POPstar of the Week: Olivia Davies from Wales, UK

POPstar of the Week: Olivia Davies from Wales, UK

What motivates you to live a healthy lifestyle?

I would say that several things motivated me to become the fit, happy and healthy person that I am today. When I was bigger I had no energy, I was lethargic, tired all the time and the tiniest amount of exercise would exhaust me so I knew that diet and exercise routine had to become an integral part of my life. I love food and I am a firm believer in getting the right amounts of proteins, vitamins and minerals understanding now that a ‘diet’ isn’t denying yourself food, it is about finding the balance! I also find I am saving money now buying vegetables which are in season and eating healthily, cutting out buying biscuits, crisps and sugary rubbish which I do not need.

Health obviously is a huge motivator. I was anaemic, had high blood pressure and was bordering on diabetes but since I’ve changed my daily routine I am 100% healthy! I still enjoy the odd cocktail with my girlfriends on a Saturday night and the odd square of dark chocolate but they are treats and treats only 🙂

My new approach to diet and lifestyle has also encouraged other family members to eat ‘right.’ So I’m spreading the love to others! We even have a dog now which needs a walk twice a day so I get EVEN MORE EXERCISE! I’ve also become an inspiration to friends in college who ‘want to look like me‘ or ‘achieve what I have’ , the biggest compliment I could ever hope to get!

As well as working out to stay in shape, I also find it an excellent stress reliever and after a hard day of studying or working it’s nice to have an hour to myself doing pilates or yoga. I love the feeling after an intense session, it’s the biggest adrenaline rush and leaves you feeling AMAZING. I even help out in the ‘Tots and Toddlers’ yoga sessions in our community centre now, meeting new people and making new friends and giving myself a purpose within our neighbourhood. A healthy lifestyle is a great way to make friends and socialise. I always see a new face at the gym or talk to someone and now even online within the POP Pilates Community!

I’m not ashamed of my previous body, I’m proud of myself for being able to transform into the fit person I am today and to feel comfortable in my own skin. Looking good is important but feeling good is the biggest motivator for me. To be happy you need to be healthy and now, 2 years on I’m feeling fit and fabulous and loving every minute of it!

Sorry, I didn’t mean to write so much!!

Fave 2 or 3 POP Pilates videos:

I love every single one for their fresh & fun approach to pilates but my favorites are:Super Butt Workout for the burn! New Body Makeover because I loved the lunge pulses and the Eagle Crunch, Body Slimming because I really liked the Gaga move and the side planks, Sea Inspired Pilates for the Rainbow, Mermaid and the Starfish which was a nice step up from the plank move 🙂 Hope it’s everything you need 🙂

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  1. Jessica says:

    AWESOME job! 😀

  2. Coffin says:

    Yey! Amazing transformation 😀 Congrats! You are truly inspiration!

  3. Daniela says:

    OLIVIA! You are an inspiration to people everywhere and its wonderful to finally see a real life woman who is so capable and proves to me how diet and exercise can really effect every aspect of your life positively if you let it. Thanks for the motivation to stay strong! youre truly amazing (and I love that you wrote so much!) <3