There’s a “Midnights” Treadmill Workout on TikTok, and We’re Obsessed

You’ve been listening to Taylor Swift’s Midnights for a few weeks now…but have you ever worked out to it?! Topping the charts right now, every song on this album is a whole vibe. So why not bring that energy to the gym?

TikToker Allie Bennett, famous for her totally awesome treadmill workouts, recently released a Midnights workout challenge. So of course, I had to try it!

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Not sure what to expect from a TikTok treadmill workout?


I wasn’t either. But as a certified Swiftie, I was so ready to strut my stuff and get my workout on. I headed to my local gym to try out the Midnights Treadmill Strut Challenge. (Wearing my favorite POPFLEX Shortsie, of course!) 

The workout starts with “Karma” and warms you up with a chill walk at a 2.8 mph pace. For the next few songs, you increase by .1 mph.

After one warm up song, I put the treadmill on an incline for an extra challenge.

Keep increasing your speed, walking a little faster until you jump to a running pace for “The Great War” and “Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve”. You guys, these songs were hard!

The original creator of the challenge is 5’9, so if you’ve got shorter legs, you may want to heed her advice and go a bit slower! I recommend a 6.0-6.5 mph pace.

Finally, cool down is back to 3.0 for “Vigilante Shit” (which I did on an incline) and close it out strutting your stuff to “Bejeweled” (and if you find yourself doing the “shimmer” fingers, same)

@benntheredonethat Replying to @dontstrainyaself karma is a BRAND NEW taylor swift treadmill strut workout 🫶🏼 this one’s 31 minutes of midnights – let me know if you try it out!! @Taylor Swift #taylorswift #tsmidnights #swifttok #treadmillstrut ♬ Anti-Hero – Taylor Swift

Are you pumped to try this TikTok treadmill workout too? No need to pause the video and take notes; I broke it down for you below.

Allie Bennett’s Midnights Treadmill Strut (MTS):

“Karma” 2.8 mph
“Anti-Hero” 2.9 mph
“Lavender Haze” 3.0 mph
“Paris” 3.1 mph
“Question…?” 3.2 mph
“Mastermind” 3.3 mph
“The Great War” 7.0 mph (or your chosen running pace)
“Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve” 7.0 mph (or your chosen running pace)
“Vigilante Shit” 3.0 mph
“Bejeweled” 3.0 mph


@benntheredonethat i literally can’t stop doing this dance every time this song comes on @mikaelarellano 🫡 #treadmillstrut ♬ Bejeweled – Taylor Swift

Post-treadmill workout thoughts

Overall, I love how versatile this workout is! You can totally customize it to really make it your own. Plus, it’s a great way to take in new music and really focus on the songs. 

Head over to Spotify to check out Allie’s complete playlist or the challenge. If you need more, add the Midnights version of the 100 Ab Challenge to your routine. If you’re looking for more musical motivation, check out this Y2K Workout Playlist!


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