New Trimdown Vid + London Recap

New Trimdown Vid + London Recap

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Hey POPsters!

First of all, new video! It’s a cross between a POP Cardio and a POP HIIT! Give it a shot – very quick – I think you’ll like it very much. It was filmed at Trafalgar Square and wish I had my friend pan the cam around so you could see the mini crowd that formed! Hahaha.


OK now…backtrack with me several hours when I was still on the plane…

I’m sitting on the plane right now on the way back to San Francisco and just finished editing some videos. I really wish that they had pluggers (oops, sorry, I mean outlets, but just FYI if you ever meet me I call them pluggers) on here so my battery would last longer! Which also makes me contemplate whether or not I should get an iPad. Although…I feel like it’s just a big iPhone. Do I really need another Apple product? Seems like all the YouTubers I hung out with these past 3 weeks had iPads and it made me want one! The thing is, I asked each one of them if I actually needed one and they were like well, it’s a good in-between but no it’s not necessary. Hmm, any of you have an iPad? What do you think?

One of your fellow POPsters Daniella from Finland just spotted me on the plane and came by to say hey. She’s so nice and we had a good chat about plane food and Glee. I love running into you guys!

Anyway, wanted to take this time to blog about my London experience since I can’t fall asleep. But oh! You’ll be happy to know that on this flight there are NO crying babies OR overtalkative people!!! I feel blessed! Haha – maybe it was meant to be that I missed my flight yesterday?? ☺

So 3 weeks. 3 weeks basically living in the dorms, making new friends, filming, editing, frolicking around London with YouTubers, and TRYING to workout. I am very sad to be leaving but I must say that it was time to get back. Like I said before, my diet and workout routine were totally thrown off and I am eager to hit it hard today. I think I arrive around 2:20pm so there will be plenty of time to freshen up, get myself together, and head out for a run or a gym sesh.

I never really felt like a “real YouTuber” until I came here for the Creators Invade London program that YouTube put on. I mean, where else can you find like over a dozen other people with their Macbook Pros out, headphones in, and just happily editing or vlogging along at 3 in the morning every night. It’s the YouTube culture. I thought I was the only one who felt most at peace at these hours. Apparently not! There are other creatures out there just like me! ☺

That’s Ethan Newberry and Wheezywaiter with his girlfriend. This was our last day fridge-emtying potluck. I brought the salad, the brussel sprouts, and that bowl of spinach right up there.

YouTube brought together about 30 or so channels and just gave us the opportunity to be creative in a new place with a cool event going on – the Olympics! It was my first time not just in London, but in Europe! So it was special. It was also special that we got to see some of the Games. I thoroughly enjoyed Beach Volleyball (so fast-paced) and it was awesome to be in the gymnastics arena! What those men and women can do with their bodies is beyond me!

The highlight of the trip though was definitely the POP Pilates meetup!

You guys were soooooo enthusiastic, so vocal, and so so nice!! (Thanks for laughing at my jokes.) I mean seriously, I think POPsters are the most well-behaved, happy, and life-lovin’ fans there are out there. When I meet you guys, it’s like meeting friends I haven’t seen in a while. I don’t know where I will be next, but I can’t wait to teach more and more of you in person. It’s the best ever!! Any thoughts on the next destination?

I’m grateful for the people I’ve met on this trip and the friendships that have formed from it. Seriously.

Having lunch with POPsters after our meetup! Food was so good!

At the new YouTube Creator Labs Launch Party in London with my new friends! From L to R, that’s Derek of Veritasium, Tony of Bleacher Report, Steve of STRskillschool, me, and then our program coordinators Rebecca, Austin, and omg I have no idea who the guy on the end is. I’m sorry!!!

Hanging (literally) with Coby and Cory from Dudeperfect after teaching a Pilates class at the Google Gym.

A funnily addressed gift I got from my friend Ify.

I hope you take every opportunity in your life to just enjoy and engage with people who make you happy. Life is about people and the relationships you form and the joy that comes out of it.

So what’s next? Gotta get the POP Pilates DVD edited and gotta get the Blogilates Community started up! Anything else you want me to work on while we’re at it? ☺

K love you. Muy tired. Time to sleep and be on a normal sched.

<3 Cassey

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  1. Ashley says:

    I feel the same way about iPads, that they’re just big iPhones minus the phone part. Do you know how many yoga and pilates classes I could take with the amount of money it costs to buy an iPad? An insane amount.

  2. janine says:

    come to las vegas! i just started pop pilates and am getting so many more people into it!

  3. Dean Joseph says:

    Wow! That is so cool I was out there around the same time you was. If I would have known I would have came and crashed your class!

  4. ivana says:

    btw, can’t believe you did so crazy and cool and creative and funny videos in the middle of London! Lovely 😉

  5. ivana says:

    Casseyyyy, I was thinking meeting Cassey one day might be nice, but OK. But after seeing you and London POPsters so enthusiastic and happy, I feel that I HAVE to meet you one day!!! I’m looking forward to you coming again to Europe 😉

  6. Brandi says:

    Just discovered your videos and am super excited. As for the iPad, I also thought it was just a large iPhone, but now that I have one I can’t imagine living without it! I still use my laptop at home, but with iCloud and the right apps, you can have access to all of your files on both devices at all times. I also have apple tv, which is what I use to watch your videos. Highly recommend all of the above. And yes, you do need more apple products. We all need more apple products 🙂

  7. jessica says:

    YOUR LEGS ARE INSANE!!! Im so jealous 😛 going to work even harder to make my ones look like yours 😀 thanks for the motivation 😀 <3

  8. Cai says:

    Casseyyyy, that workout was killer. I still do a lot of your older Pop pilates videos and it’s obvious you’ve really slimmed down; is that from your body building competition? How did you do it, and how long did it take you?

    Love love love your videos, btw!!

  9. Marimardepp says:

    awesome video workout C!

  10. Audrey says:

    OMG!!!!!!!! this workout looks fabulous!!!
    This week I’ve decided I want to beef up my thighs, so this workout is good for me!
    Tonight I try it!

    Good rest! <3

  11. Ronee' says:

    You should come to The Bahamas!!!! I’m in the process of converting regulars to Popsters as I speak hehe. Seriously the most gorgeous backdrops ever can be found here (yes, i’m highly prejudiced I know :)!

  12. valerie says:

    i am so stoked for the DVD!

  13. Chrissy says:


    Can you do an inner thigh challenge to “We are Never Getting Back Together” by Taylor Swift? Like your inner thighs are “never getting back together”? 🙂


    1. Britt says:

      Lol that’s so funny and my inner thighs could always some toning !

  14. Ilene says:

    Yayyyy thanks for another cardio vid! Those are definitely one of my faves. Please please please definitely come to Seattle. That would just be too awesome. 🙂 Getting an iPad is debatable…it’s fun but not that essential I guess. I loved hearing your stories about London!! Those POPsters are soo lucky they got to workout with you. 🙂 Take care Cassey, love you tons xoxoxoxoxo

  15. Patty says:

    I’m so glad you were chosen for this experience. There really is no one who deserves it more. Get some rest and welcome home!

    I loved your Ask Cassey videos, hope there will be more of those.

  16. Randi Pechacek says:

    Hi Cassey!!! I would love it if your app would come out soon! I’m trying to get my dad to follow you and start doing Pilates, the one thing that’s holding him back is that he likes workouts he can follow on his Android tablet. So if you can come out with an app with even the “printable” workouts to follow along to, I could get you another devoted follower who has a big mouth for references haha. Thanks so much!

    Randi 😀

  17. Kimmoy says:

    I think you should put together a Bonus Blogilates Back-on-Track Seres with a Meal Plan or something 😉 Thanks for sharing your amazing experience in London with us in th US of A.

  18. Anne says:

    Wow, your hat-kinda thing is amazingly cool! This workout made me feel like I was going to die, again! Just like all your POP Cardio videos.

    I don’t have an iPad myself, but some people on my school have it, and they absolutely LOVE it. So if you buy one, good choice! 😀

  19. Dalila says:

    I love the new video. I’m going to try it during my next workout session.
    London seems like an awesome place. I can’t wait to visit there(not sure when, but it’s always been a dream of mine lol )

    Thoughts for next meetup location: New York, Philly or somewhere east coast 🙂
    Hope all is well!

  20. Nancy says:

    Thank you Cassey, i’m waiting for the new cadio vid and i got it. It’s so funny that those kids were running around you.
    Ps. I think iPad is for entertaining not working.

  21. Jasmin Bindi says:

    Welcome home Cassey.

    I’m also in need of getting back to track again, the peak-season of travelers and explorers staying at my guesthouse hasnt left as much time to workout as i wanted, and my food habits hasn’t been the greatest, irregular meal times, skipping meals….I guess quite some of us in the community with summer holidays and what not need to get back on track, maybe make September into a “Back on track” challenge month?

    I am so doing the new vid tomorrow morning. 🙂

    I know where you should go next, South East Asia! 😀 Singapore would be the best since all flights go there. If wanting it to be cheaper, then Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia or beautiful Kuching on the island of Borneo (my home). 🙂

    1. Jasmin Bindi says: <—- travel ad for for the state i live in. My bf is the native man talking on the phone in the jungle, and at the end there is a red temple, i live on the same street 😀 <3

  22. pei jin says:

    Cassey, I just wanna let you know that every time i watch ur video, you just make me happy !! It automatically spark a smile on me when i saw your new posts or some exercise command (that’s so cute of you) and yes, like you always say, the feeling is like catching up with a friend !! How much i wish i could really see you in person. Come Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia !!

  23. Lisa says:

    I’m sooo confused ! Can you give some sort of instruction on how to build your workout routine ? I know you should do cardio, HIITS and weight training but how much time each, should they follow each other in one workout? Should I do cardio in the morning and weights in the evening ? And what about HIITS? Instead of cardio? Non- consecutive days ? SO CONFUSED !
    Please explain it to me.. I’m not looking for losing weight , just be toned and healthy(:
    Thanks, you’re awesome

    1. Naomi L. says:

      Try looking at one of her calendars! The July one just came out. It is awesome because she picks through all her videos and puts together some great combinations for every day! There are like 4-5 videos per day, but I think as long as you do 1 or 2, its a good start. (Doing all of them each day is a little time-consuming) Hope this helps!

  24. MelodyJ says:

    Thanks for another Cardio video. I really need to get my cardio conditioning back up to the level it used to be. I would like to see a workout for people who sit at a desk all day. Maybe in 2 parts. One could be something that can be done at work. Two can be a prep or recovery home workout that can be done before and/or after work.

    I hope to go to London one day. You make it sound so fun.

    1. Samhitha says:

      This person is definitely right. I LOVE your videos and what you do, Cassey, and on days that I don’t get a chance to dedicate a few separate minutes to one of your other workouts, I wish I could be doing your exercises at my desk. But I can’t find any so far. Welcome home, by the way!

  25. Lea says:

    Oh so cool, first time here in our Europe:) Next destination could be Germany cuz a lot of European Popsters could come, including me from lovely little Slovenia. You could work on videos with fitness band or pilates ball. That would be awesome. take care, love*

    1. Vanessa says:

      Great Idea! There are a lot of POPsters in Germany! Maybe next summer…? 🙂

  26. shivani says:

    hi cassey, can u please come up with a video that has both cardio and some fun in it, like dance and cardio at the same time, please please please 😀

  27. Diaphanousqueen says:

    I feel little bad that I want something else from you because, well, you do much more things than you have to do for us, but could you please add some other vids on weighttraining? Summer Sweatfest, maybe?
    Thank you for everything, I don’t remember what I did BC. Before Cassey 🙂

    1. Diaphanousqueen says:

      Oh, never mind. They allow see your burnt calories only if you pay them now. Grrrrrr.
      But could you maybe find another website to log seperate exercises? Would be a lifesaver 🙂

  28. Allyson says:

    Thanks for sharing some of your London experiences. Looking forward to more of your videos. Thanks:)

  29. Gillian Booth says:

    OMG that Trafalger square workout is brilliant and so funny!! Glad you liked the UK!! I have an iPad and love it- I load up all the POP videos and workout with it on its stand !!! It’s got great picture size and much better than my IPhone . Hey could you do a version of your new DVD as a download that you could buy from ITunes or something similar!! I would love to beable to workout to it on my IPad !!! Please let me know if you can 🙂

  30. Saima says:

    I think your next destination is Dubai!

  31. Pippa says:

    I don’t think an iPad would be that useful. I have one and ever since I got it I have stopped using my laptop more or less BUT the only times I do use it is when I have to type texts that require a lot of editing and revisions. If you just write whatever you say and don’t ponder too long over your choice of words, then you might find it useful, especially if you can find a good blogging app. Other than that, it’s super good for browsing and reading.

  32. Lúca says:

    Your dresses on the fourth pictures are so beautiful!!