Layer Your Look With The Mockneck Shruggie

The Mockneck Shruggie is from POPFLEX, the sister brand of Blogilates. My opinions, however, are all my own! This review will walk you through my honest thoughts about the product, including both the pros and cons.

Living in the Midwest, I experience all four seasons. Sometimes, it’s hard to plan accordingly. One spring day it’s sunny and almost 70 degrees, the next it’s chilly with a chance of freezing rain. Having unpredictable weather makes versatile layering pieces a must, especially for my workout wardrobe. 

Enter the POPFLEX Mockneck Shruggie. This top upgrades your classic crewneck with a new luxe look. I’ll walk you through all my thoughts from start to finish, giving you the inside scoop on how this piece can elevate your fitness fashion.

popflex mockneck shruggie review packaging black

The Unboxing Era

The shruggie arrived in earth-friendly packaging, which I love. At first glance, the top looked exactly like the pictures on the site. It’s super cropped and has just a slightly oversized, boxy fit.

One thing that caught my attention was the material. It’s soft and thick, providing structure and warmth. These are key essentials to any layering piece. 

The Trial Run

I grabbed my favorite POPFLEX bras to see how the shruggie would look over them. I ordered a small/medium and found that it fits true to size. I loved how the mockneck and the puff sleeves enhance the silhouette – It’s a stylish upgrade from your average sweatshirt! Plus, it gives you the chance to show off your cute sports bras. That’s a win-win in my book!

The only thing I wasn’t initially a fan of was the little slit in the side on the neckline. However, I soon realized the importance of that design choice when I went to take the shruggie off; the slit helped me to get it over my head without stretching out the neckline! (Let’s take a moment of silence for all the sweatshirts that have been lost to an overstretched neckline. Rest in Peace 🙏)

popflex mockneck shruggie review styled with jeans

Showing Off The Shruggie

I took the Mockneck Shruggie for a spin and wore it for a stretch session. While some tops can restrict motion, I found that this one moved with me, providing enough space and not clinging to my body. Right after taking it through my work out, it was time to show it off on campus.

Changing out my leggings for jeans, I headed over from the rec center to class. My classmates loved the look, which is high praise from fashion students! It was chic and comfortable. The best of both worlds!

The Pros

  • Soft, warm material 
  • The sleeves & neckline add a glamorous touch 
  • It’s got an anti-stretch neckline
  • It shows off your sports bra while keeping you cozy during your warm-up
  • It’s versatile


The Cons

  • It’s really cropped, so if you prefer a longer style, try the Uptown Mockneck Sweatshirt instead
  • The sleeves are a bit short if you’re someone who’s got longer arms
  • Mocknecks can feel restricting (if you’re not a fan, try the Step Up Shruggie instead!)

Where Luxe Meets Leisure

In future, I hope that POPFLEX expands on their layering pieces (especially more with those puff sleeves! 😍)  The Mockneck Shruggie has the potential to become a wardrobe staple. It’s fashionable and functional, revealing without putting me out of my comfort zone. What do you think about shruggies? Post it in the comments!

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