My first Cannes Lions Festival… and a trip to prison?

Hey guys!

A quick (but arduous) trip to the South of France for my first Cannes Lions Festival! As excited as I was to be invited to share my creator journey on stage, I was slightly more thrilled to visit the original prison cell of the man in the iron mask.

cassey and sam in cannes lions festival 2023

I’m a huge history freak and spent the past few years learning about 15th, 16th, and 17th-century European royalty bc I love rich people drama (only accurate drama please) and I also lovvveeee historical fashion.

Let’s just say when I told people where we were going they just smiled confusingly, and said “oh, that’s interesting.” (Sam also thought it was “interesting” and was v reluctant to go but I forced him).

cassey ho in the man in the iron mask prison cell france

You can’t see the excitement on my face bc how does one pose in a prison cell, but it was cool to physically step into a part of history!

les rosees chateau

Because every hotel room was booked in the city due to the festival, we could only find housing in the outskirts. At first I was sad, but it turned out to be a blessing. We found this cute little bed & breakfast chateau called Les Rosees that made me feel like a storybook character!

Every morning I was woken by the sounds of birds singing. It was def giving Snow White.


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Also got to take my POPFLEX Boardwalk Bombshell one-piece on a lil swim just days before launch! If you saw my stories, you could see how well it stays on! I’m wearing S (A-C cup).

Thanks Raptive for having me in Cannes!


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  1. Gemma says:

    love this, looks v. fun 😀