Staying Fit & Motivated Through Summer

Staying Fit & Motivated Through Summer

{This was me at the Jamba Juice Pop Up Fitness event in Chicago last week! I think I am trying to dance. I think.}

Hey POPsters!!!

A lot of you are really kicking it up a notch this summer – I can feel it and see it all over twitter and facebook as you’re writing me! I am so happy you’ve chosen to take control of your mind and body.

I remember back in the day, summer vacation was a little draggy for me as a kid. Summer school, lazy days, listening to the radio while making song requests to the DJ, lounging around in my sleep clothes until I called a friend to meet up. I remember Neopets being really in. Oh how much time I wasted on dial-up internet and fake electronic creature pets.

These days with fitness booming for all ages, I am so happy that a lot of you guys have chosen to use the extra time you have to focus on pushing yourself extra hard. I mean what better time? The sun is out, you feel good, and well to be honest, more skin is going to be shown, so might as well look and feel good right!!??

The last couple weeks I’ve been having pretty motivated days. And I want to share with you some tips that may help you stay on track while having fun!

    • Start your day with a glass of water! This helps get your metabolism going and makes you conscious of how important hydration is with heated temps.
    • Have a clean breakfast! My fave? Protein pancakes! or fruit parfaits. Mmmmm…this gives you energy to power through anything!!!
    • Update your playlist! Good music makes me run longer and faster! My song of the moment is Maroon 5’s “One More Night”. This is YouTube muscian Jason Chen’s version. He’s good. I just found him:

  • Buy a new swimsuit. Okay, I know it’s pretty simple, but having a goal of looking fit when heading to the pool or beach always gets me moving! I like to hang it in my room so I can look at it every day. I also like to try it on once in a while to get me excited!
  • Try a new physical activity!! One really cool sport I’d love for you to try is SUP or stand up paddleboarding! In Chicago at the Jamba Juice Fitness Pop Up Bonanza, I tried SUP-ping for the first time with a twist…we did yoga while on the boards! It was os crazy! I spent more time trying to not float away than actually doing any yoga…hahaha. Fun nonetheless.
  • Make new friends! Fit friends that is. If there are any POPsters in your city then get together and workout. I am working to create a nice community page for you guys so you can connect easily without feeling awkward about approaching people. No worries my loves, I am going to take care of you! Talking to a developer now.

{this was me and Jen from getting our circus on!}

Okie dokie POPsters!!! And once you start lookin’ and feelin’ good, reward yourself with some new clothes, shoes, jewelry, good food, a trip with your friends somewhere – whatever! Take care of your happiness! Keep it vibrant, keep it positive, keep it EXCITING!!!!

<3 You! Headed to LA tonight after my Pilates class in the city. If you wanna see my new teaching schedule and maybe wanna catch a live class with me this summer, check out my calendar here.

Bye!!!! Cassey

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  1. Cami says:

    Wow Cassey looks so pretty , she’s so happy and vibrant she really motivates me
    Thank you Cassey I love you so much ps I love your bathing suit

  2. Diana says:

    During the summer I’m staying fit with the help of seasonal sports like swimming, surf, but also by following Toronto martial arts training sessions! It’s a sport that I’m practicing since I was a kid, so I can’t live without it… it’s a part of my life! Being an active person is important in order to have a healthy living! 🙂

  3. Anna Marie says:

    I love Jason Chen’s music! 🙂

    Haha, and NEOPETS! Spent a little too much time on there as a kid. In middle school I had a guild with about 300 members. o.0 Nerdy, I know, haha.

    I’ve been more motivated this year, more than ever. I think I’ve been keeping up the momentum because I’ve finally made it a lifestyle change, not just training/dieting (though, I was never really stringent about dieting… haha); eating clean most of the time, trying to get some movement in and basking in the sun. 🙂 Also, now that I know that my thyroid was what was causing weight gain/fatigue, I’m working with my body and have been way more energetic.

    I made a visual motivation board full of photos and quotes, as well as what I looked like at my heaviest (so, when I feel like nothing’s happening, I can look at the picture and actually see a huge diff.). I just bought a super cute bikini from Maaji that is my current goal (I had a goal of getting into a fitted dress that I bought online and never fit into… but it fits now! SCORE!).

  4. Kaiti says:

    Hi Cassey,
    Love these photos – It’s winter in Australia so I’m jealous! One question you might not get very often – How do you keep your skin so nice?? You are absolutely glowing! Do you have a special skin care routine – Please don’t tell me it’s natural! 🙂 X

  5. Robyn says:

    Thank you – sometimes I find it really hard to stay motivated (strangely more so in summer than winter!) It really does help to hang around a lot of fit people ( joining a running club etc ) because it motivates you to be at the same level or higher!

  6. Fun post!!

    And I totally agree with drinking a bottle of water first thing in the morning. I started doing this and can already tell the different. I FEEL hydrated all day and it helps me avoid morning munchies 😉

  7. Morgan says:

    I just found this website. I’ve been eating healthier the past 3 weeks! I’m happy to see this kind of site where people share how they are doing!

  8. Great post… the first photo of you at the Jamba Juice event is enough motivation for me, you look great!
    It’s winter here in Australia but your constant updates keep me forever inspired!
    Keep it up!

    1. blogilates says:

      thank u!!! keep it up girl!

  9. Lily Nguyen says:

    Dearest Cassey,

    I would like to say THANKS A BUNCHES for being such a great and wonderful inspiring individual. I came across one of your videos on youtube mid May and since then I’ve been hooked. Before your videos and blog, I was so sick and tired of being sick and tired (physically&emotionally), but you helped because you seem to be such a down to earth person who stays REAL with yourself and everyone. I’m sorry, I don’t want to seem like a creepy stranger in love with you, I just wanted to reach out to you and say how you are a big part of helping me change my life.

    I was living a tired and sedentary lifestyle and it was affecting EVERYTHING. Now, I’m doing your videos w/a little bit of running 6 days/wk and cut out sodas, a lot of candies and chips out of my diet and drinking more water. I feel so much healthier.

    and I’m now able to fit in both of my prom dresses comfortably from 2007! and it was quite squishy wearing them even then.

    Thank you <3

    1. Anna Marie says:

      Great job! Doesn’t it feel amazing fitting into old clothes? One of the best feelings ever. 🙂

  10. next time you’re in Chicago we’re doing pop Pilates in the snow 🙂

  11. Emma says:

    Ahahaha, I still play Neopets from time to time! Usually when I’m procrastinating on paper-writing…oops?

  12. Claire says:

    Thanks for always keeping me motivated, Cassey! And oh my gosh- Jason Chen is such a good find. I’m going to get all his covers now for a new running playlist! I’d love to see a POP routine to one of his songs 🙂

  13. Renata says:

    Thank you!! Your post really keeps me motivate during this summer…well right now is is so hot….
    And, Yess…a good playlist of songs definitely motivates me a lot when I am doing my exercises even more in this hot summer…which I like it because it reminds my country Brazil!!!
    Thank You!! 🙂 Have a great night!!

  14. Cathy says:

    NEOPETS!! Hahaha!! I do remember those very well. I think mine was yellow and had to be constantly fed.

    I love the tip about buying a new bikini and hanging it up. I’ve been wanting to print out a picture of my fit role model to place in front of the tread mill or when I feel unmotivated to work out. I hear visuals def help! This was such an inspiring post.

    Get it get it girl!

    Cathy Trails

  15. Ashlee says:

    Thanks for the tips Cassey 🙂 although it’s the middle of winter here in Australia, and it is soooo much harder to get motivated, especially when I work 12 hour shifts… ughhh. I’m putting on winter weight 🙁

  16. Nancy B. says:

    OMG NEOPETS. I don’t even know how much time I wasted…and I was in college!!! lol. I was really considering stopping by the beach to say hello…then I realized wait, I’d have to catch a tourist bus from work, to head down to the beach, on a really hot day in Chicago, and try to make it back to Union Station by 6pm?!?!? hehe Sorry Cassey, I may be a fan girl, but you couldn’t pay me to head to a Chicago beach on a hot day, especially when I’m still in my business casuals. 😉

  17. Ciera says:

    I’m super bummed! I have been really motivated, keeping up on my Pop Pilates routine, and doing more cardio at the gym. The other day I injured my shoulder though doing inverted V push-ups :(… I hate having to rest, I can hardley move it, there’s major pain in the rotator cuff. I promise myself to do more abs and legs until time heals it, otherwise I’ll see a doctor. Injuries are the worst when it keeps us from being active.

  18. Krystle says:

    Hey Cassie! Thanks for posting those weekly challenges back in the day (eating colorful foods, drinking water, etc.) If you have some more pointers like that, please share them with us because I STILL to this very day drink that 22 oz every morning RIGHT when I wake up. It really helps!

  19. Nina says:


    right now I can’t work out due to a surgery on my foot, but I really can’t wait to get back to working out with your videos, going back to the gym and picking up on karate classes again in about two weeks!
    I’m SOOOO motivated since I’ve first seen your videos a few weeks ago, Thank you!!

  20. Alyssa says:

    I’m feeling more motivated than ever this summer. Headed to the gym to do some squats and deadlifts right now : )