Dipped squid in crushed Fiber One Cereal…








and it actually tasted uh-mazing!

What I love about calamari is the tender taste of sweet seafood cradled by a crunchy blanket of goodness. What I hate though, is the dripping oil and the the thousands of unnecessary calories packed into such a simple appetizer.

But there is a way to win. There is always a way.

I found a recipe online offering a “Guilt Free” way to make calamari. The secret? Crushed Fiber One cereal. I must admit, I was a bit hesitant towards putting breakfast bran on my sea-meat, but was more reluctant to pull out the viscous liquid of yellowy demise. Oil.

Followed the directions and waited impatiently by the oven to see how this concoction would turn out. To my surprise, it was actually…DELICIOUS! Got the crunch without frying anything! Did not taste like cereal at all.

Try it yourself and see if you like it. Thanks to Hungry Girl, I satisfied my calamari craving for only 200 calories versus the restaurant’s version at 1,200.



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  1. Amy says:

    This looks great but where would I find fresh squid? I’ve only ever seen pre-made frozen calamari in the stores.