I Tried the New Tarte Maracuja Juicy Glow Foundation 

When it comes to my face and skin, I’m pretty particular about what products I use. Since my job requires me to test a lot of products, it’s imperative that they are not only worth the money, but also are good for the skin — the last thing I want is a breakout in response to a poorly formulated product. With that said, about a month ago, I received an email that Tarte Cosmetics was coming out with a new foundation and as an avid user of the brand’s Shape Tape Concealer, I knew I had to get my hands on it. 

Back in January, Tarte Maracuja Juicy Glow Foundation was released as part of the brands “Spread Your Wings & Glow” initiative made to spread the word about the importance of empowering each other. Now, that’s a message I can get on board with since there’s no such thing as too much positivity. 

Aside from the positive message, I could always use a new foundation so why not try out this one from one of my favorite brands?

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What is Tarte’s Maracuja Juicy Glow Foundation?

The brand describes the foundation as being a medium-coverage yet buildable foundation formulated with a 10+ superfruit complex and sustainably sourced ingredients.

Some of the ingredients include hyaluronic acid, strawberry, watermelon, pomegranate, acerola, acai, grapeseed oil, goji, maracuja oil, peach, cranberry, lemon, vitamin E and flower extract.

Each of these ingredients has special properties that work to help the skin from restoring moisture, protecting from free radicals, providing anti-aging properties, and promoting collagen production, and reducing the appearance of pores and fine lines. There are many more, but those are a few of the highlights that caught my eye when I read about the product. Also, it’s free from ingredients like parabens, mineral oil, sodium lauryl sulfate, and phthalates so you can feel comfortable putting it on your skin. 

Not only does it provide coverage, but it’s supposed to offer a dewy-radiant finish for a glow that comes from within thanks to its encapsulated maracuja spheres. 

It’s currently available in 24 shades and at a price point of $40. The shade range varies from fair neutral to espresso honey to match a variety of different complexions.

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Testing the Tarte Maracuja Juicy Glow Foundation

This is the part of the story you’ve been waiting for — the review. 


Let’s start off with the price, a bottle of this foundation will cost you $40. Now, that may seem like a lot, but it’s actually pretty standard for professional-grade foundations these days, especially the ones you’d find at Sephora and Ulta. You could find similar foundations at the drugstore for cheaper prices, but they most likely won’t be formulated with the same high-quality ingredients. 

I’ve been using this foundation roughly three to four times a week for nearly two months and have yet to run out of product. If you ask me, I think that’s a pretty good value, especially because I don’t think I’ll run out until next month or maybe early May. 

Packaging and application

Next, the foundation comes in a squeezable tube that can easily place product on a brush, beauty sponge, or your finger. Personally, I like to apply the product to a damp BeautyBlender and then work it into my face. 

When it comes to this foundation, a little goes a long way. I opted for the fair-light neutral shade because I had a combination of warm and cool undertones in my skin. Normally, I start with two pea-sized amounts and put that into different areas of my face (chin, t-zone, cheeks, etc.) This provides me with all of the coverage that I need in just one layer.

I will say that I don’t have much to cover with foundation (acne, dark spots, etc.) so I think this is just the right amount of coverage for me. However, if you have acne, redness, and discoloration, then you might want to consider a more full coverage product as this is pretty sheer and natural-looking.

What I like most about this product is how lightweight it is.

I find myself forgetting that I have makeup on because I don’t feel it on my face although it’s still there. To finish off my look, I use the brands Shape Tape Concealer and Double Take Eyeliner.

It really does stay on all day.

The brand says the foundation offers 16-hour wear and is waterproof. I can say both of those statements are true because after walking around Disney World all day long in the blazing sun my makeup was still in-tact. Although I know I should set my makeup with a setting powder, I never do and yet it still stayed in place. I just made sure I really buffed it into my skin so it wouldn’t move or budge throughout the day. 

tarte maracuja juicy glow foundation review

And I can’t forget to mention how well it photographs.

When I took pictures it made my face look so glowy and smooth. There was the appearance of little to no texture and it looked like my actual skin. 

I will say that I think this product is designed for those with dry skin because it’ll give more of a glow. However, if you have naturally oily skin, then you’ll probably want to refrain as it can create the appearance of even oiler skin and a slick finish instead of a matte one. If you want to try it out despite having more oily skin, then I’d recommend setting it with a powder to absorb some of the excess oils and prevent unwanted shine.

Overall Thoughts

The Maracuja Juicy Glow Foundation might be my new favorite at the moment because it gives me a natural looking finish with just the right amount of coverage. If you’re looking to cover tattoos or have stage makeup, then you’ll want to look elsewhere because this isn’t it. However, for everyday makeup looks whether you’re going out to brunch or to a dinner date, this foundation will do the trick.

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