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My latest project can now be revealed…THE CLEAN SPONGE!

April 1, 2014

My latest project can now be revealed…THE CLEAN SPONGE!

Hey guys,

Since I started Blogilates, I’ve always wanted to invent something that could help weight loss be easier for people. Well guys, I am SO PROUD to tell you that the patent I’ve been working on since I graduated with an Honors Degree in Biology from Whittier College has finally been approved by the US Patent Office!

I am crying tears now. Guys, this is a game changer. If you’ve always thought that the only way to lose weight was to eat clean and exercise, psh, well, I’m sorry I put you through all those “100 Burpee Burnouts” and “Bikini Blasters”. It was just to buy me time until this patent got approved.

But now I can tell you the truth.

The truth is…I’ve been hiding something from you.

This whole time I’ve been instagramming pics of healthy lettuce wraps and vegan bowls when in truth, all I’ve been eating is fried ice cream, In N Out burgers, Chinese takeout, and whatever the heck I please with no regrets, no consequences, while exuding the epitome of health.

in n out

I know. This invention goes against everything I’ve ever preached. But that’s because The Clean Sponge defies the laws of Physics, Biology, Chemistry and all the rules of the entire Universe and Galaxy.

ad clean sponge tasty

Listen up guys. You can eat whatever you want, however much you want, regardless of how much fat, carbs, sugars or calories your food has and LOOK GREAT, FEEL GREAT, and perform at your optimal capacity.

So stop shopping at Whole Foods and protect your bank account! Just head to the local fast food chain, order up a combo and save yourself some time and money.

With my new invention, The Clean Sponge, you’ll be able to keep eating, keep sitting, do nothing, and LOSE WEIGHT. It’s perfect for beginner dieters all the way to advanced dieters!

Look at my friend Pierre’s Transformation!!


With The Clean Sponge, he lost 318 lbs in just 10 days! It’s incredible. He’s practically glowing!

ad pierre date

Because Pierre had such an incredible experience with The Clean Sponge, he’s offered to take the first 1000 ladies (or gents) who buy the clean sponge on a date to your favorite fast food restaurant where he can personally show you how he uses his sponge. Act fast and get The Clean Sponge now. This offer won’t last long.

ad get lean

How do you use The Clean Sponge? Easy. It takes just 3 wipes to get lean.

1 wipe takes away the fat

2 wipes takes away the carbs

3 wipes takes away the calories

It’s too easy. You can adjust the sponge to how lean you want to get based on your goals. I sincerely apologize for not being able to share The Clean Sponge with you these past 4 years, but now it’s out and I want you to try it!!

Call 1-865-551-WIPE now! Operators are standing by. If you experience a wait, do not worry. Keep holding! We will help you as soon as we can! We are simply helping other customers as the demand for The Clean Sponge is extreme. I promise that we will be with you shortly.

If you can’t get a hold of us on the phone, then head over to to buy it now!! Remember, first 1000 customers get a date with Pierre, so don’t hesitate. Just buy NOW! You won’t regret it.

Because what’s better than eating mountains of pizza, having a six pack, and lying on the couch all day??



So let’s make your dreams come true. Every day can now be a YOLO Day.

Call 1-865-551-WIPE or visit

124 thoughts on “My latest project can now be revealed…THE CLEAN SPONGE!”

There are 124 comments posted by our users.

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  1. James W says:

    Ha ha, this looks great. Does it come with a 30-day money back guarantee in case it doesn’t work? 🙂

  2. Tricia says:

    “fetalcakes” haha

  3. Ba h ha ha! I love that you created a website for this sponge too 😉

  4. Laura says:

    When I first got the email I thought, “Has Cassey been lying the whole time to us?” I didn’t even put two and two together that it was an April Fools joke. Also, I didn’t even pay attention to the date and at the time and I didn’t have internet so I was completely lost. Then, I got home and checked it out and was like, “Wow, how did I miss that!”

  5. Danny says:

    Hahaha that was a classic post!! I loved it. 🙂

  6. Marqi says:

    This is the best thing I have EVER seen. 🙂

  7. Julia says:

    I was literally thinking to myself, “has Cassey gone crazy” ???

  8. sammyt says:

    OMGosh! Cassey, that was brutal..funny haha. Except shucks-that burger has made me hungry :/

  9. Nann says:

    HAHAHA. This, is beyond hilarious. As if. LOL. 😛

    Cassey, the best april fools thingie ever. :3

  10. Sara says:

    hahahaha cassey!!!hilarious!!when I saw this post on instagram,for a min there i was like whats wrong with cassey and then I was like “ohhhhh it’s april fool’s day”

  11. Priyanka says:

    Can we still win a date with Pierre?? 😉 😛

    1. Sam says:

      I was thinking the same thing 🙂

  12. Felicia says:

    HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH I FEEL SO STUPID I was asking all my friends like HAVE YOU SEEN THE SPONGE ON BLOGILATES WHAT ahahahaha best prank ever

  13. Katie says:

    haha! That’s a good April Fool’s! But, I know there’s no way you would honestly back a lifestyle like this, and only care about “losing weight”. haha. Love it though!

  14. Sandy says:

    Lol…i was only reading the email, and content, i didn’t have time to watch the video…for a second i was thinking this could not be! I thought it was spam!

  15. Caley says:


  16. Rebeca says:

    Your friend Pierre is very HOT!!! Hahahahaha

  17. biza says:

    You totally got me. lol. Yeah wiping grease of your foods does help but you can’t wipe every thing off. I always take a napkin to my pizza which takes off a ton of grease. I would never have thought of doing this lol.

  18. Alex says:

    This was really funny. But I’m a little bit disappointed…I thought I was going to be hearing about some new revolutionary training routine you came up with where we could eat what we wanted and lose weight lol…and that cheese burger didn’t help things at all ha

  19. Bahaha, you funny girl! You have such a great personality!

  20. Lillian says:

    So in Australia it was April 1st yesterday so this was making no sense until i read the comments oops!

    1. sandy says:

      SAME! i was like ‘is she serious?’ this is the stupidest thing ever and was so disappointed but then i realised it was arpil fools, thank gooooood hahaha

  21. Maranda says:

    Literally took me ALL DAY to connect this post to April fools. I was doing my ab conditioning workout and thinking about how it was hard to trust you and how none of it made sense! Totally didn’t realize the day of the year– awesome prank girlfran.

  22. Anne says:

    I LOVED all the details you put in there, like the actual website and everything. Wonderful job! Oh, and: Can we pleeeeaaase see more of Pierre? 😉

  23. mrs_ewils says:

    Oh man! This is a goodie! Haha

  24. Lydia says:

    I fell for it. Aargh. I’m soo gullible! But that was like an emotional roller coaster for me 😀 Haha

  25. Lynn says:

    This is hilarious Cassey! 🙂

  26. Mallory says:

    AAH. APRIL FOOLS. The blog actually had me for a second…..^^;

  27. Eni says:

    if only this email hadn’t gone straight to my spam folder…lol

  28. s6milerun says:

    I love you Cassey! Somebody’s got to have a sense of humor. Thank you for acknowledging the day.
    Soo…I’m thinking “Pierre” is your man? Yes??? If so, very happy for you. Gotta start somewhere!

  29. Allison says:

    Love it!

  30. Gabrielle says:

    LOL at first I thought someone must have hacked into your account and posted this.

  31. Hannah says:

    Okay I actually fell for this for a sec and then… BOOSH
    Oh Darn.

    Happy April Fools Cassey! ^.^

  32. Chzarlotte says:

    Hahaha, that was a nice April Fool’s Day joke! You got me!

  33. Connie says:

    LOL, loved this Cassey! Saw it on your Instagram this morning and had a good laugh.

  34. Oh Cassey. I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with next year 🙂

  35. Lindsay says:

    Hahaha! I first saw this while half asleep and was like WHAT?? (this is what happens when you check for updates before you’re fuly awake) Glad I found time to watch the video, so funny! Thanks for making my day!

  36. Sabrina says:

    Hahahahahah Cassey!

  37. MiinaMarie says:

    oh man – april fools! I was like…uh someone hacked into Cassey’s site…

  38. Tricia says:

    I ordered 10, one for myself and one for each of my friends.

  39. Nicole says:


  40. katya says:

    omg that’s so funny. 19 payments of $99.99 haha! love it

  41. Roxanne says:

    XD XD I’m laughing so hard !! Actually those kind of advertisements really do exist !! That’s creepy !
    But I still what a date with Pierre !

    1. Roxanne says:

      Want* a date …

  42. Chelsea says:

    Oh my god, this is so great. A+, Cassey. So elaborate and so on-point! “Offer only available while Pierre lasts!” – I died.

  43. Annie says:

    Quick! Everybody go to the CleanSponge link and write a review!

  44. Kim says:

    While listening to the video and reading the story I was like….DAFUQ!!!! Did Cassey sell out or something cause this is not like her…I honestly felt disappointed, didn’t even think this was a joke.
    Glad I went to the comments section.

    You got me good Cassey!!!
    Props for that!!!


    Aaaah, let me go do core conditioning day one.. 🙂

  45. Kara Duforth says:

    When I read the post the only thing that was going through my head was “Oh good god Cassey, oh good god” and I thought it was real! then, I looked at the date and watched the video

    Happy April Fools Day!


  46. Mary says:

    LOL April Fools

  47. Sarah says:

    I got such a fright! I was like ‘NOOO where is the old Cassey gone?’ then I realised it was April Fool’s! I’m such a dope! 😛

  48. Aemun says:

    Holy moly you scared me!! Such an elaborate prank omg lol
    girl you totally got me

  49. Caroline says:

    Ha! I love you Cassey! You scared me though! I was pretty sure it was fake but I didn’t know why you would joke about this, and I was worried that other people wouldn’t realize that it was a joke and get mad at you! Then I saw what day it is X) Duh! Thanks for the laugh <3

  50. Kim says:

    Oh man you got me at first! That’s hilarious!

  51. Alyssa says:

    HAHAHAHA happy april fools’? xD This was the first prank I saw today! There was this other website selling rain dance classes to prevent another dry spell from occurring where I live. =_=

  52. Sam says:

    I thought she got hacked. lol.

  53. Jessie says:

    Amazing start to my day! I shall go have burgers for breakfast now, thanks Cassey!!

    Oh, incidentally, I think many might buy a poster of Pierre if the date offer is sold out 😉


  54. C says:

    Haha, Cassie you have us too well trained to fall for that one!

  55. Rari says:

    At first I was thinking the sponge was edible and was meant to “clean out” all the junk food. Lol I was like, she could have at least made it look appetizing…. Thanks for the laugh!

  56. Sharifa says:

    For a sec I thought someone hacked your website! Haha good one Cassey Ho!! 😉

  57. Vivian says:

    You gotta let us know if anyone actually buys it, haha xD

  58. Bronwyn says:

    Heehee April Fools!

  59. Lyanne says:

    Okay, first I believed you, but then I thought it couldn’t possibly be true! Good joke, read the whole article and totally forgot it was Aprils Fools. Love ya!

  60. Lindsay says:

    “from the maker of fetalcakes” hahaha, what even?

  61. Julia says:

    Ahahahhahahahahahaha I totally freaked out at first and I was thinking about how much I hate sponsored videos etc!
    Happy April fools 😉

  62. Tam says:

    Happy April Fool’s Cassey 🙂

  63. Tasha says:

    hahaha! good one. seeing those reminded me of the dishes i have waiting for me 😀 buuuut pop pilates first!

  64. Andrea agudelo says:

    OMG i was about to unfollow… Haha

  65. Kudrat says:

    You had me for a second there, but please… A sponge. Wow… That’s something alright… Atleast one April Fool’s day that’s planned and explained in such detail (though I only read the first paragraph by which I already figured that there’s no way you’d be preaching about a product in this way) cause otherwise it’d seriously be disappointing. But, I’m glad I at least got to see one April Fools day joke, it’s like everyone around me has forgotten what day it is.
    People realise that there’s no way Cassey of all people would preach this instead of eating clean and doing pop pilates. LOL ^^

  66. I love this! Made me laugh so hard!

  67. Hannah says:

    I really enjoyed the part where you struggle to chop celery- so true to actual infomercial marketing stratifies. And the endorsement from Timmy Horton 🙂

    1. blogilates says:

      haha thanks for paying attn to the details 😀

  68. Leandra says:

    This made me smile =)

  69. Kathy says:

    That’s a really good joke Cassey!! At first I thought it was something about cleaning the dishes but I wondered why on earth you would invent a sponge! Had a good laugh XD
    Happy April Fools everyone!! 🙂

  70. Neelie says:

    Lol! I would like to order 10, please!
    Happy April Fool’s Day. 🙂

  71. Crystal says:

    OMG YOU GOT ME CASSEY! I thought oh my god my whole life is a lie if you really did invented the sponge, then i scroll down the comments then i know its aprils fool joke!

  72. Kate says:

    $1,899.05 USD, seriously? even if it was real, I wouldn’t be able to afford it. great april fool’s joke Cassey. but you should actually sell some of the sponges today, I bet some people would buy it 😀

  73. Sophie says:

    OMG! I wanna buy this sponge now
    LOL ^3^

  74. Stivaly Friedman says:

    Hahaha Very Funny!!! I think I am going to send it to all my friends. This will be very funny!!!!

  75. Amy says:

    LOL!! I love how she even made a legit website to click on and it takes you to a buying page for the sponge!!! So creative!

  76. Love this prank!!!!!! Reality is, this is the wish for most people. They don’t want to workout and eat clean. All they want to do is eat pizza, burgers, fries and ice cream, while having a toned body!!

  77. Michelle says:

    Wow, I read this way too early in the morning. When I started reading the email I thought it must be an imposter who wrote it, then I thought…okay Cassey is just trying to prove a point of how ridiculous dieting fads are….. then I remembered it’s April Fools Day. Good one! I feel silly,lol.

  78. Kally says:

    Ok…you got me!!

  79. Tina says:

    Hahahaha. You cracked me up! I totally would buy one, so do get to work on this. Thanks!

  80. Almu says:

    OMG that was hilarious!! I knew it was a joke cause, you know, cassie saying everyday YOLO day??! But i am spanish so i didnt know about the fool day!!hahaha, good one, thank you for make me laugh!! Life shouldnt be so serious. And BTW Sorry for my english!!

  81. Gracie says:

    I’ll buy 1 just so I can get my date Pierre 😛

    1. Gracie says:

      *my date WITH Pierre’s too late for this

  82. Winn says:

    I actually thought this was legit, but then I realized…
    APRIL FOOLS!! LOL, and as I read through the post, it became obvious that this can’t be real. 😛
    Although, I wish it was!!

  83. Tiffany W says:

    Nice try Cassey. Totally wish that was true.
    When I got that email I thought it was spam or another impostor. That and this blog post, somehow doesn’t sound like Cassey’s writing…

    But I still LOVE you Cassey! I went to the fitness room today during my free period, started out as working out on my own. But ended up coaching 5 girls pilates and showed them your blog! (I’m in High school). I hope you can continue to inspire others and I’ll continue to help spreading your wise words and fun workouts.

  84. Kayla says:

    I was way too tired for this this morning. I woke up and saw this. It never crossed my mind that it was April Fools. I honestly thought you got hacked because I knew you would never say anything to have people stop working out!
    It’s going to be a long day.

  85. Sinia says:

    Love it! 🙂

  86. Brittni says:

    Hahahaha I was like “is this real? No way!” Lol good one Cassey

  87. Nicole says:

    hahaha!!! Good one, I thought for a second, someone hacked into your computer and posted that. This wasn’t the Cassey we all know and love endorsing us to eat crappy food. Even if we did lose weight, it would still destroy our insides. Then I was like waittttttttt duhhhhhhhhhhhhh its April Fools Day 🙂 You got me for a second

  88. Charlotte says:

    Did anyone actually click on the link…funny that the sponge cost $1,899.05 and it’s sold out lol!

  89. Roxana says:

    What a great way to start my morning! Hahaha! I totally forgot today was April fools. At first I was like wait what?? But then I soon got it.

  90. Meryl says:

    Dearest Cassey,

    I would never believe it! Because as long as I remember, you instill us the patience of rigorous training to have a good body. Plus, working out makes us happy too! haha! April Fool’s day!Oh, btw, when are we going to have your apps on Windows Phone? Please, please, please?….. I would really wanted to have your apps in my phone…

  91. Ana says:

    It took me way too long to realize the joke

  92. Faye says:

    For about 2 seconds I thought you invented a sponge… awesome prank!

  93. Rachel says:

    This is so witty. I really enjoyed it. I had forgotten it was April Fools Day until now!

  94. Mariam says:

    I was literally on the floor laughing 😀 Good one Cassey! you really made me laugh and made my day 😀

  95. Felicia says:

    Haha, I got really scared until I remembered the date of today. No one else have succeeded to fool me today so I really wasn’t expecting this! 🙂

  96. Sigrid says:

    good one Cassey, but posters knows the truth! 🙂

  97. Ida says:

    Ha Ha Ha! Oh how I wish this could be true!

  98. Shana says:

    Hahaha, I’m honestly lol XD When I got to the 3 wipes part I couldn’t help it, I burst out laughing so hard that my mom came in to check on me and when she saw me looking at my laptop and laughing she just looked at me like I was crazy. So yes, thank you for making me laugh 🙂
    And how I wish this invention existed, but we all now, that the only way to get results is to “train insane or remain the same” and eating healthy of course! 😀

  99. Ruth says:

    I was a little freaked out at this at the beginning, but then I realized, halfway through (and when I looked at the date) that it was an April Fool’s Day joke. Nice, Cassey! ;D

  100. lol, happy april fool’s day!! I was half way through reading this and severely confused when I finally realized what was happening 🙂

  101. Sharon says:

    Ahahahaha what a joke!!! Happy April Fools Cassey, Love

  102. Anne says:

    You got me there Casey! I was seriously about to cry. I was about to start working out again since I gained weight again this past freshmen year in college then I read about it and I was like “….” I find it funny how the motivation I’ve gathered for the past few days suddenly went down the slope as i read that. Amd then I forgot, it’s April Fools Day

  103. Karina says:


  104. H. Obi says:

    This was epic! I got busted at work for trying to watch the video! I knew it was a joke but I didn’t remember April Fool’s. Haha. I couldn’t even afford the sponge if I wanted to. Id take eating clean over anything anytime. 🙂

  105. Rebecka says:

    Haha love you Cassey! This just makes all the companies using this exact tactic to look even more ridiculous!

  106. Elin says:

    haha woow almost got me fooled…

  107. ivana says:

    Oh man, Cassey, I really got scared…. As I was reading, my brain started imagining how empty my life would be without working out… and the idea that probably there won’t be any pop pilates videos any more was just horrifying! Don’t make this jokes to us ever again 😀

  108. Emily W says:

    I lost it at “First 1000 customers win a date with Pierre” LOL

  109. Kim says:

    Happy April Fools Cassey! Read til the bottom of the post and it was too good to be true and I realized it’s April 1st. 😛

  110. Alice says:

    Sooooooo funny! XD
    At the beginning I was like “WHAAAAAAAAAAT? What is happening? Is this some kind of hacker???”
    Excellent! 😉

  111. Ivana says:

    Haha ! Made me laugh so much ! ^^

  112. Hikari says:

    I’ll buy the entire stock!!!

  113. Taneeya says:

    omg haha! i was tbh really freaked out and sad!! after this aprils fools i have realized how working hard for my body makes me feel good 🙂

  114. Millie says:

    Good one Cassey 😉 x x x

  115. Holly says:

    I’ll take 3 😉

  116. Kim says:

    Lol, nice April’s fool!

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