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Super Song Workout

January 29, 2012

Super Song Workout

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Not sure what to do today? Try this.

Go to your iTunes and pick out 5 of your fave songs. Keep it upbeat. Do the move regular style until you hit the chorus.

Song 1: crunches
– at the choruses, do leg lifts
– at the end when the chorus keeps repeating do double crunches til the song ends

Song 2: pushups (on knees or toes)
– at the choruses, hold plank
– at the end when the chorus keeps repeating do alternating side planks

Song 3: walking lunges
– at the choruses, hold lunge one side and pulse, at next chorus switch sides
– at the end when the chorus keeps repeating squat it out

Song 4: tricep dips
– at the choruses, jumping jacks
– at the end when the chorus keeps repeating do high knees

Song 5: Criss-cross
– at the choruses, go double time
– at the end when the chorus keeps repeating do rollups


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  1. AWESOME! Great workout for when you haven’t got internet or simply just want to hear your favorite songs while working it out! Thank you, Cassey, for all these alternatives about working our desired bodies!

  2. Julianna says:

    Lol! “calories are okay on your birthday”.
    you make me laugh♥:)

  3. Shelby says:

    Did this after the 20/20 workout… water never tasted so good. Neither did air.

  4. Jenna says:

    What a great idea! I don’t know what I’d do if you weren’t constantly providing all these different ways of getting motivated, you totally rock. Any suggestions for upbeat workout songs?

    Today is my one week anniversary with your videos and my clean diet, feeling great! Thanks Cassey!

    1. blogilates says:

      I’m in a song rut right now! Check out my music page to get inspiration.

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