Your September 2018 Workout Calendar!

AHHHH HAPPY SEPTEMBER!!! Do you know that this means we are a little over 30 days away from the wedding!!!?? OMG OMG OMG OMG. Get this – we have everything set…EXCEPT for our officiant! I know. I know. We’re cutting it REAL close. Scary.

Anyway, it’ll be fine! What I know is that the wedding is gonna be fun, our friends and fam will have a blast, and it is going to look so so sooooooo beautiful. I have this magical vision in my head, and I hope it plays out even better than how I see it! I can’t wait to share all the pics and vids with you!

Okay, ready for your September Workout Calendar Line Up? Check it out:

  1. SUNDAY: Ultimate Upper Body
  2. MONDAY: Bootyful Burn
  3. TUESDAY: PIIT Power
  4. WEDNESDAY: Hard Core
  5. THURSDAY: Totally Toned
  6. FRIDAY: Recharge Day
  7. SATURDAY: Lovely Legs

Click to download hi res cal!

If you’re new, here’s how it goes!

  1. Head over to and click on the videos of the day.
  2. Do each video once (unless otherwise stated)
  3. Check off as you go!

Boom! That is it! Have fun and KILL IT.

Have fun! Happy September!

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  1. September says:

    Thank you again. Love your workouts. But butt days are little too easy Ford me. And abs too hard. Love to have little more butt workouts.

  2. ashild says:

    Hi Cassie! i really enjoy your monthly calenders. It really helps me stay on course with my workouts. I miss your bikini blaster series though. I loved those workouts and i wish you could put them in your calenders. Thank you!

  3. It’s really important to have a schedule, so you stick to your goals

  4. inka.ripatti says:

    Thank you again. Love your workouts. But butt days are little too easy Ford me. And abs too hard. Love to have little more butt workouts.

  5. Melissa says:

    I used to be really big into Blogilates back in 2015/2016 when I wanted to look good for graduation. Ever since then; however, I just never seemed to be into it anymore! Like my motivation was lost. After 2016 I gained 15 lbs up to 145. This was the biggest I have ever been. About a year ago I started at an internship program in my church. One of the first days we made goals for ourselves. I wanted to lose the weight. I felt awful with how I was eating. So I started working out at our gym and eating healthy and I got down to 136. Now I am down to 130-132 and really want to get down to 115! I want to be healthy and love my body. I want to have a good relationship with myself. So . Here we are again. Rejoining Blogilates for the final time because I am determined to stick with it and not quit! Here we go! The time is NOW!

  6. Unfitmsma says:

    I have a problem with a band of fat above the butt and lower back. It’s a band that seems to run from the lower tummy bulge all the way around. So even doing all the butt workouts I still don’t have that sexy curve that runs from lower back to your butt. Is there any exercises that can target this area? Much thanks.

  7. Anna says:

    Hi Cassey, I loved the celebrity workout series! Could you please do a few more of the equipment focused workouts with at-home modifications? Thank you so much for making our workouts better!

  8. Ann Barton says:

    Get out of town!! I am getting married in 29 days and WE dont have an officiant either!!! Haha thanks for the workouts! ♡

  9. Titas Biswas says:

    this is amazing. thank you for being with me throughout even when i did not want you <3 thank you for so much of positivity (:

  10. Resa says:

    Not really liking the new videos anymore….too much jumping and equipment 🙁 I liked how you used to keep it very simple 🙂

  11. choudarbe says:

    I hope I can get through these next 20 days. I think I can do it!

  12. Joannan800 says:

    I’m loving the September calendar 😍

  13. scraphappen says:

    can’t seem to download. , also is there a way to save this to a desktop so I see it all the time? Thanks.

    1. Emintofitness says:

      Click on the calendar. It’ll load in a new window large sized and printable. Print from there, or right click > save as

  14. wickliffejess says:

    The website only works on my phone for some reason… Every time I try to pull it up and log-in on my laptop, it redirects me to the home page. :[

  15. Arshi says:

    I couldn’t download the calendar either !! 😔😔

  16. mommamermaid says:

    Ah September! I’m so ready for this month! I miss living in a cooler climate lol. Anyway, I’ve been following you for years but fell “off the wagon” so to speak, when I had my second child. I’m so ready to get back into shape! I’ve started the beginner 2.0 several times in the past but I neeeveerr end up finishing. This time I really want to move right into the monthly calendar because while partially doing the beginner in August, I noticed it seemed overly easy for me. I ended up doing different videos in addition or doing the videos more than once. So I’m thinking I’m really ready for more than beginners. Here goes!!

  17. AliCat2018 says:

    Hey! I love this calendar so far! However, some of the links aren’t working correctly. For example the link for the new September 3 video took my back to the Blogilates homepage! Is there a trick to get it to work?

  18. Lara says:

    I couldn’t download the calendar as pdf 🙁

  19. Megan says:

    So excited to start! I’ve been following your youtube channel and been doing those workouts whenever, but in about the middle of August I found that you had a blog, and I’ve been following the calendar ever since.

  20. Charli says:

    On day 2, do You habe to do the “Arms Focus” video 4 times or just the one time? Cause at the end of the video it says do it 4 times total, but with the calender does that only apply to Piit workouts and everything else is once ?

  21. Bessy Dudley says:

    Can’t wait

  22. Chhaya says:

    Hi Cassey, the clickable calendar doesn’t seem to be downloading
    . It keeps redirecting to the jpg but no links.

  23. Yy says:

    Hi. Recently I just started to join for the calendar workout. May I know what is the meaning of “WO” in the calendar? For example, on the 1st of Sep, butt lifting and thigh sculpting WO.

    1. Laurebrook89 says:


  24. fizz says:

    can you please mention as to how many calories these workouts burn? Also will we lose weight by just following this calendar along with healthy eating of course or do we have to do some exercises?

  25. anya2015 says:

    Love thiss Soooo excited!

  26. Anyone else ready for the school year?!

  27. Jessie Ramberg says:

    So excited to start the September workout calendar and the #30daywaterchallenge!!! I have been watching you for a few years however, until recently I wasn’t following them regularly. Last month I started your beginner’s workout calendar and I just have to say that it has transformed my body physically and strength-wise. I am so excited to see how much more my body is transformed!

    1. eo4wellness says:

      Jessie when I read your comment–I know JUST what you mean! Congrats on your success!

  28. Kara Newell says:

    My dad is always happy to officiate! 😊

  29. Omoni03 says:

    I haven’t received the email with the workout routine 2 months in a row. What can I do ?

    1. jessemae.dd says:

      Same with me!

    2. AliCat2018 says:

      Check you spam folder! That’s where mine was going!

  30. Jessi says:

    Yeahhhhh <3

  31. ewagzz says:

    Yesssssssss so excited!!