Introducing the Retro Rainbow Collection!

Hey guys!

Today is a biggggg day! 2 reasons!

#1. It’s my 2 year wedding anniversary!

#2. It’s the launch of my newest POPFLEX Collection, Retro Rainbow!

Somewhere over the retro rainbow is where I found the inspiration for this collection! I love colors so much. I can’t even choose my favorite because each color describes a different mood, a different feeling, a different season – and I need them all! To start off this post, I want to show you the mood boards that inspired the feelings for Retro Rainbow…

I love mint because it represents abundance, renewal, growth and it’s such a healing color! Plus it reminds me of pistachio ice cream and matcha milkshakes!

When I see peach, I feel joy and comfort. It’s friendship, gratitude, sincerity with just a touch of feminine energy.

Baby blue is so calming and tranquil! When I am at peace, I feel most confident.

Now that the mood has been set…I introduce you to my most colorful collection yet! Retro Rainbow!

AHH!!!! I love how the colors look together and I love how the silhouettes look so good on everybody! Before we get any further into this post, I want to give Jordan, Sasha, Ahlah, and Dzoanna a HUGE shoutout for modeling like pros for this collection! I’m having a major proud mama moment because these are your fellow POPsters who have never modeled before, but found the courage to apply for the opportunity, push past their fears, and you know what?? They totally KILLED IT.

Here I am wearing the Focus Half Zip-Top and the Tone Shorts! This top is perf for layering over a sports bra for chilly morning runs. The Tone Shorts fit similar to the Wander Shorts 2.0 with the hold band. I’m super into biker shorts right now – no more butt cheeks hanging, you know what I mean!!??

All the pieces are cut from the same StretchSilk fabric we used for the Terrain Collection, so it’s super sleek, stretchy and breathable.

Sasha. Girl. That face. That hair. That confidence! She wearing the Believe Bra and Believe 7/8 Leggings. Sasha’s energy truly lit up the room!

I love the Believe set because #1 – it reminds me of a matcha milkshake and #2 – that soft elastic band is the epitome of Retro Rainbow. LOVE.

Dzoanna’s firey red hair is just as playful as her soul! I loved getting to know her on shoot day. I found out that she had a huge transformation by using Blogilates videos. Do you want to see her before and after?!

Dzoanna is wearing the layering the Breezy Tie Tank over the Tone Bra and Tone 7/8 Legging in Peach. This top is perfect for layering over any bra. Plus isn’t the tie back feature so girly and sporty all in one? I’m all for anything adjustable!

It was amazing getting to know Jordan and learn more about her Native family history!

Sweet Jordan is wearing the Focus Half-Zip Top and the Tone Shorts in Baby Blue! I designed this top to have mesh cutouts at the shoulders for extra breathability. Plus love me some thumbholes and a sophisticated collar.

Okay this jump is perfection. She literally got this on her first try. I’ve done so many of these and it takes 50 til I get an “effortless” looking one!

Look how cool this open bra back is. Open teardrop shape to commemorate the tears that will run when I make you do 100 burpees in a row.

Jordan is wearing the Believe Bra in Mint.

Ahlah was shy, cute, and bubbly all in one! It was so cool to see her get more and more comfortable modeling as the day went on. I mean, how amazing does she look in the Believe set!? The elastic and high neck design keeps everything securely in place as you work out!

AH!!! This color. Reminds me of an orange creamsicle or a peach sherbert! Now I’m hungry.

I’ve been dying to design a square neck bra for a while and now finally we have one!!! I plan to keep this style around for a while because the fit is perfection! Oh and the low cut back is sooo sleek. Shows off all your sexy back muscles! Dzoanna is wearing the Tone Bra and Tone 7/8 Legging in Peach.

The Tone 7/8 Leggings are a similar fit to the Gulch 7/8 Legging. The hold band keeps everything in place, and the v-cut crossover waistband accentuates your natural hourglass shape!

So proud of these girls for KILLING IT at our Retro Rainbow shoot! It’s such an honor to be able to work with girls from our very own community because it makes the collection truly reflective of YOU. There’s so much more than a person modeling clothes. It’s like having old friends come over catching up and playing dress up. It’s so fun and I can’t wait to keep featuring more POPsters in future collections!

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  1. WandaSlays says:

    My fave is defs mint

  2. ija vaibhavi says:

    hey AMBER you will have to bu the stickers separately

  3. Chantal Portillo says:

    I love how you have represented all body types with your models. Just love it!

  4. I love how pastel all of these colors are!

  5. MarIa says:

    First of all, I love your workout videos and watch them daily, so thank you for sharing!
    Regarding the collection… the colors are beautiful and calming. However, the designs don’t appeal to the majority. The reason we watch your workout videos is because we want to LOSE the weight. moms who deal with stretch marks and extra weight prefer to hide our insecurities then expose them. For example, your past videos you wore clothing that covered the midriff and never wore biker shorts, that is until you felt more confident with your body when you lost more weight. There is nothing wrong with that, we also are trying to lose the weight to wear clothing we feel confident in.
    Suggestions- maybe high leggings that cover midriff and then a cute crop top with it would work.
    – pockets (for phone, keys, cash, etc) more appealing
    -loose tops that are crops.

    1. Suzy says:

      Excellent observation!! I hope Cassey takes your advice.

    2. WandaSlays says:

      I most definitely agree 👍

  6. Emily says:

    I love that every piece looks good on everyone!!!! So so cute. My fave is the baby blue, I love it! Xx

  7. Nicci says:

    Very cute colors! I’d love to see more details like the rainbow bands on the Believe set throughout the rest of the set next time, it makes it really mix-and-matchable if something like that is spread through all the pieces!

  8. Ingrid says:

    I love the collection! However, I’d like a full lenght blouse included in one or two colors. I have this weird thing where my stomach hurts when exposed while doing an intense activity. I can wear something that I already own instead, but they won’t look cute together. BTW thank you for not plastering your blog with 10 commercials on the screen 😂 it’s so annoying when other people do it on theirs.

  9. betsey01 says:

    Love this piece! So happy to see a redhead model too 🙂

  10. Christy says:

    It’s a beautiful collection with a great representation of all shapes and sizes of women, but WHEN is there going to be a piece in a collection for people like me, a mom of two with stretch marks from pregnancy and loose skin that will never go away without surgery that do not want to show off my scarred abs? Everything is crop tops now that I get are trendy, but not everyone feels comfortable in them. Please design some pieces for people like me too.

    1. Irene E says:

      Turning a positive into a negative in record time… Yikes!
      Despite the negativity, it’s still a beautiful collection! And beautiful ladies! We appreciate Cassey’s hard work.

    2. Ahlah says:

      Hi Christy! I understand, I go through the same things also. I actually have really bad stretch marks on my tummy also but from gaining a lot of weight to quickly that ride all the way up past my belly button. I personally recommend anything high waisted like the believe set just because it hid all my stretch marks perfectly. Just a a little tip I thought would help. 🙂