POP Pilates: Cinch that Waist Workout

POP Pilates: Cinch that Waist Workout

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New POP Pilates video!!! After getting a ton of messages about doing an accompanying workout to the “Cinch that Waist” printable, here it is!

Featured moves:

  1. Side plank dippers – obliques
  2. Advanced plank – core balance
  3. Windmill – total core with emphasis on obliques
  4. The wiggle – obliques
  5. Criss-Cross – transverse abdominals
Try it 4x through, taking minimal breaks! No more than 1 min rest between each round! Turn up your own music! And please subscribe to BlogilatesTV, my new YouTube channel for full length workouts. Should I always have a video for each printable and a printable for each video?

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  1. Lara says:

    thanks for video, it so so good

  2. lou says:

    Hi Cassey (:
    I love your videos and your smiles, i think printables are very helpful ; i am french and i cannot always understand your explications in your videos ( nb of repetitions etc ), so printables and videos are very complementary ( to me ^^ ) !

    luv <3

  3. Melanie says:

    Great, I’m making that! It’s great and fun as always

  4. Nikkia says:

    Yes! I prefer videos over printouts only because it’s easier to watch my laptop than look at a piece of paper. But I can see how printouts can be useful . Thanks as always!

  5. Sammy says:

    Yes! I love the printables, but sometimes the moves a bit new to me so it helps to have a video to go along with it. 🙂

  6. reina says:

    Yes, I LOVE each of your vids and printables 😀

  7. sameerah says:

    yes! a vid for every printout!!! esp “fit for fall”, can’t really do the moves without ur help!! u rock cassey!!!!

  8. Val says:

    Sweet! Was looking at the printable just a moment ago!
    Back to home and here’s a video of it! Gonna do it today 😉 Thanks so much!