My 2018 so far

Hey guys!

I finally just found a moment to breathe. So that means I get to blog! It’s been a really intense start to 2018. And yes…I know that Jan 1 was like 7 weeks ago, but feel like I hit the ground sprinting and then never stopped to take a break until literally today.

So…what do we need to catch up on? Ahh yes, let’s actually start in December real quick because that’s when things started getting super crazy!


So in December was when we filmed The Perfect Storm: The Evolution of POP Pilates. It took months of planning, producing, casting, storyboarding, choreographing – I mean the whole shebang. This was the biggest production I’ve ever spearheaded out of my own pocket and I am really proud of how it came out.

For 2 years I wanted to create a video that would show you guys what POP Pilates truly meant to me…how it’s changed the way I see the world and how I view fitness.

One of the main elements of the video is of course…the song! Did you know that it was written for POP Pilates? For a while I was looking for someone to help me write and produce a song about breaking boundaries and not being afraid.

Our good friends and music masterminds Sam Tsui and Casey Breves offered to create this special song for us after we had one of our first dinners together. I was so star struck at the moment that I didn’t believe what they were actually going to do it. But lo and behold, 3 days later I get an email from Sam with the song attached. I was like…WHAT. IS. LIFE!

That was about 2 years ago. And it wasn’t until this past December that we were finally able to finalize the vision and make it happen!

I am so happy with the way the music video turned out! I hope you FEEL everything I am feeling throughout the story. I once felt like fitness was a black & white scary world but then realized that if you’re not afraid to be different and break rules, your potential is totally in your hands. POP Pilates is magical to me and I’m so thankful for each and every one of you who continue to do it every day!


This was long overdue but the engagement dinner finally happened! It was small and intimate with members from both sides of the families getting to know each other better.

Also update on the wedding venue…we just signed the contract for our venue!! It’s happening!!! AHHH!!! The wedding will be this coming October. OMG it’s time to GO HARD with the planning! I will keep you posted on everything!


On Jan 16th, I turned 1 year older! And for that I will give you 1 bit of wisdom.

Stand up for yourself. I know it sounds simple, but I used to be the type of person who would sacrifice myself so that I could avoid confrontation. Sometimes that’s fine for the small battles, but for the big ones, you’ve got to let people know how you feel or else the problem will persist. If you’re not willing to speak up and face the problem head on, then you’ve got to walk away confidently and leave it all behind and out of your life for good.


We’re coming out with a new collection soon! YES! Remember those colors you guys were voting between on @popflex_active?

Well the votes were so intense on both sides that we decided to do…BOTH COLORS! Yup 🙂

So you’re probably wondering when we’re releasing right? All I can say is that our photoshoot is early March, so hopefully by early Spring!


We went to Cabo for Sam‘s birthday and had some random adventures! It was my first time in Mexico! I had so many tacos and so many chips with salsa – it was insane.

I just asked Sam for a piece of wisdom that he would like to share with you guys and he says, “Take the chances you get because you only get one life.”


Right when I got back from Cabo I flew back to NYC because I was invited to be on the Today Show! I got to meet Kathie Lee and Hoda and also instruct a bunch of people on how to do some of my fave PIIT28 moves!

It was such a cool opportunity! Oh yeah, and that shirt I’m wearing? That’s a part of the new collection! Sneak peek!


Yup guys. IT HAPPENED!!!! Sam and I got a PUPPY!!!! WHAT!!!!! You guys I cannot even believe it right now. I’ve wanted this for so long and I never ever thought it was going to happen. But when I saw his deep black boba eyes and felt his soft mochi pad paws, I knew he was the one.

Meet Sir George the Magnificent! He is a pomapoo!

I never thought I could love a creature this much but I feel like I’ve unlocked another level of love – something I didn’t even know existed. It’s so weird because I hate everything poo related, but I find myself not being too bothered when I wipe dingleberries off his butt or pick up his poo. Maternal instincts I guess?

I can’t wait to share with you my journey as a puppy parent! If you want to follow along, check our Sir George’s Instagram at @sirgeorgethemagnificent.

Alright guys, that’s enough updates for now! Question for you – do you like informational blog posts or more personal ones? I want to get back to blogging more and would love to know the type of content you really want to read!

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  1. Rita says:

    Thanks for your energy, all you do! You inspired me to get into shape ( without hitting the gym ) !!! At that moment 8 years ago , on twitter… somehow ….found Blogilates… learned Pilates… and since then your big fan! You are the best!!!!!!!! All the warmest wishes!!!

  2. Shawna Martin(The Butterfly) says:

    Hi,my name is Shawna Martin (The Butterfly),I am inspired and impressed, because we have a fitness journey story that complient each other in the way I too, have to believe in myself and what I know I was called to do even if others reject me or think that it is crazy Thanks, Pop Pilates and it’s instructor are popping 🤗!

  3. Shawna Martin(The Butterfly) says:

    I am inspired and impress with your book” Hot Body Year Round”. Our journey in fitness have the same Melody of believing in yourself and trusting what you were meant to do even when everyone else think it is crazy or non- traditional. Thanks, Casey🤗!

  4. Charlie says:

    Are those icecreams available in the UK? Because they look amazing, but I fear I won’t be able to get them 🙁

  5. Roch says:

    Casey, if you read this I LOVE YOU SO MUCH YOU ROCK. I have some ideas.. first of all a lot of young people look up to you. Can you start youth popflexactive wear? Everyone loves he clothes – but some can’t fit!

    Also, can you show your puppy in a workout video. That would be awesome.

  6. Lydia says:

    Cassey, you have glowing skin, shapely hands and nails, small feet, stylish hair, a biology degree, superb social skills and business sense…Thank you for motivating all of us and revealing that even a strong woman can be vulnerable and need a reminder now and then..

  7. Brooke says:

    I love how you’re always so open when sharing your past experiences and the struggles you have overcome. It makes you a stronger person and I envy that. Also, I have never heard of that brand before but I’m glad I know about it now.

  8. Sarah says:

    I love cookies and cream. I could just taste the Oreo flavor in my mouth… it’s salivating.

  9. Alex says:

    These flavors sound so good!

  10. Steph C says:

    I would love to try Smores! Remind me of the summer 🙂

  11. Valerie says:

    Cookies and Cream!!

  12. Mariela R says:

    Cookies and cream sounds delicious

  13. cdesisto says:

    wow french toast or smores sounds amazing! I have never tried this brand before but ice cream is my favorite treat!

  14. PowerKing says:

    Or fudge brownie AND chocolate chip cookie dough? Yes, please!

  15. Eleanor says:

    I´m so glad that I read that! I had just the same problem/experience. I still go to school and all the girls in my class are soo skinny and they could eat whatever they want without gaining anything. (They complain all the time about being fat and having to lose a lot of weight.) When we went to a health check, they had to weigh us and I was the only one to weigh 60 kilos (the heaviest of the skinny girls was 45 kilos). I weighed 60 KILOS. Yes, I have been slightly chubby all my life but then was the time I started counting myself as FAT. I started trying to lose weight, which worked at the beginning, but as I reached 8th grade I got depression and started to binge eat. Very very badly, like 3 Twixes and Snickers bars+ 1 mega bag of chips+ 2 packages of candy A DAY or even AN EVENING. I am deeply impressed of the actions of my pancreas and that I didn´t get diabetes. Soo, I gained weight and in the end of the year I was weighing about 70-72 kilos. When the spring came, I knew I needed a change and I started a quite strict diet. I cut out wheat, sugar and processed foods. Didn´t eat any of them for a week but then I binged. At that point my binge-restrict-binge cycle had began. Yes, I still did lose a bit weight at the beginning because I didn´t binge that bad, but still. During the summer I weighed about 67-68 kilos and in the evenings I enjoyed running/jogging (one of the best dicoveries in sports this far) with my dog. But when I got to be home alone I would binge a whole lot of bread, butter, muesli/granola, youghurt etc. The summer ended and it was time to go back to school. The most stressful place for me to be. I started binging, not even that much on unhealthy foods but on fruit, bread (still), greek yoghurt, nuts etc. I started gaining weight until I was back at 72 kilos. Felt worse than ever. Couldn´t go running or do sports eiter. Depression showed up more and I decided to restrict my diet. This time even more… No gluten, no wheat, no bread, no dairy, no sugar, no rice, no foods that have more than 100 kcal 100g. I could hold myself on the track for about 2 weeks, then I binged. Then I cut down the portions even more. I didn´t lose any weight and then my mom started to force me to eat. I got even more depressed from that and gained weight even more. The winter started to arrive and I decided to give up any diet and eat whatever I want. In the beginning I binged, but with time it started to fade away. I had reached my higest weight 80 kilos. I started to think of eating as nourishing my body and doing it with tought. I started to listen to myself, when was I actually hungry? I started to drink more water and eat a balanced diet, packed with veggies. Do I binge? Yes, sometimes I do, but I dont call it that way anymore, as it was a bad disease. I call it simply a big meal. And that is OKAY! Right now I have lost about 4 kilos since beginning of this year and I´m feeling absloutely fantastic! I watch Casseys videos and read her inspirational blog, which inspires me a lot. I really want to thank you, Cassey (and your team), for being there and inspiring us every day! THANK YOU! <3 <3 <3

    1. mia says:

      girllll!!! im facing the same problem too! youre such an inspiration! i havent been out of the unhealthy habit yet but you inspired me too. thank you thank you thank you SO MUCH. much love to you <3

  16. Rochelle Gomez says:

    Oh, you must come back (Yo)
    You must come back (Yo)
    You must come back home
    (jibe dolawa)
    Bangtan sonyeondan!!!!

  17. Yuneidy says:

    Cookies and cream. Like Cookie Monster would say, me like cookies.

  18. jadyn says:

    i like informational blogs better

  19. Jadyn says:

    movie night

  20. Kiki says:

    I would love to try the movie night flavor!!

  21. Kiki says:

    I would love to try the movie night flavor!

  22. Naddadi says:


  23. Mona Lisa says:

    French Toast sounds yummy!

  24. Helen says:

    When i scroll up the article is I feel fake. IDK why. ICE CREAM!!!!

  25. Helen says:

    Ice cream is the best ever!!!!!!

  26. Helen says:

    AHHHHHHHH I love ice cream sooo much!!!!!! cookies and cream or smores

  27. Helen says:


  28. Helen says:

    OMG trying enter a lot because I adore ice cream. cookies and cream

  29. Helen says:

    COOKIES AND CREAM!!!!!! or smores;)

  30. Helen says:

    Cookies and cream!!!!!!

  31. Helen says:

    OMG!! Ice cream is the best I’ve been craving it for a whlie!

  32. Emma says:

    I really would like to try the movie night one because it intrigues me.

  33. Emma says:

    All of these sound so amazing

  34. Dheera says:

    Bring on the icecream

  35. Rochelle Gomez says:

    I don’t have a website 😅😞

  36. Rochelle Gomez says:

    If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all , my mom always tells me

  37. Rochelle Gomez says:

    Ice cream is lifeu. 🍦🍨

  38. Lauren says:

    Yum! S’mores looks delicious!

  39. Sam says:

    Do you realize that dairy ice cream takes newborn calves away from their mothers so we can have the breast milk? I only stick with dairy free ice cream

  40. Victoria says:

    The flavor I would like to try most is S’mores!

  41. Husna says:

    Ice cream is my favorite dessert! I want to try Movie Night!

  42. Juana Cabrera says:

    Cookies and Cream yes!!!!!

  43. This post literally is the most relatable thing I’ve heard in a long time. I always treat food like an enemy, but hearing that you’ve gone through the exact same thing gives me hope for myself! Thank you so much for inspiring me!💙

  44. Gabriela says:

    Glazed donut!

  45. Salina says:

    I would love to try the glazed donut flavored ice cream! 🙂

  46. Olivia says:

    Also glazed donut and french toast look good, too!

  47. Olivia says:

    The cookies and cream one looks sooo good!

  48. Melanie says:

    Healthy ice cream that actually tastes good? Um, yes!! S’mores all the way!

  49. A.J says:

    I honestly want to try them all. But I’d really like to try French Toast, Glazed Donuts, and S’mores (as long as its vegetarian, gluten free). Btw I really love your personal posts. They are extremely relatable and I’m positive it makes a lot of us popsters feel better about the things that make us human.

  50. Anna says:

    Cookies & cream

  51. Gabby says:

    Those all sound delicious! Movie Night and French Toast look fun. I too struggled with food guilt to the point of total unhappiness. It’s so consuming, but I’m a healthier and happier person after having done the 28 day reset 🙂

  52. Annie Jiang says:

    French Toast all the way!

  53. Grace Streich says:

    I want the free ice cream I love ice cream so much.

  54. Rita says:

    I love both, but I really like your personal posts when you talk about things that may not be in your videos. Cheers <3

  55. Holly Esposito says:

    I love your personal blogs!!! I’m getting married in October too! I’m so excited to be planning together! I can’t wait for the bridal bootcamp series!

  56. Esther Thiessen says:

    Hi Cassey! I like both as well! Although I do like the personal ones!! I find I get to know you better in those ones!! But informational ones are great because they can be inspirational! Definitely in agreement with post below…protect yourself and share within your boundaries!

  57. Yazzle says:

    I like both, informational ones and personal blog posts. You are a continous source of inspiration and I sometimes have been checking your instagram, just to get inspired. So I really appreciate blog posts and videos in which you share a little from your daily and professional live. Just please be sure to do it only within your personal boundaries and take care of yourself and Sam and now also Sir George. <3

  58. KeerthiArjun says:

    Both informational as well as personal blog posts do well because we know that an information given by you is something you believe in too. So since you’re our inspiration we would love to hear them both.
    Seriously Cassey , you have made a big difference in my life so far. Its been just about a month since I started blogilates and I can see the results already. I’m a new mother of a 4 month old. Had gained alot of weight and had quiet a painful pregnancy . Later on worsened with my emergency c-section .I was so upset with my body and the pain that I had to go through. Ofcourse I have a beautiful lil son for which I can’t be thankful enough to God. But pain is just there . Somehow I’m seeing results cause of you. Mentally as well as physically. So thank you for what you truly are. You’re doing great and its very rare that we see people like you, for the things that u do, believe by , and are .
    All the best with your future.loove <3.

  59. It so nice to hear a little update about your life! Something like this is perfect. It’s just enough without being too intrusive i think. And dogs bring out all kinds of love in us. We definitely do not deserve them!

  60. Anja says:

    Congratulations with cute little George <3 …. blogging wise I would say follow your instinct, that always knows best….

  61. I love posts on what you’ve been up to!
    Cassey, I would LOOOVE to see a YouTube workout/tutorial on the dance in your video! It would be so fun to learn!
    <3 Brooklyn |

  62. Personal ones please. There is more connection and you are awesome at it! 🙂

  63. Ashley Ngow says:

    i like personal blog posts more 🙂

  64. Julia says:

    George is THE CUTEST!! I love reading your blogs! You have such a busy life, I mean, I have three jobs, work, work and teach children, but you show me with every blog or video that I’m strong! That I can do it! I see you as my friend Cassey! Thanks for being that friend! Lots of Love to you, your man and George!

  65. Jaycelle says:

    Congratulations for your new baby dog! Excited to hear more about your wedding preparations. <3

  66. Jeanna says:

    OMG that is just the sweetest little puppy ever!!!!!!!

    I also love your new green top on the Today show.

  67. AnnDroidGirl says:

    I love all your blog posts, but these are my favorites. I love to read about your life. I post about my life on my blog but it’s no where near as interesting! :p

  68. Coco says:

    Wow, and then I think of my 2018! Glad you’re doing well! I like how you didn’t wait for the end of the year to recap everything!

  69. denisefn says:

    omg, so many updates! I am so happy for you, Cassey! it’s amazing, I’ve been following you since 2013, and I feel like we have come a long way since then… I was able to get into fitness because of you, when I never thought that was possible, since I’ve always felt like I didn’t belong… And now, I workout everyday with you, and I am so happy! And you have a puppy and are engaged and happy! OMG congrats to both of us! I hope you get many blessing in your life and keep on inspiring us with your sparkly personality! Much love from Brazil, Denise

  70. Sarah Gaddes says:

    Your pop pilates looks so much fun! This past year I damaged the cartilage in my knees, so I’ve been looking for different ways of staying fit without causing additional damage to my joints. I may try this…thanks for sharing!

    Oh. And Sir George the Magnificant is too stinkin cute.

    Sarah Gaddes

  71. Aurelia says:

    I’m so happy that everything goes well for you! You deserve it! And finally a Puppy!!!! He has a heart shaped nose, so cute!!! And I love the name, so extra, so you! I ask my mom more than 5years til I got one (she is 5 now already) and there are still moments where I’m thinking: “I still can’t believe I have a dog!”
    My 2018 got pretty worst last weekend… one of my cats died… she was sick and 17years old… but still I feel like there`s a piece missing in my heart… she died in my arms… and I hold her for 2 more hours, because I didn’t want to say goodbye… the night after I threw up twice, because my body wasn’t able to handle my mental pain… I was there when she was born… she was part of most of my life… I can`t remember the time before her and her brother… I love her so much… and I miss her even more… but I know it was time… she is at a better place now… it’s ok…
    Be greatful for everyday you have with your loved once, and make good memories! That’s all that counts!

    1. blogilates says:

      Oh yeah he does have a heart shaped nose huh!

      I am so sorry to hear about your cat. That is so sad. I am terrified for the day when Sir George may leave me.

  72. popster_nina97 says:

    I looove updates about your personal life! I really appreciate informational posts too but the personal ones feel like catching up with a friend and it always makes me so happy to hear about your successes! 🙂 Really looking forward to more blog posts!!

    1. blogilates says:

      Yea I need to keep doing them!

  73. I love and appreciate both types of blog posts, especially ones about your Life! I saw on Instagram that you and him adopted a beautiful doggy and my heart filled with you. I’m so happy for you. First the let and then a baby, right?! Haha no pressure.

    As for the wedding–will there be a wedding workout series or? And since it’s in October will you celebrate Halloween or infuse the two?

    I admire you to no end, and it grows every time you write a blog post. I check your blog daily hoping to see something!

    I’m wondering how youre keeping up with your own fitness and healthy eating all the while this is all happening? Between stress levels and sleeping and fights and social life–must be a lot and I can’t imagine fitness being the 1 top priority on your plate 24/7. How did you make peace with that?

    1. blogilates says:

      Oh yeah this deserves its own post.

  74. Brian says:

    I like the recipes you do. Hope you will be doing more of them on YouTube.

  75. Taylor says:

    I love your blog posts! I’m gettin married in October as well! It’s fun seeing all of your adventures of 2018 so far 😊

  76. Lora says:

    I love your personal blogs. It’s fun to see where you’ve been and what adventures you’ve had!

  77. Andrea Imre says:

    I also love reading your posts. They bring joy to my day. I like your videos, I’m doing the 28 day reset challenge this month and I work out every day (using the monthly calendars).
    I can’t wait for the new popflex stuff <3 I ordered a few items 2 months ago and I absolutely love them. I showed them to my BFF and she is also crazy about popflex, so we'll order soon again.

    Keep doing what you're doing. You are amazing, a role model.

    1. blogilates says:

      Aww yay thank you!!!

  78. Natalia says:

    Honestly, I love both ways of posting. I really like the way you talk with us, so I think it would be great if you could do 50/50, some informational and some personal posts.

  79. Sigrid says:

    Well, I would like both but more personal now with the new puppy and wedding coming up would be amazing! I can honestly say that I already look forward to seeing everything that you choose to share with the audience! What a great 2018 you´re going to have!

  80. Renee says:

    Why can’t you do both? I love all the nutritional info you gave in your food videos and would like to see some blogs about that. But I also love how personable you are by sharing tidbits of your life 🙂

  81. Uni says:

    I love them both. Your personal blogs make me feel good about myself and your informational blogs provide me with more information and knowledge about a particular aspect.

  82. Ruth says:

    So many wonderful things are happening with you, Cassey! I’m super excited about the Popflex wear (I saw the shirt and I couldn’t stop squealing about how absolutely cute it was!), but, most of all, I just about died with your new addition. Sir George is so adorable and I am happy that you were finally able to adopt him. 🙂 May good things continue to happen for you this year and on!

  83. Lynn says:

    Personal blog posts are amazing! I enjoy reading them a lot and I feel more connected with you! ☺️💖

    1. Me too!I’d also like to see more vlogs 🙂