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May 31, 2016

June 2016 low

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Hey guys!


Check out your brand new June 2016 Blogilates Workout Calendar! WOOHOO!!!

I am totally digging the pool water background with the ombre pineapples. It’s perfection and makes me feel all sorts of summery good vibes! And get ready for the 1st day of summer which is coming on the 20th!

Your exclusive video this month, which can be found in the Blogilates App, is called “Slick Shoulders and Arms”. Be sure to check that one out as it is a killer!

Comment below and let me know if you’re in it to win it this month!

GOOD LUCK POPSTERS! Let’s look our strongest in our swimmers this summer!


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  1. Nicole Carter Weasley says:

    I’m trying to sign up for your newsletter and it won’t click!

  2. Johanna says:

    Hi, everyone! I’m pretty new to this, but I have to ask… is it just me, or do anyone else’s abs kind of give out after doing a whole ab playlist? I’m halfway through June 2016’s calendar after doing the beginner calendar, and the ab days are tough in a way I did not see coming. It feels like after the 1st or 2nd video, my abs just refuse to engage, my neck starts straining, and I have a hard time keeping proper form. Am I doing something wrong or is this just part of the process?

  3. Katrin says:

    … just finished 4 rounds of a PIIT-video included in this months calendar: I´m bathing in sweat and kind of exhausted (go faster, come on keep your feet moving) but feeling very energetic. I guess I´ll be joining the community any time soon to get even more of it! You make my day, almost everyday (and my obliques are still very sore from the workout two days ago)! Katrin

  4. Sarah says:

    I’m so confused? where do I put in the password to see the workouts? I received the password but I don’t see anywhere to put it

  5. Karen says:

    I am a little confused. I have randomly been doing the videos for a few weeks and just started the beginners calendar. In the newsletter I got a password to unlock the June calendar but I do not see a place to put that password as well as I can see the June calendar already. What am I missing?

    1. rain84 says:

      You’re not missing aynthing, there was no need to unlock this month’s calendar. If you only started recently I’d suggest to finish the beginners calendar and start the monthly calendars when you’re done.

      1. Karen says:

        thank you so much for the reply. I thought I was going crazy 🙂

  6. Maya says:

    What happened to the new video on the 27th?

  7. Roxio says:

    Hii. So I’m kinda new in this and I’m just starting the begginers calendar wich is awesome but I was thinking and I think you should post not monthly calendars but like seasoned calendars and leave them all year long because since it’s winter where I live the summer workout (this month) I don’t feel like it’s the best and when it’s actually summer here you’ll be posting winter workout calendars. Just a suggestion for the best. Anyway keep killing it Casey ❤❤

  8. Sam Fairman says:

    Where do we put the password that we receive to unlock the calendar?

  9. Saliha Selin Sanisoglu says:

    hi where should I enter my password for the month?

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  11. Shannon says:

    Still doing the beginners calendar, but I just wanted to check the monthly calendars out. Looks awesome!!! Thx for motivating me Cassey. It started with just doing one video, but being more personal on camera and really caring about the lives you change made me want to be healthier! You have changed my life!

  12. Faith says:

    Why can’t I find the slick shoulders and arms video? Can anyone leave me a link? I looked in the app but still can’t find it!

  13. Shannon says:

    You got me motivated to be healthier and eat better. Thank you so much! You don’t know what it means to me that you focus on confidence and not on just weight loss. It started with just one of your videos but now I am on my way to a better me!

  14. Mahala Blakely says:

    Hi Cassey
    I dont have the app, is there another way I can get the Slick Shoulders & Arms WO vid please?
    Have just done 2 weeks of the June calender and am absolutely loving it.You are so motivating so thannkyou

  15. Hira says:

    Hey should I start this June calender or strt from begginers calender?

  16. Tyla Verster says:

    Hi! I had a quick question! I was just about to do your quick burn booty and thighs workout on Youtube and you perfectly described my situation! (dancing around and picking random videos on your channel). I was wondering if it’s okay to start with the monthly calendar halfway through or should I wait until the beginning of a new month?

  17. Fijie113 says:

    Hi Cassey, I’m no beginner with sports and fitness, but I have a real busy life and I’m not always able to go to the gym (where I like to take classes). So I wanted to try a workout scheme because these can be done at home at any time 🙂 What do you recommend? I think the beginner won’t be though enough (I like a real challenge), so should I just start with the june calendar, even though there’s only like ten days left and after that continue with the july one?
    You are such an inspiration, congratz with the awesome website and videos <3

  18. Evi Spilios says:

    im confused how do you do this calender?

    1. Esra Y says:

      You simply complete the videos listed for the day! You find the videos on her YouTube channel, and work out.

      1. Evi Spilios says:

        Thx wasnt sure where the videos were.makes sense thx

  19. Ekaterina says:

    I feel incredible) Thank you Cassey.

  20. Lexi Wilson says:

    Hi Cassey, I’ve been a long time follower for over a year now, my only issue is I’ve never eaten clean and I would start and stop, start and stop. Well, this time I’ve been eating way better (not perfect, but everyone starts somewhere) and I started this months calendar on the 15th. I was wondering, I’ve been pretty sore the past few days from the exercising, which I expected. My sister told me I should have done the beginners calendar first, but I figured I could jump into this one because I’ve been following you for a while so I’m familiar with the basics. Am I doing more harm than good or can I continue with this months calendar? Thank you!

  21. Summer says:

    Oh man! Just started the calendar after the beginners and my abs were so sore before I even finished the set. A teensy but discouraged, but I know ill be able to do it without stopping one day.

  22. Teanna Billie says:

    These calendars, do you have to have access to YouTube to follow?

    1. Esra Y says:

      Her workout videos are on her YouTube channel 🙂

  23. hemangi chavan says:

    I saw this calendar now 🙁 so can i start with it from today? its the 16th of August. wanna loose weight and get toned body as soon as possible!! 🙁 please help!!

  24. Marina says:

    I can´t find the video for last friday “Homemade Paleo Granola + Parfait
    I will do this tomorrow, because I don´t have the things for the healty summer deserts 🙁

  25. Stephanie Harben says:

    I am a little late to the June Calendar, but its better than never! excited to commit and complete my first monthly calander

  26. Ana says:

    Hey guys! I love doing cassey’s workours, but this is my first time trying out the calendar and i’m really excited and challenged! I’m tuning in for june bit late but i will make sure to be ready for July one. do i search videos by name on youtube or how do i see them? Thanks 🙂

  27. DianaR says:

    Hey everyone! Could you tell me what “slick shoulders and arms” means? Cause I searched for a workout but I found just “sleek tank top arms” and I don’t know if that’s it.
    Thank you xx

    1. Candice Cordero says:

      Slick shoulders and arms is an exclusive video in the blogilates app. You have to purchase the June calendar through the app to get the video. Each month Cassey makes a secret video that comes with the purchase of the $0.99 calendar found in the blogilates app.

    2. Ashley says:

      What I do is I do another one of her arm workouts with the same length so I dont miss a daily workout. You can do whatever you want tho 🙂

  28. Miranda says:

    Do you actually lose weight and burn fat just doing these calendars? Cause they don’t seem to have a lot of cardio work outs that are very long, or are you suppose to do this calendar and do a 60 minute cardio of your choice?! I’m trying to lose 15-20lbs Thanks! 🙂

    1. Ashley says:

      If you eat right too you would get the benefits of losing weight. Her videos are about gaining strength and burning the fat with some quick cardio moves. You dont have to do a lot of cardio videos, as long as your heartbeats up and your moving your muscles. I personally have been losing weight and slimming down my body with her calendars. I would suggest to do her PIIT 28 if you really want to lose 10-15lbs. Good Luck, hoped I helped! 🙂

  29. Lauren says:

    How do I find all the daily links for the workouts? It just shows the calender

    1. Ashley says:

      You have to search them on youtube yourself on youtube, or you can go to her channel (which is simply Blogilates) and go to her playlist for todays workout vids. Hoped this helped 🙂

  30. Candice Cordero says:

    My neck and shoulders are so sore. I think I’m tensing my neck and shoulders unintentionally while working out. I need a good neck and shoulder relief video Cassey. Please make videos for sore muscles. XoXoX

    1. Ashley says:

      Okay, so I know how to fix this! So, whenever you’re doing some ab moves that require you to lift up (like the hundred, teaser, etc) make sure that your neck is not staring at the ceiling, instead look forward, for that causes your neck to be tired and strained. Also, make sure that your shoulders are away from your neck. Hope this helped! 🙂

      1. Candice Cordero says:

        Great suggestions Ashley. I will defidently tale your advice and check to make sure I am looking forward and my shoulders are rolled back. Most of the time I try to do those exact two things, but I’m still sore the day after, not a good sore, but an achy sharp sore, especially in my neck. Any other suggestions or stretch recommendations? Thanks, I appreciate it Ashley.

  31. Summer says:

    Finished the beginners calendar today ? can’t wait to start this one tomorrow, I’m also going by the meal plan starting with this calendar too! Can’t wait to see results!!

  32. Back2business says:

    How do I follow the calendar (with the videos)? Do I have to search for each one?

    1. Ashley says:

      Yeah you do. Or you can go to her youtube channel (which is simply Blogilates) and go to her playlist for todays workout vidoes. Hope this helped 🙂

  33. NewMomFlab says:

    I love these workouts! I did about a week of the beginners calendar before I decided to start this one. I feel so good! Thank you Cassey! ❤

  34. Beanii says:

    Just finished the beginners calendar and am so pumped to get started on this month’s calendar! I already feel so much stronger, can feel a difference in my body as well as a huge boost of confidence! I’m addicted to the buuuurnn!

  35. Sarah says:

    Few! Just finished today’s work out! So sweaty!

  36. Isa Bogaards says:

    I really like this poster, but I have so much trouble following your video’s because you talk so much. (not a bad thing but it just doesn’t work for me) Does anyone know a different fitness calender, like this one, but from someone else?


  37. Sara Cooper says:

    Great Plan for the month! Real busy schedule!!! 🙂
    My blog

  38. Ali says:

    How many minutes of cardio and (whatever you call not cardio) do you recommend a day?

  39. Megan says:

    I did the beginner calendar in April. Didn’t do much in May… I am hoping to get some motivation to stick with it to do the June calendar.

  40. Ana María Cruz says:

    I have a question… what is the meaning of ‘WO’? It appears after the name of some videos of the day. Someone can tell me?
    Sorry, i’m from Colombia and i don´t know some abbreviations, thank you so much!

    1. Steph says:

      It is shorthand for WorkOut :]

  41. mary says:

    Should I do the beginner calender before starting this calender ? Because I really wanna try this one

  42. Saks says:

    Is it okay for me to start with this one instead of the beginners one?

  43. Juliette says:

    Hey everyone!
    Have one of you found the “NEW VID! /BLOGILATES” ?
    I can’t find it 🙁

    1. Ashley says:

      Okay, since this was posted 8 days ago, your workouts have already been completed. So when it says “NEW VID” that means the newest youtube workout that she posted. So yesterday was “Quick Burn Triceps” so you have to do that. I hope this helps in the future! 🙂

  44. Jeannie Ferguson says:

    I’m so excited to get started!! Thank you, Cassey!!

  45. Saks says:

    I’m just starting off with a workout calendar, is it okay to start with this one or should I start with the beginner calendar?

    1. Arriona Martin says:

      If you are just starting out I would say try the Beginners Calendar first. It explains in more detail how to do certain moves, as well as explains the breathing Technique.

  46. Sarah says:

    i did poppilates religiously for two years and i absolutely LOVED it! i was in the best shape of my life and could wear anything i wanted to.. but the best part was my confidence! i haven’t worked out in about a year, however. i’m a little nervous to get started again, but i know this is what is the best. Cassey, you are so motivational and i know i’m in the right place to start over!!!

  47. Rachel Bass says:

    Do i just do the daily work outs? Or should I be doing something on top of them? I go for a jog daily, except on leg day. But maybe I just l’m trying to be an overachiever, because I feel as if Im not doing enough.

  48. Haley says:

    Really hope I see results at the end of the month :/ I struggle through some of her videos (especially the ab ones) but I hope I can at least see some change in my body by the end of June. How long did it take for you guys to see results?

  49. moni says:

    OMG i just finished the beginners calender and i am super fit for the june calender which i have already been doing .

    1. kiswa says:

      hey..i couldnt get the videos playlist for june calender..n dont know where to put password that i got..plz help me..

  50. Veronica says:

    I missed one day’s workout so do I continue normally or should I do that one missed workout now and continue kind off one day late?

    1. Ashley says:

      Well, you can do whatever you want to do. You can do that day and the one that you have to do, but when that happens to me I get really tired and cant do the moves right. I suggest to just skip that day and do the following one instead. Its not a big deal to miss a day or two, just as long as you’re doing the workouts. Hope this helped! 🙂

  51. sia kim says:

    my first time here, hope i get fit this summer xD i really love your vids, keep it up cassey ^^

  52. Kelsey Cohn says:

    Woahhh day 4 was insanity!! Normally ab workouts make me sore, but today took it to a whole new level… feels great though!

    Also, general question: is it okay to finish a workout about 45 minutes before bed? You know, in terms of metabolic change (so basically will it help burn more fat while sleeping or have the opposite effect?) and sleep patterns. So is it smarter to work out in the morning, afternoon, or evening? (I tried googling and there were biased results–wanted to hear what you guys might have to say)

  53. Te'ya Mitchell says:

    I finally started the monthly calendar after finishing the beginner’s calendar and about two or three weeks of just doing thirty minutes a day of her videos. I’m not sweating as much and today (day 4) I found that my neck hurt a lot more than usual. My water intake has increased and I eat a little healthier now. My ab strength has also increased a lot and before I started the monthly calendar my neck was fine.I really want to stick with this monthly calendar, so, any advice?

  54. RosieRivett204 says:

    Hi I’m new – I don’t understand, where do I find the workouts listed in the calendar? Like if I don’t already know what HIIT my Abs Hard or Fat Burning Ladder are?

    1. Ebony Arts says:

      They are on her YouTube channel, or you can download the Blogilates app. The app works better for me because the workouts are within the app and you dont have to search on her channel for them

  55. Shandi Gilmore says:

    This is my first monthly calendar and I’m absolutely loving it! These workouts are killer but so effective. I’m glad we stretch today! Thanks Cassey!!

  56. Charlotte says:

    I’ll fight laziness and weakness inside with this calendar. Good luck to me and everyone trying this workout 😀

  57. DianeDella says:

    Hi Cassey -will you be posting the hyperlinks to the June calendar videos like you did with Beginners 2.0?Thank you! Love your snapchats!

    1. Ebony Arts says:

      If you download the Blogilates app all the workouts videos are listed. All you have to do is click on them

  58. Moe Aguilu says:

    Can someone please help me 🙁 I just keep gaining weight.

    1. Ebony Arts says:

      Have you changed your eating habits? if you workout but dont watch what you eat it is counterproductive. You must be mindful of what you are putting in your mouth.

  59. Zoë Elizabeth Blogg. says:

    Hi guys!

    This is my first ever go at the June calander and i am loving it so far! I just wondered in terms of activity do you guys only follow the calander or do you add in extra Blogilates workouts/go on runs?

    Im working hard to get fit, healthy & strong and i want to be doing it right 🙂


    1. Kelsey Cohn says:

      Well, if there are any days where for some reason I’m not sore enough (meaning I can still get up easily, or not really feel anything while I’m just resting between videos) then I add in extra videos, or some straight up cardio (usually running). Also, if I’m feeling that only one part of my body feels the burn, I do another video just focused on something else (usually arms or back)

      1. Zoë Elizabeth Blogg. says:

        Thanks @kelseycohn:disqus – that sounds like a good plan! Ab day always kills me but i think on arm days i could do a bit of cardio 🙂

  60. Bpaorange says:

    Hi all, I have questions regarding the PIIT 28 program, and if anyone could help me understanding that would be great!
    this program only contains 28 days, what happened after that? Repeat the same 28 days workout? Or will the program update 28 days of workout (Just like the monthly free calendar)?
    What is the major difference between the PIIT 28 program and free calendar besides the fee? Thank you!

    1. Ebony Arts says:

      PIIT is like HIIT. 7 moves. do them for 45 seconds. and then 10 or 15 seconds of rest. you do 4 rounds. After you completed the 28 days you are done. You can do it again, buy PIIT 2.0, or move on to something different. The calendar is free. PIIT 1.0 and 2.0 are not

    2. Kelsey Cohn says:

      Ebony is right, but also PIIT has a nutrition portion that is planned and gives you options and everything, but I’m pretty sure it gives you a list of meals/foods you can pick and choose from per meal (I’ve never actually done the program but I’m pretty sure this is right), whereas the calendars just have workouts with an occasional recipe, highly encouraging good nutrition, but doesn’t give you a straight-up plan. I believe PIIT 28 is a more intense way of losing weight and getting a kickstart to your mission to be fit and toned.

  61. Natalie says:

    When it says // PIIT, what video(s) do we do??

    1. Ebony Arts says:

      This is a program available for purchase.

      1. Emma Hardy says:

        Actually, that’s just the name of the video. It’s too long to fit on one line and has spilled over onto the next.

  62. Kara Cunningham says:

    I didn’t complete the full beginner calendar, I was torn between finishing the beginners or starting this calendar on June 1st. I am SO HAPPY I started with this calendar, it is kicking my butt in a good way. I have been doing this along with the splits stretch challenge. Though I haven’t lost weight I can see my body changing! Rounder butt, stronger thighs, and best of all firmer ‘bat wings.’ 😉 Keep em’ coming Cassey @blogilates:disqus , I am loving it! 🙂

  63. Cristina says:

    Where do you get the workouts on the calendars?

    1. Emma Hardy says:

      On her YouTube channel

  64. Candice Cordero says:

    Hey Popsters! How do you feel about performance enhancing workout supplements, like FitMiss Ignite?

  65. Gina Bissonnette says:

    I’m excited to! I will combine this with the spring workout in the book “hot body year round”(which I love by the way)! 😀

  66. Candice Cordero says:

    Hello Popsters! Whooo! I feel incredible. I just replaced the beginners calendar with the NEW June calendar, and what a difference. It’s more challenging, exiting, and hard core, but I love it. I’m also doing P.I.I.T 28 and 30 days to flat abs challenge. I’m in it to win it, all the way, go hard or go home, lol, well I’m at home when I go hard, so I guess, Go hard at home, he he. Anyways, since I started my ahhhmazing journey to fitness with Cassey and my beloved Popster fam, I feel 100% happier, calm, healthy, inspired, motivated, courageous, adventurous, enlightened, and lots of other feel good emotions, the list goes on and on and on. No more neck or shoulder pain, I sleep better, I’m more confident and I feel like I’m a part of something bigger than myself, something incredible. Honestly, without putting all my drama on blast, I’m going through some really tough times in my relationship. It feels like all the negativity is weighing me down like an anchor and blogilates is my life jacket pulling me out of deep sea of darkness and gloom. I got 99 problems but pop pilates ain’t 1, lol, the struggle is real. Honestly, thank you Cassey for this amazing, life changing opportunity. You are my health and happiness guru. I am tremendously happy to be a part of the Popster revolution, always changing physically and mentally, and becoming a better me. XoXoX

  67. Lauren says:

    I am so happy to see “Extreme Muffintop Crushing Workout” on the calendar! I missed the longer obliques workout videos in the monthly calendars. So excited for this month 🙂

  68. maria teresa belope bomaba says:

    Hi everyone.Today is my 2 day and it was great! This is my first time doing a monthly calendar. Thank you Cassey 🙂

  69. Rachel Bass says:

    I am super excited about this calendar for two reasons-1, it’s my first ever calendar workout! 🙂 Normally I look up your videos and do a few of them. 2-It’s already raising my confidence level, even though I’ve only done one day.

  70. Michaela says:

    Just stopping to say I love the quick burn series. I don’t always have time to do the full calendar workouts but now I can just make a playlist of a few of the quick burn (or even the Turbo) series and I’m good to go!

  71. Zoë Elizabeth Blogg. says:

    So I am doing the blogilates calendar for the first time! So far so good 🙂 From you guys experience do you think it is enough to JUST be working out to this plan or do you think I need to add my own cardio to it for a healthy lifestyle?

  72. Jenny Hall says:

    I’m gonna do the beginners workout calendar for it a bit longer to can back into things then i’ll probably do the last couple of weeks with this one, thanks Cassey! 🙂

  73. Angelica says:

    where are the videos for the June calender?

  74. Noémie says:

    Just finished day 2, it was really hard but i did it ! without break. Again good luck to all POPsters we can do it !

  75. Leila says:

    Does this actually work? Has anyone finished a whole month and seen results? Also, should I do cardio before the calendar because I want to add more cardio in there?

    1. Te'ya Mitchell says:

      I think the calendars are great, and they make a real difference. Usually, I just stick to the calendar and that works just fine, however, I personally am not big on cardio but if I feel that I need some extra cardio I usually go in with a cardio video or hers or go for a walk/run a few days out of the week.

  76. Elisa says:

    do we just look up the videos on her channel?

    1. Ebony Arts says:

      You can do that. Or download the Blogilates app. It is much more convenient for me because all workouts are there. You just have to click on the one you want, and it takes you straight to it

  77. AGirlNamedEgypt says:

    Hi, I just started getting back into pilates after doing Anna Cabanas ones when I was 13, I’m now 15 and want to know if I HAVE to do the calendars or if I can just pick a choose a few days or do a total body work out twice week.

    I work and have full on crazy school, Volunteer every weekend and have multiple clubs and hobbies and get easily stressed out and tend to take on too much so there is NO way at this time I could do every single day of the calendars without losing the plot lol

    I do other types of workouts and try to walk every weekend but just need a little extra help especially with toning and slimming.

    Thank you 🙂

    1. Tobias B. Santa says:

      I don’t see why you’d have to do the calendars. The vids are available singly.

  78. cori says:

    This is my first journey as well, I did my own workout prior to this but you’re targeting all the muscles for me and challenging me with new moves that I cannot come up with on my own. I even cry sometimes in my workouts, but it pushes me and helps me feel so good!

  79. Addie says:

    Okay, so the only device I have is a kindle fire and the blogilates app isn’t available on the app store. What do I do?!h

    1. Tobias B. Santa says:

      same here. 🙁

    2. Jessie says:

      you can get the videos on her youtube page

      1. Addie says:

        But the one video, ‘slick shoulders and arms’, is on the app, which I don’t have access to.

        1. Ashley says:

          Same problem here, I dont want to pay 99 cents to watch a workout video (plus my parents would get mad). What I usually do is find another arm workout thats the same length as the one in the app. Hope I helped! 🙂

    3. Chelsea says:

      Well I guess the simplest thing would be to maybe substitute another video?

      I guess you could run an android OS in VirtualBox, but that requires a fair bit of technical know how, and I’ve heard that some of the apps don’t really support pc interface.

      1. Chelsea says:

        Wait you’ve only got a kindle fire? Oops. The second thing won’t work then. Sorry nvm.

  80. Ayano says:

    Hi! I get to try a monthly calendar finally and am so excited!!

    One question. Beginners 2.0 calendar came with playlists of the workout, but it seems that June calendar does not have it. Do I have to look up each workout on YouTube??

    1. Ebony Arts says:

      Sometimes mine does that. I close the app a couple of times and usually alll the workouts pop up

    2. Emma Hardy says:

      She has playlists on her YouTube channel for each day 🙂

  81. Caitlin Pickett says:

    So excited to see the community jumping on board this month! I’ve been doing Blogilates calendars for three years now, on and off. I’ve been trying other workout programs but this month am going back to ol’ faithful with Cassey! 😀

  82. lupe says:

    this is my first monthly calendar im so exciteeed

  83. Isabella Bianchi says:

    This is awesome!! Have fun 🙂

  84. moni says:

    OMG I just bought the mermaid collection from popflex and don’t they look fantastic

    1. blogilates says:

      OMG you have to show us a pic!

  85. Tiffany Jurgensmeier says:

    Anybody know what she means by *Slick Shoulders & Arms*???

    1. Isabella Bianchi says:

      Its a video that you can only find in her app Blogilates. You have to pay 1 $ (I think) to have the video. All others are free on youtube. I have never bought one of this video and I normally replace it with another similar.

    2. Savannah Claire Turner says:

      I think it was a typo I found a “sleek shoulders & arms” video.

  86. Joybogo says:

    I just finished first day and this workout was great! I love you and your videos too! Thank you very much Cassey <3

  87. adamari says:

    I started doing these calendars just April but I slacked a lottt this May from school but now that its summer I hope I steep up my game!!!

  88. Candice Cordero says:

    I’ve done about 1 week and a half of the beginners calendar, piit, and 30 days flat abs challenge….. I feel like I should start the June calendar, fresh month, fresh start. I’m so excited. Can’t wait to get home and get my Pop pilates on. XoXoX

    1. blogilates says:


  89. Mandy says:

    Where do I find the videos? Can’t find it om youtube for this month

    1. Ebony Arts says:

      I have the Blogilates app and the videos are listed there. I just click and it takes me to them.

  90. RainIsMeh says:

    I am so pumped up for this!! See you guys at the end of the month 🙂

  91. Zoë Elizabeth Blogg. says:

    Where do i find the workouts mentioned on the calendar please?

    1. J says:

      On youtube 🙂 before I started mine I opened them all in different tabs so I could click to play the next one when I’m ready and exit the ones I finished :))

      1. Zoë Elizabeth Blogg. says:

        Fab idea! Thanks so much 🙂

      2. Ashley says:

        She also has a playlist of the workouts on the calendar on her youtube channel. (I personally love it when all of my workouts are in one playlist). 🙂

    2. olii says:

      On Cassie’s yt channel. She makes the playlist for every day. 🙂

      1. Ebony Arts says:

        Or you can download the app! It is so much more convenient for me!

  92. Elena says:

    Thank you! The calendars have helped me so much! They make me stronger and stronger each time! I’m so excited to start?

  93. Laura says:

    I stumbled upon your YouTube channel recently and love your energy and willingness to help others. Super excited for this!

    1. Isabella Bianchi says:

      Welocome to the POP family :)) Have fun!!

  94. Nina says:

    I’m going to join this one! For 2 months now I’ve been just picking out some of your videos (they’re all so great and hard too) but this month I’ll do this calendar and I’ll get through it! Btw, I love you Cassey, you’re my daily inspiration and motivation! Thank you for your positivity and the brightest smile! ? ?

  95. Tiera Wheeler says:

    Hello! Where do I find the Slick Shoulders & Arms workout? I searched the website, printables and youtube channel. No luck. Thanks!

  96. Rachel Leigh says:

    Hey everyone! Super excited to start my first monthly calendar!! Quick question: do I do a search for each video? Or is there a quick, short-cut version somewhere?

    1. Lajla says:

      No, just go on youtube and search for blogilates, and go on the channel’s playlists – they make them for each day 😀

      P.S. You also have a beginner’s calendar, if you didn’t know 😀

      1. Rachel Leigh says:

        Thank you!!
        Phew! Thought I’d skip the second half of the beginner’s calendar and check out a new month. I’ll let you know tomorrow whether or not that was a good idea!
        Love these videos! Cassey you are so inspiring!

        1. Amanda Behlman says:

          I’m going to try that, too! I have a feeling it’s going to be a killer!

          1. Rachel Leigh says:

            Definitely tough. But I’ve made it through both days so far (although, I was totally wiped by the last of today’s videos and really moving pretty slowly!) and if I can, so can you! Get it done!

    2. Ebony Arts says:

      Or you can download the Blogilates app and you dont have to search for the videos

  97. Rose says:

    Hi all, I am new here, and I am confused what is the difference with the free monthly calendar workout vs PIIT 28? Thank you!

    1. Lajla says:

      Well calendar is free, PIIT 28 is not. Also I think that PIIT is high intensity workout because it’s just 30 min per day 🙂

      1. Rose says:

        Thank you! I just started the June workout calendar, and it was intense! I sweat a lot and can barely breath!

  98. yuv says:

    Hi Cassey thank you so much for creating these amazing calendars for us…:) anyway I’m new here and I wanted to know- do you have to do each day’s workout all at the same time or is it ok to just do it through out the day? thanks again, love your videos<3

    1. Isabella Bianchi says:

      Hi! I normally do the video all togheter because I got 100 other things to do during the day so I use 1 h just for me to train hard 🙂 But you can totally do them the way that works better for you.

      PS. I re-read your question and maybe I misunderstood. If you are asking if you have to do the workout every day at the same hour of the day (let’s say, every day at 8 am), well..the answer is no!! You can totally do it when is better for you 🙂 Hope I helped

  99. Bosmat says:

    win win win!!

  100. Elena says:

    How can I print the calendar? When I try to printed ,prints a very small calendar. I’d like a page size.

    1. Sarah says:

      When you get the calendar, save it to your computer. Then open it with Windows Photo viewer I think is what it’s called and then you can print a big page. I hope this helps!

    2. JinjooHat says:

      Have you figured it out? Cause I just saw this comment XD When you go to print preview (chrome does it auto, firefox, you have to click for it) there are buttons that says “portrait” and “landscape”. Just click on landscape and it should fill the page. For Chrome and Edge, they do the print preview thing auto and it’s usually under “Orientation”. If you have another sort of browser, try searching the options under print or print preview.

  101. Noémie says:

    After doing a beginner calendar i m so pumped up for this one ! It’s my first time doing a monthly calendar ! Thank you Cassey

    1. yuv says:

      same xD good luck

      1. Noemie says:

        Thank you, good luck to you too !

    2. Lajla says:

      Good luck, enjoy your body getting stronger 😀

    3. Cait says:

      This is my first monthly as well! I’m getting started now! Good luck to you!

    4. Vanismileyyy says:

      Me too! Good luck

    5. J says:

      Same! 🙂 just finished the first day of June. good luck everyone :)))

    6. Patricija says:

      Me too! Just finished day 1 and it was great! Good luck everyone we can do it! Love u ❤️❤️❤️

    7. Laura says:

      Same! I’m excited I survived day 1, I hope I will keep strong till the end of the calendar! Lets support each other, kisses from Italy!

    8. Isabella Bianchi says:

      This is awesome!!! Have fun 🙂 😀

    9. blogilates says:

      WOW!!! Super excited for you!!!!

    10. Nessa says:

      Same here, I have made it through the first three days, but so much more intense than the beginner’s calendar. Thank you for this though Cassey! This is so good and you are so motivational.

  102. ankitaa says:

    so pumped up for this month’s calendar! this is my second month and as each day goes on, i’m only hyped up to do more, i love you so much Cassey! you’re one hell of an inspirational person.

  103. Lisett Cruz says:

    I’m defenetly in it to win it 🙂 love you ❤

  104. Erin Winkler says:

    Cassey you are so inspiring. You inspire not only my fitness journey but my entire life. I haven’t been treating my body well in the food department but you inspired me to turn my life around this month and eat clean and my boyfriend is joining me. Thank you so much and please don’t let anyone ever tell you that you are anything short of extraordinary.

    Shine on.

  105. Boutheina says:

    I’m so excited to start my second month calender *_* love u cassey <3

  106. Sarah says:

    This is my first time doing monthly calendar workout…) I am so pumped up and excited. Wish me luck guys and kudos to everyone who are doing it this month..:)

    1. Noémie says:

      Good luck to you and good luck to us all 🙂 We can do this !

    2. Talia says:

      Good luck! You can do it!

    3. Isabella Bianchi says:

      Good luck! And have fun!! :)))

  107. Nina says:

    I haven’t got the Email with the password yet and I literally just guessed it lol, feeling like a hacker now. So excited for the new month! 🙂

    1. Ana says:

      Omg, me too…I just checked the mail and gave some refresh and the newsletter didn’t appear so I looked at the calendar background and thought: Hmm, it could be this password! :)) Funny!

      1. Thatiane says:

        What’s the password? i don’t got it either :/

        1. Ana says:

          Are you able to write in comment section if you don’t have the password? It is “pineapple”. Now I received the mail.

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