Let’s Develop the Blogilates Fitness App Together!

Let’s Develop the Blogilates Fitness App Together!

Hey POPsters!!!

So you know how you’ve been asking me to create a Blogilates app since like, forever!???

Well…yesterday I met up with someone who said they could help me develop this app and guess what? Turns out he’s the boyfriend of one of our POPsters!

I love this theme lately…POPsters helping POPsters all over the world and right here in the Bay Area!

I get a lot of emails from companies wanting to develop things with me but all of those letters seem so sales-y and uncaring. For whatever reason, when I got this particular email, I felt that it was exceptionally genuine and decided hey why not, let’s meet up, couldn’t hurt right?

I am so happy I did and that I followed my gut. We bounced ideas throughout lunch and got super excited over the potential collaboration! And now I wanna ask you guys to actively help develop this app with us! Because you are the reason this app is happening – it’s a fitness app for OUR COMMUNITY so I want your direct input on what you think would help motivate you, inspire you, and keep you focused and connected!

Please tell me in the comments below on my blog or YouTube!! It would mean so much to me to hear your input!

Also, just for commenting, I’ll be giving away a TRAIN LIKE A BEAST LOOK LIKE A BEAUTY or TRAIN INSANE OR REMAIN THE SAME top randomly on Friday. $20, see all colors on shopblogilates.com.


By the way, if you ordered anything from August 15th and up until Sept. 7th – all orders will be shipped on Sept. 8th. I hope you read that on the homepage and on the individual product descriptions before you purchased. If there are any issues, please just email help@ogorgeous.com and let us know if that is a problem and we can take care of it for you. I’m going through a phase where I kind of just need to stop, hold on, and gear up for the new oGorgeous stuff coming in!!! New gym bags, new wallets, new hot yoga bags…ahhhh!! So I am very very sorry about the inconvenience but do not worry, we will take care of ANY CONCERNS you have!!!

Okay need to go to bed!!!

Oh actually one more thing.

I’m kinda oddly addicted to this song “Gangnam Style” right now?!!?? I know a fair amount of you are K-POP fans and honestly, I never gave it a chance, but oh man. This is good. Very very good. It has over 62 million views!!! We should do a workout to this. It totally pumps me up!!!

Haha, what do you think?

<3 you,


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  1. S says:

    It’s been months and I have yet to hear back from anyone to help me access my account on the Body by blogilates app! Please help! Whenever I click “forgot username” it never sends me an email to recover my account.

    1. blogilates says:

      Did you email app@blogilates.com? Maybe check your junk folder, too! Sometimes that’s where the response could have ended up. Also, try updating your app!

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  3. Kayla says:

    Hi Cassey I bought the fit journal for the 12 week program and was thinking it would be awesome if you could make one that goes along with your app so you can log it all in your phone for any program you are on with measurements as often as we want and pictures etc. I absolutely love your app but this would be a great addition. please and thank you 🙂

  4. Nadja says:

    Hej Cassey,
    Thank you, I have just watched the video to the new app and it looks awesome.
    But when will it be available for the Android Market?

  5. Jade says:

    Hey Cassey so I just got your app 🙂 and I bought the calendar log thingy. I was just wondering how to cancel the subscription after one month. I’m really confuse. Please email me back. Thanks!

  6. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your next post thank you once

  7. Alexandra says:

    Intense abb workouts, arms, tone up, cardios, eating meal plan, calendars, hmmm……

  8. You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this matter to be actually something that I think I would never understand. It seems too complex and very broad for me. I’m looking forward for your next post, I’ll try to get the hang of it!|

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  10. Gillian Woods says:

    I’m so excited for your app Cassie! I love your website and all it’s positivity! 🙂
    Blogilates is the only way I can afford to do pilates now that I’m in college and not still waitressing!!!! I just take my iphone to the school’s gym and its so cost effective!
    Can’t wait for the app- you’ll do great!!!

  11. Emma says:

    Everyone’s suggestions sound amazing and I’m sure you’ll make a fantastic ap 🙂

    My main suggestion is: Please make it available on Android as well as iPhone!!!


  12. Kudret U says:

    I also love how you put the hit music in your workouts which makes it better, and keeps me going.

  13. Kudret says:

    I also love how you put the hit music in your workouts which makes it better, and keeps me going. 🙂

  14. Kudret says:

    I love your workouts Cassey, it keeps me and my family in shape!

  15. janna says:

    I think it’d be awesome to have a calculator so readerss can plug in how many hours they worked out this week. It’d be fun to see the total (POPsters logged xxx,xxx hours this week!) And to see the average workout time per POPster…. ie: the average Blogilates reader worked out for 2.26 hours this week. You could have some fun crunching numbers to see trends to (does that # go down during the holidays? Time for a POPster holiday challenge!(.

  16. Eva says:


  17. fitnessloverxoxo says:

    cassey i was just wondering when you were going to pick the winner and if you did already then what video is it in?

  18. Bryanna says:

    I forgot to say:

    A visual goal, for me, is important. This is just an idea, but may like a widget that gets smaller the more you workout, like a bikini visual or a platter of lousy foods turning into healthy stuff. I don’t know. But if that were on my android, slowly dwindling based on my hard work, that would be amazing!

    The inspirational push notifications were a great idea, too!

  19. Bryanna says:

    I am so excited to have an App based on the workouts I love!
    Here are some of my suggestions; sorry if some of them are repetitive!

    1.) Upon start up, ask your weight, height, age, gender, BMI and weightloss goals. It would be great if it could generate a safe plan to stick with to help reach that goal that, perhaps, suggests a certain amount of videos to do each day adding up to a specific amount of time. Also, if you were to mention areas you would want to tone more than others, it randomly generates more of a certain toning video to accommodate that.

    2.) Maybe you could incorporate a bonus workout video once a day and consider it a Workout Command? Or, instead, have something in Settings scheduled to initiate a Workout on Command?

    3.) Also, a section listing all your workouts, frequently updated, would not go amiss! You’re constantly making new ones and I don’t want to miss any of them! 😀

    4.) Another section, perhaps, for recipes and a way of adding our own or ones we’ve tried. Some foods, I admit, I can be a skeptic. If I see reviews on them, it helps me decide to try it, as well.

    5.) A water notification would be great, too!

    6.) Maybe a section on great articles you can support about health or those you’ve written yourself? I like doing as much research on these things as possible. A review coming from a face we trust instead of those trying to make a sale would be awesome!

    Honestly, I’m not going to expect all of this. They are just what I’d like to see based on other fitness apps that seemed lacking and my own opinions. I’m sure something of that magnitude would not be created in mere days either. I just hope it helps from a fellow POPster hoping to become healthier! Thank you for always taking our opinions into consideration!

  20. Karen says:


    some ideas….

    – make the app “communicate” with the phone calendar ( like if you’re doing the 90 days meal plan maybe put into the calendar the last day or something , add a reminder if you decide that you want to do a particular video workout every monday or something ) that’s not really complicated to do you just need to add one button under every video or anything that could be useful in the calendar and done!

    – the videos and some meal plans need to be there the printables too I thing that everyone agrees on that

    – than maybe a calorie counter or like a meal diary as well as a workout diary would be nice

    – easy to do and always nice for a Bogilate : being able to keep track of your weight there are many apps that can do that but it would be awesome to have everything together in one blogilate app! The most “easy” and clear app that do that is weightbot maybe there are some ideas that can be borwed there

    – gym abc is an app that you could inspire from even if a lot of people say that it is too complicated so maybe keep in mind to have it simple but at the same time try to have all the essential functions in it … your blog actually is like that “simple” but with it all !!!

    – oh I don’t remember where I had that but it’s really nice … While your working out ( I mean not in front of a video or anything just like running outside or something ) it would be nice to have a step counter for running and stuff and why not add your voice to it so that we could have like every 5 minutes or so a little Cassey that talks to us and motivates us there’s already other apps that do it with NFL and NBA players but YOUR voice could be awesome ( now I think I remember it’s the nike boom app that does that )

    well that’s all for now
    Thank you for everything that you do

    – Karen from Iceland 🙂

  21. Kelly B. says:

    So excited! Didn’t have time to read through the 650+ comments so forgive me if these suggestions were mentioned multiple times 🙂

    1. Recommendations – based on user logging in weight, height, measurements, BMI, etc… as well as what workouts completed, to then get a recommendation of what videos to do that day. May be a little much to ask for but that would be the most useful for me. Feel like I pick and choose blindly and not everyone has the same needs (based on following the calendar workouts).

    2. From the comments I did read, I ditto the workout commands – the user can schedule how many times a day and perhaps at what times of the day they need a workout command coming from you.

    3. Also like the idea of having contests for swag 🙂

  22. Laura says:

    This video is hilarious. You should definitely use the song for one of your workouts .
    You are great Cassey

  23. Annie says:

    Wow, this app is going to be awesome if you can incorporate everyones ideas! Just a thought but since we are all at different fitness levels maybe you could include a difficulty level (ie just starting, not quite there, beast). Would love to have the app alert me to do work out commands ;o) or try a new food item/recipe. Ok ok one more, simplicity to start it off and hit us with something new in every update to keep it fresh.

  24. Lizzie says:

    i don’t really care what kind of stuff is on the app, i just ask – no beg! – you to make it available for blackberry PLEASE. there aren’t many fitness apps for blackberry. 😐

    1. Agnes says:

      It would be perfect! I have brand new blackberry and it made me sad when I found out that I cannot have blogilates app on my phone ;[

      Cassey! PLEASE, make it available for blackberry device. please,please, please sooo much! 😉
      I really do appreaciate what have you done. You’re my hero. ;D

      Thank you for all of that. Love you!

  25. dinah says:

    i really enjoy your HIIT cardio workouts – and i was thinking it would be cool to have a timer that gave an alarm every minute. the alarm could even be a recording of your voice, hahaha that’s always encouraging! and maybe even something beep-test related.

    i love the other suggestions too – a calorie counter (with kilojoules available please!) and daily inspiration quotes. nothing like waking up to an inspirational push message!

    also: i really hope this is being developed for android as well as the iphone! 🙂

    good luck! <3

  26. Jessica says:

    For the App, i think that you should put the calendar on it, aswell as meal plans, workouts plans and maybe if possible, workout videos? it would be cool if we could enter contests to win train insane or remains the same shirts and stuff too on it. Just make it super colourful and really fun! i know you will do great!!! 😀
    -Jess from Canada!!

    1. Crystal Riedel says:

      I like this one: totes awesome!!

  27. Christy says:

    omg, that video was hilarious. catchy but seriously i was thinking of the donkey style instead of gangnam style. hahah

  28. Grace says:

    a calorie counter and a daily workout alert.

  29. susie says:

    some kind of timer would be helpful too!

  30. monique says:

    a couch to 5k like thing in your app where you can “come with us on our run” and shout out support and commands and motivation and all that fun stuff!

  31. Allison says:

    I’d love to see a points system that unlocks new “levels” and “goodies.” Can’t wait for this app!

  32. Kylie says:

    how bout something so we can keep track of our cals! like a cal. counter! something so that when we eat we can type in the cals we intake n it can help us keep track. and maybe have it so u can set the cal. intake u want in the day. n when your gettin close have your voice pop in n say “your getting close!” or “if your still hungry try drinking some water!” something like that! that would be neatO! def help keep us on track in our weigh loss jerney! 🙂

  33. Kylie says:

    u should do something special for all of those who dl the app 😀 dont matter wut! just something 🙂 lol

  34. Andreina says:

    definitely a way to link your blogilates calendar to our phone’s calendar… or something like that. Just so it’s easy to know each day what we’re supposed to do! Yaaay so excited!

  35. Kylie says:

    work out commands! 😀 YESSS

  36. Kylie says:

    a place for us to shop n buy some work out swag!! 😀 mmmmHM

  37. Kylie says:

    DEF some motivational quotes from u to pop up on our phones!!! 😀 get us in the mood to work out n work out HARD! <3

  38. Kylie says:

    your workout songs u have are so fun n upbeat n DEF get u in the mood to work out n work out HARD! so u should have them available to listen to while we jog/run/walk! 🙂

  39. Tessa says:

    Definitely motivational/inspirational pictures and quotes for each day. I’d also like it if we each had a profile like instagram where we could post our own things like, our workouts, progress pics, workout songs, and other things!

  40. Tammy says:

    A daily motivation/affirmation alert. A phrase or quote that we can program to go off at certain times that will motivate and inspire us to be happy and healthy…and to TRAIN INSANE OR REMAIN THE SAME!!

  41. Tammy says:

    For those times we can’t watch a video (or need to go at our own pace), a section for the printable workouts/written versions would be awesome!

  42. Tammy says:

    A daily featured workout would be nice, that way ALL your workouts are given the love they deserve! Old and new. 🙂

  43. Tammy says:

    I would love a Workout Command alert. Something that we can program to go off every hour or at certain times of the day. They really help break up the day (I’ve got a desk job).

  44. Brittany says:

    have a place where you choose what celebrity u wanna look like and it leads to videos tht can help u recreate that
    like captain america=hot ab workouts
    miley cryus=ur workouts for her

  45. Brittany says:

    as u join you choose like your own body and the problem spots because my body is fine except my thighs 🙂 and some people are sooo skinny but not at the tummy or something so lil characters tht show problem spots

  46. Kelly says:

    Maybe there could be a point system for doing workouts that earns us a discount code for your shop. There would be an issue of honesty to think about, but I would love to buy something from your shop if I could get a discount.

  47. Dana C says:

    A special recommendation on what videos or workouts to do that day.

  48. Caitlyn says:

    Build your own workout tab with lists of different moves that you can make a list for yourself for the gym that way you have a plan when you get o the gym

  49. Dana C says:

    A recipe index with healthy food recipe would be great. I can’t wait for the app to come out!

  50. Caitlyn says:

    Daily or weekly motivational quotes or pictures!!!

  51. Kylie says:

    something wur we an trake our success. like a chart! 😀

  52. Kylie says:

    a place wur we can upload our awesomesaue sweaty pics!!! 😀 YA

  53. Kylie says:

    a step counter pleaseeee 😀

  54. Kelly says:

    We should have popster profiles that show our progress and where we can make friends with other popsters and view their success. It’s great motivation to see others working out.

    1. Kelly says:

      Also, on our profiles can we include BMI? My employment regularly checks BMI, waist circumference, BP, cholesterol, etc. and it would be cool to enter things like that on our profiles.

      Congrats again! I’m very excited for this app.

  55. Amber says:

    Omg. A page with recipes would be amazing! And maybe a notification alarm for workout commands?

  56. Daniela Cannata says:

    Oh!! & I am strangely addicted to Gangnam Style! (and I say strange because I do not listen to KPOP at all!! haha) Make a workout with it! Maybe even with the funky move that PSY does in the video :p

  57. Daniela Cannata says:

    It would be awesome if you would have the workouts organized according to certain target areas. Also have some sort of a blogilates community where people can motivate one another and be able to see their progress! It would also be convenient to include some sort of calendar or journal where you can keep track of everything you have done. So happy for you and this opportunity you have been blessed with! xoxo 🙂

  58. Stephanie says:

    I’d love to see a digital calender like the one you make up every month. That would be so convenient! A lot of people don’t like push notifications (myself included), so if there was a way to turn them on and off, that would be super. A section for eating plans/info and a breakdown of exercises by difficulty would rock, especially since us POPsters are all on different levels of fitness and ability. I’m definitely NOT on the advanced level yet, haha. Personally, any kind of app would be incredible, but the fact that you’re looking for our input is going to make it immaculate. Thanks so much!

  59. Jen says:

    I would LOVE to see different levels of workout! I saw that comment made earlier and said: That’s so me! I’m new to this Pilates thing, but have LOVED the positive results so far!

  60. Michelle says:

    Workout calendar to go.
    Random workout challenge.
    Progress log (weight, measurements).
    Inspirational messages and/or pictures.
    An easier way to access your blog from my phone (maybe it’s just my phone, but when I try to comment on you blog using my phone, the screen keeps scrolling around).
    Recipe of the day (lots of vegan recipes!)

  61. Rebecca says:

    Tasty meal plans and recipes would be amazing!

  62. Ashley Vaughn says:

    Quick daily workout challenges to do on the go!

  63. Ashley Vaughn says:

    I think it would be awesome to have video clips of how to do certain moves and workouts! 😀
    I am so excited to download this soon!

  64. Kylie says:

    tracker. make it look oober neat! just fun!!!

  65. Kylie says:

    workout plan and meal plans. 😀

  66. Kylie says:

    you should def have it have your videos available to watch!!!

  67. Dana C says:

    An easy daily workout plan for the app with suggestions on what workouts to do that day.

    Cannot wait until the app is available!

  68. Jenna says:

    A tracker!!!!!

  69. L says:

    This is a great idea! I visit the blogilates website several times a day, sometimes just for the motivation to keep going but having an app would be amazing, I definitely think youu should add somewhere that youu can keep track of youur workouts and food, or even like a shopping list for when we’re eating clean

  70. Simran says:

    There should definitely be a sort of workout calender logger thing. I would love to be able to look up a POP Pilates video on the app and then record or log somewhere that I did it that day. Kind of like the MyFitnessPal app, but instead of logging food entries for a day, we can log what POP videos we did that day and for how long. It would be cool if it could tell us how many calories we burnt as well.

  71. Simran says:

    I think there should be a sort of social networking aspect, like MyFitnessPal and Facebook, where we can update our status (“Just got done with an hour of upper body, I’ll be sore tomorrow!). We should also be able to use hashtags like #veganchallenge or #buttblaster, and be able to look up other statuses that have the same hashtags (like on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr…).

  72. Simran says:

    There should definitely be push notifications, because that will keep people motivated to keep checking the app. 🙂

  73. Whitney says:

    It would be cool if you had monthly (or maybe bi-monthly) POPster competitions where you set a goal that we have to complete in a set time period, such as 100 tricep pushups in two weeks. We would then log the number of pushups we do on the app and whoever reaches the goal first wins. You could award things from your shop or make a workout special workout for the winner.
    It would also be great to be able to see other people’s profiles where they track their progress.

  74. Catt says:

    The oh-too-cute workout calendar check-off-completion page!
    Also put the workout in the notifications on the pulldown

  75. Catt says:

    Push notifications are a must! Pick, mix, match the workouts and set the time and have a push notification when it’s time for the workout!

  76. Catt says:

    Keep it simple please! The easiest apps to use are the simplest ones 🙂

  77. ali says:

    I’m pretty sure someone already said this but I wanted to second the idea of having a map so we could see where all the other popsters are from!

  78. ali says:

    A points system like on weighttraining.com and a graph to track your progress

  79. ali says:

    A running log and also a timer for hiit and tabata!

  80. Patty says:

    How about workout command alerts for the popsters stuck at work form 9A-5P? you know all that sitting is gonna kill us! Maybe the quick exercises link to your demo video. Can’t wait for the app! Good luck!

  81. Becki says:

    The daily workout command should be included!

  82. Scotland says:

    I’m sure whatever it ends up looking like it will be perfect!
    But motivation would be seriously awesome.

    …And for the app to be available on google play since I don’t have an iphone. 😛

  83. Jackie says:

    I would LOVE to see an inspirational quote/picture while the app is loading! Also it’d be cool to have sections such as: workout videos, workout printables, fitness and healthy living tips, and maybe a section where users could upload instagram pics of themselves working out or in workout gear!

  84. Ashley says:

    I think the app should remind you what workout to do that day, and help you keep track of what workouts you do, and how many calories you burn. Maybe a goal tracker too like saying I want to have worked out for a certion amount of hours per month maybe this app could track that and log the hours for us??? Can’t wait for the app!!

  85. lindsay says:

    I need to be told 1. to work out, 2. what to do when working out, or else I just do a little bit and call it good. Soooo, I would love for there to be the daily recommendation of workouts (like the calendar) and just be able to click each one and it links to the next video that I should do. And if it told me how many calories I’d burned in that workout, even better 🙂 Thanks for everything – oh and I would love to use this on my iPad as well as iPhone! So many requests!

  86. Andrea says:

    Blogilates app sounds fun!
    Would love to be able to log in my weight and check my BMI.
    Also, would love to be able to log in what videos i have done and the calories i’ve burned. It would make working out so much easier and will definitely motivate me more when i’m seeing how much calories i have burned and how long i have left to go 🙂 xxx

  87. Sirley says:

    CASSEY! OMG I’ve waited for this day my entire life!!!!!! hahahah im so excited! Maybe you could have different levels for your POPsters and workouts that we can customize as we get better and stronger with weights and bands!

  88. MelodyJ says:

    I would like a way to log in my cross training. I do cardio , strength, and yoga along with our workouts here. Also it has to work with droid not just iphones. The cost of the app has to be reasonable.

  89. Jerry says:

    It would be great if the app had a history map that could show us what workouts we’ve previously done and on what days we did them. Love you Cassey <3 Can't wait for the app!

  90. Ashleigh says:


    I think that some more of those pop cardio dances would be awesome! I love them so much! Our own playlists would be cool as well!

    Thanks! Cannot wait until it comes out!

  91. ali says:

    A way to log how much water you’ve drank.. it would be fun if it was an actual water bottle and it would fill up as you logged the water you drank!

    1. Kelly says:

      That’s a great/cute idea!

  92. ali says:

    Animations of certain exercises in case people don’t know how to do them

  93. ali says:

    Quote of the day like motivational quotes!

  94. Audrey says:

    Another idea for your app!
    It’ll be cool if there are a bip when you send new video or post or recipe!!!
    So we knew when there is something new!
    So exited! Can’t wait to see the final result!!!!

    Love <3


  95. Charissa says:

    Way to go Cassey! It’d be fun if this had a place to track water!

  96. Marianela says:

    Omg that’s so exciting!
    It would be great to have a playlist with the songs used in your videos.
    Also, maybe something like a chat? Or like someone said, a Blogilates twitter! That way we could talk to each other all the time, no matter were we live.

  97. Kylie says:

    song sounds pretty bangin! u should have a link to your you tube vids on the app. That way if ur not at home or no net we can show our friends just HOW we’ve lost all our weight 🙂

  98. Cassie says:

    Super excited for the app! Not sure what you’re initial purpose will be for it (I’m assuming workout ideas?), but there are a lot of add-on features for later 🙂

    -workout a day suggestion with link to YouTube videos
    -social features once the community is up (like internal blogilates twitter?)
    -recipe of the day
    -more difficult to implement, but what about a “nearby” feature that looks for healthy restaurants, fitness stores, gyms, etc. close to your location?

    (PS, Gangnam style is awesome!!!)

  99. Shelbey says:

    More giveaways! Do a drawing each week, based on ppl who use the app

  100. Mailene says:

    I have a notebook with a lot of inspiring quotes to not quit on my daily workouts, it would be awesome to have that on the app: Motivational quote everyday 🙂

  101. Amber says:

    As far as Gangnam style goes, I heard it for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and the DJ was like, “uh, hey did he say broken condom style?”. So now that is all I can hear when I listen to it! Great energy tho 🙂

  102. Kelly says:

    I would love it if the app had a work out playlist

  103. Michelle says:

    I’m so happy that there is going to be a app. I think that it would be nice to get nice little motivational tidbits about exercise, clean eating, or/and life in general!

  104. Rachel says:

    Yay I’m excited!!

  105. Sunny says:

    A ‘Pilates Moves Explained’ section. I like the way you explain the basics on the beginner videos. The moves and stretches are a great way to relax at the end of the day

  106. Alexis says:

    I am so excited for this app! 😀 could it also be for Blackberry as well?

  107. Kylie says:

    it would be kool if little updates from u poped up on our phones!!!

  108. Kylie says:

    the pic of the app should be u doing a pilaties move! awesome!

  109. Kylie says:

    you should def have fun upbeat music so we can run/jog/walk to it! 🙂

  110. Anna says:

    Gangnam style workout please :D!!!!

  111. Dana C says:

    The app should have inspirational quotes sent to us daily for motivation. Also, I think it would be great to have random workout commands.

  112. Melissa Farress says:

    daily motivational quotes inspiring me to workout will really help me when I get back to school and am tempted to slack off 🙂

  113. Tracy says:

    A calorie burner thing-a-ma-jig, would be completely awesome.
    And a feature to keep track of personal progress.
    Thank you for creating an app for all of us POPsters!

  114. Alex Downing says:

    You definitely should have a calorie burning calculator that tells you approximately how many calories your burning with each workout!

  115. Shenise says:

    I think the app should have reminders or alerts to help us remember to work out that day. I know it would help me because I forget to workout everyday.

    As for Gangnam Style, it is now stuck in my head lol! We actually played it at work the other day. A workout to that song would be fun!

  116. S says:

    To echo a few of the other comments I’ve read, these are the features I would love to see on the app:
    – workouts categorized by body part, like they are on your main site
    – suggested workout pairings
    – workouts sorted by time required to complete it and/or whether any equipment is needed (dumbbells, mats, slides, etc.)
    – syncing workouts with your monthly calendars (but I’d prefer to have that be an option rather than a requirement)
    – an “inspiration center” of sorts for workout motivation (for quotes, photos, workout commands, etc.)

    Thank you Cassey for getting our feedback on the app development!

  117. Adrienne says:

    I’m excited for your app! It would be great if every morning it had something inspirational, like how u say,” choose to be happy today”. Also a daily energizing recipe, and videos we can watch if were away from our computers and we need to workout. I’m so glad ur doing what u do, your really helping me get in shape!!!

  118. Denielle says:

    So excited to see what your app will look like!! Aside from your awesome workouts of course, I think it would be neat for the app to give us daily motivational quotes to help inspire us to workout each day! 🙂

  119. Sam says:

    I often will be really inspired to exercise by your videos one day then later in the week I won’t be able to keep that same pace, I think it would be great to have tips pop up through out the day to motivate you whether you’re usin the app or not.

  120. Maggie says:

    This is going to be a great App! I can’t wait when it comes out! Maybe include notifications of new workout videos from Blogilates that can be viewed on the smartphone as well!

  121. Clara says:

    Recipes! Love your recipes! 🙂

  122. Clara says:

    that you can search for example on abs and then all your abs wourkout coming up 🙂

  123. Joan says:

    GANGNAM STYLE WORKOUT !!! Something to log in our food and calories and nutritional info so we can keep track of them.

  124. Brittany says:

    I think that there should be a voice telling you what move to do with a picture to go along with that certain move (kind of like the NTC app where you have the option of watching someone preform the move). Also, if we would be able to know how long or how many times we are doing each move it may make us work harder. I know when you tell me to do 8 more, I always make it my 8 best. Can’t wait for this app! 🙂

  125. Gladys says:

    Placing the calender workout in the app! also with a edit type in feature just in case we do any extra workout !
    Include a Recipe section! & random pop up notifications e.g. “Do 20 leg lifts now” like your twitter!

    And Let’s do a GANGNAM STYLE pilates video! I love that song! ^^ haha!

  126. Anne Katrine says:

    A calender in the app, so you can log your workouts and see if you have been active enough during the week/month. Also it would be really cool if the app could show how many times you have been working arms/but/legs/doing cardio etc., so that you at the end of the month can see, what bodyparts you always skip (;

    1. Kristina says:

      I definitely think the monthly calendars should be a part of the app!! I use that thing religiously when getting ready for my workouts. If it weren’t for your calendars or videos, I wouldn’t work out!!!

      Also, I think it would be a great idea to have some sort of tracker on there. Whether it be to track what workouts you did, how many calories you burned or just the fact that you worked out for the day!

  127. smalinka says:

    I think the calendar in the application would be great! Also the possibility for marking the done workouts would be more motivating to go through them. I also think that some daily inspirational phrases/photos/recipes wouldn’t be a bad idea. Maybe there could be also some points for the workouts and then for certain points there would be a certain fitness level with some funny names :D;))

  128. Maddison says:

    That’s is a awesome way to be on blogilates,I can’t wait!
    I think an improvement might be if we don’t know some of the moves it goes through it individually also having like an hour workout routine Which is just compiled up of all your amazing videos! Hope to see the app in the near future and Thankyou x

  129. Renata Spuri Gomes says:

    I happy, happy happyyyyy with this app!!! It will be great and it will give me more energy to do more and more workouts!!
    Thank yoouuuu 😉

  130. Clare says:

    Probably already been said, but some kind of capability to sync with the workout calendar download on the website so you can log workouts and get perhaps a weekly calorie count (calories burned), maybe also able to input daily calories consumed so you can track weightless or maintenance! It’s harder to brush off too many calories in/not enough out when it’s staring you in the face 🙂

    1. Kim says:

      I agree! I would be awesome if the app could include the estimated amount of calories burned during each individual workout video (of course, it would have to be based upon height, weight, etc. Or even just an “average”). Some apps allow you to even create a profile- with your current height & weight, activity level, goal weight, and sometimes a general ending “fitness goal” if you don’t need to shed pounds, just tone or build muscle. And if the app can create a personalized fitness plan, that would be even greater! I don’t know if it’s too much to ask for all this, but ya never know. It’s amazing all the stuff done with technology these days!

  131. Nessa says:

    I’d love for the app to be available both on Android and iPhone.
    If we could use the app to track the number of calories burned for each workout, that would be so amazing and convenient!

  132. hedaya says:

    omg finally ive been dying for this app
    i think the app should have a food plan cuz i think resisting all the food is harder thsn working out

  133. C. says:

    it’s probably been mentioned before, but I’d love it if the app allowed us to compile the workouts we want to do in one list (as on the ipod) so that we could do them back to back without having to stop & search for the next one after finishing the one before.

  134. Candice says:

    A feature that would be awesome:::: allow us to “create” workouts based on your workout moves that you have already showed us. So if I wanted to put different workout moves for a couple of different body parts – I could create a workout in the app AND have a computerized voice saying the next move so that I don’t have to keep looking at it. —-This feature would be great at the gym.

    1. C. says:

      love this idea!!!

    2. Kim says:

      Oooh yeah! That WOULD be great!

  135. Eli says:


  136. Carlyn says:

    Maybe you could have an advice section!

  137. Julia says:

    I think it would be great if there was a reminder with commands like “do 20 crunches now” and the app could have different sections like on your blog, with fashion, the different training parts etc 🙂

  138. Anna Marie says:

    It would be nice if the videos/workouts were categorized (body parts – abs, arms, legs, etc., cardio, bikini blasters, etc.) and if we could have the option to create our own personal playlists (so we can categorize our favorites, etc.).

    1. C. says:

      I totally agree, there should definitely be categories like the ones on the blog. It’s so convenient (compared to youtube etc)

    2. Clara says:

      yea that would be soooooo good!!!
      and more easy if like you said to be able to do like a playlist of the workouts you will do! 🙂

  139. lilly h. says:

    Make sure you don’t single out the Android users!! we always get second rate compare to Apple. especially the phone cases. UGHH!! but there should be a place were we can share pic, food recipes, and healthy stuff overall a form and some way to connect with cassey. And GANGNAM STYLE would be an awesome song to do Pilates to!!! I love that song and the video is LOL.

  140. Angela says:

    I think it would be wonderful if there was a calorie counter. For example: for all the workouts it would tell us how many cals we burned. 🙂

  141. Courtney says:

    It would be good if it had different levels of experience, like beginner, intermediate, advanced. 🙂

  142. Melinda says:

    Pls do make the app android compatible…

  143. Kelly says:

    Maybe the app could have some graphical features that analyze/show us how many leg, arm, butt, cardio, etc. exercises we’ve accomplished in a week or month.

  144. Melissa says:

    I’d love for the app to be integrated with your monthly workout calendar and keep track of our workouts (and possible calories burned?)

  145. Helena-Anne Hittel says:

    Please make sure it’s Android compatable as well! Not everyone has an iPhone. :]

  146. Ashley says:

    I’ve been hoping for an app to become a reality! What would really benefit me the most would be somewhere I could go to get all the workout videos (esp the pop challenges, love’em) and recipes. Those quick workouts are perfect for me to do on my lunch break when I just have my phone on me and sometimes it can be a little bit of a pain to search on Youtube (1st world problems).

    P.S. Secretly hoping for a Gangnam Style workout video.

  147. Hayley says:

    PLEASE make the Blogilates app available on Windows phone!!!

  148. Jeannie says:

    I would love it if we could log our exercise and all the videos we do! I think that would be so awesome!

  149. Stephanie Vern says:

    It would be AMAZING if you could have videos, tips, and examples of moves categorized by specific body parts. So if I want to focus on arms I can click that and see all your videos that target that area.

  150. Kendall says:

    Cassey! Have the option to take before and after pictures at certain intervals in the same area where you put stats, workouts, and log calories burned!

  151. madison says:

    advuce to push me to do better and stay motivated!! 🙂 also advice about food!! 🙂 im so glad that this has happened!!! 🙂 congrats!! 🙂 I can’t wait to !!use this everyday! 🙂 also quick daily workout challenges!! 🙂 good luck.! & again congrats and thank you for all you do

  152. Maggie says:

    Random notifications everyday to do random workout activities! For example: 10 push ups before lunch, GO!

  153. Maggie says:

    Maybe the App can have a photo album that saves the POPster’s workout progress. So when the POPster first starts out, they take a picture of what their body looks like. Then after every 2 weeks of working out, the photo album can notify the person to take a picture of themselves again. This way, the album tracks the physical progression of their workouts.

  154. Amanda says:

    Totally great news!!! If the app could keep the workout calendar that can be personalized with all of your vids! This way we wouldn’t need to print the workout calendar and the app could sync with our “planner/calendar” in the phone already(that would be SWEEEET). It would be a centralized place to keep all of your workout video awesomeness! I do most of mine using an iPad or iPhone anyway and it would be great not to have to go through YouTube!! 🙂

  155. Kyra says:

    Holy K-POP! You need to do a workout to do a workout to Gangnam style so funny and catchy! Opa Gangnam Style!

  156. shanna says:

    I am very excited for the upcoming app..hopefully it will be available for smartphones not only iphones : )
    Definitely would be wonderful to track our daily exercise and calories. Your upbeat attitude to keep us motivated and focused would be a great part of the app.

  157. Kyra says:

    I think it would be helpful if we could find other popsters in our area. Also daily inspirational quotes 😉

  158. Talena says:

    I think it would be awesome if we could track our workouts! 😀 Especially to go along with the monthly workout calendars that you have.
    And definitely a random motivational quote. I’m always in need of those.

    1. C. says:

      LOVE both ideas!
      especially because I’m always in need of those quotes, too 😉

  159. Kylie says:

    u should make it bright BRIGHT neon colors!! 😀

  160. Meagan Melocik says:

    OMG! I am beyond excited for this app to come out!
    I think the app would be great if it had:
    -workout timer for workouts
    -a calendar type set up to input workouts and cardio
    -a progress section to log every workout
    -fun recipes and meals
    -a message board with inspirational quotes and scripture
    -a section to purchase blogilates wear
    -all the workout videos
    -music playlists, and also option to make your own playlist
    -a setting to make an alarm go off to remind you to get in your workout
    -a nutrition tracker
    -a reminder pop up to hydrate and eat
    -a POPsters section for us to post in with inspirational feedback
    -a workout tracker to put in reps, workout time, which workouts
    -a section of just exercises separated into ex. abs, back, biceps, calves, cardio, butt, legs
    -a section of workouts
    -a section to design your own workout from the exercises
    -calorie count for how many reps of each exercise

    I love your videos Cassey!! you have inspired me so much 🙂

    1. Tina says:

      I like how organized you are, and I like all the ideas you have

  161. I would love to be able to track my diet and my workouts. Love to encorporate my progress and goals as well!

  162. Krista says:

    Tracking workouts. I get better over time, so it will keep me encouraged. Love them!

  163. Lacey Michelle says:

    I’d love if we’d be able to watch your videos directly on the app, track our workout, make a daily plan, and/or get motivational advice/tips/quotes daily. I cannot wait for this app! I know it will be fabulous! 🙂 x

  164. Karin says:

    I would love if the app could be interactive for the whole community with lots of motivational tools like workout commands and feedback from Cassey! And of course a food tracker and a workout tracker would be great. And the possibility to post photos! Everything Blogilates!

  165. Amanda Lynn says:

    updated workout videos and clean eating recipes.

  166. Amanda Lynn says:

    fitness & food advice

  167. Amanda Lynn says:

    random pop ups to inspire me to get up and work out

  168. Aneira says:

    I don’t mind paying for a good app, having the app available on Android would be awesome 🙂
    A calendar for tracking workouts and logging them so you know when you did them, maybe a way to make notes on how you felt before and after and whether you felt you improved from the last time you did the workout etc.
    A tip of the day / daily motivations / playlists might be nice.
    Maybe a social aspect where you can post about your workout and get feedback, share recipes and maybe make new friends 😀

  169. Dana C says:

    Random workout command pop-ups would be so much fun!

  170. Angelina says:

    I would love more ideas for the daily workout to accompany the video. I’m always searching for exercises because I’m not sure what fo do. Modifications would be great to include too; I have back problems and use those. That’s why I found blogilates! If it could integrate with a diet and activity tracker, that would really take it to the next level. I now use a separate one to try to figure that out. I would forgo my other trackers if I could just use this new app. Thank you for all you do!

  171. Heather says:

    I’d love a way to log my workouts…or even an alarm setting that would remind me when to get off my butt and workout. :). Sounds exciting!

  172. Leilani says:

    an app would be amazing.
    It’d be great to be able to view and interact with the calendar. Watch the corresponding videos at the same time too. Even track when it’s complete and your progress. Maybe even a daily pop up reminder to do a workout at a programmable time. Or pop ups with tips and motivation. The possibilities are endless!

  173. Brooke Klein says:

    I think it would be cool to have a calorie tracker! I also like the idea of the motivational quotes! Another thing that would be cool is to have a chat for us all to talk about our exercises and meals we had that day! Im excited for this app!!!

  174. Louise says:

    It would be awesome to read motivational quotes, like if I’m not in a mood for workoing out there should be a button that says something like “just do it” and then a motivational quote and a random exercise would appear! It would get ME going fer sure 🙂

  175. Morgan says:

    Im so excited that you are doing an app. I would love it to be free and compatible with andriod operating system. Also I like the idea of knowing how many calories I am burning in each video and being able to do all your videos on my phone would be amazing!!

  176. Jessica says:

    I think having a free app would be cool (maybe for a limited time and then start charging?)

    Having a “move of the day” would be fun. Must have a shopping corner lol

  177. Kelly says:

    I would love it if your app had Your workout vidoes on there as well as how many calories they burn. This app is gonna be great!

  178. Flor says:

    I think you should take on account that there are a lot of Popsters (like me) that do have an Iphone/Ipod but not Itunes in her country so we’re not allowed to buy an app (only download free apps) so I would say:
    -free app
    -calories burnt per specific workout
    -workout videos targeting specific areas
    -not wifi necessary but wifi for updates
    -it would be cool if you could make friends and be part of a community and track our progress with everyone like in MyFitnessPal

  179. Sonia says:

    I’d love for there to be a Recipe of the Day/Week, plus a workout calender where you can schedule all your pop pilates workouts!

  180. Frances says:

    I would love it if we could get calories burned for the exercises in-app. Um… I think it would be awesome to have proper form for the individual exercises demonstrated in still photos or video. If I was at home, I’d probably just get your exercises on youtube, so I think it would be great to have some components that don’t require wifi for the travelling POPster.

  181. Elysa says:

    Oh my goodness I am so excited for this app! Let me tell you what! This will become part of my everyday routine! Alright so here are some of my ideas!

    -Compatible with both Android and Iphone
    -Workout timer for timing your workouts (to time how long you are working out for)
    -Videos in different categories (abs, arms, thighs, etc.)
    -Food category to help you keep your diet in check or find healthy snacks to make and eat!
    -Inspirational quotes
    -Also have a way to send notifications like when you send workout commands on facebook. So like to a community wall type thing! Which will also be a place for you to update us on new features on the app or new videos uploaded.
    -A playlist of the music for workouts!
    -A section where you can buy blogilates outfits and such!

    I’ll think of some more ideas, but that is all I have for now!

  182. Sabrina D says:

    maybe like a sports eating clean section for those involved in sports and want to know how to eat clean during the season but still eat yummy(:

  183. Sabrina D says:

    ipod compatiable!!!

  184. Sabrina D says:

    I think we should have a daily notification that reminds us to work out that day! Also recipes and meal plans should be included!

  185. Ida Lyche says:

    It would be really great with a workout calendar, maybe one you made first with options about exercises and challenges and so on and perhaps one we could full out ourselves. and maybe a list of exercises, sorted after which muscle group the belong to. so we could just click in and get inspiration to more workouts!

  186. Krista says:

    I would love for the app to contain areas for all the videos by body part; but also for each month of your challenges, the videos included. that woudl be really helpful to have everything all together.

    Great idea & goodluck!

  187. Sara Harris says:

    I would love a place where I could track my workout with specific information for pop Pilates, like how many calories it burned, ect. Maybe a place to set goals, share workouts, accept challenges and track them (maybe even for fun a way to send friends challenges).

    1. Kelly says:

      I like the friend challenge idea!

  188. Anna Gagnon says:

    I love when apps have like a daily inspirational fitness quote or a fitness tip or nutrition tip daily. I love having those routine things to wake up to in the morning like “oh i have to check blogilates and get her quotes for the day” ya know? I think you should also include some of your cooking videos on there, cant forget about those! I love watching those when im just out and about waiting in line or something.

    1. C. says:

      Love your ideas!
      and I totes agree about the daily routine thing. blogilates.com is what gets me out of bed in the mornings 😉

  189. Aleksandra says:

    Well…… It’s amazing idea! I wish this app could work on android system too. Appart from that I wish to see some strenght, cardio and stretch part with exercises for different part of body and possibility to create my own full-body workout from all of your videos on youtube.

    You are my hero! I wish I will have some day such a great body like Yours Cassey! Your happines and “don’t give up” talk during workout are sucha a great motivation for me!

    POPgreeting from POLand

  190. M-F says:

    I have checked out countless apps like that and find them all the same…made cheap and with only pictures of workouts.

    I think it should reflect your personality. Me and my bestie do your workouts every chance we get and to do them and laugh along is what keeps us going. Being able to access the workouts is a must. I think the workout calendar should also be in there somewhere and definitely recipes for quick snacks and healthy meals. I totally agree with another comment that having motivational sayings randomly throughout the day would be great!

    Trackers would also be good…for both workouts, calories eaten, and maybe glasses of water we drank (come on, I’m not the only one who loses track now am I?)

    I don’t have an iPhone yet but am getting one when the new one comes out and will definitely be looking for this app! hope it doesn’t take too long!

  191. Gillian says:

    Hi i think it should be a paid app with all your workouts and some longer length (30 mins) workouts that you would update to the app when you do them – hense why it would be an app you paid for.

    Would be great to have a section directing you to a choice of workouts to workout in a particular way i.e fat burn do this this and this workout. That way you could join them up for maxamim effect.

    Would be great also if your DVD was available to stream online and downloadable – maybe a link from your app to do this

    Whatever you do it will be great!

  192. Eileen Blom says:

    This is awesome! I think that an alarm reminder
    For work outs would be good and I love the recipes

  193. Kylie says:

    I hope it’s a free app! I would like to see categories for workouts like on the website. How it says like “Abs” or “Butt”. Hopefully it includes the challenges! And workout commands (: Oh you should have a calendar! Please! And different levels. PLEASE MAKE MORE BEGINNER VIDEOS! I’m not quite strong enough to do your harder videos ): Ah I’m excited!

  194. melanie says:

    I think it would be fun to see popsters that live nearby and maybe we can schedule meetups to do poppilates since its always more fun with friends!

  195. Augustine says:

    Have an “Eating Clean” section to highlight healthy recipes. Also, include the monthly workout calendar.

  196. michelle says:

    hmm i’d be nice if it was a free app, had different categories for whatever section we’d like to workout, also good music in the background to keep us pumped up, and maybe a daily tracker? to see how many times we’ve worked out or our improvements for those that want to also loose weight, tips on how to stay in shape food wise, a questions and answer place to ask you personal questions, maybe? and what about reminders as to when our next workout should be based on categories we chose to exercise also include a shop category to buy some merch! (:

  197. Mirela says:

    I would like the application to send you a message every morning telling you something like “Everyday is perfect to workout” or something inspirational to give us the motivation to start our day with sport.And of course all your videos with workouts/recipes/diet tips etc.

  198. Nataliengyuqi says:

    I would love if u combine the calories burned per workout together and we can ‘tick’ if we finished a certain workout! A lot of inspirational quotes and forum to encourage one another woohoo!!!

  199. Linne Deacon says:

    Maybe you should have a category where you list all the famous music , popsters vote , and the winning votes get their own workout video 😀 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  200. Haha, not my type of music, but kinda cool and it could work for training!

    I think the app should contain all your videoes from Youtube, your blog, links or something to all the networks your on (you know like facebook, instagram, twitter…), and I also want this app to be available worldwide! (I live Norway, so..)

    I love you! 🙂

  201. Kristin says:

    Searching for videos would be great as well as access to the calendar.

    Maybe if the printouts are listed too for those of us that have crappy Internet at the gym?

  202. Jenna says:

    This is great!

    Here are my ideas:

    o for android!
    o works with metric system too!! (IMPORTANT!)
    o “choose your workout” sort of thing, ie. I wanna tone my butt, I click BUTT and the app tells me some moves to do, offers me videos.. that sort of thing
    o updates from your blog show up in the app’s “news”
    o user profiles & sharing possibilities, kind of like with Instagram
    o “what I did today”, possibility to log in workouts and meals (with this it’s suuuuuper important that logging in workouts is _EASY_! kinda like with heia!heia!. I cannot tell you how many interactive fitness apps are annoying to update cos they’re just plain badly designed)
    o Challenges, ie. “Do 50 jumpin jacks right now!” (if this could be synched with your own time zone – ahh)

    I’m already excited!!

    1. C. says:

      Love your ideas Jenna, esp. the second point on your list!!

      So Cassey, if there’s a calorie counter included in the app (which btw would be aaaaaawesome!!), please please please include a button that allows us to switch to the metric system!
      We don’t think in ounces and cups over here 😉

  203. Caitlyn says:

    I would love to be able to search for videos by which body part they work such as abs, arms, legs etc

  204. this is so exciting!! Blogilates on the go!! It would be awesome if he app like showed each move individually somewhere in it, like a catalog of the moves you do, so there would be the option to create your own workout!!!

    I’m so excited I can’t wait!!

    oooooh you should have a recipes section for the stuff you make on blogilates tv, and it should tell you the closest place to you to buy the ingredients! =).

  205. Shelby says:

    I hope this app can be used on almost any device, great music, fun workouts, and a whole lot of burpees 🙂

  206. Ro says:

    🙂 just occurred!
    Wouldn’t it be great to unlock secrets work outs as a reward? Like the NTC app!

    1. this sounds like so much fun!

  207. Ro says:

    Huello 🙂
    I would love to choose my own music for working out! I mean, I love your choices, but if I am planning in replay the video, I’d love some variety.

  208. Alex says:

    Built with iPad compatibility in mind!
    Best Gadget to workout to you with!

    1. Kelly says:

      agreed! I don’t own any type of smartphone, but I do have an ipad. I use the ipad now to do your workouts at home.

  209. Sarah says:

    Make it android accessible!! 😀

    It would be awesome if you could track the workouts and also track your progress like with a fitness test or something! 🙂

    This is so exciting!!!

  210. Anna says:

    Being able to stack exercises in a list and then see total calories burned would be much appreciated, as would a recipe section with Cassey’s favorite healthy and clean recipes! Can’t wait for this app!!!!!

  211. Kelly-Rae Meyer says:

    I would love a lot of ab workouts since that is my problem area. But, honestly, all the workouts. I love the ideas of pinpointing where all of us are on a map. It would bring a more community-esque atmosphere to it, I think. Oooo, healthy meals and how to prepare them and access to videos. I could probably go on and on. Maybe in another comment. 😉

  212. Caitlin says:

    Hey! That is great news that you are getting an app!
    As a few people have already said please make it for Android too!!!
    Also I think some sort of weekly checklist would be really cool, it is super satisfying to check things off 🙂

  213. Chloe says:

    Hii cassey! I’m sixteen and I have been following your videos for about 6 months now, I have become so much more committed to fitness now I found you. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you use new songs for your workouts!!! I have low iron and I faint really easily when I’m “due” Haha but your workouts are making my immune system stronger & my doctor even asked me if I had joint a gym or something because I was getting in better shape, I am pretty much a vegetarian so I eat as much greens as I can to get the iron. But I just was going to suggest that you do a calorie counter or something on the app. Have a list of foods or something and the user clicks the ones he/she has eaten, and then have a list of workouts to burn off those carbs etc! Thankyou so much once again cassey!!xoxo

  214. Alexandra says:

    Soo excited that you will be making an App! This is fantastic news!! I would love it if the App had a fitness tracking tool where you could log your workouts and would also calculate calories burned. Would be fabulous if there was a community board feature where you could post Workouts of the Day and users could comment…Love this!!

  215. Esly says:

    I hope this app will also be available for android users :-)!!

  216. Becky Knapp says:

    I would love it if the app had a fitness log. That way we could track our workouts. Also, a way to be able to take pics of your progress to share with others. Seeing is believing 🙂

  217. Olivia says:

    Hey Cassie!
    Even though it’s probably been mentioned before, aside from workouts, I think it would be great if the app would include some of your awesome recipes as well as workout commands! So that at any time of the day we could get a reminder to do a certain amount of push-ups or to drink water or something like that 🙂
    Also, it would be great if you could include your work-out calendar! Just so we can always have access to it .
    Cant’t wait!

  218. Maddie says:

    I think the app should have a way to track your fitness, for example what days you worked out and maybe you can colorcode it by body part worked. It makes me feel great when I mark off when I’ve worked out.

  219. Shanna says:

    I was just thinking yesterday about checking for the blogilates ap! I know that there wasnt one but have been hoping that you would develop one and now its finally coming true! I would def like your awesome food recipes and ideas on the ap as well as workouts! It would be awesome to have the work outs written out some how and with diagrams as another option to watching the videos… I dont know if that is possible but…
    I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo excited and can not wait to have this ap on my IPhone!

  220. ekhloe says:

    I would love if you could have categories of workout routines like you do on your site. I.E. abs, cardio, arms. I look forward to the app!

  221. Tanya says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I would love for the app to have the options to scan & count calories as well as haveing a stopwatch feature for our HIIT training.

  222. Caroline says:


    There’s so many good ideas here! It would be great having the blogilates workout calender in the app, and maybe the forum too so we popsters can interact with each other!

  223. Margarita says:

    Congratulations on getting your own Blogilates app! How about an option to see your recipes including shoppinglists for them? So we can check our app when we are in the supermarket and want to shop for our Blogilates approved healthy meal. 🙂

    Short videos with explenations on posture during workouts and other general tips would be great too. Aswell as short quick foodrelated tips!

  224. Samantha says:

    I’m excited to here that you’re working on trying to create an app. I’m pretty familiar with the app design process and the steps it takes to actually get an app in the app store. (I’m currently an Apple Employee) and wanted to let you know if you needed advice or help on what is realistic of an app doing and what is not, please let me know.

    Good luck with the App and thanks for the great videos and advice!

  225. TWEETTOOOOOOT says:

    Ohh, If we can link the app to the phone’s calendar, it would be amazing as well

  226. TWEETTOOOOOOT says:

    Hi Cassey ;**

    in the app it would be amazing if the workouts are categorized like u do on ur website. And u keep a categori for new vids. I also love ur support vids, when u just talk to us, love that, its really helping me feel i can keep going. Hope its done soon, cants wait to get it.
    In regards to the shirt, Hmmmm still not sure which color!? What do you think?

  227. Courtney says:

    I would like it to be available for ANDROID! PLEASE!!! I have an ipod but if it was on my phone it would be charged and ready all the time! ha I think something I would like to see if maybe just pop ups throughout the day about “hey, good job on not eating that candy bar at the supermarket” or something like that. Also, would like a guestimator on how many calories you burned if you did certain videos. Thanks for all you do! My sister and I get up at 4:50am every morning to work out with you and it amazes me how fast the hour goes!

  228. Emma says:

    It would be great if after a workout, it told you how many calories you burned off, instead of having to go to weighttraining.com. And to have all your previously uploaded videos from youtube on it, notifications of new videos, and a section where you can work with the workout calender!

  229. Tina says:

    Oh also maybe an explanation option for a move as how it is done, it could be images because videos will make the app take up much space

  230. Tina says:

    Hey Cassey, first of all I loooooooooooooove that you’re doing that, okay maybe you can add a reminder to drink enough water, because I always forget to, and maybe you make it for the underweight too as to tell an underweight person how much weight training that they have to do to gain muscle weight based on their weight, also maybe some random encouragement quotes iust in case if any one is feeling a little lazy.

    PS: pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase don’t foreget Android pleaaaaaaaaaaase

  231. Leesha says:

    Hey! That’s awesome that you are planning on getting an app up and running! I saw this post whilst I was stalking through the blogilates site (I only recently found it) and got super excited that it might be already out! Oops, haha but I just wanted to say congratz on getting offered this amazing chance! I think it would be really cool if with uploading the videos you also post on here and youtube but be able to figure out how many calories they burn, I know it’s not easy to figure that out but i think it would be really cool! It would also be really cool if we could select if we wanted to get like random workout options notifications, (eg, do 20 pushups) as well as being notified when you upload new videos 🙂 Being able to navigate through the videos easilly to find target areas would be pretty cool to.! 🙂 But anyway, congratz again!! xxx

  232. Kathy Price says:

    That sounds like an app I could work with throughout my daily routine, both at work and off-time. Sounds awesome!! I will be watching for it to be my new challenge!

  233. Keysha says:

    First off…Congrats! Here’s what I’d love to see..
    1. Enough time between exercises so I can change position until the timer starts. The NIKE one is cool, but you spend 10 seconds getting your form right and the timer doesn’t allow for that.
    2. Please separate the workouts by skill level and type.
    3. I’d like to be able to use the app on my IPod Touch, so if I could download the workout and use it in the park or gym without being connect to wifi that’d be awesome.
    4. Allow me to use my music playlist as the background music to your workouts.
    5. Make the progression between skill levels obvious and clear. Like…here are all the level 1 ab workouts…as these become easier move on to level 2. I like the cute names you give everything but sometimes it’s tough to distinguish the skill level.

    Anyway, thanks for asking us what we think, and you’ve done an exceptional job at motivating others and building a solid brand for yourself!

  234. Ellen says:

    It would be awesome to have access to meals and recipes all with nutrition information along with all your videos and how many calories they burn 🙂

  235. Annabel says:

    I would love daily workout commands. As in, even if you don’t do anything else, do 20 push-ups today or 10 burpees. I also think that having the calorie burn for each video would be very helpful (you would of course have to make it so that it changes for each person depending on height/weight), but I think that that would be awesome. It would also be pretty cool if we got a notification every time you uploaded a new video from the app (my email doesn’t always work).

    Finally, please please please make it for the Android too. 🙂

    1. Tina says:

      yes yes yes Android Cassey, please please please

  236. Wai says:


    I assume that you will have access to your vids. It would be great if we had target body area vids all under the same title: So awesome abs, insane leg training etc. Great stretching vids or tips for each of the target areas would be awesome too. A one stop workout center so if the app has the option of a timer. Also a monthly round robin. example: if you sync your claneder and every time a person completes a certain number of reps for a vid routine, in any given week you get a trophy to show your success. It can be ranked so, Train insane allstars, champs, whatever. We can see the first top 20 for each category and maybe they can add a blurb. That way if we want to work towards increasing our workouts, or compete or even just learn what other people are doing from around the world.

    In saying this please make it accessible for android!!!!!!!!!

  237. Laura says:

    That’s amazing!! What about a calorie-based workout? you choose how many calories you want to burn and the app generate a mix of exercises (from cardio to target areas) to burn fat involving the whole body! and also pop-ups that remind you to work out! and a section with all the video that you already uploaded on youtube.. and a graph that take notes of your workout history and the improvement in intensity and weight.. and of course a pop up with the workout commands synchronized with your own timezone! In any case i already know your app will be wonderful at least as much as you are! <3

  238. Julianna says:

    it would be awesome if all the popsters could pinpoint on a map the area they live in. it would be so cool to see where in the world we all come from! so excited 🙂

  239. Miranda says:

    I’m so excited about this app!! Can you please make it an app that doesn’t require internet because I have an iPod but not an iPhone.
    I would love if it included a calorie counter or a progress chart of some sort?
    Also (just like your website) small sections for targeted muscle tonage and videos in those sections?
    Oh and food recipes and meal plans, hopefully?
    Anyways, I think this is such a great idea and I support you all the way!

  240. Maria Berghuis says:

    I agree with many others that the app should be available for Apple and Android phones! I like the idea of being able to make a customized calendar where I could plan in what workouts and what areas I wanted to focus on and plan them in at a certain time/day of the week! It would also be cool to have a calorie tracking device where you could enter in what workouts you did and see how many calories you burned plus food eaten that day. Sounds like such a great idea!

  241. Agne says:

    I don’t have an iPhone or sth like that, so I couldn’t use the app, but I’m excited for you! Also, I would LOVE a workout to PSY’s Gangnam style, I love this singer and kpop!!! 🙂

  242. Kyleen says:

    I’d love to see something about how many calories you burn (or should burn) per workout, or some other way to determine calories lost.

  243. Shahnie says:

    A calendar like yours on the app would be good also another calendar which we can customise to suit to our days/weeks, what we want to work on and then using yours as a base would make it easier to organise if making a customised calendar.
    It would be really good to go into the calendar aswell and set an alarm for when you choose to work out, it would come in handy especially if it’s an early morning workout! 🙂
    Also a music section which has all different types of music based on the genre and/or beat which would help with running and jogging to keep a good rhythm.

  244. Svet says:

    Pop-up notifications of your workout commands definitely! ^_^

  245. Leslie says:

    I think the most important feature for me is that it is not an iphone exclusive app. I have an android and i’m sure other popsters do too!
    ps- I’m really excited about this!!!

  246. Ana says:

    It would be great to be able to choose a target area and how long you want to train and then get a series of moves and instructtions. We POPsters could all help make the list.

  247. Lisa welch says:

    So excited for you and the app!! I love motivators…so maybe there is a way to set up a little alarm the same time each day to motivate us the either ear a certain way or move a certain way. Maybe it’s a breakfast, lunch, dinner motivator.
    Also..would love mini workouts broken down in categories: abs, legs, arms, glutes, etc.
    Other categories can include pilates, cardio, boot camp..
    Anyway..congrats on all the success!

  248. SMoreno says:

    I love the idea of a map to meet other popsters in your area… And I would mLOVE LOVE LOVE for it to be available on all types of phones, Android, iPad, and Windows phone as well.

  249. Katia says:

    I don’t have any apple product, so I’m not interested in apps, but man, Cassey, your energy and excitement are the best motivation for me!

  250. Nahelli says:

    Please, make this app for iPad too!

    I would like a weight and fitness tracker so we can share our progress and reach our dream body!

  251. Jessica says:

    I know this is weird and random, but what apps do you have on your ipod? 😛

  252. aparna says:

    you always have something goin on in ur mind cassey, u never stop!! i love this abt u! i would like a huge motivational page with success stories n testimonials which will push the rest of us to work hard and get sculpted! you could greet us everyday with a peppy positive message that we can all wake up to and enjoy our lives together and be happy!!

  253. Jessica says:

    I was thinking a page where there will be a list of music to work out to — like jogging. That way, people will always remember to do their cardio. At least I will! Haha.

  254. Sara says:

    I’m from Spain, so first of all sorry for my english! :S
    I’ve been in the web for a very short time but I love it! So I think that the app has to follow the system of the website.
    Some printables to carry on the mobile would be great, and some kind of program to calculate the calories taken and that could prepare some workouts depending on the area you want to work on that day.
    I can’t wait to see this!! 🙂

  255. casey clackler says:

    I think it would be really cool if it had a similar feel as your blog does, but with a way to long…then you could integrade it with your blog. This way us as popsters can interact on a “social network” way. Also it would be really cool to do something like a fitness journal where you can put in your food and workouts and count calories and such. It should definatley be bright, colorful, and happy! maybe you could have an awe inspiring quote of the day on it….. or even a video of the day… or a workout command of the day :)))

  256. jam says:

    YAY a blogilates app would be amazing!! I just started pop pilates and im so glad I did!
    ive been meaning to start ever since i bought the Ogorgeous bag!! I love mine to death!

    anyways for the app! a timer function would be great and i think little notes or health/fitness advices from you or anyone else would be a great way to motivate the people using the app! It could be like a push notification!

  257. Claire Smith says:

    Easy access to ALL of your amazing videos, even the oldies!

  258. Kylie says:

    if theres ever coupons for your clothes/yoga line have it available on the app! or any upcomeing deals! make it special for those of us who do have the app! like hints or something to an upcomeing post or vid!

  259. Claire Smith says:

    Maybe an optional personalized meal/workout plan for an added cost! Sort of like a personal trainer!

  260. Claire Smith says:

    Daily tips would be an excellent idea as well!

  261. Kannika says:

    I’m excited for your business venture in making an app! I would suggest have a section that lists major muscles/body parts from head to toe. The user will select that muscle group and then the app will list all exercises that target that specific area.

  262. Claire Smith says:

    The app should have a library of all the pilates moves… With modifications to make it easier or harder according to each person’s fitness level!

  263. Claire Smith says:

    I would definitely download a blogilates app! Even if it costs me a couple of bucks 🙂

  264. Kylie says:

    it should have a timer on it! so when wur doin our workouts we can time our self! i kno most of us have tellies with that on it already or our perfectly capable on telling time! lol BUT u could make it cute! like BRIGHT NEON glow to it or something! or with u poping in every so often with a ACTUAL clip of u saying something motivating! like “train insane or remain the same!” “come on push threw!” “your almost there!!!” “dont forget to breath in threw your nose n out threw your mouth” “SUCK IT IN!” “ok now strech!” 😀

  265. Claire Smith says:

    Cassey, I love your blog! You are so incredibly inspirational! I am doing inner thigh insanity every night and loving it!

  266. Kylie says:

    OH OH OH! another good one!! 😀 teehee im FULL of um!

    **Recepies for all your yumm0oO food so that when wur out Gshopin we can just whip out the tellie, pull up the app, touch recepies and BAM! we’ll have all the ingredients we need 🙂 no need to waste paper n write down everything we need or TRY n remember it! we’d have it nice n convent!

  267. Maggie says:

    I think a random “healthy food recipe” generator of the week would be great! Click on tab, a random healthy food recipe shows up and the POPster may choose to try it out or not. This way, there’s something new to look forward to in the week!

  268. Mia says:

    downloading it now!

  269. elyse says:

    I would love to have a target X body part option with a picture of a silhouette that you can click a part of its body to bring up videos related to that body part.

    1. Tina says:

      I like that because there are some parts that I don’t know their names

  270. Allison says:

    A points system to unlock new material would be cool!

  271. Kylie says:

    well most certainly have an app to SHOP SHOP SHOP! 😉 lol

  272. Kylie says:

    u should randomly send out motivational quotes! 😀 would be awesome to see if ur havein a crappy day or just feeling “blah”

  273. Priscilla says:

    This is so awesome! I’m very excited and I hope it comes out soon!!
    1: workout vids and challenges
    2: calorie counting and meal plans/receipies
    3: map of other popsters in the area
    4: workout tracker (I.e. what you’ve done, map ur route)
    5: easy sharing with popsters
    6: merchandise
    7: inspirational quotes and motivational sayings

  274. Diandra says:

    I was just thinking to myself last week that I really wished you had an app!

    I think some of the workouts, with pictures and instructions would be nice, that’d be top of my list. Videos would be nice too, I don’t know anything about how apps are programmed, but having both your videos and the Livestrong Woman ones would be great. I think anything informational from the site, like the calendars, workouts, meal plans, etc, would all be great if I could access them on my phone. I currently use Nike’s NTC app to find workouts to integrate with my cardio, but I’d love to have something from you!

    Maybe have a fitness tip of the day, something like that — give people a reason to run the app everyday, even the days they’re not working out.

  275. Carlie says:

    definately have music that will keep us going through it! love you cassey (:

  276. Elizabeth says:

    How about a POPster map? See how many POPsters are in your area! Cause I would love to see if there is anybody near me who loves to do POPPilates. An easy way to meet others in the community and workout together!

    1. Mags says:

      This is a great idea!! 🙂

    2. C. says:

      yay! great idea!

  277. Chantal says:

    Congrats, that’s awesome! And can’t wait for it!

    If it’s an app, the most useful thing would be an accessible daily workout for us to do every day (or some kind of weekly plan)! Often it’s super confusing to know where to start/which workouts to pick especially for newbies, so if you could just make the decision for us, it would be a lot more simple to get motivated and just DO IT! 🙂

    1. C. says:

      that’s a great idea!
      I found it very motivating to have one set workout per day in the current workout calendar cause if I didn’t feel it that much on a particular day the set workout would always get me started and then the rest of the workouts followed easily 🙂

  278. Lina says:

    On ur app u should have a fitness section and an beauty section
    And in each section or whatever u can post vids or tips!

  279. Elizabeth says:

    Since this is POPPilates, I think it is only fitting to have music incorporated into the app. For instance, a song of the day or week that makes us just want to move and gets us pumped. Or even a workout playlist that we can listen to while working out with you! Because I know it is hard for me to do a workout without music!

  280. Marqi says:

    I think the app should have some of the “printable” workouts so we can take them to the park or something without carrying paper around! Save the trees and work out super hard! Yay.

  281. Karina says:

    Another cool feature could be something like food of the day or a small recipe, because as you mentioned, your physique is 80% diet, so it could give us a little “tip of the day” for what we should eat to look and feel our best.

  282. Karina says:

    I think it’d be great if it has a workout calendar for the month or something like suggested workout for the day. This is such a great idea!! and your POP pilates are amazing! i’m excited to see myself in a few months!

  283. Eren Montiel says:

    A good suggestion would be making the app like the Nike training club for women !! You should check it out Cassey they motivate you too keep working out and they reward you through the hours you workout. Once you complete a certain amount of hours you can download like a certain recipe or workout 🙂

    I can’t wait to see the app come out!!:)
    Cheers Cassey!! I love you girl!!

  284. Meg says:

    Oh god, please do a Gangnam Style workout! I always listen to it when I do cardio.

  285. Kelly says:

    I think it would be cool if the app had a feature that kept track of our workouts. E.G. after a video, we could click “complete” and it would be added to our log for the day. Then the videos would reset the next day that way we can repeat them in the future. Then as a bonus, the app could calculate how much time we’ve logged that day and maybe how many calories we could have burned.

  286. Kelly says:

    What about a food diary within the app?

  287. Adrian says:

    I’m so excited for the app, I hope it doesn’t take long to make! Please make it available to everyone and not just apple users. thanks.

  288. bex says:

    I don’t know if anyone has suggested this yet and hopefully I can explain this in a way that makes sense but I would love, LOVE a little program or chart I guess that randomly picks an hours worth of work outs so you can workout to all the videos but at random! You never know what will be your torture today, maybe some abs, butt and little arms or a whole day of legs, you just don’t know. That way you can’t skip out on hard workouts either, you just gotta get on Youtube and do it! I have been begging my husband to make me a program like this and he just hasn’t had time yet. Please! Pretty please!!!

  289. Sarah says:

    There could be an alert for a daily challenge that includes your 3-4 mins videos that target one area and is based on a popular song, that could keep things interesting and let the POPsters feel more motivated to complete the workout

  290. Emily says:

    such a good idea ! if the app could send push notifications to really motivate you to get down and workout that’d be awesome !!

  291. Erika says:

    Woohoo!!! so excited for this 🙂 what about a graph or chart that as you tract your daily workouts it shows at the end of the week how you did keeping to the monthly workout calendar and eating clean. That way it’s easy to see where to try harder the next week. Thanks Cassey!! Love, love, love blogilates 🙂

  292. Sarah says:

    It would be nice to have a random mix up of pilates moves that can create a full body workout on the spot and it’ll be spontaneous each time so it makes it easier for those who don’t know/like to choose which workouts to do and also be a surprise to avoid boredom and a plateau (:

  293. Mo says:

    OOOOH you know how there’s spaces on the calendar where we can write in our own additional workout, it’d be great if the app had the calendar already in it and we could add the other workouts that we would do that day then put it on a quick playlist or something.

  294. kayliegh corbet says:

    oh my god ! this is so exciting. any chance it’ll be compatible with the google play store? Random workout generator is an awesome idea, if there was a feature of different stretches/workouts for problem areas on the body that would be so helpful. as well as some checklists or to do lists that each subscriber could do themselves (:

  295. Vera says:

    A randomized workout generator that puts an hour together of warmup/arms/core/legs/cooldown!

  296. Mo says:

    I love the random workout suggestion that someone mentioned.
    -Quick and healthy recipe of the day/week
    -Place where you can log in and communicate with popsters in your area.
    (Like on tumblr whenever I see that someone did something on the calendar and they’re dying just as much as I am, it feels like I’m not the only one)
    What I really want to see is this app be on Blackberry app world too. I can’t do touch screen phones lol!

  297. ruth james says:

    Love your videos!! You are getting me motivated and in shape 🙂
    From Dominican Republic… Saludos!!

  298. Hailey says:

    A timer too would be cool, like something that will do a count down while holding a position, or motivational alarms!

  299. Kelly says:

    I think it would be great if the app had a feature where we could “favorite” our favorite workouts.

  300. Colleen says:

    A notification that gives you alerts when there are new workout videos! Also a random workout command at different times throughout the day? That might be fun!

    Cassey, you’re the best!! <3

  301. Karyn Khoo says:

    I’m excited for it! I can’t wait to get my hands on the app! 😀 Good day ahead!

  302. Hailey says:

    I havnt read all the above comments so I will most likely be repeating, however seeing as I am still learning I would love the concept of our own profiles, where we can track our progress and have our favorite workouts or workouts that can be suggested by looking at our past history. Also I love the random generator mentioned above. A lot of days I would love to have a set work out plan but I do not have enough experience yet to make a balanced work out! Also, maybe there can be a section for people to send or upload there progress pictures, it’s always nice to have encouragement from others on the days we arnt so motivated! The work out calendar is also a must, maybe if we could edit our own versions through the app we can add meal plans along with workout plans! And my last suggestion is to have a song list with new music to keep us motivated outside of our work out maybe for a run? I know I get motivated by music all the time! Keep up the great work your an inspiration!

  303. Jackie says:

    That’s so awesome I’m so excited to see this app love pop Pilates!

  304. Charlotte says:

    I would love to have a workout generator and have one for the gym. It’s great that you show me all the moves but I’d love to have my gym “demystified”. It can be so intimidating going into it. Also it would be great to be able to input your current weight and ideal weight and then be able to track progress and track work outs.

  305. Jenny says:

    YAY! I would love to have features specific to tracking nutrition and assisting in work-outs. It’s very important that it’s stable and doesn’t crash, freeze or load slow as a turtle 🙂 An interactive screen is a must! Seriously can’t wait!

  306. Laura says:

    I would like to see a work out timer (with presets or custom setting) for fitness challenges, or circuits. The timer could announce when to start the next workout (example: sit ups, push ups, burpees, etc…), and so on.

  307. Cassie says:

    I think a healthy recipe section would be great! Also, an option to choose how long you have to work out and what type of workout you’re looking for to then randomly suggest a workout or give a list of all that fit the selected criteria.

    Thank you!

  308. Khadija says:

    develop it for ipad too please!!!! 🙂

  309. Virginia Balseiro says:

    Workout generator, yay!!!! And I’d like to keep track of how many calories I burn too.

  310. Khadija says:

    you have to be able to save your favorites
    maybe a workout log??

  311. Courtney says:

    Having a section where you can share recipes would be awesome. Also a calorie tracker that tracks how many calories you burn based of which video you do. And, like many others have said, definitely have it for android also!

  312. Victoria says:

    Another thing I just thought of is maybe having an alarm, kinda like a workout reminder! Also I think it would be really cool if there was a way to get motivational texts/alerts during the day. Seeing a little acknowledgment and encouragement can get anyone up and moving!

  313. Noelle says:

    I’d love to have the recipes on there and lots of your workouts!! Maybe a calendar with a reminder for you to workout so you don’t forget or get lazy!!!! Possibly with encouraging messages when the reminder would go off such as “train insane or remain the same”or well idk I’m sure you could come up with some clever ideas 🙂 hopefully that helped and I’d loveeeeee to have a train like a beast look like a beauty shirt! Been searching for one !! That’s my motto! Love you and your workouts Cassey ! 🙂

    1. Noelle says:

      It would also be great to see eating lean ideas and meals we could try cause its hard to know sometimes!!

  314. Victoria says:

    I just found this website recently and I fell in love! It had just what I was looking for…a workout calendar!!! I think something that would be awesome on the app would be the ability to check off on the calendar the exercises you have completed each day. That way you can look back and see all the hard work you have put in.

    Love this site you have really inspired me to take back my body and love it.

  315. Laurie says:

    You should definitely have a work out log and make some features accessible with out wifi. Maybe even have a movitivation tab.

  316. Em says:

    I would love love love a “random workout generator” that takes all your amazing moves and combines them into unique workouts. Pick an ab workout and it would suggest 5 – 10 moves to target that area…it would help those who don’t fell comfortable creating their own routines yet.

    1. Paige says:

      That is an amazing suggestion…I 2nd that!

    2. liz says:

      I second this suggestion too! I tend to have troubles creating my own routines..
      But I also like to add on to the original suggestion.
      I like to suggest a workout generator based on time as well: such as suggestions of different workout videos I can use to target a certain body part or upper/lower body for given amount of time (30 min, 40 min, etc…)

      But no matter what the finish product will be, Cassey, I think your Blogilates App is a brilliant idea!!

  317. Sam says:

    What if their was a setting for goals? As in, Toning Up vs Losing Weight Cs Maintainence? With this setting, a unique calendar and set of workouts is formulated to suit one’s individual needs. Inspirational quotes, tips of the day, even multitasking advice could be given. I imagine this as a personable app that holds you not only accountable for the program(s) it gives you, but also for actually using it (ie, not when you feel like it or every other day). This app is your trainer, motivator, counselor, and support. It is there for you, and is the magic wand that will help you to make the impossible turn into magical possibilities and rewards.

    1. Khadija says:

      great idea!

  318. Rita says:

    We should be able to get “pop points” for trying a new workout, recipe, etc. Maybe after getting a certain number those points we could be entered in contests to win ogorgeous gear?! That would be so much fun!

  319. Rita says:

    Inspirational quotes pleeease

  320. Jessica K says:

    Yay this would be so great and convenient! You should put up your videos, tips, pictures, everything!! With updates every week or so, so that we don’t get bored of the same thing :]

  321. Rita says:

    Videos arranged according to body part!

  322. Ashley says:

    Cassey – you just made my day! SO EXICTED. A Harris-Ben BMR calculator would be the JAM. 🙂

  323. Holly says:

    I think a rough, flexible diet plan and a flexible workout plan would be fantastic. Something that everyone could easily follow and keep up with, but still be able to fit into their daily lives. I am thrilled about this app! 😀

  324. laura says:

    I think the app is a great idea. I suggest having a section to put in the weight you are and the weight you want to be. Also have a list of foods that are good to consume while on a diet or to help you maintain your current weight. Also have the exercises in categories so people can choose exercises to work out a specific part of their body. So excited!

  325. Marie says:

    A diagram of the body, as well, with the muscles worked highlighted in a different color. Almost like the one on weighttraining.com! That would be immensely appreciated! 🙂

  326. Maggie says:

    I would love playlists! And a workout calendar. I don’t need to track specifics each time, but if I could just check off “yes, I worked out today”, that would be cool.

  327. Hannah says:

    I would definitely appreciate the app even more so if it had some indication of how many calories we were burning per video or workout! So excited! (:

  328. Jen says:

    Can’t wait for the app! Easy to access sections for the following 1) workouts grouped by body part/workout type 2) Meal/diet plans 3) recipies 4) workout calendar 5) workout logger/tracker 6) anything and everything else!

  329. Maegan Prakash says:

    I was hoping for blogilates or popilates on an app. Im delighted to hear its happening

    I just skipped the gym and was trying to do an hour of your popilates. It was difficult trying to either restart an exercise or load a new one.
    I would like to have this app be able to load and run your choice of videos for that day back to back without pausing. Like on YouTube favorites.

    Second I like your calendar on blogilates, but never really get to follow it.
    I would like to have my IPhone show me my calendar as a “plan”. Each day my plan will show up with recommended videos and they will be checked off when the videos are watched.

    I like your e-mails and Facebook challenges. A challenge a day would be nice to see. The video demonstration would it easier. I reread the one legged squat so many times trying to get an understanding on how to swing my leg, I gave up on even trying it.

    A chat board or forum with other popilate fans would be great to have. For the reason above trying to figure out an exercise, or get motivated, or sharing recipes or diet tips.

  330. Jen says:

    Different icons/groups to access the following: 1) Workout videos grouped by body part 2) Recipies 3) Diet plans 4) Food Tracker 5) Workout calendar and way to track what workouts we do for that day 6) Anything else that would make easy to get access to all my favorite things currently on the website!!!’

  331. Sophie says:

    I’d love a “location” filter that removes any workout that might be unsuitable for your workout space.
    For example, a “basement” filter would remove workouts that include burpies, because you just can’t jump when your ceiling is only door-high. Or, an “appartment” workout removes anything that relies on you thumping on the floor (because being a noisy neighbor is never good!).

  332. Stephanie says:

    I think it would be an awsome app if there was a way to track how many calories i burned when i do you videos. And also a food calorie tracker so its an all in one app!!!

  333. Kaitlin says:

    It should definitely have a workout playlist where you can add the work outs you want to do, almost like the youtube playlists. That way they just play right in a row for an awesome workout.

  334. Shelly H says:

    Hi Cassie!

    I’ve been following your workouts but this is my first time commenting (yay!) I think it would be great if you posted your monthly workout calendar on the app for easy access, and then for each type of workout, there would be a link to your latest video for that. Would also be awesome to allow people to set workout reminders/notifications on a regular basis so the app reminds us it’s time to work our booty!

    Can’t wait!

  335. Nichole says:

    There should be a playlist!

  336. Nichole says:

    It would be awesome if you added a workout logger!

  337. Nichole says:

    I think it should have a food tracker!

  338. Daphna says:

    A glossary (if you will) of all the different exercises and how to do them. if videos are available to illustrate how to properly do the exercises along with recommended reps, targeted body parts, etc.

    ability to browse (like you have on the site now) by body targeted area and develop routines (add a la carte exercises, do for X minutes, rest – maybe something along the lines of HIIT training) – check out Seconds app. Also checkout All-in YOGA HD for iPad – good ideas here.

    Access to the printables and monthly workout calendar.

    As much as possible that can be available without connecting to the internet would be nice (obviously not videos, but maybe an ability to store for when going to the gym would be cool). i personally store the printables in the photo app to have as reference at the gym.

    Eventually – down the road ideas – recipes, connecting to grocery lists (something you can partner with like ziplist). community features are nice – connect with other popsters locally, nationally etc.

  339. Candy says:

    The app should not only have a food diary, recipes and workouts, but ALSO a secret passcode protected photo diary of your progress. I always seem to forget to take a before, during and after picture. Another great feature would be a pre-made grocery list.

    Cant wait to see what this App will become!

    <3 Candy

  340. Skylar says:

    I think it’d be awesome for the app to have different work out routines where we’re provided with pictures of the moves and how many reps we should do of each move that way its convenient if we’re not working out at home or simply in a room without access to youtube.

  341. Mindy Huang says:

    Notif for your workout commands.

  342. Jenny says:

    Cassey, I see you’ve fallen into the Gangman style loop… 🙂
    Btw, lovin’ the app idea! I use the Nike Training Club app right now, but a Pop Pilates one would be even better!!

  343. marilyn says:

    I’d love for the app to be available on the kindle fire also. Gonna to get this app as soon as it comes out!!!

  344. Pri says:

    Oh my goodness. A Gangam Style workout would be HILARIOUS! Please do it! It should totes be a Pop Song Challenge! I think internet fame counts as pop, right?

    Anyway, the app sounds fantastic! I would love to see you integrate your fitness calendars into the app! That way, people don’t have to print them to customize them, and there’s no excuse for slacking! Maybe have a checklist function in the calendars, so that we can keep track of what we’re doing!
    And it would be really cool if we could share those calendars within a Blogilates community!

  345. adip says:

    wow! the app idea is so great. i cannot agree more with all the comments and great ideas from the popsters… the best idea would be, as some comments below, an app that would remind you that is time to workout and to be able to view more than one video, like a shuffle on your music ipad. everytime i workout, i try to combine at least 2-3 videos but i need to click on ea video at the time.

  346. Emily says:

    I’d want copies of workout calendars (old and new ones) and notifications when you posted a new video. 🙂

  347. Kasey says:

    Sorry, it cutoff before I could say my input. A food diary would be lovely. So would like daily affirmations/mini goals of the day would be awesome!

  348. Kasey says:

    I love this!!! I’m so excited for you Cassey! You are such a huge inspiration to me and you have completely changed my body (well you and running and clean eats of course ;). Your calender is something I adore, it definitely speaks to my Type A personality! 😉

  349. Natalie W says:

    What if you added little “post it notes” around the app that give us tips on good form, how to increase intensity/lower intensity, ext?

  350. Natalie W says:

    The app should have a “community” section where all the users can talk about what we are doing, recipes, ext!

  351. Natalie W says:

    I would love for the app to also have a food diary location!

  352. Natalie W says:

    I would love if the app could also we connected with the Weighttraining.com, so that once we do a video we have a “total calories burn” at the bottom!

  353. Natalie W says:

    You should make it where we can make our own “workout”, like click an “add video” button to any we want to do that workout and then when we press play, they play back to back!

    1. Melanie says:

      Yes I love this idea!! We could put our favourite leg workouts together so it plays constantly and we don’t have to have a long pause between workouts 🙂 and also I’m obsessed with the Gangnam style song too!!!

  354. Linda says:

    An App would be AWESOME!!! Let’s see, an app with your workout videos, recipes, calendar, and forum for people to chat. Maybe a calorie count or as you mentioned in another video, a journal to keep track of the food you eat each day. Maybe have the app be able to sync with your computer/laptop too!

  355. Audrey says:

    Hi Cassey!
    I’m super super super exited and hope our blogilates app will be released soon!!!!
    Thank you so much for all you doing for us!

    Few ideas…
    – diary meals (to calculate calories eaten each day)
    – diary measurements and weight (to see our progress)
    – diary workout ( to calculate calories burned) if it’s possible, know how many calories burned for every blogilates workout ( compared to our weight, size and sexe??) pleasssse!lol


    Audrey <3

  356. Meghan says:

    Okay, so funny! My friends were playing this video on Saturday night and I’m like what is Gangnam Style?? I can’t wait to get the new app!!

  357. Michelle says:

    Hey I was super excited to see that this would become an app! I know a lot of people have probably already said this but I would love to see the workout for the day or the choices that we have ( for example if we have to do an hour of cardio we can select cardio and it would show all of your cardio videos) same for abs, arms etc. also the meal for the day. I agree with many others for the fitness/ random tip of the day that would be cute :)! I’m so happy for this coming true for you I’m sure this app will be a success in no time! 🙂

  358. Kash says:

    Like others have said, an interactive calendar would be amazing. I’m looking forward to this because having quick access to the videos and having them organized the way that they are on the site would be helpful. The videos play better for me on YouTube as opposed to launching from the site, but I have trouble always finding the ones I want. Now I can take you to the gym with me!!

  359. Eva says:

    One thing that might be useful is an inspirational countdown timer. Like if you’re supposed to be doing Plank for a minute, ever 10-15 seconds something pops up telling you to keep going strong or something

    1. Melanie says:

      Love this idea!!

  360. Eva says:

    What I think would help me the most is diagrams of how to do certain work outs while at the gym. So you can just type in “Mountain Climbers” and step by step instructions on how to do the move correctly would pop up.

  361. Diaphanousqueen says:

    oh my god, I’m so looking forward your app! The thing I would like to be in it is map which can locate popsters so we could bump to each other if we would be in the same city (or part of city). That was the first and only thing that crossed my mind but I’m gonna think about more, promise! Love you Cassey, bye

  362. Gejessie says:

    Defintly a calendar to track workouts. Video categorized based on target areas and bonus workouts that are rewarded for keeping on track. Also, a general calories burned at the end of each workout and please let most of the content be accessible off line. Thanks for being inspirational and building such a positive popster community!

  363. Uyen says:

    Great idea! I agree with all the comments regarding fitness aspects (alerts, calorie counting, everything you already do, etc)…we’re all so excited for your new app! Maybe you could set up a popup every day we open the app with a fun fitness tip/fact of the day/message from Cassey! We all definitely love hearing from you 🙂

  364. Sammy says:

    This sounds awesome! Please make the app for Windows Phone and Android as well as iPhones (I have a windows phone, and I HATE missing great apps)

    Also, maybe make a calorie counter or meal swaps/recipes available on the app?

  365. Megan says:

    Very excited! Your app definitely needs to stay fun and cutesy like everything else you do. I think there needs to be a way to directly purchase clothing/accessories from the app <3 I haven't gotten a shirt yet, because I'm kinda nervous it won't fit yet. Maybe I'll get the giveaway shirt… **wink wink** 😀

  366. Christine says:

    Ideas for healthy food would also be great-recipes and such. I have no idea on how to eat healthy so I appreciate ALL the help I can get!

  367. Barbara says:

    Calendar feature with ability to track workouts & calories burned. It would be really awesome if we could do live chat sessions with you as well! Definitely add the shopping cart feature too! 🙂 Good Luck!

  368. Christine says:

    Hi!! It would be nice to be able to save your workouts. [ for ex..]If I do 1 cardio 1 hiit and 1 pilate-there would be a way to save them to Tues Wednesday and Friday. So I could plan a whole month of workouts to follow. Also if you incorporated YOUR calendar and changed it up every month so someone could just follow that. AND pretty pretty please with cherries on top (I know you love those cherries!!!) let there be beginner -intermediate-advanced!!!! Some of us are not quite that strong YET!!! 🙂
    Oh and goals would be terrific!

  369. Robyn says:

    This is so exciting! I think workout notifications would be great. I also think a workout calendar where we could keep track of our workouts would be nice.

  370. Amber says:

    Oh i was also wondering how the mobilates choreography is going on and if you have any more details about it ? <3

  371. Monnie lynn says:

    First off…..Awesome idea!!!
    The app should have target area workouts, cardio, and recipes! songs too if possible 🙂
    Can’t wait to get the app!

  372. Helen says:

    PLEASE DO A WORKOUT VIDEO TO “GANGNAM STYLE.” Hahaha, I’m addicted, too!

    As for the app, I would like to see the amount of calories burned for each exercise.

  373. Amber says:

    Hii 🙂 im so exited that you’re doing this! I’d been thinking about this for a while now ! Yeah, so i have a little thing you should do for the app. You should install a button that when you click on it, it gives you a random workout command, like if you only have a short amout of time and you wanna do something but you don’t know what! We all love when you give us workout commands, so why not make it unlimited? Anyways, good luck with everything, i hope this inspires you <3 love youu

  374. Ilene says:

    OMG I love this app idea!!!!!! It’s so smart. Will this also be available on iPods? Like the iTouch 3 or something. Haha Gangnam Style….anyway, you should totally put on healthy snacking tips, like the banana pancakes and what not on there. Also, it would be cool if we got push notifications for workout commands and new challenges. I’m so excited for it!

  375. Samantha says:

    I am SOOOOO super excited about the Blogilates APP!!! I have an iPhone, so these are features I would LOVE to see! 🙂

    1. Notifications when you post a new vid to your Blogilates site or Blogilates TV channel 🙂
    2. Allow users to “like” and share via pinterest/facebook/instagram etc.
    3. Allows users to search workout videos by target area
    4. Allow users to mark videos/blogs as “favorites” so that they have an easy way to search their favs (even though i might just end up making ALL your posts my favs 🙂 haha
    5. Maybe like a community area where popsters can communicate with each other and connect by location?? that would be awesome 🙂

    Thanks again for everything you do Cassey, your videos and energy always put me in a good mood and you are such an inspiration! Love you!

  376. Nicole says:

    How exciting! I just want to reiterate what others have already said: please make the app available for Android devices too! I would love a library of videos that we can select from or even podcasts of workouts. It would also be cool if you can integrate your workout calendar with our personal calendars. 🙂

  377. Emily Werner says:

    It should have total calories burned for each workout and it should be able to be in the notifications so it can remind you of the workout for the day I you are signed up for the Calander of the month. This would help stay on schedule. 🙂 so excited!!

  378. cindy says:

    MAKE IT AVAILABLE ON WINDOWS PHONE. Ohmygosh, please .___. I would love you waaaayyy more. 😀

  379. Sam says:

    Will this only be for iPhones? I would love it for Android! But workout commands are a great idea!

  380. Sofhia says:

    In regards to the App, I think it should include how many cals you burn for each of your workouts. I also think you should include workout command notifications or something –that would be cool.

  381. Hi Cassey!

    I love this idea! Hopefully your app will be for android as well, if not that’s ok I have an ipad too. I would love to see your monthly fitness calender, recipes, all of the workout videos and your playlist. 😉

    Can’t wait!

  382. Rachel says:

    Things I would TOTALLY love to see:
    *on Android (so I can use it!)
    *search for routines/exercises by target area
    *choice between videos or worksheet style view
    *”Cassey’s friendly workout reminders” (i.e. – get moving alarms!)
    *official Blogilates community forums? :O
    *way to set and track goals

  383. Alyssa says:

    I think u should have organized sections of like leg workouts arms thighs back shoulders ect. And how many calories the workout burns thnx I love ur workout they are so inspiring thanks to u I’ve lost 30 lbs!!!!!

  384. Sofhia says:

    I’m so excited because I am getting an IPhone 4S very soon so I will able to have this APP on my phone! aahh!!! And you should TOTES do a workout to this song just bc its so upbeat and it will probably be one of the few vids you’ve made with this music genre.

  385. Kylie says:

    OH OH OH!!! omg i have an AWESOME idea! 😀 u ready for this!!!!….

    ******* u kno how u like to talk threw your pilaties videos? like your bikini contest and u talked about it in your butt workout!! ya..hope ya’ll arnt confused! lol but u should do some recordings or u talking about WUT EVER so that we can play um when we run! i LOVE when u talk thew the workouts cuz it def takes my mind off the pain! also makes it go faster. ur so fun n outgoing i LOVE to hear wut u have to say! 🙂

  386. I loved the K-POP video! A workout video would be cool, especially with the fast beat.

    Definitely upload the calendar to the app for sure! I would love that! Maybe in the future, it could also be one of those dual apps that one app works on iPad and iPhone?
    You’re AMAZING Cassie!!! <3

  387. Aud says:

    Lastly, in regards to nutritional, in the app there should be like a nutritional calculator.
    For example, protein grams included in a piece of chicken.

    Although it’s easy to find online it’s nice to have it in an app that probably tracks your work and progress.

    This app sounds fun!!

  388. Jami Moss says:

    Woohoo!! I would LOVE an app! I want it give a “daily recommended” line up of videos.

  389. Jaq Muller says:

    This will be my can’t live without app… I can’t wait. My idea is centred around FOOD! It’s why I exercise so I can eat! And being a vegetarian I love all your vegan/vegetarian recipes. It would be great to have your recipes and perhaps a grocery list so when I am at the supermarket I can easily access the ingredients list! Also a thought about the pop up notifications for exercise commands, for those of us who live in other countries if we can set the app for the country we are in so that the exercise command doesn’t come through at 3 in the morning. I love you Cassey but not that much!!

  390. Kaz says:

    I’m going to echo some other replies and say PLEASE make the app available on Android, too!

    I would also love having the workout calendar on the app – and maybe we can check off what we do? What can I say? I like ticky boxes. Also, being able to access the videos on the phone from the app would be great – or even set up a ‘playlist’ of videos to run consecutively (or repeating one video for the cardio and HIIT) – I don’t know if that’s even possible, but it would be great if it was!

    Thank you SO much!

  391. Kirby Foote says:

    I would love to have a challenges button. An easy access to getting quick very difficult Pilates moves. I like to challenge co-workers, friends, family and even my boyfriend to your quick challenges, but sometimes it takes me a while to find them. Looking forward to the app!

  392. Madison says:

    I’d love to have access to a workout calendar on the app where I can keep track of what workouts I do each day. A really good motivator could be to give us a place on the app to encourage each other! Either way, I’m super excited for the app and can’t wait to download it once it’s released!

  393. Aud says:

    The app should also have how to’s on like squats, planks, lunges, etc.

    As well as nutritional items like how to eat properly

  394. Aud says:

    I think that the app should have your workout commands, like timing them throughout the day!

  395. Chelsea Beck says:

    I would love to have an index of all the blogilates workouts in one place organized by type or target area. With the duration marke of course! Thanks!

  396. Shar says:

    Workout commands on random, illustrated moves (like the printouts), workout calendar, video clips, and recipes!!! Especially if there’s no way of getting internet access, that would be amazing!!!

  397. Stacy Johnson says:

    Wow you are soooo amazing and inspiring!!! I love you so much and it’s so amazing that you are always putting your followers first and really taking them into consideration! I almost don’t want you becoming super famous because I like feeling like I have a personal trainer 😛 But anyways this is epic! I think that you should have like recipes for eating healthy and maybe just substitutes of different foods. Or maybe things to do when you do splurge and uncover the hidden secrets of certain foods like what is actually bad and good for you! Maybe little motivational sayings too to keep us going because I loooove when you talk to us like in your videos! Thank you so much Cassey and please don’t forget you Android market!!!!

  398. Kylie says:

    music!!! like if we wanna go for a run n have some awesome tunes u use! or ur totally awesomesauce mashups u have if we wanna do one of ur print outs we got some good beats to listen to! 😀

  399. Jessica says:

    I find fitness apps that allow me to track my workouts/reps/weights/etc along with body composition are extremely useful. Also to have all of your tips and ideas on one app would be great – so include workouts/recipes/store/blog etc. This will be great because I can utilize this app while I am on my lunch break for a quick mid-day beat the mid-day lunch coma workout!

  400. Neelofar Shaik says:

    Heyy 🙂
    I think you should have all ur videos in them but all organized according to body parts! With that we shud get the calories for it…also this should be where we can write out calories! A category of healthy nutritions where u post ur recipes cuz I absolutely loved that pancake recipe! It shud also have ur clothes so we can buy it from there! Also the most important thing…it HAS TO BE FREEEE 🙂

  401. Leah says:

    Workout notifications! Like for example when you post “twenty push ups…go!” on Facebook/twitter etcetera it would do that randomly on the app (: caaaant wait for this ap!

    1. Jami Moss says:

      Great suggestion!!

  402. Chloe says:

    FIrst awesome idea. I think we should be able to count our calories of the food bites and of other also the calorie we lose in a blogilates workout . We should set bit not only about our weight but also on our bad eating habits like let say someone is
    Always eating cookies it should be his goal to reduce his intake. If thier could be a forum where we could chat with popsters to male more mativating that is pretty it

  403. Linda says:

    I love that song! It would be awesome to have a workout to it…maybe even learn the dance? haha.
    I’m excited for the app!!! I think it would be great if it had the videos you made, recipes, a way to keep track the type of exercises I did and for how long so that I can see how many calories I’m burning, an “inspiration board”/”goal board”. Maybe we could somehow set up a calendar where we can choose which videos we plan to do for each day of the week, and there’ll be pop-up reminders to remind us to do them! And messages of inspiration of course. Like “tip of the day” sort of thing. 🙂

  404. Caroline says:

    I think you should have it set up kind of like your website! It’s so easy to use and find what you are looking for. I definitely think you should have the work outs, some recipes, quick tips/health facts, etc. I think it’d be cute if you had a like “Cassey’s Daily Optimism” or something like that, where every day you’d put a quote or something you feel like makes you happy and motivated to help some of us out and keep us motivated to eat clean and work out everyday! Your optimism and motivation really helps in your videos so I think it’d be cute and very beneficial to have it on the app for all of us Popsters! Thanks so much for everything you do! You’re beautiful and I’m very excited for the app!! 🙂

  405. Kylie says:

    your commands to randomly pop up on the phone with a vid of u tellin us what to do n show us how to do it! 😀

  406. Melissa says:

    I think whatever you do will be awesome, another way to access blogilates, what more could we want?!. But please please please remember Android users and release to both platforms because so many apps just ignore Android and we are a HUGE market so please don’t forget about us xxx <3

  407. Bella says:

    You should also somehow put like an alarm or push notifications or something to remind to people to work out! Or when you upload a new video! I hope you read this!! Cause I cant wait!!!!

  408. Ashlee says:

    i love all of your videos and tips!! keeps me motivated!

  409. ESMERALDA GOMEZ says:

    OMG yes this video rocks!! Congrats on the app! Yes would love to see this happen for you can’t wait!

  410. Bella says:

    Ahhh I am SO excited for this app! I bookmark your website and put it as an “app” on my phone! Haha!

    For your app, I think you should do it very similar to your website. For example, you should put on your workout calendar, workouts and meal plans! Also, you should put up your youtube videos!

  411. madeleine says:

    You should make people write why they are doing this, what are their goals upon downloading, and have it as a constant reminder somewhere in the app. Maybe have a fitness move of the day that we should try to do a certain amount of reps on throughout the day?

  412. Linné says:

    You should even have a category for recipes!:)

  413. Danielle says:

    OMG! Cassie I am so excited for you! This is BIG BIG BIG! I can’t believe it’s finally going to happen! [Okay, freak out over… onto the ideas]

    Alright!!! Blogilates App could include fitness plans with photos for demonstrations or a video demonstration or use your YouTube vids!!

    It could also have meal plans or photos of foods that you love or are great for clean eating [which i’m trying to start doing this week (for real this time)].

    Also, Please find a way to include your fashion and your AWESOME posts. Bascially, if you could make a mini-mobile version of this website into an app, you couldn’t go wrong.

    Again, I am a million times super duper excited for you. 🙂 And I can’t wait to get this thing on my phone!

  414. Camille says:

    MAKE IT AVAILABLE ON ANDROID! PWWWWEEEEEESE?! I have an android and a lot of the awesome apps aren’t available on Android.

  415. Kendall says:

    Hey Cassey! I was thinking about this recently and I am super excited to get your new app. I’d LOVE to be able to access all of blogilates from one place- the blog, the videos, the shop, on the app- I like the ideas for having your own profile and a way to track workouts and log calories burned! This whole thing will really enhance the community and support system that helps all of us push and reach our goals- it’d be nice to have some way to log our personal goals on the app as well- and maybe some pop-up workout reminders and inspiration! For example, everyday before every meal I have a reminder that goes off on my phone with something inspirational like – ‘eat clean!’ or ‘lose weight it’s all in your control!’ etc …etc this has helped me stay on track and refreshes me on my goals so I choose good food options. …Can’t wait to get the app!

  416. lilly says:

    i love the song!!! its so crazy and fun!
    the app idea is so great… for sure have fitness videos and recipies and the workout calender. i mean just like the facebook you can almost do everything on the phone as on the computer, you should do that

  417. Kylie says:

    OMG OMG OMGEEEEEEEEEEE!!! i cant even begin to tell u how STOKED i am to see this app!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 i almost peed my pants! lol im gunna LOVE this app! You should most DEF have one of those step counters on it! like one of those things u hook to ur pants n it counts how many steps u took! thatd be neat! or how many miles u walkd/ ran! ONCE again…CANT wait! hope its soon! when it does come PLZ let us kno!! and wut its calld!!! <3 you!!

  418. Katrina Valdes says:

    Track weight progress 🙂

    Also make sure it is both iPad and iPhone compatible !

  419. Linné says:

    And then with the world map and when you click on a certain country, people can add pictures of themselves and you can see who they are 🙂 ,

    There should be a messaging system where we can personally contact you if that’s ok and you’re not too busy 🙂

    You should upload videos on the app say every Friday and ask fitness related questions and whoever get’s the answers right earns points on the app and when accumulate enough you can get a Train Insane top or something:) oh and the cateogry can be called..” Cassey’s POPQuiz”

  420. Trinity Rodriguez says:

    We should be able to mix and match workouts with background music. Like, today I want to work my booty, but I want to listen to Taylor Switft, not Beyonce, etc.
    This is phenomenal! 🙂 🙂

  421. Keeley R says:

    The app should include something to keep track of our progress through journal entries or pictures or data or anything!!

  422. Alicia says:

    You should have recipes and motivational quotes too! And maybe a calorie counter and have it so it can connect to the calendar and send reminders!

  423. Linné says:

    OOooooh I just thought of something! how about if you have a world map on your app and then people can click on their country and little red dots will appear on the map and you can more accurately see who’s following you :)!

  424. Alexis says:

    You should definitely have workout commands that pop up like text messages to keep us exercising throughout the day!

  425. Rashmi says:

    Congrats Cassey! Now we can always be in the loop. Always. *Insert Stalker Girlfriend Meme Here*

  426. Alicia says:

    You should definitely make it so that we can make a profile of some sort and we can log the workouts when we finish so it calculates how many calories we burn based on weight. You should also have videos of all the workouts. You should totally have some sort of way that all us POPsters can connect and share out weightloss and fitness journys!

  427. Andrea says:

    I think this is amazing and I have some ideas.
    1. Daily motivational quotes
    2. All your videos and they can be updated weekly
    3. Calorie counter so we know how many calories we burn with your workouts
    4. Recipes
    5. Make it free pretty please or at least no to expensive

    I love you btw and good luck with your project

  428. Kiersten says:

    Don’t forget about all the people with blackberries and windows phones! 🙂 I have a blackberry and definitely do not want to miss out on this app!

  429. Kathy L says:

    There should be a way to choose which part of your body you want to focus on/work out. And a way to track what you’ve done on what days!

  430. Mabel says:


  431. Michelle says:

    Yay! getting reminders through calender would be so helpful with links to the workout from the notification. I also love the point system idea and maybe get like a discount code or something for merchandise once you hit a certain level.

  432. theoni says:

    This is an amazing idea!!! Please please make it available for BB users!! (Not all of us have an Iphone/Android) I think all the ideas everyone has posted are great!! Definitely do some sort of a workout calendar, I tore my quadricep and slowly recovering and this is something for me to look forward too when I’m 100%!!! Thanks!!

  433. Farrah says:

    Heyyy Cassey!! You should have features on your app that are similar format to your website also a video of the day for the workout calendar. <3 <3

  434. Morgan says:

    I’d really like some way to make workout “playlists” of some sort… to save combinations of blogilates videos that we like to do together so that we can just pull that list up on our phone easily & don’t have to dig!

  435. Linné says:

    Hi Cassey!

    I think you should have a bunch of categories in the app :

    – have a competition category
    – have a community category where people can talk about blogilates!
    -have a separate section section for your abs workouts, legs, booty etcccc:)

  436. Tina says:

    The fitness app I use right now keeps a history of my workouts and also lets me share my workouts to Facebook and Twitter. It also tells me how many calories I burned.

  437. Yuni says:

    The app idea is amazing!!!!!!
    It would be a good idea to have features of the app without having to use internet all the time for those of us who are in the touch ipod.
    It would be nice to be able to record what we have done.
    Set up goals and keep track of how we are keeping up with these goals.

  438. Erin says:

    Recipes broken down into breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Workout videos broken down into categories of body parts and songs 😉

    Calorie tracker, where you can also put calories burned (see myfitness pal app)

    Progress tracker (weight and measurements)

    Friend request and community for motivation to include basic progress but also maybe post photos that we can comment on (instagram like)

    What do you think about a “playlist” section that you share weekly (provide a playlist suggestion based on length of workout, ie playlist for 30 minute run or 45 minute elliptical or 60 minute weights)

    Store section for clothes (both for sale and items of the week that you like)

    Additional resources (sites you are digging)


  439. Sarai says:

    I think having your great recipes and tips would be amazing on there, along with your videos definitely having them organized so you can plan what to work on what days. Daily tips on the app would be so helpful and maybe a playlist feature where you put your song picks with you talking and keeping us motivated. Can’t wait to see it come out!

  440. Stephanie says:

    Hey Cassey!
    First off I’d like to tell you how much you have impacted my life. I’m currently a senior in college and like most college students I put on the “freshmen 15.” Thanks to you and your amazing blog have lost twelve lbs this past summer. I’m so glad you are getting an app. I agree with the other posters that alerts would be great. Also if you could format the app to have a section specially for the challenges!

  441. Megan R says:

    I have a few good ideas for the app!

    1. Make it so you can use it on any basic smartphone. Apple, Android, etc.
    2. Make it free *pretty please?*
    3. Put on either videos, gifs, or images of workouts.
    4. Make sure to include a good estimate of how many calories the work out burns
    5. Let us log our daily work out or calorie intake, and have weigh-in dates and features.
    6. Maybe put in some ideas for meals and healthier alternatives to things we eat throughout the day.

  442. Tiffany O. says:

    I’m stoked about the Blogilates App! I admire your workouts, try them out as they come and have already lost over 40 lbs! 🙂 Once I’m at a comfortable weight, my goal is to wear one of your sexy tops for which I think are amazing!

    Thanks for being an inspiration!

  443. Lynanne says:

    I agree gotta have the ability to calculate the calories burned especially for those of us who use a food log and need to enter our cals burned! Love the app idea

  444. Jessica P. says:

    i would love this app to tell you how many calories you should eat and burn!

  445. Irene Mejía says:

    This app will be available for Blackberry? Answer me please!

  446. Allison says:

    i would love to see your workout calenders on there and then just click on the link to the workout u tell us to do lol. and something to track what your eating would be nice.

  447. Amanda Reynolds says:

    Can’t wait for this app! What about an “alarm” feature where we set it to go off at whatever time in the morning. Instead of a ringtone or buzz, it’s YOU waking us up, telling us to go workout! I would love that! haha

  448. Vitoria says:

    The workouts could have just your voice with really great instructions so that we can use it without necessarily having to look at the ipod/iphone (or whatever) with motivational phrases and in case someone doesn´t know how to perform a specific exercise there would be a video link .
    It would be great if the app had after x min of exercising rewards. For exemple a recipe, or a song to add to a playlist that gets bigger and bigger so that we can listen to it while working out or fitness tips. The rewards can vary 😉
    Thanks in advance for the app 🙂 and good luck with it 🙂 yay

  449. Christine says:

    I would love to see an interactive calendar on the app, so you can not only see the calendar workout for the month, but put in what workouts you did for that day and keep track of how well you did. This app sounds like it’s going to be great, Cassey!

  450. Becca says:

    I think it would be great to have a random workout feature. Like, if you shake it, it would pop onto a different workout each time!

  451. Uyen says:

    Great idea! I agree with the comments about alerts reminding us to alter our workout routines…it’s so cool that you finally have your own app! Or a popup every time we open the app with a fun fitness tip/fact of the day/message from Cassey! We all definitely love hearing from you 🙂

  452. Dominica Zdonek says:

    I think there should be a daily inspiration phrase or other ways to keep everyone motivated

  453. Jemima says:

    This. Looks. Amazing. Thanks so much for your hard work and dedication to your humble followers :’) AND YES, please do a video with gangnam style!! I will do it everyday for a month if this comes out! Yeeeee cant wait!

  454. Kristina says:

    Another cool feature would be having a video with animations of how to do the moves and be able to feed your own music from your iPod through the app!

  455. Kristina says:

    I’d love to see a drop down list of areas you want to work out (like arms, legs, etc.) and then have the app select a workout for you based on which ones you put in. 🙂 I really like the idea for workout commands on Push notifications!

  456. Anna says:

    Omggg i cant waiit yo use this app! Itll be available for android rightt?!

  457. Melanie says:

    RECIPES! I love the recipes posted on the website. It would be great it there’s a way to search the receipes (ex: protein muffin) as well as be able to browse recipes (ex: snacks). Thanks & can’t wait!

  458. Ana Chaves says:

    Calories burned per workout… I second the recipes and workout commands… 🙂

  459. Christine Fore says:

    I love the app idea! What do put in it though…for sure a way to count the calories burned in a specific workout, a way to order clothes right on the app, and of course all your workouts in one handy place.

  460. Emma says:

    I second the workout command and recipes thing!! Perhaps also some sort of log where we can say what we’ve been working out and keep track of it (:

  461. Lexi says:

    I would love to see an alert everyday that syncs with your workout calenders, so I’m reminded to workout each day….and what to work out each day!!

  462. Katie says:

    This is such a great idea! I definitely think something to track daily food and calorie intake would be super helpful! And something that records daily burned calories alongside that would work to help us keep track and balance things out!

  463. Kat says:

    workout commoands and recipies vai an app!

  464. Lisa says:

    Workout calendar, definitely. With an option for creating my own, as well as one that you’ve created (like the monthly calendar). Reminders for those workouts would be great, and maybe a point system (like Fitocracy) whenever you complete a workout?

  465. Elizabeth Zink says:

    I would love to be able to track my daily food intake and workout. Also, I would to have your recipes and workouts uploaded so I can easily see what I need to do!

  466. Samantha says:

    I’d like to see a video suggestion part that everyone could scroll through and like their favorite suggestions. Then every month you could make a video of the top suggestion!

  467. Inga says:

    Community section!!!!

  468. Inga says:

    Pop up alerts (notifications) of new workouts!! Recipes!!!

  469. Dee Booth says:

    Can it shout your catch-phrases at me when I wake up as a reminder to get my training kit on, and not go straight to my laptop to start work?
    Also, it would be great if it could link in with my diary/calendar so that I can schedule training into my daily work schedule. Is that asking too much?

  470. Heather McAllister says:

    I love the Gangnam Style Song!! 🙂 You should totally do a workout to it!

  471. Stella says:

    I can’t wait for the app! I am a new comer, just found your site the other day & I am already committing to the calendar for September, I’m gonna sit down tonight & plan it all out! Yay =)

  472. Marie says:

    I think it would be fun to do a workout of the day that corresponds to the workout calendar for the month (i.e. if it’s a butt day and the suggested workout on the calendar is the Bikini Booty Thong workout, then that would show up when the app is opened). Additionally, motivational quotes of the day would be awesome in order to help POPsters stay focused! Finally, if there was a way to link some of the videos (maybe most watched/requested?) to the app, that would be AMAZING, because that might make it easier to do the workouts at the gym instead of waiting forever for YouTube to load! Good luck with developing the app, can’t wait to see what comes next! 🙂

  473. Liz says:


    it’s really awesome that the app is finally being developed.

    I would love to see other POPsters inspirational before and after pictures weekly or sth. Just to keep us inspired. But of course the workout calendar with suggested workouts would be lovely!

    With Love,

  474. Amber says:

    This is so AWESOME! I can’t wait. A daily workout reminder that corresponds to your monthly calendar would be great. Maybe the capability to share workouts with other Blogilates ladies would be nice too.

  475. Anna Marie says:

    Love the idea for a Gangnam Style workout. My friend sent that video to me (she’s studying in Hong Kong) and I absolutely love it! I showed it to my mom (who’s Korean) and she thought it was hilarious/she was a little confused, haha.

    So, for an app idea – what about logging in our meals and then seeing a graph/etc (similar to Spark People’s?) where they show you what % protein, carbs, fats you’re consuming and how much you should aim for? I found this really helps me when I’m plateauing, to understand my nutrition better (sometimes I feel I’m getting a lot of protein/calories in… and then after I log it in, discover that I’m actually deficient).

    Looking forward to all the great things to come!

  476. Gemma says:

    i would love to be able to workout my calory intake and then what i burn off. maybe there can be like a menu of foods and whatever you eat, you tick the box or whatever and then it will tell you how many calories you had that day 🙂 and maybe it can have like a workout timetable that we fill out and it reminds us what we want to do today. hope these help cassey! <3

  477. Gemma says:

    yay! a new app would be amazing 🙂 also i LOVE those shirts. i am constantly doing your workouts… i am addicted! xx

  478. Kaitlyn says:

    Being able to track what I have done that week would be nice to have in the app.

  479. Eileen says:

    I think an interactive aspect of the app where you can log your workout hours & meals would be nice

  480. Morgan says:

    Bahahaha!! Loved the Gangnam vid. Hilarious and catchy! Love for you to do a song workout on it.

    Speaking of song workouts: please don’t forget them in your app! I love mix and matching those to create my own workout.

    Can’t wait to see everything come together!

  481. Dainty says:

    A monthly calendar filled with suggested workouts would be really helpful as well as coordinating videos. Great to hear that there will be an app soon. Can’t wait!

  482. sandra says:

    YAAYY!! so excited for ur app!!!!

    would b awesssommme if there is a calorie counter for all ur workout vids/ food calorie tracker so we can see how much we’ve burned off exercising to ur vids
    i think a “random” option would b great too! like the app will generate a random list of vid workouts for u, sort of like how ipods have that little shuffle option to mix things up, make it so we just follow that list and be done!…theenn mebe a suggestion for a yummy healthy dessert afterwards as a reward xD

    gangnam style workout vid for suuuure!!! did not bother watchin the vid til i saw it on ur blog, so catchy!!

  483. Chelsea says:

    I think the app should focus on your workout videos with notification workout commands but also include a recipe and contest section.

    Hopefully, you can do one on multiple phone platforms, not just Apple.

  484. Lisa says:

    maybe a hiit-section, whith some set workouts (either just the name of the move or pictures) and a built in interval timer?
    uuh i am sooo locking forward to use this app!! 🙂

  485. TSAC says:

    OMG yes! It would be fantastic if you could string vids together on the app (so you don’t have to shuffle through and waste time).
    Lookin’ forward to it!

  486. Kanoe Fish says:

    Hi Cassey! I love your website!

    One of the most inspiring pieces of your videos is your motivational support – your upbeat, positive voice providing constant affirmation! I think it would be great to have a workout featured on an app that would require you watch it the whole time. Instead, it could have you narrating what moves we should be doing. That way we can focus on the exercise at hand, and, after an initial visual demonstration, workout without having to watch the screen on our gadgets!

  487. Ashley P says:

    This app sounds so exciting, can’t wait for it to come out! I would love if the app could have different workout categories (abs, legs, arms, thighs, full body, etc.) so you could easily choose a workout based on what part of the body you want to work that day. It would also be helpful to have a calendar to keep track of what workouts were completed on specific days.

  488. Dana C says:

    I think it would be really cool if the app could recommend a video of the day to do or remind us on what part of our body to work out to on that day for the workout calendar.

  489. Kelly says:

    I don’t have a smartphone – I liked the song – but I’m a HUGE J-POP fan 😀

  490. KJ says:

    I love the workout commands — the app should have something to alert us and help us keep track of how many we accomplish!

  491. Brit says:

    Can weigh and measure ourselves each month 🙂 stoked!!

  492. Brit says:

    Cassey, first of all, I would like to say I love you and blogilates!! I haven’t made it to the gym in almost a month (til today) and your website has helped me so incredibly much that this supr toned trainer-who is a chick-told me i have ‘such a flat stomach’ today!! And its all bc of u!!

    I unfortunately do not have apps on my phone, but I do have an idea or two. First, I agree with alot of the other popsters on the calendar thing, but I think it would be totally rad to be able to have a check off next to ur daily prescribed workout after completed. And be able to check off for 15 mins cardio and add whatever else we accomplish on that day. I also think different forums for people trying to lose weight, eat healthy, train for a 5k etc, etc. Secondly, I think it would be really neat if every month we could personalize our own calendara by uploading a pic we could place at the top each month to notice the changes we are making!! And lastly, I believe there also should be a monthyly ‘LOG IN’ here we

  493. Audrey says:

    I’m sure that anything that you put on the app would be great, but I just have one idea!! I don’t know if this is possible, but could the app not have to be connected to the internet to work??? Thanks:)

  494. Yalda says:

    Gangnam Style is so catchy! Cardio dance workout, maybe? 🙂

  495. Orsoly says:

    Hey!:) I’d love if you uploaded all your vids with deatailed description (like how many calories you burn and which muscles the workout targets etc) and there should be a way for us to create workouts for ourselves by picking different exercises and mixing them together (maybe also the same with some meals to make our mealplans). A calorie counter would also be useful to include, to help us stay on track. Besides, I do love the idea of “special treats” (vids or recipies) that we could unlock if we exercise ‘x’minutes (so that the more we exercise the more we work out, the more “treat vids/recipies” we unlock or something..). Oh, and an opportunity for interactive healthy recipie and music sharing would be pretty awesome.:)

    I adore you for what you do to us!:)) You’re such an inspiration!!:)

  496. Tanja says:

    Hi Cassey,

    I love some suggestions already made like :
    -get recommandations for wich workout to do next
    – select workouts for specific body parts or the setting (like Fel suggested “Gearing up for the weekend”)
    – the point system, something where you can unlock special content as you progress
    – colorful and reflecting your peppy attitude 😀

    It would be also great if there was a section where you can
    – soak up motivation / inspirational quotes 🙂
    – get healthy recipes/grocery list
    – something to personalise the whole experience,where you can track your progress

    I’m so excited about the app ! 🙂

    1. Anna Marie says:

      Love all of this! Great ideas! 🙂

  497. Rocelia Iniguez says:

    This maybe wishful thinking lol but this is what would be great, calorie counter, exercise planner and/or log, meal planner.. quick easy recipes that could be added right to the counter, suggested workouts for each day of the week (workout planner) ohhhhh a workout playlist (that would be soooo fabulous!!)

  498. Joelle says:

    I would love to be able to track my running miles, and calories eaten, and also get updates from you with on-command workouts and motivational quotes. I’m pretty sure I’d love anything you put together 🙂

  499. Erin says:

    Omg I’m so excited you’re going to do this! I always want to do your workouts on my iPad when I’m at the gym in that big group exercise room with all the mirrors but there’s no wireless at the gym so I always have to wait for the youtube videos to load on my iPhone. It would be awesome if you could have them somehow already downloaded onto the device along with the app but I know that might make the app take up tons of memory. Maybe somehow we could download just the videos that we needed for the day from the app then we could take our tablets or phones wherever we wanted and we wouldn’t have to worry about having the internet.

    I also think it would be awesome to have the videos searchable in a variety of ways. First how you put them on blogilates.com, by body part then cardio and HIITS. Then maybe by the workout calender schedule so as soon as you go onto the app, if we’re following your monthly workout routine, we would see what videos you suggest we do that day. I also think having them in order of max to min calories burned would be totally convenient! Then we could decide which videos to do based on how tough of a workout we wanted that day. Along with that if the app could show us how many calories we burned in total from selecting different videos that would be really helpful.
    Sometimes I don’t look on blogilates.com or look at my youtube digest so I miss some of your new videos. I think it’d be really nice to have a new video section on the app too, along with a most popular section.

    Again I’m so excited that you’re going to do this! Can’t wait

    1. Erin says:

      If a different inspirational fitness quote came up on the screen everytime the app was loading that would be totes cool too!

  500. Tina says:

    Creating an app is such a great idea! I would really love to know how many calories I burn with your workouts. And maybe have a calendar where I can not only see which workouts to do, but to be able to see how often I trained in the past, which workouts I did, how long I worked out, how many calories I burned etc. That would be great!
    Love your blog, you are such an inspiring person! Yesterday it was my 8th week doing your videos, I’m so proud of myself! I didn’t do any sports before and was so unhappy with myself. You made me a whole new person. Thank you so much, I love you Cassey. I really do.
    Greetings from Germany

  501. Anneli says:

    1. YEEAH! You + Gangnamstyle = WOW!!
    Need it now pls! :)))
    2. App? Would be super fun!!!
    What I would like is all of your videos of course in categories like abs, hiit and well you understand, recipes, workout calender, somewhere to write my own workouts and results, how many calories the workouts burn, being able to share faceboook etc.

    Sorry about my english. Might be big mistakes 😛 Guess you understand anyway.

  502. Clare says:

    You should have different sections like workouts, recipes and maybe even motivational quotes? You should also be able to customize your workout so you can choose a few videos then it plays them all one after another. Can’t wait to download this app!

  503. heather says:

    ahhhh i am so excited about the app! you should def have a spot for some motivational quotes 🙂 can’t waittttt

  504. Wiktoria says:

    I already love the idea of making an app, because I’ve been looking it up for soooo long, checking if it has appeared in some magical way in the app store, but now one of my dreams will come true!
    I think it will be cool if You put the recipes in the app! So it wouldn’t have to require internet connection ; )
    What also would be great are your workouts divided in like 5 mins, 5-10 mins, 10-15 mins, 15 + mins, because I don’t always have the time to do some longer workouts and then I have to search them by time 😉

  505. Courtney says:

    I think the app should include all the section the site does (if that’s possible). The workout videos (of course) and the recipes. It would be cool to maybe have sometime of calorie counter included in the app. A forum type section or being able to comment on the recipes or workouts would help keep everyone connected and informed on what’s going.

    Also, the blogilates shop (clothing, tanks) could be included in the app. A one stop shop for everything blogilates! 🙂

  506. Sophie says:

    I love this idea!!!!
    Could you please create app for android too?

    Concerning features why not something like ” what part of your body do you want to workout today ?” and some video links corresponding.

    Sorry for my english, I’m a French girl….

  507. Sarah says:

    if this app happens i will certainly be investing in a smart phone! i would love if for the app to give moves that focused on certain body parts. And something to track my prgress would be awesome! obviously my body keeps track of how good/bad im doing, but being able to see it all somehow on an app would be great :). so excited for this app! good luck!!

  508. Angelina says:

    You should definitely include a section with all of your motivational quotes! ie Train insane or remain the same. I love having the mantras to repeat to myself when I need the extra push!

  509. Kairos says:

    An app sounds totally exciting!!

  510. Sabrina says:

    Iphone and Ipad friendly, ability to track exercises, ability to track calories burned.

  511. Fel says:

    The music app “songza” has a great model; they believe in “playing the right music at the right time.” And for Blogilates, it’s “doing the right workout, at the right time, for the body part you want to work”. So maybe a feature that’s like, “It’s Friday morning–do you want a workout for: Getting ready for the day? Gearing up for the weekend? Dance party? Killing your thighs?”

    Excited for this!!

  512. Marissa says:

    omg.. this video.. can’t stop watching. It cracks me up!

  513. Sahar says:

    an interesting and useful feature would be the ability to do a “quickie” workout! or something that would give us alerts of the workout commands! 😀

  514. Laura says:

    Hey Cassey, One of the main reason I love Blogilates is your infectious positive attitude! I would love there to be some kind of ‘Motivation slump quick-fix’ – I often have a look at your blog or watch one of your vids if I get in from work and thing ‘Urgh, I’d much rather sit at watch TV and eat cake than work out’ to perk me up and inspire me to get up and exercise. It would be great if there was some way to access a little daily motivational piece of info or short video. I duno, something like “People who do 45mins of cardio 5 times a week can live up to 5 years longer! Now get out and go for a run!”.
    Can’t wait to see what you come up with! Good luck!
    Laura x

  515. Sahar says:

    maybe an app that tracks and accounts for how far you run! that would be awesome!

  516. Sahar says:

    make the recipes accessible through the app too!

  517. Sahar says:

    one feature could just be a list of a bunch of moves! they can be organized by category, like abs, legs, glutes, arms, etc, that way if you’re somewhere where the wifi or internet is slow and you cant load the videos, you can just see the moves! similar to the printable workouts!

  518. Sahar says:

    oooh! maybe the ability to create a playlist of workouts, so we can create and plan our own workouts and access and view them in one continuous workout!

    1. Anneli says:

      Oh! Great idea!!

  519. Sahar says:

    the app should have a feature that allows us popsters to track the calories we’re burned! similar to that website that the workouts are linked too! it’ll be more convenient!

  520. Summer says:

    An app would be totally awesome ! I’d definitely download it !
    I thought about something like a “point counter” and, basically, every time you do a workout you get points and when you reach a certain amount of point, you can win an exclusive video workout (like one that isn’t on the blogilates/blogilatesTV/livestrongwoman channel) or even some other thing, like an exclusive recipe or an exclusive workout printable.
    Not sure if it’s a good idea though, because it would take some more work but I thought I should share it, just i case…
    (and sorry if anybody proposed anything similar, I didn’t read the previous comments)

  521. Emily says:

    That is sooo exciting! I just got a smartphone so I too am unfamiliar with all the things apps can do. Maybe if you could have your workout calendar be part of the app, so when you get on, depending on what day it is, it will suggest videos to do for a specific body part and cardio or hiit videos and will also tell you how long to do them for. This is so awesome. I am really happy for you and for the whole blogilates community!

  522. Jessica says:

    Would there be a way to use the app on a Mac computer? I have a Mac laptop, but no smart phone (and probably won’t be getting one for a while). And I’m always in for more Pop Pilates! 😉

    I’ve had my eye on the Train Insane shirts!

  523. Elina says:

    well .. It is really good idea. I would be able to see all the news on my mobile.
    I’m wondering, would it be difficult to make a program where i can:
    make my own exercise schedule where i could choose what part of the body I want to train, how long, how many times would repeat and how many calories burned. and to make no mistakes in calculations, at the end i could marked all exercise I have already done. Visually appealing would be if I could marked certain parts of the body on a person’s silhouette which contains muscles i want to train. it would be much more interesting.
    and it would be much more easy not to turn on my computer every time i want to train like a beast. 😀 but i could do exercises with you, Cassey, anywhere (even at public place 😀 well..it would be weird..) if only i have a phone with me..
    wow… so hard to write all my thoughts in different language.. 😀 i have mistakes but hope you will understand!

  524. Amber says:

    I’d love the option to have access to all the videos and printables in “offline” use. I don’t have a smartphone or internet on my cell phone, but I do have an iPod Touch and can use the internet as long as I’m in a Wifi area. I’d love to be able to workout with your videos when I’m at the gym, on the beach, or any other area instead of having to be confined to certain areas because of my lack of internet access. Also, I’d love to be able to track workouts, food intake, calories, and even have a way to know which workout videos I’ve done and which ones I still need to do.

  525. Taylor Ann says:

    I think we should be able to select (literally check off) different work outs (whether they be a video, print out, etc) and then it’ll suggest how much many more workouts we should do in order to burn x amount of calories based on our weight, height, diet, and exercise plan. We should enter our information and have those crazy formulas tell us exactly how much we need to burn. Through that maybe we should have suggested videos? Also there should be a diet/recipe section and of course a Q&A section.

  526. Allison says:

    I think having a weekly “Grocery List” section of the app would be amazing. Recipes could be posted weekly, and then everyone can get the supplies they need for the week straight from the app. (Making a special vegetarian list would be greatly appreciated too! :D)

  527. Heather says:

    A workout calendar and nutrion tips would be great. Also the ability to log/track workouts

  528. Jessica says:

    It would be really cool if the amount of calories burned for each exercise was listed as well as the difficulty and “sweat level” for each workout.

  529. Callie says:

    Hi Cassey!!
    I’m so excited for a blogilates app!! 🙂
    I would love to have:
    -a recommendations section where you could put workouts that you think work well together
    – A personal page for the user to track their eating and different exercises
    – i want the app to reflect your AWESOME and ALWAYS PEPPY attitude because that’s half of what keeps me coming back to your videos! 🙂 (plus they are totally fun and intense workouts that are good for me!)
    I love love love your blog and i think an app is such a good idea!!
    Thanks for always making my day great and healthy!!

  530. Sarah Z says:

    1. Daily commands as a popup notification
    2. Daily inspiration quote to keep us motivated
    3. Love the points system idea that others have mentioned.
    4. Monthly workout calendar on the app.

    Good luck

  531. That is so nice to hear that you wanted to work with someone because they seemed genuine and truly caring. This is so exciting! It would be great to have recommended workouts/plans to follow because sometimes it is so difficult to choose what videos to play next.
    And welcome to the world of kpop! This video especially is hilarious and the song is so catchy and upbeat, I already have this song in my workout playlist x)

  532. Cait says:

    There should be daily healthy recipes and workouts that are featured in the calendar so that if we are not near or able to see the blog for recipes or the calendar we can access it from our phones!(:

  533. Liza says:

    You could have a progress tracker or a calorie counter/fitness tracker. Also, have a forum for things like sharing healthy recipes or Pilates tips :}

  534. Amanda says:

    We should also be able to use the communtiy “app” on the computer just because computers can be easier and more visible.

  535. Amanda says:

    It needs to be fun and colorful with lots of interactive things on the site. Each person can have their own profile that they can customize. When we post what workout(s) we did we should see how many calories we burned or what muscles we worked. There should be a food journal also where we can see how many calories we consume.

  536. Dipika says:

    I think a breakdown in terms of cardio, weights and the different areas that are being targetted would be awesome. almost like an interactive workout calendar so that we can click on the dates and refer back to the workout from a specific day.

  537. Michaela says:

    omg, that is SO cool 🙂
    You are the best, really!!!
    I would love if the app had a feature that allows you to enter your workouts and the bodyparts you have trained and then suggests you which workout to do next (eg: I did arms and backs yesterday, and today I get suggestions for legs and abs).
    Really excited for the app!!
    Also I did the Lolo Jones leg challenge yesterday and oh my, seriously, I haven´t felt my legs burn like that in absolute ages! It was awesome!

  538. Anna says:

    Ooo so excited for an app. I think I would love to be able to:
    –pick the workout by body part
    –I love that I can string together the videos to make a great hour workout, but I would also love if you/the app provided hour long workouts as well or suggest which workouts would pair together the best
    –I liked the idea of unlocking special content and popup notifications to workout like you do on facebook, that would make working out even more fun!!

  539. drea says:

    i would love to workout to gangnam style!! that would be amaaaazing!

  540. Kelsey says:

    Cassey! Please do a Gangnam Style workout! It’s so funny, because it actually was popular in the States before it was over here in Korea… Weird, I know, but such things happen.

    ALSO, totally stoked for the app.!

    You’re the best.

  541. Brittany says:

    Hey! I’m new to the smartphone/app world so I’m not too sure how involved the apps can be, but I was kinda thinking if it could have a format for a healthy meal plan, that we could develop to our own preference?
    Also my phone is android, so it would be awesome if it was compatible with that.

  542. Kerry says:

    All the challenges need to be on there too! 🙂 Please x

  543. Kerry says:

    I love following your videos but now that done them so many times I find I want to move on to the next move quicker rather than wait for the explanation to be over with (I end up just doing extra reps while you talk so no biggy) but for example:

    Select BB3 Abs, start the workout with a picture of the first move & how many reps need to do, for those who need further explanation then they can select a demo button to be shown in real time the move or a simple description. I like the Nike Training app for that as it doesnt interrupt your reps & flows through the moves lovely but the info is always there if I need it if I forget what ‘froggers’ are!

    Could have a Blogilates community where we can all chat together share photos of our progress, recipes other tips etc

    A recipe tag

    You could group up a load of workouts together for a full body workout using different vids/listed images of the moves as mentioned above & each month or every so often give us more but also a function where we can group together our own favourites so we can do our own POP pilates workout so that we decide if we do just 10min or a full hour.

    You could unlock bonuses when we do so many workouts? whether be a discount code for ogorgeous or a new recipe…

    I cant stop thinking now!

  544. Shoogar says:

    I think the app should feature a monthly workout tracker! A calendar-type thing so you could log which workouts you do each day 🙂

  545. Belem says:

    Yay! I’m so glad you’re finally doing this! I agree that a point system would help keep us motivated, like you get more points for doing HIIT workouts than say, a 10 minute arm video or something. I like the idea of a community page where popsters can communicate with one another and post what workouts we did and what we ate that day or post pics of our meals, etc… I think your meal plan or a meal planner of some sort would be awesome to help us with our clean eating, and maybe popsters could have the ability to submit our own “clean” recipes to help grow the recipe archive? Also, if the app could sync your workout calendar with our calendars on our phones, OR we had the option to create our own workout that would rock, like as we’re sorting through different workouts for different body parts, have it to where it has an “add to workout calendar” option? Does that make sense? I think it would be cool if we had a personal space to store progress pictures, our measurements or just something that allows us to track our progress, that would be awesome. I feel like I’m asking for too much so we will quit there 🙂

  546. Suzane says:

    Gangnam Style is probably really weird for some people. But being Korean-American, I’ve been exposed to it for a while now. K-pop is definitely not for everyone! 😉 But, I’m kind of feeling some Korean pride with this song being so famous here in the US. Having celebrities like the Biebs and T-Pain talking about it…AND doing the dance, is pretty crazy. Did you see the video of PSY at Dodger Statdium? Pretty funny.


    Ok, moving from Gangnam style to Blogilates style. So excited about this app.

    It would be so great to ‘bottle up’ your motivation and positivity and take it with me on my phone/ipad. Thanks for asking us your viewers for suggestions.

    Here are some I came up with:
    1. Color coordinated main screen that allows the user to sort workouts by: length of workout, parts of body (with an option for total body workout), type of exertion (low, medium, high intensity, stretch).

    2. A build-your-own workout option. The user can choose various short workouts to build a total body routine or a spot-training (body area specific) routine.

    3. An option to choose different songs for each workout.

    Thanks, Cassey! <3

  547. Halima says:



    K-pop for the win :DDDD

    Btw I am so excited for the app!! It will make it so much easier for me to keep track of all the workouts that I do.

    Thanks Cassey!

  548. Katie says:

    I need as much motivation I can get! I would love it to send motivation my way once in awhile. I’d also think it would be pretty cool if I could just put in what I want to target and how much time I have and suggest the best workout routine for me. Even a suggested work out for the day.

  549. Aja says:

    You should record little videos of you shouting, “Keep going!” or something along the lines of motivational to play after a workout is logged or whatever. I love that I can do your amazing workouts for free on Youtube but I keep doing them because I love how peppy you are! It helps keep me going. 🙂

  550. Georgia says:

    That’s exciting! I would love a timer thing for when you post workouts that involve doing each move for 30 seconds, for example. So that if you brought it to the gym you could do your workouts and hear a beep or something when you should change moves. Does this make sense?? haha.

  551. Courtney says:

    oh my god! YES! the app would be great!
    there should be workout commands, organized workouts, and it should DEFINTELY BE ANDROID ACCESSIBLE! love you cassey! thanks so much! <3 xx

  552. I think that’s about the weirdest music video I’ve ever seen.

  553. kelly says:

    Such a great idea!
    Hopefully will be available on Blackberry also?
    Like the idea of having the videos sectioned like they are on the website, also perhaps have random pop up alerts of workout commands as you do on Facebook and Twitter that come through to your phone. Perhaps also have random pop ups of motivational sayings like what are on your tshirts to keep us motivated throughout the day.
    So exciting !

  554. Kat says:

    Adding to my suggestions from YouTube:
    1. Daily workout commands as a notification/pop up.
    2. Form instruction section for some of the common but more advanced moves.
    3. Have the workouts divided into the same sections you have on your website (those are super convenient and a huge help for planning my workouts, I love them!).
    4. Android accessibility.

    The app is going to be amazing!

  555. Angela says:

    For the app: I love keeping track of my lifestyle choices daily (food/drink intake, exercise), definitely would love to see all of your vids on there (workouts & otherwise) and healthy living tips, etc. Maybe like an inspirational quote of the day, too. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  556. Kelsey Upperman says:

    Having a bloglines app would be perfect!

    Maybe synchronizing it with a calorie counter. I have myfitnesspal and that’s great but having one with your workouts and recipes would be perfect. Also extra workout playlists would be amazing.

    Love the idea though and cannot wait to get the app!!

  557. Satsu says:

    Hey Cassey~

    Blogilates App is totally cool idea! It would be good if there’d be workout calendars and planners, healthy eating tips and recipes and of course notifications for new workout videos. And of course being able to use the app offline is important. I hope the app will be out soon~ I’m so excited for it!

    I’d like to request Gangnam Style for song challenge 😀 I’ve been hooked to the song since it has been released (I’ve been kpop listener for almost three years). But Gangnam Style would fit for leg or cardio challenge. It would be totally awesome, if you could include Gangnam Style at least some way to your workouts/videos~

    Thank you Cassey for being you <3 사랑해요! (I love you in Korean)

  558. Kim says:

    I love the idea of some type of point system! Good luck Cassey, this is amazing!

  559. Bethany says:

    A blogilates app would be amazing. I could take your motivation, encouragement, and positive vibes with me wherever! Maybe a good idea would be having an entire workout on auto play so like you would be doing one video on abs and then automatically legs would come next… just food for thought!

  560. Amy says:

    I think that maybe having an FAQ of some sort on the app would be a good idea. I know that you have one on the website, but people ask the same questions over and over and over again on facebook/twitter/instagram, so it might be worth it to have them listed there too. 🙂

  561. Berkley says:

    I love you’re workout commands on twitter and facebook so you could make a push notification when you post those so we always see it!