Miracle Noodle – Green Beans, Edamame, & Pork Dish

Miracle Noodle Teriyaki

Oh so yummy! This was SUPER FAST to make. I think it literally took like 5 minutes to throw this whole thing together. I spent more time taking pictures than cooking. I should win an award for fastest healthy chef ever.


– 1 serving french cut green beans (Trader Joes) or you can use any green bean

– 1 serving edamame, shelled (Trader Joes)

– 3-4oz of ground meat (I used pork because I had that laying around)

– 1 TBS Teriyaki sauce or to taste

– 1 packet of Zero Calorie Shirataki Miracle Noodle


1. Drain your Miracle Noodles into a sifter and run under warm water until fishy smell disappears. (Don’t worry about the smell, it is nothing harmful!) Let sit and dry while cooking other ingredients.

2. Throw the frozen green beans and edamame into a big frying pan. Once halfway cooked through, throw in your ground meat. Push around for a little bit then add the terayaki sauce.

3. Once the meat is cooked through, dump Miracle Noodles on! Taste. Add soy sauce or more teriyaki to your preference.

So done! It tasted great. Most of the time, I don’t plan my meals and just throw together whatever I have laying around. Edamame cooks beautifully and tastes very buttery. Tons of protein too in those little guys! The answer to a quick healthy meal is some nutritiously fresh ingredients and a happy sautee-er.

Enjoy! And if you have any questions on what Miracle Noodle is, read my post here on what it’s made out of and why I love it.

<3 Cassey

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