Let’s Put The Cloudcushion Yoga Mat To The Test!

Hey guys!

Here’s a live experiment showing you what shoes on a regular mat does vs on a POPFLEX CloudCushion Mat.

When I just taught Pilates, most mats were generally fine in terms of not shredding because there weren’t shoes involved. But once HIIT became a thing, shredded mats became a thing and I had a huge problem.

It wasn’t until I discovered the vegan suede fabric and tested applying it to the top surface of a yoga mat back in 2017 that it changed the game for me. The incredible microfiber material accomplishes a few things.

The unique texture:

1️⃣ gives a soft, velvety hand feel
2️⃣ makes the mat grippier as you get sweatier
3️⃣ makes the mat anti-shred
4️⃣ allows me to print the most vibrant, full-color designs

Cassey Ho using the Cloud Cushion Yoga Mat

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Legit my favorite yoga mat! The CloudCushion is perfect for stretching and specifically splits training bc it saves my knees. It’s 0.5″ thick!!

Which do you prefer? A traditional mat, or something with more cushion?!



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