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That time I wanted boobs

July 13, 2017



That time I wanted boobs


Hey guys!

I cannot believe we are on the 6th episode of The Sheroic Podcast! It’s been really fun being able to get deeper and share more stories with you guys. This week’s episode is on Plastic Surgery and Lisa and I have quite a bit to say. To start us off, here’s a picture of me back in 2012 backstage at my bikini competition with some of my fellow bikini competitors – all really sweet girls!

But, my own personal body image issues started after this photo was taken.

Never had I ever thought of altering my body until I saw the stark difference between the girls who won and the girls who lost. Every girl that I met that day was uniquely beautiful, but what I noticed was that the girls who placed Top 5 in my contest all had breast implants. I on the other hand, placed near the bottom 5.

Whether or not this was the case, it led me to believe that if I wanted to be a winner, I’d need to get breast implants too. But I see now that I set myself up for my own mental state of weakness. When you WILLINGLY put yourself up against other women in a physical bodybuilding competition, you better be ready to have your entire worth be based on how you LOOK. Not who you are. Not your GPA. Not your talent. Not how nice you are. It’s literally how low your body fat % is and whether or not the ratio of your waist to your boobs and your butt is better or worse than the girl next to you. And guess what? Your literal value that day is dependent on a panel of judges who spend a few seconds looking at you like a piece of meat.

In my moments of weakness, I did not see the situation clearly. I saw myself as less-than and I wanted to do whatever it took to win. I wanted boobs. Boobs were gonna make me win, I thought. The problem was…the reason for changing my body wasn’t for myself. I wanted to change my body for a panel of judges I didn’t even know.

And that’s where I stand on plastic surgery. 100% do it if it’s for you. I’m never gonna judge you for it! But if you’re doing it because someone else wants you to? Stay far FAR away from plastic surgery! Changing your body to make someone else happy is a NO-NO.

If you want to hear the entire story, listen to the podcast (free) or watch the YouTube video above! I think you will learn a lot about yourself and what makes you TRULY beautiful. This is definitely one of those episodes that you should share with another girl in your life 🙂

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I actually couldn’t even figure out how to leave a review until today (had to read a tutorial)…so no worries if you haven’t done it yet! In case you’re having a hard time, here’s how to do it on mobile and on desktop FYI ;P


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That is all!

Let me know in the comments what topics you’d like Lisa and I to cover next!

Love you so much!


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  1. Jonalynn says:

    Hello everyone!
    I can’t help but have an opinion about cosmetic surgery, especially to the breast area. Personally I would like to get breast augmentation. I feel like mine are too floppy and that doesn’t make me feel good about myself.
    When I’ve talked to people who have had augmentations and if they felt it was the right decision I got roughly a 50/50 response. I think some people’s biggest issue was they went too big and regretted it. I’ve heard that implants can give you autoimmune system issues in some cases so I really don’t know if getting that done would be the right decision. What do you all think? If you’ve gotten implants or known someone who has, what have their experiences been?

  2. Nat says:

    Dear Cassey, this is the first time I’m posting a comment on your blog so I really hope you’d read this.. I listened to your podcasts REPEATEDLY, especially the lastest episode 6. The stories Danny J shared about her competition days, eating disorder, suicidal thoughts really struck a cord with me.

    I suspected that I went through some metabolic resistance/damage after hitting my goal weight more than 1year ago and had actually lost my period for a few months during that time. I was soooo obsessed with counting calories, exercising daily, etc, even after reaching my goal weight, but slowly and I started to gain back a little of my weight.

    I tried and tried to go back to my goal weight again but I could never reach it. With that I gradually sank into anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, etc. I blame it partly on my change of job and more work stress. But before that, I had already been experiencing a negative change in my fitness performance.. I just couldn’t run or workout as much as before.

    It was really depressing for me. I cut off from all my friends whom I used to share my fitness journey with. I felt like such a loser after being called a role model for some of them. I also felt so much envy and jealousy for a friend who is doing much better than me. She lost all the weight and looks much better than before while here I am putting on weight steadily :((( I just feel like all my previous efforts have all gone down the drain!

    Fortunately after listening to your podcasts (especially episode 6), I had a change in perspective. I realise that maybe I put too much emphasis on my physical appearance and weight. Fitness and health became more about vanity than feeling good and healthy. I had lost all sense of purpose.

    So THANK YOU CASSEY (and Danny J)! For being the voice of reason for all the fearful and depressing thoughts that some of us have developed from being too focused on the numbers (be it calories or body weight). You are a real inspiration and I wish you, the Blogilates and the Sheroic team all the best.. keep on keeping on!

    Lots of love and blessings,

  3. Ju ju says:

    It is not for you to judge or to define for someone else what is right or wrong. Remember It is your life, your journey and your reality, every one is different. If it feels right and gives you a good feeling…. then fab your enjoying your life 😊😶

  4. Jessie says:

    Can you talk about body types in the work place, and how they affect the way you are treated?

  5. I look forward every week to hearing a new podcast from you! You guys are so relatable and real.

    My stance on plastic surgery is to get it if you truly want to! If it makes you happy to alter your body, You have the freedom and right to do that. But not doing it for someone else’s benefit.

  6. Steph says:

    Seems to be a recurring theme that Cassey considers it unreal to have big butts or big boobs etc. Here she says because she doesn’t have either she’s a “normal looking person”. There are still harmful body politics being shared in her videos. However i have seen her evolve in that area over the past few years and i can respect that.

    1. I think what she means by unreal is physically altered bodies. Because its unnatural. It doesn’t say that you’re a crappy person.

  7. Amy says:

    Will you be putting your podcast on GooglePlay soon?

    1. For now, You can use YouTube!

      1. Amy says:

        Sure that works at home, but the point of a podcast is to be able to stream or download and listen when you’re out and about, which isn’t exactly Youtube’s strength.

    2. shelly says:

      Get the Stitcher app for Android. It’s on there.

  8. Michelle says:

    Hey Cassey! I was born with big boobs, and now I’m considering a breast reduction surgery when I turn 18 because I get back pain sometimes from that and it gets so annoying when I exercise. My parents tell me that I should just accept it, but I notice it’s affecting me both physically and my inner confidence. What should I do? Lots of love from Melbourne Australia <3

    1. Emily says:

      Girl, if it’s causing you pain (or if it’s just what you want!), you gotta trust your gut. No one but you can tell you what’s going to make your life the happiest, and no one should live in pain if they don’t have to. Just take some time and think about what’s best for YOU. <3

    2. Carmen says:

      Dear Michelle,
      I can perfectly understand where you’re standing. I reduced my breasts (about two kg – now I’m on size 75B) when I was 19 yrs old (so about 12yrs ago) and for me personally it was one the best decisions I’ve done in my life.
      My friends and parents were supportive but also scared and therefore often tried to talk me out of it. The thing is: You really have to listen to yourself. Is your pain (physically and psychologically) such a big weight on your life’s quality? If yes, what do you expect from a reduction? Please, honestly ask especially that last question cuz a reduction won’t magically change whatever else you are not happy with in your life. It can be a starting point for you to change your life.
      Also consider there are still risks connected to a reduction (possibility of loosing sensation in the nipples, issues with giving milk ones you wan’t to have kids, not so beautiful scars …) – after all it is still surgery. (And all those is not far fetched possibilities … I lost 80% of sensations on both sides due to a haematoma after surgery which also gave me some not so nice looking scars …)
      I don’t want to scare you but remind you that it actually is a big decision and you should take your time to think in through nd inform yourself as much as possible.

      And if you settle on the “I really wan’t this – for me” then I wish you all the best of luck and hope you can fully embrace your body.

    3. Cristina Steele says:

      Michelle, my good friend in college had your problem. She used to sleep in her bra because she would otherwise roll and painfully smush her breasts in her sleep. She wanted reduction surgery but couldn’t afford it, so she ended up investing in some really good bras. The ones that look kinda like granny bras with built in steel
      I-beams for support. She didn’t care that they weren’t sexy because everything was supported better and she had less back pain (the bras were fuller cupped with wider shoulder straps).

  9. Brianna Q. says:

    I absolutely love the podcast and at the end of each episode it gives me something to think about in a whole new light. I was also wondering if you could do an episode dedicated to nutrition when you workout. How much to eat, what to eat, and what to stay away from. Thanks and hopefully this is what the next podcast is about. Bye!

  10. Кристина Бурсина says:

    Cassey, thank you so much for this podcasts! They make me feel much more confident and think more about me and the way I look at life. I always really liked your videos about motivation and being positive and these podcasts are really a new wave. But I actually watch them on YouTube because I’m just not the type of person who understands the information listening to it. I need to see it!!!

    And actually I would like to make a plastic surgery for my ears because they are too different and I just do not like myself with my hair up because of it, but my husband is absolutely against it. He does not want me to change everything in myself even my hair color, because he says that he loves me how I am, but I want to change something. Can you talk sometimes about boyfriends and husbands and how we are affected by them? Love you!!!

    P.S. I love fitness and eating clean just because of you and your personality – I want to make your YouTube videos to see your cutie face and make me sweat!

  11. A Jackson says:

    Thank you for this post! It came at just the right time! Funny thing is that what I am struggling with has nothing to do with looks and fitness, but what you write applies the same! Well done.

  12. I do have implants and have had them over 10 years now. It was 100% for me. Before I had my first baby at 22, I was a “firm B” and I was OK with it, though I had always wished for a little more. After my baby, they were still about the same, but had lost firmness and I didn’t feel like they looked like a 22 year-old’s! So I went and got them a year after having my baby and the key I feel was not going too large. I’m tall-ish and athletic so I can get away with more, but at the end of the day I’m a large C, small D. When any of my friends find out they aren’t real, they are SHOCKED. If anyone here decides to do it, my advice is find a good doctor, find a size that is right for you that you are comfortable with and make sure you are doing it for your own reasons, not anyone else’s as Cassey said. 🙂

    1. blogilates says:

      I’m so glad you’re happy with them!

    2. Danielle Grant says:

      I never considered getting fake boobs until after my baby stopped breastfeeding, even though my mom has implants and I know a bunch of people who are very happy with theirs. I just wasn’t for me—I’m too scared to go under the knife!—and I was happy with my “modest attributes” lol. After my little guy stopped nursing, though, I had basically 0 boobs and a lot of skin, so, like Morgan said, it just didn’t look right, so I started considering the idea. Still I figured I’d take my time to do some research before doing it and, thank goodness, they are basically back to normal, even if slightly smaller, so I’m happy again!

  13. Anna says:

    omg I know! I’ve gone to review/rate podcasts so often and could never figure out how D: Now I finally did (right before I noticed that you gave a step by step guide :’D) <3
    Kind of sucks that reviews seem to be location based though -_- I'm curious, can creators see reviews from all over the world, or just their own location?

    1. blogilates says:

      hmmm it’s location based? Where do you see that?

      1. Anna says:

        I figured it out because I could never see any or very many reviews for anything- and the ones I could see, the users either wrote in Finnish, or their names sounded very Finnish. Found this article:

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