POPstar of the Week: Renate Meyer from Trondheim, Norway

POPstar of the Week: Renate Meyer from Trondheim, Norway

What motivates you to live a healthy lifestyle?

Well actually the people around me are the ones who Inspire and Motivates me the most!!

After I lost my weight, I got so many positive and amazing comments and feedback from people! And even tho, it’s 3 years ago now.. I still get them but now its mostly consisting of how amazing it is that I have managed to keep my weight and that I have never looked better and I look real fit and strong. And people ask me often about my Diet and my workout routines. And alot of ppl have been motivated by me and inspired to change their lifestyles as well, cause now they see it is fully possible. If I can, of course they can too!

My mom and my dad also are a huge motivational factor for me. They helped me financially to join a health care centre that helped me lose weight, learn how to keep it off, eat right and find other things to enjoy in life, other than food. They are proud of me because I have managed to do what I did and am still going strong. I do it for them!

I also do it for my own well being! I have found a whole new side of myself I never knew was there. I have so much energy now. I don’t find it as hard to get up in the morning. I feel like I am in a disney movie most of my days with birds chirping and myself dancing and singing. Life in general is a lot brighter! I feel stronger and younger as well! And knowing how much better my body and mind are now, I intend to keep it that way until I am 100+++ 🙂

After I found Cassey on YouTube and started using her videos and joined the Blogilates Community, you guys have been a MAJOR inspiration and motivation as well. Always jumping onto the site every morning afternoon and evening to see whats new and just see how people are thriving and motivating and sharing all the love with each other! Now I do it for you too! So thank you all <3

Fave POP Pilates videos:

I LOVE the MuffinTop Video! I still remember the feeling I had, after finally managing to go through just the first move, cause that one is still one of the hardest moves I know of with the POP Pilates videos I have done. And it is still a killer and it always gets me groaning and sounding like an Elephant!

And I also love the Upper Body Workout, because I have always struggled with my shoulders and they get inflamed very easily no matter what I try to do to keep them strong…until I found this video! The last half is amazing for losing up the tensity and strengthen your mobility of the shoulders! Miracle worker!

Now for the Third fave Video.. I am struggling with my decision here so Im just gonna do a 4th as well 🙂 They kinda go hand in hand for me <3

The Saddlebag Shaver one is amazingly fun, and I feel it both in my back, my obliques and my thighs. The Inner Thigh Insanity is one that makes me wanna cry every time I do it, but wow do I feel hardcore when It’s over and it has given me very fast results!

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  1. Laura says:

    Hi, Cassey!

    How are you doing? 🙂

    So.. All my friends are small. They’re flexible and can dance. I’m tall and I can’t dance because I’m stiff and like pole – I can’t dance. For example, you posted this video where you do cardio dancing and quess who did all the moves stiff and just failed in everything? Yep, me. 🙁 I was thinking that maybe it is because I’m tall and maybe don’t have as much fat as my friends but then again I’ve seen tall and skinny people dance good too. Oh, and by the way, I just started to work out because my body is skinny but isn’t fit.
    My question is: do you know how to be flexible, how to be good at dancing and how to be shorter (because I don’t really feel good being tall. I feel awkward and lame)?

    I don’t actually know how this works (if this can see only Cassey or everyone) because I’m new here but I would love if someone could answer to my questions. 🙂

    Have a good day,
    Laura, xoxo

    1. Jade says:

      she has stretching videos you can try thos 🙂 hope this helped

    2. Isabel says:

      Hey there!
      I know how you feel – I hit 5’9 aged about 14 and suddenly I was not only around six inches taller than most of my friends and classmates, but also taller than both my parents. I was so shy and in old photos you can see how physically awkward and uncomfortable I was.
      Now, I did ballet for 15 years so in some respects, you would have thought I’d be ok dancing, right? But ballet is so different to the kind of dancing that you do in clubs or whatever that I just ended up looking very stiff and awkward at first.
      What helps:
      a) flexibility – this will make it easier to make moves instead of forcing anything. Strength will also boost your stamina and keep you going for longer!
      b) musicality. My sense of rhythm sucked – I’ll be the first to admit it! – but just easy stuff like tapping your toes or nodding to your favourite song will naturally develop your sense of rhythm, which in turn makes dancing feel easier and more natural 🙂
      c) learn a dance routine! Pick a favourite artist and you’ll probably find a dance tutorial on Youtube. K-pop dances are my favourite but they’re often very hard! However, the point is not to wait till that song comes on and then pull out the whole routine, the point is to get used to dancing in a way you enjoy (and maybe picking up a move or two you’ll use later) so that you can feel more confident whenever you need to dance. Also, I always look awkward the first time I do a routine! Practising is what makes stuff look natural so don’t feel bad about it.
      d) RELAXING! If you feel uncomfortable, you probably look it. Just go for it and don’t worry too much – the more relaxed you are, the easier dancing becomes and the better you look. It will also stop your movements looking stiff or forced.
      Enjoy! 🙂

  2. kat says:

    Hey Cassey!At first me and my mom were looking for some workout videos and found one of your videos we did spring selling part 1 and we loved it but unfortunately we siding it make it all the way through I my mom is 30 and she just had a baby so she’s trying to lose the baby fat, I’m 13 and 150lbs, .. the reason I wanted to lose weight was because I have a twin sister and people are always comparing us ans she’s the skinny one. So what my mom did to motivate me was she said she’ll have me $1 for a every day for a week for doing ur workouts. I made to 5 days but couldn’t make it farther. What motivated me again was ,well we went shopping today for uniform and shoes for school at the mall and I saw all these skinny girls walking in their shorts eating cookies and cinnamon rolls and when we went to the store and my sister was getting her x-small shirts and I was getting my large shirts I felt VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRYYYYYY self-conscious. When I got home tired from walking for 4 hours I instantly got on my kindle and signed up for ur newsletter an did one of ur videos an today was challenging for me by I decided to test myself,so today I also had church at 7:40 p.m.and it usually ends at like10:05p.m.and my family goes out to eat every time an I know it’s very bad to eat that late so there I was sitting there for drinking my water while watching everyone sip their sodas and eat in front of me ,but anyways I hope anyone can give some advice:) any advice is goods thanks!:)

    1. Beth says:

      I know almost what you are going through. When I was younger my family had this friend that would always compare my body size to her granddaughter. It was very humiliating, esp. when she did this in front of my mom. It is good that you want to exercise and be healthy, but you need to see that you are an awesome individual and do not need to compare yourself to your sister.

      As for the food. Start by eating salads along with your meals. I did this for 1-2 years before my mom started eating salads with me. Talk with your mom, or whoever plans the meals, and see what recipes you two can come up with so you can stay on track with your fitness.
      Also, drink a lot of water. I stopped drinking sodas and other fizzy drinks about 2-3 years ago. If you want a fizzy drink get sparkling mineral water or club soda, add sweetener, and add whatever flavor you want.

      Hope that this helps.

    2. balletfan says:

      hi kat,
      my advice to you is to do cassey’s vidz ,they may seem difficult at first but the more you do them the easier they get, diet alone is not enough.Trust me because pilates is one the Russian ballerina’s
      secrets,itt will give you that beautiful dancer figure,so just do it!
      if you compare the workouts(pilates +cardio) with clean eating you will for sure see results in no time!!
      and about people comparing you with your sister just ignore them because that’s how ppl are they never stop teasing others,that’s how life is.

    3. Laura says:


      I am allergic to just about everything. A few examples: carrots, potatoes, wheat, gluten, dairy, corn, peas and apples. That’s not all. But despite my allergies, I still splurge and get a bit heavy. On hot days I go outside and workout to burn off calories. I’d like to be tall. You are so luchy, Laura! I thought I was the only Laura on here.
      My mom compares me to other people. My Big Sister said I had a gut. Easy for her to say. She isn’t fat.
      I am not fat, just uncomfortable I. My skin.
      I think you should work on flexibility. I am learning how to rollerblade, I’m trying to dance on them. Fell on my fanny a few times, too. 🙂

  3. Caitlin says:

    After looking through all of these inspirational stories of weight loss, I started to wonder if you, Cassey, have an inspirational story. If not, then tell us why you decided to start eating clean and working out. A lot of people, including me, look up to you. If you had a story about your journey to fitness, I and many of your fans would love to hear it! 🙂

  4. Claudia says:

    hello I’m new at this cassey took a month doing your routines and it’s amazing the changes that have come to see in me. Its difficult to me to start eating healthy, I started leaving the sugar, sodas
    and white bread, but lately I’ve been feeling very low energy so I started eating chocolate whenever that happens I also took vitamins Can you recommend something to feel more energetic and healthy? xoxo

    1. Ashley says:

      You are going to feel like that after giving up all the sodas and coffee and such because you are taking out caffeine. Your body takes a few days to ween off the caffeine. But once you start eating healthy your body will flush out and you will have natural energy from the healthy foods

  5. Emma says:

    Hi Cassey, I’ve been doing your monthly work-outs but in quite a few of them you say repeat as necessary, do this video multiple times during the week? I have school throughout the week, and have two hours – at most, very rarely do I have that much time – to work out and I wasn’t sure when I should re-do (is that how I should phrase it?) the videos throughout the week. So should I stick to the monthly plan or do that along with exercising a video multiple times? Thank you (:

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Hey, Cassey!
    Just yesterday I started doing your calendar workouts, and wow, they’re tough! But I love them all the same. 🙂

    QUESTION: Do I need to do anything else in addition to what you have on the calendars in order to lose fat? Like, any extra cardio or anything? Or do your videos do a good job of cutting fat on their own?

    If you, or any other POPsters could answer this for me, I’d appreciate it very much!


  7. Hilly says:

    So amazing! I have been doing Pop for a month now, and lost six pounds in fat, and gained muscles I’ve never seen before! I love reading these stories, so true. I love how bubbly and upbeat this exercise program is; it’s not harsh, or ragging like some main stream work out plans.

    1. Ariella says:


  8. Chrystale says:

    Hey Cassey,
    Love your workouts! I started your workouts 5 months ago, I have gone down 4 sizes. I am totally addicted.
    Thanks a bunch!

    1. Kellye says:

      How often do you do and which workouts?! Thanks 🙂

  9. amanda D says:

    The link to the inner thigh insanity doesn’t work anymore, can we have it back?

  10. laura says:

    is there a way to post my pic on your site?

  11. Steph says:

    Oh my gosh you guys are amazing! Seriously keep it up!Seeing you guys really motivates me and I really need to make that change too 🙂 Seriously good job!!!

  12. Apryl says:

    Hello Cassey,

    I have been doing Pop Pilates with you since May 13, 2011. I have only lost 10lbs. However, I have lost lots of inches. This is the first exercise routine I have ever ever done, that has kept me motivated and interesting. I am borderline addicted to it. I can’t wait to post a before and after picture. My children do it with me too now!
    Thanks for everything