We Need to Talk Real Sustainability…

Hey guys!

I’ve been thinking…about sustainability, fast fashion, and everything in between.

You see, I was raised by Asian immigrant parents who ingrained in me the skill of saving everything. They saved plastic grocery bags and used them as trash bags. They saved pickle jars and used them as tupperware. They saved clothes by evolving them!

When my dress ripped, my mom turned it into shirt. And when the shirt was too tattered to wear, she turned it into a rag to clean the house with.

To waste was a crime.

Honestly, my parents are 2 of the most sustainable people I’ve ever met! (And wayyyyy before it became trendy.) They taught me how to prolong the life of everything I use, and I try to apply their philosophy of reducing waste into the POPFLEX culture.

Since Saturday was Earth Day, I thought…what a better day than today to launch something special I’ve been working on!


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Introducing, P♻PCYCLE

An intimate place swap your clothes! Because honestly, true sustainability is either:

1. Not buying any new clothes ever (like my dad 🙂) or

2. Finding ways to extend the life cycle of your current clothes


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How to get started with P♻PCYCLE

Give your POPFLEX and Blogilates items a ✨new life!✨

1. Download the BODY By Blogilates app (free in Apple App Store or Google Play store)

2. Head to the Social feature (which is new and so much fun, btw!)

3. Go to P♻PCYCLE

Here, you can:

  • Post and discover pre-loved POPFLEX at low prices
  • Browse what others are parting ways with
  • Post about something you’re searching for!


You can read more about how to post and what to expect from
P♻PCYCLE here!!

It’s not perfect, but it’s a start! I’ve been sitting on this idea for wayyyy too long, trying to think of every single detail to perfect. Finally, I was like you know what? We just need to do it and make it better as we go. Soo think of this as the Beta version 😉

Sustainability is a journey

In full transparency, even though I’m now a part of the fashion industry, and I hate the way things are being done – I think I have the opportunity to create change. POPFLEX is a mini baby compared to these fast fashion giants, but I don’t want to leave this earth without making impact. And I really mean that. 🌎


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  1. Sabrina Zamora says:

    Oh my gosh Cassie, I already loved you when you first came out with such great workouts and a great personality. And now you’re doing this sustainability with your garments, that is just awesome and soooo good for the Earth and our world! Thank you for all that you are and do! Happy New Year!

  2. mr mine says:

    Sustainability is also a way to protect the environment. My parents strongly advised me to recycle as much as possible.