Feeling Ballet-Beautiful in the Pirouette Tiered Skort

Disclaimer: Blogilates and POPFLEX might be sister brands, but this review contains my honest and unfiltered opinions on this product! Keep reading to see what I loved (and didn’t love) about the Pirouette Tiered Skort.

Oh, ballet. Sigh. I can’t deny that I feel a rush of nostalgia for my childhood dance classes whenever I see ballet-inspired clothes. These happy memories flooded back into my mind when I saw that POPFLEX had released the Pirouette Tiered Skort, a tutu-inspired piece that brings all the beauty and grace of a ballerina into your everyday life.

When it comes to my workout-wear, I’m usually a function-first sort of person. I tend to stick to my tried-and-true uniform of matching sports bra and legging sets. So naturally, I was a bit unsure about trying out a skort at the gym. As a fitness instructor, I have to make sure my clothes are comfortable and give me a full range of motion. But as a fashion student, I can’t resist adding a little elegance to my fitness routine. I just had to see how it works! Besides, what is fashion if not to explore new styles?

popflex pirouette tiered skort flatlay unboxing

Love At First Sight

When I got the Pirouette Tiered Skort in the mail, I was so excited. Despite its cross-country journey, the lightweight fabric wasn’t creased or crumpled. And you guys, the peppercorn color is a gorgeous brown with mauve undertones… even more dynamic in person than on the site!

popflex pirouette tiered skort review

The Fit Check

When I tried on the skort, it fit perfectly, the high waist falling right above my belly button and hugging my hips without excess fabric. This is a tricky fit for me, since I’m between sizes. However, this one gets an A+ in the fit department. The tutu-inspired skirt material was light and didn’t cling to my legs or the shorts underneath. My favorite feature, though, was the pockets. They’re spacious enough to fit your keys, phone, a snack, or anything else you might need to keep on you during your workout.

pirouette skort review

From Barre to the Bar (& Everywhere In Between)

I first took the Pirouette out for a test-run at the gym. I fully expected that the skirt material would annoy me when doing cardio moves, but it was so lightweight that I didn’t feel like my movements were restricted at all. However, the shorts underneath do roll up a teeny bit when doing moves like sumo squats. Overall, I found that I felt more confident and graceful during my workout, really trying to embody that prima ballerina energy. Because of this, I paid more attention to my form and posture. (Clothes really can affect how you work out!) 

Next, I styled the skirt with a wrap sweater for an afternoon out with friends. When brunch calls, I answer! Even if I’m coming straight from the gym. It was a great going-out piece; it’s impossibly chic and the soft, stretchy material allows for maximum comfort, even after eating a ~little too much~ avocado toast. (I personally tested that theory. You’re welcome!) The versatility of this skort is one of the main selling points for me. I can work out in it and dress it up, all in the same day.

Things You’ll Love

  • The lightweight of the skirt material
  • Little-to-no steaming needed!
  • The high waistband hugs your waist and hips just right
  • It doesn’t cling
  • Fits true to size 
  • The color is dynamic (the purple & pink undertones really elevate the look)
  • You can literally wear it anywhere!


Things You Might Not Love

  • It’s short (personally, I like it short. But not everyone will! And that’s OK)
  • The material might get in the way for flexibility-training workouts like yoga 
  • Because the fabric is so sheer, it could snag easily. Proceed with caution!

pirouette tiered skort

Final Thoughts

Let me tell you, I have never gotten as many clothing compliments at the gym as I did for the Pirouette Tiered Skort. It felt awesome to know that I’m working hard and looking good doing it 😉)

I was looking for something new to try, and the POPFLEX Pirouette Skort did not disappoint. It’s the perfect transition piece to wear in your home, to the gym, and anywhere in between. How would you style the skort? Let me know in the comments!

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