Legs like jello | Day 1 of 90

Hey guys!

Yesterday I ate my heart’s desire in sweets and comfort food. It was THE BEST. We kept things super low key and just celebrated my bday ourselves. Wanted to have friends over but ya know, wanted to also play it safe – especially because I’ll need to be my healthiest over the next 90 days.

Sam and I ate indulged in some incredible Chinese food (ugh crispy green beans, Schezuan eggplant, and honey walnut prawns are THE BEST)…

…and topped it off with my CURRENT obsession: Somi Somi. It’s a fish shaped waffle that is smothered on the inside with your choice of filling (I love me some custard) and then the creamiest, butteriest soft serve on top. I chose ube with a matcha powder dusting. LEGIT MY FAVE DESSERT IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW. I was so happy.

It was the perfect sendoff meal into my 90 Day Journey to Muscle!

This morning, I woke up without my alarm because I was SO excited to get started. I honestly have not felt this level of focus and excitement for a workout in a long time – maybe since my bikini prep 10 years ago? Crazy. I love this feeling.

I printed out my meal plan for the week and also my workout plan for the month, and organized everything in my 90 Day Journal.

There is something so calming about knowing exactly what you’re going to eat all week. Usually, I am pressed for time and firing all my creative brain cells at once, trying to figure out what to cook for Sam and I while being super hungry. Today, I knew what was in the fridge and what I needed to eat, so…it was oddly therapeutic!?

Here’s what my day of eating looked like.

That’s 155g of protein right there! I am STUFFED. I’ll be eating this exact meal plan this entire week til the end of the weekend and will switch it up on Sunday.

My fave is the Green Oats and Chicken meal (top left). I eat it savory (like a Chinese rice porridge) and it is sooo filling, warm, and honestly, just really really good. Oh, and you know what’s also really good? This hot sauce.

Currently can’t put this TRUFF hot sauce down. It is ADDICTING. Just the right amount of sweet, salty, spicy, fatty, truffly – whatever that flavor is! SO GOOD. Perf on top of anything, but especially these oats. Wow. Just wow.

Now, let’s talk about the workout.

I uhh, pretty much died.

BTW – those numbers there are the weights I used per set.

This is me looking at my sorry self in the mirror thinking “DID U THINK YOUR LEGS WERE MADE OF STEEL OR SOMETHING HA THINK AGAIN.”

Literally, legs are numb and will be jello by the time I hit the mattress tonight. They will be USELESS against the stairs and toilet tomorrow.

The 30 min run at the beginning was great. I have no prob there. But somehow I wrote a monster weight lifting workout that took me almost 1 hour and 30 min to complete! I had to shorten the single leg incline glute bridge because there was NO WAY I was going to be physically able to pull out another set of 20 reps per leg. It takes a lot for me to quit, but I knew my limits, and had to. It’s ok. No guilt. Just being realistic. I’m very proud of myself for pulling through this one. It was so incredibly tough.

It’s 8:42pm and I am actually getting tired. This is great, because remember, my goal was to head upstairs at 9pm, be in bed by 10pm and asleep by 10:30pm! Got 7 hrs last night and hoping to push for 8 tonight. This is honestly my biggest struggle. So thank you for keeping me accountable. I hope to make this an effortless habit one day.

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  1. Imani Yakatally says:

    What do you recommend for experienced but younger weight lifters, my max deadlift a 60 so I’m going to need to lift a little less

  2. Misty says:

    What do you recommend for women who are older than you? Say in their 60’s. Seems like this plan would be pretty difficult even if one was in good shape. Would love to see a tough plan, for “active seniors” who still want to wear their bikinis this summer.

  3. J says:

    just curious – are those weights in kilos or pounds?

  4. Monika Morawska says:

    I can’t wait to see you post more about this 90 day journey! I loved the daily blog posts during your last one. I’m hoping for a week 1 recap about your experience so far. Hopefully you’re enjoying the process 😄

  5. Astrid says:

    Hi Cassie.❤ Thank you for sharing your journey (again). I kept going back to your first 90d posts as I did my own first 90 day journey for motivation, and it helped immensely. I too started a new “chapter” on Monday – lighter and fitter than on my last journey – now aiming to bulk up a little bit. I am SO grateful that I’ll have your posts to look forward to and to help keep me motivated. Ps: your supersculpt leggings are amazing! ❤ Warm regards, A.

    1. Astrid says:

      *Cassey 😋😂

  6. Alice says:

    Hey cassie! Yeah after seeing your wo plan ich noticed that your gym Sessions will take quite a while maybe reduce the reps and make a Tier list with your most imp movements to Start with which need q lot of muscle groups do those first with a higher amount of sets and reps and the lower tier iso movement with less reps and sets 🙂

  7. Pria says:


    1. Pria says:

      I meant Cassey wth.

  8. Simona says:

    Dear Cassey,
    I`m sure your journey will be a success! All the meals look so delish! Good luck, crush it girl!

  9. Calorie Question says:

    Excited for you to be starting this journey! I had a question about your 1500 calorie goal. It seems like a lot of the fitness influencers I follow who are trying to build muscle/bulk eat 2000-3000 calories a day. I know every body is different, but I’m just curious about how you landed on 1500.

    1. Elizabeth says:

      Yeah I’m curious too since she burned like 500 calories in her workout. Having a net calorie count lower than suggested probably won’t help with gaining muscle, just losing weight. Curious how her plan progresses throughout the 90 days!

    2. lily says:

      It is odd that she is eating a pretty low amount of food, but it might actually be the right way if these 1500 kcals are her current TDEE. A lot of people who try to gain muscle do indeed increase their calorie intake, BUT it is usually recommended to slowly increase is, as you also increase the weights you use and repetition etc. Some people increase about 100kcals every week, some do it even slower with around 200-300 a month increase. So it’s possible that she might be eating 1500kcals as a starting point based on her TDEE and then hopeful increase as she goes!

    3. Cassey says:

      That’s just the starting point I felt would work best for me right now based on my experience! I’m super full and my energy levels are ok so far. I’ll adjust as needed and will continue to update on this!

  10. Maelisa Hall says:

    Love this honesty and how you shared that maybe you were a little optimistic and needed to adjust mid-workout. Thank you!

  11. Nikki says:

    Hi Cassey, What an empowering story to share! wishing you all the best. I love you’re honesty and your ability to discuss such sensitive and delicate emotions in an empowering way. Sleep is so underrated! Weaning of screens in the evenings has helped me increase sleep, may help for you too? Reading books that are light in nature such as “grown ups” has helped me settle down in the evenings. Harder to you if online presence is your job! 😉

    1. Cassey says:

      Thank you! Yes, sometimes it’s so hard for me to turn my brain off!

  12. Madelyn says:

    Cassey, I am so excited for this new adventure you are starting FOR YOURSELF! It’s so inspirational how you are taking a…darker time you experienced in your life and you are almost re-branding it. Making it something bigger, better and healthier. We have to be grateful for our struggles because they all bring us to our future. Keep focusing on your why girl!!! This is for YOU and not the judgmental people that try to make you take their poison. (I just remember what you went through with your first 90 day journey and how so many people got it wrong and tried to bring you down.) With those strong muscles you already have and will continue to develop just CRUSH THE NEGATIVITY TO THE GROUND! I admire you so much and all that you stand for. Thank you for simply existing in this mad world!

    1. Cassey says:

      Thank you so much!

  13. Lala says:

    Hi Cassey!
    I am a fan, have been doing the Blogilates monthly calendar for the past 5 months (daily) (and also in the past, some years ago) and also joined the glow up sessions. So the following question does not come from a place where I want to put down your fitness content at all. But there is something that confuses me quite a bit and I would be happy if you or someone could help me understand…
    If you are doing your workouts, and have been doing them regularly and in full beast mode for a long time, what does it mean if now when you switch to weights you have such a hard time? Why is it, that you design a complete plan, that is nothing like Blogilates, to get more muscular / get the goals you want / get defines etc.? I always thought I could, given time, patience and also small weights that I incorporate in the workouts (like the normal home dumbells whatever), grow some muscles and strength, but looking at your posts here I am wondering what doing Blogilates will actually do for me in the long run, when you are struggling so much now with “regular” / more common fitness routines, and it feels like this is your journey to becoming strong (when I thought Blogilates would make us somewhat strong)? I hope this is not a super stupid question. I am just now unsure if I should not better also just go wo weight lifting instead of following the at-home-body weight pilates moves workouts. Like what can I expect from this, if you yourself use a whole different routine to look the way you look?

    1. Stupid says:

      I think it really depends n how much muscle you want to build

    2. Vee says:

      I’ve got exactly the same question, so thanks for asking it 🙂

      1. mona says:

        It depends on how much muscle you want to build. Cassey is lean and fit and strong, but she wants to put on much more muscle and that’s mostly done with additional weight – you can get muscles with your bodyweight only, but there is a limit to it. Thats why most people who want to gain muscle start going to the gym. Pilates is a lot more about strength and core and cardio than you think. it will get you to a good point but when you are at a level cassey is, at some point you need to switch or incorporate weightlifting to get more and defined muscles. It’s not that blogilates won’t do, but that’s more for average to new fitness people or advanced ones who don’t want to gain defined muscles.

    3. Kalinkho says:

      I think it really depends on what your starting point is. I am doing the blogilates workouts as well and they without a doubt helped me to develop more muscles and strength. I am also very lucky to really see the physical change and I love it. But Cassey herself has done these exercises for more than ten years so I get that her body is very used to them and she has probably almost reached her maximum potential with these exercises. Since she also bases this journey on the bikini contests she did earlier she obviously has very specific goals for her muscles especially regarding to how she wants them to look. So unless you are in the exact same situation as Cassey (having done her workouts for ten plus years and wanting to look like a bikini contestant) I‘m not sure how much of her specific journey you can apply to your own life. If you still find her workouts challenging and notice physical change when doing them I‘d say they work well for you. If you want to build more explosive strength and more visible muscles you can of course also start weight lifting. But just because Cassey won‘t do the workouts she already did for years in order to challenge herself with new workouts I would never conclude that they aren‘t effective.

    4. Cassey says:

      No this is a great question! You can definitely get strong and build muscle with not only Blogilates workouts, but any workout that uses light weights or even bodyweight. The key is to find ways to keep challenging your body so it can continue to grow stronger. I chose to add heavier weights to do this. Overall, it comes down to what you enjoy and there is no one “best” way to workout!

  14. 90 minutes! Holy moly, you crushed it. Will you be aiming for 90 minutes every day?

  15. Camille says:

    Well done Cassey! I put it as a New Year resolution to go to bed earlier too 🙂 sleep is so important! And I love reading your posts 🙂 feels like reading news from a friend. xx

  16. Victoria W says:

    I would love to try the green oats and chicken as well as the zucchini noodles with mushrooms. They sound delicious!

    1. Cassey says:

      So good!

  17. Eve says:

    Yaaay for finishing Day 1!🥳
    Im super excited to follow your journey. The meals of the day all looked so delicious. Could you please share the green oats recipe? I prefer a savory taste for breakfast but only tried oats in sweet way so far. Also the workout looked like a beast, very well done for finishing it. Keep up the good work especially with sleep x

  18. Claudia says:

    I love that you’re focusing on building muscle! I made the same decision in the middle of December, so what I ate on xmas was mostly protein 😂 i‘m super excited for you and your journey and will check in with you daily. Thanks for sharing it with us! I believe in you Cassey!! You’re a warrior!!