Your January Workout Calendar!

Hey guys!

I cannot believe that 2018 is coming to an official close. WHAT. A . YEAR.

I cannot believe I got married to my favorite human and best friend this year! According to Instagram’s Top 9…you guys really loved LOVE and fake butts 😛

As for what I am doing this New Year’s Eve?

Yea. Option 2 thank you very much!


2019. IS. UPON US!!!!

I am so thrilled to be starting off the new year with a NEW challenge and a NEW workout calendar! SO MANY POPsters are IN for the #100AbChallenge. Are you?

Click to download hi res

Everyday from Jan 1 to Jan 30, we will be doing 100 reps of the listed ab move of the day! There will also be 30 YouTube workout videos going out in Jan so you can follow along every single day! I have NEVER uploaded this many videos such a short amount of time EVER in my entire life. IT IS GOING TO BE EPIC.

So make sure you tune in on Jan 1 (but actually, I’ll be uploading the night before to make sure people all over the world are getting it on time) to do The Hundreds with me!

Oh yeah, and do not forget to to take a before pic! I want you to compare it with your after pic on day 30. Just make sure you’re drinking tons of water and eating clean and you should see a change! What I can guarantee is that you will FEEL the change!

Next up, the January Workout Calendar!

Here’s your plan:

Click to download hi res cal!

  1. SUNDAY: Strong Arms & Back – working your upper body!
  2. MONDAY: Beautiful Booty – we’ll work butt, hamstrings and all things backside!
  3. TUESDAY: Crazy Cardio – cardio and fat burning time.
  4. WEDNESDAY: Sleek Obliques – abs, abs, abs.
  5. THURSDAY: Full Body Burn – let’s pull it all together for a total body sesh.
  6. FRIDAY: Stretch and Strengthen – rest day.
  7. SATURDAY: Long Legs – booty and leg time!

If you’re new around here, this is how it goes!

  1. Click on the hi res link to download the calendar and print it out for your wall!
  2. Head over to and click on the videos of the day. It’ll take you directly to the YouTube video!
  3. Do each video once (unless otherwise stated)
  4. Check off as you go!

There ya go!! Let’s start off 2019 like we OWN IT!


Happy new year guys!

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  1. W Nelson says:

    Thanks for cute calendars ! My son literally loved them ! Keep it up great works !

  2. Sharon Gore says:

    Thank you for the beautiful calendar and your other works.

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  4. Marzia Zuliani says:

    You are super strong, definitely. Your abs are amazing.
    And I can relate to what you say about your belly. But now, with exercise and a lot of attention to my diet… I can see my abs!

    Ps will the lesson be online for those who won’t be able to be live?

  5. Ekta says:

    Hey Cassie! Since you always ask for suggestions from us, I had one: could you include exercises for the arms in the monthly calendar along with stretches for the neck and shoulder? would be of great help!
    *P.S. > I love working out with you.

  6. Millie says:

    I am new and my daughter gave me your beginners calendar. Any advice should I start with beginners calendar

  7. Wow, Great Post. I am using this Calender, It’s quite usable for me.
    I also track my Workout routines by using an APP. Thank you.

  8. Aishee Choudhury says:

    I have just registered and it’s jan 21st today.. how should I cope up . Please suggest

  9. Hagat says:

    Hey I love your workout and your energy!
    But I’ve got a problem, I’ve recently gave birth (2 month ago) and I’ve haven’t been workout in the past year and also I’m breastfeeding my baby.. I’m not sure how to start working out without hurting my body, and how to eat right without damage my milk.. I don’t think that I need to lose weight (I’m 163 cm and 49 kg) but I wanna be healthier and shaper… Sorry for my English…. It’s not my natural language.. Thanks 🙂

  10. MrsMullen says:

    Happy Bday Enjoy

  11. Krystal Mullen says:

    I love you and are a great inspiration to me, but I can’t afford your book for perfect 10. Can you help me.

  12. Anurag Singh says:

    Workout Plan looks amazing!! I have been trying some of these and loved them.
    Thanks for sharing the Blog..

  13. KarlynOh says:

    Ive been trying some of your videos and love them! Just found the page and am excited to use the calendar! Fresh2019

  14. elenaedwards says:

    This is so so helpful I love it thank you so much Cassey 💗💗

  15. Jesse says:

    Loving you’re enthusiam . Can wait to see results .

  16. Jess says:


  17. Cheyenne S says:

    I am so excited to begin this 100AbsChallenge! I know I’m starting a few days late since I haven’t checked in for a bit, but I’ll stick to it just the same. I can’t wait to see and feel the results!

    1. Nawaria says:

      Hey, I’m late too. So let’s start now and rock the hole thing! My goal is to finish the calender for this month and not to give up like the other times…

  18. Emma Young says:

    For the #100AbChallenge is it ok to miss one day because you went to hard and your body is to over worked?

  19. Marchelly bahari says:

    Try to follow your #100abschallenge thank you for sharing your positive spirit!!! I dont like how the way i look but you keep motivating us to be our own best version everyday! And now i can say I’m 100 step ahead from me 3 years ago!!!
    Been following you for about 3 years now!!! Thank you and keep doing this!!
    Much love from tropical bali island 😘🤗😘🤗

  20. crystal says:

    Starting the #100Abchallenge, January workouts and the 28 day reset tomorrow. Just got clearance from my doctor and I’m ready to go!

  21. asato says:

    I just did it!! i thought i wasn’t gonna make it, i’m just starting training since like… ever, but i did it! i wanna cry T_T <3

  22. denisefn says:

    Yessss, challenge included in the cal!!! <3 I love how Cassey thinks of everything! Thank you, and a great new year for all of us POPsters!

  23. Nicky says:

    I am so pumped for this year! I got a really good feeling about it.

  24. Rachel D says:

    I love how the challenge was included into our daily workout sessions. You are the best, Cassey. Happy New Year, family.

  25. Marah says:

    Hi I’m not able to download the calendar as a PDF so i can still check the links of the workout videos ?!

  26. 2019 IS MINE! 😀 Errr, ours* (the popstar community :))

    Would you care to share with us what you’re looking forward to in 2019, Cassey?

  27. JuliaLF says:

    So excited for the added challenge! Bring it, January 2019!!

    1. You said it, Julia! <3 Is there anything I can do to support you?

      1. JuliaLF says:

        If you have any tips on how to avoid neck discomfort while doing ab exercises, I welcome them! So far, no pain, but I want to avoid that as much as possible.

  28. muskaan says: