January 2018 Workout Calendar!

Hey guys!

Happy new year! Are you ready to get back on track like this lil puppy bear creature on a treadmill?

I am! Jan 1, 2018 marks day one of the 2018 Reset Challenge! If you’re ready to eat well and exercise with me for the next 28 days, then your first task is to:

#1. Take a before picture! Front, side, and back in a sports bra and shorts or a bikini. Keep this for your own records!

Then you shall only eat Reset-friendly foods for the next 28 days. Remember, The 28 Day Reset is not a diet. It is a way of finding your food sensitivities!

#2. Follow this free PDF to understand how to make Reset-friendly meals for the next 28 days. 

Next, you will commit to being active! Whether that means going full out with PIIT28 workouts, doing the Blogilates Workout Calendar, or just walking your dog – as long as you’re moving, you’re being active!

#3. You will agree to be active for 30 min a day, 6 days a week. 

Go all in guys! Commit! If you follow the rules for the 28 days you will see and feel a transformation. Do this for your body and for your mental strength. You’ve got this!

#4. On the last day of the challenge, Jan 28, you will take an after picture from the same angles, in the same clothing. Post the before and after pics in a side by side collage and write a post about how you’ve transformed inside and outside! Be sure to hashtag #28DayReset.

Are you in!?? I am!!! Let’s do this! Here’s your new January 2018 Workout Calendar. Follow this to commit to being active daily!

Download linked PDF | Download hi-res JPEG

If this is your first Blogilates workout calendar, you’ll want to know the following:

  • You can find each video by simply clicking on the link in the PDF (all located at youtube.com/blogilates)
  • Do each video once through unless otherwise directed
  • Check off as you go
  • Fridays are stretch & rest days, so no work outs!

Yay! Happy new year guys! I can’t wait to smash the next 365 days! Love you so much!

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  1. Karen Cline says:

    Thank you for doing this. Your work is so lovely and it’s really kind of you to share.

  2. Teresa says:

    Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication.

  3. I would also like to get these printables. I’d love these calendars.

  4. Shaina Joshi says:

    January was my first time following along with the calendar and I have seen a huge change in my body. Your calendar is really good and super useful. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful article with all of us. You are an inspiration dear. Thank you once again. Regards

  5. Ruth says:

    Whatever you need to work on can count as a habit, for example, eating clean or doing your daily workout. Then you can check the numbered boxes to show you did it for that specific day.

  6. Reagan says:

    Will someone explain to me why I would benefit from drinking 7 gallons of water a day for a month?

  7. Ngọc says:


  8. Shruthaa says:

    Hey Cassey, how are you😊I took a look at those cute printable calenders that you had created for us and they are so CAYOOT❤I had doubt on planning what to do on each day of the week. So could you please help me. Hope you reply to my comment ASAP because it’s my birthday on the 13th of April😬and I wanna lose weight before that day as I’m keeping a pool party. So I wanna remove that lower belly fat, the fat in my hips and also the fat in my thighs. And I’m turning 15!!💁‍♀️

  9. I love all your sessions they are always brilliant.

  10. Shabina says:

    Love u n ur body… U r jus awsm gal…

  11. Jana says:

    January was my first time following along with the calendar. Cassie, I have seen a great change in my body. Thanks for inspiring me.

  12. notbevan says:

    Are other people having problems opening February’s calendar? It’s seems to be
    stuck on the loading bar :/

    1. Jessi says:

      Me too::(

    2. Kashish badlani says:

      Heyy Casey February calender plz provide

  13. ShelleyUX says:

    I’m relieved to see that I’m not the only one experiencing issues with the new website! It took me forever to just get logged in, and now I can find the Feb. calendar, but I really miss the old pdf style one. I loved seeing the new designs and cute titles for the workout focus for each day.

  14. JSJ says:

    I want to cry, I can’t find February

    1. bluedreamcloud says:

      It is up now!~ Check again 🙂

  15. Dizzel says:

    I think there’s an issue with the website/calendar section :S the Feb calendar is missing and nothing is loading :/

  16. Meral says:

    Will there be a printable calendar for Feb? While it’s cool to come onto the website to click, I appreciate being able to print it also. Thanks

  17. mktravis says:

    The February Calendar won’t load!

  18. Rumeysa says:

    I can’t see february calendar either 🙁

  19. ana92983 says:

    The February calendar isn’t working for me either it just keeps showing a loading bar

  20. mingyums says:

    I can’t get to the Feb calendar either! =(

    This is when I realise how necessary Blogilates is to my life…

  21. pbandjelly says:

    Im also having trouble finding it…it´s not here or it´s not showing…who knows…

  22. bluedreamcloud says:

    Hey guys! Calendar is still down I guess but if you need the workout for today, Look Blogilates on youtube (her youtube channel) and go to playists. She uploaded workouts for February 1st there! I’m sure they will fix the calendar as soon as they can!

  23. sailor_venus says:

    Feb calendar isn’t loading :T

  24. kristinapet23 says:

    February calendar wont open! Loading bar just keeps going and then error happens 🙁 Fix it please! Cant do my workout today 🙁

  25. EydyA says:

    Having the problem.

  26. jenniferbauer10 says:

    The February calendar won’t load for me either!

  27. emeraldzombie says:

    Somethings up with the calendar page when I try to get February’s calendar. HELP! 😀 Is the site down?

    1. kristinapet23 says:

      Same! it just keep loading and wouldn’t open! 🙁

    2. stefanie1 says:

      Same here!! When I first logged on it was a very interactive calendar page and JPEG/PDF versions were not available. It hasn’t been working for me all day!!! 🙁

    3. KimberlyMin says:

      Yeah, I’m having the same problem.. Hopefully it gets fixed soon… I don’t want to miss the first day…

    4. coffeemomma says:

      Having the same issue!

    5. Dizzel says:

      The same thing happens for me Too! It just keeps loading and loading and loading but nothing happens and/or the site crashes with an error message :/ please help

  28. 19madyuni says:

    the feb calendar isn’t opening for me

    1. Nakeista says:

      I’m having the same problem. I eventually had to just pick a workout from a day in January so I could get something done. Hopefully the issue will be resolved soon 🙂

  29. Marta says:

    Where is February calendar?
    As is not on this website.

  30. Chavito01 says:

    Can’t open my Feb. Calendar!!! 🙁

  31. Yun says:

    How can I see your February schedule?

  32. Krystinelynn says:

    I liked those Calendars, why did it change??i always printed it out and then i downlooaded the same one with the clickable videos for youtube. It´s complicated to open my email search for the email with the calendar for this month an then wait a minute until it loaded the calendar which doesnt even open the videos in youtube. Please please im begging you change it at least back to where the calendar was printeable so i dont forget my workout each day. 🙁

  33. Preeti says:

    That Feb calendar hasn’t been released yet!

    1. Srilaya Nadapana says:

      It’s up. But it isn’t opening. The load bar just doesn’t stop. I used it this morning and it worked just fine.

  34. chiaralynn says:

    hi Cassey! i’ve been following your videos for three years now ! You really make it so easy and with a smile !
    we love u

  35. Ava B says:

    Do you know when the February calendar comes out ?

    1. Razanne says:

      they come out the last or second to last day of every month

      1. DTownsend says:

        Is the February calendar out now?

      2. M says:

        hmmm still waiting

    1. alberta says:

      Hi IK this is random but do you know if I start this calendar? I just finished the Beginner’s calendar and don’t know what to do next

      1. Razanne says:

        Yes! And you’ll have so much fun (and pain), but it’ll be worth it! It might even be easy for you if you finished the beginner PITT calendar lol

  36. Emilia says:

    Thank you!! I’ve been a follower for quite many years now, and you never stop surprising me and making me happy. I love you!

  37. This is supercool & stunning really. In love with this idea of yours dear Cassey… Thanks for sharing such an amazing ideas of workout with proper calendar. I have been following your workout calendar since January 2016. It’s really worth following blog & also ur Ideas.. Keep posting dear. Best wishes and Regards. xoxo

  38. Noor says:

    Casey I’m really super happy to start with my calendar I just open your blog nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww and I’m really happy with that . Befor few minutes I just finished your apartment friendly workout series that you did it in a really amazing apartment but I still thinking that your own apartment is amazing more than it hahahahahaha !!! I started with the series on Sunday and I started being vegan and healthy with my whole life from waking up sleeping earlier and better with million times getting fitter and clearer and of course happier . Classy I hope you have all good perfect things in life and I hope all your dreams be come true now 👍🦄🦄🦄🦄✨ plzzzzzzzzz if you have any advice to me tell me and you are one of my life changers hope you all love and joy and by the way I loved the board way grase dance hahahahahaha!!!!! I❤️U 22222222 MUCH .

    1. alberta says:

      Hi IK this is random but do you know if I start this calendar? I just finished the Beginner’s calendar and don’t know what to do next

      1. Nikki says:

        Hey Alberta after you finish the Beginners calendar you just go right on to the regular monthly calendar so if you got thru with the Beginners cal on the 25 then the next day do the monthly cal workout for the 26th. Also, don’t feel bad if you can’t complete all the videos for the day at first. It takes time to build your strength up so you can do them properly. Good luck!