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September 2016 Workout Calendar

August 31, 2016

Hey guys!

It’s almost time for fall – OMG how can this be!!?? I don’t know whether to be sad that I can’t wear tank tops and shorts anymore or be happy that pumpkin spice everything is coming back in season super soon. I think I’m definitely both right now. Definitely in a confused state.

For those of you who are headed back to school, I’m sorry. Just kidding. But not really, because I am really happy I’m not in school anymore. I like working on projects that I truly care about and can always be excited about! Now don’t get me wrong – school is great for learning and there were def things I cared about – but not to the level of caring that I feel for things now.

Anyway, I’m just so happy that I get to work with you guys every day. You guys make me excited to get up and werk, werk, werk, werk, WERK (sung in the Style of Rihanna).

Here is the new calendar of the month! All chalkboard themed for that back to school feel:

Sept 2016 Final small

Click here for the hi-res version

Your exclusive video in the Blogilates App for September is the “Total Body Ladder”. We go through 4 moves – 1 for arms, 1 for abs, 1 for butt, and 1 for legs/cardio. We start with 2 reps of everything and work up towards 10 and then go all the way back down the ladder for 2. It’s a jolly good time 🙂

You know what, now that I think about it, I’m super excited for September because I want to start releasing more exciting new content for you guys! Funny videos kinda like the “7 Things Only Fit Girls Understand” and whatever else I’m feeling excited about. More POP Songs in Real Life? More vlogs? Who knows!! Just make sure you’re subscribed to Blogilates so you never miss a new video! Also comment below if you have suggestions!

If you’d like a 30 day challenge to do along with the calendar, try out any of these:

They’re fun, short, and sweet!

Ok guys, love you so much and see you soon!


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  1. mya says:

    When is the new calendar coming out

  2. Dhira Chakraborty says:

    Oh I have just got on with the beginners calender. And I am enjoying it so much that I have decided to incorporate some of the routines from sept calender too. I want to challenge myself as much as possible gradually becoming absolutely fit.

  3. Jood says:

    whats the different between that and the piit28?

    1. Caroline says:

      This one is 50min to an hour per day, piit28 is 28minutes a day.. also, this one is free, piit28 is paying. I haven’t bought piit28 myself, so not sure what other differences there are, sometimes there is a piit workout in this monthly calendar as well (when it says //piit behind the video name), so I guess piit28 is more things like that, more cardio-like with pilates moves, and less like the other pilates videos..

      1. Jood says:

        what do u recommend?

  4. Cyndi says:

    Ok Veterans, how and the heck do you find/ get the videos on this calendar? There HAS to be an easier way than scrolling her YouTube channel, right?! Help please.

    1. zoë says:

      I find I just have to search the name of the workout with ‘blogilates’ after it and it normally comes up.

    2. Caroline says:

      Usually you can find a playlist for today on the youtube channel (, allthough I see that for today we are too early, but the ones from the previous 3 days are still there, so you can get an idea..

      1. Caroline says:

        I see the link didn’t do what I wanted it to do… Basically go to the blogilates channel/user on youtube (you can click through from any video that was uploaded), and go to the playlists tab..

  5. Jen says:

    I dont know why but I can’t seem to not strain my neck when i do sit ups or crunches, does anyone know how i can fix this? Thank you

  6. Alexis says:

    Printing the work out monthly calendars are a nightmare. They are barely legible printed out and can barely be read online. Can you please make a calendar that is legible to view online and print?

  7. Caroline says:

    Hi I would like to ask how does this calndar work. I have to do all the workouts? For example on monday I have to do all 5 workouts for abs or I can pick just some?

    1. Jood says:

      yeah you should do all of them, and if you could do it twice that will be great 🙂

  8. Malu says:

    Please Cassey, never stop with the calendar and the free videos! you’re helping so many people and I’m one of them! Thank you so much!! :***
    Ps. Love the idea of a printer-friendly calendar

  9. karen says:

    Also, quick question (as I am not good at making a schedule) I am about 57kg and 5’3. I need like a 30 day for weight loss. Main areas, belly fat, thigh, bum. I am 40 years old. Any suggestions which schedule here will best assist. Many thanks

  10. karen says:

    Hey all and to the divine Ms Cassey. New to your blog, though always checking ur youtube channel. U very amazing. I am from South Africa and oddly the password ‘werkwerk’ u chose for September is actually the Afrikaans word for Work! Lots of love and hugs

  11. Lace says:

    where do i find all of these workouts because i dont know how to do them!

    1. Caroline says:

      for each workout that is listed, you can find a video on youtube which you can follow! either look for the name listed on the workout, or go to the blogilates channel on youtube and look at the “playlists” tab, where you can find all videos for today nicely listed together 🙂

  12. Jess Hernandez says:

    This is my first time doing the monthly calendar after finishing the beginners calendar. When we see a 30 day challenge like on the 13th, does Cassie just want us to do that video, or does she actually want us to start the challenge for 30 days? I am just wondering about her intention because I’m a perfectionist. Maybe only she can answer that question, I don’t know.

    1. Minnie says:

      I think she only wants you to do the video, where she demonstrates all the moves for those who are doing the 30-day-long challenge.

  13. Tasha says:

    I’m just starting the calendar. We’re do I find the videos to the workouts!?

  14. Jeanette Nuttall says:

    I had a daughter just over a year ago and shortly after I reaggrivated a serious back injury from several years ago. Now that I’m done with physical therapy, I am really trying to focus on strengthening my back while also losing my new ‘momma pouch’. After a lot of resting to recover, my heart is probably the most out of condition muscle in my body right now, and I would love more low impact workouts I can do to help get my heart back in shape!! I love Pilates and have loved challenging my friends and family to do it with me! Thanks for the awesome encouragement!

  15. maddie says:

    have any of you seen your body change with the work outs?! did you loose weight?!
    what changes have you noticed? im a newbie, just looking to get motivated with your success stories 🙂

    1. Kiara says:

      Check out the before and after page

  16. Trisha says:

    Cassey ! Thank you for ALL the wonderful videos. Exercising is now fun thanks to your up beat attitude. I swear I sometimes forget “the burn” listening to you talk during the exercises. I do have one request, I would really appreciate it if you can do some videos for pregnant women. I’m not currently pregnant (but I’m in the thinking about it stage) and it dawned on me that there aren’t any videos on your site for pregnant women. I would really hate to switch to another form of exercise during the 9 months. Please don’t have me resort to the boring treadmill !

    Thanks very much!


  17. Megan says:

    Are we suppose to stretch beforehand? And it you do, do you guys watch her stretching videos or just do a light stretch before working out?

  18. Beth says:

    Do I do all the workouts posted for each day?

    1. Bash says:

      Yes! If you are able! 🙂 Otherwise, just do as much as you can!

  19. Tess says:

    how does it works? how do i know which move is what i don’t know the moves

    1. Bash says:

      There is a playlist on her YouTube channel with all the videos you have to do for each day.. And she explains all the moves 🙂

  20. Malu Endlein says:

    when is like the glutes and thighs trimdown do I have to repeat 4 times even dough I’m following the calendar? Because I know the leg slimming WO we should do twice but I’m not sure with the others when she doesn’t say anything

  21. Maisie says:

    I’m starting a bit late, but lETS CRUSH THIS!!!

  22. Catherine says:

    Newbie question. When the PIIT video is on the calendar, are we supposed to do it 4 times like they say?

    1. MaryMac26 says:

      I think so. I ended up doing it that way because there are a few one sided moves that you would need to do at least 2 rounds to balance out the body.

  23. Kyla says:

    How do I find the workout vid for each of the workouts in the calender? I’m confused sorry guys first time.

    1. Maisie says:

      youtube 🙂

  24. Melissa says:

    I finished the beginners calander and this is my first monthly calander. So far it has been kicking my butt. Along with not eating so well I’m starting to feel discouraged

  25. aysha barber says:

    I am getting off of my 5th week post partum. I look forward to starting the middle of September and getting my body better than ever

  26. Carmen says:

    I’m so excited and nervous to do this month’s calendar. I haven’t been working out consistently in awhile so I know this will kill me lol.

  27. asian says:

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  28. Egle Luksyte says:

    Hi I’m new to monthly calendars it’s my first one and I was wondering what does WO mean. Like total body ladder WO, wake up with me WO etc…

    1. Krystine says:


  29. Lex says:

    I printed multiple calendars (including beginners) but gave up after 1
    week after 1 video >_> This time I’m going to try to do just one
    video out of the lot every day… Let’s see how it goes!

  30. Genise says:

    Hi Cassey! I love your videos and I have been following them 5-6 times a week for the past two months! I’m loving it!
    I have a suggestion for a future video–it would be so awesome to do a workout using an exercise ball! It would just be so much fun for a nice change. Your personality cheering me on and bouncing on a ball would just make my day!

  31. cas says:

    so excited for this! I am a little sore but it feel so good =] it’s totally wOrth it

  32. Devika says:

    Hello, i didnt know we were supposed to follow a beginner’s calendar before starting with the September one . What do i do?

  33. Mary says:

    My first as well so can i follow yhe calendar like i mean, i will just type the name of the workout to see the video?

  34. Jood says:

    is any videos of how to get rid of the fats beside the knees. please help

  35. Carrie says:

    Hey Cassey! I think I need Help. I used to work out every single day till December. I lost weight, I was eating clean and I was satisfied. But when my Boyfriend broke up with me, I started to eat unhealthy (chocolate, chips) and since December I’ve gained 10 kgs, which I think is horrible. Plus I stopped working out. Sometimes I have days when I’m super motivated and want to work out, but it never lasts. I’m not fat, but I know I can look better and I’M so pissed that I can’t make myself determined enough.
    And one more question – I’d like to try your PIIT28 program, but I’m not from the US. Do you ship to Europe?
    Thank you so much in advance.
    Xoxo, Carrie

  36. Vianney says:

    My name is vianney I’m 15 going on to 16 this September so I’m sicked for this calendar I am also new to it I have not ever tried any monthly calendar and currently doing a diet called military diet so I hope it works along with your workouts I love your YouTube channel Casey,??❤️ You really are inspiring ?❤️?I have done all of your workouts on YouTube mostly for Abbs thought ?☺️? I love working out its my HOBBIE❤️?Anyways yeah sorry I write a ton.

  37. Kyoko Hall says:

    I can’t wait to kill September!!!

  38. Tammy says:

    hi cassy! please do a video with your sister jacklyn!!! 😀 I really love the two of you in the previous video, next one would be a harder one but also double the fun!!!! yay!, and infavor of jacklyn , I think that should be a extreme cardio and total body workout , I’m sooo looking forward to it 🙂

  39. Moki says:

    Hello. I got the September calendar, but where do I find the videos for the daily workout?

    1. Razan Abdulmuniem says:

      On YouTube !!

  40. Krystine says:

    I would love it if you released a printer-friendly version of this month’s calendar (basic outline, white background). The solid black background will waste an incredible amount of ink. Love you otherwise!

    1. Devika says:

      Yes. Pleasee ❤️

    2. Elena says:

      Why don’t you modify it yourself? You can type the exercises of every day on your computer and type it!

      1. Cheryl says:

        Because it takes FOREVER. I did make my own. Written, not typed, because that was the easiest thing to do, but it took a very long time. Next month I may just do a different workout program because the calendar was too much work. I have a toddler. I don’t have much free time. I don’t like wasting my free time on making a calendar. I don’t even have enough free time to exercise alone. I have a toddler jumping on me while I plank.

    3. Sally says:

      That would be really great! I’ve tried to do my own on my computer but it just didn’t look that good! 🙁
      I’d love a more printer-friendly version!

    4. Cheryl says:

      Yes! I just came here to ask for this! ink saving version please! This could also be helpful for those who need high contrast to be able to read it better.

  41. Elizabeth Marie says:

    i can’t find the ladder wo in the app..anyone know where to find it?

  42. Kelsie Harman says:

    New month, New Calendar & New Routines~
    Lets rock these workouts POPsters!!!!!
    We can do it!
    Chin up, lets push through and try are absolute best~<3

    To those of you that have just finished the beginners calendar and are now doing the monthly calendars i want you to know you're not the only one and the majority of us in this wonderful community have been through that nervewracking process. So don't sweat it! (that unintentional pun though~ Teehee~)
    Seriously, Everyone just try their absolute best!!!! Then we will all gradually get stronger and stronger.

    We are all here in this community to support one another!!!
    Spread the feel good vibes~<3

  43. Cristina says:

    For everyone who is starting the September calendar:
    You’ve got this, I’ve got this, everyone’s got it, we are golden. Good luck to everyone this month people. ^^

  44. Melinka says:

    I love this calendar Cassey! <3

  45. Malin says:

    I’ll have it as a goal this month to really start working out with your videos again. When you first started doing monthly challenges on IG I found Yoga challenges and started doing them more and more to improve my flexibility. “sadly” they started taking more and more time, so I had to pretty much stop doing the W/O calendar 🙁 but now I’ve decided to cut down the yoga challenges to maybe one or two a month. I really need my blogilates W/O, I miss it so much! A bit scared I won’t be able to finish the daily W/Os xD my endurance isn’t as it used to be

  46. samantha says:

    How do I get to the videos? This is my first time doing a calendar!

    1. Malin says:

      Go to her youtube channel 🙂 and she always uploads playlists with that day’s videos so you don’t have to search for each video individually ^^ Good luck!

      1. samantha says:

        Thank you so much!

  47. Cupcake says:


  48. Milena says:

    is anyone confused that Cassey only put the new video sign on 2 Mondays, is she gonna start posting less

    1. Clare says:

      I think she’s planning on posting a few funny videos to replace the workout videos those weeks.

  49. Sof says:

    Are we going to do like all the videos? Thats like 1 hour every day?

    1. Malin says:

      Yes 🙂

  50. Allison says:

    More cardio beat videos! Also love the pop songs in real life too

  51. LeAnn says:

    I get 5-6 hours of sleep during the night and I usually pass out after a workout for 1-2 hours during the morning is that ok?

  52. detrinan says:

    Omg this quote about the truth which is not out there is like taken from the X-Files 😀 I’ll definitely do this month till the very end!

  53. Nin Stardust says:

    How about next mont you do a cardio dance day! Where we can do your dance videos, because they are totally awesome and exhausting, but so much fum! ? ?

    1. Malin says:

      OMG that´s be so fun!! but maybe not for a whole hour XD I think I’d die hahaha

  54. Sarah Eunice says:

    What do we do on September 1st if we can’t afford the videos in the app?

    1. I usually substitute a similar video, either in length or content. So since this month’s is a ladder I’d maybe swap it for Fat Burning Ladder for Toned Thighs and Sculpted Abs or since it’s a total body workout I’d find one similar in length that’s a total body workout.

      1. Sarah Eunice says:

        Ok thanks! I’ll try that for tomorrow 🙂

        1. You bet! Always happy to help a fellow popster. 😀

          1. Sarah Eunice says:

            🙂 I sent you a message on fb hoping we can talk some more on there

  55. Nikki says:

    Love this!!! Looking forward to a getting back to a regular workout routine 🙂

  56. Daphne says:

    i dont understand what the password does? i put it in and all i get is this page. What is supposed to happen with the password? anybody? help!

    1. Norma says:

      Usually the calendar is locked by putting in the password it gives you access to view/download and print the calendar. Hope this helps 🙂

  57. CharmanBurklund says:

    Can you make a back challenge!!

    1. Danielle says:

      I agree!!

  58. val says:

    I didn’t have to put the password in …

    1. Malin says:

      It seems like they missed to lock it. I got here redirected from my email so I thought it was a new feature, since I’m obviously a subscriber xD hahaha

      1. Malin says:

        It is locked if you try to see it from the website without getting here from your email 🙂 So, it might be to make it easier for subscribers 🙂

  59. Mariz Rivera says:

    I loooooove this calendars theme. Even though its black ?

  60. chantelle Balanowski says:

    I can wait to start the September calendar, I cannot believe that it is already September :'(

  61. Rachael Carey says:

    I started the 30 day ab challenge on Monday and I’m going to start this calendar tomorrow. I’m so excited to do this. Last night I did the new plie video – um, ow. Stairs in my apartment make me want to fall over.

  62. Romee says:

    This is going to be my first time
    doing an actual blogilates workout calendar and I’m scared, haha. I’ve only done the Beginners 2.0 calendar so far and I feel like this one is going to be a lot harder, I hope I can pull through this.

    1. Razan Abdulmuniem says:

      God me too !! That’s my first actual blogilates calender after the beginner’s one !! I’m scared but mostly excited !! Goodluck to you

      1. Romee says:

        I thought I was the only one haha. Good luck to you too!

        1. Cupcake says:

          Good Luck guys! You will do great! 🙂

      2. Jessica Morales says:

        This is my first time too! I’m super excited but a little nervous. Haha!

    2. V says:

      Ahh they’re so much fun with newer videos! Good luck! If you can’t quite handle it, just take out one video each day so you’re only doing 3 or 4 and then near the middle/end of the month, do all of them each day! xoxo

      1. Sall says:

        Hey, I’ve just started doing these calendars too, and I’m doing all the workouts for each day but when I’m watching the videos and Cassey says ‘do this video 3 times’, I’m only doing it once… Does everyone else do each video three times through or just once? I’m afraid I might be doing it wrong.

        1. Ciara says:

          She usually says “If this is your only workout today do it [x times], but if you’re following the calendar do this [y times]”. If the calendar doesn’t specify how many times to do it, and Cassey doesn’t tell you that you need to do it twice to even out the other side, just do it once! Hopefully that makes sense.

    3. Ashley C says:

      Me too! I’m scared but excited for my first monthly calendar after the beginners 2.0 calendar. Good luck everyone! ?

    4. chloe says:

      me to, first time following an actual plan, very excited 😛

    5. Sara says:

      You are going to love it!!!

  63. Nguyet Nguyen says:

    Hi Cassey, I just want to say that I love this month theme, it’s simple and pretty at the same time also easy to read too, some previous themes have too many details that make it somewhat more difficult to read. Personally I feel so.
    I hope you would take this into consideration for improvement, maybe a bit simpler theme would be good ^^

  64. Patricia Buhril says:

    Cassey! Love working out with you!!! Can we please do a 30 days challenge for the back-upper and lower? please!!!!!!

  65. Andreea says:

    Super excited for the new workout calendar, I have just finished the month of August, feeling now super sore but happy as hell!

  66. mya says:

    You need to start actually sending passcodes out the only reason i have tot is because i made a new email

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