Corina’s PIIT28 Transformation

Corina’s PIIT28 Transformation

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Hey guys!
Meet Corina (aka @chill678 on IG), our POPster of the month! Corina had an INCREDIBLE transformation through PIIT28, and we think you’re going to fall in love with her as much as I did during our interview. You know those people you just instantly click with, who somehow make you feel joyful, grateful and positive within seconds? Corina is one of those people. She lost a whopping 20 lbs in 4 months by adding PIIT28 workouts to her week! What I love about her most is her vulnerability and honesty, and the fact that she represents all of us who’ve been bullied growing up. Corina endured quite a bit in her younger years and could have let her insecurities get the better of her, but she didn’t! Somehow, despite a lot of negative self-talk, she knew she was worthy of happiness, better health and love. Corina admits that self-love is a PROCESS that takes time and constant reprogramming, but in the end, it is possible to appreciate yourself, recognize your accomplishments and even accept a compliment or two.

I hope you enjoy our interview and take the time to show her some love and support on Instagram. We are a strong community who is stronger together, so lean on each other, and lift those up who deserve it!


Q: Blogilates – Did you ever have any self-confidence issues? What were you not comfortable with and why?

A: Corina – Absolutely! I had self-confidence issues my entire life. Wow, I am about to open myself up to you right now. I feel really vulnerable, but I also have a story to share that I think many girls can relate to. I remember being very young, around 5 years old, the first time someone pointed out a flaw I never knew existed. Why would I? I was just a little girl who hadn’t yet been introduced to any sort of judgement. I went to my 15-year old neighbor’s house with my older sister, and when he answered the door, he looked down at me and said, “What’s wrong with your eye?” I had no idea what he meant, but I instantly felt a sting in my heart. A flaw I had no personal control over was being pointed out. I was born with it; I had a lazy eye. I must have gone home and said something to my parents, because they were angels and had my eye corrected soon after so I wouldn’t have to go through life with people constantly staring at me or looking at me differently. Unfortunately, that didn’t help with my other flaws growing up. I was constantly picked on for everything: being short, having “hairy”arms and legs and crooked teeth, and wearing headgear, neck gear, braces and retainers for most of my childhood. I even had pink bottle cap glasses at the age of 12 with braces!! OMG! I was THAT girl. I was picked on throughout my entire childhood. There were two girls in high school who bullied me viciously. They called me fat and told me my body was disproportionate. I always cried about it to my dad, but he taught me how to grow thick skin, and how to not let other people’s opinions affect me, because they didn’t know me or my heart. I grew a thick skin, but those insecurities followed me into adulthood. I remember hearing critiques of body images growing up, and that affected my image of what a body should look like. I constantly compared myself to every girl out there, from their hair down to their shoes. It was a constant negative mindset about myself. I always saw something beautiful in everyone else, but I couldn’t find anything beautiful about myself. People now give me compliments about my changed body, or how they like my eyes, eyelashes, smile, hair, whatever, and I find I am uncomfortable accepting their nice words because I don’t always see what they see…BUT I am always working on this process!

Q: Blogilates – When you first signed up for PIIT28, what were you expecting?

A: Corina I knew what Cassey was introducing to us would be effective. I trust Cassey, and I know that she is not going to put a product out there that she doesn’t wholeheartedly believe in. She wouldn’t create a program that didn’t work! So I knew, that if I stuck to it each day, the results would come. I was expecting a change, I just didn’t know what type of change I would have. I was definitely expecting a challenge; I knew it wouldn’t be easy to do.
Even though she created a great program, you have to do the work.

Q: Blogilates – Do you think you’ve accomplished your “dream body”?

A: Corina No. I don’t believe I have because I don’t know what my “dream body” looks like right now. I am just focused on getting a lean, strong and defined body. I think every body is different and will get different results. I also feel like you can always improve, so I am constantly working on it. I am definitely happy though!

Q: Blogilates – What excited you most – the transformation you saw in the mirror or the transformation you felt inside? You can be honest! No judgement zone.

A: CorinaTo be honest, I didn’t notice my transformation in the mirror right away. The first change I saw was within myself. I was getting stronger mentally each day, I was proud of myself after each workout, I started having a positive mindset and challenged myself daily to truly love myself… and after that, the physical changes started becoming more visible.

Q: Blogilates – Did you do the 28 day reset? If so, how has that changed your eating habits and views on food?

A: Corina I don’t believe in diets. I believe in a healthy lifestyle. I did not do the Reset. However, I have very disciplined and strict views on food. I wholeheartedly believe that what you feed your body affects you internally and externally. From the age of 17, I have always been aware of what I put in my body. I gave up red meat and pork, and soda and juices, I never drink coffee, and I only drink water…tons of water! I lost 20 lbs right away and noticed how much I changed internally way back then. In my early 20’s I gave up carbs and sweets. I never really had a sweet tooth, thankfully. However, something happened to my body and it started rejecting the foods I was eating as I got older. I constantly had intense stomach pains, I was bloated, I wasn’t losing weight and I was having extreme migraines. I was introduced to a food intolerance test, which is a blood test that tells you what foods your body is intolerant to (basically the body can’t digest or breakdown these foods) and this changed my life! I am intolerant to 27 types of groups/foods..including bakers yeast, brewers yeast, cow’s milk and dairy, just to name a few…which then makes me gluten intolerant. So now I am now gluten-free, as much as possible. My view on food has grown intensely and I constantly promote how important it is to eat the right foods. My body now digests what I eat, I am not bloated, I hardly get sick and my energy is better. They call it junk food for a’s junk! Junk you are putting in your precious body, so I don’t do it. Since December 2015, I also cut out chicken, turkey and have become a pescatarian. This was one of the best decisions I’ve made aside from cutting out dairy and alcohol….I do miss a good glass of wine though =)

Q: Blogilates – What’s a typical daily meal plan look like for you now? (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, etc.)

A: Corina – My breakfast is after my workouts and is a smoothie, made with fresh berries, spinach, ginger, and chia seeds. I also have what I call my green drink.. I mix spirulina, baobab, maca, acai, wheatgrass, chlorella, and lemon with water.. this is my go-to every morning before my workouts! My lunch is small, but includes some salmon, spinach, tomatoes and onions, sauteed together with garlic powder and pepper. Dinner is spiralized dishes which allows me to feel like I am having a pasta, but I am getting veggies in instead! Also tacos with corn tortillas with shrimp or salmon. SUSHI IS MY FAVE MEAL! Snacks and desserts typically include fruit, or I make homemade acai bowls.

Q: Blogilates – Any advice for POPsters going through PIIT28?

A: Corina –
1. Don’t set an end goal.. set a daily goal! I believe it’s easier to feel motivated by reaching a daily goal vs. reaching for an end goal and possibly getting frustrated along the way.
2. Join other Popsters and Piitsters on IG. This community is extraordinary! These girls are so inspirational, positive, encouraging, motivating. I don’t have anyone that works out with me, except for Cassey on my screen. But being a part of this community makes you feel like you are working out with thousands of other girls and guys!
3. Take before pics and measurements. But also take progress pics and measurements every two weeks. You will see the difference and this will keep you going and motivated!
4. Trust the program. Trust the Process. If you put in the work and follow the program, the results are going to happen…but you also have to watch your food!
5. Don’t be ashamed to do modified moves.. I still do them. OH those surfers! One legged plank jack?! Yeah, I am still modifying them!
6. Don’t make excuses. It’s not going to get you to your goal.
7. Make this a dedicated time in your schedule. Nothing can happen during this time. Treat it as an appointment. Every morning I kept my routine. Consistency is key to an effective outcome.
8. My knee hurt, my hips hurt. I didn’t let this stop me. I got a brace for my knee, I did stretches to open up my hips, and that worked, so I worked out daily and my knee and hips feel great. Listen to your body, but you don’t necessarily need to stop.
9. Don’t compare your results with others, but compare your results with your before image. See how far you have come; everyone is going to have different results, depending on the time they put into it, the effort they put in and the diet they choose to be on.
10. LOVE YOURSELF. Remain positive. Congratulate yourself after each workout. Look in the mirror, and give yourself a high five after a workout. I do all of this and my body loves the praise and responds to it and continues to make me stronger and leaner.

Q: Blogilates – What’s your “power phrase” for when you’re about to give up?

A: Corina – I have so many, and Cassey talks to me at all the right times. But right now these are my favorites:
1. Sore today or sorry tomorrow.
2. Train insane or remain the same.
3. I got this!! You got this! Just a few more. Whew! Good job Corina!
4. You are better today than you were yesterday.

Q: Blogilates – What do you love about the Blogilates Community?

A: Corina – How everyone is so supportive, encouraging, positive, loving, and inspiring! I have not met one negative person. These girls have motivated me to become better in so many different aspects of life!

Q: Blogilates – How do you feel right now?

A: Corina – Overwhelmed. I feel so privileged to be a part of this blog. I have worked so hard every day, so to be able to share my journey through this blog is beyond my wildest dreams. I feel vulnerable that I have opened up so much with my words, since IG is all an image, where people can create a story for you. And here I get to tell you my story. But this overwhelming feeling is all good things! I feel excited, I feel proud, accomplished, happy, confident, strong, unstoppable. I feel like myself again and that’s the best feeling of all. Thank you Cassey for creating such an amazing program and community. Thank you for being real, for being you, for being so relatable to millions of girls.
Thank you for changing my life!

corina n cassey

See guys! I told you you’d fall in LOVE with Corina. Above is a pic we took in Hawaii about 14 weeks ago when I first met her after a meetup at 24 Hr Fitness!

I know she’s the voice of many of you out there. I’m sure Corina would agree that if she can do it, anyone can. A life of being bullied, an adulthood of insecurities and a long list of food sensitivities haven’t kept this POPster down, so take a good look in the mirror and think to yourself, “What would Corina do?” and then go out and DO it for yourself!

I love you so much! Please comment below if Corina’s story resonates with you and why!

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  1. Athena says:

    Amazing!!I did indeed love Korina.Her story inspired me to reach my goals as well!!!

  2. Camille says:

    That is an amazing story Corina! Remember that you are beautiful inside and out and that millions of people know that and support you! You go girl:)

  3. Anna Diane says:

    Loved this. generally, I enjoy all your videos and blog entrys. You are so inspiring, beautiful, kind and warm-hearted! I’m just so glad i found you and this blog. I’m using your book daily for my workouts and it helped me just so, so much to appreciate myself and my body even more!
    i’m also having a suggestion- could you maybe make a 30-Day-Challenge for Calves and the Back? I looooove the quick burn series for calves and the back, so maybe, this would be great aswell! <3<3
    Love and Greetings from germany! xo

  4. E. says:

    Oh, this is so inspirational!
    This makes me feel so happy for you Corinna, and you are beautiful,especially on the inside, don’t forget that!

  5. Sweet Lulita says:

    The biggest difference between Corinna’s before & after picture is her huge smile! Such an inspiring story 🙂

  6. Tina says:

    I love PIIT but I also want to keep running 3-4x a week. I tried doing both together and was exhausted. Any suggestions?

    1. Corina Hill says:

      I just stuck to piit the whole time 🙂

    2. Danielle Bibbs says:

      Hey Tina!
      I am another runner! I haven’t been able to do two a days either. Since my running goals include training for a race, I have done PIIT on my cross training days. It’s only twice a week but it gets the job done! I also completed one round of PIIT before adding my running back in. Just find your happy medium!!

  7. Shauna de Courcey says:

    So lovely to read how your confidence grew as you undertook the programme. However, I find the aspect of food and “healthy eating” a very difficult concept in this community. I am relatively new to this community (years back, I used Blogilates as a mode to quickly “purge” calories when struggling with anorexia. Since then I have been admitted to hospital and am now fully weight-restored), and as a new member reading articles like this on the site is quite difficult. I read about this lovely girl, Corina, who cut out food groups in order to achieve a “healthy lifestyle”. Years back before I had full blown anorexia, I was engaging in habits just like this. No carbs, meats or dairy, in pursuit of a “healthy lifestyle”, plus plenty of exercise. I understand this part of “healthy eating” may be beneficial in terms of hair, skin and strength, but I cannot justify it being healthy for the mind. It restricts your options socially; makes it difficult to eat out with friends, or eat spontaneously without preparation and planning. I personally find it quite difficult to hear stories about people who have only achieved strength and “a healthy mind and body” through restriction of food groups.

    I am currently doing the August calendar and after reading some threads on this site, I feel like I will never achieve anything unless I eat super foods and cut out dairy and “processed food” and I am finding that quite disheartening right now, and also worrying it may send me back into a spiral of restriction. I would really like to see stories about girls who can eat a burger and still do Blogilates! Any definition of healthy eating I have come across in my recovery is being able to eat what you want, when you want in moderation without suffering any negative mental or emotional consequences. I would have said I am quite “healthy” now as I eat a balanced diet with all food groups and can treat myself once every day or two, but being here I am now beginning to doubt that.

    1. Corina Hill says:

      I have food sensitivities that doesn’t allow my body to break down the type of foods that most can -if you can eat a burger-great! I cannot- this is why I eliminated certain food groups-the fact is that a burger doesn’t provide any nutrients is why I choose to not eat red meat or buns, I can most def eat a salmon burger-I will choose to eat it without a bun-my social life hasn’t been impacted because I still enjoy foods- I just dont need to indulge in the foods that everyone does – what important is that you feed your body with the right foods- junk food is not the right type of foods for me-I’m not mentally or emotionally deprived, in fact- I’m more mentally and emotionally strong and happy-vitamins, nutrients, benefits, that’s what I feed my body and I’m never hungry or starving .. I’m glad to hear you are health and strong now! ☺️

    2. Lauren says:

      I agree with what you have to say. I’m in the same boat as you. After struggling with anorexia for years and finally being mostly recovered, it’s hard to read articles like this that show you can only eat certain foods. Healthy means a healthy body and mind and I think that means being able to eat whatever you want without feeling guilt. I was vegetarian for two years before having to give it up to recover. I don’t think a person has to cut out entire food groups to be healthy. Moderation in moderation.

    3. Celia says:

      Hey,I just read your message today.I agree with what you said.I want to let you know that I have lost 10 kilos in the past by doing blogilates and eating anything I want (including burgers) in moderation!! It IS possible 🙂 This only took me a few months.Don’t be hard on yourself and continue eating food that keeps you healthy physically and mentally.Each body is different and it might take you more or less time to lose weight though,but don’t let that discourage you,keep working hard and don’t have any doubts about yourself and your choices.Be strong because it’s going to be a hard journey,try to stop having negative thoughts and don’t forget you are already beautiful 🙂

  8. Mere says:

    Corina and Cassey, I was weeping as I read your story. Thank you for opening such a personal part of your life to us. I cried as I read about the mean words and bullying– I cried for you, for myself as I remembered similar cruel words, and I cried over the realization that my own twin baby girls who have physical limitations may face mean spirited words & people as they grow up as well. However, you now see yourself as the beauty you truly are and always have been- inside and out- and are able to speak light to yourself and to other people as well like your fellow Popsters ? And in regards to myself this reminds me that as I raise my daughters that I speak loving, kind words over them in order that they grow up seeing the beauty ( inside and out) they possess.
    A warm hug and kiss to both of you! ?

    1. Corina Hill says:

      Ohhhh Mere, what you just wrote is so incredibly touching and heart warming! I’m so happy I was able to share my story so I can hopefully help others and to know that I’m not the only one out there who had it rough growing up, makes me feel like I’ve connected with you and we haven’t even met! I just don’t understand how people can be so cruel especially when a lot of the “flaws” are not in our control- but I did gain my confidence as I got older, and if I could go back and tell little Corina how it would be-I would tell her, don’t focus on the outside, focus on yourself inside, that’s truly where you will find peace, love, happiness and with that, you will become a strong, smart, beautiful, independent, confident woman. I hope that your daughters won’t have to endure such criticism and if they do, it sounds like they have the perfect mother to guide them right. Thank you again! Xoxo ????

  9. Carri Kidwell says:

    I love this! Thank you for sharing, Corina!

    1. Corina Hill says:

      Thank you! ☺️?

  10. Malkiyah says:

    When I was little I also had a lazy eye and had to get eye surgery it was that bad. So I connect to you on that. I’m 11now and I started working out because I was creating unhealthy habits that were causing weight gain. So no before you judge my age I’m not obsessed with getting skinny I just want to get healthy. through so many things, Casey and just the internet has gave me knowledge on so many things about health. The first video I did by Casey was abs on fire. Because I was suspicious at first like I can do this. Buy it practically killed me. In fact I has to come back because I couldn’t finish it. I then started just picking videos to do before I learned about her calendar. At first I was so confused until I went to her site and got the beginners calendar. I was so excited when I finished that because I wanted something new even though I was behind. I don’t regret finishing that calendar and starting behind. Because when I started the regular calendar I died. I was doing really good until at the end of last month. I ate so unhealthy. So I decided to just write down everything I ate. I was just going to do it for a week but I started enjoying it because it held me accountable for what I ate. I couldn’t slack off because I wouldnt Want to pull out the notebook and rewrite down all that bad stuff. I haven’t even reaches the week mark but I think I might do it for 2 weeks just to get back into healthy eating. I was wary about doing the journal because I had heard so many bad stuff on the internet about people becoming obsessed with it. I thought oh no what if that happens to me. The bad thing it because I have a small appetite sometimes I forget to eat 3 times a day. Because it’s not like I’m starving myself I’m just really not hungry. Now that I started this and started yoga camp. Today was day 20. 10 more days left 🙂 I’ve had so much fun doing this with yoga with adriene. I finally starting to see the results I once saw.

  11. Jessica says:

    Congratulations on all your progress Corina! You look amazing and are inspirational. Thanks for inspiring me to continue with my work out journey!

    1. Corina Hill says:

      Thank you so much Jessica! I appreciate your sweet words and I know you can succeed with your workout journey! If I can, then I know you can! Get it girl! ????

  12. Donna says:

    Hi Corina, you are doing great. I am inspired with your progress.
    I am sorry if I have to share this. But I would like to recommend something that you might be interested in to complete your workout routine. We mostly exercise just our body, and we forget about face. This is something to help you with your face exercise. Please see the link below for a short video of the exercise.

    1. Jessica says:

      Hey Donna way to stay positive. You didnt “have” to share anything- dont think you’re doing anyone any favors by recommending that they need to do “face yoga.”

      1. Corina Hill says:

        Lol that was so hilarious when I saw that!! ????????? thank you Jessica for saying something- really appreciate your support! ?

  13. Lucy says:

    Well done Corina! What you have achieved is nothing short of amazing and you are so inspiring. It’s amazing to here how Cassey’s programme has helped your self-confidence which is something many of us including myself struggle with. You should be so proud of yourself! Keep living the dream ?

    1. Corina Hill says:

      Thank you so much Lucy! We can conquer our struggles through self love, positivity and affirmations! I still have my struggles but I know I’m
      Not asking my husband every day if I look fat-I can’t even remember the last time I asked him if an outfit made look fat–and that shows just how confident one can get ☺️ I wish you the best!

  14. Alyssa says:

    ?thank you for sharing your story with us, Corina! You are such a strong and beautiful person, and I’m so proud of you! (And ngl but you’ve inspired me to keep going with PIIT and changing it up by switching back to PIIT 1.0 ?)

    1. Corina Hill says:

      Awe Alyssa, thanks so much! Your words mean so much! ?? and yay! Good job on getting back to PIIT! You won’t regret it ?

  15. slightlypopster says:

    This is so wonderful, Corina is such a sweetheart!! ♥

    1. Corina Hill says:

      Awe thanks girl! ?

  16. Rachel C says:

    Congrats! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    1. Corina Hill says:

      Thank you! ☺️

  17. Train insane or remain the same–that’s my favourite motivational quote!

  18. Jero-chan says:

    Great job, Corina!!! Thanks for sharing your story <3

    1. Corina Hill says:

      Thank you so much! ?