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POP Pilates Instructor Trainings 2016!

February 4, 2016



POP Pilates Instructor Trainings 2016!

side plank cropped smaller

Hey guys!

Take a look at that spectacular side plank! That’s me and a few of my POP Pilates instructors, Steph, Isabella, and Lexi during our official POP Pilates photoshoot! I love this pose so much because it’s strong, powerful, and so POP!

Have you ever thought of getting POP Pilates certified? Do you feel like you want to start a career in inspiring people? Do you want to get paid to do what you ALREADY love doing? Guys – when I got Pilates certified as a sophomore in college, I didn’t know it at the time, but I made the MOST IMPORTANT decision of my life – it paved the way for the magic that was to come.

I remember teaching my first Pilates class ever. It was traditional Pilates – slow music, slow movements. I only had like 3 people at this small, intimate studio for all women, but I really got to know each one so so well. That studio ended up paying for my entire Pilates certification because they believed in me. That was the true beginning. Because of that, I was able to start selling my own classes at the local Recreational center. Then I auditioned at 24 Hour Fitness and got hired at my first big box gym! That was the first time I started teaching to classes of 30+ with a microphone headset and I almost died from nervousness! Luckily, I was paired with a veteran instructor who team-taught with me that day. Eventually, I got more and more comfortable. With practice, I become more confident and knowledgeable and started acing other auditions. I eventually taught Pilates everywhere from luxurious studios to huge gyms like Crunch and Equinox.rollover cropped smaller 2But it wasn’t until I started adding pop music to my classes that my class numbers and following started to BLOW UP! I knew it was something special. So in 2009, I started teaching my own trademarked format, POP Pilates and putting that on schedules and on and YouTube (which is probably how you found me)! Then in late 2014, 24 Hour Fitness approached me and asked to partner with them alongside huge formats like Zumba and Les Mills BODYPUMP! I was SHOCKED!!! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!!??? It was such an honor to even be considered in the first place.

Here’s a taste of what POP Pilates feels like:

“POP Pilates is a dance on the mat! We take traditional Pilates to the next evolution, combining music with movement to turn the group exercise experience into a high energy, infectiously upbeat 55 min mat-based workout. Rhythmically flowing from one exercise to the next, your class will learn classical favorites like the Hundreds and the Roll Up and advance their way towards our signature fusion exercises that will leave everyone shockingly sore. POP Pilates releases gorgeous new choreography every 3 months, but unlike other strict choreo-based formats, we encourage our instructors to practice “Freedom of Choice” in song selection, pacing, and reps. By offering this freedom, POP Pilates instructors are able to let their own personality shine, while blowing up class numbers and still staying true to the brand!” POP Pilates is incredibly intuitive to learn and we teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to become a successful instructor. Our educational training program is ROCK SOLID and will ensure that both new instructors and veterans are teaching effectively, safely, and in an engaging and entertaining manner. That’s why the class numbers for POP Pilates have been shockingly high in the gyms we’re currently in. It’s replaced other formats and attendance has doubled, tripled, and in some cases…quadrupled! No, seriously. When we first launched, we were exclusive to 24 Hour Fitness but as of 2016, you can get certified in POP Pilates and teach anywhere! I know you’ve been waiting a super duper long time for the new POP Pilates Instructor Trainings to be announced, so without further adieu, here are the training dates for Spring and early summer 2016!POP-ig-training-squares1

Click here for specific locations

Also, to encourage you guys to sign up early, we are offering an Early Bird Special! For anyone who registers for a training at least 2 weeks before the date of the workshop, we will give you a nice 15% off discount! Just use the code “EARLYBIRD15” at checkout!

The above locations are our initial 2016 stops in the US. If you’re from a place that you don’t see up there, but you really want to get certified, then contact us at and tell us where you’re from. (International POPsters can get certified in our POP Pilates Online Workshop – PPOW) If you own a gym or are friends with a gym owner, and you’re able to secure a studio space for us to come and hold a training, then it will increase your chances of getting us over there. Either way, everything is possible and we want to do our best to get you certified and a part of the POP Army!


Every member of the POP Army gets this Official Instructor Bracelet.

Finally, I need to thank this lovely lady right here. This is my POP Pilates Program Director, Jules Fultz who teaches a ROCKIN’ POP Pilates class in Texas! If you live in the Austin area, you guys need to go find her and take her class at 24 Hour Fitness! She’s full of sparkle with a genuine, loving soul. I only add people to my team who really get us POPsters. And she gets the Blogilates philosophy for real – so don’t you worry, she’s “one of us”! Haha. Also, she’s been teaching group fitness for over 25 YEARS (legend!) and worked with me to create the scientific, fool-proof education behind our POP Pilates manual, choreography, and the Master Trainer program.


Many of you will get to meet Jules when you attend the trainings – you may see her name listed. Go follow her on Instagram @julefultz – she always does the Blogilates challenges and provides modifications for most poses that I ask you guys to do!

Finally, for anyone who may be confused as to where to sign up for POP Pilates trainings, the only valid place to do it is on POP Pilates and myself are no longer affiliated with NAFC and split ways with them last year for reasons that I hope to one day be able to share with you. Do not sign up with NAFC or any other site, as all those training programs are infringing on my trademark and their training program is not up to date or correct. You will also not have access to our new killer manual and our mind-blowing choreography that is released every quarter if you sign up there. If you are confused, please email and we can help you get what you need.

We’re here to help YOU become a successful POP Pilates instructor so that you can spread the POP magic! That is all that matters!

Yay! Now tell me, where are you from? Comment below!



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  1. alice says:

    hi i’m 20 and i would love to become a pop Pilates instructor, i was wondering if you do a on line coerce and if you do how much it costs? thanks you

  2. Lisa Schieb says:

    When will you come to Roumania?

  3. Yolanda Saez says:

    Will you ever do OHIO?!

  4. Will you ever do this in the UK?! I would love to train as an instructor! I’m already a teacher and I love working out so this would be ideal! Xxx

  5. Sheesel Holden says:

    When will you be in Orange County, California? Also, what is the cost?? Please inform.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Id love to become an instructor but as I am in Wales UK I have no idea if it would be possible!

  7. Mailo says:

    When will you come to France?!?

  8. Denise Manahan says:

    Philippines! But first I need to build strength to power through your workouts! I’ve only gotten hooked for 3 weeks now and boy do you mean biznez! But yes, I would love to be an instructor!

    1. Denise Manahan says:

      Likewise, are there pop pilates instructors from/in my country? Thank you <3

  9. Amber says:

    Hey Cassie! Is this training program the only one i need to take to become a Pop Pilates trainer? Cause ive had people tell me id have to get certified in other fitness programs to even start your training program, is that true?

  10. Ariel says:

    How do you find POP Pilates certified classes in your area? (I live in Chicago)

    1. hannahrotter says:

      Cassey is coming to the Chicago area September 17, 2016!!!

  11. Stepett says:

    I love comments, and I love talking.

  12. Vlatka says:

    Your body is also reflection of what you do and how good you do it so why not “expose” it. Don’t mind envy people, they are just unhappy with themselves. I like what you do, how you do it and your outfit to :).

  13. Cat says:

    I would first like to say thank you so much your stretching videos have changed my life! Especially the posture one! I had back surgery when I was in high school and suffer from chronic nerve pain and RA. Your videos allow me to play with my nieces and nephews, work in an office, and live a relatively active life with the lowest amount of pain I’ve had in nearly a decade; and I’m 25. I would love to see some videos geared more towards pain relief, like carpal tunnel or joint pain reduction. As these are things which many of us suffer from on daily basis. Thank you so much please keep up your awesome work! Your not just life changers, your life savers!!!

  14. Nicole says:

    First of all, I just wanted to say you are such an inspiration and truly motivating. I do your Work-Outs every morning and each and every one of them are awesome!!!!!!
    I actually been teaching Group Fitness classes myself for almost a year now on the side, and I think its time to learn another format, I can offer to my Gyms I am currently working in. And would love to have an opportunity to take your Instructor Training Class. My question to you is, are you planning on having another rollout of dates for the 2nd part of the year in the next month or two?? I’m from NY so the date you had in May, I’m unfortunately out of town for. But I may consider going to Miami in June possibly for the training seminar/mini quick getaway worst case scenario.
    Please let me know!!! 🙂

    Thank you!

  15. Wow – the pictures look extremely professional! Any plans on coming to Georgia down the road???

  16. Jennifer Bent says:

    OMG l just found out about you, your pop palates workout videos and your website l am 51 yrs old and not only am l so inspired by you but by all the people all over the world you inspire. Thank you for coming into my life. Much much more continued success to you Cassey. You go Ms international pop pilates Icon.???????

  17. Nida says:

    Hey Cassey!
    I just wanted to say, that it would mean a lot to us if you come to India! You’ve never come here! Please do. Bangalore really is a nice Place! It would be amazing if you kept a class here.
    Lots of Love.

  18. matthew says:

    today i am starting the 30 day butt lift challenge i hope it will make my butt stronger will it?

  19. Rachael Wilson says:

    Is this valid in Australia? Will the “Pilates Alliance Australasia” recognise this or will i have to do this in addition to a pilates cert.?

    I already have a group ex. qualification but pilates certificates are an entirely different quakificaion here. (Somewhat like yoga instructors having heir own system and education/training).

  20. Jenny says:

    I live in the Pittsburgh area, New York is a little too far! Anything else going to be offered in the east coast?

  21. Phebe says:

    Hey Cassey! I live in RI. One day, when I build up my stamina (and can get through an entire workout without dying xD) I hope I can take the class and become an official instructor!
    Slight problem, though: isn’t working. I keep trying to get to the website to see more info, but it keeps saying “Safari cannot connect to the server”
    Any ideas as to why this might be?
    Keep up the awesome work! You’re so inspiring!

    1. blogilates says:

      Hm, it should be working, give it another try!

  22. Jo giray says:

    Hi there ,
    I’m a pro, fitness instructor/group exercise instructor and would love to teach poppilates.

    I live in the UK. When will the courses be available over here please?

  23. Emma says:

    Hello! How old do you have to be in order to get certified? I will be 17 Monday, Feb 15, 2016!

    1. blogilates says:

      You have tok be at least 18!

  24. Maja says:

    This is my one, big dream! And I WILL make it happen!

  25. Abby says:

    Please come to Brisbane Australia!!!

  26. Amy says:

    Come to the Washington DC area!!! I love POP Pilates and would love to get certified someday!

  27. I am just PRAYING you will come to canada!!

    1. elisa says:

      yes i know, she needs to come to canada!!!

  28. Rene says:

    Really wish you would offer the online training in the US. Closest workshop is 400 miles from me and short notice. :/

    1. blogilates says:

      Where are you from?

  29. I wish you did international classes! It would be great to train with you! All the best Cassie and hope you share your positive vibes with everyone 🙂

  30. Lauren says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I live in Dubai but i am from the UK. I just want to say you are amazing inspiration to me and one day i hope you could come visit Dubai.

    Lauren <3

  31. Erynn Moore says:

    Do I understand this correctly that we can teach from anywhere? Not just gyms that accept POP Pilates? Because I live in a very small town and would be teaching in school, churches, garages etc.

    1. blogilates says:

      Yes you can teach anywhere!

  32. Christina says:

    I’m from Louisiana and I am certified in mat Pilates. Recently though, I’ve fallen in love with your style of Pilates and I hope to get certified. Houston isn’t too far away! Hopefully we can get some classes started here in Lafayette, Louisiana. 🙂

  33. kayleigh says:

    I have been thinking for a while that I would like to become certified and it seems like a perfect time. I live in Virginia and would love if you would closer but if not will try to make it to Miami

  34. Nicol says:

    Hey! I am from Czech Republic, please come to Europe 🙂 I love what you are doing 🙂

  35. Anni says:

    You’re such an inspiration for me <3
    Greets from Germany <3<3<3<3
    Beauty | Movies | Fashion | Interior | Lifestyle | Food | Fitness

  36. mandy says:

    I’m from FRANCE !!! Please come visit us !!

  37. This is so cool – I LOVE your take on Pilates, it’s basically a way to get a whole new generation into it, that doesn’t cost zillions of dollars. I take tons of Pilates classes through ClassPass, but if it wasn’t for that it would be way to expensive! Thanks for making it so accessible 🙂

    xx Jill

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  38. Shriya says:

    Hey Cassey!
    I’ve been following your blog and doing your videos since 10th grade and it’s absolutely changed my life! 🙂
    Your endless positivity, drive, passion and most importantly, LOVE<3 for every single thing that you do inspires me every day 🙂
    The saddest part is that you haven't made a trip to INDIA! 🙁 I'd love it if you held a POP Pilates class here, in Chennai, India. 😀
    Lots of love!

    1. blogilates says:

      ahhh I’ve never been!

  39. Coralie says:

    2016 will be my year !! I started doing your monthly calendars in November 2015 and ever since I’ve been absolutely addicted *_* pop pilates has become my passion, even though I have not been practicing for a very long time. 2016 will be the year when I finally start a career in fitness ! I will get POP certified through the online certification (I live in France) in august~september (or really whenever I will feel able to pass it successfully ^^) and then I will quit my clerical job and start teaching pop pilates et INSPIRING other people to live a healthier, happier life ! I can’t wait ! This is my 2016 goal and I’m gonna make it happen. Thank you so much Cassey for giving me the courage and strength to follow my dream ! Of course this is scary, but I know I can do this !! 🙂 XOXO

    1. Chantal Tallec says:

      Bonjour Coralie! Une française ça fait plaisir ! Je vois que tu vas devenir instructeur pop pilates grâce à la certification en ligne. Tu pourras exercer partout? j’avais cru comprendre qu’en France si tu n’as pas de diplôme d’état tu ne ne peux pas enseigner en tant que coach. Peut être que j’ai mal compris ou que tu as le DE. Bonne chance en tout cas !

  40. Jasmine says:

    I hope to one day I can teach pop pilates

  41. Vilma says:

    I’m from Finland! 🙂 And waiting and wishing for some European classes!

  42. Natasa says:

    I really wish you could take a Pop pilates class in Europe … Maybe some day? 🙂

  43. Vivian says:

    Does the POP Pilates instructor training count for CEUs with ACE?

    Also, you neeeeed to come back to Boston and do a training! 😀

    1. blogilates says:

      We are waiting for our ACE credits to get approved! SOON!

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