The Running Shorts To End All Running Shorts…

Hey guys!

This is the running short to end all running shorts.

I’m serious. I’ve been a running shorts hater for a long time bc they always make me look Frump City, USA, but that’s only because the ones I’ve bought weren’t well thought out.

Sketch of the new High Waisted POPFLEX Supershort running shorts designed by cassey ho

Designing the perfect high-waisted running shorts

As you know, every design that comes to life must have a WHY. This one was pretty clear since I have such strong feelings about running shorts.

I already knew the two major icks had with regular running shorts, so I started there.

Why an inner panty??

They always give me thigh crease rashes and bumps.💡Let’s replace that with an inner booty short!

Why a restrictive outer fabric??

💡Let’s do a lightweight one that streeeetches!


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Meet the Supershort™

❌🐫 No front seam bc cameltoe hurts whether or not you can see it!
📱Pockets cuz duh.
⏳ High-waisted and anti-pinch bc we love a snatched look.
🦵 High-cut outer shorts to give the illusion of longer legs, but you’re still protected by the length of the inner booty shorts!

This is my fave POPFLEX shorts design of all time. I love them so much. I mean it when I say these running shorts will end all running shorts. 🏃‍♀️

Shop the Supershort™

Cassey Ho wearing the high-waisted supershort running short popflex

Shop the Supershort™

How to style high-waisted running shorts!

Obvi I’m wearing these with my favorite bra right now, the Corset Bra. If I need more coverage or coziness, I’ll layer with a Perfect Tee or a Cloud Hoodie!

If you’re wondering about sizing for the shorts, these are true to size! Just follow the size chart. I am size small wearing a small. 5’5”. It comes in XXS-3X!

Any questions!? Ask in the comments below!




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  1. Emily says:

    Hey, i love your clothes. I am a teenager and i looovvve oversized hoodies. But their hood is always too small to really fit my head under there and still have the hoodie at my thumb. Could you make one where i can fit my head under the hood and still have it oversized and comfy and warm?