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The 1000 Workout…in video form!

December 4, 2012



The 1000 Workout…in video form!

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Hello POPsters!!!!

Let’s do the 1000 Workout together! Get out your timer and see if you can beat me! C’mon, LEEGGGOOOOO!!!!

Here are the moves – it’s 10 exercises, 100 reps each:

I was TOTES dying at the end of this workout. It was killah and I loved it! When filming this, I found it extremely difficult to count to 100 in my head while talking and motivating you guys so I had to refilm this routine and I opted for voiceovers instead. It seriously was the only way! But not bad, I think doing voiceovers gives me some more time to make meaningful comments without losing count.

Hope you enjoy this workout…let me know what you wanna see next!

Now onto other news!

So what the HECK does this mean? Let me give you a clue…

Whoa whoa whoa. Well, what do we have here?

Now that is a super top secret sneak peek at the inside of the POP Pilates DVD! There’s so many cool features in there like this interactive exercise library!

We’re working hard to finish up the final touches on the editing and the official debut on my DVD will be 12.16.12. Exactly 1 month away from my birthday! So get ready guys! This is gonna be an amazing workout – the routine you always wanted – a full 1 hour workout that will hit every single muscle in your bod!

We just finalized the front and back cover, the disc image, and a real life printable (that you actually don’t even have to print)! Thanks to POPsters Diandra and Anna for doing the artwork on these projects. I love how we are incorporating “in-house” talent. When I say in in-house, I mean anyone in the Blogilates Community counts as in! Ooooooh! Also…I wonder who’s quotes were chosen to grace the back cover of the DVD!!?? 3 gals were picked out of the comments left on facebook. I guess you’ll just have to find out! Muahahahaha!

I can’t wait for you to see this! I’m dying!!! AHH!!!

My parents are super excited about how the DVD is turning out too, ya know, especially since mom was camera 1 and dad was the closeups cam. Hahahahahaha. Who woulda thought. I think they will get a kick out of seeing their names in the rolling credits 😀

Now that’s a Ho Family production.

Ok off to bed now! I hope you’ve had a fabulous start to your #DashingDecember workouts. Keep training hard!!!

<3 Cassey

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  1. Laura says:

    I only did 700 out of the 1000. I’M A FAILURE!!! I’m going to go die in a hole now. :'(

    1. Rebecka says:

      You’re absolutely not! 700 is really great! Just as Cassey says all the time, you’re on your own fitness journey, and you should not compare yourself to either Cassey or any of the other POPsters. Work hard and you’ll see the results! Go Laura!

  2. mariaB says:

    OMG!!! I finished in just under 30 minutes:D I can Barely breath and type!

    1. mariaB says:

      entire body is shaking and am sweating like a pig, thanks Cassey<3

  3. PRadhAYiNi says:

    ohhh miii gOOoOD …. I Had to cRawl bACK TO MY Lapee to type tHIS…. YOu rOCK xo

  4. Kerry says:

    Cassey, will there be a pre order for your DVD? So you know what numbers you need cos I want one & I also want to order a second for a gift & don’t want you sold out first day 🙂 I’d cry!! Think I looking forward to the 16th more than the 25th x

    1. Kerry says:

      Ps: doing this WO in morning as my bootycall before pooch walk

  5. Nat says:

    Hey casey, I’m a die hard fan and believer in pop piliaties. Your muffin top video was what converted me lol. Unfortunately, I can’t watch all the ones I want since I have no pc and I have to save all videos via Would u be a darling and upload your new videos on there also for all of us who tune in via phne?

  6. Lindsay says:

    Finally just tried this!! My arms feel like jell-o, I can barely type this comment haha. I definitely had to pause during the half cobra pushups but I finished! Loved it!!

  7. kelly says:

    i cant wait for this dvd!!
    and i know this is totally unrelated to this particular post but I LOOOOVE the popstars/popsters transformation stories!!! please post more if you have any! definitely motivation 🙂
    youre the BEST!!! 🙂

  8. Yasmine says:

    OMG I just died. This workout is amazing. I did my best to keep up but those hoover jacks after working out my arms burned.

  9. Bailey says:

    SUPER HARD AWESOME WORKOUT!! I did the video and got through it and now I feel 1000 reps stronger/more fit!! I am also the sweatiest I’ve ever been!! Also, since we set up the christmas tree last night and I did this workout in the living room, there are some pine needles stuck to my body! haha Merry Christmas blogilates style!

  10. LeeAnn says:

    Cassey, you seriously need to hear this Pop of 2012 mashup, Pop Danthology: its so perfect for a workout!

    1. blogilates says:

      totes just listened to it!!

  11. Renee says:

    Hey Cassey – I did your 1000 workout this morning for the first and it was amazing. Of course, it was amazingly hard, but in a good way. 🙂 I am going to be sore tomorrow. I pared it with your Victoria’s Secret workouts, which are fantastic as well. I love all your videos. I am always putting different videos together to make a fantastic hour of Pop Pilates. Thank you for making working out fun and enjoyable (I guess I am say that). 🙂 And thank you for making it doable at home!

  12. Sarah says:

    Awesome workout, this 1000! I will have to work up to doing it all without breaks. 😀 Thanks for keeping me challenged Cassey! I love it… even when it hurts. 🙂

  13. Adrienn says:

    You just saved me from eating tons of chocolate out of fatigue due to my 2 year old son having a total melt down before lunch. BTW baby daughter cried at the same time + dog outside wanted me to play with him. He yelped too. For a complete. Twenty. Minutes.
    Put everyone to bed.
    Found your video.
    Now I’m energized and calm. ZEN
    Ready to take kids to doctor in the afternoon for a monthly checkup.
    In the snow.
    One strapped up in mei tai other in stroller.
    But now I feel STRONG! 😉

  14. Eliza says:

    Can’t wait for the DVD to come out!!!
    How long till the Blogilates Community?
    Love you Cassey! <3

  15. teilzeitDAU says:

    haha i LOVE this vid bc first of all i don’t need to count anymore and second (and this is the main reason actually) bc your gestures are hilarious!
    e.g. 1:52 (“you’re gonna feel the burn right there!”) or 5:04 (“abs gonna be rock-solid hard!”) or 11:41 (“this is gonna lift your butt!”), haha!
    like in those silent movies where they try to make up for the lack of sound with gestures 🙂
    love it 🙂

  16. missy meaux says:

    Awesome and did it at lunch time!!!

  17. Katie says:

    Is there a way to pre-order the DVD or do we just have to wait until the 16th?

  18. kat says:

    Yay, I can’t wait for the DVD!!! (I also love the adorable new necklace you’ve got in the shop right now, it’s so cute!) <3

  19. nm says:

    love the 1000—it’s one of my favourites and your DVD …. seeing the digital library interface makes me think of xbox game, which I think the blogilates community should totally petition for!

  20. Sandz says:

    Congrats girl! It must be an exhilarating feeling to see ur dreams come into fruition

  21. Emma says:

    Oh please oh please let this be available outside the USA! Would love this on my Christmas list! Xx

    1. blogilates says:

      yes it’s avail everywhere!

  22. Mikaela says:

    Can’t wait for the DVD! I’m gonna put it ony elfster wish list and hope I get it for xmas ;D

    1. Mikaela says:

      on my*

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