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Super Shaper Workout!

November 12, 2012



Super Shaper Workout!

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Hey POPsters! Here is your new Pilates Bootcamp video! Also, for those of you asking…I do not have a 1000 workout video. Umm maybe I should make one and time myself…

In the mean time, here is the printable that I am referring to on the #NutsinNovember calendar!


Have fun and be sure to comment or tweet me with your time!

<3 Cassey

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  1. Carmen says:

    I just wanted to thank u for the videos on youtube. My daughter gets married next week. Two months ago she began birth control and gained twenty pounds! Never having been big befor she was devastated….and we had already bought the dress!!! Thanks to u and your videos she now a sleek and toned girl that can not only wear the size 6 dress, but her bikini for the honeymoon as well. Thanks so much and keep up the great work. I’m a true believer in the results!

  2. Freya says:

    Hi Cassey,
    After finding your site when getting sucked into a YouTube vortex, I found the answer to my exercise problems, having just finished high school in Australia I have been working 4 jobs, been very tired and lacking in motivation, the short and targetted workouts are so fantastic for a per work burst of energy in the mornings and I have so far lost 5kg. Thank you so much for giving me my old life back you have been a lifesaver.

  3. Hey Cassey!

    I absolutely love your videos. I have stuck to every single day of JaNEWary so far, and I feel amazing.

    I know you’re really interested in healthy food and finding those really healthy recipes that taste sinful. I found a blog that seems right up your alley if you want to check it out.

    I love you keep doing what you do best 🙂

  4. alex_krizmanich says:

    what are the half cobra puch ups, bridge pulses, walking lunges, tricep dips, and hover jacks?

    1. Cutie33x says:

      I’m not 100% sure but look them up 🙂 c

  5. Sophia Nicole says:

    OMGHHKP!!! I loved this work out, it totally kicked me in the butt but that’s what made it soooo much fun! I can’t wait to do it again.

  6. Love squats and mountain climbers they really make you sweat!

  7. Ayne says:

    Omg I died with 1000 workout did for the first time, could finish it though my body refused to move after the 6th part. But will keep trying. Thank you so much for it.

  8. Mel says:

    my parents mock me for being the most overweight person in the family (everyone is REALLY fit) and when I’m proud of my workouts, the mock me even more for my efforts and tell me it’s useless – so then of course i lose motivation :/

    I don’t supposed you have motivation tricks ? other than your happy face 😀

    1. Zora says:

      PROVE THEM WRONG!!!!!! YOU CAN DO IT. TRUST ME. YOU REALLY CAN. Just read these inspiration stories and believe in yourself. and work hard.

  9. Jessica says:

    The 1000 workout kicked my butt! I am going to keep doing it. Thanks for the awesome workout and hope for some more exciting ones just like this one in the future!

  10. I’m going to have to try that though I don’t know about 100 of each just yet

  11. Denysha says:

    Gotta say I developed a love/hate for the fire hydrants. I especially liked the side pushups! Triceps are such a hard muscle to keep toned.

  12. lydia says:

    I really enjoyed this workout. I love using the weight in the fold of my back knee. It really adds to the leglifts and leg circles.

  13. Jana says:

    My lower back hurts by doing the abs exercise. Am I doing sth wrong?

    1. Gen says:

      Make sure your back is pressed down and that there’s no gap between your back and the floor! 🙂 hope that helps

  14. Susan says:

    Can’t wait to try!
    Also I gotta say, orange looks really HOT on you!! xxx

  15. Jamile says:

    27:56! Shaved off 3 mins from last week! Huge accomplishment 😀

  16. Monika says:

    18:54! IM SO PROUD OF MYSELF! Last week my time was 25 mins! Im so shocked at the improvement! Love your workouts Cassey!

  17. Ryan Noelle says:

    OH boy! The 1000 is a great way for me to see how I am improving by doing my POP Pilates. I am going to do this once in the beginning of the month, then again at the end of each month. Can’t wait to see my progress! Thanks for the chart!

  18. This is exactly what I do at a bootcamp I’ve been going to and it definitely shows result! It’s hard at first but totally worth the pain the next morning!



  19. A says:

    i was wondering if you make a quick video demonstrating all the moves on the 1000 workout. Like you did for the 20/20 workout. it will be very helpful. thanks. I love your workouts by the way. they are very intense and actually work. unfortunately i’m not very consistent because internet is not very reliable here in Ghana.

    1. teilzeitDAU says:

      hi A.!
      i don’t know if that works for you but what i did is i converted some of the vids from youtube into mp3 and put them on my ipod – just like songs – so i can do them without a laptop or internet access (e.g. at the gym or outside).

      maybe that could work in your case, too?

      as for the moves in the 1000 wo: I would suggest to just google them or check them out on 🙂 or in cassey’s vids of course:

      e.g. the “one more night cardio” for moves no. 1, 3, 8, 10;
      the “heart throbber “for moves no. 2, 5;
      the livestrong arms video for moves no. 6 and 9;
      the “bootyful challenge” for move no. 7,
      and the 20/20 for move no. 4.
      cheers! c.

  20. Victoria Lynn (not the other Victoria above this!) says:

    1000 workout = 30:56
    It took a while but I did this right after doing all of mondays workouts!
    Definitely a challenge! I started dying right around the tricep dips!

  21. Katrina says:

    Loving the fire hydrants!!

  22. Sam Roller says:

    I love all of your workouts! The side pushups were great, I just wasn’t sure if my shoulder that “hugs me” should touch the floor or hover. Also, I love the last ab move, super effective!

  23. Victoria says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I really enjoy/love your workouts, blog and recipes. Just made the oat/cottage cheese cookiess – yum!! I was looking for your list of all your recipes and can’t find it on your website – how could I get to that. There are so many I want to try, thank you. Oh, by the way I did the Want You Back Arms challenge! I was sore for 2 days and Loved it!

    1. Ashlee says:

      Hey Victoria, here’s the link to the recipe list!
      Enjoy 🙂

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