Instagram is the new beauty standard.

Instagram is the new beauty standard.

Hey guys,

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while, but was’t sure how to approach it, and still don’t. So I guess I’ll begin where this all started. I was on Facebook about 5 nights ago, browsing through the news and saw that the top trending thing was Kylie Jenner.

Great, another Kardashian trending AGAIN. Not a day goes by that I don’t see one of the Kardashians in some media outlet…

“Kim Turns Lingerie into Street Wear”

“Kendall Goes Braless…again!”

“Kylie’s Lips are Fall’s Hottest Trend”

I mean, yes, there is no denying that they are beautiful. Beautiful people naturally get more attention because they’re “easy on the eye.” In addition, they are super rich, have a highly watched TV show, are the most famous family in the world (I think) and epitomize EVERYTHING it means to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous. It’s INTRIGUING. I admit, even I follow almost all of the sisters and I don’t even know why.

So, I don’t have a problem with any of that! But what I do have a problem with is the fact that Kylie Jenner posted this picture on Instagram and it became the #1 trending thing on Facebook:


A selfie in her underwear??? OKAYYYY. With all the important things happening in the world now – hurricanes, Syrian refugees, ISIS…even the US election…KYLIE IN HER THONG IS THE NUMBER ONE TRENDING THING!!???

Before I get deeper into this and before anyone tries to accuse me of shaming another woman, let it be heard that there is no shaming. This post is meant to be thought provoking. Some of you will find it upsetting and some of you will find it empowering. The choice is yours on how you choose to process and use this information.

So here we go.

People used to get upset over magazine covers showing only thin, beautiful models and celebrities. Then we found out “OMG they photoshop the covers!” Then this whole “body love, body positivity, body acceptance, anti-photoshop” movement started. Traditional media then started showing “thicker” models and more “real women”. The public seemed to be happier. Curvy girls were being more accepted as desired. Then Instagram came along and butts came into style. Not just bubble butts, HUGE, badonkadonk butts. I don’t know who it started with, but some of these girl-next-door “booty girls” are now considered “fitness gurus” and have close to 10 MILLION followers. Fan base? Men. Comments? Too inappropriate to post here.

As booty girls and the Kardashian’s butts just started getting bigger year after year, I started to get more mean comments on my pics saying “Why would I follow your butt workout if you don’t have one?” Well thanks, but I actually DO have a butt. This is my real butt, a strong butt, and the butt my Asian genetics gave me. A majority of Asian people do not have big butts! It’s like us having black hair. We were BORN. THIS. WAY.

I began to feel bad about the way I looked because I was afraid my credibility would suffer. To be a fitness guru, am I now supposed to have a butt at the level of these booty girls for people to believe that my program works? How am I going to do that? I’ve squatted hundreds of pounds before during my body-building phase and AT BEST my glutes were a tiny bit lifted. And now, all of sudden I’m competing with booty girls for credibility.

I began to question the authenticity of these super voluptuous women with their huge boobs, beyond human butts, and their super tiny waists. Like, I had never ever seen bodies like these EVER until these past couple years. (Edit: Not saying that this body doesn’t exist. I know it does. And if you have it, awesome! Embrace it! Just saying that people can tell when something a little off.)  I never wanted to believe that women would go as far as doing something unnatural just to have an “on trend” body…but my naiveness was shattered when I saw this video:

Butt implants. I didn’t even know they existed.

I saw that video probably a year ago. It made me question EVERYTHING I saw on Instagram. I used to think you could find real girls on here. I used to think Instagram would help even the playing field for all body types because you wouldn’t see photoshopped magazine covers on here. But alas, it’s even worse.

Not only are there NUMEROUS apps for altering your face and body, but IG has also PERPETUATED the okayness of plastic surgery. Which brings me back to the original Kylie Jenner pic I showed you. Real body? I think not. Her choice? Yes. How many young girls know that? A very small percentage. And that’s the scary part. You never see her working for her body. No sweaty selfies, no exercise pics. In fact the only time I saw her in a workout outfit was when she became the face of PUMA. UGH! HUGE FAIL PUMA!!!!! Because you know why? This is how Kylie Jenner tells young girls she gets her body:



Waist Trainers and Fit Tea.

Oh you mean, squishing your organs and laxatives. Thanks for the healthy fitness advice Kylie.

BTW, you do know that she get paid A TON to tell you this right? Whether she uses the products or not, she’s making $ off of you believing that she does. And guess what? After my blog post ousting the entire skinny tea industry, the CEO of a fit tea company actually wrote me a personal email asking me to remove their name off of my post. The CEO said this:

“My name is XXXXX, I’m the owner of XXXXX…I see you wrote a blog post about detox teas. I am asking that you please remove my brand name from the title tag. We are a small family run business that works extremely hard…I am working 50 plus hours week trying to support my family, so I am asking you to please remove my brand name.”


You have enough money to pay ALL the Kardashian sisters but you’re trying to play the pity card on me?

I hope you see what’s happening here. Everything that you think is authentic could very well not be. From lies in photos to lies in emails, it’s so overwhelming to have to sit here, sift through the facts, and wonder what’s real and what’s not. And now, all of a sudden, my real, worked-hard-for for body is competing against a plastic body.

The Kardashians have promoted their plastic surgeon Dr. Simon Ourian numerous times on their show and now the guy has over 1.2 MILLION followers. Check out this procedure which costs anywhere between $15k to $40k:


I would rather spend $15-$40k on eating ALL organic food, an Equinox membership, and all the fitness clothes my heart desires. But that’s me. And who am I to judge women who want to alter their bodies. It is theirs and theirs to change how they would like. My problem is that social media is now exposing plastic surgery to girls as a solution for looking better and feeling better about yourself. What if girls find plastic surgery before they find fitness? What if they begin to think that spending your money on injecting your butt is better than spending money on your education?

It worries me. A lot.

My heart is thumping hard as I write this. My chest is hot.

Some may argue that getting plastic surgery is like getting your hair dyed. Same thing. You’re changing yourself. You want to be more beautiful, so both are vain.

Yeah….except one involves a knife going in you and we don’t even know the long term effects of these foreign objects being in your body over time. Will beauty end up killing you? I don’t know. But I’m not willing to be the guinea pig.

“Stop comparing yourself Cassey! You always said that comparison is the thief of joy!”

The truth is, I’m not comparing myself to them. The followers are. And what the followers think becomes the new ideal whether I like it or not. I feel it happening. They’re telling me I need to have a big butt in order to “sell” my butt routine. And when I say sell, I mean, just watch my IG video and give it a like.

But I’ll keep being me and keep being happy with what I have because I know how trends are. They’re in then they’re out. It’s like fast fashion. Back in the 1920’s having a flat chest was in. Now, super butts are in. What’s next? Will your body be on trend? Will you alter yourself just to “fit in”?

The people used to think magazine covers were the beauty standards. Now, Instagram pics are the new beauty standard. How long will it take for people to realize that what they’re seeing on IG is not real? Maybe as long as it took us to realize that magazine covers were photoshopped.



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  1. Kate says:

    Thank you for focusing a minute on this current unrealistic body type. An hourglass figure is classically attractive, but this teeny tiny waist/flat abs/wide hip/massive butt combination has reached the limit. It’s hardly possible to buy clothes that are made for bodies like that. In REAL LIFE, women who have been genetically programmed for these proportions, look awesome when it’s obvious it’s their natural body. PhotoShopped imitations look really stupid, and create a ridiculous standard. I feel like I’m old enough to know and accept the truth about social media fakeness, but it honestly bothers me that my genetically flat butt is regarded as a flaw. Just like Cassey, I could lift heavy and do a trillion squats, and could achieve some glute definition, but a gigantic roubd bouncy butt? Never, not with my genetics.

  2. Kim says:

    Thanks for writing this. I needed to hear it. I’m so happy that you’re doing your workouts! We need more people that actually get it. I stopped following a fitness YouTuber for this very reason. She was super sweet and the workouts worked, but I had a huge issue with her selling herself as though she looked that way, when in fact, she admitted to having plastic surgery. Her choice of course but it’s also my choice to only find ppl that are using what they have already been blessed with and molding that into their best selves. Thanks for this! I’m highly encouraged.

  3. Kyndal Killebrew says:

    I agree with every word! You were ahead of the game with this post. Look at all the fake buttons in 2021!!!! Its sickening!

  4. Cel says:

    I loved your site and the topics you picked !! Great content 👏🏻

  5. humor says:

    I’m amazed, I have to admit. Seldom do I come across a blog that’s equally educative and interesting,
    and without a doubt, you’ve hit the nail on the head.
    The problem is something which too few people are
    speaking intelligently about. I am very happy that I came across this in my hunt
    for something relating to this.

  6. KEI says:

    Hi Cassie! First of all, you are an amazing woman who have made me and other people actually enjoy working out, and i thank you a lot for this. I am a tall girl with a lean body. I’m not too thin or too flat, but also not too curvy. 8 years ago, when i was 12/13, Instagram wasn’t popular, Tumblr was popular instead. I used to see this 0 size girls ‘heroin chick’ girls that look anorexic and thought that i should be like that in order to be beautiful. I used to starve myself and only take like 400 calories a day because i wanted EVERY BONE in my body to show (this is sickening me). All my friends used to tell me my body was “beautiful” because i was really tall and thin. Around age 15, i saw a dietician and she was shocked when she analyzed my body. I was looking thin, but i didn’t have any muscle weight because of that unhealthy diet of starving myself. I went to the gym almost everyday, and forced myself to eat. It took me a lot of time and effort to turn my body to its normal shape and heal my body from the damage that i have done when i was 12. And then, just when i was confident in my body, the kardashian body trend started. This time, i started to think that i was too thin to be beautiful. I needed to gain weight only in my butt (which is impossible for many body types). I started doing squats like crazy and i was obsessed with growing my booty. When i turned 18, i realized that my body was actually beautiful on its own. So, the point is, a body shape should not be a TREND. As a early teenager, i literally ruined my beautiful body by starving myself OR trying to bulk up my booty to catch up with this body trends and to feel “beautiful”. Now at the age of 20, i regret all these things that i have done to my body as a teenager and i actually realized that my body was really nice at its own way. I follow a healthy diet and try to maintain my healthy weight, and i workout 5 times a week to be strong and healthy. Thank you for sharing your workouts and helping me out. Love you a lot.

  7. gia says:

    Am i like, the only female who wouldn’t take a thick curvy body like Kylie Jenners fake one if i was offered it no risk? I have my own curves, i have been anorexic yet still a curvy female. I don’t need a fat ass and fake tits.

    1. Kyndal Killebrew says:

      Nope. I wouldn’t do it for any reason!

  8. Gui says:

    Before anyone tries to comment on this, please know that Cassey loves and embraces every body type. However the problem here is that the natural curvy body type, with a nice lifted butt, has become A TREND. Do you understand what that means ? IG models (maybe like a good 50% of them) probably fake it by posing and editing their photos into an unrealistic (often) image/goal of this body. But then the trend will eventually die. Will they still accept curvier bodies, with bigger butt ? Oh, not so sure. And that’s the problem. Instead of accepting, respecting and loving each and every body, people just go on about a certain type which they define being the best. And it becomes a standard. Until other show another body that’ll look more attractive to the majority. Ooops. And to the people who don’t have this body ? Just change it, they say. But then another trend starts, and they have to change it again. That’s just hell. People just want to fit in the canon of beauty, never accepting themselves. And that’s sad.

  9. Parissa says:

    I had a bf.i loved him a lot but apparently he didn’t because my body wasn’t a la mode.i have middle size boobs,very strong thighs and calves,a tiny waist more like a glasshour.he left me for these plastic dolls.after having a really killing time out of a sudden i saw one of cassey’s’s been almost a year that I’m working out by cassey’s calendar routine.and you know what??i’m super happy.i’m healthy٫ strong and beautiful.l even gained weight and i shaped my own unique figure with you’re an angel.beautiful and don’t know but you helped me A LOT.i respect you so much because you deserve it.and i keep my workout routine with you.

  10. Hinewai says:

    Just stop looking. It’s an app, delete it and move on.

  11. wendy says:

    Cassey! I agree, I have a big butt but I found myself questioning it’s routine or whether I’m working hard enough and then I starting thinking it not big enough. Wow insta really can get you body shaming yourself! Cassey! You are amazing for being a natural passionate person. Thank you for being a great role model.

  12. Eleanor says:

    Love your article! I wanted to say that you and your sister show true beauty on IG- while you guys don’t look like the typical IG model, you exude health, vibrancy, energy, adventure, intelligence, and amazing personality- and- the best magic- people come away from your page feeling better about themselves! (if they have an ounce of common sense and aren’t the ones who get offended about EVERYTHING)

    But yea IG has definitely made an interesting new standard. My parents are both from small European villages, and growing up instilled a healthy attitude towards food / my body in me- eat well and in moderation, I never saw either of them do any exercise but they walked everywhere they could, and my mom had 5 children and never gained an ounce. If she did, she didn’t care, and would enjoy herbal teas as well as the weekly chocolate cake and just up her walking. I get to enjoy my parents telling me “you’re too skinny” when I come to visit (love Blogilates and Ballet Beautiful after childbirth!!) and they go to every effort to cook me big, healthy meals.

    HOWEVER my parents retired in California. After years of an empty nest, I guess my mom has succumbed to Hollywood and admiring these “celebrities”. I was stunned when she told me the Kardashians were ” goregous” (it is my personal opinion they are not, though I think many in Hollywood are, of course, Rhianna…young Catherine Zeta Jones, etc.) she would never have thought so when I was growing up, she used to ban me from listening to the Spice Girls when I was 9 because they were “indecent” and promoted “artificalism”. ha! Just, interesting, that media would have changed this elderly European woman’s natural lens.

  13. Elena Morales says:

    would someone tell me what “IG” means?

    1. Miss Margaret Ann says:

      Instagram. 🙂

  14. Annalisa Messa says:

    Cassey I’m following you from Italy. You are very beautiful and cheerful and I love your workouts. I love the colors of your oufits, your cheerfulness and the purity of your intentions. What you say in this post is so powerful and I would like everyone to know the truth about it. Thanks Cassey, you are an example of healthy and beauty.

  15. Kristen Arnhoelter says:

    Cassey, thank you so much for this article!!! I am beyond excited to have found you and Pop Pilates. For the first time in my life exercise is something that is FUN, interesting, and rewarding. I actually look forward to it now, rather than feeling it is something I have to endure to stay in shape. POP Pilates is the best workout ever!! One of the things I love most about POP, is you, and the sense I get that you are REAL! I feel like you care about all of us getting healthy and becoming our best selves. I appreciate that you are not selling sex, you are confident in who you are, and don’t come off as a phony in any way. I can’t thank you enough for that. Please don’t ever feel the need to become like one of the K sisters or some “booty girl “. You are perfect the way you are. Thank you Cassey!!!💖☺️🙏🏼

  16. Shenika Plantegenest says:

    I love this post because it addresses a large issue that we have in society today. Nowadays, the beauty standard has become everything on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Women now have crazy high expectations to have tiny waists and large butts and it is not realistic. Social media has created images in women’s minds of what they should look like and almost shames women for not looking a certain way or having a certain body type. Also, social media promotes some unsafe ideas of what they have to be doing to achieve that look. This is upsetting because now many women are insecure but they should be proud and happy with how they are.

  17. Katherine says:

    Even though you wrote this post 5 months ago and I just found it, damn, its good! I finally found someone who isnt being crazy about this booty gains:/ It is interestingly to see how body standards are changing. 5 years ago, when I was working as a model, our hips could be(maximum) 92sm! 92? today, women want to have all 150!That is so crazy. All of my friends like-why dont you try to bulid a “nut” butt? And because I was so tired, after 7 years of bulding my body according to beauty standards, I was like-damn no, to exhauted. Thank you for this post! It gave me a hope that there are people who think the same way as me xx

  18. Liva says:

    thak you so much
    i am a 13 year old girl and I have been using waist trainers untill 2 days ago where i saw your post about the subject i only did bc kylie jenner said it worked but thank you so much

  19. ロカ says:

    i’m mostly a lurker but I thought I had to say something to this, tho I’m horribly late.

    I feel like everything in the US is totally exaggerated and ppl are so easily manipulated though it’s obvious that a lot of it-people are not “real” people. and also there are a lot of mean/rude/ignorant and just plain toxic people out there just to ruin someone’s day because they’re miserable themselves.

    I know that you’re living in the US and everyone there is like that (either being toxic or just too easily manipulated) but everything they do or say don’t have any value. there is no equasion that says, you have to have these kinda butts to be a fitness guru (since they’re not real anyway). these people spouting that kind of nonsense are just plain ignorant if not retarded. It just really pains me to see you getting dishearted by the the normal crowd who I bet never exercicsed like you do. Please show me anyone who can do plank holds/crunches etc. and still talk normally and sound encouraging and not out of breath or anywhere near exhaustion. this should show you too how strong and amazing you are! Those people have not worked hard at all if they’re quick to judge someone just based on a picture.
    And I know you’re even trying to reach more people and try to change people’s mindset but I hope it will never make you feel bad about yourself and how you look ever again!!! for an asian you have a great round butt (as a fellow asian i know ho asian butts normally look like ;))

    sending you lots of sanity and common sense
    your EU-follower who struggles to get back into the routine

    1. Ashley says:

      Please don’t think all of us in the United States are easily manipulated or toxic, cause we’re NOT. Generalizations and stereotypes like these are disingenuous and ignorant. What others see on TV about Americans is not true of ALL Americans. And your use of “retarded” is offensive, so you may want to change your wording and use of the word in this manner.

  20. Anna Schmitz says:

    I just want to tell you how thankful I am for you. I am a personal trainer who focuses on teaching clients how to strengthen their bodies and find JOY in the progress that they make. I have been following you from a distance for about 6-7 years. It wasn’t until I watched a few of your videos after your bikini competition and started reading your blogs that I appreciated you fully. I love your workouts so much but the HUGE thing is that your heart and focus is dead on. I absolutely hate how my clients (and myself!) get bogged down when looking at Instagram or Facebook because the pictures that are supposed to INSPIRE make girls DEPRESSED and UNSATISFIED with themselves because they are focusing on the outward appearance and showing their entire naked bodies. It is really sad! I am ALL FOR a picture of someone who has changed their life around and is posting about that but I get really frustrated when women are only interested in showing off their bodies in ways that are focused more on how much they can show verses how strong they are/how much they have achieved! Please don’t stop speaking out and being a POSITIVE voice for women, friends, family, clients, and personal trainers around. You are an inspiration and a wonderful role model! <3


  21. Angel Rhodes says:

    Thanks for writing this and voicing some of the concerns I’ve had personally about this new popularized body shape which is very unnatural for the majority of girls to achieve. Coming from someone who can thank her Puerto Rican genes for her bubble butt–but who is also “flat chested”, I definitely feel that all women’s shapes should be celebrated!

  22. Emily says:

    This is a great post! I completely agree with all that you said. Firstly the fact that the Kardashians are acting like their bodies are “all natural” drives me insane. They will all deny they ever had butt implants because they “didn’t!” They got these butt lifts instead which is the same thing! Plastic surgery is not the issue but own up to it. Also a note on some comments below…as Cassey was saying in the post, having a big butt is beautiful but why is society only considering it beautiful NOW? Why is it only glorified when a rich, privileged and white female has one? Why was it not considered beautiful before when Latinos and black women have always had these beautiful bodies? That is the question. I’m Chinese so when will it be “on trend” to look like me?

  23. D says:

    Spot on. I celebrate you, Cassey.

  24. Bianca says:

    Thank you so much for writing this. I’ve struggled with continuously comparing myself to these “Instagram models” and it’s unreal how depressing it can be. It’s hard to remember the fake ness when it’s the whole Instagram world doing photoshop promoting the wrong things . This really helped me <3

  25. ladamamutante says:

    Cassey, I appreciate your work and philosophy. However, this post made me mixed feelings. I understand the part of your post where you critisize plastic surgery (although it’s a choice). But, on the other hand, it seems you try to put down this big-but fashion because it’s not how your body is or how you want it to be. Now big butts are fashioned, but there are a LOT of women who have them naturally and are glad that for once they don’t receive body shame as they always have.

  26. Marie says:

    Im glad big butts are finally in for every woman out there who was born with one and felt like she had to hide it. That said Cassey you give us all hope and conforts and advices when we need them the most, you help so many of us improve ourself and get through the rough dark days. I think its time for me to do the same! The people out there questioning your credibility upon your butt’s size dont KNOW you like all your followers do. I have been following you on and off since 2012 and you are THE REAL DEAL when it comes to improving our bodies, our diets and our lives. Exercising with you can be tough but often gets my spirit up, you are funny, you are keeping it real and you are so beautifuly strong.
    Trust me when I say that your followers know your butt is made of steel!

  27. Paulina says:

    Hi! I loved thiss, seriously, i think women today must appreciate what they have, and know that those people who have beautiful butts, are likely to owe them to plastic surgery, if you don’t have it, you are at least natural, which makes you even more beautiful in your very own way.

  28. See Lee says:

    I agree with you so much on this! This is what I feel exactly, everything that you said was on point! I truly believe that nowadays young girls will grow up to wanting plastic surgery first to fix their problems instead of girls. I do love Instagram, but at the same time I dislike it too because it reminds me again of how other gorgeous girls look and would often results of comparing me to them. I really love how you talked about this issue because I believe this is really important and needs to be talked more about.

  29. Maya Al Hasheem says:

    Dear cassey thank u so much sooo much for posting this . I feel like you’re really representing me! I mean this is what exactly on my mind. I hope from now on after people reading ur post they will change their mindsets. About the beauty standard. And start to be the real human without any strange objects place inside your body in order to feel/look good. Once again thank u so much cassey you’re really my inspiration with your real body & inner-outer beauty and i started to feel more confident and encouraging to be fit in a realistic way after I watched ur videos . Well I have my asian genetic too and i always feel bad about my butt, but after seeing u . Its like u showed me that being fit or feel good doesn’t mean that you must have those insane big boobs or butt like the kardashians. You’ve done a great job so keep going! God bless u ,
    Much love Maya xoxo

  30. Jamie Lee Coffey says:

    It angers me that people are so duped and so ignorant and so willing to believe in the quick fix in their quest to find any way around taking responsibility for and loving themselves. I’m so glad you aren’t letting those people dictate to you, your workouts abso-frickin-lutely work!! This myth about creating that unreal silhouette for oneself is so incredibly destructive, thank you for doing your part to dispel it.

  31. Sarah says:

    Yes thank you so much for posting this. This helped me a lot. I was aware that a lot of these super wealthy girls have lots of fake features, and that it’s a trend, but I felt horrible about myself anyways because people seemed to actually like that look better. I wanted to get plastic surgery, and I felt super embarrassed about my body. I work out a lot, I’m strong, I squat a lot too, I do all those butt workouts, but I don’t have a large butt/hips region. It’s just not in my genes and racial make up. It’s not that there’s something wrong with girls that do have that body type, I get that, but what’s wrong is making it seem like girls who DON’T are not attractive, not working out hard enough, not doing this or that. Since that became the new media beauty craze I have felt so unattractive because all I hear guys talk about (I’m 22 & in a university…) are models with super large asses….It sounds like a stupid thing to be bothered by …but this is the first time I have seen anyone that I look up to bring this up. When young rich/famous girls get so much surgery, and I’m bombarded by those images, it’s REALLY difficult not to think “oh…so THIS is what pretty is…” …so thank you for this perspective…I don’t see this enough

  32. Mirley Guerra says:

    This article was amazing! Everything you said is so true! There are women DYING as they alter their bodies and no one speaks of this. They only speak of the new HOT bodies. This idea to be like those you follow on social media can be very dangerous.

  33. Tasnim says:

    This is a really inspirational post to me because I have always felt so rubbish about myself when seeing posts of tiny figured women on social media and stuff and to know that others feel the same is amazing so thanks x <3

  34. Denise says:

    Thank you so much for posting this.
    I don’t for a second take Instagram posts like that seriously, but unfortunately plenty of people do.

  35. Ashley M. says:

    Cassey, I am with you! I think this big butt trend is ridiculous! I would rather be proud of a body that I earned over a body that was bought! And as for your butt, it’s great! Your program works for me! I have noticed that my butt has lifted naturally and I love myself more!

  36. Akaye47 says:

    Great post, Cassey!

  37. Mila says:

    Thank you so much! I’m fit but I have almost no curves. I love the curvy look, but it’s just never gonna be me! It’s my opinion that plastic surgery and body positivity do NOT go hand in hand. How can you tell flat-chested girls that they’re beautiful if you can’t accept your own boobs and get implants? It’s not the same as hair-dye or makeup, which expresses something about your creativity and your style. The size of your butt doesn’t speak to your personality. I’m so glad you’re speaking out on this!

  38. Katie Chung says:

    I still think this comment is hilarious because I agree it’s so true — “Well thanks, but I actually DO have a butt. This is my real butt, a strong butt, and the butt my Asian genetics gave me. A majority of Asian people do not have big butts! It’s like us having black hair. We were BORN. THIS. WAY.” You’ve always rocked. I see a lot of myself in you and that is why I am part of the POP Army! Thank you Cassey.

  39. ridonrides says:

    People don’t understand that there is a max capacity of booty build. Some Asians have big booties, some have none. It’s all about being the best you can be. The prob with the Kardashians/Jenners is that they won’t admit to their procedures. creating an unrealistic expectation that working out can achieve these results. Especially for Khloe who had a very flat butt in her PETA ad, and now have a butt several inches larger. I’ve done your booty work outs and they hurt! When I see you smiling and doing the work out, I can tell that your booty is strong. I challenge anyone to try one of your workouts and tell me that it’s not legit.

  40. ky says:

    Cassey, THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH FOR THIS!!!!!! Finally someone with common sense, basic morals, logic, respect, and tact. I truly respect you as an individual and as a fitness instructor. You need to be more popular than those kartrashians. You worked hard for your real, healthy, beautiful body! You are a real role model.

  41. Ava Maestranzi says:

    Beautiful post. You are an inspiration and I’m so happy that we have YOU to look up to and not these false advertisements for everything other than YOURSELF. You may not be able to attain these “perfect” bodies, but at least you know you worked for yours! And I feel that THAT alone will help you improve in many other aspects of your life, whether it be school, work, achieving your dreams and goals, etc. Because you are being held accountable and there truly is no quick fix. Just greedy people preying on you and trying to make money off of your hopes and aspirations. Thank you, CASSEY. MUCH LOVE XX AVA

  42. Ava Maestranzi says:

    Beautiful post. You are an inspiration and I’m so happy that we have YOU to look up to and not these false advertisements for everything other than YOURSELF. You may not be able to attain these “sickkkk” bodies, but at least you know you worked for yours! And I feel that THAT alone will help you improve in many other aspects of your life, whether it be school, work, achieving your dreams and goals, etc. Because you are being held accountable and there truly is no quick fix. Just greedy people preying on you and trying to make money off of your hopes and aspirations. Thank you, CASSEY. MUCH LOVE XX AVA

  43. Coralie says:

    I love you Cassey, thanks for being you ! Your true, genuine self <3 YOU are my inspiration. Physically and mentally. I want to be as strong and healthy as you are. You push me to my limits, you push me to be a better person than I was yesterday. You push me to see myself with my flaws and to ACCEPT them, to work on them, and to look at my beauty and strength without comparing myself to other women. And I love you and respect you for that ! <3 You rock ! Thanks for speaking up !

  44. lovelihua1026 says:

    Yes to this! Preach!

  45. Jennifer Martinez says:

    I remember when the ideal used to be very thin and size zero. The current thick trend is making me more comfortable with my body but then thinner girls feel bad about themselves.

  46. Léa says:

    I had so many feels reading it, and I loved it. This is real life, this is real shit. I can’t believe that this Kylie Jenner thing is what is trending, this is so fake. I agree with you at 300000% Cassey. Thanks you for your bravery, thank you for always speaking out the truth ! <3

  47. wanda says:

    omg! this family is driving me nuts. everywhere you look they are there ! and i can’t believe she just said, she gained weight. giklllllll you would not gain weight just in your thighs and butt. The pic that should be trending is the Danielle Banks #loveyourshape pic! its beautiful! and positive! Kylie obvi has some kind of body image issue her self. she was lovely just the way she was!

  48. Anna Gress says:

    I love this post! It is so true. The thing that aggravates me the most about people that post like this on IG and other social media is they are not the majority. Most people don’t look like that. We hold them up as idols and try to look like them when it’s fake. In reality people have to work for their body type. It’s not cut into them by plastic surgeons. It’s not really fair that these people get idolized over you. You have done nothing but work hard. Not only have you worked hard but you are honest. You opened up about your eating disorder when you could have kept quiet. And that more than anything is why people should look to you for fitness advice. Not because of the size of your butt, or your waist but because you have an honest body. A body you earned. Keep going Cassey! I love you and your videos!

  49. Eleonora Rossi says:

    Thank you Cassey, your workout routine is the only one I could follow for three reasons: 1) it was sustainable, not too hard (so i could do it every day) but hard enough to show results; 2) it wasn’t boring (every day a different workout routine); and last but not least 3) You. Because from your videos it is clear that you are just a normal girl, chatting and making jokes, with a real body that is fit and beautiful because of your healthy lifestyle and hard work. So you make the goal obtainable: I don’t have to starve myself or to live in the gym. And the positive messages you send all the time, which show your work ethics and good principles: being healthy, accepting yourself, becoming who you want to be through hard work not searching for tricky shortcuts (e.g. plastic surgery, eating disorders etc). Thank you for helping me in this long long journey towards a life beyond eating and body dysmorphic disorders. Thank you for helping all the girls like me, with similar problems or other problems alltogether and for being a positive role model for the new teenagers. Because becoming beautiful starts from your mind. And with the right mindset everyone can achieve what they want, being it an healthy body, their dream job or whatever else. <3

  50. Steph says:

    Yes, yes, yes! This is so well written and so extremely important! I have practically no butt and was so jealous for quite some times seeing these girls with booty’s galore and then it hit me- how the heck can some of these botty’s be so big- sure there are more natural, amazing, fitness girls flaunting that booty they’ve trained hard for, but some others?? Finally hit me it may not be so real after all- thanks for posting this and being there for all us booty-challenged girls out there- I will keep doing your butt workouts!!

  51. glowyshoes1 says:

    Am one that is not easily carried away by instagram pictures or any other picturea which involves one having to alter your body.. I will choose fitness ova surgery at anytime..

    Glowyshoes’s blog

    My Facebook

  52. This. Over and over and over. I had no idea about butt implants, that’s so wrong!

  53. Summer says:

    I remember when it was “bad” to be shaped like this, and the whole thigh gap thing was in. I have a similar shape to this, small waist & a shaped bottom/hip area, mine is natural though, I’ve been shaped like this since I was 16. Point is, I used to think it was bad to have a body like this, shape shouldn’t matter as long as you are healthy, and love yourself. Everyone comes in their own shape & size, and nobody should feel like that’s wrong.

  54. Shanice Roberts says:

    that was such an enlightening post. I hope other people would follow your lead to do the same – -to stand up for what they believe is right. however, there’s no doubt that the Jenners really have their own way of making our already crazy world a little bit more cray – case in point – Kylie Jenner’s butt baring jeans – who the hell would wear this >>>

  55. Claire says:

    I am SO GLAD you posted this! The strangest thing about this plastic body epidemic is that many people believe that you can achieve such booties through some insane fitness routine. (Or through skinny teas and glorified corsets.) My boyfriend used to follow some models on instagram and he would show me them, I’d be like “that’s absolutely a fake butt there is no way simple squats do that on her body type I do not believe it for one minute” and he honestly thought that this petite woman with the wrong bone structure would have this colossal booty. I think it’s entrenched in our public consciousness to believe this stuff…it’s maybe because of people like the Kardashians who deny allegations of surgery and blur the lines of real and fake.

  56. Sheron Cheung says:

    I love you cassey because you always keep it real. You taught me how to love my own body, no matter what shape it is in, and the importance of health. You taught me to love exercising and that I should strive to become stronger and fitter not just physically, but also mentally, rather than to exercise just to make myself look skinny or to look good.

    You helped me when I was going through depression and for that I will always support you! <3

  57. Dorothy says:

    Thanks for posting, Cassie! I appreciate you using your platform for good! 🙂

  58. Cynthia says:

    Great article! I don’t understand this intense need to be like these so called celebrities. However, this body altering fad shall too pass but sadly leave in it’s wake a lot of damaged women and girls. It sometimes takes a failure or two or three or more for people to come to what is best for them that’s tried and true like eating healthy and exercise. I have been guilty of fad dieting myself and it NEVER worked but eating healthy and exercising DOES work – for ANYONE. You just keep doing what you do Cassey because you are a true inspiration and have helped so many of us get healthier and feel better about ourselves the NATURAL way! You can’t make everyone happy, EVER, especially with all of the haters out there that use social media to lash out their unhappiness on. Fitness and health is always “IN” and will always be what most come to or back to after all of the failed diet and surgery attempts. Just think, your butt and any fit butt will still be strong and healthy while the fake ones have to worry about their implants popping inside out every time they stand up!

  59. Ninna Pinto says:

    Can I just say, as a Brazilian woman, that it offends me when they put Brazilian in anything that is supposed to be sexy and desirable…like are we for sale or something?? Brazilian butt lift..pfft.

  60. Carol says:

    Your totally right! If I want to modify my body in any way, I shouldn’t refer to my doctor or have a discussion on whether or not I should at all. I should just consult my jacked up trainer friend who suggests I stop eating certain days and take a strange pill he says are packed with enzymes!

    Thanks for informing me about this Cassey! I loved your post about metabolite damage. It’s so refreshing to get my information from a skinny but muscular fitness guru instead of my frumpy looking doctor. After all you might not like biology, but hey you look fit, so you must totally know what you’re talking about! I bet you’ve never hid information about what you had to do to get to your peak physical image. After all it’s not like you ever did anything dangerous like you know skip meals or take strange possibly dangerous “supplements” that are not actually FDA regulated.

    Because everyone knows carbs are bad for you, I mean it’s not like your brain runs on them or anything. And we should push ourselves as far as we can during a workout even if we’re sore. Especially if we’re sore, because overtraining is seriously not a thing like at all.

    But seriously when it comes to doing crazy things to achieve a certain body image, I think you’re kind of just as guilty. And as for hiding what she does to look that way especially to sell products, you realize you do a lot of the same things right? You realize I actually read your posts right? And the comments? You know that place where you put things like I also fast every other day, but I didn’t include that because I don’t think other people should do that. I don’t know maybe because you KNOW it’s dangerous? And I highly doubt with the half a million popilates classes you teach and new videos you make every week you only workout 28 minutes a day. Even if I did follow your plans Cassey I don’t think I’d look like you.

    It’s just so frustrating because while there are a lot of things I like about you. You do have a lot of energy and seem legitimately happy. I also think you’re kind of hypocritical. I most enjoy your posts when you’re real and honest about who you are and what you struggle with or just the things you’re doing in your life and the happy easy ways you sneak healthy recipes in or workouts. But I don’t really like it when you post stuff criticizing others without thinking about what you’ve done yourself. I think your image of beauty or health is a little narrow, and it shows in what you post. I don’t think your picture of health is completely holistic, you encourage us to push ourselves to the very limit in our workouts and relish the feeling of strength afterwards, but you admit to having problems getting enough sleep. You realize sleep is important for your muscles to rebuild right? Skipping sleep is just as dangerous as skipping workouts, and yet you brush it off like it’s no big deal, but when you get into an eating or workout slump you lose it.

    I don’t think your giving out information on how to be healthy. I think you’re giving out information on how to look like you. And just like it’s really not all that natural for you to have a huge butt, it’s kind of hard for me to get a small one. I think the next time I want health recommendations I’ll talk to my doctor or consult WHO recommendations, cause this feels kind of lame.

  61. Laura says:

    Good on you for calling this issue out! I agree that the current beauty standard is misleading and potentially dangerous. Fitness should be priority over surgery when it comes to fitness and toning (at least whenever possible). Yes, bodies come in sizes like Kylie’s but drinking mystery tea or using an organ squasher isn’t the way to go to achieve it.

  62. music13579 says:

    Wonderful post Cassey, keep promoting health and fitness, keep growing like you’re doing, people like you are a MUCH NEEDED example today, don’t let anybody discourage you!

  63. Tatyana says:

    Good post! I am tired of seeing big butts, Blac Chyna’s like and so on – gross. Nowhere can I see women of my built – wide shoulders, wide back, narrow hips. Everyone seems to be tiny shoulders-large hips. And I am tired of plus size models because some are plus size, some look normal, and some are huge.
    Let me tell you something: when I started following your PopPilates series, I was like:”Hmmm…”. Now I am so happy for your existence. I firmly believe women should work on their strength and flexibility and not on being thin (as a former sufferer from bulimia and anorexia, I know what I’m talking about). And I love your hip hop video – it’s awesome! I may be 41 but I love dancing and that works for me more than being in the gym.
    Keep up with good work and bringing positive energy to the world!

  64. keyera says:

    Casey! You have no idea how much this warms my heart. Continue to be great!

  65. Lavi says:

    Earlier this year as I set out to build a stronger and healthier body, I made sure that I unfollowed these celebraties from instagram. Why? Because they’re setting a horrible example of how to attain the “ideal body”. HOW IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE TO HAVE A BUBBLE BUTT AND NO LEG MUSCLE DEFINITION?!?! INJECTIONS! If you look at any fitness gurus that squat, their legs are strong and their butts are lifted. I feel sorry for 18 year old Kylie, she’s the youngest of the family to start on the path to surgical alterations… I can’t imagine what she’ll look like in 10 years.

  66. Victoria says:

    Great post amen!! Please never change your philosophy or what you do because of negative comments. I was just thinking as I was working out with you today how lucky I felt to have your guidance.

  67. Cassey, you make me sad says:

    Cassey, you’ll probably never read this but after letting my initial anger wear off for a couple of days, I still feel the need to voice my opinion.

    I really feel like this post is putting your foot in your mouth. I have spent a lot of money on your products over the years and it pisses me off that you are implying that my body type is unattractive. People strive for what they think is beautiful. Some people are willing to work hard for it and others are willing to pay for it (from one extreme to another). This whole post is about how because your ‘body type’ isn’t ‘trending’, it will effect your business model.

    Your small edit after the fact does not undo the reality that you are against body types that aren’t yours (as evident as how you shame one extreme and not the other). I have followed you even though you look NOTHING like me because I thought you were for all people and body types. But I now see that isn’t the truth. So while the herd of people who look like you are applauding you for your ‘courage’ for posting this, I am sad because I thought you were different than the other ‘fitness gurus’ and this post has just made me realize that you are just the same.

    This post doesn’t make you brave, it make you a hypocrite. I’m sorry that people said nasty things about your body in a public forum. You are a very beautiful person and you should love yourself. Your post could have simply been about how you weren’t going to let people get you down about your body type. There was no need to bring in other’s body types. I get negative and distasteful comments about my body all the time but based on my genetics there is only so much I can do (you can’t make hips disappear). You choose to be so heavily involved on social media based on your business model so not only do you get a high quantity of negative comments but everyone else can see them. I get it; it is hurtful. Those negative comments do not define you, but your response to those comments do. This response isn’t what I would have ever expected from you.

    And before the herd talks about the post is only about surgery, waist trainers and detox tea, it isn’t. It is about the underlying body type that they are trying to achieve. I’m not a fan of the Kardashians or any celebrities because I have my own life to live. I am proud of my body and I have worked hard for it. Others do not feel the same way that I do about my body but that doesn’t mean that I take it out on an entire completely different body type than mine to boost my self-esteem.

    1. Gui says:

      I think you’re misunderstanding the point here. She’s not talking about the natural body type in particular, she’s talking about people, who NATURALLY don’t have this body type and are promoting it to others, which leads them to think that a body type is better than one another. Which is not true. It’s really cool that you love and own your body, great job in doing so ! However, at no point Cassey did say that you body type was ugly or whatever ; she only said that under the appearance of acceptation of thicker bodies and curvier ones, people on IG actually make it a trend. They’re not accepting it, they’re shoving it down your throat, and ask you why, if you’re healthy, you’re not like those IG models. And that’s the problem ! a ton shit of people idealize it to the point where almost everyone tries to have, or to look like they have, this body ; posing, photoshop, surgery… Yes, at the end of the days it’s their body, and every body type is beautiful, however, how many people, mainly young women and teenagers, will feel about them and their body, which are different from the ones they see on social media ?

  68. Whitney says:

    This is a great post! I love seeing others who love their body. it is so hard being a woman and seeing pictures of others. Right now, a lot of women I know have had kids and are now getting breast implants and tummy tucks. Its so true that after kids your stomach has extra skin and your boobs shrink, I just feel like so many moms I know have gotten work done that I look bad compared to them because I haven’t gotten work done! It has made me consider it….it’s pretty silly that even as adults that middle school feeling of wanting to fit in still gets us!

  69. Enrahc says:

    Unfortunately, the millions of followers of the Kardashian/Jenner clan look to them as “truth” of what is fashionable and “beautiful” on Instagram/Twitter and the world in general. Before the K/J were patients of Dr. Ourian, he advertised on cable with informercials of his Coolaser invention and his prices well quite reasonable, he would send out “gift cards” for services with substantial discounts. But now that the K/J’s have sought him out and have been injected, lasered & filled… he is the go to doctor of Beverly Hills and you to can look exactly like a Kardashian or Jenner. Smh! The interesting thing about all the women that want to look extra fake & over the top, was started by transsexuals. Nothing against the trans community, but the “girls” wanted to look more womanly so they exaggerated the female anatomy. It’s one thing to have breast implants, but they lacked hips and butts. Someone got the ideal of doing silicone injections in the butts/hips, which makes the waist appear very smaller. I was very dangerous and even deadly for some trying to achieve these results. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t want to look like a blow up doll or a tranny. Also, it’s very expensive to Keep up with the Kardashians and as they get older, that struggle to stay looking young is going to be a hot mess! Kylie is 19 years old and looks at least 35!! I understand using your own fat to fill your boobs, butt & face is a safer alternative, but it eventually gets absorbed by your body and you have to keep having it done and eventually you have to use some type of permanent filler and that will definitely have some type adverse effects on the body in the long run. Everything is about illusions, who can be the most attractive and with cosmetic surgery at an all time high, it’s crazy what can be achieved.

    At the end of the day, it’s a personal choice about how you feel about yourself. I’ve always said the most unattractive woman, can become a very attractive woman with a great doctor, hairdresser/MUA & stylist.

  70. Monique says:

    To be honest, your body is my ideal, my “thinspiration” because you look so natural and well balanced.
    I also look at those girls and contort my body into weird poses with my belly sucked in so hard that I almost get an abs cramp to see if I could achieve that look.
    But natural beauty is still the best beauty and there is one state for every body in which they will look the best and feel the best – all without surgeries.
    Stay that sexy!

  71. Paige Taylor says:

    I love this! And I love how it’s written, totally avoiding the body shaming. I see so many posts that are just hardcore shaming women for the choices they’ve made to their own body. Thank you for this, Cassey!

  72. Kat says:

    Dear Cassey, you are very brave and honest thank you for posting this! Love your workout videos, keep up the good work! X

  73. Abo says:

    Only stupid people brag publicly about their outter “qualities”. Smart or intelligent people generally keep their face out of public and often even thoughts closed in their minds. And dumb pretty things are more appealing than difficult and ugly truth. That’s why are half naked selfies trend no. 1 and real stuff doesn’t seem to interest anyone. The dumbest screams loudest. What a pity that this way we don’t have better examples visible in our lifes
    I like you for your frank candid opinions, just keep posting stuff like this and maybe more people will open their eyes.

  74. Lucy says:

    I totally feel you Cassey! We as a society need to wake up and pay attention to what’s really going on and see how companies are playing us in order to increase their profits, while they make us believe we’re not good enough.

  75. Leandra Santos says:

    “HUGE, badonkadonk butts” Well, I do have a really small waist compared to my butt (65cm to 115cm on a 1.70m white girl)
    I have to admit that when I read that I got a little hurt but it was short lived 😉
    I do get where you are coming from. When this “butt phase” started I was actually happy (even if the fuss was mostly with fake butts) because it meant less mockery towards me, but it still annoys me that they are giving so much attention to it. Too much obsession!!
    And honestly I don’t get those “Why would I follow your butt workout if you don’t have one?” Those people just don’t understand how genetics work. I DO follow your butt workouts and they work for me 😀

    Just keep being awesome!! Kisses

  76. johacp1986 says:

    I couldn’t agree more Cassey, thank you!

  77. Catherina F. says:

    Yes! Highest of high-fives to you, Cassey! Especially if there are people giving you grief for writing this – please, just ignore them and tell them to go suck a lemon!

    I am totally on your side with this, every day I see the K people trending and it makes me angry – children are literally dying by thousands, there’s almost WW3 happening, education is slipping into oblivion, the nature as we know it is withering and THEY are the #1 news?! Not to mention that Kylie is still a teenager, and they’re perpetuating that it’s okay to sexualise someone so young…

    I have a younger sister and I remember the horrible sinking feeling when she came home one day, stood in front of the mirror and just started squishing herself saying ‘why is my waist so wide, and why are my thighs so big, but my butt isn’t round’ – she is very physically active, cycles and plays a lot of volleyball. We had a very long conversation and it was exactly what you’re talking about here – youths her age perceiving that only that type of body is somehow desirable…

    Honestly, I saw a picture of Nicki Minaj today and her bottom is just…it’s funny – like a cartoon! And we know for a fact it didn’t get that way naturally. I’d rather try to carve out my natural shape rather than literally cut and dehydrate my body O_O

  78. Naomi Levellie says:

    And Cassey you are beautiful!

  79. Naomi Levellie says:

    Thank you for being who you are and speaking out! You are 100% right! I am sharing this article ❤️ Some days I also feel bad about myself so I’m glad u shared now I don’t feel like I’m the only one!

  80. Jonathan Rose says:

    I think it’s sad that people look at pictures of other women and feel they need to get surgery. I think women need to find contentment in the body God gave them and accept themselves for who they are. As a trainer for 24 years women can get their body nice s lean through working out and eating healthy. If you are doing it for men to be attracted to you, then you are doing it for the wrong reasons. In the bible, God says, “man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart.” Our world is so physically driven. Women should be looked at and accepted and loved for who they are, not just for their bodies. The media pushes people to what looks good and who you need to look like. Men I think need to stop lusting after women and they need to help women feel beautiful. Women are more than their bodies.

  81. RJ Cash says:

    I just can’t believe women would do these things to their bodies!! Gross!! Love who u are not who u are not!!

  82. Dalia Deanna Selman says:

    Here’s the thing Cassie, the difference between you and other youtube fitness trainers is that you have a MESSAGE for women. You have a perspective that can help lift women above the bullshit double standards and expectations, when I watch your videos I here you say you’re beautiful already! Yes there will be those people who will criticize you for your body and not trust in your program but they are cheating themselves by their own shallow views. You always have a competitive edge because you’ve got something to say that is exactly what people want to hear. You have always have a competitive edge because you are always going to be you. Let fake women be fake, let them put on fake faces and pay for fake bodies, post fake pictures of fake happiness. Let them but hold yourself to a higher standard of truth. Lions don’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep. And btw, you are incredibly beautiful. I watch your videos and think that all the time. Thanks for the post 🙂

  83. Terri says:

    You should be the #1fitness topic trending. You are awesomely truthful!! Keep it up!!

  84. Lucy Tallen says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I hope you’re well! I really love this post.
    I’m a journalism student and I was hoping you could help me. I’m writing an article about the dangers of believing everything you see online with regards to ‘fitspirations’ etc, and what can happen by following unqualified advice. As a blogger speaking out I’d love to hear what you have to say!

    I was wondering if I could email some questions over to you, and if you could pop in some answers and send them back to me?
    I’d really appreciate your help and I hope to hear back from you soon.
    Many thanks,
    Lucy 🙂 x

  85. Kat Tea says:

    I love that you want us to love ourselves as we are. I don’t care if people do all this stuff to themselves, but I really don’t like it to be shoved down my throat and touted as perfection when it’s expensive and pretty unattainable to a regular person. It lowers self esteem which is just bad!

  86. Ellen says:

    I rarely bother to comment on blog posts or social media in general. However, i just wanted to say, I respect you so much for having the courage to write this post and speak your mind knowing the controversial issues that would come with it.
    I left so much social media such as Facebook and IG purely because there is so much rubbish on it. Rubbish that was making me question who i should be, how i could fit in and conform to other peoples standards to the point i forgot who I actually wanted to be and what should matter.
    its a shame, especially when there is still such much good and inspiration such as yourself that is being dragged under and hidden behind ridiculous trends.
    I’ve been following you since my high school days for about 4 years. I don’t have any before and after photos to show my transformation and i do not have the skinniest waist or a biggest butt. In fact most people may say, compared to today’s trends, that i am “too skinny”.
    However for those who know me and most importantly, i myself, have seen and felt the transformation deep within, the strength physically and mentally that i possess. I feel powerful. I feel strong. and that is what matters.
    and its because there are still honest people like you in the world spreading your positivity and inspiration.
    So keep doing what you’re doing Cassey.
    you’ll always have my love and support. x

  87. Dali says:

    Great post Cassey! Thank you speaking up the truth!

  88. Alzbeta Strosova says:

    Dear Cassey, thank you for everything you do, say, write and show. I think you really help many girls, even though only those who can read English. I was thinking about translating your posts to Czech language because I think it is important that also Czech young girls can have a role model like you. There is nobody here for them to help them understand that they are beautiful and they can work out and be healthy and strong with fitness and not waist trainers and detox tea. Would you give me your permission to do so? Thanks, Elisabeth

  89. Breanna says:

    I love reading your posts on your blog it just makes me feel better about myself and my body and you are a true inspiration. I really like it that your real that’s why I subscribed to your channel I’ve. Been subscribed since you had less then one million subscribers and you’ve come such a long way continuing doing what your doing!❤️

  90. Kelly Ferrero says:

    PREACH Cassey! Instagram is truly messing people up. I hear about celebrities, my friends – even my sister – having so much insecurity about posting a picture of themselves on Instagram. Apparently there’s such thing as a photo being “Instagram worthy”… I didn’t know that. People need to pipe down and stop caring about what others think. There isn’t a definition of a perfect body because everyone has different opinions. There will always be haters and I’ve learned from you that I can be confident because it’s my body and I don’t have to please anyone else. Thank you so much for you inspiration! ❤️

  91. MC says:

    I love you so much. Thank you for writing this, it’s all completely true and it’ s such a breath of fresh air to see someone like you with lots of influence actually SAY IT and use your voice for what’s important!

  92. brittany says:

    If you want to get the best butt (naturally) you possibly can, I highly recommend checking out Bret Contreras. He is known as “the glute guy” and has many excellent training tips and advice for women as that is who he primarily trains. He doesn’t encourage caloric deficits (he encourages eating at maintenance) or a ton of cardio but has good advice on structuring your workout routine to get the results you want. He actually explains some of the exercises and structuring with science (ie exercises that are proven to activate the glutes more and his results with EMG). So, if you really want the bestpair of glutes you can naturally get (different for everyone, largely because of genetics), I highly suggest checking him out. He has a website and has written a number of articles and he has a couple books out, but you can get a lot of awesome advice completely free. He is all about helping people get nice strong glutes.
    I will never understand getting butt implants, but I can understand breast implants as there isn’t a way to actually increase cup size. You can make your chest appear bigger by adding mass to it, but the breasts themselves do not really change in size unless due to hormones or fat loss/gain. I may not understand why anyone would get certain procedures done but other people may not understand why I’ve chosen to get so many tattoos. I think it’s everyone’s right to choose their body modifications, but it is very unsettling nose jobs, butt and breast implants, shaving down one’s jaw, etc has become and seems to be more of a way to compare to others as opposed to just doing it for you. It’s great breast implants and various other cosmetic procedures have gotten a lot safer over the years, but if you opt for anything, be sure to do research and go to someone with amazing reviews and who has been doing it for quite awhile and produces the results you’re looking for. Don’t be hasty, they’re cosmetic but still very risky procedures for the most part and recovery apparently isn’t so fun from what I’ve heard. I’ve had nothing done and would love to one day get breast implants but that would be a ways down the road and I would really have to reflect on my reasons for doing so.
    All that being said, it is possible for every woman to get more of an hourglass shape (if that’s what one desires) through strength training and a little cardio. You won’t end up with a booty quite like a Kardashian, but you’ll be healthy and strong with more energy, a better mood and be more confident knowing you take care of yourself and as an added perk will be the sexiest you you can be 😉

  93. RJ Cash says:

    Cassy you have some great points in this!!! I agree completely! Be happy with your body ladies!!! By the way Cassy you are very beautifully inside and out!!

  94. Steph says:

    Cassey, thank you for this post! It’s something that needs to be addressed. Bottom line of the problem is that people want to be on trend and look like what’s in rather than be who they are. And people don’t want to work for it and try to go the easy way. I am half Filipino but somehow granted a big booty. I’ve always been given grief over it over the years, including dance because my teacher didn’t think I was holding the right posture for technique. But I’ve also been deprived of any boobs. I can barely fill an A cup. My cousins 10 years younger than me are bigger. But I don’t care what others think. And Cassey you’ve done an amazing job at just being positive and accepting of all body types. You inspire me to be a better me. I’m not trying to change my look, I’m trying to make a lifestyle change. Diabetes and heart issues run in my family. So I know I need to be more active and make sure to eat well. I’ve never been someone who goes to gyms or runs. I just don’t like it. The only time I was active was when I did dance 3 to 4 nights a week back when I was younger. No other exercise really called to me until I found your videos. Your positivity and upbeat personality are what keep me going. I wish that there were more people who were accepting of not just themselves. This also of others as themselves. I’m tired of friends trying to sell a product claiming to wrap themselves in plastic will make them skinny. I’m tired of people complaining saying I’m too skinny (which I’m really not, I just like to wear skirts or dresses not to hide my big booty but because I’m a girl and as stated before have no boobs). One person was in shock when I told them my actual weight after calling me skinny, but it shut her up. But that’s what women do. They want to see someone as one way and bring them down. But Cassey, I read your post and understand your message. I know you would never bring anyone down. But you are right to warn those of the dangers that these celebrities are advertising. Inserting unnaturally substances into your body is not like dying your hair. Your natural hair color will grow back. Who knows the actually lasting effects of these materials? I hate seeing my friends supporting those weight loss products of wraps, greens, and “fat fighters.” I’m sorry, but I don’t think a pill will counter the calories you consumed from whatever they ate. Cassey, keep doing what you’re doing. Your body is amazing. And I don’t just mean by the physical look. You work hard to eat healthy and share those ways with us (which I admit am not the best at following). I know they say we all look the same on the inside which is what matters. But a healthy lifestyle body will look better on the inside than others and live longer. (I hope that makes sense.) I hate seeing that this is what the world seems to care about most. My city and neighboring city was just hit by the hurricane. There are people who lost everything. There are 1000 people in Haiti that lost their lives because of that hurricane. Our country is having an election season that will go down in history and will greatly affect our future. But this #1 trends just proves what’s wrong with society. Where are their priorities.

  95. Hannah G says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!! I hope more people like you speak out against this. The fact that these unnatural methods of changing your body is so scary. I am also worried for young girls who grow up seeing this. There is so much pressure to look a certain way as a young girl and this is so harmful. I also don’t want to shame women who choose this, but challenge them to ask why they changed their body in the first place? If it is for themselves then go for it. But most of the time, it isn’t. It is to impress other people. That really needs to change. I haven’t followed Kylie too much, but what I do remember is seeing her randomly a couple years ago and I was shocked because she looked much different than I remembered. So I googled her before and after photos and the changes she has put her body through are huge. We all know that it isn’t natural. And the problem is that she has lied about that! And she probably didn’t do it for herself.

  96. Julia says:

    Great post, Cassey! We, as women, have forgotten what normality is. Media is constantly bombarding us with wrong messages – to be slim or skinny, or to be fat and proud, to be enhanced in millions of ways. What about just being normal – eating in moderation and exercising again in moderation to keep healthy, active and maintain what was given to us at birth.

  97. Danielle Fabri says:

    Kind of off-topic, but you know what I also hate? How everything that has to do with making yourself more sexually attractive is “Brazilian”. Seriously? A “Brazilian Butt Lift”?! There’s no such thing, thank you very much, because almost all of us have natural, abundant enough, not-at-all-square-like-that-picture booties, even super skinny girls. It’s just our genes. Stop referring to us as “the sex body”, please, thank you.

  98. Corinne Kevorkian says:

    I love hearing this input, because deep inside, I feel this same exact way. I’m trying so hard everyday to be beautiful from my inside and out, taking care of my body is what’s important to me! And I can’t even succumb myself to following all the Kardashians because all I view them as is the fake and “money” driven concept their all pushing out to us. I pride hard on beauty from the inside out, and taking care of yourself. There just seems something so wrong with plastic surgery, literally changing your natural body in another form. I feel as if that were to happen, it’d be given or worked for. It makes me mad seeing more girls everyday getting under the knife, I work in a club where more than 1/2 the woman do have plastic surgery. I don’t even know what is real anymore and I need to stay that way for the sake of me.!

  99. Jennifer H says:

    I am so passionate about women loving the body God gave them. I spent years with issues believing the lies. They control so many people. And there are so much bigger issues in the world than how ones body looks! My dream is to be able to spread the message of truth and to see women love and accept themselves and band together instead of tear each other down.

  100. Stacey CR says:

    Cassey, I want to thank you for being bold enough to speak truth to this issue, even while not knowing how your message will be received by many. I love that you work for your body through healthy forms of exercise and food that is nourishing to your body and that you encourage women across the world to do the same. The truth is perfection doesn’t exist and these images are totally fabricated, which is polluting the minds of not just young, impressionable girls and women, but of men as well. I devoutly believe that each of us is fearfully and WONDERFULLY made and that that looks completely different for each woman! There is no “standard”, as each of us is our own beautiful. You promote that message in a caring and authentic way and I thank you for doing so.

  101. Lakiah says:

    This was an awesome post! I’ve always loved how you remain happy with yourself. As a black woman, it’s hard to see those people get so much hype about their looks when women of color have had all of those features since the beginning. And I agree with you, it’s their bodies and they are free to do with it what they will. My problem is with the media telling women of color that having big butts, hips, lips, etc. is unattractive then turn around when these women do it and say that it’s chic, on trend, fashionable, and all around beautiful. I do not support that family in any way, shape, or form because they don’t represent what is real. You Cassie, are the exact opposite and I appreciate that there is someone like you with a platform to challenge all of that. Thanks again!

  102. Jane Jeynes says:

    Hello from the UK! I totally agree with everything you’ve said – thank you so much for speaking out and saying what so many of us have been thinking for so long. My daughter introduced me to Blogilates two years ago (she’s 17 now).. I am just so happy that she hit on you as a role model – she is growing into a lovely young woman who has a really healthy attitude towards eating and exercise. I really do believe a lot of this is down to YOU! For the first time in my life (I’m 49) I am able to control my weight through your exercises and eating well. I have learnt to accept my ‘thunder thighs’ (yes, I did get teased) for the first time ever – you have managed to slim them down a little and tone them up. I am happy in my body for the first time ever. We love you and hope to meet you one day! ! Xx

  103. Steph says:

    One aspect that you’ve kind of glossed over with the problematic-ness of all this is that, unlike your statement that you’ve only seen these butts in the past couple of years- black women have been rocking this exact butt for centuries and been “racisted” for it. But put some white skin on the shape and it’s suddenly “fashionable” and desirable. Many of us were born WITH that butt and now that it’s popular we’re still invisible. Ditto the lips, the cornrows, the nails. Black women are ghetto but white women are sexy. There’s a lot to unpack there.

    1. Mochamochi says:

      Excellent point

  104. McCall Weed says:

    Cassey , I loooooove everything about you!! When I can try to do your butt workouts and I last 1/3 of the time you do and my butt burns for the next 4 days from my attempt at a workout I admire your fitness and I can see through IG expectation and know that your healthy STRONG AS HECK booty is amazing and what I want! Thanks for speaking out about young girls expectations about their bodies!!
    #recoveringanorexic #yourbootyisamazing #youinspireme #youhelpmeselflove

  105. Ana Ivanova says:

    Thank you Cassey!! I love you.This was a great speech. I totally agree with everything you said. I also prefer good healthy food and good pilates workouts. For me plastic surgery is like you want to kill yourself, this is insane. People just don’t know how much harm they do on their bodies cutting themselves for no reason! And seriously people need to think more and look around where this world going to!! I also have been working out for many years , but I don’t have a round booty. But the truth is that I don’t even care, I love myself the way I’m <3 Love your bodies girls; You are unique 🙂

  106. Claudia Rodríguez Iturrino says:

    People that criticized your but and/or your butt routines are people that have no clue about fitness.
    Those people’s opinion should not count. You are a fitness guru, an instructor, please don’t let illiterate people (fitness illiterate I mean) make you sad, or self confident; or insecure.
    You are an awesome teacher, you motivate people to do sport and live a healthy life, keep doing what you are doing…I’m positive you are saving hundreds of girls from falling into unhealthy life styles.
    Go Cassey!!

  107. amelia says:

    This post is the reason I love you!! It’s okay to have any kind of body, but the problem is when you try to alter it using unhealthy means that are dangerous in order to fit was is in right now!! Being healthy, exercising in a way you love, and taking care of yourself is FAR more important than trying to be a mirror to whatever the Kardashians are doing to themselves this week. Thank you for always spreading the positivity and goodness around <3

  108. Chloe says:

    What a true and inspirational post Cassey, this is just the start of trying to prove to young women that plastic surgery is the “right” way to go to look your “best”, I’m 22 and i’d never ever think of going under the knife to look “perfect” I am built how I am and I have learnt to embrace this but others my age have not and thats the worry that at Kylie’s age she is having implants and lip fillers which will destroy her body! there needs to be more women like you Cassey to get the word out there that they are fake and bought their bodies!

    chloe <3

  109. This is so GOOD! I only just started following this past week, to get back in shape. Reading this makes me so glad that I started following you. I agree that women can should what they do to look beautiful, but it’s such a mess when that becomes a standard that no one (or VERY FEW people) can meet naturally. It’s problematic for so many reasons…but I love your post and really admire you for your bravery, forthrightness and honesty here. Bravo !!!

  110. Syra says:

    I hope Kylie sees this, or for that matter girls like her on Instagram who workout just to show off their body. Your health is never trendy, it’s worth so much more.

  111. Shananigans says:

    I really appreciate you posting this Cassey. I agree with you 100%. It takes courage to post something like this and I commend you for that. Thank you so much for being real and staying true to yourself. You look great the way you are! I love your videos about fitness and eating clean. I personally find you to be a breath of fresh air among so many fitness “gurus” who tend to promote themselves in a sexualized way. Your parents raised you right! Real and authentic always trumps being fake.

  112. Markéta Polidarová says:

    Thank you! This is why I love you and your workouts. If I didn’t find your videos three years ago, I would never start changing my life to healthier. I love that your body is natural and shows what is possible to achieve by working out with your body weight and eating clean.
    I don’t think that people who want a big booty or a thigh gap or whatever follow your youtube chanel for long time. Either they’ll understand you and change their state of mind or they’ll leave and go to the gym to lift the weights, drink expensive magical drinks and then attend a party every night.
    Stay who you are, you have the power to speak for all the popsters!

    With love,


  113. Nat Sox says:

    Love this article. Spot-on. Have been working hard on my Pilate’s for a year now and between that and a small healthy diet change, I’ve seen some massive differences. I feel great and look so much better, hut it’s all hard work. It drives me nuts when people think they can fix things with surgery. What are all there implants going to look like in 20 years when their plastic bits stay where they were put but everything else drops? I bet they wish they had tried a little harder then.

  114. Annmarie says:

    I have always liked your content because it is positive, inspirational and fun. Honestly though, this post bothered me. There’s too much in it about “competing” with other women. You don’t need to alter your body to get people to watch your videos (at least not for this person to). Your personality is a big reason they stand out. You make people laugh and have fun while getting in shape. Focus on your career and your following rather than letting a few Internet trolls make you feel inadequate.

  115. Adriana says:

    Wow, I loved this post Cassey. I think you are very brave by posting this, given that not everyone will like that you pointed out the truth. I actually was beginning to feel weird because I don’t have that type of body, even though I am Puerto Rican and I have natural curves. Thank you for being an amazing inspiration.

  116. Dalia Deanna Selman says:

    In our culture women are valued so highly on appearance that millions of women are going under the knife to achieve beauty and perfection. Whether this is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ is not the point, what’s more worth a conversation is why aren’t men doing this in the numbers women are. One of my guides for beauty trends is this: if men don’t do it in some form too, it’s probably sexist and bullshit. Think about eyebrows in the 90’s vs now, that is really only applicable to women changing. Big lips are attractive on men and women but mainly women are going under the knife for them.Could you imagine a man telling you he had lip fillers…. would that turn you off for him? Think about why? In contrast men and women both do is workout to be fit, that’s something any human does to achieve health and beauty.

    Women are expected to ‘keep up’. The message of women’s media is ‘you’re not good enough’ and ‘you’ll never get there’. In contrast take a look at a mens magazines and the front cover will read things like “you already know how to look good” and things of that sort. Once you realize this is only a story that is being told to you about you, you have the power to reject it.

    I reject it, natural beauty is timeless. It’s true. A beautiful women is a beautiful women no matter what time period you set her in. The grace and elegance of the female form will always be beautiful, look at art from any culture any time and you will find women’s beautiful bodies. However altered bodies to suit a trend (again not saying its right or wrong) will not always be beautiful simply because you alter an otherwise the feminine form to suit some losers testosterone fucked fantasy. Stable people don’t get into relationships with unstable people. Someone with high self-confidence will not be found in relationship with someone of low self-confidence. Are you really going to permanently mark your body in a way that indicates you had very low self confidence? Think about it carefully before you do it because this is the message you send to people with high confidence who literally don’t understand how someone could hate themselves enough to do that.

    Here’s the thing Cassie, the difference between you and other youtube fitness trainers is that you have a MESSAGE for women. You have a perspective that can help lift women above the bullshit double standards and expectations, when I watch your videos I here you say you’re beautiful already! Yes there will be those people who will criticize you for your body and not trust in your program but they are cheating themselves by their own shallow views. You always have a competitive edge because you’ve got something to say that is exactly what women need to hear right now. You have always have a competitive edge because you are always going to be you. Lions don’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.
    Thanks for the post <3

  117. Sharesse says:

    Great article!! It’s interesting to see how many women suddenly have this “body type” overnight. It makes it hard to decipher, which women actually have the proper genetics or have put in the hard work to get a flat stomach and a big butt, and who had surgery. And the worst part is that many women can’t tell the difference, but feel like they need to be this ideal body type because it’s the desired look. I personally don’t want to have that look; I would like to work on my glutes to balance out my body better and perform better for my compound lifts, but I wouldn’t waste thousands of dollars on something that may not be popular in a few years. Plus, where are these women getting the money to spend for this?! I’d rather invest that money into something that will carry me for manys years from now.

  118. GGG says:

    Casey, I am 44 years old. I grew up in the 80’s, when it was standard to be shamed if you had curves or ANY extra fat on you. Starving yourself was the norm, anorexia was just becoming acknowledged as a real problem. Looking back now, I see I was a beautiful teenage girl who tried to starve myself into an image that was created by media (and we didn’t even have the internet back then imagine that!!). Anyway, I’ve now raised 2 beautiful daughters who face what you & your generation face everyday. I have showed them that exercising and eating right are the ONLY keys to lasting health and TRUE beauty, whatever that is for each individual (not what society deems the current trend!).

  119. Eleni Eleni says:

    I agree with everything you say Cassey but I disagree in just one thing.There are girls , the Mediterranean ones who have real bodies like these, and they do have a tiny waist and big butt. Sophia Lauren or Gena Lolobrigitta were good examples of this body type when plastic surgery was out of question. All these years they were trying to hide their hips, to slim down their butts. Now the Cardashians give them a chance to feel proud and free about their body. I think this is the positive part out of these pictures. It s ok to be booty , you don t have to look like Gigelle or any other skinny Northern or Asian model. It s sexy to have a curved body. Yes it is a topic of genes and of fashion and booty and tiny waisted genes are fashionable again. Italian, Greeks, Armenians, Turkish, Spanish , etc girls can make at last peace with their bodies. I thank the Cardashians for that

  120. Hanan Erku says:

    Thank you ? thank you ? thank you ?
    Having you in my life is a big bless especially for my sister she’s young(14) and easily effected by anything goes on media but after reading this she’s now more aware that what’s happening is not real.

  121. Lesley says:

    I praise you for writing this blog, because I agree on a lot of points. But didn’t you make a corset workout video yourself a couple of years back; does it work differently so it doesn’t affect your internal organs? Don’t get me wrong (not trying to attack you), because I love your workouts and especially PIIT28! Thank you 😀 xoxo

  122. Elly Klepp says:

    This post is so real and honest! You are absoultely right about this, Cassey, and I think I can say that there is a lot of pressure for us women to have big butt og tiny waist. We are not all born with those genes, and it is important for us to learn how to love our body how it is! You are a huge inspiration. Thank you for writing this blog post.

  123. kate katsouli says:

    Cassey, thank you very much for your article!!!I am very proud of you cause you are able to change not only bodies but also lifes!!!This article will be very useful for a lot of girls and it will help them to realize some very important things…to LOVE their own body as you!!!! THIS is the REAL change…not an instagram trend that is going to last for few days!!! Love you from Greece!!!

  124. Natalia says:

    Hello, Cassey! Your body is just perfect as it is, no matter what. My 31-year-old Spanish body has nothing to do with yours, but it doesn’t matter at all. I don’t follow you because I want to look like you or something, I follow you because I want to have the same strength as you, both physical and mental. It really scares me too the models teenagers have nowadays, but I don’t know what to do about it. I think I’ll just stick to promote my (ours) health and fitness values.

  125. Eloise Bonel says:

    Awesome post Cassey! Sometimes it feels like a losing battle, between the easy and superficial and the hard work of being healthy on the inside and out, but we keep on fighting!

  126. M S says:

    Really amazing post! Thanks for writing this*

  127. Agnes says:

    Hey Cassey,
    I’m writing to You from the European soil. We just see this akward and very questionable ‘trend’ getting miee and more attention. Girls not only enlarge butts but also breasts, like, there is a percentage of fitness gurus stating that getting bigger breasts got them more confident. Really? After publishing many videos, books and community they still write that looking strong and fit was not enough. Its like telling your followers to exercise knowing that only plastic surgeries bring happiness. Unfortunately some of us have brains. I know its not enough but its a good start, even if for the followers you are too basic. The sad thing is that even if we stand for the love of your body, you will still find men beliving we are just jealous. It does seem hopeless. So I do your workouts as a basic me, I get real results to the extend that my genetics lets me, and I do hope that this realness becomes #1 trending thing some day. You know, with being real and strong your butt does not cover all the media attention. Cheers real gurls of ALL sizes and looks. And please Cassey do not ever change cuz your authenticity was the thing that got me started with your workouts in the first place. Have a great day boys and girls :* Aga

  128. Jennifer says:

    Thank you so much.. I have no words to tell you how much i’m happy to read your words. I was a little girl called fat and l know it will be hard to stop thinking I’m fat when everybody did for years. But you give me the power to stop and learn how to love me and i’m sure you’re helping so much other girls with this post and last year video about the “perfect body”. Thank you again Cassey,
    A french teen girl

  129. Jen says:

    Cassey, this is a wonderful article. Good for you. All celebrities selling these ideas and images only perpetuates body image issues!! Bravo!!!!!

  130. Sara Sanz says:

    Hello Cassey and thank you SO MUCH for posting this!!!
    I am the equivalent of a “Registered Dietitian” here in Spain and it’s terrible the amount of patients looking for those “ideal body shapes”… First skinny magazine bodies and now… IG bodies. It makes me feel sad when I see people looking for miracles in special teas that promise “detoxify” or “melt your fat” when there is no strong scientific evidence and, even worse, they don’t need to go through all the quality and safety tests other treatments and food do (in other words, you don’t know if they are, at least, harmless).
    Bodies are different, in their shapes and composition. Composition is what REALLY matters: is your body fat percentage healthy? How much fat is visceral and how much peripherical? while loosing weight… are you gaining muscle or loosing it? The number on the scale it’s JUST A NUMBER and so the number on a measuring tape, clothing… They shouldn’t mean anything to you. What matters is how you FEEL: are you getting stronger, feeling confident? GOOD. Work out, eat healthy and become the best version of yourself!!!!
    Ideal body types, as you said, change over time and incredibly fast. They shouldn’t change how beautiful or confident we feel.

  131. Keely says:

    Thanks so much Cassey for writing this post! It is so eye-opening and makes me feel like I have been comparing myself to other girls on instagram way too much! I need to start appreciating what I have and what I was born with instead of trying to change my body to what is in ‘trend’.

  132. Imane says:

    Thank you for this article ! The problem with these photos isn’t the fact that they went through plastic surgery, but the fact that they advertise their supposedly perfect body without specifying that they had plastic surgery. So when girls try to achieve the new standards of beauty they quickly realise that it’s impossible, and they end up going through terrible extents like taking detox teas with senna/laxatives in order to be exactly like these girls.
    I personally think that when you are a public figure of this importance you could do so much more than being a barbie doll with a fake body…
    Anyway this article was great thank you i have been following your videos for a few years now, and you have always looked perfect, because your body is the result of your own efforts 😀

  133. Sarah says:

    Sigh, if you are into fitness the rewards from discovering what you are starting to be able to do with your body begin to completely outweigh what you look like in your body. I think a lot of women are learning this, especially if you look at pole and aerial fitness. You end up doing it for ability because it frees your soul. At the same time it builds a lot of muscle so you don’t really look Jenner, just strong af. I really appreciate your passion on this topic Cassie. I guess the above is more to reassure you, though maybe I am the deluded one for thinking the impact of social media and perceived ideals is less than it actually is.

  134. RS says:

    This is so true and I am actually quite young (13) so seeing this posts makes me realize the truth and stop trying or wishing that I am taller or skinnier or have to look like models to be liked in society because it’s not physically possible for me to be something I am not and it’s not that I don’t like my body I just don’t feel like I am living up to society’s standards but now this post makes me realize society is looking at fake things and my body is not fake. I really love your workouts because they inspire me to be real and work hard and not to do it to “fit in” but to do it to achieve my goals.

    You are my idol Cassey… Love You!

  135. Lorelyn says:

    I really have a big problem with the superficial world I live in. Luckily it s only on social media and the people I know in real life are authentic. I am a bit scared for my 2 daughters tho. Is this plastic bullshit really what their insecure puberty brain has got to deal with in a few years?

  136. Charlotte says:

    I love you girl! Speak the truth

  137. Rebecca says:

    I usually don’t post anything in the comments, but this time I just had to. Thanks Cassey for posting this. I have two daughters (ages 10 and 13) and I worry about the whole body image question a lot. I’ve always been telling them that not everybody is born with the same body type and that as long as they’re healthy and strong, that’s all that matters. We’ve also been debunking ads in magazines (e.g. this mascara doesn’t really make her eyelashes look like that, she’s got lash inserts, etc.) That being said, I do wonder about the potential influence of all these images (I know my older daughter does look at IG). On the plus side, she’s the one who first told me about you a year or so ago, so there’s hope yet! At any rate, I love your positive message of loving your body and trying to make it stronger and healthier. No cheating there!

  138. TheEarDoctor says:

    I love Cassie even more for this! Very well said! Please keep the positivity going. Your popsters love you!??

  139. Allie Bagay says:

    I agree with this post 100%. To be honest, the only fitness/body type trend that I would like to follow is being healthy and strong. I’m an average sized girl with a bit of a big butt, and I absolutely hate having a bigger butt. I would prefer a smaller one. But you can’t wish away things you don’t like, you have to work for what you want regardless.

  140. Brielle S. says:

    Beautiful. Strong. Honest. You are worth my time. You are a role model. Thank you from my heart.

  141. jenni lauren says:

    Cassey, I beyond admire you for writing this post! It nearly brought me to tears. Thank you for this message, a lot of girls NEEDED to hear this.

  142. Adriane says:

    Great post, lady. I’ve never had an “on trend” body, and while I’ve struggled with body acceptance for most of my life, I don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks anymore, as long as I’m comfortable in my own skin… which is a work-in-progress (for health reasons). Thanks for all that you do here. 🙂

  143. DesertRose says:

    I think butt implants or injections are really unnecessary. If you don’t work out your muscles, it will sag anyways. If you do workout and to the right exercises (especially if you use weights); butts can actually lift and you can tone your butt. It is actually a muscle and muscles can get bigger if your work them out (maybe not huge; but can be a noticeable change). It is cheaper, healthier and more natural and would should be promoting health more. It is their choice, I just wish that they didn’t push it on others (feel it puts more unhealthy pressure on women and many feel bad with what they were born with). I am also tired of hearing about the Kardashians all the time. They claim that they didn’t get any surgery; but I have seen older pictures and Kim looks drastically different now. She could at least own up and be honest.

    I have thyroid problems and been trying to work hard just to lose 10 pounds while others get praise for something that they didn’t work for and I feel bad as if I can never be good enough or compare unless I had tons of money and went under the knife, etc…it is so frustrating.

  144. JeAnn Murray says:

    Cassey, I am so glad you wrote this. I’ve never been a social media girl because it looks like a world that I don’t want to be sucked into. I do your butt workouts because they work (and I know they work because I do them…and they are killer!). Since you are getting bashed on, I just want to take this opportunity to tell you that I think your body rocks, especially your legs. I look at them as I work out to your videos and I’m like “JeAnn, you’re going to get those legs!! Come on JeAnn!!” and it really helps to push me a little further…..hopefully that didn’t come out weird, it is just motivation to push myself further. P.S. Your personality is awesome sauce. YOU are awesome sauce.

  145. Corri watterson says:

    Agreed! I love your positivity and your style. Everything in your post was right on point with what I belive. I love your butt workouts! All of your workouts! Thank you for helping me to be a healthier, fitter, happier me!

  146. Amber says:

    Whoa. I had no idea but implants were so prevalent. IG is not my thing and it looks like I am not missing much. Cassey, thank you for being positive and caring about the people that might not knew they are being lied to. I love your workouts and anyone that does the workouts along with you smiling and cheerily talking knows that you are strong and work hard for the body you have (sometimes I want to candlestick dipper your smiling mug, jk.). Anyway, keep up the amazing work! Love you!

  147. Delilah Jayne says:

    Amen to this blog! I hate how these women get these procedures and then pass it off has hard work spent in the gym. I personally can’t stand that fake look.

  148. thatCRgirl says:

    I agree with you whole-heartedly! And you don’t have a small butt?! What the heck?!

    Anyway, I’m 22, weigh 40 kgs (fast metabolism ugh) am 1,56m and am too skinny (my weight gave me away though lol). I love seeing and doing your workouts because I feel like your body is real. So I’m flat as a wood board, but hey, it’s my body and I’m working on getting it to a more healthy size. I know, though, that I’ll never have huge breasts and butts like the ones you’ve mentioned. Not unless I get operation. And while I believe plastic surgery is a personal choice, I don’t want to get any. I’d rather change my disastrous eating habits and working out more than risking getting many of the complications that come with plastic surgery. And like I said, your body is real. You worked hard for it, you eat healthy and encourage us to achieve our healthiest.

  149. Sarah says:

    Thank you Cassey! You are an exemplary role model and I am proud to see you use your own fame to preach the truth and empower women of all ages. I know there are so many haters out there, so please don’t worry about their mean comments. We popsters can SEE how strong you are in your videos. We FEEL your enthusiasm and your love for your craft. Your skill and ability as a fitness coach has absolutely nothing to do with how you look. Thankd you for being brave and taking the time to write this article. You are making the waves!

  150. Caroline says:

    This blog post is everything. Every single thing you said is SO ACCURATE – I hope as many people as possible read it entirely. Especially the younger ones on the web & social media, who might be less able to take a step back and be analytical about situations.
    Thanks again Cassey for taking the time to write and talk about these important subjects.
    Lots of love from a French Popster!

  151. Charlotte Roberts says:

    Thanks you for honesty and speaking out about this. I’m so sick and tired of seeing pictures like this. Big butt is not a thing for me, I believe altering your body for acceptance of some idiot opinion is stupid. Like you said, no one knows the long time affect it will have on them.

  152. Jess Robinson says:

    Thank you for posting this Cassey. I struggled with my body image for years starting at the age of 11. And my biggest problem was I compared myself to celebrities. I’ve been free of that bondage for several years now. It irks me that women & men have to base their identity & body by what is trending. I believe each person is made unique like each snowflake is unique. Each person should love themselves as they we’re made. Keep up with the awesome posts and exercise videos. I love them!

  153. Amanda says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I have always been aggravated by the shifting opinion on body standards through social media and other sites. I wish people would be happy with the body they are given, and work on being the best them they can be. Instead of trying to alter their body using plastic surgery and waist-trainers. To top it off… Laxatives?! It is horrible for your body, and can have long-term effects on your body, such as malnutrition and poor absorption of essential minerals and nutrients that your body needs to survive.

    Thank you again Cassey! This is why I love your blog posts and your programs. You focus on being the best you instead of being the best someone else. 🙂 Never change gurl! <3

  154. Katie X. says:

    Thank you for speaking out Cassey! As I’m on my fitness journey ( following your workouts and developing healthier eating habits), sometimes constantly being bombarded by what popular media says how you should look is overwhelming. Although I may tell myself, ‘everyone has their own body type and I should be comfortable with my own body,’ I can’t help but sometimes feel like I needed to have these certain body types in order to be considered of some kind of value to others. The fact that many girls around me idolize Kylie just for her body made me feel uneasy and not confident in myself. Reading your post was a definite fresh reminder that we should love our own bodies for the way it is and embrace our own unique aspects. Thank you Cassey. Thank you <3

  155. Kayle says:

    Thanks for posting this! I love your honesty and I love that you stay true to yourself. There are people who will find a reason to put you down. It is jealousy and insecurity. It has nothing to do with you. It has everything to do with them. It drives me mad when people say that you need to be an expert in something to offer help. “You need a big butt to share a butt routine”. I think that it is really snobbish behavior. At least you are helping people… you’re doing something!

    I’ve always had big boobs, a big butt, big hips and a small waist. What doesn’t help the matter is that I’m tall. Tall girls are meant to be stick thin right? I was bullied for it and called fake and people accused me of having surgery. It always made me really insecure. Especially with guys saying that they prefer girls with small natural boobs and not fake over-sized ones. Not all big boobs are fake!!! I was debating getting a reduction but you’re right. All body types are beautiful!

  156. Dee says:

    Hi Cassey, sorry that you feel that your credibility would suffer because of this. I do get frustrated when I see these type of posts on Instagram, because somehow I find that Instagram has become a medium to accomodate “who looks hotter” and “who can get the most likes” competition, and although my Instagram feed is usually filled with things I enjoy seeing, occasionally I’d come across selfie posts like the one you showed here. It took me a long time to accept that maybe this is just how I am, how I am build, and even now when I’m feeling down I still question myself and loose that confidence I’ve built… I was lucky that when I was growing up my role models were sportspeople and their achievements motivated me to keep training and push further, and my after school activities were filled with sports, and I was competing a lot too. So yes, while my effort to get to where I wish to get to involves working hard and healthy eating (I also enjoy the training I do btw), I understand why having role models who post pictures heavily filtered, with bodies modified by going under the knife (or waist trainer, etc) to achieve their standard of beauty, and having the “fitness” shortcuts so readily available these days are worrying. Heck I even find it worrying with how much makeup selfies are out there, because I see young girls wearing more make up that adults and a lot of times they altered their look and shape using apps, which to me is worrying because they feel the need to do that, and that they don’t realize that it’s okay to be how they are.

    As for the teas, I’m not much of a believer, I drink some herbal teas and health teas sometimes, but I don’t think it would give drastic difference without exercise and healthy eating, but even with these health products I still check the ingredients anyway, these days there are too many of those “organic” and “natural” on the label and suddenly the assumption is that those products must be good.

  157. Kate says:

    I’m so glad you wrote this. Everyone’s natural beauty should be celebrated. A natural, healthy body is the most beautiful of all. Regardless of what the media portrays at the moment. Your videos are positive, motivating, and inspire me. Thank you, Cassey.

  158. Donna says:

    I agree with you 1000%! I’m just now going back to school, at the age of 40, to be a personal fitness trainer…it has always been my passion, and because of ig standards, it worries me that Lil ol me will get through clients’ heads…I might inspire them one moment, until they turn on their phone and look at their “news” feed. Hopefully like any other fad, this too will fade!! Keep on inspiring us, Cassey!!!


  159. Ina Hysko says:

    Thank you for being so real, honest and authentic! It’s so refreshing.
    You are as real as they come, Cassey. Never stop being you because you inspire so many people every day (including me!). You have helped so many of us learn to love and appreciate our own bodies and ourselves. By encouraging us to find fitness, we have been able to find ourselves and to be proud of who we are. That is the greatest gift you could have ever given us.
    I truly admire the person that you are. Keep on shining bright, Cassey! Sending so much love and good vibves your way. We love you! <3

    P.S. Your booty is FABULOUS and you work hard for it! 😉

  160. Signe Christensen says:

    Dear Cassey,
    Thank you so much for this important post. I am too worried about this instagram-generation, growing up more self-conscious and insecure than ever. On instagram and other social media, you are taught that your life is only good if it includes a sixpack and a latte to go, and people will rather spend money on operations, “fit teas”, diet pills, etc., than, as you write, actually just eating good food and exercise. But what really pleases me with your post is that I really felt a very honest Cassey shining through, risking saying some maybe controversial things. I love everything you do and I’ve been following your blog for 5 years, and your energy and enthusiasm is clearly real and very motivating, but I think it’s amazing that you also dare to say when things are not okay. I would love to read even more posts like this, where you really share your opinion, if we like it or not. Thank you for being you and empowering so many girls and women (Y) (Y)

  161. Miriam Leah Schwartz says:

    Omg…… Cassey…. I remember people making comments to you about your butt and it still seems ridiculous. Don’t people know by now that no matter how much you work out you are also competing with genetics and other factors?? There is so much I can say right now to show my disgust at that picture, but I’ll just say this: I do NOT follow any of the Kardashians and I think you can understand why (for multiple reasons). I follow real people, such as yourself…. People that inspire me every day and work hard at what they do. And who are honest, open and once again, REAL. keep it up, Cassey, and keep being real!! xoxo, Miriam

  162. Jaime K says:

    I am so glad you posted this! I had heard of butt implants but didn’t really think of what that would entail. I love how you state this:
    “[…] one involves a knife going in you and we don’t even know the long term effects of these foreign objects being in your body over time.”
    *shudders* It’s a perfect description. Natural vs. unnatural. That’s a big difference.

    Also, that video was nauseating.

  163. Silvia R. Hdez says:

    THIS! Just… THIS! As a fitness instructor and PT I find myself second guessing myself when I see those IG posts because I don’t look like those “trainers” or “fitness gurus”, even though I know better! I try to follow the fitness gurus that have shown that they do the work and who I can tell want their followers to succeed (like you, Cassey) and not the ones that are all selfies and product plugs. If these phoneys can get to me I can’t even imagine how they are affecting young kids. Thank you so much for this post, and for voicing what most of us are thinking!

  164. Ayla Kianmehr says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! I always love and embrace my body and who I am so I never really had a problem with comparing my self to people like the Kardashians. But I notice so many people at school in the locker room frowning upon their bodies and comparing themselves to others. It makes me so sad that these girls (and boys) don’t understand that they are beautiful no matter what. I hope in the future this message about how dangerous and fake these surgeries and dieting programs are to your health in the long run. Sure you might have a plump monstrous behind and colossal boobs right now but to get those inhumane results, the process has side effects. The thing that bothers me the most is how they switched the stick thin models with more “natural” curvy women, but automatically assume that “curvy women” is huge butt and boobs and miniscule waist, so they begin putting Kardashian proportioned women who go through numerous surgeries and procedures and say this is the “natural” look. If young girls think that’s natural, imagine what they will do to get that “natural” look. Thank you for bringing this topic up as it should be brought up more often.
    Keep on POPPING 😉
    Ayla K.

  165. minh tran says:

    Thank you Casey for this. It sucks that our society compares real beauty to this but I love that you are genuine. And I don’t think we should compare ourselves to them and we should love our body for what it is. I really grew to love my body for what it is and it took me a really long time to accept my body. I love you <3

  166. Ali says:

    Thank you for writing this. I work in a gym and see woman every day putting waist trainers on. Some even wrapping themselves in plastic wrap. I love what you promote. You are not bashing ,you are enlightening the public. Keep up the good work you do. I wish more woman would just see themselves and believe they are all beautiful no matter what media deems as beauty.

  167. Jessica MacLafferty says:

    Thank you so much for posting this!!!I have gotten bullied for my flat chest/non existant chest bc of today’s society/standards. If every woman had huge boobs and butt, than soceity would move to a new trend! I just wan to feel beautiful.

  168. I agree with you that Fit Tea wrote you a bunch of BS and I’m GLAD you’re exposing them for doing what they did! Thanks for posting that email!

    What I do think though is that girls have the right to their body and as long as they’re educated on what they want to do with it, then they have every right to experiment. Granted of course, Instagram often distorts the reality of waist trainers and laxatives and whatnot, but as long as the audience are critical thinkers and question and do their research, then by all means, endorse in the products.

    Unfortunately, a lot of girls don’t end up being critical thinkers and jump right into the product because they’re too eager.

  169. Tinelle Engstrand says:

    Just pure love to you! God blessed us each in our own way, and it’s not up to us to destroy his creation. You are what young girls should look up to. I’m on your side! Much love!

  170. Necole says:

    Thank you. Thank you!! Thank you!!!!! This is something I have been noticing and feeling for quite sometime and wondered if anybody else noticed. And while I see the these posts that the “booty girls” and “Kardashians” put up, I cannot help but find myself comparing to them. It’s stupid bc I am different and beautiful. We’re all supposed to be different, we’re all beautiful. And sometimes I have to shut down the IG and other social media bc it’s not worth it. I just wish we were better than this. ?
    I enjoyed this post. Thanks Casey!!

    1. Necole says:

      I mispelled your name and I feel horrible! Sorry. You’re the best!

  171. nina says:

    Amazing post. You’re so right! Have honestly been in such a low place right now because my butt isn’t mimicking a fake butt. This post helped be realized – HELLO! It won’t look like those without implants! Cassy, so thankful for your passion, your real-ness and your self confidence that is so contagious! you keep doing you – I will always be a loyal follower! And, as a girl who is half asian herself, I’m on the journey towards loving the butt I was given. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this MUCH needed post. And additionally – you’re so right. It’s disappointing with how much going on, much bigger, more important things happening globally that are unseen because we’re all so distracted with selfish, meaningless distractions. Thank you for being a voice of reason in the midst of all these deceiving trends.

  172. Arianna says:

    Yesssssss!!! I love what you stand for and adore this post more than I can express! Thank you for bringing an important topic to light. The trending topics in today’s world focus on the vapid and unrealistic. We need a shift to what really matters, and that comes from being ourselves and being true to ourselves!

  173. Freya says:

    Thank you Cassey for this post. My ex boyfriend shamed me for not having a bubble butt like this. I have naturally thin body what is not trendy nowdays. I work out, but because of my herniated disc I cannot do much weight training. It took me some time to understand and accept that the problem is not me, but I still feel sometimes when I see all the media and photosopped pictures that I am not nice/beautiful/fit…enough. You always inspire me. Keep up the good work, because you help hundreds of women around the world 🙂

  174. DaniMormont says:

    Thank you for this, Cassey! I follow a couple of plastic surgeons on Snapchat and one of them is doing at least 2 “butt sculpts” a DAY. Tucking in the waist, making the butt more curvy and lifted and round. And that is only the surgeries he shows. I’m sure he is doing more than that. But WHY? Why go under the knife to give yourself a huge butt? Why not just work out and see what you can do with what you’ve been given? In in 5 or 10 years, when the trend changes again – and you know that it will – what will these women do? It just doesn’t make sense to me. Love your body healthy. That is my motto.

  175. Melissa says:

    I hear what you’re saying. Why can’t we embrace all body types instead of labeling just one as THE body type to be? Why the hyper focus on appearance instead of on healthy and strong? We are all built differently and that is part of our unique beauty! What we see on Instagram and in magazines is not real. It’s edited and airbrushed and filtered within an inch of its life. And it is a split-second snapshot of someone’s life, one perfectly staged moment. It really bugs me when people say someone on Instagram is “goals” (and not just for the obvious grammatical reasons LOL). Nobody’s life is as perfect as that snapshot. They’re human. They have drama and baggage and struggles and insecurities just like the rest of us. Our own lives can become our own “goals” when we look ourselves in the eye and take responsibility for the things we can change, and choose to stop letting the things we can’t change have so much power over us. <3

  176. AJ says:

    This post is disappointing. I understand where you’re coming from, Cassey, and you’re speaking to people with your body type, and against people who alter their bodies and try to make it look like they got their new body through working out or using a certain product, which can be a very dangerous lie. While I understand you want to encourage people with less curvy body types and call out people misleading their followers, I don’t understand why you would do this by putting down a very real body type and calling it fake. Believe it or not, *many* people, primarily black and latinx women, have natural big butts and super tiny waists, and grew up being made fun of for that. No, not cute bubble butts, but butts the same or more “extreme” than the models with millions of followers. They are given nicknames like “badonkadonk” and have heard every “blocking out the sun”-type joke in the book. They were told by their elementary and middle schools to change what they are wearing, even though their friends were wearing the same thing. They also may have learned the hard way that no matter how much weight they try to lose the butt won’t go away.

    I am guessing the reason why you never saw bodies like these until recently is because up until recently they were something to hide and minimize or the subject of ridicule, not the subject of “admiration” or “on trend.” And today, even though there are Instagram models flaunting real or fake large butts, the average girl is still made fun of for their own large butt, especially little girls who’s bodies are not seen as sexual like IG models, and are just seen as weird or comical instead. Just like a naturally thin girl in my middle school was constantly told she needed to eat more, she looked anorexic, and on one occasion told she couldn’t really discuss bras with the girls in our class since she would never need one, even though back then thin or underweight models were “in”.

    Personally, I do not have that big of a butt, but I haven’t forgotten how my sister used to wrap her butt to make it look smaller under her school uniform when we were kids. Even I used to poke fun of her for her butt. I remember watching a fitness segment on the Today show one day before school, and after raving about all the other fitness products, the host dismissed the last product because if used properly it might also make her butt bigger. It didn’t matter all the other benefits this machine offered, it was not worth it if she would potentially have a slightly larger butt. I’m sure the host didn’t mean anything, but it’s been ten years and I still remember what she said and what it implied. As someone with such a big platform, I encourage you to be more mindful of ALL body types. This post was not meant to be body shaming, and you came out and said that was not your intention, then proceeded to call a very real body type “fake,” and “beyond human.” Yes, people get butt implants and breast implants, the same way people get breast and butt reductions, but that does not make either the straighter or curvier body type fake.

    Any body type being “trendy” is unhealthy because a trend should be something people can follow, pick up whenever they want and drop when the trend changes. Body types should not be trendy because most people cannot naturally fit into whatever body type is on trend, so they will go to unnatural, unsafe, or unhealthy methods to have that body. And this is made even worse by celebrities or models who alter their bodies and claim that a certain product, diet, or fitness plan gave them the body they now have. So please continue to call out people, companies, and products who mislead and lie by showing altered bodies as real. But please do not do this by putting down a very real body type and saying this body type is so extreme it cannot be real.

    PS: This comment is already too long, and you probably won’t read it, but I am almost sure the majority of people commenting saying your routines don’t work are just being negative for the sake of being negative (aka trolling). I don’t understand how any of your actual followers can say your routines don’t work. There’s no way I’m in that much pain and it’s not working…

    1. blogilates says:

      Hey AJ, thanks for writing. I apologize if it sounded like I said any person who has a big butt and a small waist is a fake body type. I do realize they exist and all body types are indeed beautiful! What I meant is that it seems very likely that Kylie Jenner has had alterations done to her body, given that the Kardashians always talk about how great their plastic surgeon is and how dramatically different she looks just even just from 1 year ago. Her doctor even has done interviews talking about Kylie coming into his office. Do I know the truth? No. No one does, except her, her family, and her doctor, but if she is flaunting her body like this and telling people she uses ONLY waist trainers and laxatives to get it, it is dangerous. It does not make sense and things don’t add up. Thing is, young girls tend to believe what they see and don’t do the research necessary to break it down. So, I fear for Kylie’s influence. Showing one thing but doing another to get it. It’s not right because girls will get hurt.

      I have women friends who got their boobs done in the 90s because “it was in” and now they tell me they regret it. They just got them out because they told me they did it for the wrong reasons. Everyone has a different reason why they want to change their body, and that’s fine. Just do it for yourself. It’s just that celebrities also have social responsibility too whether they like it or not.

      1. Anne says:

        AJ clearly didn’t read your post closely, Cassey. Your post is respectful, thought-provoking, and so needed. Thank you

        1. Read_more_closely says:

          No, you clearly didn’t read AJ’s comment closely. Women of color have been repeatedly told that their body types are unnatural, ugly, and something that needs to be changed in favor of conforming to a uniform, completely unrealistic beauty ideal.

          So, yes, although Cassey’s post has its strong points, it’s worth noting that the body type Kylie Jenner has achieved isn’t “beyond human,” it’s very real in many communities of color.

          Maybe do some reading up on the subject instead of dismissing a valid comment and, what’s more, perpetuating the cycle of constantly shutting down concerns of women of color.

          1. Catherine M. says:

            I think you may be misunderstanding? I think what Anne is trying to say is that Cassey did not say in her post that a body type that has very prominent curves is extreme, fake, beyond human, etc. So she was just pointing out a misunderstanding that AJ had, which was that Cassey was putting down a certain body type and saying that it was not real, which she was not. In her post, Cassey was just saying that someone of such influence and popularity should be more mindful of their actions and how they show themselves, especially when their body is considered to be “on trend” because it can lead to other people putting themselves down (and even doing extreme things which they may regret later on) for not having the same type of body.

      2. AJ says:

        Wow, thanks for replying and adding that edit in the post! I was hoping that’s not what you really meant, but that is how it came across to some people (not everyone though) including myself.

        I saw some people commented on Facebook who had read it the way I had, and a couple were shut down by other commenters (why complain when the body you have is “in”?) so I just wanted to explain where people who have a problem with this post are coming from.

        And I didn’t say in my earlier comment, but THANK YOU for posting about this issue, and keeping it real. I started following you five years ago and have learned a lot from posts and videos like this one, I just don’t want the important message you are sharing to be overshadowed by any miscommunication. <3

        1. ladamamutante says:

          I had the same feeling as you AJ

    2. Ana Ivanova says:

      Hi AJ,

      The post was not meant to hurt people with bigger booties. It was about surgery, and how people want to look not in their natural way. But they go against nature this way. I strongly dislike all the trends nowadays, and moreover people who follow them just because they think they will get more popular.

    3. Steph says:

      The erasure of black bodies in this article also made me uncomfortable

    4. cerise zo says:

      You said it as it is man :s or girl… I feel bad that people call others fake for having a big booty I mean I got a big booty and when I’ve said it online people don’t believe me just because I look thinner on top of my body. Well let me tell you why that’s bullshit, first of all I have a pear body and it pisses me off when people think that it’s a choice to be or have a big butt also, I have struggled over the past years with the fact my body is semi deformed because I not only have big hips but also my underwear used to be very tight and it left a skin mark on me that later became deformed this really traumatized me when I figured out why my hips weren’t “perfect” or rather why my figure didn’t seem to run smoothly even though I have a big butt and big legs so it kinda cuts out at some point I thought it was weird, when I realized how tight I really wear my underwear. Mind you this is not important but it bothers me the tone that Cassey is using in this particular post, normally I read all her posts and I agree with her a lot but this one I’m sorry to say people need to calm down before posting. This is just sad I don’t like it when people think we are fake because we also were born like this it wasn’t a choice, I’m originally from Mexico and both my parents have big hips and legs, so it’s genetics mostly not so much as anything else. I’ve tried exercising, walking, everything, dieting, you name it but my legs have neverrr looked thin and small like other people, I am sorry to hear that others feel bad about having chicken legs or just no butt, seriously man I have no boobs and you don’t see me complaining or calling them all fake seriously… this is some double standard people.

  177. Nele says:

    This is like the best blog post I ever read.
    Thank you, Cassey, for sharing your thoughts with us & I really hope this opens some people’s eyes!
    So many girls are blinded by this whole “Jenner-Kardashian-thing” and don’t really understand that there is nothing natural with that kind of big butts and thin waists.
    Please keep writing like this.
    Lots of love from Germany! ❤️

  178. Alisat says:

    Dear Cassey,
    I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for always reminding me not to strive for anyone else’s “perfect” body, but to be(come) the best version of myself ^____^!
    You are a great role model and you make me so happy!
    THANK YOU! 🙂

  179. Alice smith says:

    I can’t tell you how much I relate to what you’re saying and agree with it. Some people say Instagram isn’t real life and not to take it too seriously but these things have a big impact on young girls in their real lives so yes it is happening and yes it is a problem! Thank you for this article! Nice to know I’m not alone in having these exact thoughts

  180. Mandy says:

    ” How long will it take for people to realize that what they’re seeing on IG is not real? Maybe as long as it took us to realize that magazine covers were photoshopped.” I hope no !!! It’s too long !! People should be smarter !! And every kind of body should be loved !
    Loved your post ! You go girl ! It’s good & inspiring to see you stand up for realness !! And it’s time to recognize the body shaming against “tiny” or “skinny” and stop it !! There is nothing wrong about small butt & flat chest ! Not everyone has big curves at the “right” places but everyone is beautiful ! And natural beauty & inside beauty are beautiful & unique !! 🙂

  181. Vinnie Angel says:

    I love this post so so much. Yeah! in these years nobody talks about “natural way” just faking out like surgeries. Seriously! I love myself as being me, The Real Me. So do You. Love it and keep inspiring. Love you 🙂

  182. Arieana Fry says:

    Thank you so much for writing this. This has been super informative for me, and has caused me to truly appreciate people like you who fight for positivity, hard work and true body acceptance. Its so refreshing and reassuring to see that someone in the fitness community cares so much about sharing the truth with us. I can’t thank you enough for your bravery to share this.

  183. Rawan Krayem says:

    Thank you so much for posting this Cassey!!! This made me feel so much more confident!! Love you so much <3

  184. Margaret Smock says:

    Thank you for posting this. I like watching what celebrities do to stay thin or healthy but for Kylie Jenner, I never see her doing anything to keep her waist. If anything she posts a lot about the food she cooks but never any work out stuff like her other sisters that have rocking bodies from work outs. I still think Kylie is beautiful and congrats to her for her cosmetic line but I’m afraid girl will never be satsified on their body shapes because someone will still think they are too small, too big, not curvy enough, too curvy etc. I have been following you for a while and I like your videos and what you stand for. I just wish I had for energy and will to work out more.

  185. Tara says:

    I could not agree more! And with that price I could have the whole pop flex collections and practically have a lululemon shop in my closet! ?

  186. Deanna20Aus says:

    I found your POPilates DVD before I ever watched anything about the kardashians. Your DVD definitely helped with so many back problems ect, You’re the best Cassey, never ever doubt yourself. And you’re one of the very few celebs online I truely am inspired by.

  187. Dana says:

    This article is fabulous. You are fabulous and I am going to go follow you and your Asian butt.

  188. Kristine Bahure says:

    I want to thank you as well,Cassey,for your post!
    It made me think,really…what’s happening with our world…
    I absolutely agree with everything you said!!!
    I have to say,that I’m so happy that I started to follow your monthly calendars.I never thought that pilates can be so effective and hard to do,but with results. I’m doing my workouts in front of my 7 month old daughter for her to see and understand already-how hard is to get that toned,beautiful and strong body!…and she already knows who is Cassey-always smiling,when hearing yours- Hi Cassey here:)
    Thank you once again for everything what you are doing!

    1. blogilates says:

      That is so cute!! Tell the baby I say hello!

      1. Kristine Bahure says:

        I did?thank you!!!
        I think my daughter Riana is your youngest follower ever?
        She loves you and your videos,specially 100 burpee challenge one????she didn’t stop laughing, when I was trying hard to do them…

  189. Bridget says:

    My husband and I have been doing your Pop Pilates for 3 weeks now, to help strengthen our core (therefore helping his back muscles and improving my post baby strength). Not once has it occurred to us of your “butt” situation. You look great and you’re doing a great thing. Keep up the good work so we can all reap the benefits ??

  190. Tinisha Lambeth says:

    Hi Cassey! I have a petite body with a small toned booty. I’m happy, my husband is happy, and it serves me well in real life. What else matters???

  191. Ida Young says:

    Cassey thank you so much for your true and positive message about beauty and loving our own bodies. I have three daughters and although they are too young to work out, they see me doing your videos. I am so glad they hear you talk about exercising to be strong and to make our bodies look the best we can and most importantly to be happy and positive. True beauty comes from the inside and that is the truth I want my daughters to firmly believe so they can tune out the false message the world is sending them. Thank you for helping me do that!

  192. Trish VRive says:

    Cassey, THANK YOU for posting this. I think its time to get things clear and send the records straight. These girl’s bodies are not real. Plastic surgery is not the solution to your body image problems. I don’t have a problem with grown up women deciding to get plastic surgery. But i do have a problem with them setting plastic surgery as an example to young girls. YOU are the great example. Working hard and loving your body for what it is. Your workouts and your attitude always make me work for STRONGER against to skinny. I’ll admit, it isn’t always easy to just focus on strong with all the social media telling you that to be healthy you have to have to have a big booty, super flat abs and a teeny tiny waist.
    These examples just accentuate insecurities in women. First you have to be super skinny to fit in (which isnt real), now that they have started to introduce more body types, they take it to the next level, and make the “it” body to have big butt and tiny waist. When will they just accept that NORMAL WOMEN ARE BEAUTIFUL TOO.

    Thank you Cassey for remainding us that every body is beautiful and that with a healthy lifestyleand sorrounding yourself with positive influences (like you) confidence just keeps building up….


  193. KC says:

    I don’t know how how I feel about this post because on one hand she has valid points but one the other she generalizes too much.

    I personally feel this trend is crazy like all trends but why complain about it or give it more attention than needed. You’re always going to have someone that’s going to try to attain something they can’t.
    I remember a few years ago it was the thigh gap thing and other crap. Who cares about what these Instagramers are doing.

    Just keep promoting body positivity.
    This post felt more like an emotional rant than hardcore facts.
    There is no way and I will say it again NO WAY that she can say that her post is not written with emotion and frustration from what others have said about her.

    She talks about how it made her feel and her credibility as a trainer, but those things shouldn’t matter if she’s secure in her Asian genetics- her words not mine.
    You can’t assume that someone’s body is fake just because a Kardashian bought theirs. There are plenty of women out there that are true “booty girls” that work just as hard as she does for their bodies.
    The Kardashians didn’t just come up with the idea of this body type by themselves. They saw something that they desired and didn’t have it so they altered themselves-am I saying it’s right no!
    For her to generalize the instagramers who are truly shaped like this is wrong. I have friends and family who are shaped like this – granted there hips aren’t that crazy looking but it’s damn near close and that’s their genetics.
    When being a public figure you really have to remember that what you say can influence others thinking and her post was discriminatory whether she realizes it or not. The verbiage she used and the style in which the blog was written was very defensive and not very objective. These are things I take issue with when you have young and impressionable people following you. The same way that she feels about -these gramers-them selling that look, is the same way she’s convincing you that it’s not attainable or real. For some it is.

    Her thinking can totally cause others to discriminate towards women who have altered their bodies or women who are naturally shaped like this. Now because someone has said it’s no physically attainable some can start questioning those who have attained it.
    The media sells us all kinds of crap every single day, we can’t take comments and what celebrities say as law or a way of life. Use common sense and we definitely don’t need assumptions of others and nasty comments by others or what’s trending to validate our status or credentials in whatever field we work in.
    Just know you have a following of people that respect what you do and keep funneling proper information and only then can we help stagnate and eventually start a trend of what health and wellness truly is. These trends are fleeting and there will be a new one soon. My last thought do research don’t follow people’s words blindly.

  194. zografia avgerou says:

    Nicely said. Thank you for this. I always say, when I see a girl like them that the Kardashians ruined the world. And they are beautiful because of all the surgery, make up artists, beauty salons and all these fake stuff. I hope the day the world will forget them is not far. Once again, thank you.

  195. Julia says:

    You’re the one and only online-personal trainer I stuck with over the years – enough said. Because you inspire me with your positivity and because you actually have a down to earth perspective on fitness. Keep doing what you are doing one step at a time, Cassey. Let’s hope a more healthy mindset becomes the trend – and that those who work hard for their bodies become encouraging mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles or teachers so that they can pass it on.
    Thanks for this article and all the best to you, Cassey.
    Love, Julia

    P.S. This is coming from a girl who used to hate her big butt (and is only very slowly learing to accept it) – aren’t we all just insane for picking on ourselves?!

  196. vilmabrownie says:

    Yes, Cassey, yes! Everything and all about this post is right. I’m happy to know that I know what’s real and what’s not and that’s because I’ve been working out with you for over 2 years now. I’ve worked on my body so hard, I’ve eaten clean and most importantly… I’ve worked on my mind and thoughts so hard. In this world it isn’t easy to be neutral with your thoughts. The thing I have had to realize is that many of the women and girls I’ve compared myself to are often a) photoshopped or b) they’ve gone through a plastic surgery. Working out isn’t the quickest road but I’ve needed the time to realize things. It’s a hard journey but all worth it. My body has changed and so has my mind and I have never ever even considered about a plastic surgery. I DO NOT NEED IT. No one really does! Every body is different, beautiful and glowing if people know what to do with their own system, their own body.

    And putting a knife through your skin isn’t honestly the best way.

  197. Malin says:

    I’ve gained so much self love thanks to you and the blogilates community ❤ I love you, what you do and what you stand for. Thank you for being you and keeping your feet on the earth even though you’ve gotten this famous. And I hope you know that we posters got your back. We see the real you and we love you. This telling you stuff like that are not just wrong, but are also be people. I never get why they feel the need to write hurtful things on other people’s posts. It’s so depressing. Much love to you ❤

  198. it is a wonderful post. We have come far in creating self love and limit body shaming in some areas but it always pops it head up elsewhere. your statement about girls finding plastic surgery before finding fitness truly hits it on the head. I don’t mind people selling those teas as long as they are honest about it – that it doesn’t have lasting effects and that you have to work out – something I think Khloe Kardashian probably does better than her other sisters if we have to pick. keep on spreading your self love girl!

  199. Darline Kint says:

    hooray!!! All the credit to you for putting that on the internet because it’s the truth.
    I had a stroke last year, my right side was completely paralysed, i couldn’t speak (for several weeks), i couldn’t remember anything, … i had to learn it all again. To walk, to talk ( i have aphasia), to write, …and so on and so on. But I did it, i’m a survivor, i’m a fighter. I was very fit before my stroke (i am only 30 years old, with 1 baby and 1 toddler) but I had to learn everything again; so i followed your videos. It was hard in the beginning, my right leg and my arm were struggling, but i kept on going. I could compare myself with all these people but i don’t. I’m stronger, i’m fitter, … i want to be the best version of myself!!! That’s the best part. Thank you so much for everything you do here on Blogilates <3

  200. Tara says:

    I love you Cassey, but you sell out as well. Your last video was yet another one in a long line of paid commercials. You have made it well beyond many can only dream of, please stop selling out, then trashing others that followed the same path.

  201. Phiwe Mvelase says:

    I’m so glad you wrote this. And I’m glad I read it. It really is heart breaking. I’m African (south african) and many of the girls here are curvy. I was told that I don’t met the standards of African beauty, because I don’t have wide hips and well a huge butt.
    I was shattered. I started eating unhealthy in hope I’d gain weight on my hips, you know just like the saying “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips”.
    Sadly I did gain weight, but I still didn’t meet the “African beauty” standard. I hated myself. . .

    Coming across blogilates, has been life-changing. I learnt to love myself, love my body. To live a healthier lifestyle. Not having the “standard african body” doesn’t make me less african. The moment I stopped comparing myself, I became a very happy person.

    Thank you so much Cassey.

  202. Anna says:

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for writing this and saying it out loud!!! I’ve been feeling and thinking the same for some time now and I’m glad, I’m not the only one…I hate the fact that social media have such a huge influence on us, I mean, I see girls getting lip-fillers, butt-implants, wearing waist trainers just because they saw it on instagram or facebook…how insane is that? Or even the whole fitness trend right now, I’m glad that people care more about their health, but honestly I’m worried more people do it just to post a picture from the gym on the internet…and then I saw a girl on the instagram who posted a picture in her underwear in the gym sayin she workouts here and there because she likes all the men’s attention there she gets and said she doesnt eat healthy, she’s just lucky to look like that and like a few days later she gets a huge package of workout supplies and a sponsorship from a company…and real trainers who work their butts off every day in a gym and work hard to get to competitions and get some kind of sponsorship…it’s just so twisted. I workout because it makes me happy, it makes me feel confident in my own body much more than any plastic would ever did, because it comes from the inside, not outside. Thank you for your article, Cassey! <3

  203. Nenna Winqvist says:

    Thank you cassey! Even though i consider myself to be comfortable in my body and confident i still somehow manage to feel like crap about my body because of these ”new standards of beauty”. Not everyday, but there are days when i feel like this. And that isn’t right. If confident people feel this way in their worst days then what kind of damage can this do to those who haven’t learned to love and appreciate their body yet? I think that instead of the media having time periods of saying ”skinny is good” or ” curvy is good” the message should be ”healthy is beautiful” because the truth is that people were created to be different, to have different body types, different eye colors etc. And nobody should feel like they have to have a tinier waist or a bigger butt or whatever to love themselves. Again i want to thank you for posting this because i had had the same thoughts as you about the media and instagram for a few weeks now. And i love that you are using your platform to speak about these topics 🙂 i started working out to your videos this march and you thought me to appreciate my body 🙂 thank you.

  204. Laura says:

    to be honest this doesn’t even look pretty! I have gone through eating disorder in my teens because some told be I wasn’t as skinny and knowingly promote something unhealthy for money is just wrong.

  205. Hi,
    You have written exactly what I needed to read! I myself aren’t that confident in my body and has now for over a year thought that I was doing everything wrong. I felt fat, ugly, wrong and totally out of place when seeing picture after picture from all of the “perfect” celebrities. It made me so insecure! I’m 15 at the moment, and I feel like that is the time you really need to know the truth before thinking that you are supposed to look in a special way. The thing is, when you are a 15 year old girl and you don’t know better about how body’s are different from each other, then it’s easy to just think that you are wrong. I have realized that nobody is perfect and that nobody is supposed to be, but I just hope that others will see the same and stop body shaming!
    Thank you,for your very inspiring post! And thank you for being you!

    Xoxo Mathilde

  206. Dorothee Indrasch says:

    Wow, thanks for sharing. I’m 27 and actually I didn’t know that, I just thought: Well they train everyday and they’re genetics give them that sandglassshape. I’m more of the tall, androgynous type and I totally love my figure, but I get the problem with young girls falling for it, and getting frustrated. Thank you for your eye-opening post. And btw: You’re butt is gorgeous 🙂

  207. Tanya Myburgh says:

    I want to thank you for writing this post. It took great courage to say what needed to be said in a world where people only say what others want to hear. It saddens me that these “plastic” women are placed on pedestals for all to see and young girls (and even women) are being “told” this is the way you have to look like. My oldest daughter climbed into the car one day after school crying and saying that another girl said she doesn’t wear pretty clothes. I know that there is nothing wrong with the way my daughter dresses and I told her that even if you wear the prettiest clothes in the world but your heart is “ugly” (mean, selfish, without love and respect for others) you will never be beautiful. Real beauty is what is inside of you. These women, with their fake bodies, promote unreal expectations and their morals are VERY questionable.

    Keep doing what you are doing Cassey. You are doing a wonderful job at being real and beautiful and authentic. A role model young girls and women can look up to.

    Kind Regards
    “From South Africa”

  208. Lilly Phipps says:

    Thank-you for this, I’m glad you were brave enough to start on this topic. You may get some negative feedback but we are all behind you. Since I started PIIT and did the 28 day reset people have been saying how slim I look and how they wish they could too, but the excuse is I don’t have time or I couldn’t give up a certain food. And it’s like then you don’t really want to change and get fit, coz you have to work at it and earn the body and healthy mind. It won’t happen by magic so thanks again for everything you do xx

  209. Lore says:

    I once read a quote that said ‘you don’t have to look like the girl in the magazine, the girl in the magazine doesn’t look like the girl in the magazine’ and I think that this is very applicable here. I’m so happy that you are clearing these things out and I hope every person in the world will realise this!

  210. Elizabeth says:

    Cassey, did you read the third comment on the waist training pic? Like… how transparent and unprofessional can they get…
    And the part about your genetics is great, Asian girls make up a huge part of the world and I hope they (inc. you) stay safe in the future from the effects of this kind of media.
    Love you xoxoxo

  211. Phiwe Mvelase says:

    I’m so glad you wrote this. And I’m glad I read it. It really is heart breaking. I’m African (south african) and many of the girls here are curvy. I was told that I’m don’t met the standards of African beauty, because I don’t have wide hips and well a huge butt.
    I was shattered. I started eating unhealthy in hope I’d gain weight on my hips, you know just like the saying “a moment on the lips, a lifetime in the hips”.
    Sadly I did gain weight, but I still didn’t meet the “African beauty” standard. I hated myself. . .

    Coming across blogilates, has been life-changing. I learnt to love myself, love my body. To live a healthier lifestyle. Not having the “standard african body” doesn’t make me less african. The moment I stopped comparing myself, I became a very happy person.

    Thank you so much Cassey.

  212. Ally says:

    I hate it when men go on about WHR and the new BHR like ‘just do some squats’ (end duh voice) , it’s my bone structure! It’s my body SHAPE. I have, in the past, lost so much weight and killed myself with exercise. I became underweight and trust me, I never. NEVER looked like a booty model. My body is built differently, my body is athletic and slender and my butt is not huge, but it is cute and round and has no cellulite so… Yeah. I don’t want to starve myself or alter myself. My best friend, who already looked like a goddess, went under the knife. And for what? :/ It’s all the same, some bodies are good, some bodies are bad and I don’t think it will ever change. Too bad some people can’t see that. I got away from social media but then my friends do nothing but talk about it so, yeah. Superficial stuff, sometimes it just gets too much.

    1. brittany says:

      You can’t put on muscle (ie grow your glutes) when you’re starving yourself… it just doesn’t work. Also, EVERYONE, especially women, should do squats as they are an excellent exercise (if not the best) for strengthening your pelvic floor. Squats are a quad dominant exercise, however, and bridges and hip thrusts are actually the best exercises for targeting the glutes.

  213. Xoey says:


  214. Melsa Mabalay says:

    I strongly agree with your opinion in your blog. Yes, the natural way is still important to make ourselves fit and healthy because it really pays off if you work hard for it. Though it takes time but it the benefit would be long term. I admit that I used to take these slimming coffees or tea before because I was really fat and I’m desperate to lose weight. Yeah, I experience weight loss but the effect eventually were not good because I started to lose my appetite and became weak that I almost faint. So, I totally stop taking those and came to realize that the natural way to reduce weight, to be fit and strong is still the BEST way. I started to eat healthy and doing your exercises through Youtube. I like your workouts because I can just do it at home during my free time. Thank you so much Cassey coz you inspire a lot of women especially me. Love lots!

  215. Jvie says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. Casey, thank you for voicing out, you are the real meaning of being beautiful and strong!

  216. Sophia_GetFit says:

    Great post, so true!

  217. Annie says:

    After reading this post, i cannot agree enough! Thank you for posting this, Cassey! This is what I want to see and people need to open their eyes! Now that ‘body’ trends that are all over social media, many teenagers are influenced by it and are falling into this pit of what they are seeing as the ideal body. To be completely honest, I rarely go on social media because I think it irritates me that people post pictures of their ‘fake’ bodies! THERE IS NO MEANING OF IT! Forget big butts and credibility. When did THAT qualify as being a fitness guru? Umm, maybe if people’s butts were completely made of muscle, instead of implants. I still cannot understand why having a big butt is THAT important. Personally, I naturally have a big butt, but I do not care for it, because I do not find any value in it. I think keeping your body at a healthy shape is what is important. Just trying too hard to achieve the ideal body is frustrating, and when you compare yourself to other people on social media, that is lowering your confidence. And who knows, this could lead to other issues, such as eating disorders. People should be happy with what they have because they can always improve their body by working out and finding joy in it.
    You are a true fitness instructor and you should not let it affect you. You have a perfectly healthy (real) body, and you should keep doing what you enjoy because your workouts are life changing to many people’s bodies. Yes, your workouts are very intense and enjoyable at the same time, and that is why I admire you! Your workouts are what makes achieving a healthy body effective! The only thing that achieving in a healthy way, and that is by doing workouts (and eating healthy).
    After all, I think small waist and big butts are just completely unnatural and people should stop obsessing just because it’s a trend and it won’t bring you happiness if you’re just showing off or at least it should be taboo.
    This post should spread the word to social media. For now, this has probably reached to most POPsters. This post just speaks to my heart already, I just feel like you are very understanding. For future posts, please feel free to let your emotions out because your opinions mean to everyone! Seriously thank you for sharing this!
    ~x Annie

  218. Katrina says:

    Love your post! In my younger years, I used to think after kids I would consider plastic surgery. No way! I’m so glad I smartened up. This is the way God made me. I look how I am suppose to look. (And yes I get highlights. And no it is not risking my life to look “better”)! I wish we didn’t live in a world where beauty was everything. Ugh! ?? thank you for your post!!

  219. Courtney says:

    Thank you for this Cassey! It makes me so sad whenever I see these celebrities and social media stars getting tons of work done posting pictures of their perfect bodies then you read their follower’s comments saying that they have convinced them to get that nose job, or butt injections or whatever else. One of the things I’ve always admired about you Cassey is that you don’t blog and make workouts so people can have the “ideal body” but so that girls like me can find THEIR best selves and appreciate their own body. I really do hope there is a push back to this type of culture in the future. It’s definitely not about shaming any body type or telling people what they should do with their body but actually uplifting each other so we can have healthier more full lives which is something a wast trainer can never do for you!

  220. Nina Lannister says:

    TRhat’s why I NEVER follow any of this famoous models and perfect girls On IG. Never good for a girl overweight like me

  221. dayah says:

    Thank you for the post and for just putting it out there despite the fact that you know some people might judge or hate you for it. But I believe in the same things too and it sucks to see girls putting themselves down for not looking like ig girls.

  222. Alyssa Hughes Queen says:

    ? #truth love you and all you do, Cassey!!

  223. Ava Lopez says:

    Thank you for posting this Cassey! I’m a Kylie & Kendall Jenner from the start and I want to be like them, I want to have their body & their beautiful faces.I was so frustrated everyday because I don’t know how to be like them. But then you make me realized that those bodies we’re not real. So I promised myself that I will not be ashamed of my body from now on, I promise do all of your workouts because I love it and it makes me happy. I want to be strong like you Cassey! Love you!

  224. Esther says:

    Thank you for posting this Cassey! I honestly thought I was going crazy or just being negative, but it’s good to know other people see this too. Finally more and more real fitness gurus are coming out of the woodwork and speaking out against this! I think when bodybuilding became a trend, so many people wanted to look that way without the effort so now you get 90% of the women on the internet selling booty plans when they’ve had injections or implants. At least you’re a real fitness chick!
    I was recently discussing this because I felt so frustrated that this big passion of mine that I’ve always had, to help other people get fit, is now an extremely difficult field to be in because everyone wants the bodies they see on the internet and they can’t tell what’s real and what’s fake! Like you said, not only you but many other real women in the fitness industry do not have credibility anymore because qualifications are not what get you far. Having a YouTube or instagram with loads of silly workouts and tiny meals like your a pro but denying surgery apparently does. (And yes, silly. anyone who knows how to build muscle KNOWS that a few isolated movements coupled with only a meagre 800 calories worth of food is NOT how to grow ANY kind of muscle!) I won’t name drop, but I was subscribed to a very famous fitness models website and with that she gave tips and advice and plans. Her weight and height? Same as me. Her muscle mass? Same as me. Her recommended calorie intake on a MAINTAINENCE level? 1300 cals. Well according to my PT, and double checking the maths, my BMR is more than her recommended calories. way to get healthy right? Is it any wonder so many young people keep complaining of looking gross and hating their bodies, yet feeling faint and ill all the time because these fitness idols are driving them to push to the complete edge?!
    I’m angry because fitness saved me from an eating disorder.
    Fitness was this great thing that I fit into because I didn’t have the cover model body. And I love it because everyone could do it, there wasn’t a set criteria or beauty ideology. But now that’s been tarred with the same brush as the rest if the media. I just don’t understand how something so incredibly good and life changing for people can literally be ruined so easily!

  225. lisa inglis says:

    For me, I don’t think plastic surgery is the problem. Hiding plastic surgery is the problem. Pretending or allowing others to believe one’s figure is natural or hard-earned deceives viewers and makes them feel lesser and inadequate. It makes those of us conmitted to exercise feel like we’re not doing enough, not wanting it badly enough, not being disciplined enough, etc. I think it would help if the Kardashians and others were honest about their (obvious) surgeries. It’s like your photoshop example. At least we could look at their pics and know that’s surgery, not working out. It’s an impossible #goal.

  226. inezdiva says:

    Such a post that encourage me to be healthier everyday. And be myself 🙂 thankyou Cassey

  227. Jeffrey Sterling says:

    Her body looks a little morphed out in a strange way

  228. Maria says:

    Cassey this is amazing. You are such an amazing role model for young girls! Keep on fighting for what’s right and what you believe in, girls need to hear it!

  229. Holly says:

    *young girl*

  230. Alyson Luftig says:

    Im glad you posted this and appreciate it very much. As a trainer and role model you are doing the RIGHT thing to be a good influence on girls instead of the other way around. I’m proud to be using your program.

  231. Holly says:

    I do worry about this. I workout with Zuzka 7 days a week (she varies our routines between HITT, yoga, etc) so I do my best to be healthy and a good role model to my 7 year old daughter…but I am frightened by this crap. I can only hope what she sees at home will mean more than any outside influence. Being a young girl was hard 20+ years ago without social media, I can’t even imagine what she will be up against. Great post. PS, thanks to you I can almost do a headstand so thank you!!

  232. Kathy says:

    Cassey thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. You are a true genuine person. I love following you and your blogs so down to earth with the focus on positivity. With one of my orders you included the card “Comparison is the thief of joy”. I have that posted at my desk and one in my wallet a constant reminder to be happy with who you are and accepting of yourself. Just today I told my son your story about your parents wanting you to be a doctor. I told him you followed your dreams and although you did not fulfill the dreams of your parents YOU are still in the “field” of helping people to become better with themselves. You are a true inspiration and I’m so glad I found you and have included you as part of my daily morning routine.

  233. lsweet says:

    I have breast implants and had a lift because I struggled with bulimia and lost and gained a lot of weight, leaving them saggy and deformed. I am 26 and my breasts looked like a 70 year old’s. It made me feel sick to look in the mirror. Are you saying that it was wrong of me to correct this? Plastic surgery is not always bad. Reading this made me feel bad because I have had a surgery done, like I am unnatural 🙁

    1. lsweet says:

      Plus the “will it end up killing you”, real great for my anxiety.

      1. blogilates says:

        No don’t feel bad! Surgery for medical reasons is necessary. As long as you feel more confident now, that is all that matters.

      2. Heather says:

        I have breast implants and did not take this post negative at all. She says multiple times women should do what makes them feel good. However IG has become the standard for younger girls to look like. Did she say breast implants will kill you? She actually stated it as a question “will beauty end up killing you?” Plenty of deaths occur during surgery. Actually Kanyes mom did. Anesthesia complications, cardiac arrest, post op infections etc It’s a legit question to think about.

    2. maria says:

      no. she’s saying that people needed to alter their selves bc society needs them to. she also said that shes not judging anyone who believes they should go under the knife to feel good.nowadays kids at 15 yr of age look like 25, when i was 15, I worry about my which college to go toand what degree do i get into. nowadays kids dnt worry about that anymore they pay less attention to what’s happening in the world bc theyre so attached to this “social media”. she’s also impying that real fitness doesn’t come in with big butts bc it all comes down to ur genes, if u dont hve it, no matter how much squats you do, it wont get as big as the kardashians booty. Being fit is feeling and healthy good inside and out in all aspects, but the media isn’t doing that instead its ppl how hve tiny waist and big butts are said to be “fit” w/c is not true most of the time.

  234. Shannon says:

    Cassey I love you sooooooo much for writing this I am a hundred percent with you on this. Half the time I go Instagram I find something like that and it makes me so angry because they didn’t do anything to work for it just threw their money around and made the world believe hey I’ll get surgery I wanna look like her then I’ll feel beautiful. I guarantee half the people that do that don’t feel beautiful because they will everntually realize why did I do this I was beautiful before or Mayb they do feel beautiful idk but I’m not willing to try that I am just fine being who I was made to be not some fake version of myself to make me look like a Barbie. I’ve had an ongoing injurie and haven’t been able to do your videos in awhile but let me tell u when I do it burns and I feel great afterward because I know I’m working towards a better me and not a fake me. I am 100 percent with you on this and you are my favorite Instagramer fitness structure and you are my overall inspiration to be confident in myself.

  235. Cess says:

    They just want the easy way around and be in with the trend. Thank you for the post. People are blinded from what society shows them and sad to say they don’t know what they like. Worst, they don’t know theirselves anymore.

  236. Martha says:

    I agree with everything you said, and I love how you stand up to these stupid, unhealthy trends. Just something I’d like to add: it’s sad that brazilian women are sexualized to the point a plastic surgeon named his procedure “brazilian butt lift”.

  237. Rana rose <3 says:

    Cassey you are the most amazing, influential, beautiful, strong, successful, inspiring, wonderful women out there! You are such a role model to me and I couldn’t have said any of this better myself! It’s so sad what the media portrays to girls and how corrupt the system really is. People need to learn the importance of hard work and perseverance to create their own unique lovely body and happiness. Please continue to speak out for causes like these, you may get hate, but at least know there’s one girl out there who is motivated by you and 11000% supports you and everything you stand for! If people stay quite and fear speaking out, nothing will change. I’m fumbling with my words, but I want you to know how special you are and that I will forever support you and be a part of the blogifam! POPster forever <3 <3 <3

  238. Helen says:

    Cassie!!! Thank you so much for this post! I’m so sad to hear about the haters, because all of us know how hard you work, not just for your own health and fitness, but ours, too. Just wanted to send some love and support, because this isn’t easy to say 🙂

  239. Virginie K says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize people were falling for these giant fake butts. To me, it looks very unnatural, so I automatically think it’s fake. Altered somehow. It never crossed my mind that your butt works weren’t legit. I figured the butt workout is to help with excess fat and make it a little perkier, shape it from “saggy” or “flat” to have a little more “oomph” not to “BAAABAM!” Continue doing what you do Cassey, this is the right way, healthiest and safest way to be an enhanced version of who you are. 🙂

  240. Kim says:

    My butt has gotten bigger and I love it! All from blogilates! Your butt videos are the best. I love the promotion of beautiful natural bodies that are EARNED. You bring out the best in us Cassey. I will always choose the pilates body FTW!!!

  241. Che says:

    I enjoyed this post. I do agree that there’s something dishonest about the Kardashian/Jenners and other instagram “booty girls” because they know that these girls see this body type being idolized in the media so they sell something to them that doesn’t actually work just to make money, which imo is just not right because they know they had help from surgeons and are getting these girls hopes up.

  242. Nicole says:

    Thank you for being you Cassey.
    You are a truly inspirational person and I know so many others feel this way as well. I have gone through many body issues over the years and now I am getting into my late 20’s I have started to see things so much differently. Your videos and blogs have been a huge part of that so thank you.
    I travel a lot so my friends and I all at different ends of the world follow your amazing work outs and quirky videos and push each other with your help. You have made it attainable to go at your own pase and see changes. Also your motivation during videos really helps (Especially when you joke about being able to see us cheating) ?.

    Any way I too have a tiny tooshie and I will never naturally have a bum that big and I’m okay with that. I hate being made to feel like my body isn’t “current” enough and it scares me how the next generation of young women will act and feel.

    I am from Scotland and I love that no matter where I go on this planet women are different, with where there curves are and thier styles of fashion. Why is this not embraced more allowing them to be who they truly are. We are all different stop trying to make us feel like we need to be clones. We have to stop comparing ourselves and it is getting hard in this social media world.

    Why cant we just embrace what Muma gave us in a healthy way.

    Any way sorry for my long ramble ? Please keep being exactly who you are and for the negative twats they will come around (hopefully not to late for them) and if not don’t worry your talent and drive will overcome!

    xxx Nicole xxx

  243. Amanda says:

    This is awesome Cassey! This is soooo true! Keep working hard and don’t worry about silly comments! Its easy to pay to be good looking, but what’s inside of you no money can buy to make it better! Congrats on being you!

  244. Katianoya says:

    This is an excellent post. I saw it on your Insta and read what you wrote and immediately went to your blog to read it. I’m appalled at the level of influence these women have over our society. It’s sickening and it’s dreadful. I am ashamed at that. People should not give them that level of power. Your followers and you should learn from this post and unfollow them. The more followers they have the more power it gives them, and frankly, they shouldn’t be role models for anyone. I don’t want my children to them as role models and I definitely don’t want them to be so for the general public. Work out, eat right, and I can say from my expierence that your butt routine DOES WORK! Like a charm 😉

  245. Becky Miki says:

    So happy you wrote this! This superficial world we are in makes my head spin! I am a naturally skinny girl and believe it or not I got teased because of it for so many years. I’m now 27, married and even tho I’m so lucky to have found someone (my husband) to help me get out of that toxic “I hate my body” mind set, seeing all these ideas of beauty online and in magazines not only makes me self conscious, but it makes me so happy to not be a teenage girl today. I have a 16 year old nephew who I fear may have these unrealistic ideas of girls and women. I try so hard to press into him about how the media influences young minds on the “standard of beauty” and to never be so shallow or vain to expect these ideals onto the girls of his generation. Unfortunately I have very little impact on social norms but I at least try to ensure my own blood will never be cruel in that aspect . Especially in light of the Trump video. We need more people like you to speak up about these issues and for not only young but adult women to see and understand what the media does. And to not be fooled!! Love yourself and everything will fall into place. I fully understand how angry you must have felt while writing that post, I feel my heart rate jumping just writing this. Never stop doing what you are doing cassey!! I love everything you stand for and are about!!

  246. Pang says:

    Thanks for this post Cassey! Fit has been, and will always be, in! For me, being fit is what matters. Skinny doesn’t always mean healthy!

  247. Tara says:

    Cassie, kudos to you for writing this post. Girls do need to know the truth about this bullshit. BTW, I have never seen you so angry 😮 But it’s totally justified. Keep exposing this crap. You have a huge voice in the fitness industry, keep using it! You are my hero.

  248. Grace Park says:

    Good article! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. The only thing is that kind of bothers me is that you make it seem so impossible to be Asian and have a small waist and big booty. I always had a big butt growing up, very round and perky. The rest of me is slim (90% of my curves went to my behind, no boobs lol). But as you said, it is generous, born with it. I hope women and girls can realize that many of what they see online, if not photoshopped, was obtained through surgery as you mentioned. However, I have nothing against plastic surgery and think it is great when used for medical or self confidence, to a certain degree.. To me, depending on what you get, it is like getting braces, confidence booster. However, there are those who take it to the extreme and even go against their doctors recommendations because they gave formed an addiction to getting plastic surgery . My uncle is a world famous plastic surgeon, but he deals with patients who have been burned or severely injured, not celebrities etc.

  249. Crystal Baran Guekjian says:

    Brilliantly written! You are an inspiration for many women! Keep up the amazing work!

  250. Karen Mai says:

    Hi Cassey! I am glad to know that you are concerned for the thousands of girls who fail to realize that many of the “ideal bodies” are nearly impossible to achieve without major sacrifices. The only fitness person I follow is you because you don’t show off your body, you promote positive body images, and you actually challenge me to do crazy things! I think in your older videos you did talk about having great abs and sexy legs and as I entered the fitness world on social media (you were the first one I followed), I became bombarded with pics of women with flat abs, huge butts, and tiny waists. Having those bodies isn’t bad like you said, but lying about how easy it is to achieve it or saying that anyone can just obtain that body is insane. I am so glad I got out of that mindset and am I only exercising to be healthy and be strong physically to carry the weights of life.

    Please keep promoting positivity and have a great weekend!

  251. Kate says:

    This is amazing Cassey! One of the bet articles I have read in a long time and You could not be more right.

    Since doing your PIIT 28 I have learned to love my body the way it is 🙂 xxx

  252. Amy Brown says:

    Cassey, you’re awesome!! I’ve been following you for several years and while I wasn’t really sure what to think at some points (say, the bikini competition stage) you have grown so much and have become such a huge inspiration to so many. Yes, some people will hate on this post and that’s okay. I have a daughter and it scares me how crazy the beauty standards are. She is only 5 but I remember it being hard when I was younger and I can’t imagine how much worse it will be for her. It’s great to have you out there as a voice of reason in the fitness industry, thank you for all that you do!!

  253. Brittany says:

    Cassey!!! Thank u so much for posting this I really needed this!! You’re a real confidence booster!! You’re so true and so down to earth I just want to be your friend!! I’ve been apart of the blogilates family for about a year and a half now and my my my how much I’ve grown I enjoy watching your videos!!! You’re so kind and everything u so is so true to u and I admire u!! It’s hard to love my body when u see all these pics in the media because it’s like you’re “expected” to look like that! I’m not the most “fit” and seeing Kylie and the kardashians is hard in the sense that they’re showing us this is what I need to look like it’s like u look at yourself in the mirror and almost wonder am I suppose to look like that? Your post just made me feel so better and you’ve taught me to love myself no matter what I look like thank u cassey!!

  254. Bosnian_girl says:

    Dear Cassey, thanks for the article. I was never into sports, fitness or workouts and I saw one of your videos 2 years ago when I wanted to bring my body into good shape for my wedding. I immidiately started all of your workouts because you seemed natural, full of positive thought and energy and even doing the same video all over again never gets boring. Now I am only following your workouts, because you look like a real, not photoshopped or ideal person, but like someone who takes care of herself in a good, healthy way. Your videos helped me realize that we are all unique and that we have to love our bodies, and I wanted to be like you, not to have body like you, but it helped me to start my workouts and get the best out of my body. I started to think about my body health. When you see someone looking “normal”, but still beautiful, with normal body proportions, real body shape, It got all easier because you see you can accomplish the same if you try hard enough. I am sad that young girls all totally into trends, body, clothes, makeup…I mean, aren’t there any other occupation in life than being a makeup artist or fashion designer. It seems that everyone who does not know what to do in their lives want to be a makeup artist, fashion designer, a model…all thanks to thousands of blogs, yt channels and fake perfect photos and lives of celebs. Not that I have something against girls that are into iit, we need to look beautiful and I am following many of those kind of channels. Sorry for the long comment, I just wanted to say that I totally agree with you, and Caseey, you are amazing person. Kissess from Bosnia and Herzegovina. ❤

  255. SarahJane says:

    This is why I love you Cassey. We’re living in a world where the perfect Instagram post and #filters are the priority. This subject really bothers me, to think that girls are so beautiful and yet they are so insecure they feel they have to look like these thin-waisted, big ass women, they cannot see the more important things. I feel sorry for the Kardashians, they will forever be under pressure to always look a certain way, always be in shape, always have that tiny waist, and for what? Followers? People’s approval? One of the main reasons I respect you so much is that you show women how to work out to become stronger, and most importantly to the best we can be, not to become something we’re not. Thank you for this blog post, you are such an inspiration to us all xx

  256. anna says:

    Cassey, I could never thank you enough for all the things you’ve been doing which happens to influence in a positive way me and everyone else. And thank you so much for this post, it made me realize a lot of things…so yeah maybe I’ve always compared myself to others but I’m sure after this I’m not gonna do it again. So inspiring x

  257. Gabriela Quezada says:

    Cassey YOU are the one who made me understand that my body is perfect just the way i was born. I’m healthy so why do I need to have big curves when I was born skinny? I saw your video of photoshoping your body just to fit in social media, It was POWERFUL! I love you Cassey keep empowering women, I’m a PopPilates instructor and I want to share the passion of loving your natural body ( nothing against plastic surgery but at least accept it that you have one or why the hiding or denying , are they shame? Or just plain liers?

  258. lisa lazaro says:

    Honestly, I don’t have an issue with people getting plastic surgery if it’s something that they are genuinely insecure about and cannot change naturally but I do have a problem when it is used as a short cut and when it becomes unnatural. Beauty trends come and go so I don’t see the point in spending thousands of dollars on changing yourself to make you happy in the short term. Right now the huge butt and tiny waist may be in but give it a year and it could be different. I won’t deny that the Kardashians are beautiful, but the huge butts, tiny waists, huge breasts, and thigh gaps all look too unrealistic to me. They’re so unattainable that I do to some extent consider it fake

  259. MissAshley says:

    Thank you for posting this! I love that you teach us all to embrace ourselves. I’ve always been curvy and felt slightly ashamed because I didn’t look like other girls. Now I kind of like it.

  260. Yufei Huang says:

    This is definitely a hard topic to start people discussing. I can see why people get offended. “Oh, you’re just saying that because you don’t have money for it,” “you’re jealous,” etc. But I think young adults really need to be reminded that these beauty standards are really just a trend that may go away in 5 years, or even faster since the world is all about faster pace.

    To be honest, I didn’t even know about the trending Jenner picture because I don’t go on social media a lot. I’m glad I found this article when I decide to go on Facebook. Cassey, you are genuine, critical and sincere, something the North American society is really lacking at the moment (my opinion, at least). Don’t be afraid to call out people’s BS on the supposedly natural beauty. I support you. Plus, you are beautiful already, both inside and outside.

  261. Lien says:

    Thank you for this post Cassey <3 They're fake, you're real.
    I'm aiming to get in shape and the first thing I thought I should really do is not drink shitty (pun intended) tea or wear a corset, but to follow your calendar. Hopefully I can one day send you a before and after picture 🙂 Please never stop doing what you do now, because you are an amazing inspiration and we need people like you to get people on the right pad and to have an alternative to these idiots.

  262. MX says:

    Hi! I just wanted to say that I love your workouts and all your blogposts also. It is relieving to know that there is someone against this whole (disgusting) culture of focusing how you and your body look like, instead of focusing on being healthy etc. It’s hard, because though I agree with the post 100%, still, when I see a post of a ‘model’ with a really good-looking body, I feel bad about myself. I know I’m in a really good shape and look pretty, but when instagram and social media in general is full of these unrealistic pictures, I start to see them as ‘normal’. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and the fact that you focus on health instead of looks. Please, don’t let the mean comments bring you down, as you know, in the end, your looks are not what matters. I planned on writing just a short message to tell you how thankful I am for you to bringing this topic up, so I just leave this here. Actually, one thing I want to add is, that I find all plastic surgeons really immoral, as they, first, do these dangerous projects on people (although they know the risks which are real) and second, don’t use their skills on doing plastic surgery for people who’d need it because of some illness etc. Thank you and keep doing the great work! xx

  263. Dusty Marie says:

    Preach it girl!
    You are the voice for all us! You reach so many women with what you do & I couldn’t be more in love with your movement!
    As a young woman recovered from an eating disorder, this scares me to imagine the path so many young girls are going to follow. All I want to do is share your words because they burn so passionately through me as well! I want to make Blogilates the new “trend” to show woman that self love requires work, time & dedication. I am only on day 8 of PIIT28 but I am starting to see the new person I am becoming & I am beyond thankful for your program.
    Thank you Cassey for everything you do!
    PLEASE keep inspiring me to inspire others to find their personal strength.

  264. Rosie. says:

    This helped me a lot. I like seeing that I’m not the only one who sees this and gets frustrated. I loved the clothing size blog you wrote a lot. A couple minutes ago I tried on 2 pairs of pants I ordered in the mail, they didn’t fit well at all. So, feeling bad about myself, I sat down and opened Instagram. Then, I saw you posted a blog on this. I read it and instantly am feeling better. Thank you for this and everything else! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  265. Viridiana says:

    Love this so much!!! Thank you for posting ?

  266. Bosnian_girl says:


  267. zeph1 says:

    Throw away social media and ignore trendblogs and you won’t see any of this. Easy as that. The reason these things are promoted is because they make money for the hosting social media site.

  268. Kimora Chanel says:

    I praise you for writing this blog! This has been building deep within me for years, and I’m so thankful that you were brave enough to just tell the TRUTH! Society needs to understand that we are all made and built different for a reason. Young women need to understand the beauty standards society has set up for us is complete bull! Our bodies are built the way they are meant ti be built, and that build is natural. If there’s something about your body you’d like, by all means change it, but do so in a safe and healthy way. I’m sick of young girls thinking they’re not beautiful enough because they’re constantly comparing themselves to women who embody a false image of what true beauty is. It’s time for a change. Young girls need to understand that their natural beauty is more beautiful than what any beauty product can do for them. And I’m not against make-up or hair extensions and whatnot, I personally just believe all these things show enhance your natural beauty, not completely alter it. Thank you for this post, it’s about time someone stands up for all the natural beauties of the world who constantly debate whether they’re good enough or not.

    1. blogilates says:

      Enhance your natural beauty, don’t alter it. Love that.

  269. Kristal Mejias says:

    Thank you Cassey for being such an inspiration! You are one of the biggest role models in my life. You have taught me to love my body just the way it is, and you’ve taught me how to have a healthy lifestyle. I ask that you never change yourself over things like these, because there are many popsters out there (myself included) that love you just the way you are. You are a beautiful, talented, bright person and you are perfect the way you are. Please keep loving your body, keep being real, and keep loving yourself. Us popsters will always be here for you always! God bless you and we love you so so so much! <3 xoxo

  270. Sarah Sonenberg says:

    Hi Cassey, thank you for the thoughtful blog post! I think that what you said about instagram promoting a very different body type than traditional magazines did is extremely true. Some women in those photos achieved there bodies naturally, while other resort to photoshop and going under the knife. I think at the end of the day women can do whatever they want to their bodies or their photos, and I think the onus is on followers and the people looking at these images to take them with a grain of salt.

    I’ve always had a big booty (even when it wasn’t popular!) and seeing women trying to maximize their gains by long hours at the gym (or by faking their pictures) has just made it easier for me to accept my own butt. It’s also made me more motivated to take what I have and make it better by working out more, doing my leg day workout, etc… Don’t get me wrong I’m not exercising JUST for a booty because there are a million other reasons to exercise…I’m just saying that knowing that making my booty bigger and perkier is considered “attractive” gets me more excited about my workouts.

    Again, thank you for always being honest in your posts. I think the followers of yours that compare you to “fitness models” have taken things a few steps too far. You are a fitness INSTRUCTOR and your job is to help other people get into the healthiest body they can get, not to just look good while giving fake advice. Keep on doing what you’re doing!

    1. blogilates says:

      Yes, embrace that booty girl!!!

  271. Colette says:

    So inspirational Cassey!!! Its nice to know that not everyone can be brainwashed:) And btw I’ll forever do your butt workouts, and never judge that you dont have the fake, altered, plastic body as the Kardashians or others.

  272. Shel says:

    I used to wonder why, no matter how heavy I lifted or how many squats and glute exercises I did, I never could achieve that “big butt” I saw on Instagram fitness accounts. It only got firmer, and maybe a tad rounder. I didn’t discover until recently that I had been essentially comparing myself to a plastic implant or surgeons scalpel for years…. Which is actually quite humorous to me now. I love me the way I am 🙂

    1. blogilates says:


  273. Veronica says:

    Hi Cassey! I’m 17 years old and I’ve been a popster for 3 years. I read every single one of your blog posts and to me, this one has been the most thought provoking. Before I found you and POP Pilates, all I could think about was losing weight and getting skinny! At 12 years old! I constantly compared myself to celebrities on the teen magazine covers I used to read, or girls on Tumblr, anywhere else I found “thinspiration”. If instagram was the same when I was a young girl as it is now ( dominated by Instagram “celebrities” that are constantly flaunting their “perfect” bodies), I would have definitely purchased all of the fit teas, waist trainers, and other bullshit they promote! Looking back at the beginning of my eating disordered past, seeing pictures of these girls would have made me become more depressed, wanting to starve and over exercise to look like them. Cassey, I am honestly so happy that I found you. This is the exact reason that you are my absolute favourite fitness inspiration and role model- you promote healthy eating and exercise to feel good about your body! It’s not always about looking good 🙂 Thank you for always keeping it real. I could only dream of meeting you one day!

    1. blogilates says:

      I hope we meet one day too.

  274. Lisa Grant says:

    THANK YOU Cassey! This is so relevant!! I can’t get over how rude people are, saying that you can’t teach fitness because you dont have an ‘instagram booty’!?!? That’s rediculous.

    P.S I’m so glad i discovered your videos, it’s honestly made such a huge change to my life and has brought me so much happiness. You have taken a girl who ate bad foods on a daily basis, rarely a piece of fruit and refused to do any exercise and turned me into a fitness lover who’s about to spend her Saturday mornig at a gym and is happy about it!

    Keep being you Cassey because i am 1000% sure there are many more girls like me who think you’re absolutely amazing at what you do!!

  275. Katie says:

    Cassey, you are brave woman with beautiful mind and body. You’re true inspiration beacuse you’re true and kind xoxo

  276. Alina says:

    I’m so happy you made this post! I used to compare myself for the longest time, and I still struggle with openly loving my body – something I work on with your workouts! Seeing such unrealistic and unhealthily achieved bodies being promoted as a beauty standard makes me so sad. It’s important that people like you stand up for it and discuss it. We should all strive to become the best version of ourselves. So thank you <3

  277. Tnm says:

    I am very sad that this post didn’t come before. A teen niece of mine was perfect beauty. But she decided to do her nose, chin, boobs, waist, and butt all at the same time cheaper in Colombia. She worked hard to pay herself for all of that. She came back broke but alive. I feel in her an emptiness that is shocking. It didn’t bring her happiness whatsoever. I saw in her instagram that she follows all these girls. it’s horrible.

    1. blogilates says:

      Oh no 🙁 I hope she finds her confidence elsewhere one day.

  278. Natalie says:

    Hey this is amazing I really enjoy your post!! I came here to see if you could do one about confidence. I’m struggling with it and I feel as if people are take advantage of it. I hate being taking advantage of and I have been breaking down for a while. At school and home!!! Please can you make one about it?

  279. Anne says:

    As someome who has been naturally skinny her whole life , I cannot thank you enough for this post. I do your workouts regularly and have been for roughly 2 years . Since then, I’ve become so much more toned and have put on a bit of muscle !! I have boobs and I have a butt . They’re proportional to my body and they compliment my small hourglass figure . I’m happy with that . I’m happy being healthy, active and knowing I don’t need a knife in my body to make my boyfriend happy or to fulfill the beauty standards of today which quite frankly, is garbage.

  280. Abbey says:

    Thank you for having the courage to address this!

  281. Kwissy says:

    very well said, casey. thank you for this post and this message. you are not the only one who’s annoyed with them.

    your message is on point and with all honesty.

    keep it up, love! ?

  282. Selin says:

    You are so right. That’s the truth , but nobody sees it. I’m a girl with naturally curves and I can’t have a tiny wrist . It doesn’t work together. Sometimes I hear some people talking : Her booty can be bigger ! ???? I don’t know anymore what to say about this. They all expect perfect girls , but we aren’t perfect.

  283. Thank you Cassey! I completely agree! I always wonder how they have such a skinny waist! It doesn’t seem real to me, mainly because I have a large butt, and I have a heck of a time having a flat skinny waist. I will say my stomach roll looks more natural than their perfectly flat stomach. I hate scrolling through instagram because it is all over the place. Snap Chat is the same, with all the featured posts! So annoying!

    1. blogilates says:

      I KNOW!!!! The Kardashians are ALWAYS on snapchat featured stories!

  284. Teresa says:

    I totally agree with this!!!!!!

  285. Building my strength says:

    Preach it girl!
    You are the voice for all us! You reach so many women with what you do & I couldn’t be more in love with your movement!
    As a young woman recovered from an eating disorder, this scares me to imagine the path so many young girls are going to follow. All I want to do is share your words because they burn so passionately through me as well! I want to make Blogilates the new “trend” to show woman that self love requires work, time & dedication. I am only on day 8 of PIIT28 but I am starting to see the new person I am becoming & I am beyond thankful for your program.
    Thank you Cassey for everything you do!
    PLEASE keep inspiring me to inspire others to find their personal strength.

    1. blogilates says:

      Congrats on being on day 8 of PIIT28! It’s not easy!!!

  286. Rachel says:

    This is exactly the kind of message that people need to be hearing. It’s hard for me to separate what’s real from what’s fake and I’m 22. I can’t imagine how hard it is for a young teenage girl to do the same! THIS is why I follow Blogilates, because posts like this are so important, inspirational, and not to mention necessary today. Thank you so much Cassey 🙂

  287. Dee says:

    Love this post! It’s so honestly raw and eye opening. LOVE! Thanks Cassey

  288. Hannah Ewert says:

    Hey Cassey! I loved the take you put on this. I personally am a fitness trainer and have been seeing these standards changing on IG. It seems that lately not having a “huge butt” ruins the credibility of my workouts. I’ve worked hard on building a strong healthy body and it’s sad that celebs and plastic surgery can skew all this hard work. I’m equally frustrated as well so I’m glad you shared this post!

    1. blogilates says:

      RIGHT!!!!!!! IT’S CRAZY!!!!!!

  289. Elisa Rougier says:

    Great post! Everything you say is true, I’ve been thinking about exactly this. It’s sad how the world is going in that direction? And btw, your butt looks great?

  290. Corina Hill says:

    Thank you u for posting this! It aggravates me when I see these pictures and ads, bc I know they aren’t real. It angers me when they say they don;t have plastic surgery, but yet they promote their plastic surgeon! When you can go to the pictures before they were a huge household name, they looked like regular normal girls.. Kim wasn’t even all that to begin with! ,I love the fact that you have a real body, and thats what drew me to you when I first found your videos many years ago, besides your bubbly personality! The fact that people call you out for not having a big butt is lame, your workouts are so intense and you do them without running out of breath, and even without sweating.. that shows me how strong you are! -Regardless of the size of your butt,.. I strive to be as good as you when I work out.. not so out of breath, holding them legs up longer during leg circles, jumping lunges, etc.. but I don’t strive to look like anyone more.. I strive to be the best version of myself and my body will give me the results it can =) Nothing but love for you Cassey! xoxo

    1. blogilates says:

      Thanks Corina! You are enlightened. You get it. A lot of people don’t.

  291. SS says:

    Cassey, THANK YOU for this post and this message. I left Facebook because I wanted to stop the incessant comparison of myself to others but now Instagram is exactly the same, if not WORSE. My heart hurts for our younger generations who are over exposed to the Kardashians and the disjointed version of reality and “beauty” they broadcast everywhere. Not everyone is born with a tiny waist, huge butt, huge boobs, white teeth, pouty lips, wrinkle-free face AND THATS OK! The smarter, healthier, more genuine girls of this world must separate from this sick pack of “beauty queens” and take a stand. We all know better, so why are we still perpetuating the Kardashian movement. Keep up the good work. You are a true role model!!

    1. blogilates says:

      You said it!

      1. RJ Cash says:

        These annoy me so much! Good grief your body is beautiful the way it is!

    2. Corinne Kevorkian says:

      So much better said than mine, right on

  292. Anjolie says:

    I seriously laugh at people who think they can get a bigger butt by following a certain fitness routine. No, it’s making what you already have, what you were born with look better and give it a firmer, lifted look. But these girls think they can squat their way to a Kardashian booty. Just silly

  293. Elise says:

    Hi Cassey! Great post. I hear you loud and clear. I’m the mother of a 7 year old. To my knowledge, my daughter isn’t experiencing any body-shaming. (She has a bit of a belly, but her arms and leg muscles are STRONG). Anyway, it’s a fine line and definitely concerning. I remember when people blamed Barbie for how girls wanted to look. I played with Barbie, and never once did I think I had to look like her. She’s a doll, and therefore not real. Why would I strive to look like something that isn’t real? Perhaps I was lucky. Perhaps I had better things to do. I tell her that she is strong every day and she even does some Blogilates videos with me. (Sometimes, she is 7 after all). Anyway, great post, keep being you and inspiring others to be the best versions of themselves 🙂

    1. blogilates says:

      I am so glad she’s not experiencing any body shaming. I also played with Barbies growing up. No effect on me. I knew she was a doll. But it’s these celebs who you ARE real humans blur the lines. And that’s scary.

      1. Elise says:

        Agreed! My Grandma has said hurtful comments about body image and I don’t know if it’s a generation thing or if it’s just being mean. For example, Nana had commented that “if her belly gets any bigger she’ll need to sign up for weight watchers.” Thankfully, my daughter was busy dancing and parading around like a hooligan and didn’t hear her, but still. Really, Nana? She also told my mom when they went to England several years ago, my mom was 20, that they would need to take 2 planes because my mom will bring down the first one. (She was 135 pounds). So celebrities and family……it is indeed scary 🙂

        1. Emma Jennet says:

          My Grandma always said cruel things about me. Not just the way I looked, but my thoughts too! Which is rich coming from a woman who thought that I was related to my brothers father (we have different fathers)

    2. Suzanne Johannes says:

      Keep in mind, though that Barbie always WAS somebody: a doctor or a astronaut or a chef. When I played Barbie, it was about the story not the doll.

      1. Elise says:

        Exactly!!! She watches Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse and loves the fashion. When I ask her about looks she just doesn’t get it (yet). I’m always telling her non-body related positive affirmations like “You are smart, you are kind, you are important” (Thank you “The Help”) and she knows that being kind is more important that looking a certain way.

    3. Alzbeta Strosova says:

      My step daughter is 10 years old and with 149 cm, she has 54 kg (4,8 ft/ 119 lbs). She is chubby, if I put it gently (by BMI for little girls, she is already obese), in her belly area, which is very dangerous. She spends only two days out of two weeks with us so it is very difficult for me to be her role model and show her different life style than she has with her mother. She watches a lot of videos on Youtube and I bet that she would listen to anybody speaking Czech about heatlhy life style, but there is nobody really interesting like Cassey in here. I am trying to translate some posts in Czech for her, but she believes she has no problem and she does not need any healthy life style advice. It is very difficult to make her aware of the fact that her obesity is severe problem and she should move more and restrict sugar in her diet without causing permanent “damage” to her self esteem and her body love. She just resists my attemps to inspire her to be the best version of herself..

      1. Elise says:

        Thanks 🙂 According to the doctor, my daughter is border line obese. She eats great, lots of meat and veggies (what kid asks for edamame and broccoli?) and is CONSTANTLY MOVING!!!! I’m not worried, but a little worried. Right now, my daughter isn’t comparing herself to her peers or celebrities. At least that I know of.

        1. Alzbeta Strosova says:

          And what did the doctor suggested you change when you already feed her well and she moves a lot? I really do not know how to help her :o( Looks like your daughter is much better brought up :o)

          1. Elise says:

            Thanks 🙂 The doctor suggested I cut her dairy from full fat to 2%….except my daughter is mildly lactose intolerant and doesn’t drink milk. Her doctor recommended a program called “We Can” about healthy living, eating, and lifestyle choices. It was…..okay. They have a nutritionist that the child talks to every week and the nutritionist even said “Wow, you make good choices”. So….keep plugging those fruits and veggies and watching the dessert. (We BOTH love the dessert portion of any meal).

  294. Carmen says:

    Cassey, thank you (again!!) for your courage to SPEAK OUT!
    In my oppinion you approached this the right way: With honesty. To you and all the readers out there.
    Keep it up!

  295. Sam says:

    Thanks for writing this article, Cassey!