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The BEST Pumpkin Pie Protein Smoothie!

October 9, 2013




pumpkin pie protein smoothie

Hey guys!!!


I just came up with the most delicious protein shake I have EVER had in my life. No really. If you have ever had any friends or family who have told you that eating clean is boring and disgusting, you need to make this and trick them into thinking it’s Starbuck’s latest pumpkin pie frappe. Then after they finish it tell them that there’s no added sugars, it’s completely good for you, and that muahaha did you know that I just made you eat clean!??

Ok sorry for being ridiculous but seriously, this Pumpkin Pie Protein Smoothie is soooooooo delicious! Today it was raining in LA (the first rain in AWHILE!) and it made me feel all homey and pumpkiny – you know what I mean? So I decided to play around with my can of pumpkin and this miracle happened. Here’s what you’ll need:


– 1 banana

– 1/2 cup pumpkin

– 3/4 cup vanilla almond milk

– 3/4 tsp pumpkin pie spice (essential)

– 1 TBS vanilla protein powder*

– 1.5- 2 handfuls of ice

That’s it! It came out so smooth, creamy, and heavenly. Tasted just like what pumpkin pie would taste like if it were smoothie-fied. When you make this, please #blogilates or #cheapcleaneats on instagram so I can see what you thought of it!

pumpkin pie smoothie

pumpkin pie protein smoothie

This shake is perfect either in the morning, before a workout, or immediately after a workout since there are a good amount of healthy carbs in there. If you’re having fruit or carby things, please try to stick them in early in the day to utilize that energy or post workout when your metabolism is burning red hot and you need to replenish your energy stores.

*Also! Did you notice that I starred the vanilla protein powder? Well, I have an exciting project that I wanna share with you…are you ready?


Well! How do I say this…umm…I am working on creating a blend of delicious protein powder that’s good for you and has the optimal ratios of protein, carbs, and fat for women. Of course, another one of my goals is to make this taste as delicious as possible too! I’ve had so many HORRENDOUS powders over the past few years that have tasted like chemical. Like metal. Like things that shouldn’t even be allowed to be eaten. You know what I mean? So I’ve been working with special food chemists to come up with something that will satisfy me (and you) nutritionally and taste-wise.

After reading all of your emails and messages regarding your concerns with protein powder, it seemed like there wasn’t a protein powder out there that you really loved. It reminded me of the time back in college when I couldn’t find a yoga bag I liked, so guess what I did? I made my own. And guess what we’re gonna do now. We’re gonna make our own!!! But this time. We’re doing it together 🙂

I’ve been in the lab developing tastes and textures alongside the chemists and it’s surely been a new experience! But I want you to be there with me. If we’re going to develop a great tasting blend with outstanding nutritional content together, I need you to tell me what you want. Last year you helped me design the first ever POP Pilates DVD cover and this year I want you to be a part of the protein powder design. Your input matters to me, because this is for you!

Please let me know in the comments below:

1. What flavor you’d like.

2. Do you have a protein preference? Whey, soy, brown rice, other?

3. What ingredients do you NOT want to see

4. What should it be called!!?

Yay! I am so excited that we are taking on this journey together! How cool is it to have an idea and then make it happen? I think it’s gonna be awesome working with you guys.

Also! Reminder that the Boston Meetup is happening next weekend! Click here to register for a free ticket. And if you’re going, please apply for the POPster Inspiration Award!

Love you!

<3 Cassey


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  1. Jen says:

    Hey Cassey,
    I think it’s a GREAT idea that you wanna create your own perfect kind of protein powder! I haven’t really found a favourite one yet either and am looking forward to what you’re going to come up with!
    What flavor you’d like – vanilla, coz it’s an allrounder, goes with most things; chocolate or coconut
    Do you have a protein preference? – mostly whey, though non-dairy-based would be nice too
    What ingredients do you NOT want to see – sugar but I think that’d be on your list anyways
    What should it be called? – You’re creative, I’m sure you’ll come up with sth good! Maybe a word game thing like Pro-gilates or Blogil-in/”BlogiLean”? lol
    All the best,

  2. tamara says:


    Do you have any good smoothie recipes using hemp protein without the sugar and fruits, I cant have sugar at the moment. Any help would be wonderful.


  3. Amanda says:

    Hey Cassey! Are you still developing this protein powder?

  4. Hurrem says:

    Hi Cassey,

    This looks so tasty, but there are more grams of carbohydrates than there are protein, which makes this a carbohydrate smoothie rather than a protein smoothie. I would take out the banana, the almond milk and the protein powder. Instead I would add egg whites and whole almonds into a Vitamix blender. What say you?



  5. Erica says:

    1. What flavor you’d like – Good old vanilla as I can mix with many other natural fruits or flavours
    2. Do you have a protein preference – Whey and egg white
    3. What ingredients do you NOT want to see – saturated fat, artificial flavour and sugar
    4. What should it be called – whatever makes you proud and happy Cassie!

  6. Jennifer W says:

    I was feeling for a little comfort in this cold NYC weather today and totally made this! It was very yummy and energy boosting! Thanks for the recipe!

  7. Kirsty says:

    Hi Cassey.
    Id love a protein powder thats paleo friendly, as no nasties etc. comes in normal or vegan. And doesnt cost the earth. I like popster protein as a name as mentioned above.
    Good luck cant wait to see what you come up with

  8. Beatriz says:

    Cassey, that’s such a great idea! And I also had just make the smothie and it’s sooo good! I would like something like vanilla, because it’s something that goes easily with almost all ingredientes, but something like cinnamon, berries and other fruits would also be great (I hadn’t found any protein powder that had any of those tastes, (except for those awfull strawberries ones that taste like anything else but strawberries!) and it would be so nice!

    Actually I don’t know much about protein powders ingredients (still learning!), but anti-natural ingredients don’t sound good at all! Specially because I tend to have allergic reactions due to those, what helps me to avoid processed food, but it has it negative side when it comes to supplements.

    A good name would be Popster Protein Powder or The Beast Model Protein Powder!

    xoxo 😀

  9. Laura Bean says:

    Love it! My mouth’s watering just looking at it – it is definitely Smoothie of the Week on The Digital Panacea!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. Kylie says:

    Hey Cassey! I love this protein shake. Maybe some other really awesome shakes that you could do could have maybe peaches and banana? Thats sounds amazing!!! Great job you have really helped me!

  11. Adriel says:

    Love whey… I hear so many bad things about soy… So, not sure on that.
    Good luck! I was one of the top four athletes for 2008 Olympics until I broke
    My arm twice in that year. I have almost always taken supplements, but most protein
    powders are awful! I really hope you can creat a tasty and healthy one!

  12. Chandana says:

    NO SOY. GMO filled and whatnot.

    Vanilla is great.

  13. Morgan says:

    I am in love with the idea of having a wholesome, balanced protein powder option! As far as taste goes, vanilla is always safe; chocolate is great too. Please keep us updated on your progress. Thanks for all of the love and effort you put into your videos Cassie. It really pays off, and I love having your blog and app to refer to when I want a good workout without leaving my dorm. As a college student who is also a health nut, the cheap clean eats provide nutritious, cost-effective options that are just so darn delicious! Have a wonderful day and a nice, tough workout today, and stay fabulous 🙂

  14. Valerie says:

    Vanilla is an okay start but everyone makes it, so you wouldn’t be differentiating your line. Maybe you should make unique flavors, with enticing dessert names like peaches and cream, or cheesecake. These would be good for a creamy texture.

  15. Victoria says:

    I’d definitely like to avoid soy, GMOs and whatnot.

  16. Marina says:

    Such a good idea! I’ve been searching for a protein powder forever!! I used to do whey and I loved that it made my smoothies so creamy, but it always had lots of added stuff and now I’m trying to stay away from animal products,
    My ideal protein powder would be vanilla, gluten free, vegan, and make smoothies creamy(might not be possible without whey..). i also don’t want soy lecithin or any weird added soy stuff!

  17. Elizabeth says:

    I gave this recipe a try, and it’s not bad. It doesn’t quite taste like pumpkin pie to me though, I think because of the spices (which I did add per the recipe). I’m going to try it again with the other half of the pumpkin, and add the spices my family puts in their pie (in addition to the pumpkin pie spice, additional cinnamon and fresh ground cloves). Great start though 🙂

  18. Tami says:

    I would totally buy your protein powder. Please make sure it is gluten free!

  19. Immelda says:

    So, are you using actual pieces of pumkin or using pumkin puree out of a can?

  20. amanda d says:

    I make a similar one that has lots (like 3 handfuls) of frozen spinach in it , so much so the green takes over the orange color lol so good and yummy taste like pumpkin pie but packed w/ spinach

  21. Ellie says:

    Wonderful idea, Cassey! Can’t wait until the product comes out! Rock on! (:

    Vanilla is definitely a classic, and can be used as the base for anything. Matcha green tea would also be yummy (plus extra antioxidants from the matcha)!

    Brown rice most def! I try not to eat a lot of soy, and a lot of people are also allergic to soy. Plus whey is not vegan friendly. A quinoa-based protein sounds cool, esp since quinoa is a complete protein too! (See here: Or nut-based (but a lot of people might be allergic, unless you develop multiple powders??).

    As natural as possible, with minimal ingredients! We can always add more sugar or flavours, but we can’t take out stuff. Plus no coconut. That whole coconut water craze is not doing it for me. And I don’t want everything tasting coconutty if I add protein powder to it.

    thank you cassey!!!! <3 and good luck!

  22. Alice H. W. says:

    This recipe looks scrumptious, I am definitely gonna buy some protein powder and pumpkin soon to try this 🙂 As for the protein powder idea, I think it’s great that you are going to make one we all like!

    1. I like vanilla the most as I have found other flavours tend to be to artificial
    2. Definitely not soy because of the GMOs and estrogen, I am fine with any others 🙂
    3. No flax please, or any bad artificial sugars like aspartame (no cancer please), stevia or monkfruit would be cool
    4. This I only can’t help you with much haha, depends if you want to market to just females or males too!

    Good luck Cassey 🙂

  23. Heather says:

    Great idea! To answer:
    1. Vanilla is a classic and I think can be muted enough to blend into other things

    2. I prefer whey powder but brown rice is OK. But honestly I think you might want to have a variety of powders, especially for people who are allergic to things. I, for one, am allergic to soy which makes it difficult for me to eat a lot of protein-based products.

    3. I have full confidence the protein powder will be as organic as possible 🙂

    4. Protearing up my muscles. Sure.

  24. Aubrey says:

    Soooo i ran out of bananas but I drank it without it anyways…how many calories would it be? Just subtract the calories in a banana?

  25. Meghan says:

    This is FABULOUS! I am completely obsessed with this smoothie! It tastes just like a giant piece of pumpkin pie! Thank you Cassey for this amazing and healthy treat! I’ll be drinking this as I pass out candy to trick or treaters on Halloween!

  26. Amber says:

    No sweetener please! Protein powders are always TOO SWEET. I’d rather add my own, or just rely on the fruit I use. Even those that use natural sweeteners like Stevia are too much for me. You could make one sweetened and one not(with suggestions for sweeteners). Vanilla, coconut, or plain for me.

  27. Katie says:

    Protein powder oh man YEESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (just a little excited!!!! =)
    ummm flavours! Vanilla is my absolute favourite because I love the little boost of flavour that it gives everything. Vanilla and cinnamon. Seriously, they can go in anything. BUT I also love some other suggestions that have come up such as coconut, almond, and caramel.

    As for types, whey protein is great stuff. But I know a lot of people are vegan or lactose intolerant so brown rice protein powder is also great 🙂 I’m not a big fan of soy products and lots of people seem to feel this way as well. It seems like Cassey doesn’t use a lot of artificial sweetners so I’m hoping this protein power will be the same?!

    Cassey, you’re so genious. Thanks for all the hard work you put in for us popsters 🙂

    Anyways, Cassey, this is genious 🙂

  28. Shelby Troxell says:

    Hi Cassey! I am so excited about your protein powder! I like all the flavor suggestions I see in the comments, but I know that what I’ll end up using the most is just plain vanilla and chocolate! 🙂 Also- It would be awesome if it had no soy. I don’t eat soy that isn’t fermented because of concerns with it’s effect on hormone levels. Also I wouldn’t want and artificial sweeteners, but I’m sure you wouldn’t put that in anyways! 🙂 Looking forward to this!!

  29. Jenna says:

    Hi Cassey,

    Great idea! I like:
    1) vanilla
    2) brown rice or hemp
    3) no artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose, etc. Overall just the lowest glycemic index possible while still tasting good
    4) BEAST MODE Protein Powder!

    Also, if you come back to the East Coast, I suggest a D.C. meetup!! 🙂

  30. Melissa says:

    Ooo, let’s see…

    1. Vanilla would be a good flavor to start with because you can mix it with a variety of things!
    2. I am fine with whey protein as it’s the only one I’ve tried. Although brown rice sounds interesting and I would definitely try it.
    3. No artificial sweeteners, please! 🙂
    4. “Blogilates Body Pro-team Powder!”…I don’t know, it sounded good in my head. lol

  31. Celina Tovar says:

    Brown rice would be great! Please make it vegan!

  32. Emily says:

    Flavor: vanilla! Classic 🙂
    Type: preferably brown rice or pea!
    Exclude: whey! Dairy really messes with my stomach since I’m lactose intolerant so I’ve been trying to stay away from whey
    Name: POPprotein 🙂

  33. Fi says:

    Hey blogilates. I tried the pumpkin pie protein smoothie and to be honest I wasn’t a big fan. It wasn’t very thick or sweet and kinda tasted like uncooked pumpkin pie (not in a good way). Had anyone else tried it and disliked the smoothie or has someone tried it and really liked it?

  34. Emily H says:

    I’ll try anything chocolate, and vanilla is also good for mixing with stuff that would be weird with chocolate. 🙂 Anything BUT soy, because of the hormone issues. I’m hoping it has no artificial anything, especially sweeteners. I like the prior name suggestion POPster Power Protein. The pumpkin pie smoothie sounds awesome!

  35. Jenny says:

    1. I Would like something fruity, like oranges *_*
    2. I like Whey Protein.
    3. Please don’t put too much sugar in.
    4. Wooo that’s pretty tough. I will have to think about that one 😉

  36. Jolien says:

    This is a wonderful idea Cassey! You go girl! I think it’s amazing how you build up your business and this is another way of showing you are becoming more successful and helping us at the same time! You’re my greatest inspiration! 😀

    1. For flavour I prefer something quite neutral, but also sweet and yummy, something like coconut, vanilla, agave syrup, banana, …

    2. Please no whey protein, I’m vegan! I’ve heard great things about hemp protein, however something else plant-based is fine as well! 🙂

    3. What ingredients do you NOT want to see: sugar, aspartame, saccharin, any animal products or E-numbers derived from animal products.

    4. What should it be called!!? I really suck at these things :p Maybe something like “popsters on fire” or “Blogilates’ / Cassey’s clean protein booster” ?

    1. Jolien says:

      Question 3: I meant refined sugar of course, natural sugars can be okay.

  37. Rosa says:

    Hi Cassey!
    You are awesome!
    My responses:
    1. Flavour: Forest fruit
    2. No preference
    3. I guess nothing anti-natural, but that is probably impossible in something like a protein shake that has to be stored and such. But as natural as you possibly can!
    4. I liked the name given by Ursula: POPster Power Protein

    Good luck with the development!

  38. Ursula says:

    For protein powder: 1) I’d like vanilla flavor
    2) Soy protein
    3) no artificial flavors, colors, sugars…nothing artificial! if possible, organic and if
    sweetened, then only using natural sweeteners (such as honey or agave)- I
    liked the Herbalife formulas
    4) I’d call it POPster Power Protein 🙂
    great idea, I really hope you can launch your protein powder soon! 🙂

  39. Sally says:

    Cassey! This idea is awesome and I can’t wait to try your finished product 😀
    I don’t have a preference for what it tastes but something that is easy to match with smoothies would like good like vanilla I assume. Also, something that is good for lactose intolerant people would be nice, bu I heard whey protein is the fastest absorbing protein of all domaine that. And I guess for ingredients wise… As long as there’s nothing that I don’t understand or can’t read then it’ll be great 😀 last of all, I think Cassey you usually make up the best names for products so I’ll leave that up to you 😉 thank you!!

  40. Lili says:


  41. Lesa says:

    I like butterscotch! I know that’s hard flavor to achieve or at least something Carmel like Carmel latee!

  42. Andreanne says:

    Oh my goodness!

    This is fabulously incredibly good!

    I did replace the protein powder by 1/4 package of silk tofu, I’m not sure how it affected the nutritionnal content of it.

    I drank it while editing my halloween bento blog post, you should make an article about clean eating bentos, it would be great! You can take a look at my blog if you need ideas.

    I think that your own brand of protein powder is an excellent idea. Also I like that it will be tought for women, and not for men who are looking for huuuuge muscles.

    Maybe soy, or well anything really, as long as it’s lactose-free. Is it possible for it to also be gluten-free? I’m not sure how it can be done but it would be great!

    As for the flavors, well vanilla is a must, you can also have more unusual ones like coconut, tropical fruits, banana, pomagranate… and maybe a veggies one? Like kale or spinach one for the green smooties?

    Thnaks for this recipe!

  43. Ashley says:

    Also — Almond Protein? Like Almond Milk? THAT would be great!!

  44. Ashley says:

    Hey! The protein powder idea sounds awesome! I like that it will be targeted for women! (And for use with Pilates routines!)

    Mmm… Strawberry sounds good, and Vanilla is a good classic that can be added to smoothies and such!

    I am lactose-intolerant, so something lactose-free would be great! I’m not sure if Whey protein has lactose or not…(??).

    No artificial sweeteners, please! Something all-around Natural and/or Orgnanic would be AWE-SOME!!

    I’m excited for this!!!

  45. Amy says:

    I finally made it the way for the most part except for I used yogurt instead of milk and then added more milk, more protein powder, and some honey later.

  46. Lea says:

    Wow, that is so cool Cassey!
    Just definitely don’t use any artificial sweeteners like sucralose, aspartame or other nasty stuff like that. I think a stevia-erythritol-blend would be amazing! It’s natural and doesn’t affect blood sugar levels.
    Also, I think whey, brown rice or maybe pea protein would be good. Not too excited about soy to be honest.
    And PLEASE make it available for Europe as well!! 🙂

  47. jenna says:

    no whey or soy! i’m lactose intolerant and fairly intolerant of soy, so usually any sort of protein bar or powder is out and i’m stuck with carbs like oats if i don’t have time to make something healthy… if there was a super clean protein powder with neither of these ingredients would be so versatile!

  48. CondraSheera Joao says:

    Are there any good vegan protein powders out there?

  49. Sarah says:

    I think it should be vanilla flavored because vanilla blends into any flavor really but please don’t make it too sweet please. It would be nice if it didn’t have any harsh chemicals maybe something all organic and natural. And could you please try to make it teenager friendly because I want to try your recipes that contain it but my mom won’t let me buy it because she doesn’t think it is good for me. And since I never tried any protein powder I don’t know which kind is good. Thank you Cassey!

  50. Coco says:


    1. Vanilla or chocolate. Tasteless if possible!
    2. Please don’t use sugar alcohols, or artificial sweetners like stevia. It’s so bad for you and tastes terrible.
    No GMO products please!
    3. If you have the option to do vegan, gluten free, low sugar, veggie powder that would be awesome. I had found one I liked then they started using sugar alcohols.


  51. tara says:

    I really like chocolate or vanilla flavour.
    Protein type whey or brown rice.
    I dont want to see many sugars, soy or milk products.
    Name… not sure on that one
    Fantastic project though, cant wait to see what its like!

  52. Brenna says:

    I want to see NO sugar (if at all possible) and LOW carbs and low sodium.
    For flavors i would love a vanilla icecream taste or a chocolate. Also i have been wanting to find a tasteless powder forever! So i can put it in my cheat foods and not feel all THAT guilty! Haha

  53. Andrea says:

    I would love a protein powder with the taste of chocolate or vanilla, without any dairy or gluten (i’m lactose intolerant).
    Another important thing for me is that it has to be without aspartam.
    For the name I have come up with: POP powder, blogilates protein powder!
    I thought it was a cool name though.
    Good luck wit everything!!!!!

  54. Beth says:

    I would LOVE a matcha green tea flavored powder! Definitely has my vote. Also vegan, gluten free, and no artificial sweeteners would be awesome!

  55. Emma says:

    Its a great idea! I would love a chocolate flavoured proteinpowder. Its so delicious to make proats with ( protein powder + oatmeal) I think whey is best. No artificial sweeteners please.

  56. Janet says:

    1. I think that the best flavor would have to be a somewhat subtle vanilla. It’s very difficult finding a plain protein powder that doesn’t taste awful. The vanilla could help mask that a bit, depending on the basic formula, anyway. Chocolate would be another popular option but only as a secondary protein product. As in, you would need to also have a vanilla or plain flavor.
    2. In order to gain a much wider customer base, including those who are either lactose-intolerant or who simply abstain from dairy products would be necessary. I am lactose-intolerant so I would not be able to consume a powder made with whey. Soy would be the cheapest vegetable protein but not everyone can digest that either. I’ve read that hemp is the best vegetable protein but it’s also one of the most expensive. My top two picks are hemp and a possible mixed protein powder.
    3. I would like to not see any dairy or animal-derived products (i.e. eggs) as well as artificial sweeteners. I say, if you’re going to make something new with your name on it, make it the best it can be without sacrificing quality.
    4. I have no idea what you should name it. Something girly and energetic? That would be the most you.

  57. Abigail says:

    I would love to see a whey powder without splenda chemicals. They cause me to have such terrible headaches. I would prefer it to be sweetened with Lo Han Gao or Stevia!

  58. Jany says:

    Guys I was wondering if the protein powder is really necessary, can I use vanilla extract instead?

    1. Janet says:

      Protein powder and vanilla extract are nowhere near the same thing. Maybe in flavor sometimes, but no. Not at all related. I’m not sure how you managed to think that protein powder is just a flavor enhancer but it isn’t. Within the name is ‘protein.’ So with that in mind, it basically adds protein into whatever you’re drinking or eating. Vanilla extract is a combination of vanilla pods and alcohol. I really don’t feel like distilling this information down anymore but just look it up.

    2. rachel says:

      Well, of course the protein powder is necessary if you are wanting a pre- or post-workout protein drink, but if you just want a clean pumpkin smoothie sans protein, or just don’t have protein powder, vanilla extract should be fine. You’d just need to play around with the other quantities to make the consistency right. Maybe add a little more frozen banana. Or maybe replace the powder with a tbsp of ground flaxseed (which is quite cheap if you just buy a little in bulk).

  59. Morgan says:

    Wow this looks really good, I’m definitely going to have to try it!

  60. Lisa says:

    A vegan grain free protein powder would be amazing! Like pea protein!

  61. Lexi says:

    WHEY is fine :). I like VANILLA because it is good for any season or can be matched with a lot of different ingredients. It would be nice if the price could be AFFORDABLE.

  62. marian g says:

    Ever heard of Pandan? Try it in that flavor! :))
    For protein I would prefer Non-GMO sources.

  63. Katie Alessandro says:

    1. Anything that doesn’t taste like snicker flavored protein bars 🙂 yuck!
    2. I haven’t tried enough Protein Powders to know really… Sorry!
    3. Please nothing with bananas in them if it can be avoided!! I’m highly allergic to those sadly 🙁
    4. As far as a name goes… R.I.P. Protein, Pro-ilates Protein, and Beast Mode Protein!

  64. Callie says:

    Vanilla is always good but my absolute favorite flavor is Pumpkin.. or Cinnamon anything. And as far as what kind of protein powder, I’ve only ever had Whey but yesterday while I was shopping for more, I almost got Soy. My only problem with soy products is there is almost always a HUGE price difference when it comes to soy and I just cant afford it. One of these days tho, I will give in and try it.. maybe I can find a nice coupon. 🙂

    Also, I think POPtein Powder has a nice ring to it

  65. Amelia says:

    I usually buy chocolate or vanilla. I love using vanilla because I can make a healthy orange julius at home. 🙂

    I’d love to see a protein powder without soy protein! I’m soy intolerant, so I can eat things with soy in them but I don’t feel great afterwards. Maybe whey and like…nut proteins? I have no idea, but cashews and stuff do taste way better than whey. Rice protein would be great too. Stevia would be awesome as a sweetener!

    I like POP Protein for the name too! Cute! My only idea was Beast Mode Protein Powder, with the cute lil lion from that tank top on it.

  66. Veronica says:

    1. Plain ( no flavor, no sweetener) Vanilla (not overly sweet or fake tasting), Chocolate (again not overly sweet)
    2. Do you have a protein preference? Whey, but i see many people don’t like whey so maybe hemp? that way it can be paleo friendly for those who do that sort of diet plan and its vegan friendly too.
    3. What ingredients do you NOT want to see? Soy, wheat, sugar, aspartame, any sweet ingredient ending in -ose( dextrose, Sucralose, sucrose…) can you sweeten with maple syrup or coconut sugar?
    4. What should it be called!!? POP treat, POP fit, Body POP

  67. Michelle says:

    Also, please make it gluten free!

  68. Michelle says:

    1. Vanilla or vanilla spice!
    2. I prefer plant-based protein sources with healthy fats like from omega-3s (such as Vega protein powder)
    3. No artificial sweeteners or colorings, or artificial anything!
    4. It should be called Blogilates Power Powder

    Love you Cassey!!! Thank you for all that you do for us POPsters <3

  69. Marissa says:

    Yay for a new YUMMY protein powder!
    1. Vanilla or unflavored so it can be more universal. Its easier to just add your own pb or cocoa powder.
    2. Vegan would be amazing!! So many people have difficulties digesting dairy. And soy free would be preferred. Something like a blend of brown rice, quinoa, hemp, etc would be good!
    3. No artificial ingredients, no dairy, no gluten. Maybe sweetened with stevia if it doesn’t have an aftertaste.
    4. I have no ideas for a name. I’m not very creative. But I’m sure other popsters have great ideas!

  70. Kayleigh Hames says:

    I know protein powder tends to be sweet flavours, but what about a cheese flavour so you could make healthy, high protein cheese sauce without all the fat? That may just be my cheese obsession talking though lol

  71. Kayleigh Hames says:

    I’d really love to a vegan protein powder as I’m trying to eat less dairy products, like maybe brown rice, pea or soy protein. Peanut butter protein powder would be shamazing. I made some protein bars with chocolate protein powder and they were yummy, so def chocolate as well! 🙂

  72. Dana says:

    Peanut butter flavored with brown rice protein!

  73. Sally says:

    Cookies n’ creme! And make sure you can ship internationally! You have such a huge fanbase outside of the US and sometimes in your recipes you keep forgettig that we can’t, for example, get miracle noodles where we live or PB2 or all these fancy ingredients 🙁
    Much love from coooold Switzerland

    1. Sabrina says:

      Hey Sally,
      about the miracle noodles – have you checked your local asian store? That’s where I get them. They are known there as shirataki noodles (or ask the shopkeeper for “zero calories noodles”, they’ll probably know what you mean). Or ask google, I’m sure someone is selling them via the internet in the alps 🙂
      Good luck, Sabrina (Germany)

  74. Keely says:

    Chocolate brownie that tastes like the real thing but healthy for you.=)

  75. AnnonymousAl says:

    1. Strawberry, Vanilla

    2. Whey?

    3. I want it was as natural as possible with as few ingredients as possible. Also, low cal that burns fat…

    4. POP! Protein

  76. Jessica says:

    1. Chocolate & Peanut Butter
    2. Soy, Brown Rice, or Egg White (like you said on your post about the Victoria’s Secret Model diet including egg white protein powder)
    3. Please nothing artificial, especially artificial sweeteners
    4. Love the “Bottled Beastmode” idea from below!

    AND an affordable price please and thank you 🙂

  77. Kara says:

    SO EXCITED for a blogilates protein powder!
    VANILLA please – for all your yummy recipes.
    Not too many ingredients and as real as possible. Of course, I agree with you that it has to taste good too. This is a hard task! Good luck!! I can’t wait to try it.

  78. Alysa says:

    I love what Popster Abbie up top said about “Elvis Flavor” (pb & banana) if the flavors were named after a singer or popular song, I think that would be fitting with the whole POP Pilates idea.

  79. Anja says:

    I don’t know about flavours… I’d love two options, a neutral one you could use for about anything and a nice one you could use as a drink.
    BUT MY PRIORITY would be as few ingredients as possible as as natural (preferably vegan) as possible. Low impact on the environment (it takes a lot of fodder to gain a litre of milk) and suitable for almost every diet.

  80. Abbie says:

    Flavors: Elvis (Peanut Butter-Banana)
    Brown rice, soy, or hemp protein would be nice. Also, sweetened with stevia? And definitely make sure that the mass is more protein (for example, 22 Grams Protein Per Serving X 100) / 29.4 Grams Serving Size = 74.8% []) and high in amino acids.
    I would not like to see ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, etc.
    I think it should be called (if you decide to use casein) “Cassey’s Casein” or “Blogilates Bottled Beastmode!”

  81. JoAnn says:

    1) Strawberry OR peanut butter
    2) Soy is pretty good but I really don’t care what kind haha!
    3) There isn’t anything that I don’t want in the shake. No artificial ingredients (but you already knew that, Cassey!) HOWEVER, all the protein powder/shakes I’ve tried have been extremely powder-y to the point of being nauseating (like eating chewable tablets…) Can you try to make it more smooth and creamy (like a smoothie-type shake)??
    4) I don’t know about the name but the slogan/motto should definitely be “Protein for the Popster!”

  82. Aastha says:

    1. Chocolate, Cinnamon or flavorless?(:
    2. Soy, or any other.
    3. Not too much sugar or sweetener @_@
    4. I like the names I saw suggested here several times such as Blogilates Beauty Powder; Popster Protein; Protein Pop.
    My suggestions: BEAST MODE IN A BOTTLE 😀

    1. Aastha says:

      Okay -___- Idk why my last comment won’t show, but here we go again.

      Another suggestion for the name~!

      Protein on Fiyaaah!

  83. Anna says:

    1. Vanilla, Peanut Butter or then flavour-less!
    2. Not too familiar with types… so anything goes really.
    3. No artificial sweeteners or coloring!
    4. Popster Protein! Or… POP Protein…

  84. farazatie says:


    so i dont have any vanilla protein powder at the moment. any substitutes recommended?

  85. Veronica Brocher says:

    I cannot eat soy, so definitely soy free. I like vanilla, but the peanut butter idea sounds good, too.
    How about Cheap Clean Protein (spin off of Cheap Clean Eats)?
    But I also like the POP protein idea.
    I am so excited for a clean, healthy protein powder. Go, Cassey!

  86. Stephanie says:

    Please make it nut free! I am allergic to almonds as of recently and I am having a hard time finding healthy foods that don’t contain nuts or are completely free from contamination.

  87. Sana says:

    Peanut butter, vanilla, chocolate
    Brown rice protein
    Don’t want to see any artificial sweeteners and dairy ingredients

  88. Bronwyn says:

    Vanilla for sure.
    Pea or bown rice protein.
    No vitamin A or artificial sweeteners.
    POP protein powder

    A really good Canadian company to check out is Vega. They use pea protein in their powders and also make the best protein bars. Gluten, dairy, and soy free. Vegan. Sweetened with either dates or stevia. Available at Loblaws, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Bulk Barn, for any Canadian popsters. That is, until Cassey’s powder is for sale and we all switch to that one!

    1. Kim says:

      Can I just say I’m a Canadian out of the country for a year (in Germany) and totally missing all the stores you just mentioned! Giving me some nostalgia! Also, agreed on their protein powder, it is quite good!

      1. Anja says:

        Welcome to Germany though, Kim! Whereabouts are you?

  89. Amy M. says:

    For those who don’t have pumpkin pie spice, but have the spices that go in the spice….

    1. Anna says:

      thank you for sharing this! 🙂

  90. Tigress Cass says:

    Fun Flavors:
    Brown Sugar
    Key Lime
    Spiced Pumpkin

    Protein Types:
    Brown Rice (Add enhanced amino acids)
    Vegetable Proteins

    Do NOT include:

    Blogilates Protein POP

  91. Marcela Reyes says:

    1. Vanilla or chocolate.
    2. Preferably vegan and as most say, gluten free please!
    3. No dairy, no eggs, no gluten, and no artificial ingredients. The more natural, the better (if I haven’t used any protein powder so far it’s because I don’t want to put in so many chemicals in my body… It wouldn’t be coherent for me to go all organic and fresh as possible with my veggies, fruits and stuff but then added all the chemicals I wanted to avoid in first place and that usually come in a regular protein powder.)
    4. I agree with most of the comments that say that it HAS to have the word “Popster” in it. So yeah, Popster Protein sounds great for me. (;

    Good luck Cassey, I’m such a big fan and I’m looking forward to what you can give us with this new idea of yours!

    Much love, xo.

  92. Sandra says:

    You gotta do a protein powder asap!!! because here in my country to buy a very good one protein powder it’s kinda expensive, so you def for sure give us a gift with that!!
    Love you!!

    And thanks!

  93. Ashley P says:

    1. Vanilla, Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, Peanut Butter, or Banana
    2. A vegan protein powder like brown rice or pea protein. And one that is gluten free!
    3. No dairy, no eggs, no gluten, and no artificial ingredients.
    4. No idea for a name, but some of those Popster Protein Shake ideas already mentioned sound awesome!

  94. China says:

    PLEASE USE A PROTEIN SOURCE THAT IS NOT FROM SOY OR WHEY! I am allergic to both! please and thanks!

  95. Donna Pappas says:

    No soy. Vanilla, chocolate, and coffee flavors (ok, so coffee flavor may not be encouraging healthy eating, but it sure would be tasty…think of all those wonderful coffee flavored drinks out there that we could mimic if we had a quality protein powder with which to work! I also agree that stevia may be a great option as a sweetener. Keep it vegan…can it be nut-based, or does that imperil all those with nut allergies? You might have to come up with vegan/non-vegan or nut/nut-free options to keep everyone happy. This is rambling, but my brain is tired right now (it needs a protein shake).


  96. Sarah says:

    1. Either chocolate or vanilla. Chocolate because it’s delicious, but vanilla because it will be better to make more protein desserts!
    2. I like brown rice best. I don’t tolerate whey well and I don’t like the idea of soy.
    3. Things I wouldn’t like to see would be anything artificial or chicory fiber (makes my stomach hurt). And also not splenda or any other artificial sweetners (more tummy troubles..). But I WOULD love to see it sweetened with Stevia!
    4. I’m not very good at coming up with names, but everything you make has such an adorable name, that I’m sure it will be great!

    Thank you and I can’t wait!

    1. Sarah says:

      Also, can it be gluten free please?!

  97. Donna Pappas says:

    No soy. Vanilla, chocolate,

  98. Vivian Hudson says:

    1) Vanilla Bean
    2) Anything gluten free! 🙂
    3) Unnatural preservatives and artificial stuff… yuck!
    4) POP Pop Protein Powder

  99. Amanda says:

    Any flavors, vanilla, chocolate… Nutella would be a fun one! Or peanut butter!
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make it vegan!!!

  100. Yasmin says:

    1. CHOCOLATE! or vanilla but really, chocolate.
    2. Soy (:
    3. Anything bad.
    4. No clue for a name. Hehehe

    I can’t wait to try this! Thank you Cassey

  101. MiinaMarie says:

    have you tried the visalus stuff? I use that for my protein powder (almost out actually). not the actual diet that goes with it – thats too extreme for me. their tag is something like ‘the shake mix that tastes like cake mix’ and yeah it does. I love it because it has a lot of good stuff in it and i can add it to my hot or iced coffee or oatmeal whatever and it sweetens it up and gives me some protein to keep me full.
    I’d say a dairy and non-dairy alternative would be great (for the gluten free people and vegans) i dont think wheys very good because unless you are working out a ton, it can add bulk instead of just fill you up in your tummy. I also say dairy, because dairy has a bunch of protein in it anyway, where as almond milk etc, does not. It’s always boggled me how some people choose different milk types that lack protein of actual milk, and then just throw protein powder in it…it kind of defeats the purpose of even making that choice..listen to me ramble.. haha, unless of course one can’t have dairy or chooses to omit it, then obviously thats no big deal – blame it on my formal day job 😛
    Ok, digressing…something sweet maybe…plain vanilla or something, so you can doctor it up on your own…something that’s a great meal replacement or additive, but won’t make you a rotunda if you miss a w/o that day.
    I actually like the idea the one person had of pop-protein…I don’t think that was a cheesy or stupid idea at all :)….hmmm let me throw words together, blogil-tein (like ovaltine…haha) blogi-latte (that could be a whole other item – like your pumpkin drink) cassie ho-tein… im likely out of ideas, haha 😛

  102. Andrea says:

    Hi Cassey!
    1. I’m fine with vanilla, although strawberry would be wonderful! But, you know, REAL strawberries flavor, not the horrible chemicals I’ve tried!
    2. Whey protein is my favorite. I’m not a fan of soy.
    3. I wouldn’t want it to have GMO’s, or artificial sweeteners.
    4. I’m really bad at naming things so I’m not even…

    It would be WONDERFUL if the carb content per serving is around 2g or less and if it is sweetened with stevia it would make me really happy 🙂
    Oh! And also if it tastes great with plain water!

  103. joy says:

    1. Vanilla, Chocolate
    2. nope anything is fine
    3. no chemicals or really anything unhealthy
    4. POPtein Powder <— lol idk thats pretty cheesy and stupid

  104. Jenny says:

    1. Definitely vanilla–it works best with every kind of smoothie you make
    2. Whey is definitely my first choice because its the most fast-acting and has the greatest protein/gram. It also doesn’t have as much carb&fat as soy and brown rice protein so your just getting protein and nothing else. But if you have to make a plant-based protein, I’d suggest mixing pea, hemp, and brown rice to make a complete protein because just one is not enough on its own. Please no soy–there’s just too much controversy around that stuff and so much of it is GMO.
    3. The biggest thing I’d definitely like to see are artificial sugars, or anything artificial for that matter. So many protein powders out there contain sucralose to make them taste good but that stuff is just not good for you.
    4. Beautifully Built…
    Idk I just randomly came up with that xD

  105. kai says:

    1. Aside from a nice mellow vanilla, I think it’d be cool to have a dark chocolate raspberry flavor!
    2. Personally, I quite like whey, but I know a lot of your followers are vegan, or don’t do well with it. Same with soy. I’d be willing to give brown rice or something else a try as long as it doesn’t adversely affect the flavor.
    3. Artificial sugar, food dyes, chemical additives…
    4. I don’t have any original ideas, but I quite like the “Popster Protein” type names that a few people have suggested. 🙂

  106. V. says:

    I think vanilla is the best protein flavor and making it vegan would be awesome, I am not vegan but I don’t eat or drink dairy products. Also keeping it as clean as possible and using stevia as the sweetener of course 😛

  107. Kelsey says:

    I don’t really mind the flavour, but cake batter would be amazing,
    Please make it available for the uk though, and not to higher shipping, because we need some good protein here too!!!!!

    Also not soy, brown rice would be nice 🙂

  108. Amy M. says:

    I would like something that tasted okay without milk because I often times am out of milk.

  109. Gabby MO says:

    1. I’d love chocolate/dark chocolate flavor, something like coconut maybe… And vanilla one, that fits for almost everything.
    2. About proteins something like brown rice or peas protein, it’s what most people seems to have less problems with, appearently.
    3. Well, maybe not much artificial stuff, to feel free to use it all the time.
    4. Shake-olate, Coco-crunch, Vanill-abs POPster Protein Powder by Cassey Ho (haha, OK, I’m not good at this :P, but hope it helps still).

    1. Aastha says:

      I liked those names, LOL

  110. Beth says:

    1. Plain or Vanilla. My smoothies get their flavor from the other ingredients.
    2. Brown Rice
    3. No sugar or other sweeteners. Non-gmo. Yes: gluten-free and vegan.
    4. No idea for a name.

    The protein powder I currently use, has a bit of a grainy texture. Don’t know if there’s any way to avoid that but perhaps your creation could improve on that. 🙂

  111. Tor Marie says:

    I’d like to see something vegan and coeliac friendly if that’s possible! Also, I guess I’m in the minority, but I’d like to see fun flavours like strawberry cheesecake, lemon meringue, Nutella, etc – basic flavours are more versatile but as a UK-dweller I don’t really have any excuse to buy flavours I can get in shops here.

  112. Marina says:

    1. What flavor you’d like.
    2. Do you have a protein preference? Whey, soy, brown rice, other?
    Organic Brown Rice
    3. What ingredients do you NOT want to see
    artificial stuff, sugar, artificial flavors…All natural! 😀
    4. What should it be called!!?
    ….. I don’t know!

  113. lina says:

    No soy!! And nothing too sweet, it’d be great if you could make it with Stevia!

  114. Kyra says:

    1. Vanilla
    2. Brown Rice
    3. Eggs! I just found out I have an intolerance to egg whites, CRAZY!
    4. The Original Nilla

  115. Haley says:

    This is so exciting! I gasped when I read that you’re making protein powder and my BF asked me what happened LOL

    1) I always love Vanilla but id buy any flavor you come up with!
    2) I always gravitate towards whey and wouldn’t want soy
    3) no artificial sweeteners or unfamiliar ingredients
    4) PopProtein ?? Or protein shakilates heehee can’t wait

  116. Jae says:

    Flavours- Chocolate, strawberries and cream, banana, Caramel…Reece’s peanut butter cups! Haha so man flavours Id love to see 😛

    Soy or brown rice

    Wouldn’t want to see any unnatural ingredients to be honest…and sugar! Definitely do not want to see sugar.

    Blogishakes? Haha Blogilates shake-it-ups ?

  117. elly says:

    1. vanilla, chocolate
    2. vegan – brown rice protein

  118. Rachel says:

    Just an overall flavor for the protein powder, chocolate would be best. Strawberry would be good, too. However, if there’s gonna be a yummy dessert type flavor birthday cake, please please please PLEASE!!!

  119. Stephanie says:

    OMG! I have been making a pumpkin protein smoothie ALMOST identical to this for almost 2 weeks! I add a pinch of nutmeg, a little cinnamon, and a teaspoon of honey to mine. IT IS SOOOO GOOD! Its so exciting to come home to a fall-like protein shake after a run through the changing leaves.

    One of my favorite protein powders is an all-plant protein powder. I liked this particular variety because it was (1) Vegan/vegetarian friendly and (2) it compliments my preference towards clean(er) eating. Maybe something along those lines? There are not a wide variety of these (less processed) types of protein powders on the market currently, so it could also be relatively lucrative to expand into that area as well.

  120. Dena says:

    Yum! I hope to be able to try it when it comes out 🙂

    1. Flavor: Chocolate!! Maybe even Dark Chocolate!
    2. Brown Rice or Whey is good!!! Preferably no soy because I’m soy intolerant and can’t eat it 🙁
    3. no crazy chemical artificial sweeteners.
    4. Popster Protein Powder 🙂

  121. Olivia says:

    Please no Whey or Soy!! anything with that reallllly messes with me while running.

  122. Lora Ann says:

    1. I like the basics, vanilla and chocolate. A strawberry flavor would be awesome too.
    2. I would like it to be made of something that keeps you satisfied and gives your body all that it needs as a meal replacement/training protein but…
    3. Not have a lot of calories, as much of an all natural combination, no fillers, additives, and preservatives.
    4. A training beast’s ultimate feast.

  123. Angie says:

    Flavor: Vanilla, it’s most versatile and basic that you can use it in almost all recipes. As well as being a great start up flavor if your product hits mass market or even specialty stores (which is my wish for you!)
    Make-Up: soy or whey? Not sure how it works in these, but maybe a multivitamin boost?
    Name: Cassey’s All-Around Protein Powder (for the body in motion)

  124. Alisha says:

    1. What flavor you’d like.
    Something simple like vanilla is always good
    2. Do you have a protein preference? Whey, soy, brown rice, other?
    Pea is my personal favourite. I don’t like dairy-based ones like whey and because I’m vegetarian I eat a lot of soy so I try to avoid that in my protein powder. Hemp has an awful flavour that is hard to mask. I haven’t tried brown rice, but pea is flavourless and hits all the good points I’m looking for.
    3. What ingredients do you NOT want to see
    A lot of artificial sugar. Stevia is great, but let’s avoid too many weird chemicals please.
    4. What should it be called!!?
    Bodaciously Balanced Blogilates “Shake It” Protein Shake by Cassey Ho & Co.

  125. Michelle says:

    This is so exciting!!! Flavor I’m not too picky about, just that it tastes great!!! Maybe pumpkin spice? I like the idea of having it vegan so everyone can use it. I do NOT want to see sugar or artificial sweeteners, or soy.
    May I suggest Stevia as a natural sweetener? Cheers!

  126. Kelly says:

    So I notice a lot of popsters want simple, versatile flavors like vanilla or chocolate, but I think a cheesecake flavoured powder would be awesome! Whatever we use it in, it’d taste like some YOLO food, and who doesnt like cheesecake ?
    About the ingredients, I think we should keep it vegan and gluten-free so everyone can enjoy it. I think Cassey knows best which is the cleanest ingredient.
    all I can think for the name is Poptein, I know- not the most creative brain here haha

  127. Amazing! I am posting my version of a pumpkin spice smoothie recipe on my youtube channel! check it out at

  128. Sara says:

    I can’t wait!! I would love a chocolate and vanilla, and I’m sure others would, too.
    Definitely not whey protein, I’m intolerant to it and many people I’ve talked to are also.
    Thanks Cassey!!

  129. chongy says:

    Hi, just wondering do you need to cook the pumpkin? 🙂

  130. Emily says:

    Yay! Gluten and soy free please!

  131. Sharon says:

    Hey Cassey, What a beautiful idea!
    I personally love chocolate, so it would be perfect (for me! 🙂 )
    For the second point…I have to admit that I hate soy…I just can’t drink milk soy for I’d prefer something like brown rice or whey. Then like other Popsters have already written, this protein powder shouldn’t contain any kind of chemicals.
    For its name….What about something like..”Proteinlates super powder” ? It makes me smile…
    Love <3 <3

  132. Yasmine says:

    Please Cassey try to ceep the protein powder as natural & clean as possible!
    For me it doesn’t matter if it tastes yummy like a dessert, as long as it’s natural & without any unnecessary sweeteners.
    I simply don’t like to eat stuff that makes me feel like beeing a laboratory rat 😉

    1. Bonnie says:

      What she said! As long as it doesn’t taste HORRIBLE, I value natural/clean over best-tasting-ever.

  133. mariaB says:

    1. vanilla or a not so sweet sweet cream would probably be most versatile
    2. a vegan/vegetarian protein and gluten free would also be great
    3. no scary chemicals or artificial sweeteners

  134. Amy says:

    1. Vanilla Cake Batter (anything vanilla even is incredibly versitile)
    2. The brand I’m using now is good, but I can tell there are chemicals in it and could be cleaner. It’s a whey protein. I think you should make 2 versions. One made of whey/casein and a vegan alternative.
    3. Keep fat/sugar content as low as possible while increasing protein,fiber, and carbs. (If that’s what you’re going for).
    4. I have no idea for a name. I’m not creative haha.

    Hope I helped love you Cassey!!!!! 🙂

    1. Kat says:

      Amy, Vanilla Cake Batter = GENIUS! <3<3<3

  135. Leslie H says:

    This makes me so excited Cassey because I really have not been able to find a powder I liked. Most of the ones I tried taste so chemical-y.

    1) VANILLA (can’t go wrong) and strawberry, coffee, hazelnut, anything like that
    2) so far I have never liked any Whey that I have tried so I’d say soy or brown rice. I bet you could make the Whey taste good tho, so I’d try any
    4)POPsters Protein Powder!

  136. Vivienne says:

    Hey Cassey! I’m so excited, if anyone can make a clean, healthy protein drink it’s you!

    1.Banana or coffee/mocha
    3.Low sugar
    4.Cassey’s Clean Protein

    Good luck Cassey!

  137. Lex says:

    1. Vanillerish flavoured! I love vanilla.
    2. Not sure really. But brown rice I guess?!?!
    3. Not sure either but try and make it as friendly to everyone possible! ^^”
    4. Popster Protein!

    Special request for it to be available to the UK without huuuuge amount of shipping thanks!!

  138. Brittany says:

    Hi Cassey,
    thanks so much for taking on this project. I cant wait to see a clean protein powder out there.
    1. flavors arent too big of deal – chocolate or vanilla
    2. any source of protein besides soy
    3. no artificial sweeteners (hfcs, sucralose, vanillin), no artificial coloring.


  139. Kat W says:

    1. Something chocolate-y or dessert-like
    2. No whey powder, please! Vegan friendly would be preferred 🙂
    3. No stevia. Whenever I try anything with stevia, it overpowers everything and is soooo gross.
    4. Popster Powder sounds cool

  140. Cailyn says:

    1. I think Vanilla and Chocolate would be good.
    2. Probably whey protein
    3. I know it isn’t really a ingredient but low carb would be awesome!
    4. Cassey Ho Protein Power-up powder!:)

  141. Oh my! That looks amazing!
    I’ve been craving anything pumpkin spice for some time now and they don’t seem to have it in Japan (where I live).
    If I find pumpkin spice I’ll make this a.s.a.p.

  142. Veronica says:

    That’s an amazing idea!
    1. I think vanilla, or something like fruit… (banana ? hahah i love bananas so much)
    2. Whey
    3. chemicals
    4. CHProtein (Cassey Ho Protein) , Eat this protein, look like a beauty ( u can write that on the bottle hahaha,) or Healthdelicious Protein! Mmm.. the last name sound really good <3

  143. Jessie says:

    1. For flavors I’d love to see vanilla and cookies and creme 🙂
    2. I like whey protein powder. 🙂
    3. I don’t want any wheat/grains in it if possible. I just found out in gluten-intolerant and it’s been a rough ride lol, I’ve actually switched to the Paleo diet to try to avoid allergens. Obviously not too much sugar. I just want it to be healthy and natural.
    4. No idea what to call it lol

  144. Ray says:

    Fantastic! My wife will Loooove this! thanks.

  145. Natasha says:

    i like chocolate the best and i think it would be good if it didn’t contain artificial sweeteners. i’ve read up on how bad that stuff is for you and now i’m trying to eliminate it from my diet as much as possible 🙂

  146. Renske says:

    Hi Cassey!
    Sooo great you’re inventing all these things to help us Popsters get a nicer healthier happy life! 🙂 thank you so much!!

    1. What flavor you’d like.
    Vanilla, chocolate, something fruity
    2. Do you have a protein preference? Whey, soy, brown rice, other?
    Please no diary or soy, vegan (but soy-free ;))
    3. What ingredients do you NOT want to see
    Soy, diary, artificial stuff, sugar (I don’t like things too sweet :))
    4. What should it be called!!?
    Blogilates Beauty Powder!

    Hope it will turn out great!! 😀

  147. Steph says:

    I’d love a plant based protein powder with no soy, whey, or gluten- there’s not many options out there for that and that taste good!

  148. Britt says:

    1. cake batter
    2. vegan
    3. no artificial sweeteners

  149. andreea says:

    1. What flavor you’d like.
    I’d like chocolate or cappucino. No wierd combos pls.
    2. Do you have a protein preference? Whey, soy, brown rice, other?
    I would love a perfect mix (maybe 50%,50%) of soy and whey, i don’t find anything like this in the current brands so i”m making my own mixing isolated whey and soy
    3. What ingredients do you NOT want to see
    artificial anything!!
    4. What should it be called!!?
    Personalized Popster Protein (PPP)

  150. Lilly says:

    1. What flavor you’d like.
    Tiramisu, Pancakes, Key-Lime pie, Apple pie. hahaha
    But because these may be too complicated maybe should start with Dark chocolate and White chocolate. Ooooh dark chocolate cherry flavor would be so sexy :O

    2. Do you have a protein preference? Whey, soy, brown rice, other?
    Whey is by far the best. Unlike people choose to believe Soy milk etc is very unhealthy. The only type of soy that is healthy is Fermented Soy (miso soup) every other is chemically produced and as such absolutely unhealthy. Thus, I would not consider anything with soy in it to be “clean”.

    3. What ingredients do you NOT want to see
    Soy, Gluten, Lactose (would be good for any of your followers that have allergies perhaps) artificial sweetners (maybe use stevia instead since it’s natural?)

    4. What should it be called!!?

    How about some Proteilates the PopSTAR shake? 😛

  151. Sydnie says:

    1. I think the powder should be a vanilla flavor, or just a simple versatile flavor. It would be great even if you could make it flavorless or have the flavor be very very VERY subtle whenever we use it!
    2. Whey should be the protein.
    3. Nothing artificial that’s harmful for the body.
    4. It should be called “powderlates”, “POP-Protein” “POP-Powder” or “CAPP” which would stand for Casseys Amazing Pilate Powder!

  152. Talia says:

    I’m think vanilla would be great to start with its very versatile, but dark chocolate would be great too, antioxidants and delicious, can’t beat that.
    Whey or plant protein
    no soy please, its already everywhere and if you have an allergy to it (it is one of the top 7 allergens) it makes life hard, and no gluten would be wonderful
    I’m not very creative but how about beautiful beast powder lol

  153. Mariah says:

    I was going to say a peanut butter protein powder, but that isn’t very versatile. Perhaps vanilla would be the best choice. Also, I think it should be any crazy flavors like pumpkin spice, cookie dough, key lime pie, etc… I don’t have a specific preference for the protein source. Brown rice or whey would be fine. However, I would prefer if it wasn’t a soy protein. Also, please don’t add any artificial sweeteners. I think this powder should be as “clean” as possible. For the name? Maybe “Popster Protein Powder.”
    It might depend on the flavor you choose.
    Thank you for allowing us to be part of this creating process. You are so wonderful! Thanks for everything you do. I’m sure whatever you make will be the best! God bless you! 🙂

  154. Val says:

    Hey Cassie. I would love a chocolate protein powder made with soy because it’s a complete vegan protein, and no whey (whey is terrible for my digestive system, plus I eat VERY little dairy). I can’t think of a name! 🙂

  155. Josie says:

    Hey Cassey,
    i thought there is a new meal plan coming out, did i miss it? i am really excited for this, need to loose 25lbs, to get where i wanna be. allready lost 40lbs through clean eating and excersing 🙂 but those stubborn last 25lbs need to be gone !

    keep up the good work 🙂

  156. Annelise says:

    chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, banana

    not soy protein. gluten free protein and vegan.

    nothing artificial or synthetic. no preservatives, bulking agents or colourants.

    pop protein powder


    1. Eva says:

      i agree!
      soy is not the worst, but i try to eat it not that often. maybe brown rice / mixed with soy would do good?!

  157. Léa says:

    Hi Cassey, I just want to say that my favorite protein powder right now is the Perfect Fit Protein, which is vegan and raw. The only thing is that it’s quite sweet and sometimes overpowers my smoothies.

    So, I was reading other people’s comments and I think a matcha flavor would be out of this world!

    1. What flavor you’d like:
    Vanilla, Chocolate, Matcha. No crazy flavors that you can’t mix with anything!

    2. Do you have a protein preference? Whey, soy, brown rice, other?
    Definitely a vegan protein! Then, everybody would be able to have it, especially if it’s gluten-free!

    3. What ingredients do you NOT want to see
    Artificial flavors and ingredients. I know It’s hard, but I think you will agree that clean eating shouldn’t involved things that are dangerous for the body or that aren’t from nature!

    4. What should it be called!!?
    Pop Protein Extravaganza! 😉 <3

  158. Kiahna says:

    Well my absolute fav protein is kaizen naturals vanilla icecream flavour that’s gluten and lactose free (due to the fact there is Lactase enzyme in it) so it’s not vegan. It’s honestly the best protein out there. I would loooooove a cheesecake flavour that’s gluten and lactose free. I’m lactose/gluten intolerent.

  159. tina says:

    1. chocolate!

    2. just anything vegan

    3. VEGAN please 🙂

    4. it should have blogilates written on it

  160. Heather says:

    1. What flavor you’d like. Something that blends well with various smoothie recipes, not a super strong flavor

    2. Do you have a protein preference? Whey, soy, brown rice, other?
    Vegan, please 🙂

    3. What ingredients do you NOT want to see – No artificial sweeteners

    4. What should it be called!!?
    Popster Powder? lol

  161. Sarah Rainwater says:

    Chocolate or vanilla would be the best flavors to stick to. My only preference (well, actually, requirement) is that the protein powder needs to be vegan. I always run into this issue when trying to add protein into my diet…. it’s so difficult to find a powder that’s vegan friendly. Please consider adding a vegan protein powder! 🙂

  162. Nicole says:

    Hi Cassey:-)
    Love, love, love your project! Just one more Amazing project of yours;-)
    Well: 1) Blueberry; 2) Whey or brown rice; 3) Chemicals, sweetners (just natural); 3) Protilates.
    Love you very much and thank you!
    Kiss kiss

  163. Lexi says:

    1. I think vanilla or chocolate would be great!
    2. Something vegan like brown rice or pea protein but not soy because i’m allergic to it!
    3. No: Soy (ALLERGY), stevia (i dont like it) , artificial sugars, or other bad stuff
    4. Blogilate’s Train Insane Protein Powder

  164. Maria says:

    1. No icky sweet dessert flavors, more like fruits and vanilla/chocolate.
    2. Whey!
    3. Not too many artificial sweeteners. I understand some might be necessary, but in moderation. Also no colorings.
    4. Something including clean

  165. Leanne says:

    Hey Cassey this is crazy but the flavour I want is
    1. Matcha
    2. Soy
    3. No artificial anything

  166. Silvia says:

    I rarely post but I will today, in the hopes that the more data you gather the more helpful it will be for you. It’s my (itty bitty teeny tiny) way of showing support and helping you achieve your goals 🙂

    1. I find there are not enough neutral flavored protein powders out there which can be used for both sweet and savory dishes, so I guess neutral. That way, it can be integrated in just about anything. However, I realise this is probably the hardest to get right so alternative would be vanilla, or something super mild. Also, more people tend to be allergic to chocolate or berries than to vanilla, so it makes it a sort of easier option 🙂

    2. There are more soy and lactose allergies than there are allergies to brown rice/peas/hemp, so for that reason I’d say one of the latter.

    3. Soy is definitely not great for either men or women on a regular basis, so preferably none of that. Also, no “avoidable artificials” such as sweeteners, unnecessary preservatives, coloring, etc. A little stevia or whole brown sugar is best for sweetening, but should be kept to a minimum.

    4. Your brand seems to be pretty well developed, so something with either POP or Blogilates in it will be most recognizable. On the other hand, it might not speak so much to consumers who don’t know you, so something more neutral as a main name might be advisable, with an obvious mention like “Formulated for you by Cassey Ho of Blogilates” or something 🙂

    My two cents, hope it helps and I wish you all the best in this new endeavor!

  167. Adeline says:

    1. Vanilla please!!! Make it simple so can be used as building block not just for shakes but also other dishes (like pancakes!). Also chocolate would be good to start with. Then I agree, do limited editions of crazy flavours like Creme brûlée, mango, Oreo, etc.

    2 & 3. Low fat and low carb. Also make it available internationally (esp for UK customers) without hefty shipping cost.

    4. pass… Think other girls have better ideas than me. But if the contents are good, I’d buy it. Think you have large enough client base 😉

  168. Andrea M. says:

    1. I agree with the whole start with the basics thing but, ( I am secretly hoping for a flavor like Peanut Butter. I know it is crazy but OMG that would be amazing. )

  169. teilzeitDAU says:

    “POPsters’ choice” 🙂

  170. Jessica says:

    First of all I just want to say Cassey I love you, thank you so much for all the videos but the effort & time your putting in to make things like the protein powder for us is really special. Im really struggling to find a protein powder thats worth how expensive it is cause lets be honest, its super expensive, and if you know nothing on what you really need in that powder is really difficult so thank you for doing this, pleaseee tell me your going to be able to ship it to the UK? cause i might die if you dont. sooo heres my answers,

    1. Vanilla (cause you can put it in EVERYTHING) or Chocolate but if your doing choc it has to actually taste of chocolate cause iv had sooo many choc protein flavors that taste like sh*t & id like to try a cookies & creme but im guessing you cant put that in many things?
    2.Whey protein
    3. nooo artificial sugars
    4. Blogilates protein powder! Your brand name is already so big everyone knows you and so i think will feel comfortable buying a product thats familiar.

  171. Liz S. says:

    1.) Rich Dark Chocolate

    2.) Whey

    3.) Soy

    4.) Blogilates Boost Protein

  172. Bella says:

    1.) Chocolate or vanilla!
    2.) Whey or soy
    3.) Doesn’t really matter to me 🙂
    4.) Cassey, I would love to do the brand identity/logo for your protein shake for free! I am an experienced freelance graphic designer who has been following your blog and workouts for a while (Your website is my homepage) I know you are extremely busy but please check out some of my work on when you have time 🙂 I can be reached via

  173. Hanna says:

    Yay so exciting!
    1. Coconut! My current fave protein powder has pieces of desiccated coconut in it, and it’s so delicious (and coconut is really good for you)
    2. Whey protein isolate
    3. NOTHING artificial please!
    4. I think it should just be called BEAST MODE! because it’ll help us train hard and it’s my favourite quote 🙂

  174. Tif says:

    1. Peanut Butter or Coffee
    2. Pea Protein! I’m lactose and gluten intolerant and have a sensitive digestive system 🙁
    3. Lactose free, gluten free, no added sugars, no numbers!
    4. Pop-protein?

  175. Aneka Hearts says:

    mmmm great recipe!

  176. Emily yap says:

    TILAB protein powder!
    Train Insane Like A Beauty HAHA

  177. Emily yap says:

    1. Good ol vanilla is most versatile 🙂
    2. Soy or whey
    3. Vegan please! And no artificial stuff and all that jazz
    4. Hmmmm lemme brainstorm

    1. Kat W says:

      Whey isn’t vegan

  178. Sarah says:

    1. cookies& cream; brownie; peanut butter; or simply vanilla
    2. brown rice. Soy might be manipulated.
    3. please please please NO aspartam!! So hard to find powder without it!
    4. Beast powder?

  179. Monika says:

    A vanilla shake is awesome cause it can be used with so many things. Other than that, something cinamonny, cause I adore cinamon.
    No real consernes or ideas about the other questions, I trust you Cassey.
    I like the name idea POPPro or triple P, but I’m sure there will be loads of other ideas.

  180. Caisa says:

    1. Vanilla or peanut butter! somebody here said peanut butter thought it was an awesome idea 😀
    2. Wheyyyyyy
    3. No artificial sweeteners + no dairy
    4. PROPTEIN!
    <33 love u

  181. Kristyce says:

    1. Vanilla and/or mocha!
    2. Hemp protein
    3. No gluten ingredients or artificial sweeteners
    4. A mashup with Pilates, just like blogilates!

    I’m so excited for this!

  182. Mel says:

    1, Definitely vanilla (: Peanut butter would be awesome too! And cookies and cream…. and cake batter.. haha. And something cinnamony
    2. Don’t really mind
    3. No artificial sweeteners would be preferable! Also not HFCS (high fructose corn syrup)
    4. PopPro? Idk lol

  183. sara says:

    Yay thats such great news! I’d love to see a peanut butter or cookies and cream flavor, as well as an actual vanilla that tastes like vanilla and not plastic. I don’t want to see artificial sweeteners and obviously no ingredients I can’t pronounced! Sweetened with stevia would be the best 🙂 I would prefer whey pea or brown rice because I find they work the best for a variety of people 🙂

  184. Alyssa Thompson says:

    1) I think a vanilla, a chocolate, and a berry are a good place to start!
    2) Please make a VEGAN protein powder so that all your popsters can use it! I would like to see pea or hemp protein- it is really gentle on the tummy!
    3) No Splenda or preservatives. I would be okay with some REAL cane sugar for sweetness, but like less than 5g per serving.
    4) I don’t have an idea for a name, but I also think that you should make a powder with protein AND plant-based vitamins and minerals. Like a super protein/green foods powder!

  185. michelle C says:

    1. What flavor you’d like:
    chocolate will probably taste best

    2. Do you have a protein preference? Whey, soy, brown rice, other?
    I would like the protein to come from different sources such what vega or plant fusion has done

    3. What ingredients do you NOT want to see:
    whey and soy, no added sugars

    4. What should it be called!!?
    ilates (as in popILATES) ???

  186. Justine says:

    1. What flavor you’d like: The regulars: Mocha/Chocolate/Vanilla/Strawberry; Sweet Desserts: Tiramisu, cinnamon roll, pumpkin pie, cheesecake, oreo, etc. etc.
    2. Do you have a protein preference? Whey, soy, brown rice, other?: Personally, whey is too harsh on my digestive system, so I use soy. Other than that, low carb, 100% protein!
    3. What ingredients do you NOT want to see: Nothing artificial, please!
    4. What should it be called!!?: I like POP! Protein or POPster protein. Those were great ideas! How about BeastPOP Protein? Haha.
    GOOD LUCK, Cassey!

  187. Ashley says:

    1. anything that tastes good in most smoothies so probably vanilla?
    2. & 3. GLUTEN FREE please!!
    4. Popster protein or pop protein sounds good like some people have already suggested!

  188. Tiffany M says:

    I’ve only ever had vanilla whey protein but I love it so much I haven’t edged out to any different flavors.
    I think the name if it should be Pulsetein. You’ve always got us popsters pulsing out moves. Protein helps us go harder for longer and helps us recover. So it’d help us bring our pulses up…or help us get em back to normal.
    : >

  189. Jessica says:

    1. What flavor you’d like.
    Some classic flavours would be great for a kind of basis. Like chocolate, vanille und strawberry. But i would be also in love with some special flavours, like cheesecake, peanutbutter cookie or mango-smoothie. Also in a kind of limited edition 🙂

    2. Do you have a protein preference? Whey, soy, brown rice, other?
    No (: i think you will figure out the best protein preference for us. so i dont care which one, i think i can trust you ;D

    3. What ingredients do you NOT want to see
    Chemical colours for sure. No Gluten, no soy, vegan and free of high fructose corn syrup would be great!

    4. What should it be called!!?
    Perfect PoP Protein (so called: PPP) ^-^

    I am really excited! Although the prices of shipping to Germany are really high, i would buy them! Then i could also put some more items from your shop in my bag, like the shaker (: <3 Love ya!

  190. Joanna Watterson says:

    Cassey you should make a whey protein that’s peanut butter flavour; you could call it peanut butter lover!! Only thing I’d like it to exclude is dairy (so it’s vegan friendly!).

  191. Malak says:

    Vanilla whey protein 🙂

  192. Jasmin says:

    1. flavor: i would start with simple vanilla and chocolate (or even unflavored) and then start experimenting. i’m super excited to try out fitnessguru’s protein powders because they have so many crazy flavors ( blueberry cheesecake, strawberry white chocolate, kiwi yogurt etc.)

    2. whey, soy or brown rice: I would prefer brown rice because it’s gluten, dairy and soy free. everybody should be able to use it. (I am gluten and lactose intollerant for example)

    3. ingredients that I dont want to see: chemicals, sweeteners, gluten, dairy

    4. name: p(r)optein or pop protein would be nice ! def something with us popsters in it !

  193. Jill Coleman says:

    I say please make it plain (no extra flavors) so we can add all different types of fruits!!

  194. Emily says:

    Flavors: Vanilla Bean AND vanilla creme!
    Protein preference: I don’t care as long as it’s an isolate. Just nothing chalky
    Ingredients not wanted to see: brown rice syrup solids, fructose, cane sugar,evaporated cane juice.
    Name: Via! Because it will be steVIA sweetened. 🙂

  195. hannah says:

    1.chocolate or vanilla 🙂
    2.brown rice protein (ive heard its best for you) artificial sweeteners or other chemically tasting things!
    4. ??

  196. Elle says:

    Yes making protein powder is so exciting! I want chocolate that doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners in the worst way! Can’t find it anywhere! I hate the taste and I think it’s more unhealthy than regular sugar.

  197. Julia says:

    I’m allergic to soy, so no soy please… other than that the suggestions sound great. I’d go with Vanilla cause that’s pretty neutral. Name –> POPster Protein 😉

  198. Jeanie says:

    A protein powder? Wow, Cassey you do it all! I’m so excited.
    1. What flavor you’d like.
    Chocolate, Vanilla, or unflavored. I like simple 🙂
    2. Do you have a protein preference? Whey, soy, brown rice, other?
    Not soy for sure
    3. What ingredients do you NOT want to see
    Anything artificial. I would rather there be no added sugar. Or, at least very low on added sugar. No gluten or dairy as well.
    4. What should it be called!!?
    I’m liking either PopProtein or Popster Protein.

  199. Catta says:

    1) Vanilla
    2) plant-based! As many people avoid soy, maybe rice? I think, it should be VEGAN, kosher, halal,… and gluten-free too, so that no popster is left out.
    3) GMO, animal products and ingredients that do not fit into a clean diet.
    4) As some others already said: POPster protein! Or maybe POPsterein

  200. Jackie Lopez says:

    Make it with hemp! Its sustainable, great protein source, vegan, not from a poor cow thats lives in conditions and is treated like a machine (actually worse, we humans treat machines much better than cows)

  201. Karisa says:

    Not soy. It mimics estrogen in the body and so isn’t something women with a family history of breadt cancer (me) should be eating.

  202. Sophie says:

    Thank you so much Cassey for doing this. I agree with the people who say there should be a green tea flavor. My fave!! A natural-tasting vanilla one would be amazing too. Coming from a lactose intolerant girl I would love it if it were dairy free. Thank you!

  203. Naomi says:

    1) Vanilla or Matcha Green Tea all sound good to me, of course “neutral” would be fine too. Don’t we all mix up our powder with something tasty anyways?

    2) Rice is good for me, and probably other people too (I have a soy intolerant, f-that) plant based sounds cool. I’ve only read about it. Still never heard of a rice allergy. I’d be happy if it contained flax and or nuts but then it might make some other people sick too with nut allergies. I find sweetners unnecessary because I can add my own, but saying that I’m sure it will taste pretty bad without something.

    3) No heavy metals. Its a duh. Why is it in there anyways? Just to make us more unhealthy is my guess.

    4) …hmm Perfect Protein, Perfect Pop Protein, Powdered Pro, Powered Pro, Powered Pop Pro.

    And again I feel so lucky that we all have you. I am desperately needing lean protein sources. I don’t have healthy yogurt or dairy options where I live in Taiwan, nor can I eat tofu or edamame (I pray non of you get acquire soy intolerance). Eating chicken and almonds is super boring and would be grateful if I could get your new dream protein mix!

  204. Ellen says:

    I’m a newbie, but as a breast cancer survivor, I try to avoid soy on a regular basis.

  205. ninah says:

    YES!!! whey protein please!!!! and no high fructose or artificial sweetners… mm maybe stevia of xylotol which are so much better!

    hmm and i know that many women cant use these because of high blood pressure and claustrophobia.. so no niacin would be really nice! in other words.. no flushed feeling!

  206. Carolina says:

    What a super good idea! Brown rice protein would be nice-actually out of all the non whey protein powders I’ve tried brown rice protein based mixes were the tastiest..not a fan of the soy stuff and would like to avoid whey or casein. As for flavor chocolate usually masks after tastes well 🙂

    1. Carolina says:

      Oh and the name -poptein powder! Lol

  207. Anna says:

    Name: Progenious Powder – Slogan: Blogilates’ proteins to eat clean 🙂 Just an idea…
    Progenious Powder – Blogilates’ proteins to clean.

    1. Anna says:

      Sorry, it’s spelled (Pro)genius of course, I’m no English native speaker 😀

  208. Tara says:

    1. Cake batter!
    2.&3. Anythig that doesnt have gluten, dairy, soy, high fructose for people with ibs, myself included. I cant tell you how many bad attacks i had because of protein powder and the vegan ones thata re plant based just taste AWEFUL’!
    3. I agree with tiffany that POPster Protein is an amazing choice

  209. Bianca says:

    PLANT-BASED protein!! I am using Garden of Life RAW Protein Powder currently, and love this plant-based protein powder (has 17g per scoop). It’s, gluten free (a must for me!), vegan, dairy-free, certified organic, NON-GMO. If you could make something comparable to this but beat their price, I’d be a loyal buyer for sure!

  210. Zoe says:

    I like chocolate protein powder best! And I prefer vegan blends, I find they digest better than whey and they are accessible for everybody! One of the issues is a lot of vegan protein isn’t finely milled enough and doesn’t dissolve as well.

    I also think the powder should have 20g of protein per serving. Some of them are too low in protein for a powder I’m consuming for well… Protein! Haha

  211. molly says:

    Please make it vegan! And I like vanilla so I can create what I want around it more easily. Call it pop protein!

    1. Katelyn says:

      I also think Pop Protein is a great name!! Vanilla fo sho!

  212. Emily says:

    Don’t use whey!! It’s ground up animal parts 🙁 use protein from great foods such as peas and brown rice 🙂 that way it’s vegan! Which is great for everyone!! And for flavour you should make chocolate, vanilla and some fun flavours like pumpkin or banana 🙂

  213. Sarah says:

    Hi Cassey!
    Your ambition is truly inspiring, and I love all the positivity here!
    I have not been able to find a protein powder brand I could have, I kind of gave up looking at the moment. BUT, if you can make a magical protein powder that is safe for celiacs and is all dairy, soy, corn free and also paleo friendly (for health reasons.. Many, many health reasons lol) well, that would just be magical! Haha 🙂
    Or if anyone knows of one that’s out there??

    1. Emma says:

      Wonderful news Cassey!

      Sarah, have you tried Tone it Up’s Perfect Fit Protein? I think it’s all those things you mentioned.

      1. Sarah says:

        I have never heard of that one, I will definitely check it out! Thank you!

  214. Sarita says:

    Vanilla, Peanut Butter, Chai, Pumpkin Spice, Banana
    I think there is or has been a bit of controversy over soy.
    As few ingredients as possible. Keep it as clean as possible.
    Excited for this!
    Love you and everything you do Cassey!

  215. Annie says:

    Hemp based Protein products are fantastic, Vegan and non GMO. I personally try to steer clear of processed soy because it could potentially be estrogen forming and it’s usually genetically modified.

  216. Amélie says:

    Please Cassey, don’t make it with whey! I’ve read in the book “feed your face” that whey protein powders are really bad for girls with acne! For guys, it doesn’t make any difference but it really is gonna make acne worse for girls who are prone to it, like me 🙁

    Thank you!!! I hope you will read this comment!
    Love you Cassey!

  217. Star says:

    Vanilla would be a great start or cheeses cake
    I haven’t tried enough protein shakes to have a specific type that I like but I’m sure you’ll chose the best
    As for the name I agree with the masses on PopProtein
    And Cassie you just put the pumpkin lover over the top could you do a health pumpkin muffin next?

  218. Jenn says:

    Vanilla. I also use it as a base in other recipes. I personally prefer the taste of egg protein-it’s the only one that I don’t get that weird taste from. Absolutely NOT soy – soy is so bad for many of us with auto immune disease.
    totally trying this pumpkin recipe tomorrow!

  219. Irene says:

    So wanna try! I would like to see hemp protein (gluten free, vegan, paleo, complete protein), but you could try different proteins, as long as all the different types of proteins are available in the same flavors. Some flavors that would be cool would be chocolate cake, red velvet cake, cappuccino, cherry pie, apple pie, hazelnut, chocolate hazelnut, coconut, French vanilla, cheesecake, or bacon (jk!) and some ingredients I do NOT want to see are maltodextrin, high fructose corn syrup, or malitol! A name? PopProtein!

    1. Annie says:

      Yea! I’m so happy someone else said this! I am a huge fan of hemp protein products.

  220. Rachel says:

    1. For flavors, chocolate or vanilla would be good, but I would LOVE a peanut butter flavour, or a pumpkin spice.. maybe even marshmallow or something… or peanut butter marshmallow!? (Is there even a way to make something taste like a marshmallow and be healthy? ha ha)
    2. I have a bit of a dairy intolerence so Rice protein would be my first pick, but I can handle whey. I try to keep my soy intake to a minimum though.
    3. Not too many artificial/ GMO ingredients
    4. POPprotein : )

    1. Rachel says:

      Oh, and sweetened with stevia would be awesome : )

  221. Anna Mo says:

    What brand of protein powder would you recommend for this recipe? I haven’t tried protein powder before if that makes a difference?

  222. Rachel C. says:

    1. Vanilla, since I almost always use mine as a base for protein pancakes and smoothies, so I can add different flavors myself.
    2. I prefer whey!
    3. I would like if there were no artificial sweeteners (sucralose or aspartame)
    4. Princess Protein!

  223. Tricia says:

    Thank you so much for this smoothie and OMG! How exciting to make your own protein powder! I have this protein powder I bought that I HATE. But I’m finishing it up because I spent so much money on it. My big thing is I hope you make it really really tasty. I would like to add protein powder and water and mix it up, but the taste is so disgusting by itself.

    1. What flavor you’d like: Vanilla, chocolate or matcha green tea!

    2. Do you have a protein preference? Gluten-free, non-GMO, low carb, and preferably rice!

    3. What ingredients do you NOT want to see: wheat and too many carbs!

    4. What should it be called!!? POPster Powerhouse Protein! Or POProtein!

  224. Jackie says:

    1. What flavor you’d like.

    2. Do you have a protein preference? Whey, soy, brown rice, other?

    3. What ingredients do you NOT want to see

    4. What should it be called!!?
    BB (Train like a BEAST Look like a BEAUTY) PROTEIN OR POPster/Perfect Protein

    1. Aditi says:

      OMG! I do research on Kidneys and there is a huge debate going on between scientists and nutritionists cuz Scientists say High levels of fructose as seen in pop is terrible for kidneys and it’s not broken down like a normal sugar but Coke Cola and their nutritionist argue against it. So DEFINITELY NO FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, no matter how cheap it may be (I have read many scientific journal articles on how terrible high levels of fructose is for your body >_<)

  225. Jackie says:

    1. What flavor you’d like.

    2. Do you have a protein preference? Whey, soy, brown rice, other?

    3. What ingredients do you NOT want to see

    4. What should it be called!!?
    BB (Train like a BEAST Look like a BEAUTY) PROTEIN OR POPster/Perfect Protein

  226. Jackie says:

    1. What flavor you’d like.

    2. Do you have a protein preference? Whey, soy, brown rice, other?

    3. What ingredients do you NOT want to see

    4. What should it be called!!?
    BB (Train like a BEAST Look like a BEAUTY) PROTEIN OR POPster/Perfect Protein

  227. Alexandra says:

    This definitely made my pumpkin addiction go up a notch… Thank you! 🙂

  228. Rachel says:

    Yay!! I hope there’ll be a vegan option :*)

  229. Kacy says:

    I also like POPster Protein! And please make it vegan!

  230. Anna Marie says:

    I’m SUPER excited for this! I would DEFINITELY buy this when you release it. I know whatever you decide will be phenomenal! 😀

    1. What flavor you’d like: Bourbon Vanilla, Madagascar Vanilla (super delicious on its own, but easily works with any mix-ins you’d want to add), Vanilla Bean Chai/Cinnamon

    2. Do you have a protein preference? Whey, soy, brown rice, other?
    Whey usually tastes the best, but I know you have tons of Vegan followers. I, personally, switched from whey to brown rice (I have a slight intolerance to any lactose/milk-based product), which I really like (out of many vegan ones I did not like; soy protein powders, in my experience, taste horrible).

    I’ve also heard an organic quinoa protein powder is being developed by O-M-G! (which, I thought you’d like, since you say that a lot, hahaha). I’m not sure about taste, but I think it could definitely work. OR AN ALMOND based protein powder (since I see you like almond milk so much). Don’t know if that’s possible, but it would be DELICIOUS, if possible!!!

    3. What ingredients do you NOT want to see
    Not a ton of ingredients on the ingredient list (as clean/whole as possible). Though, I’m sure there wouldn’t be, since you love eating clean! 🙂 When I first started, I did not know much about nutrition and bought Muscle Milk Light. Sooo many ingredients, way too sweet and had a weird aftertaste from the artificial sweeteners.

    4. What should it be called!!? Protein Powder on FIYAH! haha. Or Protein-ilates, POP! Protein!, Train INSANE Protein, BEAST Protein

    1. blogilates says:

      i love POP protein!!

  231. Louise says:

    What an awesome idea!
    1. Chocolate!
    2. don’t mind 🙂
    3. Nothing with gluten, no artificial sweeteners
    4. POPprotein!

  232. Ashley says:

    Love the name POPster Protein!

    Can it be sugar free? There are a lot of hypoglycemics, diabetics and people watching sugar. I can’t make almost any of your recipes because I can’t have sugar.

    Also loving the GMO-free ideas. It’s always good to eat as clean as possible- including without GMOs.
    And I can’t have a lot of soy protein powders either because soy reacts with a lot of health conditions.

    Good luck Cassey! I hope the label is bright and pretty 🙂

    1. Anna Marie says:

      Sugar free would be AMAZING! I personally like to add banana to mine, but can’t if the protein powder is too sweet.

      I agree with the soy as well. And, I personally think soy-based powder don’t taste that good/take a while to get used to…

  233. Ayla says:

    Egg protein!!! <3 my favorite

  234. Jenna says:

    I would like to see as few ingredients as possible, all whole ingredients and little sugar. I can’t wait!!

  235. Ashley says:

    Exciting! I’m dreaming of a LOW CARB, soy-free, vanilla powder 🙂 I’d buy so much of this from you! What a big market you’re going to have! Ah, so exciting 😀

  236. Sarah says:

    I’m too cheap to buy protein powder, it’s quite expensive in Australia, so I try to get all my protein naturally, like eggs and meat and nuts.
    But, good for you Cassie, I’m sure any flavour u make will be a hit. How about Green Tea, Taro, Pandan, Mango, Maple Syrup, just some suggestions!

    1. Anna Marie says:

      Green Tea (esp. matcha) would be amazing! Also, you’d get so many added benefits. 🙂

  237. Tiffany says:

    1. What flavor you’d like.
    Chocolate!! OR vanilla
    2. Do you have a protein preference? Whey, soy, brown rice, other?
    I prefer whey
    3. What ingredients do you NOT want to see
    4. What should it be called!!?
    It should be called POPster Protein!

  238. Maricella Macias says:

    Brown rice protein would be great! Would love if it was vegan too. Vanilla seems like a good flavor to start out with. I’m excited for this!

  239. Brittany says:

    Green tea and /or chocolate!

    1. Brittany says:

      especially as some others are saying, Matchaaaaaaa

  240. Lisa says:

    Cassey, it’s so exciting you’re developing your own protein powder!!! You should do everything you can to make it non-GMO and free of harmful chemicals. And I don’t know how sensitive other people are to whey and soy like I am, maybe brown rice protein is a good choice?

    Good luck!! And thanks for loving your fans as much as we love you!!

  241. Marissa says:

    i have no doubt that you will make a delicious protein powder. my only request is that you make it vegan as well as tasty! so brown rice, soy, pea, hemp, etc. no whey or casein, please. 🙂

  242. Maddy Gilbert says:

    Cassie I am so excited that you are making your own protein mix! As far as ingredients go, I would like you to make sure that all the ingredients are vegetarian! And for flavor, I think you should make a banana protein mix as many of your healthy treats are banana based, this would go along great!

  243. Rachel says:

    Chocolate protein powder!! Brown rice or (NON-GMO) soy…No GLUTEN – for those of us with celiac/gluten intolerance!!

  244. Taylor says:

    I love this!!! I can’t wait to try that smoothie!! As far as the protein powder goes, any flavor is good with me-I’ve only ever had vanilla (and not a very good vanilla) so I’m sure whatever you make will taste Delilah! My only stipulation is that I’d prefer it to be as low carb as possible, and I wouldn’t want there to be anything artificial in it (though I doubt that would even be a consideration for you!!). Other than that I’m open to anything you do!! You’re the best Cassey!! Love you <3

  245. leah says:

    please, please, please, make the protein powder kosher!! i can’t find any good kosher protein powders. and if you can, make it gluten and dairy free!!

    1. Alexandra says:

      THIS!!! Gluten and dairy free ): For IBS, gluten sensitive/intoletant girls and vegans.

      1. What flavor you’d like: Unflavoured would be great! Vanilla is also acceptable 😉
      2. Do you have a protein preference? See #3
      3. What ingredients do you NOT want to see: No Soy or whey preferably… Or gluten ):
      4. What should it be called!!? Tiffany above suggested POPster protein and I think that’s an amazing Idea! GO TIFFANY!

    2. Ella says:

      this is such an amazing amazing project!!!
      kosher would be awesome, REALLY awesome.

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