Your September Workout Calendar! | Day 16 of 90

Happy Labor Day Weekend! For us Americans, it means a 3 day weekend and lots and lots of of sales! I actually don’t remember the real intention of Labor Day so I looked it up. Back in the 1800s, factory workers were putting in 70 hour weeks with no days off. Labor Day started off as a movement to lower the work hours and get more days off. Today the average work week is about 40 hours and most people work 5 days a week. Me on the other hand – I work every single day! But I love my job and I choose to grind because it’s the progress and the growth that drives me.

Anyway…speaking of sales! All crop tops, tanks, and tees are 40% off until Monday! This black one is my fave. I pretty much wear it with everything. Use code “TAKE40” at checkout. Go cray. Click here to shop.

Next up, I’ve got your September Workout Calendar!!! If you’re thinking of starting your own 90 day thing, use this for the 1st 30 days of your workout regimen. It’s all set for you. You can start filling out your Fit Journal Sept 1st.

Click to download hi res cal!

SUNDAY: All About Arms
MONDAY: Booty Blast
TUESDAY: Crush it Cardio
WEDNESDAY: Amazing Abs
THURSDAY: Total Body Tone Up
FRIDAY: Take a Break
SATURDAY: Legs for Days

If you’re new to the monthly calendars, this is how it works!

  1. Click on the hi res link to download the calendar and print it out for your wall.
  2. Head over to and click on the videos of the day. It’ll take you directly to the YouTube video! You can also follow along using Coda! (it’s free)
  3. Do each video once (unless otherwise stated)
  4. Check off as you go!

That’s it!


Yesterday I woke up with my head banging again. I thought maybe I was hungry so I ate some cottage cheese with blubes for breakfast (so good), but the headache still wouldn’t go away.

I try to avoid pills, but I had to take an Advil because I was headed to Barry’s Bootcamp that morning and I needed to perform. Luckily my headache went away by the time I got to the studio. I had not been to Barry’s in a long time (cuz I hate running) but this journey has inspired me to do things I fear. After not sprinting for what seems like over a year, I was able to get back up to 12 MPH on a 30 sec print which is CRAZY FAST for me. The last time I went this speed was probably 2 years ago and I injured my lower back from doing it. Thank goodness I didn’t die this time! I am glad I can still do it!

Back to the headache. Some of you guys commented that this could be the “keto flu”. I had never heard of it before so I looked it up.

Symptoms of Keto Flu include:

  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Irritability
  • Difficulty focusing (“brain fog”)
  • Lack of motivation
  • Dizziness
  • Sugar cravings
  • Nausea
  • Muscle cramps

Out of the above, the headache is the most prominent. The past couple days I did feel a bit fatigued but I thought it was because of my period and the crazy workout I had the day before. Sam says I am irritable right now 😛 Otherwise, there’s def no loss of focus or motivation, which is good.

The cause? Apparently, it’s my body adapting to the transition of burning sugar to burning fat for most of its energy needs.

How to cure it? I need to make sure I am drinking even more water than normal, replacing my electrolytes by salting my foods, sleeping enough, and eating more fats.

Okay I am on it!

After Barry’s, I walked to Chipotle and got myself a chicken salad with guac, sour cream, cheese, pico de gallo, salsa, and romaine lettuce. You know, I’m not sure how I feel about have the guac, sour cream, AND cheese all in one. I felt like it was excessive and overstimulating to my tastebuds. I think I could do without the sour cream and cheese.

I got hungry right after lunch and had some brie cheese and cashews. Good snack. Keeps me satiated.

For dinner, I tried making my own scallops after being inspired by my friends at The Joint! I seasoned them with salt and pepper and then pan seared them for 1 min or so on each side in olive oil. Not bad! Probably my best ones so far! But still, I have a long way to go before I can call this perfect.

I had these seaweed almond crisps with baba ganoush on the side. Very good. I also ended up eating my scallops and butter lettuce with baba ganoush and it was amazing. I love baba ganoush.

I found these seaweed crunches at Costco and they are surprisingly very low carb! A serving has 1g of carbs, 1g of protein, 2g of fat and it comes in at just 30 cals. Plus – it tastes SO GOOD.

Okay, so remember in my week 2 recap, I said I wanted to try new stuff? Well Sam and I stumbled into this Moroccan store (I think) and we found this thing called “yogurt drink”. I don’t intend on making it a permanent part of my diet, but we both wanted to try it, we both had zero idea what it was, so we bought a whole jug for fun!

Umm. It was. Interesting. Kinda tastes like milk with lemon in it? Or milk with vinegar in it? Basically like a plain yogurt with no added sugar for flavoring. Let’s just say we don’t know what to do with the rest of it!

Last night Sam and I also went to a couple’s massage for my self care of the week! When I got home, I didn’t realize that I had left my Apple Watch at the massage place until it was 10PM! UGHHHHH. Luckily when I called, they said they still had it! Phew.

When I drove back to get my watch, I turned on Taylor Swift’s new “Lover” album on full blast and soaked in the lyrics. I’m still getting used to it, but I like that she’s returning to her old sound with some newness. The “Reputation” era is def a thing of the past and I’m glad she’s happier again.

Before coming back home, I wanted to surprise Sam with some Matcha boba, so I found a highly rated place not terribly far away!

I ended up getting myself almond milk flavored with Jasmine green tea, no sugar. It was…not good. Ha. But what do you expect!? I will need to play around with making my own coconut milk matcha drinks at home. Doesn’t that sound good?

Oh and Sam was so happy when he got his matcha boba! Ha, we have not adhered to not eating late thing. Will work on this 😛

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  1. When I print my calendar the last weeks boxes are half the size. What can I do to fix this?

  2. Beth says:

    Was the yoghurt drink kefir?

    1. esra says:

      no it is basically watery yoghurt that is called ayran. but it is fermenting from high moisture content of milk. Smilar to the yoghurt but the milk is watery. kefir is different because of the microorganism that is used for fermentation step.

  3. Saraahx says:

    It’s incredible how you work everyday but still love it! had bought the “Danger Tank” during the sales. I haven’t tried it on yet but I’m sure it will be one of my fave tops to wear.
    I hope you don’t feel the way you feel for too long on your journey. I don’t know if it will help with your headaches but maybe you could try the “Alternate Nostril Breathing” by Yoga With Adriene. It ALWAYS does wonders to me when I have headaches.
    The yogurt drink sounds like buttermilk. North Africans (or maybe just Algerians) drink it with a flatbread called “kesra”. SO GOOD!

  4. danielleadams says:

    On the September calendar the 9th was a new video but there was no link to it. WasWhat happened?

  5. September says:

    OMG Cassey, for me this is the best calendar E V E R! *.* I felt August was a bit easy-peasy, but now… my time has come. So excited! 🙂

  6. Kelly says:

    Headaches are gross on keto! Two things that help me that sounds ridiculously gross. Eat salt. Literally, sprinkle some pink Himalayan salt in your hand and lick it up. Immediately replaces electrolytes and your headache will be gone in minutes.
    If you don’t like that, then drink some pickle juice!
    Super word and abnormal ways of doing it, but so magical in relief!
    Way to go, Cassey! You’re killing it!

  7. How do you find Barry’s compared to Orange theory fitness? I’ve been wanting to try Barry’s!

  8. Alex says:

    What/where to start to become more body positive about your self to help with depression?

  9. misscaitlyn says:

    Love the Taylor Swift shout-out and totally agree with your thoughts on the new record! Had no idea you were a fellow Swiftie, that makes me happy 🙂 Glad you’re doing well & feeling good, as always reading your post feels super inspiring for me. Thanks for the smile and good vibes xo

  10. September says:

    Hi my name is september! After following your calendar I feel very good with my body and look better. Thank you so much.

  11. Ula says:

    this also my fav crop top <3

  12. Christy says:

    The drinkable yogurt is probably similar to kefir – have you ever had that? It’s tart too, and drinkable, but I use it in smoothies as it’s full of probiotics and is healthier than even yogurt. Try it some in a smoothie for some extra calcium and probiotics!

    1. Moya Laboy says:


  13. Brittany says:

    Hey Cassey! I’m an RD, and I would be careful with keto. These symptoms are very common and scary. A lot of clients who follow keto have very high fat levels in their blood (like, the same levels of those who have had a heart attack level!) Just be sure you have balance. Our bodies we meant for balance 🙂

    1. Franzi says:

      I was about to mention the same thing! I’m a sports scientists and according to what i’ve learned, our bodies are not made for a diet leaving any type of macro nutrients out. Adding some whole grains might be an idea.

      1. Kelly says:

        Hi! I just wanted to interject. There are plenty of ways to get your carbohydrates in without adding grains. Much of the green veggies are great for you, have plenty of fiber, and are great carbs to eat on the keto diet.
        On the ketogenic diet,a lot of people count net carbs as opposed to total. (Total carbs-fiber & sugar alcohols=net carbs)
        So, really, there really isn’t any missing macros if you do it like that.

  14. Nellili says:

    OMG Cassey, for me this is the best calendar E V E R! *.* I felt August was a bit easy-peasy, but now… my time has come. So excited! 🙂

  15. Werka says:

    Two thoughts:
    1. I’m European and kefir, drink yoghurt and buttermilk are very popular here – you have to eat used to the taste but it goes well with smoothie, shakes or some form of pancakes (due to the acid it makes them quite fluffy).
    2. I have very mixed feelings about your journey and I think I finally realized why (and I think it might give the light to why other people shared their negative reactions). Form what I understand you said that this journey is to make you feel happy, best version of yourself etc. and let’s be honest – loosing a certain amount of weight will not make you any better, happier or more confident or best version of yourself. I think that’s why people are so angry – because your actions don’t math the idea. If you started that your goal is to have very visible abs, looks more like a ‘fitness instructor’ or grow big butt or whatever (which is also a valid goal imo) people wouldn’t react so badly. And then the way you’re behaving would match the goal. But what gives me mixed feelings is that it seems like your goal don’t match the actions. And that’s why some people might feel like you’re a bit of a hypocrite/in a bad mental place or whatever.
    I hope this long comment made sense 😅 to just make it more clear – if you wanna have visible abs and look shredded – go for it, your life, your choice and tbh none of my or other people business. But if your goal is to be best version of you, self care, self love, feeling happy and confident – then there are better matching ways to achieve it than certain level of body fat and number on a scale.

    1. Laura says:

      I do understand your point, however, I think Cassey chose a specific weight loss goal for a reason which is not in defiance to her body positivity. Have you heard of SMART goals? Specific, Measurable, Attainable/Achievable, Relevant, Time-Related… I remember learning that specific pneumonic device in college. In general, the theory is that you will be able to complete your goal because it’s clear, motivated, and has a time limit. In my mind (I could be wrong), Cassey chose the weight and other measurements because those measurements are VERY easy to track and see a trend versus more generic things like feeling good or clear skin (which may or may not be totally related what she is specifically changing/Relevance). Cassey probably chose an attainable weight for the time length that she knows she personally feels good at… I also think she wrote a small blurb about the exact number on the scale not being super important (again, could be wrong – I might have just inferred that myself…). Regardless, Cassey is on this journey with or without our support, and who are we to tell her how she is supposed to feel. If she wants to match her numbers to a number on a scale and body fat percentage because it makes her happy or helps her stay accountable and achieve her goals, so be it. As long as she isn’t showing signs of a mental problem or eating disorder (which she isn’t), there is no problem.

  16. gulten says:

    Just add some cucumber (grated), dried mint and garlic in it. Refrigrate and drink. Some olive oil would also be nice.☺️

  17. PharmGurl says:

    A lot of people “work every day”, and not at (sometimes multiple) jobs they love, but out of necessity to survive. Not sure where your “most people work a 40 hr work week” data comes from. Anyhow, good luck with your latest endeavor.

  18. PilatesAndHorses says:

    I bet the yogurt drink would be great for making lassi’s! I had a mango one at an Indian restaurant one time and they are amazing 😋 Easy to make at home, too. I’m sure you could find a low carb recipe

    1. Bri121296 says:

      Omg I love those too! ❤️

  19. Raquel says:

    The “yoghurt drink” could probably work well in an over-night marinade for chicken. For a drink that tastes more like regular yoghurt I buy kefir from an Eastern European store and either drink it plain or add it to berry smoothies! It really does just taste like liquid yoghurt, and it’s reportedly good for gut health.

  20. K says:

    The yoghurt drink is probably kefir. Super popular is eastern europe. Its basically fermented yoghurt so has an intense amount of probiotics and is extremely healthy.

  21. R KzM says:

    Hey that yogurt drink is buttermilk. Very common in the Middle East. You can use it as buttermilk in many recipes.

  22. R says:

    Hey that yogurt drink is buttermilk. Very common in the Middle East. You can use it as buttermilk in many recipes.

  23. Sandra says:

    Hi Cassey! Yogurt drink sounds a lot like kefir, a traditional “sour milk” drink popular in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. My grandma used to make her own every morning 🙂 I like using it in smoothies instead of yogurt whenever I buy some, or I had a professor that put some on top of oatmeal. You could also use it in place of buttermilk in recipes.

  24. Shilpa says:

    Always lovely to read your blog or any post..very inspirational in a ordinary joe soap way. I like it because after trying to follow so may fitness instructors I am glad I found someone who is real and I can relate to. This 90 day journey of yours adds to that real person thing. you didn’t show up with 6 pack and super skinny and perfect body and encourage others to do so. You showed up with the real looking body type and called it journey to make it your way…that is inspirational to many regular woman who have different body types not the ones promotes on media. Also wanted to acknowledge that I bought your PIIT workout after about 4 weeks got bored so tried some other YouTube videos by other trainer. My finding was 28min 40 sec was way harder than the 40 min Hiit I tried…You do some good stuff Casey and all the free videos and calendar you make available for people shows your generosity. Thank you and well done.

  25. killmotion says:

    You could probably try using that yogurt milk in recipes. Like muffins or a loaf? I mean the sour might actually be good in a baked good as opposed to drinking? And I wish I could spot those almond seaweed snacks at my Costco. Was just there a few days ago and I definitely walked all the food aisles….or so I thought, and didn’t see that or I would have picked it up. Then again it may just be regional and I live in the midsouth. There are unfortunately a few items I’ve seen listed online we don’t get in my area. Booooo!

  26. says:

    I love your workouts 🥰 I’m bit late as I’m right in the middle of the 28 days Summer Sculpt now 😂 with your calenders, is it all videos on every day? 🙄

  27. MadelineHou says:

    Happy Labor Day weekend!! Hope you feel better soon <)
    I've eaten some seaweed snacks before but never tried that one with almonds, I'll def try that when I go to Costco. 🙂

  28. Julia Truong says:

    I know im 2 days late on the giveaway.😭 I recently just had my 2nd son on july23🤱, lets just say he is alot more needy than my 1st born was during the night time.🌙 Im literally up ever 2 hours sleep deprived 😩from keeping my baby entertained and also pumping 🍼. I’ve been slacking for myself and loosing my mind a little haha. So I’ve set a few small goals for myself to get into a new rhythm and a mom balancing 2 kids under 3 and 2 dogs (one being a puppy)🐶. 1. To drink more water.💧 2.use more face mask and pamper myself even if its quick (im going to steal some ideas from your self care post om here)😁3.go on more walks.👟 4. Slowly incorporating more workouts in my daily routine.(wall sits,planking, jogging,weights) 💪 5.CUT OUT SODA! 🥤