NEW Beginners Calendar 2.0

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Hey POPsters!

Welcome to the Beginner’s Calendar 2.0! Lots of you were asking for an updated beginner’s calendar with all the new videos so I thought the beginning of the year would be a perfect time to do it!

I developed this Beginner’s calendar to help those of you who are just starting out on your fitness journey and are unsure about how to ease into the routines. I want you to know that you are capable of ANYTHING and that all it takes is a little practice. This is a structured 4-week plan and compilation of videos that will really help you understand the basics of Pilates – like proper form, proper breathing, mind-body connection. Once you finish this calendar, I guarantee you’ll be ready to do the monthly calendars!


1. Subscribe to

2. Print the calendar and hang it on your wall

3. Do each of the videos once (video playlists are listed per day in the table above)

4. Check off each video you do

5. Sign off and then tweet or instagram me your accomplishment @Blogilates!


New workout videos are uploaded every Monday on Although the new vids are not included on the Beginner’s Calendar, I encourage you to take a look at them when they come out. Please try if you want to challenge yourself! If you can’t do it anymore, just stop, and start again. NO BIG DEAL. Breaks are ok. Everything you do is PROGRESS!

Do the best you can! All it takes is hard work and determination.

If you want it bad enough, your dream of becoming fit will turn into a reality. I promise.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I am your friend and your instructor and I am here for you!


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  1. Bri says:

    I’m so excited to start 🏆🌊❤️

  2. Mary Goguen says:

    I am really happy I found you because I need to loose and tone up bad. With help I know I can do it. Thanks for your videos!!

  3. Meghna says:

    I am just about 14 years old. Can I do this exercises as a 14 year’s girl? I already have a big fat part over my belly! Please do a teenagers everyday exercise routine. I’m sure, that will be much helpfull for many young girls like me….

  4. Shekinah Hampton says:

    So thankful for this and thanks for saying breaks are ok i needed that

  5. Dani Y says:

    Hi Cassey! How does this beginner workout calendar compare with the first? And the one that is in the app? Will this plan be added as well? Thank you!

  6. Aaliya Qureshi says:

    Hey i m struggling with my workout choices can you suggest me which series of yours us best for sliming body

  7. Jordan “Piece of Shit” Correll says:


  8. Amy says:

    Hi Cassy, I have been unable to exercise for the past 2 years due to serious illness. Is there any way you could make a pre-beginner calendar or advice for the seriously unfit? Thanks so much for all your inspiration x

  9. Mirza Zubair says:

    I finished the calendar early. Keep doing great work.

  10. shwezz says:

    I finished the calendar today and I have to say it has been a wonderful and challenging 28 days! Day 27 has to be my favorite so far!

  11. shwezz says:

    2 days in and I’m the sorest I have ever been…

  12. Suebidoo says:

    I wish this was a clickable pdf.
    But other than that, I like it a lot!

  13. igaturniak says:

    I’ve finished it today. Some of the workouts were REAAALLY challenging but overall I’m very satisfied and proud of myself☺️ Four weeks of working out and I don’t think I want to stop!

  14. Mariah says:

    Hey My Name Mariah I’ve recently gave birth to My Beautiful, Heathy Son, he was a C-Section Baby but the thing is, ever since I gave birth to him, I’ve had a berry hard time dropping this weight.. and truthfully I don’t work out and it’s not that I eat bad I feel I could have a better, persistent and healthier diet. I would just like to ask, for a simple but effective work out guide and meal preparations on to living a healthier life and getting my nice body back. I wanna feel comfortable in my own skin again… 💯🙌🏽

  15. becky says:

    Thanks so much Cassey! I have had troubles getting motivated to work out at all but you’re videos have helped me stick with it even though I’m a beginning beginner. Just finished day 12 and my but and abs hurt so much, abs more, despite not able to fully do some of the moves.

  16. Alexa says:

    Day 16 was so hard! I could only make the Abs On Fire video moves 5 times each, it was just too much even with all the past days workouts been done. :,(

  17. Alexia Manea says:

    I am a gymnast and i fell in love with your calendars there GREAT! When I dont train with my coach I can still do my body work out and this beginners 2.0 and all your calendars are my best friends thank you – From Canada ope you see this 🙂

  18. 883241 says:

    I have been doing the beginner calendar 2.0 for 2 weeks and feel this isn’t really suited towards bettering us beginners. It just moves too fast.

    1. Alexa says:

      I agree!

    2. Emily says:

      I agree too! I get frustrated because I know I am not strong enough for some of the videos(not confidence, just being realistic) and I don’t feel like I am getting a proper workout!

  19. Jen says:

    just turned 30. Never really done any intense exercise. not sure my body is flexible enough. Would there be warm-ups needed for the very first beginner video on day 1? Will appreciate your response! 🙂 Your vids are lit! – from the Philippines

  20. Rhiannon Griffiths says:

    Recently had a baby and still breastfeeding so looking forward to do something physical as opposed to running around changing nappies. Are you meant to do all the videos after one another or spread them out throughout the day? Thanks.

  21. Paula says:

    Do any of the workout vids work for people with chronic lower back pain who want to increase their core strength and overall fitness without out increasing their back pain?

  22. Necole B says:

    Was a regular popster for years and then kind of stopped all of a sudden (life) and I am getting back into it. Hope I can get back into it and feel as good as I used to. Thanks for the calendar.

  23. Bina S says:

    Me: meh getting in shape is boring no thank you…
    Me: wait damn I need to be able to wear cute clothes
    Me: Cassey why do you make me do this

    but really thanks

  24. Jill says:

    For the beginner’s calendar, do I do each video listed for the day or only one?

    1. Bellaa says:

      each video 🙂

    2. Bina S says:

      jill lol that’s what I thought

  25. Linda says:

    I just LOVE your website!! I am so excited to start working out from home 🙂
    Thank you so much Cassey!

  26. Charlene says:

    Hi! Is it recommended that I be doing other cardio (e.g running) alongside the beginners calendar? This is my first time trying pilates and getting back into exercise in general. Thank you!!

  27. Dolly says:

    Hey Cassey !how r u? I have to lose at least 10 kgs in 2 months and a problem with me is of cellulite on my body I want to get rid of it plz help me

  28. Lizlife says:

    About to start with the workouts. Am right now 278 pounds. I am afraid that i maybe get injured because i weigh so much. I want to do a combination of work-out with these kind of workouts mixed to excercise at the gym. Any tips are welcome. Next to that I already stopped eating non-natural sugar. So my only sugar intake right now is from fruits.

  29. Irene says:

    Hi I’m Irene and I love you Cassey. Thank you so much for inspiring me to workout and become a better version of myself. I’m starting begginers day 1 today. But I’m bit curious whether pilates will help me loose fat and become lean cuz this is what I want. I don’t wanna get big muscles n stuff just a lean and feminine body is what I want. I also fear if pilates only tone my muscles but do nothing to my fat. Please inform me about the results pilates gives. Thanks a lot…

  30. priyahere93 says:

    So grateful and youre so giving Casey! Thank you!

  31. Anisha Joseph says:

    Hi Cassey, I have texted you on Instagram too. I’m from New Delhi, India and I’d like you to know that I’m currently around 190 pounds and I used to be 110 pounds. I have been a patient of polycystic ovaries and recently found out that I have fatty liver too. So I really want to lose some weight from my whole body.

    And I’d like your help with that.

    1. candlequeen6 says:

      Hey Anisha, I also have polycystic ovaries and have been struggling with my weight as well because of it! I wish you luck in reaching your goal 🙂

  32. Katie says:

    Hi Cassey! I just wanted to comment and let you know how great I think you are in how you run your business. The fact that you create SO many free videos and even provide everyone with a workout calendar each month is so giving. On top of that you give us a beginners calendar and a PIIT free-trial calendar. Instead of constantly pointing us towards the paid program, you give everyone a constant stream of free content, and I think that is really awesome. It’s a great way to build credibility for you and your paid program. I just discovered Blogilates and am on day 4 of the beginners calendar and I am loving it! I have such a motivational problem, but having a calendar and small videos to do each day is extremely helpful. Thank you!

  33. Sheelagh says:

    I have been struggling so hard to get motivated 🙁 but i know i need to start doing these beginner workouts so i can be healthy again! Im so glad i found this on YouTube

    1. moswald says:

      Hi Sheelagh, I’m with you. I found this on youtube too and am starting today. Good luck to you!

  34. Mallory Bullington says:


    1. Ele 2.0 says:

      Agreed tbh

      1. Carolyn says:

        YES PLEASE! I have a long way to go and doing the same routine for several months makes me quit and then become unmotivated to try again.

    2. candlequeen6 says:

      I totally agree with you !!!

    1. toniarmy says:

      Thanks, I needed to hear that!

  35. branp says:

    Hi! I just started the beginners calender in the app and the YouTube videos won’t play in app😢 I end up having to go through YouTube and find them and I don’t think I’m finding all the correct ones. I’ve made an account and paid so for the app so I’m not sure what the issue would be. Any help is appreciated!!

  36. tabitha says:

    Just a quick question I have just started the beginners calender today after the work outs during the week I see the get more intense, do you need to do any stretching after your work out?

    1. DressageMan says:

      It’s always recommended that you stretch after every workout you do to prevent soreness and injury so yes stretch after every workout.

  37. AlisaNerg says:

    Does somebody know that does Cassey respond to these? or is there another place to ask questions for Cassey?

    1. vaidehikothari says:

      you should ask on one of her youtube video. She will probably respond there

  38. AlisaNerg says:

    Hi Cassey! I have started working out about couple weeks ago and I’m already seeing results but I haven’t used the calendar. I have done every day one of your stretching videos and one workout ( abs day 1, legs day 2, hands day 3 and then again abs) So I’m wondering that should I do more than abs, legs (booty) and hands or just keep doing this if it’s working? I hope u can give me some tips! love u <3

  39. Hi Cassey! You are awesome!

  40. Abbie says:

    Hello Cassey just wanted to ask you if u can do another video on YouTube for how to do the splits for me plz

  41. Jerseygirl110 says:

    I just started the calendar today and I was wondering if anyone one was still in the beginner days and wants to be my workout buddy? We don’t have to be on the same day! I just need the motivation! (:

    1. IsaHunter says:

      Hey! I’m just beginning my workout today ! Even if it’s superbowl day ! I ca ben your workout budy if you will have me!

      1. Geri says:

        We can do it together. Which day are you now?

    2. MHyksova says:

      I started today – again, twice I tried to do this but everytime some plans and maybe also my laziness ruined it, so I’m trying again and I’m decided to do it this time! 🙂

      1. aranais says:

        you can do it!

    3. raeashlyn says:

      I can be your buddy, what day are you on?

  42. SK says:

    I just want to know if it’s better to pay $$ for her PIIT-28 programs or is it more beneficial to follow her free calendar? I’m just trying to understand! 🙂

  43. Criiis says:

    I’m on day 11 and I feel so weak and shaky… I don’t know why is this happening 🙁 I’ll totally finish the calendar, but really, I couldn’t finish today’s workout! I hope to be stronger tomorrow !

  44. CarlaD33 says:

    Hey! I’m about to start this calendar for February!! Does anyone know how long it takes to do each day? Are they 30mins total or do they vary? I want to do all the videos in the morning before work so I’m wondering if I need to wake up earlier––thanks!! 🙂

    1. Jerseygirl110 says:

      Hey, I just started today and I was browsing ahead and I think all of them are about 30 minutes a day max!

  45. Michaela says:

    I just did Day 15 and honestly, I still feel like I’m dying after every video. Is that normal? Does it get easier? I mean, I’m not gonna stop but I don’t wanna feel like I have to flop back down on my mat after every five minutes to catch my breath either, ya know? 🙂

    1. CLARA says:

      Hi MICHAELA, I am new to working out and I do understand what you feel. Plus I am very overweight. I am on day 12. It is still hard though and I frequently need to modify certain movements to keep going on without hurting myself but still feel the burn. Oh and I do take many breaks as needed. But I noticed some improvement while doing some moves and in my breathing. I think we need to keep doing it 🙂

    2. Jerseygirl110 says:

      Dude, I totally feel that. I used to be so much stronger and this year I vowed that I would get back in shape. But I was almost dead after the first day. It really put things in perspective for me.

  46. Samantha says:

    Hi Casey, could we get this as a clickable calendar? A little update to bring it in line with the newer clickable calendars you do for the monthly challenges. Thanks!

  47. Harmony says:

    I am on day day 23 of the beginners calendar. I started on Jan. 1st. I was doing Blogilates religiously up until I became pregnant (high risk pregnancy) with twins. I am currency 13 months post partum and committed to getting back to my pre-pregnancy fitness level. I miss my strong body!! The beginner calendar has helped me ease back in.

  48. Natalian21 says:

    Is it just me or is the Calendar to small for the printer paper?

    1. Karen says:

      I printed mine with the paper landscape and it worked fine. Good luck 🙂

  49. clarissa169 says:

    I started this calendar on Monday. I used to be really fit a few years ago but now I can hardly get through a video. Starting over again and using the beginner 2.0 calendar 🙂 looking forward to finishing it and starting with the regular monthly calendar soon:)

  50. Summer says:

    just started the beginners calendar… day one and I managed to do it! I didn’t look very graceful, but I’m definitely proud that I was able to get through it with only one or two breaks. Can’t wait to finish the month up!

  51. CLARA says:

    Day 3 of the beginner calendar ! Feeling a little bit stronger already.. Can’t wait to see the end though 💪

  52. CLARA says:

    Hello everyone I am new to pilates and i was wondering if It was ok to do one video in the morning and the other one at night?? oh and i am doing the beginner calendar 🙂

    1. Roxana says:

      Hello Clara ! Due to my working hours I only do the workouts around 6pm except on weekends. I suppose that it’s better to do them in the morning (not sure though ?), but I prefer doing them later than doing nothing…
      I am doing the beginner calendar too, day 5 now 🙂

      1. CLARA says:

        Hey thanks for your reply. Actually I was thinking about spliting the videos during the day because it was pretty hard to do all the videos at once, though I decided to keep doing them all at once because as a student I don’t want to wake up to early !
        I am on day 12 now, I am still struggling with some moves but it always feels great at the end

  53. Izzy says:

    Hello! I’m on day 12 of the calendar, and I can’t do abs on fire! As in it physically will not let me play the video! It keeps saying that it is not available due to complaints or something. I’m in the U.K if that makes a difference. Does anyone know how to fix this, or know of another video which is similar? Thank you!

  54. Lucero Bazán says:

    Hello, with this routine I can lose some kg, with a good diet

  55. Kate says:

    I do these workout before work, it would be really nice to have a time estimate daily. Some morning the videos take longer then others.

  56. chanri 87 says:

    I just started Blogilates today. I have 1 question :Do we do all videos on the calendar or pick 1???

    1. Su says:

      You have to do all of them, but it’s not that bad once you get used to it. You can do it~

      1. chanri 87 says:

        Thank you Su!!

  57. Corey says:

    I love the beginners plan. Am not ready to go on to the regular calendar yet. After doing this calendar a couple of times, I’d like to ask if there could be a 3.0 version. It’d REALLY help with staying motivated.

  58. sumaiya chowdhury says:

    Hey guys, so I was doing the workouts and then I had to stop in the middle of the third week because i had to travel and i’ve been on a break for 10 days 🙁 anyways…. I was wondering should I just restart third week because i was sooo close and i dont really have much time since school is starting 🙁

    1. Su says:

      I think you should try out a few videos from the first week to see how it feels first before jumping into the third week. If you feel like you would need to “review”, you could just do the first week and go to the third. But if you think that you’ll be okay, you should just go straight to the third. ^^

      1. sumaiya chowdhury says:

        Thank you for taking the time to reply 😊😊😊

  59. Jocelyn says:

    what workout challenges do we do after the beginner workout challenge? I would like to do so i know there are other challenges more to come.

  60. Tori says:

    ok, I want to do this. I want to start my fitness journey as a Popster. I want to be stronger and more confident <3 wish me luck!

    1. marina naim says:

      hey i’m also starting tomorrow wanna do this together?

      1. Tori says:

        why not? we can do this! ^^

  61. Teresa J says:

    I really hate the earthquake! Ouch, ouch ouch!

  62. Patricia Desmet says:

    I finished today day 3 and am proud of myself 🙂 everything hurts but after 3 kids and about 30 kilos overweight because of the last pregnancy I need to start moving again! This is a good thing for me because i can do it in my living room under the critical eyes of my boys. I hope i will find the way to persist!

  63. Jenn says:

    omg this actually seems fun, I can’t believe it but I’m kinda excited to try this out 🙂

  64. Jess says:

    I’m on day 8 of my second time around with the beginners calendar and still struggling with the pilates stance. I end up with a strained neck and shoulders every time – even with looking at my belly button or through my legs. I’ve tried placing a pillow behind my back to help, but still having issues. Can anyone offer any other advice? Is it just a matter of time?

  65. Zay says:

    Hey I’m just starting this, and I just wanted to know how much weight do you totally loose after completing the beginners calendar

    1. Tina says:

      Hey! Glad you’re deciding to do the calendar One thing I want to say is that everyone is different (environment, physical abilities and activity, and nutrition), so not everyone is going to lose the same amount of weight. Also, you might gain some muscle (which weighs more than fat). Instead, I would focus on how much stronger you get when you do the videos (especially since there’s repeats!). I did the calendar last summer (doing it again this summer) and never weighed myself. Instead I compared my Day 1 and Day 28 photos and noticed a huge difference in how I looked. It felt better personally to see it that way than just making it all about a number.

      1. A says:

        Question, do you also lose body fat? I don’t care much about the number but losing fat is one of my goals (after that I can focus more on gaining muscle).

        1. Tina says:

          Yes. Last year I noticed it in my abs and a bit in the hips. Now I notice it more in my abs, hips and thighs.

  66. Tanya Murdoch says:

    I have De Quervain’s tenosynovitis in my left wrist. It makes any exercise involving my hand to be flat nearly impossible. Is there any recommendations on ways to modify or make less stress on my wrist? Thanks so much!

    1. Tina says:

      Hey! One thing Cassey recommends is making a fist into the floor (or mat), so that it relieves any pressure from the wrist. I do this occasionally and it works!

  67. Sharon Gill says:

    Hi Guys, I have an hour glass body shape and I was wondering what would be the most effective method to lose weight, my worst areas is my stomach and thighs, but I don’t want to gain additional muscle…

  68. Miriam Braud says:

    Hi! I’m trying to do your beginner calendar, but I’m pretty out of shape. I’m wondering if, for someone like me who can’t fully do all the workouts, you would recommend just repeating them until I can move on to the rest of the calendar or if you would recommend just pushing through and doing the calendar and then repeating it again once I’ve finished the month? Thanks for your advice!

  69. Lily says:

    It took me 2 moths to finish the calendar, but hey, slow progress is still progress right? I am definitely stronger now than I used to be and feel more energized during the day.

  70. @Popsterpanda96 says:

    Gonna start the Beginner Calendar with my sister starting July 1st I’m also doing the Journey to splits and 30 days to sleek arms challenges while my sister is doing Journey to sports and adore the core challenge we both have chronic pain so we’re hoping getting into better shape will help and I also have some depression and anxiety so I hope this will help with that as well by getting into better shape i’ve tried doing the beginner calendar before but I was getting a really bad slump or something around week two hopefully I can complete it this time

    1. Lily says:

      You’re lucky you have your sister as a workout buddy! I’m also working on the journey to splits challenge, but I’m still nowhere near making a split haha. Good luck to the both of you! 🙂

    2. Dannie says:

      Good Luck! Sometimes I wish my sister or someone would join me so you’re very lucky! I’ve suffered from a chronic illness since I was 13 (I’m 21 now) and I find Cassey’s beginner calendar perfect for me 🙂 She reminds me of my high school pilates teacher, she was really sweet and always modified the exercises to my capacities. Wish you and your sister the best!

  71. GG says:

    I’m on day 5 and I am already feeling stronger, it’s also so much fun! Love it!! <3

  72. Lara Pohlmann says:

    Hey 🙂
    I don´t if somebody still read this 😀
    But i want to start this calendar to get fitter but I´m very very unfit at the moment…
    I do no sport and I don´t know if these excersizes are to hard for me :/ Ps: sry for my bad english I´m german.

    1. Lily says:

      I don’t do any sports either, but you can definitely do this! It’s not gonna be easy, I had to modify some of the exercises to fit my level, but push through it and you’ll get stronger.

  73. Shannon McLain says:

    Currently asking myself how my core is going to complete Day 4…. LOL

  74. Tiara says:

    Do we need to add cardio in the schedule or just start our workout directly as mentioned

  75. Michele says:

    Hi everyone. I’m a beginner and while i love all these videos i have tailbone issues and can’t put much pressure on it like in the abs/legs videos. Does anyone have any suggestions for alternative abs/legs blogilates videos?

    1. Shannon McLain says:

      I have SI Dysfunction and my sacrom compresses suuuuper easy. I put my hands beneath the sacrum/tailbone area, like a diamond, to provide a kind of cushion to that area. When doing roll-ups The pressure goes between my abs and my elbows, pushing my elbows into the floor. It really seems to help with any of the low ab work, keeping the pressure off of that area. I hope that helps! Try to find YouTube videos of how to support that spot. 🙂

  76. Cakes M. says:

    Hey Cassey,

    Any chance we can get a new beginner’s 2.0 calendar? Or a remix of the videos for each day? This is my 3rd time getting started, lol!

    1. Caitlin says:

      Same haha

  77. agnoula says:

    hey cassey! i had a great time finishing day 8

  78. Caitlin McCluskey says:

    I’ve been doing Blogilates since 2010/2011 (god, that makes me feel old!) but I took a lonnnng time off and doing the regular calendar recently has been really difficult. I decided to start the Beginners calendar and follow it to the tee for the next month, so once it’s over I can get back to the calendars no-problem!

  79. Tammy Winters says:

    Well, I started May 1 and finally finished! I actually finished something!! That’s pretty amazing for me because I NEVER finish anything! Just wanted to encourage anyone starting. YOU CAN DO IT!

  80. phoebe says:

    I go to work full time so can I start my beginners cal
    ender in the morning then do the others after work ?

    1. Tammy Winters says:

      I did all the exercises after work, really right before I made dinner. You can do it!

  81. Juliana says:

    Hello Cassey, I am trying to get the calendar for June, but somehow I am unable to receive the password in my email. I have double checked my spam box. It was working until now. Could you guys help me with this 🙂 Thank you, Juliana P.S. Love your workouts.

  82. Kash Lingat says:

    Hey, I don’t have a printer, but I still wanted to track my progress, and I like making apps, so I made an app for the beginner’s guide. Let me know if this is not okay and I’ll take it down, but it’s been super useful for me. If you want to try it, this is the link

    I don’t claim this app to be mine, I just put it together, I am not making any money from it, just making myself more motivated to get fit!

  83. Ellie says:

    Hi, I’m 15 years old and really want to start becoming more active and tone my body. I love Cassey’s videos and enjoy pushing myself with her motivation throughout each of her workouts. My parents worry that her workouts are too much for a teenage girl of my age, does anyone have any advice on what I should/can do.
    thanks, Ellie.

  84. Eliana says:

    Do you need to warm up and cool down after each of these challenges? Or is that included in the video? How long did it take everyday?

  85. Spichellio says:

    I am doing the beginner calendar the first one. After it do I do the beginner 2.0 or do I just go into the main calendar? I’m not sure if it’s the exact same thing.

  86. Talicia Tarver says:

    Bless you. You seem to intuit how utterly unorganized I am to find and bookmark the necessary videos. You’ve made it so easy for us to get and stay fit! Thank you 😀

  87. Thịt Xôi says:

    i just want to ask that if i stop doing the monthly calendars for about 6 months and now i want to start all over again, would i have to do this beginner calender again? Yesterday I just tried to do a day in this month calender and my legs feels hurt and i can’t really walk.

  88. Lene says:

    Hey! So I’m on week 4 of the beginner workout and even though I’m pretty far in, I still somewhat feel weak and like I keep taking too many breaks. Do you suggest that I try going through the calendar again once I’m done with it or should I move on?

    1. Liz says:

      Hi Lena! Ive just started trying to build up my strength, and i have found that the 30 day challenges are really helpful. Ive been doing the abs, legs, butt and arms every day and ive ally noticed a difference in my strength in just 2 weeks. Ive started doing the beginners calander, and im continuing the 30 day challenges at the same time… It makes it a bit harder, but so much better for getting stronger. I do one day of the challenges, and then do one day of the beginners calendar. I really recommend that you try this! Ive tried the beginners calendar before, but its only now that im not struggling with it. Im hoping to start the harder monthly calendars after this. Good luck!!!

      1. Liz says:

        Sorry! Not sure if i was clear…. I do the challenges and the calander at the same time, one after the other 😊

  89. Helen McArdle says:

    Hey Cassey. I started the beginner’s plan today with the total body workout. I only made it half way through! What do I do? Do I keep trying the same thing until I finish it? Or do I just try the next day on the calendar tomorrow? Trying to stay positive but a bit disheartened.

  90. Bethany Fief says:

    Hi Cassey!! I just finished your beginners workout and loved it! I broke my foot pretty bad last week and cannot put any pressure on it whatsoever. I am an avid fitness lover and have been doing military style workouts at a boot camp class full of heavy lifting and running. I was getting stronger but didn’t feel like I was trimming down. I’ve been really eating healthy and am about 85/15 right now with my food. Two questions! 1) will the beginners workout program work for those who cant stand? 🙁 And 2) since I’m obviously very limited I won’t be able to do burpees or a ton of cardio. Do you think the program will help me keep my strength and trim down during this crappy six months!? Of course right in the middle of summer! But I don’t want to give up!!! Thanks so much! -B-

  91. Janet Boldt says:

    I’m on day 17 of this Beginners 2.0 challenge (the longest I’ve ever committed to a workout plan!) But I thought I would be getting better at it by now! How long does it typically take to get better and stronger at these types of workouts?

  92. Lily says:

    Hey guys just about to start this challenge but pretty new at this! Have ye guys found it helpful and what do ye feel it helps?

  93. Loise says:

    Hi Cassey!
    I just stumbled upon your videos in youtube while search for some body workouts and I enjoyed your videos a lot.
    I am planning to do this Beginners Plan workout, can’t wait to see the improvements!

  94. Emily says:

    Hey, I’m just about to start on the beginner calendar! About how long does each workout take? Need to plan how much time I will need every day.

  95. Maya says:

    Heyy, how long do you think it takes someone to move from being a beginner to being intermediate?

  96. Tiff says:

    Hi Cassey!
    I did my first pop beginner today and when it came to legs I couldn’t do barely anything caus it hurt so bad in hips! Now I’m a big walker, pushing my double pram so do you think my form wasn’t right? I didn’t feel any burn in my legs or butt!
    Thanks 🙂

  97. Sara says:

    Would it be a problem if I star this tomorrow? I know it’s not the first day of the month but I only found about this like..on Friday. I plan on following the 4 weeks, but I’ll be a week late…

  98. Robert Kleinert says:

    Hi Cassey,
    got a quick question regarding days 1 and 2: Both days include ab workout, but as far as I know (my wife is a physical therapist) you have to give each muscle group a rest of 48 hours in order to let them grow?

  99. Okay… well I’m going to do this and after this month I will go on to the regular calendar. Stronger and lighter by summer I hope! Wish me luck ✌🏻

    1. Lily says:

      Good luck!

  100. melloriya says:

    I’m so proud of myself, because I did it! I’ve lost 4kg (almost 9 pounds) and I’ve never felt better! I’m definitely going to continue with the monthly calendar.

  101. melloriya says:

    I’m so proud of myself, because I did it! I’ve lost 6kg (13 pounds) and I’ve never felt better! I’m definitely going to continue with the monthly calendar.

  102. Paula says:

    Hello Casey, I’m looking forward to start working out again, I used to work out at least 3 times but I took a break, that was bad, of course, because I started working 8-9 hours at a desk and I have lower back pain and it’s kinda painfull now to Work out, I’m not sure how to ease in without hurting my back ( I tried some yoga, that was painfull too). If you have any suggestions for me, I’ll be gratefull, thank you.

    1. Lian says:

      Lower back pain is my problem too. It hurts when I do ab workouts.

    2. Gabriela Dorobantu says:

      Low back stretches and exercises, massage (a friend works, no need to spend money) pain creams, baths, rest before the exercises and even during and after you are done). I also get those pains. If you suspect anything (example: pain 24h/7) a doctor will help.

  103. Noflower says:

    Hello to everyone. I have just started this. I got to really loose weight. I have got my wedding coming up in 3 months and I know I can do it. Hopefully.
    I am having problem doing crunches. I can’t properly get up. It’s really disappointing. Not only crunches but other exercises too. Please someone give me some motivation.

    1. Maatsel says:

      You can do this! It will take time to actually be able to do the videos without having to take breaks in between. Don’t give up =)

    2. Gabriela Dorobantu says:

      Just do the best you can now. The moves can be altered to suit your needs (support yourself, use a towel and so on). In days you will see real progress by simply doing the best you can while keeping your body in mind. Been there, it went like that for me.

  104. mia says:

    HI CASSEY i love your advice i am really flexible and i can do the splits realy go now thanks so much you are awsome

  105. Ana says:

    Hey so i have lean calves (they are really tight and don’t seem pretty) and im following the calve burns video daily; in how many time would my calves start to become thicker? 1 month? 2?

  106. Cassandra says:

    how many times in a day should i do the exercise/s????

  107. Ola says:

    Hey! I started my 1st day on wednesday because I didnt want to wait a few days til it’s monday and start. so is it okay? 🙂 I adore Cassey, working out with her is such a pleasure and I wanted to tell you guys something: never give up and do what you wanna do! It’s the key to success <3

    1. Gabriela Dorobantu says:

      The dates on the calendar do not affect the day you can start on. They are more like numbering guides. Start whenever, take days off whenever and so on.

  108. Brianna says:

    I just finished day 3 of this calendar, and my neck is SO sore! I tried really hard not to use my neck on the ab exercises or for Pilates stance, but I guess I still did. Does anyone have any tips to stop using your neck so much?

    1. Gabriela Dorobantu says:

      Try to work more on your core and mat placement (so you position yourself in a way that will help) and do lift up from the body. Your neck will hurt less. You can also offer it some support (hand/towel)

  109. Teresa says:

    Hey Cassey! 🙂 I downoded the App and bought the beginner calender 2.0. But now It already started the challenge. Can I reset that? I just wanted to have a look to it and bought it already, but I want to start another day…. Is that possible?
    and one more question: How Do I make friends there? 😉
    Best wishes from germany! (sry for the english)

  110. Teresa says:

    Hey Cassey, I downloaded the App and bought the beginners Calender 2.0. But It directly started on the same day. Can I reset that? I wanted to have look to it and bought it but wanted to start another day…. Is that possible?
    One more question: how do I make friends there? 😀
    Sorry for my english….

  111. Monica Cuartero says:

    So excited to try and finish this whole calendar once again! I did it about two years ago but I stopped due to forgotten reasons and now I’ve gained more weight than ever so I do want to lose it and be healthier. Cross fingers that I can complete it 🙂

  112. Katharine Betteridge says:

    Whoo! I did it! Doing this challenge with a friend. Pretty sad realizing how out of shape I am (I did pilates in high school and college) — but, rome wasn’t rebuilt in a day. Time to rebuild.

  113. Roma Kaur says:

    Hey, Cassey. I honestly need your help. I feel so down lately, as I have been just hating myself. I hate how I look now. Due to stress and family problems, I started eating bad food and now I dont want to look at the mirror either. I want my old self back, I used to look so thin and now when I go to university and see all the thin girls around me, I feel so ashamed of myself.

  114. zibby francis says:

    please can someone tell me if non-fat cottage cheese is also an exemption on the 28day reset challenge.

    1. Aubrey says:

      Yes, it’s an exemption because it’s dairy.

      1. zibby francis says:


  115. violett jai says:

    so i my absoloute goal is to get abs…will this really be helpful?

  116. Катюша Перминова says:

    I wonder should I do a warmup video every day before workout or does the calendar include all needed strain?

    1. Gabriela Dorobantu says:

      If you feel the need you can stretch before the workout, afterwards or both times. No warm up is necessary.

  117. Ray Brinkley says:

    Ello Cassey and everyone! Im beginning this fitness journey in a rather awkward day of the month but im determined!! I started off doing just yoga for 30-45mins a day, but then i wanted to incorporate some more challenging exercises(3-5 days a week) and i found your videos ^-^. The first video i tried nearly killed me, the second one wasnt as bad as the first but it still made me question why i was doing it hahah and the third one i actually enjoyed! I dont know if i was just getting use to your torture or im just getting really pumped to stay active. I came across this Beginner 2.0 Calendar and decided to just start on the 23rd day rather than just wait til next month cause i really wanted to get into it immediately! As of today its been a week since i’ve been doing your 10-15min workout and the 30-45min yoga and i’ve dropped from 142 pounds to 138 pounds. IM SO EXCITED AND MOTIVATED BY THAT. It tells me that my body can do it if i actually put it to work lol. Today i’ve decided to push myself more and bump your 10-15min work outs to 30mins. I know i can do it, thank you for the videos and the motivation!!

  118. Sarah says:

    Hey Cassey! After deciding to become more serious with my ballet, i decided i wanted to tone up! I am new to working out and have been loving your videos, i can’t wait to start this calendar, and this journey with you!!! xxx

  119. Romy says:

    Hi Cassy,
    When will be there a updadet Beginner Kalendar? This one is two years old and you have so many new videos ♥ I would be very happy about an update! *_*


  120. siun says:

    <3 all the love for getting me – the laziest but somehow fit through weird life -girl – to workout regularly! i have never been exercising every day before blogilates. this is just so much fun!!

  121. Huyen says:

    Guys do I have to do two videos continuously or can do one in the morning and one in the afternoon?
    Please answer me, thank you very much 🙂

  122. Evvy says:

    Hey people im a bit down : im trying to do this workout but I dont know im motivated but it just doesnt do the result i would expect could anyone help me ?

  123. Prathiksha Divyanand says:

    Hey Cassey ! I’m on day 14 of your Beginner 2.0 calendar, i just wanted to say your such an amazing person, your positive energy is so infectious I never had so much fun working out. The routine has helped me drop 2 kgs just two weeks into the program and food recipes literally define yummy. I just love how you keep talking through the video just keeps motivating me to try harder each time! I can’t wait to join the regular calendar workouts. You’re doing a great job!

  124. Ella Styles says:

    I don’t want to lose weight (because I am young and I don’t need to but) I do want to become fit for dance. Will this be okay for me?

  125. sydney parker says:

    are we supposed to do all the excercises recommended in a day in one go?????
    pls respond to this question as i am going start this challenge next week and does this really work????
    it would be lovely if anyone of u could answer my query!!!

    1. Aubrey says:

      Hi! A little late… but yes! You should do them all at once. Because once you’ve completed one of the workouts, your body is warmed up and your muscles are ready for the next video. If you need to separate the videos, it will still be ok. But you’ll benefit the most from doing them all at once. I’m on Day 25 and I’m seeing results. I was already thin when I started, but now I have better muscle definition and my abs are certainly more visible.

  126. Joekara Ousley says:

    I just finished day 8 along with finishing day 1 of some 30 day challenge calendars

  127. Cheriise says:

    failed two months ago as i couldn’t finish the last week due to time constraints, was hoping to get back in during january but couldn’t find the motivation. it’s a little into february now and i am going to start this again. the last time i did it, i lost a kilogram and felt way stronger even though i wasn’t able to complete it, i’ve gained back the weight now but i’m hoping to be more consistent this year. starting with this again, then i’ll move on to the monthly ones.

  128. ikram says:

    thanks cassey i really was needing it

  129. Nin says:

    Hey Cassey,
    What will be the ideal time for workout? Morning or evening?

  130. EmilyH says:

    Hey Cassey 🙂 I am totaly new to working out, and I really want to try out your workout calendar for beginners. Can I do the workout in the afternoon, or when I get home from school? Or do I have to do it right after I wake up in the morning? I discovered your youtube channel a couple of days ago, and you are so motivating! Now I feel motivated to work out and get in shape:) Much love from Denmark <3

  131. Sandra Leach Monroe says:

    Hi I’m just starting with the app and calendar and I just want to be clear that the idea is that you are supposed to do all three videos listed for each day, correct? I just wanted to be sure. I was totally dying after the first hiit video and then the 30 minute total body video and had a really tough time with the plank video at the end.

    Love the though. Thanks.

  132. Amanda Le says:

    Just finished the first day and feeling so excited for what this calendar has in store! It’s the perfect month to do this because February has 28 days, and so does this calendar. Good luck to everyone, I will keep everyone updated. Along with this calendar, I will also be doing the Inner drive by thighs everyday and 30 min of light running/jogging 3 times a week and the Victoria Secret flat abs video after my run. I am also trying to get my splits back and have that flexibility, so I will e doing the Journey to splits 30 day challenge as well. I will be taking before and after pictures and have my measurements down.
    I wish everyone luck!

  133. Michelle Tieu says:

    Hey everyone I’m really confused on what I should be eating everyday before and after the workouts. Smoothies or meals? Some people say to not eat and drink smoothies but others say to just eat protein filled meals so im really confused if anyone can help that would be great!

  134. Rebecca M. says:

    Is anyone pairing additional cardio with this calendar? I used to run often, but I haven’t gotten back into it and am wondering if anyone has tried to combine?

    1. Aubrey says:

      I’m running in addition to completing these daily workouts. I run about 3 days per week. Each run is between 4-5 miles. Hope this helps!

  135. Simran Venkatraman says:

    Hey Guys, I was just wondering, what’s the best follow up calendar after Beginner’s 2.0? People from the YouTube comments intimidated me about how hard the normal calendars are.. Also, how do I tone the upper body to become flatter?

  136. Imaira says:

    Hi! I have one question.. Do I need to do all the exercises in the day list ?

    1. Rocío says:

      Yessss! You have to do all the videos that go that day

  137. georgiakate says:

    hey Cassey! my names Georgia and I’m 14 years old I have always had an issues with my weight and what people think of me. one day I came across blogilates and you have just made me want to workout. I haven’t seen any improvements but its still early, but I just want to say you have made me a happier and healthier person!!!!!!

  138. Emily says:

    Hey Cassey! This is my first time doing any home workouts besides running! I’m super excited to do your videos with you! I’ve been watching your food videos and you have inspired me to eat even healthier and continue to keep myself in shape and see that real beauty is what you see in yourself, not what’s on the outside!! Thank you so much for being an amazing person! I love you!!

  139. Ludovica says:

    Hi Cassey!I’ve just finish the first day of this plan and I have a question:What if I skip the exercises to do after I wake up? ‘Cause I have to go to school and I have no time for do those 🙁 ( p.s. I get up at 6.30 a.m)

  140. Katzitech says:

    well I did the headstand the second try and now can not do it… :/

  141. Beckie says:

    Hi cassey!

    I don’t know if anyone else has this problem but i can’t seem to do the morning “wake up and do” exercises above as easily as I imagined. This is because when I first wake up, it takes me a few minutes to regain my strength especially in my arms, meaning the planks and push-ups are very difficult in the morning for me. Is it okay to just do them at a later time during the day and what time is preferable in your opinion?


  142. theexyw says:

    Do I need to do all the exercise/videos in a row every day or can I space them out throughout the day?

  143. Amy Dean says:

    Hey. Im gonna try this tomorrow. I tried do the Day 1 workout but it was hard. Im good at giving up easily. This time, im gonna try to keep going and see what happens! I want to be slim, toned and healthy. I dont want to get bulky muscles. I just want to lose fat and have lean muscles. Is that okay?

    1. Jessi says:

      It gets easier as you get stronger! Do what you can and don’t be afraid to take a few breaks if it gets to be too much. Just do what you can and you will get stronger and it will get easier. Also, it’s pretty hard for women to get bulky muscles (unless you’re training like a body builder) so don’t worry about that! Your muscles will be toned but not bulky.

  144. Jenny says:

    Heyy I just started working out again (been app. 8 – 9 months since I properly followed a calender) after failing to follow my older workout routines (your normal calender and the PIIT program). I don’t know why but I just couldn’t follow them, they were way too challenging mentally. So, I decided to start all over again and I’ve just completed the day 1 of your beginner’s 2.0 calender. Please wish me luck so I can successfully complete this calender and then push to either move onto your normal calender or the PIIT program. I really hope I get my workout game on.

  145. Chelsea says:

    Started the beginners calendar today and although I feel sore, I feel so good about myself and starting this. I love Cassey’s energy in the videos, it really motivates me to keep working at it. For the first time in a while I’m really excited to start a workout. Can’t wait to see where I go from here!

  146. Emem Okpokowuruk says:

    Just finished the 1st day of the beginner calendar after practicing dribbling for basketball. I’m a 16 year old 5’7” senior in high school who plays basketball and is trying to lose at least 10 lbs! Any recommendations for a kind of low budget meal plan?

  147. Azra Nasar says:

    Hi Casey ??. Okay so I feel really great after watching your videos and following some of them (completely being honest). So my cousin is getting married in the month of March and I have like 2 months to get into shape. I want to lose minimum 10 kgs of weight so the January workout calendar, will that help me to reach my goal? I would be so so so so so happy of you will be able to reply to my comment and suggest what I should really do because I am not really in the mood of listening to my relatives and people commenting on how I look right now. Hope you will help me.
    Love from India xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    1. Precious says:

      Hi Azra,
      Ideally a slow and steady weight loss is a healthier option, but with your situation it is best to focus on what you eat. that means no junk food like chips, any sweet treats, fast food, and no sugary beverages. you’ll also want to limit carbs intake and increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables. you can use the app My Fitness Pal to track down your food intake and it also gives you an estimate for your calories consumption.
      as for exercise you’ll want to do a high intensity exercise option to help with weight loss and around 30 mins. An example would be Cassey’s Piit28, which she have sample videos on youtube. these are just suggestions, but ultimately it will be on how hard you want it and work for it. 🙂

      1. Azra Nasar says:

        Thank You for the replying and helping me out precious. I have already started with my workout which lasts around 45 to 50 minutes a day and I am totally focusing on eating healthy and avoiding junk food. Hope it will work and I’ll surely just go and checkout Casey’s pi it 28. ???
        Lots of love xoxoxoxoxoxo

  148. gaara says:

    I’d like to start with the beginners calendar 2.0 but the calendar is just the workout part. With which meal plan should I work here?

    1. Rocío says:

      I think you should see a professional for that!

  149. me says:

    Gonna start my first day of this tomorrow morning. I tried this once a while back, but I only got to day 6 and got behind and gave up. I’m so excited to get in a better body and be more healthy in 2017. My goals are to gain muscle, get toned, and lose some extra fat in various areas. I want to be the best me I can be! I also just wanted to encourage anyone who is starting out fresh this year and even others who are pariatlaly though the calendar. Y’all can do this!

    1. Me says:


  150. Daseul Song says:

    Hello! Just wondering, is it just me or does the blogilates app only work on iphones and androids not on tablets like the ipad?

  151. Gina says:

    Are there warm up and stretching videos that go with the beginners calendar or is it included in the daily workouts already?

    1. Rebecca says:

      I have the same question!

  152. Bahara Ahmadi says:

    Signing up for the beginners calendar today, super excited! I am not overweight, I have about 2 inches of muffin top that I want to get ride of and just be healthy and active, I want to substitute a few of these activities so I can spend that time focusing on my tummy, any suggestions?? Thanks Cassey! ❤️❤️

  153. Brittany says:

    Is brown rice part of the no gluten category?

    1. Makrina says:

      Brown rice is OK to eat!It’s included in the PDF documents along with all the OK foods to eat.

  154. Sarah Fehrenbach says:

    Hey Cassey! I have been a yo-yo dieter since I was 5 (yes, 5 :P) and an exercise binger for a good portion of the past 13 years. I have tried everything – cycling, running, P90X, strength training, etc. I have experienced multiple injuries from being overweight to working out to the point of pain. I do very well for a long time and then fall off the wagon…hard! Do you have any advice on how to stick to it? I think my biggest issue is that I know how to eat healthy and what to do to exercise and always says, “I’ll do it tomorrow”, but then of course, I do not. Any advice would be super helpful! I am looking forward to starting the detox on January 2!

  155. Hannah says:

    Hi Cassey, how long do the sessions take each day and does it matter what time of day they are completed? Thanks!

  156. Celia Nutting says:

    I love how convenient you made the videos for this beginner plan! Thank you for being so organized!

  157. Neha Upadhyay says:

    I don’t want to loose weight but want a lean body. I have heavy thighs, bulging arms and a belly ready to come out. I want these all to get into shape within a month. I have an occasion in month of January. So will this workout routine help me??

  158. Susanne Brands says:

    Started today with this calendar. I’m coming back from an injury and this seems to be perfect of getting back into working out. Used the old calendar a few years back to get into working out. Now this one for getting back!

  159. Ligia Clarine Adao says:

    I finished de the calendar. I’m different now because before I couldn’t endure a run, nowadays i can do it! I’m stronger, and exercises started to make part of my routine! Thank you Cassey, you are special!

    1. Gabriela Z. says:

      Hello there, could you tell me did you lost some weight? And did your body visibly changed?

  160. Emily says:

    This is the 3rd time I’ve tried to start the beginner calendar. I feel like I’m not even strong enough to get through the first couple of days, I also work 7am-6pm most days of the week, how do I find the energy to stay on top of this? Thanks in advance for any help!

  161. Lina Lazareva says:

    Hello Cassey,
    I have been following you, on and off , for 4 years now. I have never sent you any pictures of me or comments, however , I have thought about it for the longest time.
    I’d like to tell you about the effect your attitude and your workout method had on me: it had dragged me out of my depression twice, during the hardest time of my life, where I could not see an escape, you have helped me see that there is so much to fight for and helped me believe in myself. I have always been very plump and doubtful of my abilities, but working out with you has given me confidence, strength; mental and physical and satisfaction with myself and my body. I absolutely love your challenges, motivating phrases that you use to pump up certain periods of time.
    Now, I’d love to share this with everyone. I need your advise: I live in Georgia, Tbilisi and am trying to make a group of POP Pilates followers, I only have 3 people interested and I think It’s a great start. I’m not trained to be an instructor and don’t pretend to be but I’d like to share the love I felt through your workouts with anyone willing to even try.What would you advise us to start with? Something that might make our group workouts more successful and desirable to repeat.
    Sorry for such a long letter and thank you in advance for any advice or comment.

  162. Megan Wallace says:

    I can’t wait to start this today!! Keeping track of my progress on my blog. Thank you so much for creating a calender and all of this. It’s the best subscription I’ve ever done on youtube, and now here. <3

  163. Aisha says:

    Heyy Cassey…i completed this calendar and itt suited me soo well…my legss and everything..justt made me soo confidentt…btt guide me thatt i was planning to do this whole calender once more before moving on monthly calender so that i could be more flexible!!…coz monthly calendar excersices are hard…and need more flexibility!!

  164. Jessica Ray says:

    Ahhh…so many times I start a routine and burn out! I love this girl! My eating is pretty consistent. With my job being so physically and emotionally demanding; Im praying I can stay focused! I’ve cut out tv, to give me more time before work. Lets go!

  165. Eliza says:

    At my age it is hard to lose weight (11) but I figured out that completing this calendar made me stronger. I am doing better in pe than before even though I’m not loosing weight.

  166. Jo Carter says:

    I’m going to do the beginner’s calendar and complete it, even if it takes me a whole year! I never thought I’d be a person who lacked self esteem, but lately I’ve realised I do. I am a positive person but I don’t love or feel confident in my body as much as I could. I want to do these workouts for two reason: 1) to be healthier, fitter and toner 2) but more importantly because I need Cassey as a positive person in my life. I need someone who teaches me to love my body above anything else.

  167. kurlykyra says:

    What kind of cardio can be done with the beginner plan? Every day I do HIIT on the elliptical for about 35-40 minutes and I would like to continue doing it. Would this be better or after the daily exercise(s)?

  168. shima says:

    Just finished d-1… It was simply amazing , Thank you Cassey <3

  169. Jennifer Fagen says:

    I’m starting tomorrow thanks for making this so easy, accessible and not overwhelming!

  170. Michaela says:

    Hi! I just found this today! I am looking at the beginner’s calendar 2.0 . Each day has 3 to 4 items to check off. The pink one is a link to a video. Is the video the only one we do? Where do we find the other items. (f.i. Day 1: POP Pilates for beginners-Total Body Workout. Day 2: Pop Pilates Ab time and 10 Minute Ab Sculpting Workout) Thanks for clarifying!

    1. Jennifer Fagen says:

      If you look above you Cassey made it easy for us – for example, scroll above our comments and click on the DAY 2 thats highlighted in pink… all the videos we have to do for that day are under each of the days! And yep, we have to do all that is on that list! Good luck, i’m starting tomorrow!

  171. sbkoets says:

    Alrighty… here we go!

  172. Celi Monzón says:

    So i wanna begin with these exercises but my problem is that I currently don’t have time to do the “wake up” exercises with having school at the morning and not much time to prepare, would it be a problem if i did them when i returned from it? (that would be like 2pm).

    1. cony ! says:

      try to wake up 5-10 mins earlier, i have the same issue but if i wake up a little earlier (you won’t notice) i get to do them and then i start getting ready but its so worth it, it makes you feel better for the day!!!

  173. Daniela Paz says:

    love it!!! kisse from Lima, Perú !!!

  174. Kali Schmalzried says:

    Hey Cassey! I used to be consistent with Blogilates and after taking a couple months off I am struggling even more than before (for the obvious reasons). However, I have always had trouble with the floor ab exercises. I can’t help but have a sore neck after a workout. Sometimes I can’t even complete a workout; not because my abs can’t take it, but because my neck hurts too bad. I also really struggle with keeping my lower back on the mat.

    Do you have any tips or suggestions to help me? (open to tips from other people too)

    I just suggested on my blog,, for my followers to journey with me in some fall fitness routines & want to be able to help them if they struggle with this too.

    Thank you,
    Kali Schmalzried

  175. RJ Cash says:

    This is amazing work out!! I eat pretty healthy since my mom is a health nut. I had workout before but was never very motivated. This program is very motivated!!!! Every day I am so excited to see what I am doing that day!! She is so bubbly and full of life! Do this!!!

  176. Carmen Verheijen says:

    I want to loose 10 pounds and set up a new routine after moving intercontinental. Hope I can keep this up and will continue monthly calendar afterwards. Should I add some cardio to this? Just finished day 2.

    1. Niki Snuber says:

      I will add more cardio =D
      Already set a goal for myself that every Saturday I go for a walk / jog.

  177. irenetlss says:

    Hi Cassey! One of my biggest problem area is my upper thighs, there is always this lump of fat right below the butt, which types of exercises helps? I’ve tried a few leg exercises but I don’t feel that I’ve worked anything in that area. Thank you!

  178. Marysa says:

    Hi! I come from a long period of inactivity and I’ve never been good at exercising. I tried day 1 and I could barely do the exercises and I couldn’t do them for as long as the video. Should I stay in day 1 until I improve? Or should I keep going doing what I can?

  179. dema says:

    hello 🙂
    im a new mumber here , and i want to know how i can do the moves that are in purpel like: crunches, front kicks …

  180. Britain Parrish says:

    Hi I am looking to start an exercise routine after a long period of inactivity and unhealthy lifestyle. Is this to be a standalone program, or am I too do cardio along with this? If so, how frequently do you recommend cardio and on what days?

  181. Dee says:

    Ok I am ready to get started and I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. My whole life I have never really worked out except for one semester in college I took an aerobics class and really enjoyed it but never went back to it after the class was over. I have come to the conclusion that at 39 years old (I know, a little old to be starting out, but better late than never.)
    How do you recommend doing the workouts each day on th calendar? Do I get up each morning and knock them all out first thing or should I spread them out throughout the day? Also should I eat first if doing them right after I roll out of bed or jump out of bed and just start the excercises for the day?

  182. saisha says:

    hey!! i wanted to ask after finishing the beginner plan should i do the monthly calenders or what? please let me know and if i finish this calender in between month also there’s no problem right? thank you

  183. yams120 says:

    How much cardio should we be doing in conjunction with this calendar?

  184. Sam says:

    Hey Cassey! I am not exactly a beginner to workouts, as such, but I am kinda to POP Pilates. It’s just that there are some days when I feel as if yes, I’m losing some weight but then there are days when I see my thighs and just go like, why the hell am I wasting time? So I really wanted to know how to stay motivated. I am currently 154lbs and 5’2 in height and I really want to become 110 within a year, and I suck at maintaining diets! HELP ME!!! Please I really have to be somewhere in about 6 months and I need a change in my body!

  185. lindsaygii says:

    Day one. It’s a start! I tried this before and tailed off after about two weeks. This time I have my son enrolled to nag me every day 🙂

  186. cherry says:

    hey cassey! it’s my first time join this beginner calender 2.0 and i’ll start it tomorrow because i think it’s very interesting so i hope i can do this and lost my fat. i don’t have flat stomach but can i do ABS challenge, because i’ve hear it only can make your stomach bigger that is true or false. and how much weight i will lost in 4 week?. i hope you understand because i’m not fluent in english

  187. Tess says:

    hey, i have a question. i dont get the calendar exactly. do i need to do the pinks and the videos. or just the video. or are there more par day? i hope someone can answer this for me. Sorry for my bad english by the way i am not english.

  188. Tess says:

    hey, i have a question. i dont get the calendar exactly. do i need to do the pinks and the videos. or just the video. or are there more par day? i hope someone can answer this for me. Sorry for my bad english by the way i am not english

  189. Charlie says:

    Hi! Was wondering if anyone could help me. So I took a break from working out 4 times a week and now I want to get back into the swing of things. I want to try the beginners calender but I was wondering if I should continue to do my usual fast paced cardio before hand to get rid off the extra fat on my body. I don’t get out much so the cardio is really all I have for extra exercise! Anyone with any tips or advice is much appreciated.

    1. Minnina10 says:

      I think you can do the cardio as a warm up, instead or in addiction to those suggested by Cassey in the calendar. I am by no means an expert, though, so maybe it’s better if someone with a longer experience weights in.

  190. tenobi says:

    Just started today, I barely broke a sweat with Day 1 but boy does my body feel weak!!! Looking forward to the next 27 days!!

  191. Charlene G says:

    Hi Cassey ! So glad I found this beginner calendar! Im not gonna lie,I found your Sept calendar and I was like ok you can do this and then I watched the workouts to see what they were about and I freaked out a little. Lmbo! Im pretty out of shape so sticking with beginner is probably best .I try to go for walks at least daily but I know I need more so I dont get bored. Im so glad I found your website!!

  192. Julie says:

    Hello I’m trying to lose weight and I was wondering if you had some tips:)

  193. Thịt Xôi says:

    I’m having a low carb diet but i don’t know if i can do this calendar while still having low carb or not, so can anyone tell me? please answer!
    p/s: sorry for my bad english.

    1. Maddie says:

      I’m on a low carb diet too and I’m on day 18. I haven’t had any problems doing the workouts. I just make sure I’m eating enough protien to feed my muscles.
      Just listen to your body and you should be okay!

  194. janaigomania says:

    Just finished my first day, already feel great! Thanks Cassey, can’t wait to see how I feel every day! ?

    1. Alivia says:

      I would really love to know how you’re doing because I’m on day two and I am SORE EVERYWHERE.

      1. Holly says:

        Yes, but that is actually a good thing! Keep drinking lots of water, stretch, and keep going with it!

  195. Angela says:

    I’m starting my fitness journey to shed off the many pounds that I hold. Just yesterday I started to eat healthier which I’m hardcore on sticking to. I don’t think I can ever go back to eating too much/junk food. My mother tries to get use from taking out a lot of horrible preservatives that are in foods. And I have found a substitute for sweets. I’m more addicted to Bean Bread (made from NATURAL ingredients) more than cake, cookies etc. I have a LONG way to go before I am at my ideal weight, but nothing is going to stop me from getting there. It’ll take till Christmas or longer, but I won’t stop. I’ll keep going. Since 2011, I started walking around in my neighbourhood and that has helped greatly with relaxing, reducing stress etc. I’m on the right track and I’m not going to lose sight of it.

  196. Marz says:

    I have just started doing this Calendar I’m on day 2, I’ve been on and off exercising trying to find something I can enjoy but also doesn’t hurt my ankles so I am used to exercising however any time it comes to ab workouts I struggle with it all mainly because I never feel any of it in my abs. Since I just did day 2 I struggled to feel anything but sore arms and legs and I got super frustrated because my neck was sore or my arms hurt I tried doing the stuff on my elbows but then that also did nothing for me I basically felt no pain in the right areas or any pain because I couldn’t physically lift myself to do it. Please can someone help me for the next time I have to do abs because it is just super frustrating and I’m getting too emotional about my inability to do it.

    1. Shannon says:

      The reason why your neck hurts is because your abs are not strong enough yet, so you are completing the curling movement with your neck to compensate. This was killer for me at first too, but by the end of the calendar, if you stick with it and try to keep your frustration at bay, you will be much better at staying in the “pilates stance.” If you are not feeling your abs and feeling your neck, take a break and come back to the video, or pause the video and do the moves slowly on your own so you aren’t trying to keep up with Cassey (who has been doing this for 10 years). Here is some advice that may help: 1) Do not stop trying. If you stop trying you will never be able to do it. Even if it takes you two weeks, its better than not trying at all. Exercise can be frustrating and there are days it makes me rage mad because it feels impossible. But it does get easier with time, just like stretching a muscle every day will make you more flexible. 2) Keep your shoulders away from your ears, your elbows wide and gently support your neck with your fingers. Do not grip your neck and move your elbows in towards your ears, it will make your neck hurt worse.
      3) Really focus on your abs when you’re doing the exercises. I think slowing down and really concentrating on the muscle you’re trying to work helps. Do as many reps as you can without straining your neck. 4) Try some ab exercises with your upper body and head relaxed on the mat, such as single / double leg lifts or reverse crunches (I’m sure Google has more beginner suggestions). 5) Do a little ab work every day until you get more comfortable! Good luck! Hope this was useful!

  197. Maja says:

    Jush finished day 8, really loving this! Actually missed it yesterday on the first rest day 🙂

  198. Lucy says:

    For the calendars, am I suppose to do all the video workouts at one time or separate them out though the day?

  199. noura says:

    will this make me have bulky muscles? Because I want to have a very slim and toned body and im scared its going to make my body bigger. I dont want to have too much muscle.

    1. Shannon says:

      I think you should be able to get an idea of the type of muscle you’ll build just by looking at Cassey, who is slim and toned.

  200. Sintija says:

    Hi Cassey and other blogilates girls around here! Greetings from Latvia. I am a new member. Your’e videos is so inspiring that I decided to join your’e community and work out with you!
    Thank you for your’e hard work, I must say that your Popflex brand is amazing!

  201. LaShonna says:

    Hey Cassey! I just started your Beginner 2.0 Calender and I’m on day 15! I just want to say that you’re an incredible inspiration and I love how you talk throughout all your video to keep motivated and pushing forward! You’re always so positive and so passionate about what you do! I noticed overall my body is becoming toned and I lost 6lbs in two weeks using your program! I can’t wait to see the following results when I finish the calender and join on up with the Workout Calender! You’re going a great job and keep doing what you’re doing!

    1. Lara Pohlmann says:

      It´s a long time ago since you have written that but I´m interested in how many pounds you lost at the end of the calendar 🙂

  202. Anna-M. says:

    Hey guys. Just did day 4 and I love the workouts. I went to the gym for years and still didnt get that awesome felling there.
    By the way…is it normal to hurt all over? My muscle achings dont seam to go away until I get new ones…

  203. serenity says:

    I gained forty pounds this year and one of my freinds thought i was pregnant and my noise was ‘aaaaaaeeeeeerrwwwwwwhhhhh’ i told her i definitley wasnt i just was on the go dint make it to the gym yadda yadda. So she was super understanding for about thirty seconds and then i got to the part where my standard lunch was a bag of doritos and cottage cheese….her eXact sound was ‘eeeeeuuuuhuhhhhggggpphss’ she then went on a ten minute tirade about me being the death of all good food then proceeded to tell me i had to check this community out and then make it my life so here i am.

  204. Imogen Poles says:

    Hey Cassey,
    I am young and I dont know wether I should be working out. I dont have any insecurities with my body, but I play alot of sport and it would help if I was stronger. Do you think I should wait till I’m older or go for it? x

    1. Emma says:

      Cassey’s workouts are definitely the way to go if you want to get stronger. If you are concerned with being too young, then try out the Beginner’s plan to start off getting stronger. I did the same thing a year ago, and am much stronger and have noticed a difference in my sports. I’m currently 14, so go for it, and make a difference. If you feel like it is too hard, stop and come back to it later that day or the next day. Just don’t give up 😉

      1. Imogen Poles says:

        Thank you, this is a real help. I am 13, so your advice fits me perfectly!

  205. Lulu says:

    Hi, if you are following the calendar workouts is there a warm up and stretch video I should be following too? I have completed PIIT round 1.0 which has warm up and stretch and thought I would mix it up by trying a calendar workout this time. Any tips I would love to know. Thanks

  206. Shanghai says:

    Hey, guys.
    I’m 16 years old, I practice karate and recently started working out with the videos (mostly arms and thighs). But I struggle with changing my eating habbits. On Monday, 1st of August, I’m going to start with the beginners calender to really get started because I want it so, so bad and to see how many guys and girls are changing is so encouranging and motivating. I just wanted to thank you all for being there.
    But still… does anyone have any tipps on how to eat clean easier?
    I appreciate any comment and advice! Have a nice week-end and good luck on your journey, you are beautiful on the inside and outside! <3

    1. Leah says:

      Hi, I had the same problem you did. What I did was I started off small, I cut out all fizzy drinks and only drank water during the day. (Not including any hot drinks). Then I cut down on sugary junk food, if you ignore the craving for half a hour it usually goes away. And a good way to get more fruit/veg into your diet is to drink smoothies, they’re great for breakfast and/or a snack. One of my favourites is raspberries and kale and you can find loads on the internet. Hope this helps 🙂

      1. Shanghai says:

        Thanks for your reply!
        I already cut out any sugary drinks, which wasn’t that much of a problem and I try to eat as my fruits and vegs as I can!
        The sweet sins are the biggest problem but I will definitly try your advice out and I hope I can ignore the cravings… I binged again today. :/
        Thank you very much! <3

        1. Shannon says:

          Next time you go grocery shopping, definitely try to have a plan, and try to keep junk food out of sight. I love eating – a lot – and tracking calories was hard at first, but its really motivating if you can stick with it (I use the app myfitnesspal). It definitely encourages me to stop eating when I’ve had enough – food is fuel for your body, and when you’ve reached your limit you really don’t need to eat any more! I have more of a problem with savory cravings, sweets aren’t my thing, but I’ll share what I can! If I’m craving sweets, I like to eat frozen pineapple / cherries / grapes, or fresh fruit with cool whip (not the healthiest but the fat free kind is low in calories). I also like to freeze yogurt and eat that instead of ice cream! Sometimes I’ll even buy a pack of lollipops to suck on to prevent me from going crazy and binge eating (they’re not great for you but again, low calorie). If you feel hungry, try buying some low calorie vegetable soups (its summer where I live so its not the best when its hot out!) because they’re definitely filling. I also like to keep vegetables around to roast (carrots, potatoes, onion, ya know, even chickpeas) because they are filling and are low calorie if you can avoid adding a lot of oil and if you don’t go crazy and eat a whole tray. I try to stay away from bread because it always makes me hungrier for some reason! Buy yourself a cute water bottle and keep that thing with you, sometimes hunger cravings are actually just thirst! You can even add fruit and stuff if you want, or even those zero calorie drink mixes if you’re one of those people who hate water. I’m not sure if you’re trying to lose weight or just be healthier. If it’s health, good luck, I’m not great with eating “healthy” foods all the time. If you want to lose weight, the real key is calorie counting. You could eat 1300 cals of twinkies a day and still lose weight! Good luck!!

  207. Leah says:

    Hi, I was wondering if I did my usual cardio in a morning and this at night would that help me tone up? I’m looking to tone my whole body and also I wanted to know if anyone knows any foods high in protein to help muscle building. I’m a teen and don’t really want to spending money on protein powder if I don’t need it. Thanks 🙂

  208. Robin says:

    Cassey, I’ve been going through the beginner’s calendar for a little over 2 weeks (I was previously doing single videos apart from the calendar), and have just found out I am pregnant. (Yay!) I want to keep exercising, and have read that it is safe to continue to exercise if you are already accustomed to an exercise regimen, especially in the first trimester. However, I know several of the pilates exercises will become too difficult as the pregnancy progresses. Do you have any pilates videos especially for pregnant women?

  209. Aiko says:

    Thank you, Cassey so much!

  210. Sara Cardoso says:

    Hey Cassey! Which calendar should I follow next? which do you recommend?

  211. Maram YB says:

    Hey guys, my name is Maram and I just joined this family. However, I am facing a problem with purchasing the calendar from the app. Yesterday I purchased the beginners calendar but something went wrong and now I can’t view it or repurchase it again, and today when I opened the app the beginners calendar tap is gone. Anyone can help or relate to this ?

  212. workin'itout says:

    I am only able to work out 5 days a week. Would you suggest skipping Day 6 of each week? Or doing Day 6 of the 1st week as Day 1 of the 2nd week and so on? Thanks!

    1. Grace says:

      day 6 of the first week as day one of the second as casey slowly build the intensity

  213. Machi says:

    I still can’t flatten my back like she told and i’ve tried it many times yet i still fail… Is there like a trick or something for it?

    1. Helen says:

      Sit up with your legs flat on the ground, and suck in your stomach as you slowly roll you back onto the ground. It works for me, and she’s mentioned it a few times.

  214. Brianna says:

    I need help! I have this fat pouch in my upper ab area, it’s like right below my breast region and I can’t seem to get rid of it or even know where to start! It’s so frustrating.Can anyone please help me?

  215. Eom Nana says:

    Oh me gosh! Just started the plan, but I couldn’t find the video playlist associated to this workout plan, so I went ahead and completed my first two rounds of Total Body PIIT workout. I am sweating like a piglet and loving it. Gawd, those tricep push ups/froggers are crazy hard… and so are the jumping lunges. You guys are superheroes!!!!

  216. Amanda says:

    Lost 5 pounds this week! I’m pretty overweight after having my second kid which is why the weight fell off so fast this week. I’m going to bet water weight or something, too ;P Anyway! I’m loving this calendar. The videos challenge me SO much and I have trouble keeping up although I do my best. I found myself swearing at you a few times, oops, no hard feelings. (: I’m really feeling those muscles being strengthened and my posture slowly corrected. Also, today, the pancakes were delicious. I did have some trouble flipping them because they stick so hard to my pan, so I had pancake scramble hahaha. I added a piece of dark chocolate on top for a little treat and man was it heavenly.

  217. Ayat17 says:

    I’m wondering if this helps with weight loss?

    1. Shannon says:

      Combined with diet, yes! I’ve been eating ~1380 calories a day and tracking it with the My Fitness Pal app and some light cardio have lost like 4 lbs in two weeks. I can post 2 week progress pics if anyone is interested

    2. Gabby says:

      any exercise that get’s your heart pumping or works your muscles turns the fat into muscle!

  218. imaheartmom says:

    Can anyone help with finding the app in the Apple Store?

  219. Aislin Ortees says:

    Hey Cassey and Co.! I started this wonderful calendar late last month, but got thrown off after a vacation where my workout routine slipped. Would you recommend I pick up where I left off or start over entirely?

    1. Grace says:

      pick up where you left off, definitely

  220. don´t mind says:

    I have just started doing the beginners calendar for the second time…I just missed excersing three days after I finished it for the first time, so I had to do this again… 🙂 I want to be sure, that I can follow the monthly calendars with finishing this one again. Cassey and all Popsters are the people, who motivate me to workout not just for losing weight, but because it´s fun. I am looking forward to kill myself with these workouts everyday <3 sending love and support for everyone who are doing this

  221. Letts says:

    Hi! I’m going to try to do this again! I’m just wondering, will this make me lose weight? It’s just cause right now I’m trying to do quite the opposite, cause this year since it was really stressful I lost some weight… So what I want is to be fit and healthy, cause right now I’m doing zero exercise, so I’m going to try to do this and when I finish the beginners calendar I’ll try to do next month’s with some running in between. So do you think it’ll make me lose weight?

    1. Amanda says:

      As long as you eat an extra healthy meal to replace lost calories, no you won’t lose weight but will likely build muscle as long as you have enough protein in your diet. Listen to your body. Eat well when you’re hungry, drink enough water, and you’ll be healthy. Exercise helps everyone. Maybe check out this link for an amazing example ->

    2. Gabby says:

      it won’t make you appear super thin, if that’s what you mean. it will build muscle as long as you eat in accordance with your physical activity!

  222. Laura says:

    Hey guys!!! I’m having an issue with some of the moves like the one where you ‘pull-pull-switch’ your legs and the criss cross one, because one of my legs keeps popping near the groin. Is there anyway I can stop this? Or any other moves I could do instead that work the abs and legs like those? Thanks in advance

  223. Megan Zina says:

    The ABC ABS was really hard!!! I’m dying and I had to put my legs down in every 2/3 letters at the middle and the end of the last exercise 😮 what about you girls? :’)

  224. CYL21 says:

    Did anyone stopped the beginner’s calendar/monthly calendar and gained double the weight?
    I stopped doing it after work and studies took away a huge part of my time, before I know it months later, I’m gaining double the weight I lost. It’s crazy and it stayed with me until now. Now I’m afraid to start again….

    1. Grace says:

      where you eating more junk food whilst studying?

      1. CYL21 says:

        no.. 🙁 I just ate what I ate before. The same kind of diet when I wasn’t doing any exercise.

        1. Emma says:

          A lot of people gain weight with stress, that may have been what happened to you. Just try it again, working out can also relieve you of that stress (from your studies). I usually try to do some workout out inbetween subjects to get my blood flowing.

  225. Maggie King says:

    I am on week 3 of this and wondering should I repeat the beginners or try her monthly one in August? I’m worried the monthly one will still be too hard for me I guess. Anyone else do this twice or did you go straight to her regular monthly workout calendar? Thanks in advance!

    1. Grace says:

      I would recommend that you start the monthly calendar because once you return to the beginning of this calendar it will probably be too easy for you. You could always cut a video a day if you are struggling, or you could do the beginner versions of the moves.

    2. Kristina Carrera says:

      I recommend you give it a shot but it is a lot harder. If too difficult I’d modify somewhere in between the two calendars.

    3. Gabby says:

      no, try her august calendar. if something is too hard, try your best, even if you don’t do all of it. going back to the beginning will actually make you lose strength because it will be too easy for you, you won’t “feel the burn”. definitely try the august one, and you will eventually be able to do it!

  226. nalah says:

    i just wanted to know is there anyway i can achieve a nice bum and amazing abs without eating right? but i will work out obviously, cutting out food just seems so hard. i’ a size 3 i think or 4

    1. Kat says:

      I’m pretty sure you could, assuming that your eating is nutritionally and calorically within reason, but it’ll definitely do no favors for you. You’ll end up working harder and longer to build and maintain and actually start seeing your tone and muscle. Plus, your overall health won’t be as good, which includes sickness, injury, fatigue, and things like hair, skin, energy, and mood. From my own experience, improving your diet is hard and kind of sucky at times (I have a HUGE sweet tooth), but cravings pass, and you’ll thank yourself later for prioritizing your health. Also, eating better includes BALANCE, which means it’s perfectly okey to treat yourself if that’s what’ll make you happy and healthy. Bottom line: eating healthier might be mentally harder at first, but it actually makes progress a lot easier in a lot of ways.

      1. nalah says:

        hey, thanks for the reply. i am so bad at eating properly mostly because yeah i have a sweet tooth and i eat so… like my diet is a mess anyways, i want to know from someone who actually eats healthy and stuff, does it improve ur overall body performance, i mean not just in the working out department but everything else. If it does then i will try it out, because i struggle with weakness and fatigue and little things along the line

        1. Amanda says:

          It definitely helps! I’ve been eating mostly paleo and cooking my own meals with mostly vegetables and meat and writing down my calories and I’ve been really surprised to be under my calories half the time yet I’ve been sooo energetic and happy! Which is crazy since I have 2 kids and hypothyroidism so I was ALWAYS tired and wanting tons of sleep. Weight is also dropping off quicker than I thought possible, but I did gain some weight recently. ANYWAY! Yes, eating healthier helps energy and even mood. It’s only been a week and I can see a big difference (: Also, let yourself have a cheat MEAL a week! It really gives you the motivation to not eat junk food because you’re like… is it worth eating for my cheat meal..? Naaahhh, and then you eventually figure out what you really want and get it sometime later or just kinda forget about it. At least that’s my experience with it so far.

          1. nalah says:

            thank you sooo much…this is really going to help me a lot. thanks againn i will try to start eating healthy and then we’ll see how it goes from there. maybe i’ll get a proper meal plan

          2. Amanda says:

            Just eat delicious healthy food and you won’t really miss it! I replace bread with romaine lettuce in sandwiches and hotdogs, pasta for thinly sliced vegetables, etc. I cut out sugar and when I crave anything sweet I eat some fruit or a piece of dark chocolate. And eat lots of vegetables! Learn to LOVE them! Seriously, that’s my biggest trick. Filling up on vegetables for not many calories is so easy. I like to fry up zucchini, onions, tomato, mushrooms, or whatever else I have (I just make it up, really) and then add some shredded chicken in sometimes and I usually find it more tasty than junk food. My favorite concoction so far was a grilled chicken patty with a slice of tomato and some avocado mashed up in a large lettuce leaf <3 Seriously, have fun with it and try to make it a lifestyle you can stick to

          3. nalah says:

            thanks 🙂 i will try to look for healthy foods to replace all the bad foods i eat. and actually eat on time, not when i’m extremely hungry that i dont even care what i shove down my throat.. i also cant wait for the day healthy food will taste better tan junk.

    2. Gabby says:

      you don’t have to eat kale and protein shakes everyday to “eat right”! start out simple, like limiting yourself to one sugary/fatty treat a day. then try one “bad” snack every other day, then one every week, and less and less until you don’t even crave it anymore! you can even have things like pancakes, cookies, cupcakes, etc. by substituting ingredients. cassey has a GREAT video that she makes a vegan cookie in that has no sugar, no chemicals, etc. with only three ingredients! even if you want to “bad” food, there are ways to make it a lot better. you can eat pizza, but take off the cheese and don’t eat the crust. you can eat a burger by cutting it up and not eating the bun. it’s not that hard to eat right, you don’t have to go to extremes. good luck!

      1. nalah says:

        thanks a lot. i gues thats the problem, when i think eating healthy, i always think extreme, which is almost impossible with me, i eat the most unhealthy foods ever.. but i’ve been trying these few days, trying to cut out sugar, and actually eating a proper meal when hungry. thanks for the advice 🙂 i will check out her recipes

  227. gracie says:

    i want to lose 50 pounds in 1 month

    1. Shannon says:

      There is no healthy way to lose 50 lbs in a single month. You could lose probably 8 – 12 lbs at the most, limiting your daily calorie intake and incorporating some cardio into your routine. Weight loss requires time and keeping it off requires a lifestyle change. Do your best but realistically, don’t expect to lose 50 lbs in one month.

  228. Alissa says:

    Hello Cassy,
    What age do you suggest to start exercising with the calinder

    1. Gabby says:

      you can probably start doing this any age above 12!

  229. Jane says:

    Hi Guys, I’m totally new to this workout routine and I need help. When exactly do I do these workouts? Like what part of the day? Immediately as soon as I wake up? After Breakfast? After Lunch? Before I go to sleep at night? I have no clue as to when I should be doing these workouts. Please help me? Thank You So Much!

    1. Shannon says:

      Any time of day is fine. I prefer to do them first thing in the morning so I can’t procrastinate, and I hate working out after a meal. But really, when doesn’t matter so much as actually completing the exercises. Good luck!!

    2. Gabby says:

      anytime, but working out right after a meal is not a great experience. you are more likely to get a cramp and to tire faster. i’d suggest in the morning before showering or at night right before you shower.

  230. Missy Nomar says:

    Is there a forum where we can cry and moan about how much Cassy makes us hurt??

  231. Carrillo says:

    Hi everyone, I have a question I have been doing a routine for the last 3 months, I have lost 12 pounds but I recently notice that I getting varicose veins, and I decided to stop the routine. Would this routine be good for me and not make the varicose veins get worse?

    1. PandAlien says:

      Hi! You are getting those because you are losing weight, it’s only natural, I have those too, but after you buil some more muscles and that part won’t be so chubby it will eventually dissapear. Mine appear whenever I lose or gain weight, but after I do some exercises they disspear it’s like Poof! Magic. So keep doinbg the routine it’s gonna help you. 🙂

  232. K says:

    Does anyone have tips on what time of day works best to do the workouts? Also, I do not have a yoga mat at the moment and whenever I do workouts on the ground my tail bone tends to hurt a bit. Any tips on how to do the workouts without hurting myself? Thanks!!

    1. Aarlene Vielot says:

      Personally i workout in the morning so that I can take a shower after and be ready for the day because I’ve realized that the later I start to do it throughout the day, the sloppier my form gets and I don’t have any energy to complete the moves to the best of my abilities. Also I just put a blanket on the floor for a little extra comfort. Hope that helps!

    2. Gabby says:

      right now, I shower in the morning, so I workout out in the morning too so I can get clean right away. During the fall, I shower at night, so I workout at night too. as far as your tailbone hurting, you can just use two beach towels on top of each other as a substitute.

  233. Laura says:

    Hey guys ! I’ve been doing this beginners workout every day, but my goal is really to lose weight rather than just gain muscle. I’m eating healthily and consuming less calories than normal, but will I lose weight just by following these calendars ? Or should I do cardio everyday before the workout – how long for and can anyone recommend some youtube videos for this? I have asthma so I struggle to do a lot of cardio without taking a break, but I really want to lose about 28 lbs in the next few months and any help would be AWESOME.

    1. Aarlene Vielot says:

      Do cardio every day for at least 10 minutes. Also add in some type of mobility warmup to ensure that you do not hurt yourself.

  234. Decy says:

    When is the best time in the day to do these exercises? I’m starting today =)

    1. Gabby says:

      right before you shower!

  235. May says:

    Hi everybody! i suscribed three days ago, but haven’t received the password for the monthly calendars just yet, does anybody know what can i do, maybe i missed a step but i have checked everywhere, thank you! <3

    1. Sammtin says:

      I received my email and password with the calendar right away. When you sign up, you get an email to “verify” that you signed up. Once you do that, you should get an email with the calendars and password.

  236. olivia says:

    Hey guys! I am a total beginner and i would like to know if you guys like the program. I am totally exited about starting a new month exercising and being healthy.

  237. Kaitlyn Nelson says:

    OMG these are free workouts? Just what I needed! Starting tomorrow! Thank you SO much!

  238. Amy S D says:

    What do I do if I don’t have Twitter or Instagram? (I’m old-fashioned and barely Facebook).

    1. Brittney says:

      You don’t need them! The calendar is all you need.

  239. Yamil says:

    Hi I’m new on this and I want to give it a try. I want to learn how to eat healthy and lose some weight but I don’t eat any kind of vegetables just corn. So its hard for me to make a diet. I have no idea how to make it or what to eat since I don’t eat vegetables or how many calories I should consume daily, basically I don’t know anything LOL, I need your help. Thank you

    1. Elisabeth Bell says:

      Cassey has numerous videos on eating clean and right. First off, corn isn’t a vegetable but a grain. I personally know the struggle with vegetables, I only really like spinach, carrots (if I’m in the mood), black olives, and okra (which I’d fried). Knowing I wasn’t getting enough vegetables in I looked for alternatives. I usually drink the Bolthouse Smoothies in Green Goodness. It has fruits and veggies hidden inside but still a lot of sugar because of the fruit. Though not the best option and a tad pricey, its something. Ultimately, you will just have to learn to like some vegetables and learn how to prepare them in a way that you will enjoy them. Or hide them in a smoothie.
      Calories can be dependent on your weight, height, and sex. Typically woman should consume 1800 – 2000 a day, and no less than 1200. Men need more. But it’s not all about the calories, there’s the fats, trams fats, sugars, carbs, and protein. Are you getting enough of each? Too much? Are you eating the right kinds of carbs? Etc. I suggest tracking through an app or a food journal. My Fitness Pal is what I use.
      I am not personally an expert this is just what I’ve learned and picked up along the way (and I could be wrong). So go out and do some research on your own. You have to learn to adjust things for your own life. Exercise and dieting isn’t a one size fits all.

  240. Kristy says:

    Hey! I’m a complete beginner with exercise, I am 18 years old, But I need to gain muscle/weight. I don’t eat healthily and i hardly ever exercise in any way, but i want to change my lifestyle in order too feel better physically. I am wondering if this would be a good beginning program for me, because here:
    Cassey says that those wanting to gain weight should focus more on muscle training rather than cardio, do you think this would be a good balance of the two for me?
    Thanks so much!

    1. neptune says:

      hey there! I think this is a good program for you. it will ease you into more intense workouts and you will get stronger. there isn’t much cardio in this program but just make sure you don’t do cardio excessively. I mean 5 min. of cardio (preferrably interval training) every day you train should be enough for you to maintain a healthy workout regimen. maybe you can try to do some strength training with weights. anyway, exercise is good for both losing and gaining weight because it regulates your body. I think the key is nutrition. just make sure you eat well and enough and don’t do excessive cardio (I mean don’t run like crazy for 1 hour every day 🙂 but the amount of cardio in cassey’s plans are not too much really) . listen to your body and eventually you can decide if you wanna decrease or increase the amount of cardio exercises in your plan. sorry for the long answer and good luck!

  241. shakshi agrawal says:

    Hey i want to loose my weight specially of arms n thighs can u help me out plzzzzz

    1. Elisabeth Bell says:

      When you lose weight it comes off all over and not in specific areas. So just focus on cardio and eating better to lose weight and eventually it will go away. You can help those targeted areas by toning them up and building muscle to make them look leaner.

  242. QuirkyNightOwl says:

    I am 16 and currently doing the beginners 2.0 workouts and I just
    finished day 5. I was wondering how long I should be doing the
    exercises. I am usually not sweating or out of breath by the end of the
    videos and I do them back to back.

    1. Mia says:

      Hey! I literally just now started this calendar, but I still think that I can somehow help you. From my knowledge, I’m pretty sure that you just follow along with the videos (that’s in response to your wondering about how long to do the exercises). With some of these videos, I’m also not very sweaty or out of breath, but in my opinion, that shouldn’t make us think that the workout wasn’t effective. As long as you’re following along with the video, you’re doing the workouts effectively. Keep in mind that this IS a beginners calendar, so it’s not going to make us dripping with sweat unless we’re really out of shape! Hope I helped you, girl (or boy, whichever) 🙂

  243. Brendalee Grant says:

    I’m starting from the beginning! I have about 30bls to lose! any tips people??

  244. Meg says:

    About to start day 3 and my abs are sore. I hope this gets easier as I go.

  245. Anne says:

    Hello Popsters !
    So it’s been almost 6 months that i began to exercise with Cassey .
    I’m not fat (i think ) but chubby , i’m still a child (i’m 15 years old ) so i thought my weight wasn’t the problem but my body fat percentage , since i was doing very little exercise before . (you know the skinny fat thing i think) so i began to do pilates to build muscles , associated with cardio each day .
    i’ve taken pictures , but my mind is telling me “you haven’t changed , you’re still fat , ect ”
    SO can you guys compare the two pictures (dates are on it) and honestly tell me if you see a difference ?
    I’m definitely stronger ; but what about my body? I really need advice to determine if i should change something of my routine . Thank you very much !
    Here it is :
    (btw sorry for my bad english , i’m french )

    1. Menna says:

      i see a difference! bravo keep it up xoxo

      1. Camille says:

        I totally see a difference. Keep up the good work!

    2. Haley says:

      I see a difference too!! You’re beautiful!

    3. Sammtin says:

      I see a difference! Keep up the exercise and remember that eating healthy is 80% of the routine. 🙂

  246. Bianca says:

    Hello, everyone! Is there any facebook group chat that we can join for pop pilates beginners? I hope there is, so we can motivate each other!

    1. Bianca says:

      I was just soooo confused I legitimately thought I wrote this comment but just had no recollection of it hahaha I had to compare our profiles by our disqus number

      1. Bianca says:

        Omg that’s really funny HAHAHAHA hello, bianca!

  247. Sharadyn says:

    Hey does anyone have the workouts on the calendar laid out in a sheet or something? I am about to leave the country for a few months and won’t have steady internet access. Is there a way to do this internet free?

    1. Lee-anna. says:

      You’d probably have to download the videos with a downloader because otherwise I don’t think there is any sheet or anyway to do them internet free.

      1. donna says:

        You can’t download videos from YouTube unless you use a video converter. I use clip you simply copy and paste the link in the box provided and follow the instructions. Have a great and safe trip!

  248. disqus_u9W8xb6gPV says:

    Hey does anyone have the workouts on the calendar laid out in a sheet or something? I am about to leave the country for a few months and won’t have steady internet access. Is there a way to do this internet free?

  249. Michi says:

    I’m wondering that if I do the Beginners Plan if I should shower everyday or if this is unhealthy? Any suggestions.

    1. anon says:

      You definitely should be showering everyday. You don’t need to wet your hair everyday, but at least shower, imo.

  250. Lien says:

    Hi everyone! I’ve started Cassey’s calendar for beginners multiple
    times, but I never seem to find the motivation to keep going. I think it
    would be fun if I knew some more people who follow Blogilates as well,
    so we can support eachother. I had the idea of starting a Facebook group
    for Blogilates beginners from Belgium and The Netherlands (since I’m
    from Belgium). I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in
    joining? Let me know! Love, Lien

    1. Rina says:

      Hi Lien,
      I discovered Blogilates 3 days ago and today I completed Day 2 of the Beginners Calendar. I would love to do this with someone as well, so if you start an FB Group, I would be super happy to join. I’m from India btw.

    2. Roda says:

      Hi Lien! What a coincidence. I am loving in belgium now and i am going to start my beginners calendar tomorrow. Your idea sounds interesting. I would like to join.


      1. Lien says:

        I made a group! It’s called Blogilates Beginners België, join if you want!

    3. Sandrine says:

      I’m from Belgium too! I would love to join your group! I’m starting today with the calendar 🙂

      1. Lien says:

        I made a group! It’s called Blogilates Beginners België 🙂

      2. idwis says:

        Hii… I am not from Belgium, but I would like to join to some group too. I´m starting today too and it would be nice to have som support. 🙂

  251. Heather says:

    What’s the difference between this 2.0 calendar and the first beginner calendar?

    1. Jenny says:

      It has some of her newer videos 🙂

  252. Marie-Eve Rose says:

    I am so, so happy that I stumbled upon your YouTube channel. For the first time in my life, I feel like I can actually start this weight loss journey. Thank you so much!

  253. Tristen says:

    Hey Cassey! I am starting the beginner workout calender but I have one major problem: food. I am a VERY picky person when it comes to food and tend to stay away from vegetables, though, I do like fruit. What are some foods that would be okay to eat, and what are some that I just need to get rid of? Thanks(:

  254. Heather Haines says:

    I was wondering if it is okay to just do this one video a day or should I be doing other work outs before or after the video??

  255. AGirlNamedEgypt says:

    Hi Cassey.

    I’m 15 and have been losing weight lately after always struggling with my weight. I was wondering if I can just do a couple of days of blogilates a week to slim and tighten everything as I work part time, School is crazy and I’m also a blogger and do work out with other exercises ?

    Thank you soo much 🙂

    P.S. I’m also trying to eat healthier and trying to get my parents to cut out meat from my meals when I can 🙂

  256. Nye says:

    I love blogilates. I started off on the beginners calendar a few days ago and this is the first time i exercised with an instructor and not feel pressured or overwhelmed to keep up. Thanks Cassey!

  257. Nye says:

    I love blogilates, Im starting off on the beginners calendar and this is the first time i started an exercise and don’t feel pressured or overwhelmed to keep up with an instructor. Thanks Cassey

  258. Julia says:

    Should you do anything else with this plan (like extra cardio/ running) or would that just be overkill

    1. Diana Todean says:

      Cardio to warm up. You can find her cardio videos on youtube.

  259. Lana says:

    Hey guys! Has anyone done any running with the workout? I love to run at least a mile everyday. What are your thoughts??

    1. Hope says:

      I love running! I don’t run every day, but I usually run 3 miles twice a week and then one longer run (4-5 miles) on the weekends 🙂 I just started the Blogilates workouts but I have still been running as usual! I say go for it!

  260. Annie-Laurie says:

    Hi cassey ! I just came recovered from a concution and I’m wondering how to get back into this especially since I was on the beginner’s calender when I had my cuncution.
    Thanks 🙂

  261. Oke says:

    Hi I’m Oke from Nigeria. My wedding is in 3 weeks and my reception dress demands I lose lower belly fat. I am DETERMINEDDDD to do and I really hope this works. I’ve learned from Casey that my diet must also change to support the abs workout. Here’s hoping I have a flat tummy by June 18th.

    1. Megan Tunnicliffe says:

      Good luck 🙂

  262. Mara Crabtree says:

    I just discovered blogilates and I’m so very excited! This is life changing for me. I can’t wait to get started on this monthly workout routine!

  263. Candice Cordero says:

    Feeling unbelievable!!! Omgosh….. Cassey, your workouts are tough and challenging, 100% unique, and are soooooooo worth it. I’m seeing positive changes in my mind, body, and soul. Blogilates isn’t just a workout channel, it’s a lifestyle. I feel truly inspired by you and your team. I’ve completed day 2 on the beginners 2.0 calendar, 30 days flat abs challenge, and P.I.I.T 28 1.0 calendar. I was doing random workouts for a couple weeks on your channel and I’m so happy I found your website. I honestly look forward to each day on the calendar. Your workout gear and accessories are soooooooo adorable. I really love your planner and yoga mats and infusers, and all the different patterns and schemes you create, and…. well, I just love everything on this site. I’m excited for myself, and am so happy to go on this journey with you and my fellow POPsters. I also love the inspirational quotes you are constantly saying and blogging. Some people are like dark clouds, it’s only when they disappear the sun can shine through. So real, so true, so on point and poetic. If only it were that easy…. Poof! Disappear! Blogilates is life. I’m so grateful to have found this community. XoXoX

    1. Hope says:

      Hey Candice! Just wondering how you like the PIIT28?! Been thinking about doing it but not quite sure what to expect from it/how easy it would be to stick to… I like her normal workouts because you can easily do them at home! Mind letting me know how you like the PIIT28 program and what kind of results you saw?! Thanks!! xx

      1. Candice Cordero says:

        Hey Hope. The calendar workouts are always amazing and challenging but beneficial. If you are following the calendar PIIT 28 is defidently in your reach. At first, it was very challenging for me to keep up with 45 on, I took multiple breaks inbetween. However, I’ve noticed my endurance is now longer and stronger. You get better with practice, just like anything else. Honestly, PIIT to me is more effective than any other workouts. Your burning fat by keeping keeping up that heart rate, while focusing on multiple muscles throughput your body. Cardio is a must in any workout regime, that is how you slim down and burn fat. I have lost 2 in. Off my waist and have noticeably toner legs, arms, thighs and bum. PIIT is hard but it goes by really fast, I do 2× each video. You’ll be so proud of yourself post workout. Trust me, is a must, you’ll love it. XoXoX

  264. Christina says:

    Hi! I had my daughter almost 10 weeks ago via c-section. I was given the ok to start doing sit-ups at 8 weeks postpartum. So far I have lost about 30 lbs of my pregnancy weight and I have around 20 lbs more. I have been doing Cassey’s videos for a couple of weeks now and I am still struggling with the rollups. How long do you think it’ll take me to get up on my own without flailing about? I know I had major surgery not that long ago and shouldn’t expect miracles, but I really want to get my belly back into shape. Especially since bikini season is next month!

    1. Rachel Valentine says:

      It took me about 3-4 weeks to be able to do roll ups. I started the first two weeks over because my progress was so bad lol

      1. Christina says:

        I know! I’m terrible at them. I try my best though. lol

  265. Kara Cunningham says:

    Completed day 15! Feeling awesome! Day 12 KILLED Me! Seemed much harder than I expected.

  266. Elena says:

    hey guys im a total beginner so i want to lose 20 pounds in 3 months, im going to follow this calendar for first month but what i should do next? and how many calories should i consume daily to achieve my goal? thank you!

    1. Crys says:

      Hey Elena 🙂
      Its alright that you’re a beginner and this is the best place to start off!
      You should consume anywhere from 500-1000 calories off your BMR (basal metabolic rate) depending on how overweight you are. If you are are overweight then you should try shaving off more calories. Here’s a website to calculate your bmr:
      In addition, try cutting down on the junk food and try eating more healthy food like fruits, vegetables etc 🙂 You’ll find that it’ll actually make you feel better after a while and you’ll be able to stop the junk cravings!
      If you want more information, you can check Blogilate’s Youtube channel as she made a video on this ages ago 🙂
      Good luck on your journey xx

      1. skittlebitz89 says:

        It should be 500 calories off of your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) and not off of your BMR. Your BMR is the amount of calories you burn while laying there doing absolutely nothing, essentially what is needed to keep you alive if you were in a coma. TDEE is your BMR + daily activity. If you shaved off 500 calories from your BMR most people would only be eating like 800 calories which is not only unhealthy, it would SUCK! Lol. Just thought I would clarify that up! I’m sure you meant TDEE and not BMR but it’s a very common mix up Crys!

        1. Rachel Valentine says:

          Join Sparkpeople! It’s free, lots of supportive people, and it gives you your calorie goals for the day!

    2. Paula says:

      I lost my last 20 lbs. After my third baby by eating every three hours SMALL complete meals (veggies, protein, and healthy carbs). Key: to eat within the 1st. Hour after you wake up a complete meal, yeah veggies in the morning! This accelerates your metabolism.. I also got used to drinking a cup of water at a time through out the day..I learned through a nutritionist called Luz Maria Briseño.. Very simple but works! 80% of how we look is what we eat!

    3. Gabby says:

      if you subscribe to her newsletter, you get the password to each of her monthly calendars! they are pretty challenging, so definitely of the beginners calendar first. there is no specific number of calories to eat, it’s mostly WHAT you eat. first, try to stop eating greasy foods (fast foods, chain restaurants like Chipotle or Applebees, “chinese” takeout, etc.) limit and then cut out sugar and corn syrup, then try to limit and then cut out “bad” fat (chips, fries, donuts, etc.) and replace it with “good” fats (nuts, avocados, fish etc.) and limit carbs in proportion to how much physical activity you’re doing, limit protein similarly. good luck!

      1. Bree says:

        Chipotle can actually be okay. The worst things there are the tortillas, pork, cheese, etc. If you stick to vegetables, chicken or sofritas, hotter salsas with less calories, it’s not so bad!

        1. Bree says:

          Oh and the chips. Never ever eat the chips at Chipotle if you’re trying to be healthy. They double the calories of your meal with no nutritional value.

  267. TiffanyMcintosh420 says:

    How do you sign up for may calendar? I’m new lol I have been on the beginniers plan I’m on day 11 and let’s just say I can see progress I love it. And I want to continue more.

    1. Jennifer says:

      Hi! you have to sign up for the inbox subscriptions on the upper right box!

  268. magen rathegeber says:

    Hi Cassey, this will be my first time trying this out and I am so excited about it! I have tried other exercise and weight loss workout plans before and I just didn’t have fun doing them. I cant wait to get started! 🙂

  269. bkrules25 says:

    Hey Cassey! This is the second time I am starting a fitness journey with blogilates. I just had my second child and had an epiphany that I wanted to share with the blogilates community. I have finally accepted that after nine years and two children that I will not weigh the same as I did when I was sixteen. I want to focus on being healthy and toned. The number on the scale or on my jeans does not define me or you. Thank you Cassey for motivating me to be healthy!!

  270. Elisa says:

    im on the first couple days, and the workouts sometimes seem easy for me, and im not usually sore the next day. is there something im doing wrong, or something that i should be doing?

  271. Agnija says:

    Hi, I would like to ask – If I can’t finish the whole video should I stay in that day until I’ll be able to do all excercises?

  272. Morana Begač says:

    6 more days and I’ve done it. It’s hard but I love it. And it is true that I miss exercise on rest day 😉 My question is – what should I do next? Take any month calendar and work out or? Is there any transition regarding difficulty or not? Thanks in advance. Greetings from Croatia 🙂

  273. Liane Bastyan says:

    I’m on day 11 having no previous Pilates experience and I realised how damn unflexible I am!!! Tough work outs but I’m loving it!

  274. whitrstrickland says:

    I have been doing Fitness Blender and I am on day 41 which is great. I feel like I am getting my cardio and strength training from those videos and also walking 1-2 miles a day. I know want to up my workout by adding Pilates and changing my running to walking will help me shed some extra weight by my 40th birthday.

  275. Annu says:

    HI Cassey. I am a beginner of Pop Pilates. I saw you video on youtube and thought I should give it a try because it looks amazing! Looking forward to it. Thank you!

  276. Aurora smith says:

    Thank you so much Cassey!! I’m so excited to start tomorrow I can’t wait!!! I’m a huge fan and love all you’re videos!!??

  277. Ayuki says:

    Hey I was actually going to start the calender but since its already May 4 should I proceed to its current day or date… Or Should I start at the first day?

    1. Amy Rudling says:

      This is the begininners calendar, there is no set date – you just start it whenever you want 🙂

  278. muddymolly says:

    I really like the idea of this workout calendar, but my diastis recti has me nervous to try.

    Which of these exercises are safe for diastis recti, which should I avoid, and what should I do in their place?

  279. Jennifer says:

    Is the pink the morning activities and black evening? or do you do all in the AM?

    1. Kristie says:

      It doesn’t really matter when in the day you do the videos 🙂

  280. Kera Musial says:

    I’m on day 9 and am absolutely loving it. Struggling a little, being over weight makes Pilates a bit difficult, but I am fighting through! I love the challenge and I’m not going to give up! Once I made the decision to change my life style I started noticing the differences right away! Cassey, I think you are wonderful! And you are an inspiration! I love the work outs! I’m also slowly changing my eating habits to clean eating all because of you! I love all of your recipes and am so excited to reach my goal of my whole diet doing a complete turn around! Thank you so much for doing what you do, I am so thankful I found you and blogilates! <3 always, Kera!

  281. Alina says:

    I don’t know what some of these exercises should look like (not a native english speaker). Is there an explaination chart or something somewhere? 😀

    1. Jenna says:

      Underneath the workout calendar are a set of pink links like “day 1” and “day 2” and if you click on them you’ll go to a page with videos of Cassey doing the exercises!

  282. Hele says:

    Hi all ! I m starting this next monday after my 30day yoga challenge 🙂
    When u were over with the beginers calendar what did u do ? did you stick to a monthly calender they send you ?
    Thank you !!

  283. lisset says:

    Girls and boys im confused ? so do we pick one video of the day or we have to do all the videos that are listed per day? I’m not sure if there options or what?

    1. Rachel Valentine says:

      All of them 🙂 some are very short, so it’s not as daunting as it might seem.

  284. silvia says:

    I’m doing the beginners calendar for the recon time. I feel better and add one or two videos every day. ( the ones tat appears at the end of the videos..)
    Hope this is ok- I’m sorry I can’t do exercises sometimes but I really find Cassey’s pilates sessions very good.
    I tried the standard calendar but it’s still too strong form me….

  285. Zin Zin Naing says:

    I can’t find ‘Pick Me Up Quickie Workout’ on YouTube. Help me pls!

  286. Joanna says:

    Is it ok for me to do this if I have problems with my back? I have lumbar discopathy and the pain is radiating from back to my hip and leg and I know I`m not allowed to do some types of exercises…

    1. Anitoo Rusevska says:

      hi! pilates is known for back pain relieve but you gotta be really careful with any type of workouts you do especially those ab moves that require a flat back on the mat. Ask your doctor for a more profound advice and always listen to your body – if something is really painful and like not the good muscle/fat burning kind you have to stop! love <3

  287. Rachel Valentine says:

    Pilates stance is killing me a little less now! I’m still sticking on the roll ups, but I can tell I’m improving a little!

  288. Mara Cassandra says:

    I just finished 3 days of the Beginner’s calendar and my whole body is sore/ hurt. Is this normal?

    1. Anitoo Rusevska says:

      it is 🙂 do some stretches and maybe take aspirin and if it’s really bad take a rest day or two

  289. ana says:

    Did anybody loose weight while doing this beginners 2.0?

    1. Jennxo says:

      I noticed my body changing quite quickly!

  290. Justiss says:

    Do you have to stretch before you workout

    1. Anitoo Rusevska says:

      you have to warm up your body in some way, light cardio is better than static stretches but both will do 🙂

  291. Eva says:

    I have a question… she often puts “wake up and…” so should we do this workout in the morning? Is that suggested? Or can it be at anytime of the day?

    Thanks !! 😀

    1. Jane says:

      It might be better to do it in the morning!! It’ll wake you up and maybe kickstart your metabolism. Plus, you’ll feel better!! 🙂

  292. Kristina says:

    When I click on the April Calendar to get password, or when I click a day on the beginners calendar to view. I get this error. Please help!

  293. Jess says:

    Hi Casey.
    I love pilates and I’m wondering if the workouts are suitable for a 14 year old??

    1. Sierra says:

      I’m 14 and I do it!! It’s great for all ages 🙂

    2. Anitoo Rusevska says:

      cassey started at 16! 😀

  294. Kelly Tran says:

    So I did this calendar but I didn’t workout for about a month after due to lack of time. Should I do this one again or just do the April calendar?

  295. Jasmine says:

    Hi do I need to do separate warm up n cool down before n after the pop?

  296. Alejandra says:

    I lost my workout motivation a few months ago after hurting somehow my back somehow. I was weight training and doing cardio. I really hope I can find the motivation to pull through this whole thing. I will be starting this upcoming Monday. Good luck to you all!

  297. bee yang says:

    Hi, is it okay to do abs workouts such as crunches while having a bad neck?

    1. Anitoo Rusevska says:

      i would say no. There are other ab moves that will stenghten your core as well or even better from the crunches

  298. Alejandra Barger says:

    Hi Cassey, I have been following you since 2010 and love all your workouts! I was wondering if you have workouts that re-introduce you to working out again? I had my baby 5 months ago via c-section and was cleared 4 months ago that I can start working out again. I started with something simple, not hardcore at all, but my core was hurting badly right around the incision area. What workouts do you recommend?

    1. ddaili says:

      Having had a c-section myself, I understand what you’re talking about. I think I waited about 5 months before I started working out again after my son was delivered too. I started very lightly as well, mostly cardio to be honest. HOWEVER, I do not recommend any workout if your incision is still hurting during your workout. If you can get away with cardio only, then start there. Your body needs to rebuild strength and a c-section takes time to heal! What I suggest is something like riding a bike or even swimming. No joke. I rode 8 miles to and from work(16miles combined!), five days a week, and holy chalupas! I was able to rebuild my cardio and basic strength at my pace and you don’t even think about it when you’re riding. Good luck, I hope your incision feels better asap!

  299. Pingback: MADAME HIP-HOP
  300. Te'ya Mitchell says:

    I’ve just started this calendar. I completed day two this morning of both this calendar and the 30 day flat abs challenge and I’m not feeling challenged except during a few exercises. Should I finish this calendar out or just go to the monthly calendars?

    1. aimée says:

      Hey! First make sure that you are really doing the exercises right. Im on the last day of this calendar and I can tell you it’s getting harder througout the weeks. Even though you didn’t challenge yourself with this I think it’s too extreme to do the April calendar without practise. If you have much energy left you could just do a few more workouts. I also think it’s important to complete this calendar first because there is some essential and basic knowledge in the beginner videos.
      Hope I could help you! Have fun and train insane.

  301. Crystal says:

    Hi Cassey! I just found your YouTube videos like 2 days ago and after watching and trying a few you already have me totally inspired to keep at it and lose this baby weight I’m carrying around after having my 2 kids. I started exercises yesterday and even though I know there is barely any difference yet, I feel better about myself and this new mom body I have. Thank you for being awesomely passionate and fun in your videos!

  302. Janine says:

    I finished this challenge on my first year brain surgery anniversary, I can’t be happier that almost after a difficult year, now I can push a bit myself to do some excercise and be happier. Thanks Cassey

  303. Gloria says:

    I just started this recently, and I’m starting to doubt myself. Based on other people’s experience, would you think that this is a very rewarding and helpful tool?

  304. Aashna says:

    I have a doubt, do i have to do the beginners calender 2.0 before doing the monthly calenders? Like is it compulsory? Or can I skip this calender and go along with the monthly calender?

    1. Janine says:

      Depends how often you exercise. If you are a beginner then start with this calendar. The monthly one is tougher and more demanding. Enjoy

  305. Zhuzi says:

    Hi Cassey☺️. I am just starting my journey into a pop pilates. But I am not sure if it good for me or does the calendar right for me. I am already slimmy girl and I am afraid that these exercises will make me even more slimier. My aim is to gain a weight. Can you please explain which exercises I should do in order to gain weight or not lose a weight or that will help me to build up muscle to look fuller?

    Thank you in advance! Love ya?

    1. Tyisha says:

      HEY, If you figure out exercises that help you gain weight and that get you fuller, Please let me know. I’m already skinny and DONT want to lose any weight. lol I just want to be fit 😀

  306. Gabriela Havlíčková says:

    Hello, I don’t know how does it works, but: I was very tired last five month, I couldn’t manage my duties. It was really terrible, during Christmas time, during Easter time…. I begun with beginners workout 2.0 last week and – AND I have plenty of energy for anything I need. Today I have a rest day, hah hah, my mother-in-law will come tomorow so I am cleaning house from top to toe and today it isn’t problem at all!!! Thanks a lot!

  307. Hanan says:

    hi cassey.. I’m hanan from Malaysia…I found about you early this year…you are my inspiration to achieve my goal to become healthy and fit. I’m currently training for 5k…so the question is how I’m goin to include this beginners calendar with my training… any advices?

  308. Yvette says:

    I just finished the beginners calendar and want to start April workouts. How do I get started? Is there a fee to continue on?

    1. khulud says:

      No, you just sign up with your email and you’ll get a password to unlock the calendar.

  309. Rachelle says:

    I just finished the old beginners calendar and I loved it! I’m really excited to start this new one. To anybody who is hesitant to start this calendar: I know you can do it! We can do it together, lets go!!!!!! <3

  310. Murena says:

    Hi everyone!

    I want to start my training tomorrow and it will be the first training in my life so keep your fingers crossed! 🙂
    I just have one problem: English is not my language and I have trouble with finding the meaning of a few words in my language. It means that sometimes I don’t understand what do I have to do 🙁 Especially when it comes to “Wake up and…”.
    Can somebody explain in simple words what are: plank, burpees, crunches, roll-ups, front kicks and calf raises, please?

    Thank you!

    1. Renata says:

      Hi…you can google all of those exercises

    2. Amanda Brito says:

      Hi, you can see what these words means and what you have to do seeing videos on Youtube. There are many videos that people teach how to do and you can understand even if your English is not good.

  311. Eynav says:

    Hey 🙂
    So I’m new here and I’m been trying for a while to get more tone and create a healthier lifestyle but every time I tried I quit after like a week… I just not motivated enough…. BUT this time I’m not gonna let myself give up!! Im gonna start this calendar next Sunday which is April 3, and that way I will be able to join the regular may calendar… WISH ME LUCK!
    And remember – it doesn’t matter how many times you fall, it matter how many times you get back up! ??

    1. shri says:

      hey. I am going to start this challenge on April 3rd too. Lets do it together and be each others motivation.
      All the very best. Looking forward to it. 🙂

    2. shri says:

      and can we be workout buddies?

      1. Eynav says:

        Yes! Let’s do it together! It will be awesome and we can motivated each other 🙂

  312. Lacey G says:

    I need something to kick me into gear again. It’s been WAY too long… I used to be in AWESOME shape and working full time, and a part time design job and school has just set me back. I want to feel good again and I’m going to challenge myself to complete this whole Month! I know after 3 weeks it will become natural again to have fitness in my life.

  313. Farah Alli Shaw says:

    I just moved to South Korea, and I’m just starting the beginners program. I do it every day, and it’s perfect for a boost after work. Love the new website layout!

  314. Yamila says:

    Hi I am interested in the 28 minute workout videos….. I would like to know how much they are and how do I get it in Mexico…


    1. Mariana says:

      Hi! I´m from Mexico too
      you can have the PIIT 28 programm in this very adress:

  315. Meaghan says:

    I just finish the Beginner 2.0 Calender! and I must say it feels great! to accomplish something, what takes 28 days is huge for me. All the other times I tried to do exercises, I quit in like 2 weeks but now I just did it! I’m happy… and relieved. Now I know I have some discipline to accomplish something. Thank you Cassy!
    Take Care

  316. Jess says:

    Hey guys! I’ve been trying to get fit for a bit but it is very difficult for me to find motivation so I decided to try this! I am 16 years old and from Pennsylvania. I hope to get a healthy lifestyle and lots of new friends from this experience!

  317. PIP says:

    Has anyone seen good extreme results from this?

  318. Rebecca says:

    euuuugh I missed day 11 workout today, so I’m gonna have to double up tomorrow…

  319. Jossie says:

    I just finished day one and I have to admit I found it very challenging. I decided to start my lifestyle change by adding a very low impact exercise to my day, and Pilates just seems like the logical exercise to start with. The leg circles are a killler though. I sure hope I get better at this. So happy to have found this website.

  320. Jenna says:

    Hi my name is Jenna and i am starting blogilates i am 15 and and are looking for motivational workout music recomendation??

  321. Meng Nara Tang says:

    i want to lose my weight till 48kg . now i’m 57kg and my height 165cm

  322. Malynn says:

    I am going to start doing Blogliates. I am 28 and I would like to get toned again, I miss having a flat stomach and I don’t want to have a huge butt and be fat like my relatives. I have been wanting to go vegetarian for awhile now (I don’t care for meat) so I’ll likely be on a version of the diet plan too. I am very petite 4’10 and I REALLY want to get into good habits now. Only problem is I will lose motivation quickly without someone to do workouts with. If anyone would like a workout buddy please don’t hesitate to contact me!! Let’s do this ladies!!

    1. Zozo says:

      Hey, do you want to be my workout buddy? My email is


      1. madeline says:

        I want a workout buddy too !!!

    2. Robin says:

      Hi! I would love to be workout buddies! My email is

  323. Aubrey says:

    Can you do a series that help new moms to get their shape back? I’ve tried everything to get the “poochy” belly to go away. I can feel my ab muscles getting tone and I’ve lost a lot of weight (I’m currently 112 lbs)…but that pooch with that little bit of fat remains, mocking me. So could you do like a “mommy make over” routine?

    1. Ray says:

      That would be awesome!

  324. Mindandsoul91 says:

    I am new to this, I am looking to gain weight and tone. Any tips??

  325. Jeborah Rose says:

    Hi! I’m new here. I’m trying this out today. I’ve been trying to lose weight for awhile now but my discipline isn’t exactly perfect so I stop and start all the time! I wish I’ll actually lose weight this time. It’ll be like my college graduation present to myself. Hahaha! Thank you for this!

    1. lana says:

      omg me too! i wish you heaps of luck!

  326. Cristina says:

    Oh God when she started do those circles with her legs, i tought that I would start crying. From this workout, I have to say that I love:
    1The mermaid move <3
    2.Her stamina. I mean all my life I've been told that i had way to much energy and now when i see her talking while doing such kiling moves.
    3. Her. Love you Casey! <3
    Finnaly I have a question. Is it okey if I do sometimes the workout in the night?
    And this message is for you guys:
    I know it hurst like hell, but think just a few months in future, heads will turn clothes will fit or even be too large, you will have to ask at hundreds of questions like ,,What the hell did you do with your bady?". Don't you dare guys start getiing lazy!

  327. matthew says:

    When are you making the November 2015 calendar

  328. matthew says:

    When are you making the November 2015 calendar?

  329. Maria says:

    I am new to Pilates and Just finished Day 1. Whoa!!!! I was amazed at how difficult it was to do small leg circles. I keep telling myself that we all have to start somewhere. Looking forward to holding myself accountable the next 4 weeks.

    1. steph says:

      Maria i’m EXACTLY the same !! I have some problems with my calf muscles and this hurt so bad 🙁 I’m telling myself it will get better as i get stronger ! we can do it ^_^

  330. Mariam says:

    Hey guys! I am a beginner to the core, i tried the November workout and it was way to intense. I always get motivation but its never consistent. I tried this calendar a while back and quit after the first week. This time i really want to accomplish this goal. Any tips?

    1. Krishna says:

      I did the exact same thing! Got through one week then lost all motivation. I think it helps to know others are also on the beginners calender too- it’s always so tempting to jump onto the monthly calenders straight away! Maybe working alongside someone else could help you get through it?

      1. Daniele says:

        Have little things to remind you of you workouts. Like have a jar where you have to insert marbles or whatever you want into it whenever you complete a daily workout, or have a to do list where you tick off your workouts. With school and other things going on, after the first week I lost track of when I had to workout which made me miss 4 days and loose motivation. As well, have your meals planned. Not for each day necessarily but have a list of food. Like an appetizer colon, desert, and main course. This helps when you don’t have all the ingredients to one meal or you don’t feel like eating one you can just pick another one. Eating right can be motivating because you wil feel healthier and more likely to work out. Yo go girl. Also, document your process. Take pictures in your workout gear or bikini of your full body . This can also really help so you can see your progress and feel even more motivated. Hope you got what I said up there. Really tired so it might affect the comrehension. Best ofluck ! 🙂

    2. NaNa says:

      If you need a strong motivation, just get yourself a big bowl of ice-cream and eat it naked in front of mirror. i know it’s kind of hardcore, but it will kick you on so much you will finish beginners cours and want to continue on imediately!

  331. Brenda says:

    Wow I’ve never seen anything like this! So nicely organized and eager to try this???????? glad to have someone to guide me into getting in shape, it’s like a personal trainer/coach!!! I’m definitely taking a before and after picture????????????????

  332. Roni says:

    I have had many issues with my weight. Entering high school i was 120 pounds, i was not that healthy… I would eat anything and everything in sight. Then it caught up to me… I gained 40 pounds in just under 5 months and it just keeps adding on… Now i am a sophomore in nursing school and it’s time I take my life back. I’m tired of feeling unhealthy and looking in the mirror and seeing a new fat role here and a fat roll there… I’m ready to do this my way with help from Blogilates and clean eating!

  333. katie says:

    Hey guys!
    So i start my first day tomorrow and I’m pretty nervous on how this will turn out. It’s hard to be consistent with things for me like eating right with good portions and staying on track with my workout schedule. But im very determined this time and i believe in myself that i can do it. During the beginner’s calendar i will also be doing 30 day challenges. I want ti be fit and healthy again, I’m going to prom May 2016 and i want to look extra good that day so hopefully i stick with the workouts and my new eating habits. Do you guys any suggestions or advice you can give me? if you do that would be great! 🙂

    1. Shayla says:

      Hi Katie ! , Looks like we are on the same boat , I have my formal next year early in April and I want to look good in my dress and be confident in my dress. Which means I am going to start being healthy and fit. My best tip I guess would be to drink 1 glass of water in the morning with a slice of lemon , it boosts your metabolism and really hydrates you and wakes you up in the morning. I do this every day and I feel less tired and more energetic, My other tip would be to give green tea a go , it has so many benefits and you can also add some honey for a little sweetness. These two are things that I swear by and I do myself , and drink LOTS OF WATER. I hope this helps and we can get through this journey together because I know we can do it !
      – Shay

    2. Cheyenne says:

      I have the same issues. I’ve had the most success actually exercising when I do Cassey’s videos. Yesterday I actually felt so good after the first one, I did another video, then I tried jogging a short distance! I really like how simple pilates can be, and that all I need is my new mat haha. I’m such a lazy person, but Cassey is one of the very very few workouts that I actually don’t dread doing. I hope together we can keep it up!

      As for the food, I have little to no willpower when it comes to disciplining myself to not eat too much or all the wrong things. I’m serious. It’s like gremlins control my appetite. Truly, the diet is the hardest part for me. I’ve been in high school track a few years and what I struggled with even then was matching my diet to my activity levels. I got toned and muscled and had great cardio, but it was all hiding under a layer of cushion. I did see my abs a bit junior year, but then senior year I thought I needed protein powder on top of what I was eating. BIG MISTAKE.

      What I’ve found works, at least more than nothing, in these situations, is trying to portion off the food I want to eat before I start eating it. Pour it into a small bowl or a baggie instead of eating right out of the dispenser. Anything to keep me from feeling stuffed!

      Good luck, Katie! I really know we can both make it! I want my boyfriend to be proud, and you want to look great on prom night! Let’s do this!


  334. ela says:

    First day done. Wish me luck. 🙂

    I decided to combine this calendar with 30 days of yoga from youtube channel Yoga with Adriene and I am really liking this combination.

  335. Shayla Hiu says:

    Might try this, as I am trying to tone up for the summer and my formal which is coming soon , my goal would be to feel confident in myself by the end of my fitness journey , and Hi !!! from Australia everyone

  336. Claudia says:

    Just finished beginners calender this past weekend, the results are amazing if you combine it with clean eating. Just started the regular calender and if it wasn’t because of the “prep” from this calendar, I would have died. If you feel the first week easy, wait for the 4th one!! they are killer WOs! good luck to everyone =)

    1. saritza says:

      Hi Claudia!. How you doing so far?. I just start her beginner calendar today .Can you keep your progress post please?. Wish you a great results.

  337. Leah says:

    I just started to exercise at the beginning of the month. I don’t need to lose weight, but I do want to tone up. My thinking is that I want to be a sexy spook for Halloween, then there is the holidays 🙂 before I know it it’s going to be summer
    Anyway, it’s the breathing. I get all mixed up when to inhale and exhale. And does is make a difference if you mix it up?

    1. Cheyenne says:


      The breathing matters most when you are engaging your core. If your abs or back is flexing, you should be exhaling. Cassey said in one video that whenever it’s the hardest to exhale, do it.

      Here’s an example. If I am doing a set where my legs are straight up in the air and I lower them then return to base, going down is harder for me, because I move slowly to really feel the burn.

      It may be different for you, but just do a couple of the set first to see where you should exhale, then follow that pattern the rest of the set. If you find you need to change your breathing pattern, that’s great! That means you are learning what your body is really saying to you. Keep it up, sexy spook!


  338. Jyotsna says:

    Hey. Guys. On my second day. Feeling great! You’ll can message me on for being my fitness partner and also motivating and sharing tips with each other. Stay fit. ????

    1. USA Events says:

      I agree and I would love one for 2016, i am in school and i would like the 20116 one to continue into the second half of the school year.

      May month of 2016 Calendar

      June month of 2016 Calendar

      July month of 2016 Calendar

  339. Sophie says:

    Hi Cassey ^_^ I want to ask you about an important thing, I did the beginner’s calendar then, I started following the october one , and then I had a surgery , so my doctor told me that I have to stop sport until I get better …Can I start a new monthly calendar or I have to back to the beginners calendar ? I’m really worried , please answer me … Thanks beauty <3

    1. Cheyenne says:


      If you had any kind of surgery where your doctor recommends you stop exercising, I would suggest you stop any routines that involve the area surgered on. If you have to avoid that as well, I would go for long walks in the meantime and be sure to eat less to balance your reduced activity levels. Drink lots of water to help your body fight infections and possibly take a zinc supplement. Zinc helps your body heal by giving it one of the most important minerals new tissue needs to fill in injured areas. If you are allergic to zinc, be sure you are taking a proven multivitamin each day to fill in any gaps your diet may miss.

      As for starting again after your doctor gives you the all clear, I would start in the beginners calendar again and feel it out so you know where you fit on it. It you need to start in week one, you’ll know. If you find that too easy and aren’t feeling a burn, then move on immediately and get up to speed with where it’s difficult for you, but won’t harm your new tissue, so don’t start off as tough as you CAN go, but as tough as you SHOULD go. I hope I helped clear some of this up for you!

      I am not a doctor.

      1. Sophie says:

        Thank you so much Cheyenne , actually while I was reading these tips , I thought that you are a doctor , I really appreciate this ^^ , because I was really worried and I didn’t know what to do , actually I drink a lot of water ,but I didn’t follow a diet after the surgery :/ , also , when I stopped my workout , my legs were so tired because in the period of surgery I stayed in my bed for a week , so I was like an old machine , I had to move slowly to not hurt my muscles , I succeeded and I did some legs exercises + arms & abs workout 😀 , .. I felt that my body is back from where I started my first day of workout 🙁 , so I will start a beginner calendar like you said and I will never stop working …one day I want to honestly say ” I made it ” 😀 …
        Thank you again for everything <3

        1. Janine says:

          I had a brain surgery a year ago and I had to stop exercising. Take your time to feel better and advise your doctor. I started working out 11 months after my operation. It feels great to be back . Good luck

  340. Anabelle says:

    Hey there!

    I just finished the second day of this calendar, and I’m really excited, ’cause I know that it’s gonna be awesome, and that the results are going to be spectacular!
    I am willing to lose weight, be healthier and stronger!

  341. Elisa says:

    I just started this today and I have a short question!
    I have a slight hyperlordose (? I just put this word into the translator, it’s when your spine has a stronger curve than normal so you naturally stick your belly and butt out when standing) and have problems keeping my lower back on the ground. Also, I have problems doing the roll ups, especially when rolling down, at one point I just “fall” back. Is it normal or is it because of the shape of my spine? If it’s the second, what can I do?

    Thank you so much for the excercises! It’s a fun way to replace the gym 🙂

    Good luck to everyone!

    1. Sarah says:

      Hey there,

      I have the exact same issue and having difficulties rolling up is normal – it does not neccessarily have anything to do with your spines shape, but with it’s length and your abs. It is really hard so keep practicing! You can try to balance out the lower back in the air by folding your hands in a triangle shape and placing them under the top of your buttcheeks when you do leglifts, for example. It will balance out the misshaping and press down your lower back. In addition, I reccommend you do some exercises which help strenghthening your back muscles and loads of stretching. The shape of your spine may be improved by seeing a professional physiotherapist, so you might wanna try that out.

      Good luck!

  342. Lorrie01 says:

    Are we suppose to do all the excercises listed for that day or do we just do one or two videos for that day. Any suggestions would greatly appreciated.

  343. Amy says:

    Hello! Amy here! Anyone wants to be my fitness buddy? You can msg me here!!>>! Thank u! 🙂

  344. Josie says:

    Hey, I was wonder what kind of meals plan should I BE following during the beginners calendar. I trying to change my eating habits. Thanks

  345. notreallyici says:

    I have a minor question. I’ve been doing the calendar, but I’ve been really bad at doing the planned calendar, meaning that I forget to do the exercises some days. It’s been almost 1.5 weeks since I have started but I’m still on day 6. Would anyone suggest I start over? I don’t know if I’ll get the right results if I skip so many days in between.

    *I have been busy lately, but please don’t suggest that I wait until my time frees up. I just want to know if I should start over from day 1.

    1. Michelle says:

      Well I have tried the beginners calender but could not stick to it since I couldn’t work out every day. I started it over about 3 times and hardly got past week 2. So I decided to work out when I can, following the calender, aiming for at least 4 times a week, and instead of a month it took me about a month and a half to complete, AND I saw results after about a month! So I would suggest restarting with the mindset that you will not be able to exercise every day, and that even though the calender is a month’s workouts it will take you a bit longer. 🙂

      1. notreallyici says:

        that’s actually a genius idea! It’s so much more realistic for me and I never thought about it in that way, thank you!

  346. Rose says:

    Hi everyone! i keep seeing all of these questions being asked about this and i thought maybe i could share my opinion on this. I have already done the full 30 days and i did actually loose weight will getting toned. i have actually just started my second time doing this and I’m really excited! The first time I did this, I really wasn’t sure if it would work but it really helped. I am a vegetarian so that might have something to do with me loosing weight but I’m really not sure. Good Luck and may my wishes and prayers come your way.

  347. Audy says:

    Hey everyone.

    First thank you Cassey for those great calendars and for the great explanation and your smile.
    I just started today so i m kinda really new in all that pilates stuff. As i have lots of weight to lose
    it will take times but hey we have to start somewhere anyway.

    I was wondering if some girls around (whose are starting or did this calendar and 30 days challenge)
    would be intesrested to exchange and cheer up all together?
    Let me know 🙂

    Take care and keep on working girls WE CAN DO IT 😀

  348. Lauren says:

    Can you do this while your pregnant?
    I’m 12 weeks along and would like to stay healthy through my pregnancy:)

    1. Brianna says:

      I am unsure about these workouts, you can always ask your obgyn and show them the videos. Sorry I know it doesn’t answer your question, but it’s best to be safe. Also congratulations on your pregnancy! ????

      1. Lauren says:

        Thank you 🙂

  349. alyssa says:

    just did day one! maybe someone would like to be my buddy and we can message each other and give each other tips and motivation? if so email me im really excited to do this! but those leg circles are going to be the death of me

  350. Audy says:

    Hey everyone.

    First thank you Cassey for those great calendars and for the great explanation and your smile.
    I just started today so i m kinda really new in all that pilates stuff. As i have lots of weight to lose
    it will take times but hey we have to start somewhere anyway.

    I was wondering if some girls around (whose are starting or did this calendar and 30 days challenge)
    would be intesrested to exchange and cheer up all together?
    Let me know 🙂

    Take care and keep on working girls WE CAN DO IT 😀

  351. jojo says:

    do you see a change in your body

    1. Akmy says:

      yes, i just finished this calendar 2 days ago…i started eating clean like 1 week into the calendar…and at the end of this calendar i actually managed to fit in my old dress~

  352. jojo says:

    Hey everyone i am starting the beginners workout and i just wanted to ask anyone who tried it or finished do you see difference or not

    1. Amethyste says:

      Hello jojo!

      Yay on your committing to the Blogilates fitness community! It’s tons of fun here and we’re all super supportive, energetic, and hard working 😉
      I followed this Beginner’s calendar back in End of April/May 2015 and I noticed a HUGE change in my body. I weighed 145 lbs at 5 ft. 6 (so a normal range, at about the 85th percentile), and after following this calendar plus eating healthy for the month, I lost 10 lbs doing the beginner’s calendar ALONE. It works super well, trust me!! Just keep at it and remember, 80% of losing weight is your diet too, so eat clean and follow the workouts and you WILL see results!

  353. sherin says:

    Hey guys.!!
    Am planning on starting the beginners calendar tomorrow..what i wanted to know was if i should do cardio along with the other workouts in the calendar or if the calendar is sufficient for weight loss

  354. Matty says:

    Hi, I’m overweight. So, Can I do these exercises? because I have heard that I have to do cardio and after losing weight exercising.

    It´s true.

    1. JoAnn says:

      Hey Matty!
      first off: overweight and even obese people can do ANY exercises. if you haven’t seen the “fat-yogi” stuff going around you should totally look it up! all bodies can do incredible things with practice and commitment. sometimes getting started you have to make beginner adjustments (which cassey always gives) and if you have to take breaks during vidoes, that’s fine! any movement is good movement! and honestly, cassey incorporates cardio into these! take it slow, and if you want to start over, because the progression through the calendar feels to overwhelming that’s fine! We all start somewhere! 🙂

  355. sipi says:

    I’m only 14 years old and i am embarrassed to tell my family i want to do this. any tips? what did u guys do?

    1. Sal says:

      I’m 14 too and absolutely love blogilates I don’t think you should be embarrassed about doing it this is for you and your life choice

    2. Emi says:

      I know it can be embarrassed. Just tell them calmly that you want to start working out and you want to be healthier – it’s not a bad thing. I don’t think your parents will be against that. Good luck xx

    3. Janell says:

      Hi I am 15 and I was very embarrassed to tell anyone at first, but I ended up telling my mom and she was very proud of me. She has been very encouraging and helpful through this whole process. Your parents should be proud that you want a healthier life style. I am proud of you and I hope your family is also. Good luck and God bless you!!

    4. Elsie Beth says:


      I understand that it can be awkward, but you can do it! Another fun thing might be to ask a friend if they want to join the challenge with you.

      Best of luck! <3

    5. Jewel says:

      Yeah, don’t be embarrassed. You should go for it!! I’m sure they’ll support you! I was embarrassed too but did it. If your embarrassed about doing the movements in front of them do it in your room. Believe me you’ll be in love with blogilates

  356. samira says:

    Do I lose belly fat? Do I get toned with this calendar?

    1. Jennifer says:

      Hey Samira.

      Fat loss is predominantly achieved through our diets. Exercise helps to tone and burn body fat, but you’ll achieve fat greater results if you exercise and ensure you’re not over eating and eating the correct ration or protein, fat and carbs xxx

  357. Sage says:

    I started yesterday and I’m so excited to get healthy by working out and trying all the new recipes. I was just wondering if it’s okay the switch day 13 and 14 because on the 13 I will be at a concert(at a place about 3hours from were I live) and the staying at a friend’s when we get back. I will not be able to watch the videos because I don’t have a smart phone and my friends internet gets turned off at night.

  358. Moghu says:

    I was so excited of my 4th day! but that day of the month ca