Leaving DC –> Headed to LONDON!

Leaving DC –> Headed to LONDON!

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Me at the WHITE HOUSE for the first time!

Hey guys!

I’m currently sitting at the Washington Dulles airport waiting to board my flight to LONDON!!! I can’t wait to see you soon! Currently planning a meet up class and location…so please stay tuned. I think we just found a place for Sunday, May 24 in London!

I hope you’re having a BLAST with your #noMaybes calendar! Looks like you guys are truly sticking to your plan and accomplishing your goals. You look SO GOOD. Seeing you in real life at the Annapolis meet up made me so happy! Your energy is just so infectious!


Beautiful POPsters bursting with color!

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Going crazy! just finished training!

Afterwards, I trained the new DC area POP Pilates instructors along with my Master Trainers Pam and Cory! I am SOOOOO thrilled for this group. They are energetic, excited, and just plain awesome. POP at 24 Hour Fitness is going to be everywhere! If you’re thinking about getting certified, click here.

Oh yeah! We also started the @poppilatesofficial instagram! Super excited for this because we will be featuring our instructors, you guys, transformations and just amazing things happening with the format as it grows. (We’re like a baby now!) It would mean the world to me if you follow our new account 🙂


Check out the new POP Pilates Instagram here!

Now…some more pics from the DC trip!


Yesterday on a Youtube panel about minorities in online entertainment with my friends Dulce Candy, JR Sport Brief and Jeff Johnson! We spoke to congressional leaders.


Last night at the Jefferson Memorial Monument, looking towards the Washington Monument.

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Me trying to pose like Jefferson. Then the cam flashed so I turned into an evil robot.

And the most perfect picture ever…right after it rained, we found a rainbow that perfectly arched over the Washington Monument. I mean, wow. So happy we caught that moment because the rainbow quickly faded after this photo was taken.

ANNNDDD your new Youtube video! Here is a Quick Cardio Warmup. I read all your comments and looks like you guys wanted something “easy-ish” to do before you started your intense workout. So here it is! The perfect combination of 10 dynamic moves that will warm you up, get your muscles ready, and get your body limber! Do this before every workout.

Ok gotta get on my flight now! They’re callin’! See ya in London!


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  1. Pat says:

    Looks like an amazing tour in D.C. and looking forward to POP!

  2. Lucy says:

    So excited to meet you on Sunday Cassey!!! Been waiting for this for SO long!! 😀

  3. Washington suits you 😉 My fave picture is the memorial monument. Okay, the robot isn’t bad either 😀

  4. Mirajaine says:

    Amazing !! You look fantastic , specifically the evil robot one ^^. I love you .

  5. Dana says:

    Noooo I was just in Dulles to fly out to Sweden! I missed you. Hope you had fun in DC though!

  6. Roxanne says:

    Wow! Just amazing photos. Looks like a great time. It always looks like you’re having fun and that is so infectious! It’s great. I LOVE your shoes you’re wearing while at the Jefferson Monument. So cute. That pic in front of the reflecting pool is RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING!
    Can I just say, I’m SO excited to meet up on Sunday. I’ve been wanting to meet you since I started doing your vids and found out that you meet people when you travel. So fab!
    Keep doing what you’re doing Cassey and remember to rest now and again. Thanks for all you do! Love yoU! xo

  7. mylifewithcassey says:

    After reading this I just feel that WE U……☺

  8. InspiredbyVu says:

    Hi Cassey!! Yay glad you are in London town!!! I’m looking forward to the meet up on Sunday and I will try to come to the BeautyCon event if I finish work on time!!

  9. Liberty says:

    Yay so excited for you to come to London!


  10. OMG you look so fit fabulous cassey!

  11. Cassie says:

    Yaaaaaaay! So proud of you babe–cannot wait for the headquarters! Are you coming to Generation Beauty??

  12. Felicia says:

    Cassey, come back to DC soon! (But not too soon… I’m moving there in July!)