The Official 90 Day Journey Meal Plan

It was never just about the weight loss.

I took this photo 4 years ago. During this time in my life, I was dealing with a lot of internal turmoil, untrustworthy people who I let suck the happiness out of my life, and toxic situations that made me question if I was even meant to be doing what I was doing. There were so many times I wanted to quit everything, move away, and just give up. I was so lost. Sometimes I would walk into my own office and have a hard time breathing because I felt so judged. My heart would even beat out of rhythm. The intangible had become tangible, and I was letting it break me down.

Some people will look at my before and after and judge it as a weight loss transformation, which yeah, it is – on the most superficial level. But that extra fat on my body was a metaphor for the extra negativity literally weighing down my body and my life. What you don’t see is how my entire life has changed for the better, from that picture on the left to the picture on the right.

Embarking on my 90 Day Journey was the best thing I ever did for myself. It was hard. But hard was exactly what I needed to undo everything that had messed me up so badly. I made a promise to myself to get in the best shape of my life mentally and physically, and I gave myself the time and grace I needed to do it properly. Through feeding my body for the right reasons (instead of using food to fill empty emotional voids to no avail) and through finding joy through fitness again (at that point in my life fitness was work and work was not a happy place) – I was able to find myself again. My 90 Day Journey helped me rediscover my purpose and my happiness, and I am literally the most confident I have EVER been in my entire life, right now.

I want to make one thing clear though. I didn’t lose weight to be happy. It was because I was happy throughout my journey, that I was able to lose the weight.

My 90 Day Journey has positively impacted so many different areas of my life that I didn’t know could be impacted by health and fitness. It’s been SO COOL. And the effects are long lasting. It’s been over a year now, and I’m stronger, more creative, more energetic, so much sharper, so much more confident and so much happier than I have ever been in my entire life! It’s actually crazy!!! But it’s real.

I genuinely want you to experience the magic of your own journey. No, it won’t look exactly like mine. But I’m hoping that the details of my experience will guide you to experience a newfound joy and confidence just like I have.

To make this happen, I worked with my Registered Dietitian, Breanna Woods. For the past several months, we analyzed every note in my journal, every experience I had, and combined it with her expertise to create an Official 90 Day Meal Plan.

And you guys, it’s a meal plan like no other.

blogilates 90 day meal plan e-book cover

The Ultimate 90 Day Journey Meal Plan

Food was a HUGE HUGE part of my journey. I journaled everything I ate and how I felt mentally and physically every single day. What I learned was truly priceless and it’s the reason why the changes I made STUCK. They’re here for good.

Based on your dietary preference, Breanna Woods, RD and I have written 4 different meals plans for you to choose from!

All plans include delicious recipes that are:

  • Grain free
  • Dairy free
  • Added sugar free

I avoided these foods during my own journey for personal reasons (basically, they just don’t agree well with me – more detail on that in the meal plan!) BUT, this will also give you a strong foundation for bloat-free, anti-inflammatory eating.

blogilates omnivore pescatarian vegetarian vegan meal plan

The Goals

I want to help you learn how you fuel your body. I want to give you a foundation for eating whole, nutritious foods that will energize you while eliminating digestive issues and inflammation. I want to give you flexibility and the opportunity to LEARN about yourself so you can make changes that will stick too. I want you to feel your best, FOR LIFE.

My goals for this meal plan don’t revolve around weight loss. Can you use this as a tool to lose weight? Absolutely, if that is YOUR goal. This meal plan is NOT a quick fix or a crash diet.

These were my priorities as we built this plan:

  • To keep you satisfied
  • To diminish your cravings
  • To give you more energy
  • To decrease bloat
  • To shed the excess weight
  • To nourish you with recipes that seriously taste good
  • To teach you how to enjoy healthy cooking and healthy eating
  • To stop crash dieting once and for all
  • To create sustainable and enjoyable eating habits FOR GOOD
blogilates 90 day journey meal plan

It’s so much more than just a meal plan

We’re giving you EVERYTHING you need. With this meal plan, you’ll get:

  • A plan for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks everyday for for 90 days
  • Recipes that are easy for ANY cooking level, using simple, easy-to-find ingredients
  • Weekly grocery lists for 90 days (to take with you to the store)
  • A weekly meal overview for 90 days (great to print out and stick on your fridge)
  • A breakdown of nutrition for each meal and each day

And possibly my favorite part of the whole plan – A VERY in-depth guide for choosing the BEST plan for you, based on YOUR goals. This guide talks about how to calculate your needs, the importance of other factors like sleep, water, and stress maintenance, how to use your 90 Day Journal and the Workout Calendars in conjunction with this meal plan, and other tips to achieve the life-changing, joyous success you’re looking for.

cassey ho blogilates spiralized zucchini noodles on a plate and cutting board

You can customize your plan for YOUR needs

I really REALLY hate meal plans that encourage a one-size-fits-all diet. Breanna agrees, so we made sure this meal plan was FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE.

We created a detailed guide to pick the best plans for your needs, based on your goals and activity level. Yes, there’s some math required but I promise it’s easy!

The meal plan also guides you to journal EVERYTHING and to make adjustments as needed. The 90 Day Journal is the perfect companion to the meal plan.

We NEVER want you to feel deprived or restricted. You have the freedom to make as many changes as you need.

bowls of healthy food zoodles banana oatmeal berries carrots meal prep pad

I want you to experiment

You know when you spend money on something that ends up just not working for you? HOW ANNOYING. This won’t happen here. I finally learned after years and years of meal plans and diets that anything that claims one plan will work for everyone…is WRONG. So with this plan, you have endless options to experiment and adjust.

You’ll have access to 3 different activity level meal plans in your purchase. This means you have the ability to use this meal plan in whatever way works for YOU. Don’t want to commit to 90 day? Just start with the 30 Day Sampler Plan 😉

Experimentation is KEY for your journey, so switch as much as you need!

90 day meal plan banana pancakes stacked on a white plate topped with blueberries

OMG the food is SO GOOD

I am not about to recommend ANY recipe that doesn’t taste good, no matter how healthy it is! I love food wayyy too much to do that.

All of the recipes in this e-book have one very important thing in common: FLAVOR.




Oh, and every single recipe is suuuuuuper easy to adjust if there’s an ingredient or two that you don’t love. That’s the beauty of simple recipes made with whole foods! YAY!

cassey ho blogilates purple workout outfit

Get ready to change your life

If you’re tired of seeing WHAT to do with little to no guidance on HOW to do it, this is for you.

If you’re sick of feeling discouraged when you look at a meal plan because it’s too hard to “stick” to, this is for you.

Over the next 90 days, you’re going dig deep and really get to know yourself. You’re going to learn about your body like never before. And you’re going to make changes that last for life.

Are you ready?!?!!! WELL I AM READY FOR YOU!!!


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  1. hola bendecida tarde , sobre el ejercicio necesito ayuda tengo una relacion toxica con el sufrir no sufrir no querer salir de la zona comoda y frustrarme por sentirme mediocre por no ir más alla del sufrimiento que es más mental que fisico, odio cuando late muy fuerte mi corazon me paralizo y sobrepienso. saludos

  2. Esther says:

    Does that plan included vegan ?
    And how many grams of protein per a day?

  3. carina says:

    Hi Cassie,

    I bought the omnivore 90 days meal plan and realized that some of the recipes included nuts (peanuts and almonds) which I am allergic to 🙁 Do you have any suggestions for alternative ingredients that I can use? 🙂 Thank you xx

  4. Charlene says:

    I bought the omnivore meal plan and the food is delicious! I was a little doubtful when i was cooking the dishes because they seemed a little plain in terms of ingredients but was yummy when combined. Im even able to get my husband (who normally only wants meat alone) to more vegetables. The recipes are easy to cook too- thank you!!!

    1. blogilates says:

      Yay!!! That makes me so happy to hear!!!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I’ve been following your workouts for about 3 years now. I love them, you are so motivating. I recently purchased the 90 day meal plan and have been eating the omnivore week 2. I have constant stomach cramps. I do get full very quickly and feel like I’m eating healthy. It’s just really hard because my body doesn’t seem to like all the fiber. I’m disappointed because I spent a lot of money for an online cookbook only to feel cramped and in the bathroom multiple times per day. I’m still a huge fan. I just wanted to let other people know that this is not the easiest diet for the digestive system. I wanted to try this diet because it seemed like a nice blend of Keto and paleo. I’m just disappointed that I spent so much and may have to stop following the plan. And I don’t want to stop, my body is just rebelling against the current situation.

  6. emma says:

    when i click the 30 day meal plan, it doesn’t link me to where i need to go, just sends me back to the 90 day page

    1. blogilates says:

      Where is this? On Or somewhere on this page?

  7. Francesca Montalto says:

    I’m interested in the vegetarian plan, but I can’t eat beans – is this going to limit what I can eat from the plan? Is there a sample available so we can see the meal plan format and maybe a recipe or two? I want to make sure that this meal plan is the right one for me. Thanks!

  8. Alissa says:

    Word of warning: these recipes have A LOT of fiber from all of the vegetables! My boyfriend and I have been on the Omnivore plan for the past month with more than usual GI distress since we started. It took until now to realize that the amount of fiber we were eating was more than our stomachs can handle. A lot of the recipes are majority vegetables (i.e. zoodles with broccoli and tomatoes). I understand getting rid of grains for weightloss/debloating, but replacing all of that with more veggies is not the best for everyone as it can be rough on your stomach to process so many plants. Just wanted to pass that along so no one else takes so long to realize the same thing!

  9. Jo says:

    Hi Cassey, ai am trying to buy the 30meal plan but an error keeps popping up that its impossible to proceed the payment. Even though I have sufficient funds to pay for this?

  10. Jaz says:

    I bought the vegan 90 day meal plan with such excitement to be able to finally to eat yummy, healthy meals and lose the last of my stubborn belly fat, but I’m honestly very disappointed. The whole meal plan is the same two weeks of meals repeating over and over again for 90 days. Also one day will be very heavy tofu or yogurt. There’s no good balance. I feel like the vegan journey was a waste of money and I would try one of the other journeys

  11. Nicole says:

    I purchased the meal plan but I can’t find where to download it only the starter guide??

    1. blogilates says:

      Hi Nicole!! You can email info@blogilates for quicker help but it should all be in your portal! Which meal plan did you buy?

  12. Maritza says:

    Hi Cassie…I have been looking into getting the 90 day journey I did purchase the 90 day journal for me to track my day and moods…my question is I am currently on a keto diet but lately it hasn’t been working for me at all..I have Inflammation and bloating…my question is is your meal.plan going to help me lose weight and keep it sustainable? I need to lose about 30 lbs…is this possible on your plans? Please advise…also I think you look great…you have helped my body look better and stronger than ever.

  13. Callie says:

    Hi Cassey! I am a senior who wants to major in exercise science and nutrition. I thought it would be a good start to try a meal plan! I have never tried one before. If I got the 30 day or 90 day do I have the recipes forever or do they disappear after the 30 and 90 days? Thanks!

    1. blogilates says:

      You have them forever!!! Exciting you are going to major in exercise science and nutrition!!!

  14. Jade says:

    Cassey Cassey! I’m finally ready to purchase one of your meal plans! I’m getting the pescatarian one, but if i can’t eat beans, is there anything else I should substitute for it to make up for the calories and nutrients? Let me know, thank you!!

  15. Maria Gutierrez says:

    Hi! The page is not working … how can i get the meal plan? THANKS

    1. blogilates says:

      Hi! There are some technical issues with our webhost right now – it will be back up shortly!!! Sorry!!

  16. chrissy says:

    hi! loving the meal plan, downloaded the ‘updated’ version, what exactly is being update/modified? also, even in this updated version the ‘Power Salad with Sweet Potato’ recipe, still doesnt mention/include anything about sweet potatos?? anywhere in the recipe?’ haha. unless im somehow missing something . . . has anyone noticed?

    1. blogilates says:

      Hey Chrissy! There were a lot of different updates made but if you have specific questions it’s better if you email so we can help!

  17. pujitha says:

    ya i want to losse weaight

  18. Odile says:

    Hi Cassey,
    It’s a real achievement. Congratulations for all your work.
    The only thing holding me back from buying it is that it’s in English. When will a French version please?
    Thank you for everything you say, write or propose, you do good.


  19. Jessica says:

    Cassey, I started the 90 day meal plan two weeks ago today and I had to share with you that I have loved EVERY recipe I’ve tried, I feel better physically, and I’ve already lost 5 pounds. I think what excites me the most though, is that I’ve always wanted to try whole eating and your plan made that possible and easy for me to do. My husband is doing it with me and we both love it. I’m so grateful. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to see how I feel at the end!

  20. Junie says:

    I really enjoyed the 12 week new body makeover you released years ago and was hoping this would scratch the same itch. So far it looks like it will! I got the pescatarian plan and I’m EXTREMELY happy to have this option as I usually have to choose vegan because it’s easier to modify. I for one really appreciate the time you took to create meal plan options for the most common eating styles, especially since us pescetaries usually get left out :). For anyone feeling super critical about the “simplicity” of the meals remember this is supposed to be more of a modifiable food guide that’s easily attainable for most people. It’s not an end all be all recipe book. If you’re looking for that go for the 28 Day Reset or the Perfect 10 Cookbook, those have plenty of meal variety. Personally I can’t wait to get my 90 day journal so I can start, I already have most of the items so I’m a very happy popster!

  21. Nikki says:

    Hi, I have bought the vegetarian plan and I am really loving some of these recipes, however, there are a lot of errors or holes in the plan. I have had to go back to the store to pick up things that weren’t mentioned at all in the shopping list at the beginning of the week and that is a little frustrating. It is not easy to get to the store where I live. Also, I have had to guess on the amounts of some of the ingredients in the recipes and It was a very expensive meal plan to have so many problems in it. Is there going to be an errata published soon? I have really liked the taste of all of the recipes so far, so I would really like to keep following, but it is starting to add too much stress keeping up with back checking during this big lifestyle change.

    1. blogilates says:

      Hi Nikki! We’ve been updating the plans as we find things so if you go back into your portal, try re-downloading it and many things will be updated!

      If you find any other things, please email us on the contact form on the 90 Day Journey website and we’ll fix it ASAP!

  22. Julia says:

    I regret buying this. I’m sorry but what a waste of money. There are like 15 meals that circulate and they are extremely basic with little instruction. I bought this plan in hopes that it would help me cook myself meals as I tend not to eat. But 60$? I mean seriously? For a few basic recipes? So not worth it. Oh, and certain ingredients are missing from grocery lists? As a student this was a big investment for me, and I think I would’ve benefitted more elsewhere.

    1. blogilates says:

      Hi Julia! I am sorry to hear that you didn’t like the meal plans 🙁 We put a lot of love and work into them and tested the recipes so I don’t feel like they’re basic, but perhaps you’re just an advanced cook with a super palette 🙂 It also comes with much more than just recipes (there is a Starter Guide, Activity Levels, Nutritional Information, etc.) – they are carefully created to achieve maximum nutritional benefits, as developed by our RD. So at first glance you may feel like they are just “a few basic recipes” but there is a lot more work behind that. Feel free to reach out 90 Day Journey website contact form if you have any questions and I hope you still embark on your 90 Day Journey!

    2. Marissa says:

      Hi Julia. Was just wondering if you continued with the journey? I’m also a student and this would also be a big investment for me. That’s why I’ve been on the fence about trying this. Not sure if its worth it especially since there is no refund. Your thoughts would be very much appreciated.

      1. blogilates says:

        Marissa – lemme know if you any have questions I can answer! You can also email us on the contact form on the website!!

  23. Laura says:

    The 90 journal is awesome! I’m not the biggest fan of the meal plan though. I bought the 90 meal plan and it’s pretty, but not instructive. If you’re creative and a good cook, you will be fine. Otherwise, I would stick with the internet or other cookbooks with actual instructions. I’m not great and don’t do well in the kitchen which is why I bought it. But the instructions are vague. Example: cook your chicken (but no instructions, use a pan, bake, fry; make your pesto, again no instructions on how. I bought the meal plan for recipes not so that I would have to look up more recipes for the recipe I’m trying to follow. That’s redundant. Season appropriately, again with what? Salt, pepper, paprika, cumin??? I wish I had not invested in the 90 meal plan but I do appreciate the journal.

    1. Rebecca says:

      I should have read the reviews first!😭 I just purchased it trusting it be great. I’m having big regrets. I’m hoping things are being updated but I’m not sure they would go back and rewrite all the recipes as it seems intentional. Recipes aren’t instructive and shopping lists are incomplete. Kind of lame it was published and sold before going back and fixing all those kinks. Huge bummer:(.

      1. blogilates says:

        Hi Laura! Sorry to hear that 🙁 Which plan did you buy? We did some updates with a few – as you can imagine, when writing 24 meal plans there were a few typos but obviously not intentional. I hope you can see that the science and work behind it is still effective but if you have any questions at all, feel free to write us through the contact form on the 90 Day Journey website and we’ll help you out! 🙂

  24. Caroline says:

    Absolutely love the plan! As I was going through it, I had a few questions about some of the recipes. I bought the Omnivore 90 Day plan and was comparing Activity 2 vs. Activity 3 and noticed some of the recipes either had the same nutrition numbers but different measurements for ingredients (ex: pg. 34) or the same measurements for ingredients but different nutrition numbers (ex: pg. 38). I also noticed that for week one groceries, chicken is added when there is no recipe using chicken for that week.

    If you make updates, will an updated PDF be emailed to everyone that bought your meal plan?


    1. blogilates says:

      Hi Caroline!! Thanks for catching those! We’ll update it (we had sooo many plans to work on, so thank you for understanding!). As we update, we reload it into your portal so you can download the correct one most likely by the end of next week!

  25. Marie says:

    Quick question: For the omnivore plan, are a lot of the meals made with red meat? Trying to decide between that and the pescatarian option–I love fish and chicken but try to avoid red meat.

    1. Abbie says:

      I’m going the omnivore plan and there hasn’t been any red meat so far! Just ground turkey, chicken, and fish!

  26. Amanda says:

    Thank you so much for this Casey!! If we get the 30 day plan to test out, are we able to pay the extra $30 and convert to the 90 day one later?

    1. blogilates says:

      It’s just one or the other since they’re sold as separate products! You can do the 30 day one 3 times but if you want more recipes, then I would recommend 90 day!

  27. Annusya Pipi says:

    Holy shit Cassey, you look sick :s I’m not saying this in a mean way, it’s just worrying. Please get some help soon 🙁 <3

    1. B says:

      Agreed. There is such a thing as too skinny. Having no or very low body fat isn’t healthy, especially for women.

      1. A says:

        Omg yes! So happy to see two obvious health care professionals take the time to comment their medical opinions based on a photo. So selfless. Much love Cassey! <3

        1. Annusya Pipi says:

          You don’t have to be any kind of professional to see when someone’s unhealthily thin, *especially* when you know how much work is going into it.

          400 lbs?! “you don’t kneooow how healthy she is by looking at her!” 95 lbs and anorexic? “you don’t kneeoooww how healthy she is by looking at her!” haha, give me a break.

          1. A says:

            Since you “know” so much. Then you already know how comments like “you look sick” even when said “not in a mean way” can be very damaging to people. Especially from a stranger. So since you “know” how much work Cassey has put in, then you should already have an idea that this negativity is very damaging to her. Let’s hope you don’t make comments like that to the 400 and 95lbs people because, they need a break too.

        2. Annusya Pipi says:

          Sure, it’s really mean to be concerned for people when they’re destroying their health. We’d better all keep enabling their unhealthy behaviors by giving them nothing but praise (and especially telling them how great they look the skinnier they get!). It’s much nicer to just let people damage their bodies (as long as we’re not damaging their psyches with “mean” comments, that’s all that matters) without saying anything :S

    2. ML says:

      I think it is only the lighting in righthand panel of the instagram photo that makes her weight look severe, in all other photographs and videos she looks quite healthy to me. From her meals it does not look like she is depriving herself in any way, just seeking healthy alternatives.

  28. Chelsea Jackson says:

    I ordered and now can’t access it. When I type my password it says invalid. When I ask for a link to reset nothing happens 🙁 I need help lol. I’m excited to do this

    1. blogilates says:

      Use the contact form on the website to email us and we’ll help you out!

  29. Abbagail says:

    This is so exciting! I want to buy them all and mix and match recipes! Thanks Cassey!

    1. blogilates says:

      OMG how fun would that be?!!! You’d be good for a whole year haha

  30. Lili says:

    awesome!! Thank you Cassey

  31. Sikha says:

    Will this 90 day meal plan help me lose some weight?

  32. Sarah says:

    My sister and I were just saying last night, while doing one of your workouts, that we have to know what you eat! So excited about this!!

  33. Lucy says:

    When you say the meal plan is fully customisable, is it also possible to swap out ingredients in the meals (for example, someone who doesn’t eat eggs but does want to include meat/fish, or cut out nuts for people who are allergic) whilst still hitting the macros for the meal? Are alternatives provided? I’m really tempted but don’t want to invest in another meal plan that won’t work for my dietary needs…

  34. Sara says:


  35. seolju park says:

    This seems to sooooo good for my health! thank you !

  36. K Cherin Fritha says:

    It never matters!!!! weather you are
    Rich or poor
    Intelligent or stupid
    White or black
    Fat or lean
    You will be getting suffers
    But those suffers are not the life
    Over come it!!!

  37. Camille says:

    Hi, Cassey! How are the recipes of this meal plan different from the 12 Week New Body Makeover and recipes available on the PIIT28 app? Are these more nutritionally balance?

  38. Lara Wylie says:

    Amazing. So exciting to see someone who puts genuine hard work in for others 😍😍😍

  39. Margarita says:

    Genial 🙂

  40. Lennox Melin says:

    If I buy the 90 day plan, will I have access to it after 90 days are over?

    1. blogilates says:

      Yes! It’s yours forever!

  41. Christin says:

    Super recipes and guid. Thank you so much!

  42. Jordyn says:

    Hello Cassey! My family and I are thinking about purchasing the omnivore and vegetarian 90 day meal plans. We had a few questions about it however. How many recipes are included in each plan? Are the recipes meant for one person or could we easily make each meal for a family of five? Is there a serving size for each meal? Finally, are they time consuming to make, or are they pretty easy to make? Thank you for your time answering these questions, and for making the meal plans! We’re looking forward to trying them!

    1. Breanna Woods says:

      Hi Jordyn! There are about 70 unique recipes in the 90 day plan! Each recipe makes enough for one serving/person, but it would be very simple to multiply the ingredients to make as much as you need for your family. Lastly, we tried to make all of the recipes fairly quick, taking an average of 30 min or so to make! I hope you and your family love the recipes!

      1. Jordyn says:

        Thank you so much! This is really helpful!!

  43. Anna letícia Santos says:


  44. This is so exciting, and I can see that you put a lot of work into this! 🙂 thank you so much 🙂 how did you go about selecting the right dietitian to work with?

  45. Tough but Trying says:

    Congratulations! You look amazing and I can tell you feel amazing! I thought about doing this, but I’m only in high school and a) its hard to do a meal plan no one else in your family is doing and b) I have absolutely no money! Maybe I’ll come back to this in a few years 😁

  46. Saraahx says:

    You’re beautiful on both the before and after pics, in my opinion. But the happiness, confidence and glowing beauty you radiate on the after pic is spectacular!!! Seeing how different you are in your videos still amazes me. This is the kind of happiness that you cannot fake. I love that for you! Your unhappiness didn’t show but I’m glad that you made the changes that needed to be made. You inspire me to get a hold of myself and get better in ALL aspects of my life. I appreciate and respect both you and Breanna for giving us everything that WE need to improve our life, that dedication feels like bliss Thank you for caring about us <3

  47. Fitperson says:

    You look AMAZING!!! Go, Girl!

  48. Mon says:

    Hi Cassey. I’d love to sign up for the 90 day meal plan, but I’m from the UK. Do you think the ingredients and products can be translated to UK ones? I wouldn’t want to purchase the plan of I can’t get it right but I really want to!! Also of I am not vegetarian, but picky (don’t like fish, tofu, mushrooms and I mean I wouldn’t eat these in a million years.) Which meal plan do you think would be best please? Thank you in advance, Mon xx

    1. blogilates says:

      Hi Mon! The ingredients in the meals are pretty standard! Are there things in the UK that you’re worried that you won’t have? Omnivore would probably be best for you and you can swap out meals from another day if you’d like, too 🙂

      1. Mon says:

        Hi Cassey,
        Thank you so much for your response!!!
        I wasn’t really thinking of anything specific ingredient wise, I guess I’ll just have to look harder to find the healthier section in the supermarket haha! I can’t think of anything now that you asked, so thank you for that.
        I am so happy you said it is possible to swap meals from another day, I am probably my worst enemy with being sooo picky!
        OMG I can’t wait to start this!!!
        Maybe it would be a good idea to start a diary where I can log the UK equivalent of US brands, like a little dictionary.

        I am so chuffed, thank you for being you. You have already given so much and you don’t even know!! Seriously, just … thank you!! Xx Mon

  49. fitgirl73 says:

    I’m SO excited that you did this for us! I have gained 25 lbs since January, most of it since the whole covid thing began and I got depressed and ate crap that made my body feel like crap. I had followed your entire 90 day journey eagerly looking forward to every entry and was so excited for you that you figured out what your body needed and you reached your goals and felt so much better about yourself and felt so much better physically. After I gained the weight I kept going back to your journey for inspiration, but didn’t feel like I really knew how to do one myself or what to eat or how to start and I often wished that I had a 90 day plan that I could follow as I’m not good at coming up with meal ideas for myself. So when you announced this plan was coming, I was SO excited. I’ve felt hopeless at losing this weight as I tried diets and I tried starving (former e/d girl here) and none of it worked or made me feel good. I already bought the 90 Day Journal (two because I knew they would sell out fast!) but never found the motivation to begin on my own journey. When you announced yesterday (I got the text and read the email!) I was SO excited I almost cried because FINALLY I have the inspiration, and more importantly the HOPE that I can make my body healthy again and feel better about myself without having to return to my eating disorder ways. I’m a girl that needs structure and guidance and this is EXACTLY what I needed to make some changes in my life. And like you said, it’s not about vanity (though it will be nice to fit into my favorite skinny jeans again!) it’s about how you FEEL in your body, and I want to feel good in my skin, and feel healthy and vibrant again. I haven’t been exercising because I’m so unhappy and so tired from not sleeping enough and eating crappy foods (think processed carbs and sugary snacks!) and I hate how I feel physically, but feel like I don’t know what to eat. And NOW I do! I’m so excited to start on my own journey and finally feel better about myself and have energy again!

    I do have one question – most of your followers are young, and I am 47 and peri-menopausal so my metabolism has really slowed down the past few years and I can no longer eat the way I did when I was younger as my body now requires less calories. Which is something that meal plans and diets and such don’t take into consideration, and BMR calculations don’t take women’s ages into consideration. I WILL start exercising again, but it after months of being too tired to it (I used to LOVE high impact cardio and lifting moderate weights!) my endurance is GONE so it twill be a slow start for me to get back to a place where I can exercise at the level and intensity that I used to. And even after a workout and some yoga, I am quite sedentary during the day – I work at a computer almost all day. Would you suggest even when I get my endurance back that I stick with the 1200 calorie plan? I think with my age my body would gain on much more. Being middle aged kind of sucks, and all my friends warned me of belly weight that I NEVER had before, and yep, that happened! But I KNOW there are women my age in good shape and I’m determined to be one of those people!

    Thank you SO much for doing this! I’ve been so depressed about how I feel in my body and my lousy food choices and just didn’t know where to start, so I didn’t. But now I DO know where to start and like I said, I finally feel HOPE that I CAN feel better again! And I haven’t had hope in a long time. This is about so much more to me than just weight. And I can’t wait to get started!

    1. ptrutneff says:

      I’m right there with you. I’m 59 – definately gained some weight during COVID. I need to do low impact cause of my back. Might try the 30 day meal plan.. i don’t mind eating the same thing month to month. Looking forward to Cassie’s meal plan cause I am terrible at planning.

    2. janegirl1980 says:

      You’re not alone. I’m 40 and the lower belly fat has set in. I plan on trying the 1200 calorie plan first.

    3. Breanna Woods says:

      Hi Fitgirl!
      There is an equation to calculate your BMR in the introduction to this meal plan that DOES take age into consideration! It also takes activity into consideration. 1200 is low for many people, so I would definitely recommend basing your needs off of this calculation to start! The intro will guide you through this 🙂 Hope this helps!
      Breanna Woods, RD

      1. fitgirl73 says:

        Thanks!!! I did look up my BMR for my age/weight/height and it’s 1200 cals a day.

  50. Aggie says:

    Cassey, I’ve had in my home on most days for the last 3 months and wanted to tell you that working out with you in such a joy! The energy that comes across in your videos is impossible to fake and only yesterday I was laughing out loud during one video when you were saying it’s OK if people decide to work out butt naked hahaha I’ve lost some weight and my body looks so much more toned. I love it! My almost 3 year old asks if I’m “doing Cassey” as soon as she sees me in workout clothes 🙂 Please remember that if someone makes a negative comment or say that you photoshopped your pictures it says a lot about them and nothing about you. x