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October Workout Calendar!

September 30, 2016


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Hey guys!

The month of Halloween is upon us! Do you know what you will dress up as on the 31st? I JUST bought my costume today and I am SO EXCITED for you guys to see it! It’s comfy and cute!! And orange. I won’t give you any more details though…you’ll just have to wait!

3 more months until the new year…that is wildness. By the way, we just finished designing the 2017 Fit Planner 🙂 We’ve been going at it for several months now and I feel soooo happy with it. You guys are going to love it. The graphics are beautiful…the colors are vibrant…and ugh, just everything is PERFECT! Also, we designed it to be more than just a planner for fitness and food – it’s a planner for life. The release will most likely be in a month or so! So hang tight!


Your cardio, strength training, and rest days are all planned out for you. All you have to do is complete each video once, check them off, and boom, you’re done for the day! Rest days are Friday, but feel free to switch that day around with another if it works better for your schedule.

The exclusive video of the month is “Feel Good Pilates Workout” which can be found in the Blogilates Official App (iTunes or Google Play). It’s a lot of core strengthening exercises that will help build a solid abdominal wall. This special video comes free with a subscription to the monthly calendar, which is only 99c! The calendar in the app is awesome because there is no need to search for the videos on YouTube – they are already curated for you! The app is available for Android and iPhone.

If you’ve been doing the Blogilates Calendar for a while now, are short on time, and want to try something new, try out PIIT28! It’s a 28 day program (follow along videos + ebook + online portal) that I developed this year because I found myself “too busy to work out.” The workout is only 28 min and 40 seconds long and it’s all about Pilates Intense Interval Training. Prepare to sweat and be sore!

Whether you’re doing PIIT28 or the Blogilates calendar, BOTH will work to transform you if you give it 100% commitment. What’s the better one? The one you can stick with.

I’ll leave you with some inspirational before and afters from POPsters who decided to give their work out EVERYTHING they’ve got. So proud of what they’ve accomplished and what YOU’RE about to do too.


This is beautiful Belinda (@belindasays) who has been doing Blogilates workouts on YouTube for 3 years while watching her diet. She is now 90 lbs down. Love the hair color change too!

before and after

This is Theresa (@theresa_piitlates). She just finished 7 rounds of PIIT28 while digging herself out of a dark hole. This girl is on FIRE and shining so bright now! You can read her story here.


This is Corina (@chill678)! She lost 27 lbs in 6 months doing PIIT28 and is from the beautiful island of Hawaii! I had the chance to meet her a few months ago while I was there for a meetup! Read her journey here.


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  1. Lalithya says:

    Hey casey
    i loved this month’s calendar since it has separate days for abs and obliques and saw a big difference in my body . Hoping you would continue this format of the calendar for the next month too.
    <3 Lalithya

  2. Ayla Kianmehr says:

    Should I do the cardio day if I am trying to GAIN weight? I am 5’4″ and I weigh a miniscule 100 pounds. I try to gain weight and nothing works. Is it because I’m still eating clean? I eat a lot of food but its all healthy stuff so I can distribute the weight evenly. Also, does someone have a good calorie amount for gaining weight? Thanks!

    1. AlexCake says:

      Maybe you’re not supposed to be bigger? If your body isn’t getting bigger when you eat healthy food, would you then stuff it with pizza and fat foods? Just eat healthy and exercise, listen to your body and if it won’t get bigger then you’re not meant to be bigger.

      At least that’s how I feel. I’m 175 cm and 53 kg. I’m a stick figure, haha. But that’s just my body type. So now I’m focusing on building some muscles and getting a slim, healthy body. Getting bigger won’t happen for me before I’m maybe 60 and have had three kids, haha.

      Just my 2 cents. I’m not an expert at all!

    2. Ari says:

      I would say try lifting weights, don’t start eating a bunch of junk food just to gain weight because it’ll affect your health more than your body weight.
      I was lifting weights with my sister for some time and I noticed that I was gaining weight but looking slimmer.
      Just a thought. 😀

    3. sarah says:

      Try tracking your macros. You need to be aware of the amount of carbs, protein and fats you’re consuming. You need to be in a caloric surplus. Make sure you’re eating enough protein and sounds like you may be better suited to a higher carb diet as you are probably an ectomorph. It can be really hard for people with this body type to gain weight. It’s probably best to do minimal cardio and be sure to lift weights. You may be better off following more of a weight training routine (as opposed to doing just pilates) as you are more likely to put on mass with weights. If you’re eating a ton of high volume food (ie a lot of veggies) you may have a hard time eating as much as you need to. Eat healthy and be sure to get in all the nutrients you need, but having the odd treat won’t hurt you and try incorporating things like avocado and grains into your diet. You may want to check out to use their macro calculator and start doing up daily meal plans on the myfitnesspal app. You may think you’re eating more calories than you actually are just like some people who are having a really hard time losing weight may be eating more than they think they are if they aren’t tracking what theyre eating. If all else fails, you may need to set up an appointment with a dietitian. 5’4 and 100lbs is pretty tiny. Although BMI isn’t an exact way of checking if you’re over or underweight it is good to use as a general guideline. I entered your weight and height into a BMI calculator (on a government, ie reliable, website) and it says you’re definitely underweight. I’m sure you know this and this is why you are trying to gain weight but this is also why it may be advisable to meet with a dietitian. Just as there are health risks associated with being overweight, there are health risks associated with being underweight. You may also want to try googling training/gaining mass for ectomorphs. All the best with your journey!

  3. Katie says:

    Hey guys! How does everyone else find their videos???? I’m having a hard time finding some of them. Any tips???

    1. Rachel says:

      I’d like some tips too!

    2. Emma says:

      Go to YouTube and type in blogilates and if that doesn’t work try using an app or website similar to YouTube such as tube X

    3. AlexCake says:

      I go to Blogilates on youtube ( and either:
      a) Use the playlist Cassey made – found under the “playlists” tab.
      b) Use the Search Bar (magnifying glass next to “about” tab) and write “[video name]“. The quotation marks are important, they make sure to ONLY search for the full video name. If omitted you might have to scroll a little bit 🙂 – and then I make my own playlist on youtube.

      I hope this helpes.

      Bonus: link to my playlist:

      I’m from Denmark (and not very good at doing my workouts) so it might not be synced to how far you are in the calendar 🙂

  4. T says:

    What is the new Columbus day vid?!

  5. RJ Cash says:

    What does // mean??? Is it just separating the two?

  6. ZARTAJ T JOZ says:


  7. RJ Cash says:

    Hey Cassy can you do it like you did the Beginner plans with all the videos in one place????Thanks!!
    Love youxoxoxxoxox

  8. jood says:

    im so sad I cant do it anymore because everything hurting me and im afraid that I heart my body because I remember two days ago I was excited about me losing 1 bound and I worked hard 🙁

    1. RJ Cash says:

      You can still do it!!! You are just SORE!! Everyone gets SORE!! Keep on doing it! If this is your first time do the Beginners Plan 2.0….She slowly builds up your body strength and at the end of the 30 days you ready to do this!

  9. Rana Alhdad says:

    Guys i need me some meal calendar…like an easy one cuz am in college and i want an easy meal calendar

  10. Daniela Rivera says:

    I love the calendar but I wish there were written versions of the workouts but either written or in a video I’ll never stop working out with Cassey everyday.

  11. Kenza Debbarh says:

    I wish all the videos were in one long video it would be so much easier for all people who don’t have enough time with their busy schedule but besides this fact,Cassey is my favourite coatch in sports she’s such an optimistic person ♡

  12. Caitlin says:

    Is it just me, or is anyone else having a hard time finding the “Back Attack” video for the 3rd? I’ve been searching through the blogilates channel on Youtube, but haven’t been able to find it!

  13. Bianca M says:

    love you soooo muuuch Cassey ! <3

  14. BlueMeow7 says:

    What’s up with October 27, that’s not even a real workout … :/ Definitely switching Victor’s wo. and Sailor Moon with something more effective.

  15. Zane says:

    How do you need to do workouts when there are two //? You do both or one or another?

    1. anna says:

      Usually the workouts are short, so combining them makes a full 28 minute work out.

      1. Zane says:

        For example October 1st was 5 WO,the 3rd one was with the lines //in between. So you do only one of them,the lines ar as an option or you do both and then you get 6 WO in total?

        1. BlueMeow7 says:

          The name of the workout is Fat Burning // PIIT, you do it once.

  16. Lisa Martinez says:

    First day back at working out in 3 years!! I’m trying to get back into it to lose weight and gain strength with a main focus on powerlifting. Todays cardio videos were awesome! I’m not a fan of running so these workouts definitely got the heart rate up to break a sweat. I’m so excited to see everyone’s journey and see where you’re all starting from 🙂

  17. Natalie says:

    I am so excited to start!!! I started off with like random workouts from youtube but now I want to try the monthly workouts, wish me luck!!

    1. Lisa Martinez says:

      you got this!

  18. Yanet Jaimes says:

    I’m suppose to start round 2 of piit28,but going to do this calendar before i do round 2 since i kind of miss these calendars and i dont want my body to get used to my workouts
    I have to mix it up a bit ?
    Super excited for this month

  19. Minnie says:

    This is my first “pro” blogilates calendar! I’m excited!

    1. Natalie says:

      Same as well, good luck on your journey!

  20. punchpunch says:

    Disappointed to see 2 days with ab workouts while thighs and booty has only one day now, I will probably turn the obliques day to a leg day. Cassey, please consider people who want to work their lower body, recently I have the feeling that your workout calendars are more abs oriented.

    1. Nur Oz says:

      well there are plenty of people (including myself) who want to workout their cores 🙂

    2. Lex says:

      I hear you! My legs & booties are so big while my upper body is comparably smaller. But my core strength is doesn’t even stand up against shit, so I’m not complaining xD

  21. Dhira Chakraborty says:

    Guys Happy October!!! Just got the october calender and it looks crazy good. Cassey has taken it up couple of Notches!!!!

  22. meliaa says:

    Do you guys do each video in one clump, or each one separately over the course of a day? I find it hard to do all the videos in one day because it takes a while and I have uni all day + heaps of assignments.

    1. Rose says:

      I try to do it all at once, but sometime I split it up and do half in the morning and half at night. 🙂

    2. Natalie says:

      Well what I am doing is taking a break now, so far I have done 2 workouts. But after I post this I am gonna get back up and do another one.

  23. karle says:

    I’ve been doing blogilates for quite two years now, on and off because I sometimes feel soooo down, is like I have no energy at all and had been gaining a lot of weight despite eating healthy and excersizing. About a month ago I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, Anyone else here have it? My doctor wants me to be on a strict gluten-free diet. How do you guys deal with it when you can barely get out of bed, how do you manage to workout? because I REALLY WANT TO do it everyday, blogilates is the best and most fun way to do it.

    1. Happyturtle says:

      Hey girl! I find it hard to get out of bed sometimes too. The way I make it work is that I usually pic and choose from the workouts of the day. I try to stick with the shorter ones and go all the way through. I set a goal of going hard for at least two vids. Three if I’m ambitious. What I’ve been doing lately is getting up earlier than I usually would and do some stretches and a warmup. Usually some jumping jacks and a few burpees. I get dressed, do the workout, and have a light shower. I feel so accomplished after I do it! I enjoy my workout way more when I tell myself I can do it. It’s cheesy, but it sooo works! Don’t know if this helped at all, but I hope it helped at least a little! I believe in you, keep going!

      1. karle says:

        Hey happyturtle!
        It’s really hard, because sometimes I feel energetic and want to workout but after I take tapazole and eat, my energy drains and I go back to my “sleepy but I can’t sleep” mode. I’ll try the way you do it, warming up after waking up! I’m sure it will hep me. Thank youuuu very much, it’s inspiring to get advice from other popsters who struggle with the same issue. Lots of love. Xo

    2. J57jane says:

      Hey! I have the hypothyroidism since 2012 and I was a popster since then I remember myself getting on and off the workout because I was so tired and I always tell myself my weight was ok but within a month when I went back to the hospital despite me maintaining a healthy diet and eating the same amount of meal like I usually did, I gained a total of 13kg. 13Kg isn’t a small amount so I just kept pushing myself even if I am tired, I tell myself to never give up. To be honest since you are also diagnosed with hypothyroidism, we won’t shed weight that easy compare to a healthy person but I can tell you that your body would be tone and it would lift your self esteem up by a lot. In the beginning, you might give up because of the number on your weighing machine so never care too much about weighing machine think about how you want to change to become strong despite having hypothyroidism which I know would makes one feels dizzy sometime. I hope that over the time of blogilates you would become a strong person with a smile while doing the workout! p.s it takes time and perseverance from you, yourself 🙂

      1. karle says:

        Hey Jane, I can totally relate to your gain weight!!! My doctor prescribed me Metformine for two months to help me shed weight, but I’m afraid of gaining it back when the two months pass!
        Thank you for sharing your story with me, it helps a lot to know others struggle with the same condition and how they deal with it, it’s inpiring. Thank you very, I’ll follow your advice and will keep in mind to keep pushing! Lots of love. Xo

    3. Ine says:

      Hey Karle! I have that too, but my doctor never talked about a gluten-free diet … I wouldn’t recommend it because it’s a real struggle to cut gluten out of your diet. I’m on prescripted pills now and my fatigue is totally gone, plus I can control my weight again, like a ‘normal’ person without hypothyroidism. I can workout again, too, so it’s a win-win on every level! Maybe go to another doctor for a second opinion, because the pills really work. Good luck!

      1. Karle says:

        Hey Ine, It is really is a struggle. I’ve read some articles about gluten giving your thyroid glandule a difficult time, but maybe I should have a second’s opinion. Thank you very much, I’m very happy for you that your fatigue is gone! Best wishes. Xo

  24. Natalie says:

    Okay, I’m in middle school and I’ve been exercising with blogilates for a while, but I need advice. I’m thinking of doing track tryouts (which is in December) and I want to strengthen even a little bit before the tryouts come. I know I can exercise but I have a busy schedule. I really need some help!!??

  25. Jood says:

    I really want to lose 20 pound in one year. I really want to lose the fats besides the knees but I don’t know how and what video should I watch, in fact I have not ware shorts in my entire life cuz I feel shame of my legs they seriously look like chicken legs. please help me

    1. Maeve Travis says:

      Any of her leg videos are really good!! I would recommend any of her “inner thighs” videos if you’re looking for more confidence in wearing shorts and slimming down legs. 20lbs in a year is a good goal too 🙂 Check out her nutrition videos as well if weight loss is your goal

      1. Jood says:

        thank you so much you give confident to continue

    2. karle says:

      If you’re new, you can start with the begginers calendar, it will definitely help you with the goals you want to achieve.

  26. Léa Johnson says:

    I’m looking forward to this! My last day of the Beginners calendar is tomorrow, so I’ll be doing that day and day 1 of October!! Going to give it my all!! I noticed today that I didn’t push as hard as I could have (maybe because I’m not feeling good, maybe because I’m using it as an excuse, maybe both) but I WILL push hard throughout the month!! Going to add in a 30 day for legs challenge too, because my leg strength is not very good. 30 day arm challenge for the month of November!!

    1. Happyturtle says:

      Smart! I think I’ll give the leg challenge a try. My leg strength sucks XD. I’ve always had good upper body strength, but I always neglect the legs :/.

  27. Razan Abdulmuniem says:

    Omg am soo excited and am the first to comment wow ❤️

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