are pretty (I’ve always liked them anyway) but if you’re a Midwest hick like I am you know those aren’t flowers. Technically they’re weeds lol. But regardless the pics are great. Can’t wait for the book!!!

  106. Chelsea says:

    If you have the time (and I’m sure you’re bananas busy), you should do a Popsters Meet Up/Class in Boston when you’re here shooting “Fall.” I’ve always been so jealous of all the love the West Coast popsters get–they’re spoiled having you around, haha! I’m sure there are lots of New England Popsters who would make the time to get fit with you amongst the fall foliage!!

  107. melanie says:

    Vermont! It’s the best for fall. We like Killington, because our favorite hotel is there:

    PS the pictures are gorgeous. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the book!

  108. Laurie says:

    A book? Aaaah that’s so cool! I can’t wait!!! Yaaay!! 🙂

  109. These photos are amaaaazing! And I just love the topic of the post–how sometimes we just have to keep on going because in the end there’s something wayyyyy worth the while. 😀 And yeah, I’m such a Californian too that no matter where I go I’m always cold (if it’s fall or winter), hahah.

  110. Natalie says:

    “Apparently there had been a storm the week before and the flats got flooded. JUST. MY. LUCK.”

    …just wanted to point out that the same storm that flooded the salt flats and set back your day killed several people, ruined infrastructure, and destroyed an entire town in Colorado. Priorities?

    1. Anca says:

      There’s nothing wrong with her priorities if she didn’t know that, which she probably didn’t. And she can’t stop living her life because people died somewhere else.

  111. So cool! A book!! Congrats on the exciting news 🙂

  112. Fermione says:

    Cassey I’m so happy for you! And if you enjoyed amazing Nature, i suggest a trip in Turin, Italy!! you’d take breathtaking pic of those amazing sceneries over there! ps: check out kyoto for amazing Spring & Autumn sceneries!!
    wish you all the besssst <3

  113. Saskia says:

    OMG 🙂 A book, how great 🙂 I’ll buy this 🙂 yeeeah 🙂

  114. Kelley says:

    A book!? Yes!! Oh and I’m totally all about the calendar! Your pictures are amazing, I’m so glad you had a blast!

  115. Maria says:

    Hi Casey, that pic with flowers is just awweessome 🙂

  116. Chelsie says:

    Honestly- NEW YORK. Like Western NY. We have gorgeous rolling hills, Letchworth, Allegany, Seriously. Check us out.

    1. Liz says:

      WESTERN NEW YORK!!!!! Letchworth park aka my backyard 🙂

  117. Amanda says:

    Oh Cassey I’ve completely dropped out of the #sweatember calendar feel like such a failure… was only planning to take a long weekend off for my birthday (as I was turning 30 so there was gonna be a string of celebrations) those four days turned into a week and now its been a fornight… I’ve tired to catch up but I can’t settle back into the rountine. Feel like I’ve failed myself! Really don’t know where to find the extra motivation to get me back on track? xx

    1. Michelle H says:

      Hi Amanda,

      I’m not Cassey, but I do have a suggestion for you. I seem to get to this place every few months myself, something will derail me and I figure – it’s ok, I’ll just pick it up from where I left off tomorrow. And then tomorrow comes and goes without a lick of exercise. BUT here is what works for me –

      1. Don’t worry about making up the days that you’ve missed on the calendar. Start with today – guess what? It’s YOLO Day. Some stretching – good work, you’ve checked one day off on your calendar!
      2. Set a specific time for a workout tomorrow. Don’t think about when you’ll do it on Sunday or next week. Just pick a time for tomorrow and stick to it. Then do it tomorrow for the next day, and so on and so forth.
      3. When tomorrow comes and you sorta don’t feel like exercising, just commit to one video. I usually find that if I get my gear on, roll out my mat and do one video, I usually want to do the rest because I’m already there!

      And finally – 4. Forgive yourself for getting off track. It happens! Don’t fret over the past, look to what you can do about your future. That’s what you have control over. So take it! Time for BEAST MODE!

      Hope that helps 🙂

      P.S. Happy 30th Birthday!!

    2. Sierra says:

      The same thing happened to me, it sucks! Just start slowly getting back into the routine of things and you’ll be back on track in no time!

    3. Amanda says:

      Thanks guys…. I think the problem was I also achieved my goal weight too… but now I still have to maintain it. I have been beasting myself trying to do 2 or 3 days workouts in an evening which I know willbe hard so iI’m almost setting myself up to fail. I have managed to stick to 3 runs a week so atleast I’m still semi active…. it just sucks when you lose your drive. Thank you for your comments and advice I’m gonna pick it up tonight and see how it goes xx

  118. Safiye Ser says:

    I admire your way of committing yourself into the things u want to achieve!
    When you have a project, I know that it will be authentic and the beast among its kind!
    This is inspration to all of us;)
    Wish u the best in this project, too :))

  119. Kimmoy says:

    I actually thougtht you were working on a calendar, but way to go on the book. How do you not like hiking? It’s great!

  120. Sara Gutierrez says:

    Congratulations to you!! I would like to thank you for all the hard work you do and I am very thankful to you for having an impact on my life. I love working out and I get bored with doing the same things day after day, but since I joined your emailing list and started doing the calendar since June, there hasn’t been a day where I haven’t felt challenged. I like that a lot. 🙂 You are amazing and I can’t wait for your book! Thank you!

  121. Jodie says:

    The South is BEAUTIFUL in the fall! I think you should try somewhere in North Carolina 🙂

  122. Mirella says:

    Cassey I thing this is great news! I hope the book is finished soon. I bet it’ll be awesome, thank you for taking so much time to do all sort of projects for us. Good to know that in the end all went well in your trip 🙂

  123. Amy says:

    This sounds so amazing!! yay!!

  124. Adrianna Gansz says:

    check out High point, NJ it would really be a beautiful place to shoot! Or Bear Mountain in NY state!

  125. Melissa says:

    You should make a blogilates calendar! With cool seasonal pictures and monthly workout plans!

    Also, I’m super excited about the book!

    1. blogilates says:

      yay me too!!! really? a calendar? that’d be pretty!

      1. Melissa:) says:

        I actually though that was the surprise before I read the book part… I sounded like 🙂
        A calendar would be beautiful with those pictures of you in the nature, with a different pilates move on each picture in a different place every month …

        Congrats on your book!! And hope all of your other goals come true 🙂

    2. Gio says:

      That would be REALLY great!

    3. Laurie says:

      That’s a very good idea! 🙂

    4. Melissa says:

      I actually thought that’s what Cassey was talking about (a calendar)! But a book is soooo much better!! I wonder, will it be a hardcopy book or ebook or both? Either way, I’m buying it!