Instagram Beauty Contests + The Judgement We Face

Instagram Beauty Contests + The Judgement We Face

Hey POPsters!

Hope you enjoyed the Gentleman routine! Wasn’t it fun?

Anyway, I wanted to speak on something that is probably lurking on all of your minds. After reading the loads of comments left on my weight loss challenge post, I realized that I may have left some of you confused and others motivated – depending on what your perspective was.

I think it is important that I address why I am doing the June Dietbet. From first glance, it seems as if it is simply a “Biggest Loser” style game where losers are winners – all based on the number you see on the scale. From what you’ve read from me in the past, you know I do not relate one’s weight to their character, integrity, or success as a human being. Weight has NADA to do with that! Yes, I would love it if we could base the game off of body fat percentage lost, but like I said in my previous post, not everyone has calipers or a body fat percentage machine at home, so it’s hard to do that. This is simply a fun (and different) way to motivate POPsters who want to lose weight. For those of you who don’t need the extra push, great! Keep doing what you’re doing because it’s working 🙂

The scale has gotten a bad rap in the fitness community as it dictates a lot of girls’ self esteem. In a world where your physical beauty can so easily be judged, a lot of women feel the NEED to look a certain way. ME INCLUDED. No lie. I face this pressure everyday. Probably more so than some of you because of my career. As a fitness instructor, I am “supposed to” be really lean, muscles popping, with six pack abs, and a major box gap according to the fitspo posts I see on Instagram and Tumblr.

The truth is…my body is not made to be naturally lean like that. I can get there if I want to (we all can, some more easily than others) but for me and my body type, it takes work. I know what you’re thinking. “Then Cassey!!! Don’t succumb! Be proud of your body and love it because it gives you strength to teach!” Oh yes, I am confident that I have the strength and stamina to go BEAST at the gym. So proud of it too! Yup and when you feel proud inside, you start feeling proud outside too. I was feeling extra fine the other day before filming the Gentleman Challenge, got some new clothes and took this pic before I got all sweaty.

Was feeling all good…until this happened:


Hmm, well thank you person for pointing out every single one of my “flaws” and telling everyone how insecure I am! You must know me so well! -_-

Comments like this are posted everyday on all sorts of social media. It pushes your self confidence into a hole and makes you never wanna get out. It brought back memories of this little girl who called me fat when I was 10. I remember being a happy kid who loved drawing and studying…then all of a sudden, I had this body to worry about. It was bad. I cried. A lot. And my confidence was shattered. Luckily, with puberty, I grew taller and it naturally leaned me out. I’ve gotten used to the judgement over the past few years in the public eye – you just have to learn how to hold your breath, swallow, and just move on. This comment though…it just irks me to the core.

It’s not just a problem I’ve faced…nowadays with social media cyber bullying happens all day long. Have you heard of Instagram Beauty Contests? It’s one of the saddest things I’ve heard of lately in regards to body image. Well if you haven’t, lemme tell you. Basically girls are making collages of other girls at their school, and having people comment and vote on who the prettiest one is. Winners get an ego boost and losers get a red X on their face.

OMG. I mean. Whoa. Kids as young as 10 are doing this. I mean…how would you feel if you were told that you were ugly? Would you even wanna go to school the next day? As a girl who is just growing up and learning what division is and why plants use sun as food, why does she need to be told that she’s undesirable? I’m no human behavior psychologist or anything, but I can tell you that this damages a person’s self esteem immensely and it will take a lot of healing to learn to love yourself again. This whole Instagram pageant thing is just outrageous.

This ABC article quotes one of the girls after she found her photo on the beauty grid, “I was upset because I know I am beautiful and I don’t like how people are saying I am ugly,” Samantha said. That’s right Samantha, you are beautiful. You didn’t need anyone to tell you otherwise.

So…as you can see, us females are judged every single day no matter who we are. Mean girls have no place in the Blogilates Community. I am always so impressed by your genuine support for one another. When I get to meet POPsters in real life, you shower me with the most vibrant kindness I have ever experienced from strangers! So thank you…don’t change. Embrace one another and work to lift each and everyone one of our spirits higher. I always believe that if you share your light, it will make the path brighter for all of us. (Think candles!)

Ok back to the Dietbet. You wanna know why I am doing it with you? #1. I want to share the journey with you. #2. I want to lean down as well.

This is truth.

No, I am not forcing myself to “look skinny” to fit other people’s ideals of what I should look like. Nope never. I am doing it for me. I know (and you know too from reading my posts) that I’ve gained weight since moving and the simple truth is that I wanna lose it! I have an extra layer of fat on me that I know can be exterminated with harder workouts and more focused eating. I also want to look and feel my best for my next DVD and I know that with special projects come special plans to lean down. June is my time to get back on track and that is that. So I am inviting you to join me if you have a weight loss/fat loss goal. I invite you to BEAST IT with me in June!

I hope you have a better understanding of where I am coming from. The Dietbet is to motivate you. But if you don’t need it, you don’t have to do it! I’m just putting it out there that fitness instructors, bikini models, trainers, your fave celebrities, and YOU have seasons where your weight fluctuates. So please don’t judge someone who doesn’t look how you wanna look, but also don’t judge someone who wants to transform their body.

Love yourself and follow your dreams because if you want it bad enough…it will happen.

<3 Cassey

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  1. Maggie B. says:

    When I am looking at you Cassey,
    I see an incredible person, wanting to help people and loving life!
    You’re the happiest person I know.
    Seeing people comenting on your body like that makes me really sad.
    You inspire me to love myself and not let others judge me!
    Blogilates is made for people who want to be better for themselves..
    Thank you or being here ;3

  2. Prepare the hair for regrowth by rubbing olive oil inside the hair just before you sleep.
    This challenge is especially physically and mentally upsetting for women who want to maintain a beautiful youthful appearance.
    It is important to note that my thyroid levels all tested normal.

  3. always i used to read smaller posts which also clear their motive, and that is
    also happening with this piece of writing which I am reading at this place.

  4. Sarika says:

    the last comment you (Cassey) made about celebrities’ weights fluctuating reminded me of when Cheryl Cole and Ashley Cole divorced a couple of years ago and Cheryl went from being a UK size 6 (i think that’s a US 2), her natural size, to a size 8. it’s understandable, given that it was probably a very stressful and emotional time in her life AND she was being watched by the media. but when she went up a size, the media went crazy and called her “fat”! it was crazy! it’s like the media forgets that celebrities are people too: they get spots, they use the toilet, their weight changes!

  5. Angelica says:

    Hi Cassey,
    Thank you so much for writing a reminder not to judge others (or ourselves) for weight/appearance/desire to lose fat, etc. It’s an important and ongoing topic of discussion.
    I find it relevant and uplifting to me.


  6. MacKenzie says:


    About 3 years ago I was Miss DC USA. It was my first time competing in a pageant, and my first time really being girly after being such a tomboy. Prior to competing I was 40 lbs heavier and significantly unhealthy with tons of health issues, including insulin resistance.

    I got myself in to the best shape I had ever been in to compete in my state pageant. I felt great and I thought I looked great too. When I won I instantly got hit with websites calling me the ugliest and fattest contestant that had ever competed. Even when I got to Miss USA I had to deal with hearing constantly how I was considered curvy and plus-sized as a size 6 contestant. I knew I wasn’t fat, but hearing it so much really damaged my confidence. Thankfully I had a strong family that boosted my spirit and helped me feel confident to take the stage in my bikini.

    I thought the worse was over. But it isn’t. I still can’t go on the YouTube page with the video of my preliminary competition because all of the comments seem to be about how ugly and horrible I am. Above everything though, it used to hurt my heart to see my mom crying when she would see the awful things that were written.

    Now I’m older and wiser, and I know that those people don’t know me. I know who I am, and whose I am. I’m proud of the person I am, no matter what some person says hiding behind a computer screen. Daily I remind myself to find my value outside of a scale. I’m thankful every day that I’m conquering my disordered eating, and learning to love my body if it’s more voluptuous than usual, or carrying a little less.

    Even if you never read this, or this comment gets lost in cyber space…I want to thank you for being such a positive voice among all the horrible noise that women deal with on a daily basis. You’re tackling difficult issues, and helping people see the beauty in themselves, all by just being who you are. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for inspiring me and everyone else who is lucky enough to be in this wonderful community.

  7. Callie says:

    My current weight is 150 pounds, which until recently was 155, so thanks for helping me lose those 5 lbs over the course of your April and May Calendars. According to my doctor my weight is considered healthy for a woman my height (5’9″). When talking to him about you and my goal he told me to keep doing what I am doing because it is obviously working. YAY! He also said to keep in mind that a healthy weight for a woman of my height is anywhere between 129 and 159 lbs. I told him my weight goal is 135-140 and that my goal is not to be as skinny as possible. But I do not feel satisfied with my body, I know it can look better and I want to feel better about my body. Until I came across your vids I used to hate exercising I found it so hard to do even 10 minutes, It didn’t help that I had absolutely no idea what I was doing or what I should do, but somehow with the help of my trusty bike and the zombie run app, I managed 45mins to an hour 5 sometimes 6 days a week.
    Now, I find that I finish my hour with you and I’m like Wow and hour already?? I could totally keep going.

    Now on to the dietbet Challenge. I think it is a great and motivating idea. Unfortunately I can’t participate this time… Mostly because I just can’t afford to spare the $25 at the moment, but also as i stated above it took two months to lose 5Ibs even though I was doing your Calendars and eating right. I have been losing inches around my body so It is clear that you are doing great things for me but unfortunately the scale just cant differentiate between my fat loss and my muscle gain… but wouldn’t that be awesome of it could? I’m just so afraid I wouldn’t be able to lose 6 Ibs in a month, and not to sound like I don’t believe in myself but I really can’t afford to be down $25 at the moment if my scale betrays me. I will however be there in spirit. My goal this month is to lose that 4% (6 pounds) playing along side you all. So here’s to hoping my scale decides to be kind, and if not, oh well.. I know I tried my hardest.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    I feel like what you just wrote is my life write now, you are an inspirations whatever any one says people need to remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder! you are beautiful!!

  9. Haley says:

    Cassey, you are beautiful. You’ve been inspiring me for almost 2 years now and you’ve helped me to be so much stronger than I ever was and do things that I never thought I could. You helped me change my life. I totally understand how you feel. There’s nothing at all wrong with wanting to look the absolute best and feel the absolute best that you can. It’s different for every individual person. Everyone tells me I’m skinny already but I know my body and I know I could feel better and look even better and stronger than I already do. Forget that dumb person and everyone else who tries to bring you down. You are truly beautiful inside and out and you are a huge inspiration to me and a million other girls in the world. Thank you. <3

  10. Katie says:

    Hey Cassey,

    I just wanted to clarify, can we still do our first weigh in June 3rd?! I am away for a wedding this weekend and don’t have my scale obviously haha


  11. Hailey says:

    You know, being a 13 year old these days isn’t easy. We have to deal with all this social media crap and tittles. People want to be ‘Tumblr Worthy’ and be stick thin with long legs and blue eyes. Its not possible and it crushes your spirit to look in a magazine and see these crazy women. They are not good role models. But Casey, I think its fair to say, you are a fantastic role model and are such a good woman to look up to. You promote a healthy lifestyle- which does not mean only eat carrot sticks and starve yourself- and show us how to take care of our selves. Thank you, Casey, for helping me recover from an eating disorder and learn how to be healthy.

  12. Lena says:

    Unfortunately, I’ve been slacking horribly in eating healthy and have started to feel weighed down physically and mentally -_- so I hope to join everyone in kicking it into high gear during June! I’m 25 too, and have also noticed that kids lately (like my 16-yr old cousin) seem to be more obsessed with their peers’ looks. Maybe it’s the fact that they have access to so many pictures and it’s easier to see who people think is “beautiful” (via likes and comments). But, she spent an hour showing me all these “gorgeous” “pretty” girls on Instagram and how she wishes she looked like them, had their hair, had their body, their face and it made me a little sad that she didn’t see her own beauty.

  13. Sandy says:

    All that online bullying and trolling is scary…It unveils the worst sides of humanity! I admire your courage and capacity to ignore those terrible comments Cassey. It requires a strong mindset and honestly I am not strong enough emotionally to deal with comments of thi type so thumbs up Cassey =)

    I love your body whether super skinny or slim as your are these days because it looks natural no matter what and proves us how it is possible to achieve one’s goal!
    I completely understand how you want lose weight even if people tell you you don’t need to, it’s a personal intimate thing, and if it makes you feel great, go for it! We trust you to always be healthy anyway!!

  14. Tiffany says:

    Hey Cassey, I’m sure that the negative comments would be so intolerable if there weren’t like 50 positive comments to combat them. I really don’t understand why people act like that online…I mean even if you are anonymous, don’t you feel just a LITTLE douchey for saying such things about someone you don’t even know? I understand that people have their insecurities but it’s just so disrespectful to project them onto other people like that…maybe the prob is that some people just never learned to communicate in a healthy way. I dunno. 🙁 As always, thanks for maintaining your positive light. The dietbet sounds like it will be fun. 😀

  15. Natasha says:

    there is an unquestionable light about you that is so big and infectious. I believe that some people are on this planet to encourage other people find their heart and to be a better person. I am convinced you are one of them, just from watching your videos. You truly are a hugely inspiring woman. I only came here to work out but have found myself smiling so much with it. 😀

  16. Michaela says:

    this girl who posted that comment obviously has never done a workout of Cassey. I have had such horrible self esteem issues ever since i was in middle school and now after just a month of doing your workout calender i feel better about myself then i ever did, i feel healthy. You have inspired me to be healthy and fit and i plan to continue to follow your workouts and healthy eats videos for a long time

  17. Cristina says:

    FIRST: whoever wrote that clearly is the one with the HUGE self esteem issues, if she has to step on other people to get her self love back.

    I don’t even get her point. WHY on earth would she write that? Seriously… Why is she messing with someone else’s life and the way they work to make the best out of it? No one has the right to step on the boundaries like that!

    SECOND: If she REAAALLY is one of us working hard to get fit (or skinny… whatever her choice is) and therefore feel her best… what’s the point of diminishing those on the same road she’s been on? Is it jealousy cause you look good and maybe she doesn’t? Or cause you can work your butt of and get badass results and she can’t? Cause she’s jealous you’re the inspiration of thousands or millions and she’s not?

    I have no idea, but there’s more to it than just pointing out flaws. There are some DEEP issues there. The main reason why the Blogilates community is so strong and supportive within all it’s members, is cause we’re all on the same path and respect the time, dedication and commitment it requires each and every one of us in their own way, to get the results we, each, personally want.

    THIRD: You’re fantastic Cassey! Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Besides, you DO have a gorgeous body! Fit, healthy, curvy (i WISH i had those hips! I’m latina and believe me, I don’t have them!).

    So you just work like you always do, enjoy like you always have and remain as you are! For you are one amazing role model to all of us (and I don’t just mean it for the getting fit part. You’re full energy and grace and look how far your pilates comunity has gone! that requires some serious magic to get so many people online (never an easy crowd) to support you like that! not everyone can do it!!).

    Too many love you and admire you. Don’t let one ignorant, troubled human being tell you you’re less than what you and we all know you are.

    Hugs from Colombia ♥

  18. Valentina says:

    You’re beautiful and so full of life. I love how you encourage women to not only rely on their bodies for acceptance from society. Women are so much more than a toned body and a pretty face. We have to start acting like it and sticking together to beat this reputation instead of trying to year one another down. Keep your head up cassey. And keep speaking your mind.

  19. Aislinn says:

    Cassey, you’re so real and relatable and that’s what makes you such a motivational role model for girls (and guys!). I think it’s hard for some haters out there to realize that people are all beautiful in different ways and your videos and blogs help to shine a light on these issues. I will always be a POPster and support you in all of your endeavors. I hope you always stay as inspirational as you are today!

  20. Lydia says:

    Hi Cassey – I totally agree with you!

    My country, Singapore, right now is having a Miss Universe Singapore contest to choose someone to represent the country in the international competition. The unveiling was covered in the news and on the online article, I came across many disgusting comments on the girls. What rankled most was that one of them is my friend and someone commented that she definitely goes only for westerners – and she has a chinese, local boyfriend. -_-

    I wish those people could see this entry of yours! <3

  21. Bella says:

    Hey, I want to know if the weight loss challenge is international. I’m Argentinian 🙂

  22. Carmen says:

    Dear Cassey,
    I love how real you are. You’re not all business, and that’s what makes you a great fitness instructor. Thanks to posts like these you seem more like a friend to me, and probably to other popsters as well. People pointing out your flaws just have their own insecurities and are trying to make themselves feel better.
    You have an amazing body and no one in their right mind would ever say the opposite. I understand the pressure that you feel, because yes, us girls all feel this way sometimes. But Cassey, if you ask me, all this makes you a better, more relatable fitness instructor, and I love that about you.
    Hope to meet you someday, sending all my love! xx

  23. Rachel says:

    Thanks for doing a follow-up post to your diet challenge. You addressed my concerns. As much as we would love to pretend physical attributes aren’t important, they are! We all feel the pressure from ourselves and from society.

    That reader comment was horrible (and really stupid!). Who doesn’t want to pose to look their best? Of course you’re going to present yourself in the best light rather than sticking out your stomach, using a bad angle, etc. The reader’s comments really tell more about her attitude/feelings about herself than about you. Most readers would look at the picture and say “Wow! She looks amazing! I want to look like her, so I’ll do the video” but clearly that reader has insecurities that she tried to impose on you. I thought you looked beautiful in the picture!

  24. Pippa says:

    Well, I looked at the picture, and all I can say is that the person in question must have been determined to tear you down, because all I see is green, as I go green with envy-I would kill for a smokin’ body like yours! Just ignore them gorgeous!

  25. Jaime Jones says:

    Hey Cassey!
    All I have to say is wow!! I can’t believe someone would write you such a negative comment like this! I love your figure! It’s so cute! You look so sporty and healthy! Not to mention….not sure of your age, but I saw your vid from the 80’s…..and um you currently look 20!!!! Love it! 🙂
    I would also like to mention, I am kinda new with Blogilates, but I have noticed the hard work you put forth into so many other people! I can tell you truly care about others (which so many others can’t say) such a rareity!!!! You are a light! A beautiful beam of sunshine to so many people! Never loose hope because you are unique! Oh and also, it takes so much strength to do your videos which you do with ease! I am so sorry that others have to be so jealous that they feel the need to put you down! Oh well, you are loved by thousands! Keep shining! 😀

    1. Jaime Jones says:

      Oh and another thing! Before I found Blogilates, I lost a lot of weight, but had no definition! You have given me my motivation and a way to enjoy working out enough to gain tone! I am finally starting to see muscles on my abs! First time in my life! So thank you and thank you for all that you do!!!
      Jaime 🙂

  26. Conny says:

    Dear Cassey,

    to be honest, until I read about it in your blog, I didn’t even realize, that you gained some weight. I started boxing a few month ago and I do your workouts every week, not in order to lose weight, but in order to gain stamina and muscle stability, which is really essential for boxing. Maybe this is the reason why I did not notice this at all, because I do not put my focus on that. But to get to the point: When I read, that you gained some weight, I somehow calmed down. I started to realise, that you (and every other fitness trainer/gym-beast/boxer/human being) has his/hers ups and downs. For me it is really hard to do my 5-10 trainings every week. And you are not a superwoman as well, who can do a*kicking training every single day like it would be nothing. You are like every one else, like we are. To realize that is really therapeutic ;-). It is NORMAL, that your weight fluctuates. It is NORMAL, that you have other things to deal with in your life, except for training and nutrition. It is NORMAL.
    I stopped dealing with thoughts, that come to your mind, when someone else judges you. How high can be the worth of a judgment of a complete stranger?

    1. Alexis says:


  27. Elena says:

    The person who said that about you is deeply disturbed. And don’t worry, for every 1 hater out there, you have thousands who support you.

    I can’t afford to do the bet but I’m still gonna challenge myself for June! Thanks Cassey 🙂

  28. maria carolina says:

    Dear, Cassey. I think it’s amazing that you had this June Bet idea! I won’t be able to bet any money, but I sure am going to follow your workouts and eat clean. I do have a question, will you share any kind of meal plam, or something like it?

    And about this mean comment, I think it was a very unfortunate one.
    You are so beautiful and secure. You inspire us to be so too! You definitely SHINE!!!

    We love you Cassey!

  29. Ellie says:

    Well whoever made that comment must have some issues, because why else would they feel like they had to attack you?! It’s very sad actually, and its a shame people can’t keep there negativity to themselves. We all think you are bootiful Cassey, and so inspirational 🙂 !!!
    On the subject on the dietbet, I won’t be joining it as I don’t want to lose weight- I’m actually going the other way, I’ve just finished gaining weight( to a healthy goal).
    The reason why I’m saying this is because I think it’s important for those who don’t need to lose weight, or like me, have recovered/are recovering from an eating disorder, to not feel they should get swept along with the diet bet. You don’t have to lose weight to be fit, just carry on doing Cassey’s workout calendar, and you will still be so strong and ultra fit (and if it matters, probs have a rockin body too!)
    However I will be supporting all of you who do decide to do the challenge and I wish you the best of luck for your journey.
    Go Popsters go!!!
    Lots of love and luck 🙂 xxx

  30. rachel says:

    I can’t believe anyone would be so spiteful as to make such comments on that photo. That person is either really jealous (otherwise why would they bother?) or is possibly struggling mentally with body image. I don’t want to assume they have an eating disorder but I remember reading that infamous article (can’t remember the website) about how Kate Upton is ‘obese’ and a ‘cow’ or whatever…that person also had articles about doing a baby food diet and advice on how to starve yourself. I went through a phase of being a little obsessed with body image and weight (luckily it was short-lived) and all you can see in yourself (and unfortunately, others) is FLAWS, even when they don’t exist. Thankfully I knew I was being obsessive and deluded and that attitude is a thing of the past 🙂

  31. Galina says:

    Hi, Cassey 🙂 I wonder when is your second bikini contest? You haven’t written about it for a while 🙂

  32. Dawn says:

    Melanie, consider weight training to build your muscles, if you can afford it get a fitness instructor, if not find some good ideas on line and don’t forget your post workout recovery meal…4-1 carbs vs protein(don’t need it for light workouts) ratio or something similar and healthy for you! Muscle will not bulk up on most women unless they really focus on doing so, and on your recovery days keep doing your cardio..pretty soon you will be strong enough to make it through a long cardio session beautifully:)God Bless D

  33. Dawn says:

    Hi! I saw you had a dietbet going and as i had just won my first one losing a nice11.6 lbs, I was looking for one more to spend my winnings on and also motivate to lose weight and get healthy:) so here I am! I watched some of your stuff and read your page and found that you so full of sunshine that I wanted to say you are beautiful, clearly it goes more than skin deep and I see a very confident young woman:) I don’t know if i can come close to keeping up with your psy video let alone do the moves since i am 39 and obese still, but I think I will have fun trying! Thank You for being you and sharing your journey! you have a new fan from Washington State! God Bless D

  34. Lydia says:

    i would so do this bet but, i have no cash to do this thing with so i will just be doing this without the bet

  35. Meghan says:

    Cassey Ho! You are so incredibly inspiring, beautiful, and spunky. I look forward to doing your workouts everyday because their not only fun, but brighten up my whole day. The fact that you are even effected by some fool on the internet (who is probably downing a box of cookies right now) puts me down because I feel like your strength (inside and out) would not let someone bother you the way that it has. You look better than a majority of women; you are probably at a normal weight (if not underweight), and you are healthy and strong. So many of us popsters struggle with our body image, weight, and metabolic disorders that make the it hard for us to lose. With that being said, its discouraging to see you (who looks healthy and fit) be so hard on yourself because I think it makes overweight people who have 100 pounds to lose feel like their goal to be thin is nearly impossible. I understand you are doing it for yourself, but don’t ever let negativity shine through because now it does seem like your insecure. Us popsters are here for you, and we need you too! That person behind the computer screen, criticizing your weight is either overweight themselves or taking your classes. So Let the haters be your motivators.

  36. Parisa says:

    This is not just US women problem, it is global!
    in Iran a girl mostly is judged by her beauty including her face, body &… you know in Iran nose is not just a organ to breath, it has an important role in the future of a girl! most Iranian girls have done plastic surgery on their nose…
    Cassey, i really admire you to what you are doing :-*

  37. Parisa says:

    This is not just US women problem, this is a global!

  38. heidi says:

    I love the dietbet! I wish you did this several months ago because I lost 5-6 pounds since I started blogilates this year with you and am happy where I am. Is it possible to invite friends and go for the MVP award even if I’m not participating??

  39. CoffeeBNZ says:

    @blogilates (continued) Oh well.. I will continue to follow you on YouTube and I do enjoy your videos, I can’t wait to make that pizza. I know you probably hate me, and I don’t blame you. God bless!

    ( I had to post here since I’m blocked on Instagram )

  40. CoffeeBNZ says:

    @blogilates I apologize 🙂 You have a wonderful support team that has your back 100%. To answer your question if I’d say what I said to you in person, the answer is yes. I’ve said to other before and some like honest opinions and some would rather be in denial. When I first watched a video of yours, I though WOW this girl has an amazing body. And then started noticing how you weren’t looking the same in ur newer videos. Sometimes, even though honesty can hurt, it can also make a person stronger and take the next step to prove that person wrong. Yes, you’re beautiful inside and out.. but when I see someone losing track I can’t help but say something. And because you’re used to positive comments, my one negative comment turned to what it did. Maybe that one negative comment has encouraged you to work harder and go back to looking how you looked in ur older videos. I may not know you personally but because I watch your videos and follow you, I feel like I kinda know you and I felt like were friends (weird

    1. Lisa says:

      Perhaps you should reserve your ‘honest opinions’ to family members and friends who know you and might understand a little better where the opinion is coming from. Perhaps the worldwide web is not the best place to post your ‘honest opinions’. In my ‘honest opinion’, you are cyber bullying and you should probably work on keeping those ‘honest opinions’ of yours to yourself next time. I would kill to have Cassey’s body; not to mention her generosity, kindness and true commitment to helping people get on track with their health. Cassey does the videos for FREE. She provides FREE work out calendars, diet plans, and low budget recipe ideas. I can understand people out there who don’t follow Cassey and don’t know what she’s about posting something ignorant like that, but to admit that you follow her, love her videos, and feel you know her and she is your friend, and yet still post that comment?? So sad. I’d hate to see how you treat your true friends. Keep it to yourself next time.

    2. Alexis says:

      Yup, there’s far more tactful ways to ‘help’ people get back on track!

    3. Louise says:

      CoffeBNZ, you have to understand that Blogilates is based on helping people get healthy and fit, so when there’s a comment saying that our mentor isn’t good enough because she has chubby arms or muffin top and whatever else you said, you aren’t just insulting her, you’re discouraging all of us who follow her. Most of us are aspiring to have a healthy shape like Cassey, and she makes us feel awesome about ourselves the whole time. To have someone swoop in with plain nasty judgement (nobody is buying your ‘honest opinion’ crap, just because you think it doesn’t mean you should say it) discourages all of us who aren’t there yet. If Cassey isn’t good enough, I sure as heck am not! You can’t cover up your nastiness with feigned good intention. Only mean bitches use that excuse. You are a bully.

  41. Justine says:

    Haters gonna hate…and hating on others won’t get you anywhere.
    You have really helped me build up more on my self-confidence over the past few months with your crazy (but fun) workouts with your never-ending support and upbeat personality; I was even able to get my best friends to start doing your workouts and get healthier along with me! Keep being the awesome, inspiring woman you are, Cassey!

  42. Jessica A says:

    I love you Cassey! I see hundreds of positive, loving comments on your site. Let’s give those the attention, not the unhappy trolls! 🙂

  43. Alexis says:

    This honestly sickens me. If someone would say something like that about YOU, what do they say about people like me? I mean, I am NOWHERE near perfect. I weigh about 20 lbs more than I’d like but don’t look “bad”. I wouldn’t care if you were 20, 40, 60 lbs overweight, your personality ALWAYS shines through. Inner beauty always outshines physical beauty. Appearances change, but personalities are usually a lifestyle. I am so proud of you for sticking up for yourself. And I also can’t believe how supportive the POPster community is. It is UNREAL. There is never a bashing or a put down. Just support. It is phenomenal. I love you and your website. Never change who you are because you are such a great person. INSIDE AND OUT!
    (and trust me, just about everyone would kill for your bod!)

    xoxo <3

  44. Esther says:

    It’s such a shame that women can’t just be supportive of one another. I was just cyber bullied on my blog. Meh. Never fun but you can’t succumb to it. You are doing something to change people’s lives. Your enthusiasm and energy come across every video. Keep it up! Your videos make me smile. 🙂

  45. Amber says:

    Wow Cassey, so many of us get daily motivation and encouragement from you. I’m glad you have learned to ignore the bad. You have helped me lose weight, gain confidence, have the ability to keep up with my 4 yr old grandson, and I actually look forward to spending my hour with you every morning so you can torture me a little more. Thank you for sharing with us and being a positive role model in our world full of negative influences. Keep Smiling. After all, you do Train Like a Beast, but YOU ARE A BEAUTY. 🙂 thank you, Amber

  46. Melissa says:

    Hi Cassie,

    Put aside this person who is mean. I bet she is so jealous of you and wishes she has your body. Why is she even aiming at your armpit ? Keep on going , keep it strong!

  47. elena says:

    We are more than our bodies, we’re brains too, and that’s WAY more important. This topic is becoming so boring, but it’s virtually inescapable. Every body is beautiful. Go Cassie!

  48. Lauren says:

    I hate that people are so cruel. You’re an inspiration, Cassie. I honestly would not be were I am today with my health and fitness without your encouragement and positive attitude. It’s sad that people feel the need to tear you down, just so they can feel better about themselves. Please remember that there are so many people here who love and support you and what you’re doing and I can’t wait for June and the DietBet!

  49. Sena says:

    Sometimes, people are negative for no reason. After looking at your photo, then reading the comment a few times, I still don’t see what she’s talking about. I hope Ms. Thing gets herself together, because until she’s happy with herself, she will try to tear others down. Stay positive, because that’s what I like about your site. I recently found you, and hope to enjoy embarking on these journeys with you. I’m not going to join the June challenge because I haven’t been cleared by my doctor (I’ve been feeling fatigued lately, and my heart feels like it’s racing all the time). I hope to follow along – unofficially – at some point in June, once I’m cleared. Meanwhile, I’m going to start eating according to your 90-day meal plan. I figure I can start on something, right? Stay positive and don’t let the negative comments get you down. You are helping so many of us start or continue on our journey, and we appreciate you.

  50. jay says:

    wow i can’t believe that hateful comment. poor Cassey! can u block that bitch? she’s obviously so insecure and screwed up but really do you and everyone else really need her negativity. she’s completely missed the point if ur sites ain’t helpin her – get that girl to personal therapy!
    i’d just love to add that i’m not joining the Dietbet because I have no goal regarding losing weight at all – and as u said in ur email that means i don’t need to join it. great idea for those who want to – i mean weight watchers and other things that ppl put money on to lose weight does help them so go for it girls and guys who do have a weight loss goal in June.
    i’m looking forward to what June has in store, you will put another calendar up for June won’t u? and pls pls can i ask again for it to go up early! i live literally 2 days into the future – y’all americans are living in the past lol. i already miss out on the new workouts cuz they don’t come up on the right day and i really don’t want to have to just start on june 3 – it totally disagrees with my head to be doing june 1’s workout on june 3??!! weird, makes me feel like i’ve already slipped off the schedule 🙁
    globalise pilates 😀 xx

  51. Melanie says:

    Haters always gonna hate. Once I was walking with my dogs at the park, it was simmer and I was in my bootyshorts. And then I noticed a woman staring at me, after some time she come and said the most ridiculous thing I ever heard: “How can you wear shorts when you have so thin legs! All men are looking at you, you are such a slut”. I never ever laughed harder in my life.
    I never care much what people say about me, but I have a worse enemy – myself. My inner bully that teals me “your butt look gross, you abs not flat enough etc.” Sometimes I feel myself really ugly. This is the price for being perfectionist, I guess. But maybe it’s not that bad, if you think you can be a better version of yourself you have to. To be comfortable with yourself and show to your inner troll what you worth.
    I can’t wait for June calendar! I still trying to get back on the track after really big injury and I want finally love my reflection in the mirror again. I weight 108 lbs right now, but hate my body with no muscles and that nice relief so much! Also I hate my weakness, cardio parts is the hardest for me, sometimes I have to stop and just lie on the floor for a long time, cuz I feel dizzy. And I was a runner and fencer before, and even could do some of the parkur moves!
    But I believe that I can do it, and absolutely sure that you can achieve your goals! Don’t let anyone bring you down! Love you Cassey! <3

    1. Alexis says:

      I’m SO GLAD you are a strong enough person to LAUGH in that nasty bitch’s face! <3

  52. Fz says:

    I know it doesn’t have anything to do with this article and I’m sorry about it ! But I’m actually doing your Inner thigh clarity challenge video and I just wanna say that you look so pretty in that video !! I mean you always look pretty and the joy and happiness reflect on your face in a way that is so sincere that we could not not smile too 🙂 (if that makes any sense haha) Anyway I loved your outfit and hair so so much on that video !! Love you Cassey, you’re such a nice person and you inspire us all to be healthier and happier !!

  53. Jessica says:

    Cassey, I love you, and you are absolutely beautiful. That being said, this is the second post where you’ve picked out a nasty comment on one of your various social media outlets, and made it a centerpiece of your post. Nasty comments are everywhere, and giving them more attention only makes it worse. Don’t focus on them! For every nasty comment, there are thousands more that are nothing but loving and supportive.
    So please, please, please, stop with posts about nasty comments that you get. We are here for you, and we love you. Remember that!

  54. Lesley says:

    Hey Cassey!

    I’ve had weight issues my whole life, and your blog inspires me every day to get off the couch and live a happy and healthy lifestyle. I look forward to your workouts every day, in fact, they’re my favorite part of the day! And it upsets me so much that someone would be so cruel to someone who works so hard to help other women learn to love themselves. You’re always so supportive of all your POPsters, and I just really want you to know that we’re supportive of you too! I think every POPster here will agree that you are absolutely gorgeous, and you inspire us to Sweat Happy every day! Love you!

  55. Jessica says:

    I always try telling myself that people this awful and mean don’t exist, but they do.
    I feel sorry for this girl because she must live a very unhappy life.
    why are humans so judgmental and mean? She’s really looking for anything and everything to scrutinize and pick on in her comment.
    I hope she sees everyone’s negative responses to her comment and regrets it.

  56. Amy George says:

    All I can say is…….. some people’s children!

    Love you Cassey! <3

  57. Hayley says:

    There is NOTHING insecure about what you do! I have seen changes in my body after a month or so eating clean and doing your videos, and the diet bet is a great motivator to keep my momentum.
    Your BMI images helped me visualize myself fit rather than skinny. I am very excited for June, thank you!

    On a completely different note… I would love to see some pictures of people with different body types looking fit in the Blogilates community. I have a looong torso and short legs, and I am just not going to get leggy looking, except during the stiletto work out, but I can work on my body type and I’d love some role models.

  58. Diane says:

    To think that someone would take time out of their day just to write smth so inappropriate and hurtful abt u in such a manner is absolutely shameful. Cassey, u look beautiful there is nothing wrong with your appearance don’t let some random jealous people bring u down. In my opinion it’s obvious that whoever wrote that comment was trying to purposely make u fell bad, they’re just jealous of u and your success….the more success u have the more ppl will try to bring u down …it’s sad really to think that someone would scoop so low, don’t they have nothing better to do with their time ?
    P.S. keep up the great work Cassey! I don’t have money to put on the bet but I’ll still follow along cuz this month is my b-day and i want to do smth for myself by getting fitter and stronger 🙂

  59. Bobbi says:

    Cassey you are awesome! I have been following your May calendar for the past week and am beginning to look forward to each torture session (in a good way) you have planned for each day. I appreciate that you are a genuine person and full of knowledge which you so graciously pass along to all of us! Smart, cute, peppy … You make workouts fun! So thank YOU so much!

  60. DMS2 says:

    I think you have a lot of confidence in yourself and you’re really strong if that comment does not hurt your esteem. It would sink mine. It is not easy to learn to relativize the comments others do about you and not let them affect you.
    …My jaw fell to the floor while reading that girl’s comment. That reminds me of those magazines with pics of celebrities and arrows pointing at supposed disgusting things about their looks and the words ‘fail’ or ‘yuk!’ in bold letters. I’ve always felt many women are like that, always examining the other women to find a single thing they can criticize. No matter if they can’t find any, they’ll made them up. How come?!

  61. Kathleen says:

    People can be so awful sometimes. Why do we feel the need to break each other down like that?

    I’m all for what you’re doing Cassey, in fact I think I’m going to join in since I’m already in the middle of a weightloss journey. That being said, I think it’s super important to bring to light the fact that fat is an important component of the human body and shouldn’t be seen as the enemy. Of course we should all strive to be lean a fit, but we also need to understand that fat is useful to us. It provides temperature regulation, shock absorption and protective cushioning for important organs (like those found in the abdomen). Personally, I think that as long as you’re eating healthy and exercising to increase your strength and cardio endurance, whatever small amount of fat that’s left over shouldn’t be considered an problem but an important part of us.

    Obviously everything is good in moderation, so I’m not discounting that a person can have too much fat. I just really hate to see people overanalyze every inch on their (or other people’s) bodies. Let’s all be okay with the shape of our body when it’s at its best and not try to change it into something it’s not supposed to be.

    Just a thought to help us all stay on the right track!
    What do you think?

  62. Emilie says:

    Well written!

    The fitspo on instagram, more than half of it is thinspo. pro-ana has just transformed into being called pro-fitness (which is guess is a step in the right direction… if they would actually eat and were actually after building muscle and not just a super tiny body) So to me, you are fitspo! youre healthy!

  63. Lindsey says:


    I just started the 2 week vegan challenge and I have recently committed to following the workout calendar. I’m really excited for the June body transformation and to go on that journey with you. I want you to know that eating clean and following the workout calendar has not been easy for me. It takes re-commitment everyday . You inspire me every day to keep going. Thank you.

  64. Amanda says:

    Cassey, I don’t know if this will make you feel any better or not, regardless i just wanted to tell you how much we, POPsters, LOVE you! We really do and i wish we could express our love to you more than justr through comments on YouTube. You are my idol and you are to a lot of people. You make one of the best idols( in my opinion) because you help us embrace our BODIES and our LIVES. You give us your SUPPORT/LOVE and that’s the best thing anyone could give to us. Thank you for being so strong and don’t worry Cassey POPsters have got your back and anyone who messes with you has to get through us first!!! There is never going to be a way we can fully repay you and thank you enough but we really appreciate what you do for us…so Thank You <3

  65. Christine says:

    Hey Cassey! After reading this, I wanted to tell you a few things. You are BEAUTIFUL and you are STRONG! You stand up to challenges no matter if they’re physical or mental, and you inspire us to work harder EVERY DAY. I started doing your workout calendar in the beginning of April. Since then, I’ve worked so hard not only for myself, but for you too! Because I know that every day is a new challenge, and I feel so much better when I overcome each one! You are my biggest inspiration in the fitness world. When I’m dying during a workout, just when I’m about to quit, you always motivate me to keep going. Even on Sundays I do Pop Pilates because it makes me feel like I accomplished something, and that’s an amazing feeling. 🙂 I don’t know how anyone could find anything about you to criticize, and I don’t know why they would want to. But whenever that happens, remember how much we all love you and how much of a difference you’ve made in all of us! Committing to this has helped my confidence so much, and I really feel like I’m training like a beast to look like a beauty!!! You have made such an impact on how I tackle challenges, because you’ve given me the strength to put my best foot forward and to go HARD! So stay strong, Cassey, you’ve got all of your Popsters standing behind you! 🙂

    Oh, and I’m definitely going to do the weight loss challenge! I’m actually looking forward to it too! 🙂

  66. Mia says:

    I totally got where you were coming from with the Dietbet! Your blog and your videos have never made me feel insecure about myself or like I have to be thin…quite the opposite! I feel great after I do your workouts and they help me feel strong and capable. 🙂 It helps me keep a healthy mindset about my body, and focus on what I can do now that I couldn’t do before. So when I saw the Dietbet I thought, awesome now I can hold myself accountable for a small weightloss, and do it with people who are going about weight loss in a healthy, positive manner.

    Also, I cannot believe that comment on your photo! You look great no matter what because you’re a fabulous, positive person. 😀 That comment just shows a negative person who wants to spread their negativity around. No matter what they look like, they’ll always project ugliness as long as they have an ugly attitude.

  67. Miranda says:

    I hate that someone said that to you!! People can be so mean, and you’re not even fat!! You’re so perfect and sweet. Just remember that, no matter what any idiot like that tells you. You inspire me so much, I love you!!!

  68. Wei Chin says:

    Cassey, you’re so positive … and DO STAY POSITIVE! *winks winks*

    Everyone works out to look good, better and finally to look their best. LOL.

    The girl must have been feeling insecure with her body (especially with Instagram Pageants gaining popularity, so the pressure to look good must be high for her to ventilate wherever she did) because I barely noticed anything when I looked at the picture other than your brilliant smile! =)

    Do continue smiling, motivating and chirping.

    Go Go Cassey! Go Go Cassey! You can do it!

  69. Marisa says:

    This is amazing. In a negative way. I can’t believe we are in the 21st century and things like this are STILL happening. In even horrific ways. I remember the days when I used to get bullied because I liked to study, I had good grades, because I wasn’t kissing all the boys like the girls in my class. They used to call me nerd and other nasty stuff. Time has passed. Now I am even taller, lean and have a gorgeous red hair and everytime I pass trough my old class mates they drop their chins to the floor. And I’m proud of that. It makes me feel so damn good. Because now they can see the person I was all along. Even when I had a weird hair. I didn’t let them bring me down and that’s what made me who I am today. I still have good grades, I’m still beautiful and I still don’t kiss everyone. And I’m happy. I’m proud of me. I just hope everybody who’s getting this “treatment” at school or in other place stay strong. Because one day, those people will be blinded by your light and beauty. Stay strong. I know it gets better! <3

  70. Bex says:

    Unfortunately, as you know Cassey, criticism comes with the territory of your job. Sadly our world is driven far too much by personal opinions and everyone’s feelings of entitlement. Some get offended because they became anorexic and sometimes forget they are on a different journey during their recovery or self loathing then others are. Then there is the other extreme, people who are morbidly obese or do nothing to take care of themselves, they get offended because people look better or are trying to take care of themselves and don’t praise them for their roles. I would love to know when the media decided fat is curvy, they are largely to blame but they are not wholly responsible either. There are also just lazy people who have no self worth and feel a burning need to complain about someone, they are nothing more than bullies and sadly social medium gives them a soapbox to shout from. I say keep doing what your doing. Haters gonna hate.

    1. Bex says:

      Oh and in case anyone wants to get offended please note, I said SOME, obviously I am not saying this applies to everyone in each given situation. Also to any grammar Nazis out there I apologies if there is some grammatical error you do not approve of.

  71. Stephanie says:

    Oh please Cassey for your june challenge, can tou put up the diet plan AND grocery list for every week of the challenge ?? It would be awsome ! Thanks !

    1. DMS2 says:

      I second this! I’m having some trouble in putting the proper ingredients in my meals to make them healthy and not too caloric and that would help me get an idea of good combinations.

  72. Stephanie says:

    Hey Cassey ! Thank you for sharing this situation.. I was also one of the fatties and had no confidence in me… It started when i was 10 or 11 and stopped when I was 16… When i decided i was better than all of this.. I was in one of the best private school and students were bitching because my mom was droping me to school in a van while others were in ferrari or big luxury cars.. People were spending 12 000$ for a sweet 16 party and i had none of that… And after a while, i thought i wasn’t beautiful enough, had no parties, no luxury cars, no brand new BMW for my bday… I had and was nothing… For my last year in high school, i decided to make a change and went to the most horrible public school in my home town where junkies and stuff are. I was the nice girl with a bit of fat but not the biggest, i was the girl with basic brands (but hot brands for those guys)… And then i learned to know more people… Developped friendship that is still strong 5 years later!… And now i just don’t really care about all that stuff!.. Why should i be shy of what i look like or what i possess in front of my friends ? Why caring about what others think about you ?.. I decided i was gonna do things for myself only. At 16 i had my heart broken for the first time and after crying my life, i decided to come back strong. I lost 50 pounds, got a new wardrobe… I did everything since then for my own pleasure. 5 years later, i am still thin, moved 5000 km from my home town, I left everything behind (car, appartment, furnitures..) I now live in the Rockies where i met my wonderful boyfriend. We now live together with our 2 dogs. Sometimes the past still hunts me but my new family is always there for me. And that’s what counts the most.

  73. Christen says:

    Cassey, you’re the best. I love the way you speak your mind about issues you care about. Thank you for being such an inspiration and such a beautiful person, inside and out. 🙂

  74. Shelly Reynolds says:

    MY Gosh, If shes calling Cassey out on her body I don’t even want to meet this chick. How does she have friends?

  75. Courtney says:

    I follow you on Instagram and actually saw the comment when it was posted. First of all, the person was way out of line and completely WRONG. You are beautiful and they are just jealous of you. This individual is obviously very insecure and doesn’t feel good about themselves so they take the attention off themselves. You look amazing and yet have nothing better to do than criticize do not listen to them!!!! I’ve had a really hard time finding a workout to do and stick with because nothing has been easy or I haven’t liked it, but your videos are AMAZING! I’ve been doing them for almost a month and can already see changes! They’re so convenient because I do them on my own time! But they are also challenging and give me a great workout!! What you’re doing is so great for so many people and you are so encouraging an inspiring. Don’t let anyone get you down! 🙂

  76. Sophie says:

    This post was really interesting, it made me think! It’s sickening that there are things like those Instagram contests going on in the world and that young girls have to put up with these things as they’re just trying to find out who they are as a person. We all have our own reasons for wanting to shed some weight, but its such a balance trying to keep those reasons good, and honourable, and healthy without letting them tip over into something more dangerous. I think you have such a healthy attitude to your body and your weight and you’re such a good fitness role model for young girls, so keep preaching your message!

  77. Jo says:

    Aw Cassey, these people are full of negative energy and are so narrow minded that they can’t find any other way of boosting their own self esteem except for putting other people down. Personally, I feel bad for them and I am willing to help people who do that by giving them something to be happy over without letting out bad things which may affect other people; e.g. negative comments on social media. Thing is, I personally haven’t really seen any targeted around my friends/family – thank God for that.

    Still, the number of people who support you and the amount of support you are being given by your POPsters (and friends+family) totally outnumbers all this negativity from people who don’t even know you for what you do (helping a WHOLE COMMUNITY be physically AND mentally happy) 🙂 .. and I would like to thank you for helping all of us ^-^

    Much Love!

  78. Cassie says:

    Cassey, thank you for opening up about this. It’s because of people like you that other girls without your attitude are able to get past this kind of criticism. Obviously, you’re gorgeous and the person that commented on this was way out of line, but it just goes to show that some people look for any reason to tear someone else down. I’d like to see that person try and say that after trying to be upbeat and talk through a whole workout video!

    I’m a fitness instructor also and recently gained weight, but something to remember is that as fitness instructors, our number 1 goal is performance (not appearance) – to be able to last through a whole workout while being energetic and motivating others. We are not “skinny coaches” teaching people to be skinny; we’re teaching them to be fit and strong, not rail thin.

  79. Chelsea says:

    It just amazes me sometimes to see how mean people are willing to be behind the keys of a message board or social media commenting – it’s not only not true, it’s incredibly hurtful. I want to praise you, Cass, not just for how amazing and inspiring your body is, but because your willingness to embrace the conversations about issues like this, which can be very hard to talk about when everyone has their painful-to-push buttons on the subject. I didn’t have a single problem when I read about the DietBet (although I won’t be participating because I’m TOTALLY broke! lol) because it seems to me to be one of those things that we can’t ever keep from being exploited by those who are committed to doing so, but to those that aren’t, I think that finance can be an absolutely excellent motivation! Keep gettin’ down with you bad self and sticking up for all of us out there who love our imperfect bodies!

  80. SP says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I’m from Italy and I’ve been following you for one year and a half. You are amazing, you are a shot of energy and you cheer me up a lot when i work out with your videos.
    Things were not easy for me when I was younger (I’m 27 now), when I was 12/13 my classmates were very mean to me, they used to call me Olivia (Popeye’s girlfriend) because I was very tall and skinny, I was flat like an iron board and boys always made fun of me.
    I cried so much, but I didn’t want to show this weakness.
    I was constantly thinking why they behave like that with me, I was a kind girl always there to help everybody. I was like that and it was nobody’s fault.
    Now I’ve grown up, those scars will always be with me anyway, kids can be so mean! Sometimes I still feel insicure about myself even if my body looks good now. What it’s important to me now is being healthy and strong and I want to achieve this goal having fun. I found you and i immediately loved your attitude and your natural way to show yourself. Go Cassey!

  81. Bets says:

    Losing 4% of your body weight in 28 days is seriously unhealthy. If you are actually getting fit and healthy, you’ll probably gain weight as a result of gaining muscle. As a fitness guru, I would not have expected you to encourage this type of crash diet. Because, that’s exactly what this is. It’s not a lifestyle change, you will not be implementing these eating habits as part of a regular routine. Even if there are individuals out there would be healthier by losing the 4% body weight, they will most likely have to lose more than 2 pounds a week. That is not healthy, that is yoyo dieting.
    Cassey, you need help with your self-esteem and body image. It seems like you use this community to validate yourself, but it should come from within. There is no hiding the fact that you clearly tie athetics with a person’s value and self-worth. You do not have to be fitness model perfect to be a wonderful human being. Using your popsters as an excuse to follow the diet when you clearly do not need to loose weight is frightening. You would look skeletal if you lost 4% of your bodyweight. And, I remember how you complained of being tired and weak during your bikini dieting and fitness regime. I hope that you can come up with a way to revise your goal to a healthier alternative.

  82. Meagen says:

    I agree with an earlier comment, there is no need to post a rant about a negative view. It reflects the opinions of less than 1% of your followers. Everyone here thinks you look great. I think you look too good to be doing that 4% weight loss challenge, if we are being completely honest.

    You are harming your self-esteem by rudimenting on these negative reviews. And, you probably gave the commenter what they wanted with such a post; a reaction from you and attention. They have physical proof that acts as reinforcement for their childish behavior. Don’t stoop to their level, Cassey. Don’t let them see you sweat. Next time, just don’t pay it any mind.

  83. jenna says:

    Um….that’s what she’s calling a love handle? looks like a hip to me! Cassey, you look BOMB. and whoever the masked marauder is, she needs to realize that contributing input like that only encourages that kind of talk all the time. Personally, I think you’re a pro and the Gentleman workout was probably the most fun I’ve had working out in a long time….pilates + four minutes of laughing? PERFECT.

    Thanks again, and don’t let the haters get you down!!

  84. Lauren says:

    we’ve been tweeting at each other all week but i want to reiterate how excited i am for this! This was a rough semester, and i’ve gained weight as well. As much as I feel like weight doesn’t matter, I also don’t ever want to feel afraid to see the number that is on the scale. Right now I have that fear because I know, no matter what the number says, that I am not at my healthiest weight. My jeans are tight and i don’t feel confident in a swim suit. I shouldn’t feel like that! But I do, and its time to eat right and workout, so that i am not afraid of what the scale says, because i know that when i’m at a healthy weight, I will feel it before the scale can tell me that I am. But I sure hope that scale won’t be lying come july 1st! Lets do this popsters! TOGETHER WE CAN!
    love, Lauren

  85. p says:

    You look great Cassie!! even my boyfriend says you look good and he’s a jerk to everyone lol. Nah we’ve been watching your vids for a couple of years (I’ve been doing them, he has to put up with them in the background) and we have been watching your progress through the bikini comp etc. there’s absolutely nothing to talk about cos you’re a fantastic, energetic and generous pilates instructor and there are some bored people out there who obviously aren’t fit themselves (cos lets face it if they were they’d know how much work it takes to get a perfect body and wouldn’t even think about bringing someone else down about theirs).
    keep up the great work, hope your new vids are super challenging. make me sore!!!

  86. DHern says:

    If that is chubby and insecure, then that’s what I will strive for! 🙂 I think the author of that post shows more of her own body issues by pointing out others so-called issues.

  87. TJ says:

    Wow, whoever left you that comment needs to be slapped! LOL. Thank you for this post, I think a lot of people needed to hear it because I saw a lot of negativity in the post about the dietbet..the only reason I feel like I shouldn’t do it is because over the past few months I’ve lost around 13-14 pounds, but it took me well over a month to lose 5 and I would need to lose 5 in a month for dietbet. I’m at 129 right now and would need to get to 124 which I havent been to that weight in years. I’m just not sure if I could get down that low in a month..if I stuck to the videos every day do you think it’s possible? I can’t work out for the next day or so because my tailbone hurts from being on the floor (even WITH a mat!) and I’m on a diet so I’m watching what I eat and it’s helping, I’m just scared of not making it! =(

  88. Asha says:

    Cassey, I just wanted to tell you that I love your arms 🙂
    And it’s easy to see that the ‘chubbyness’ that she pointed out is just your bicep popping because it’s flexed (neither do I see any of the other flaws she mentioned) XD

  89. Agneta says:

    One more thing, I recommend some kind of martial arts to everyone who wants to boost his/her self esteem 🙂 I totally love Popilates, so keep up the great work – i just mean if you want something also on the side or an extra work out or some group action or what ever martial arts are great – they combine cardio and strengh and you really feel tougher after a while …
    I’m a big fan 🙂 – maybe that’ll be an idea for a new work out ??? A martial-arts Popilates work out ?!?! I mean we’re already doing kicks and punshes in a lot of videos, maybe it could be brought to another lever, like a kill bill themed video 😉

    1. Nathalie says:

      Omg yes I love this idea! I’ve done some bodycombat-lessons when I was subscribed to a fitness but I cancelled my subscription because it was expensive, and I absolutely miss those classes!

  90. Agneta says:

    Wow – some ppl just suck, big time …
    I know how it feels – some ppl just dont think … they just feel the need to get you down, probably because they dont have anything to be proud of or I dont know …
    I once finished a very important essay for my legal studies – it counted a lot for my final grade and it took me three month to finish it. I didnt go out for 12 weeks, didnt work out either, just spend 24/7 on that paper to really rock it … and i did – everyone loved my essay and it got great marks!!! I was really really proud of myself (and still am xP !!!)
    When I visited my boyfriend for the first time in weeks his best buddy was there – who knew that i had been really stressed for weeks and was now super proud of myself for delivering such good work … so i arrived there and entered the room and the VERY first thing that guy did was to look at me and to be like “hey, wow, did you get fat or what ?!?!”

    I mean I had gained like 3 Kilo / approx 6 pounds – it was probably noticable but not a huge wight gain, but within seconds my inside went from super proud to Oh my god i’m a chubby little loser …

    we’re cool now and he’s now constantly telling me that i look sooooooooo skinny xD so he’s trying to make up for it xD but my point is, sometimes ppl just dont think, they say stupid thinks that are on their stupid mind and dont realise that it might be really really hurtfull to the other person …

    Try not to let it get to you – it’s easier said then done but dont give those ppl the power to bring you down <3 <3 <3

  91. Dilek says:

    In the end Cassey, you can’t make everybody happy. There will always be people who will either say that you are too skinny or too fat, and, there will always be people like me whose life you’ve changed and who will tell you that you are one of the best people out there. I mean, if no one criticized you, then that would mean that the world stopped turning. Nowadays it’s so easy to criticize someone because the Internet gives you a cover, a distance from that person, so you can say whatever you want and still come out unaffected. I agree with many POPsters here that those people have insecurities of their own and they need to bully others to feel better.

    Love you Cassey!

  92. Debbie McMullen says:

    This Instagram business really upsets me, especially since having my daughter!
    Even now, I am pregnant and I see tons of magazines showing how skinny celebrities stay while they’re pregnant! I can’t even catch a break then when I’m supposed to be gaining a healthy amount of weight for a healthy baby!
    I really hope you can keep inspiring and uplifting us Cassey – especially the younger girls – after reading that ABC article I can see how badly this next generation is going to be hit with this ridiculousness 🙁
    I looove your workouts, and although I have to stop them for now and do some lighter stuff I will definitely be following you and the others on this challenge ! And although I think you already look great, I hope you reach your goal! Will keep you and popsters in my prayers <3

  93. Barbara says:

    Cassey, you are truly one of the most beautiful people in the world, not just basing that on your absolutely fit physique, but on how you’ve dedicated so much of your fabulous self to inspiring and motivating so many of us!!! It’s about feeling good, being healthy, living life to the fullest, and finding that beautiful balance… and we all love you for rising above the haters who just haven’t found that balance!!! Love Love Love!!!!!!!!!

  94. Merideth says:

    Thank you for this post Cassie! I actually find it reassuring that you want to loose weight and get back on track. I have a very small build, and while I’m not fat by any stretch of the imagination I have had trouble keeping a steady weight since I was prescribed medicines several years ago with weight gain as one of their side-effects, and I now carry more far than I am comfortable with on my body. Without fail, if a girl who is bigger than I am sees me decline a cookie or finds out that I plan on exercising when I get home instead of vegging in front of the tv, or that I am trying to clean up my diet and eat healthier, their invariable response is ridicule and, “Why? You’re already skinny. You can afford to veg.” Nothing annoys me more than comments like this! For one thing, if I don’t want to have to buy a bigger pants size AGAIN, then no! I can’t afford to veg! But more to the point, while it is true that I have a naturally small build, that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t act and eat healthy. People act like if you are slender then it is okay and even acceptably healthy to veg and eat junk food all the time, provided you don’t tip the scale into your height’s “unhealthy weight” zone. But weight isn’t what health is about! am glad that this fitness challenge is being lead by someone who, like me, isn’t fat, but wants to gain and maintain a healthy body she feels secure in. Thank you, Cassie!

  95. Morgan says:

    We love you Cassey! You are an inspiration to us all. Dont worry about the haters.

  96. shelly says:

    Hey Cassey! I’d just like to notify you that there are people who comment very nasty things to gain attention they want – this person could really just be a troll! My advice is to ignore these type of people because you know who you are and you also have the right to do anything with your body because it’s yours. Your fans know you as a very sweet, motivational and positive person; anyone could see that! Also, the internet isn’t such a reliable place, don’t let those words be taken to heart! All the best <3

  97. Kathleen says:

    Cassey, if you are reading this right now, I want to tell you something!! You are NOT FAT AT ALL!! AT ALL!! You are muscular, slim, and strong! I understand if you want to go on the dietbet! That’s great!! But love yourself right now too!! It can be extremely hard with such mean people, but whenever you hear a mean comment, come back to this. 😀 Your an amazing person with an amazing personality!! And from your videos I can easily say that you are like one of the strongest people (in my opinion) ever!!!!!!!! Have fun!! 😀

  98. Kelly says:

    I can relate a lot to this…. my senior year, I was homecoming queen, and I remember just how happy I was. I never ever had a confidence issue, and I always felt beautiful in my body. I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and didn’t care. I looked great. Unfortunately though, someone commented on one of the pictures that was taken that night saying “uh oh looks like the homecoming queen is pregnant!” I will never ever EVER forget that comment. Even though it was just one person that said that, being a teenager, it really is what sparked my anorexia.

    I have finally found myself and found my strength, but that comment still bothers me to this day. I don’t know how you do it cassey. People are brutal, especially on the internet.

    In my opinion, you look so much more beautiful now than when you did that bikini contest.

    I could tell that wasn’t a healthy weight for your body, and you could just see in your eyes that you weren’t happy. You were deprived.

    Us women are so competitive in looks that we forget we’re talking to a real person with REAL feelings.

    I would love to contribute to your challenge, but I physically can’t. I’m still at an unstable weight even though I look healthy. That bothers me too… people tell me I look amazing because that’s what the media says is amazing… but I have a lot of physical health issues.

    This world really is sick sometimes.

    1. Manon says:

      Oh my God, your comment is really touching ! Even if, we don’t know each other in reality, we are Popsters and not as a stranger but as a Poster I want to tell you good luck, i’m with you in your fight ! I hope you’ll resolve that health issues ! 🙂 You go girl ! <3

    2. Anja says:

      Thanks for sharing, Kelly!

  99. Rachel C says:

    Love your site! Thanks for all you do to bring joy and happiness to others 🙂

  100. thato Makgobe says:

    well i sure wish i could join the diet bet cause God knows i need the motivation ,everytime i try lose weight i gain lol i know how that sounds but seriously i went rom weighing just 69kg trying to lose and weigh 66kgs to now weighing 78kgs , and i am 1.58m so yeah i am big . One word of advise people are always going to talk and from my experience you cant please everyone so stop trying , YOU HAVE A BIG heart maybe too big lol but so cute , the love even shines through your videos , and the one thing i admire you for is the power you have to take control of your body , thats why i want to lose weight not so people can stop talking but so i can for once be control of my health , I wish i had your body but i never will but i will have my best body that i will be happy with when i look in the mirror . If you feel you need to lose more than GO for it dont apologize ,

    thank you for sharing your experience and knowlegde really for some of us , it brings hope , that one day we can do it to


  101. Ilana says:

    Cassey! 😀 <3 You have a thousands comments telling you how beautiful you are and what an inspiration you are, why do you let the one negative comment have all the affect? You tell us to feel good about ourselves, to have confidence; that its not about our size but eating healthy and staying fit; shouldn't you practice what you preach? Comments people make about others are more a reflection of themselves them of the person they are speaking about.
    Also this extra layer of fat??? That nobody but you or insecure, negative people seems to see… Is it really there or is it just your insecurity that you are not at, what you yourself described as unmaintainable, bikini competition weight…?
    The best idol that you can be to us, is proving that it is possible to be happy in a normal, healthy body 🙂

  102. Julia says:

    Hey guys,
    I pity a girl who has such a low self-esteem that she has to point the finger onto other ones pictures 🙁 she must have a tough life, bad company surrounding her and even worses it in sharing bad karma….
    luckily we popsters don’t do such stuff. let’s take a few seconds and wish for her that her life will get better one day so that she has no necessity to hate others anymore.
    you’re great cassey and you’re great popster community, we can reach everything together, so share the light! 🙂

  103. Kat says:

    Wow…just wow. I cannot believe some people are that negative and that obsessed with pulling others down! I love being a part of the Blogilates community because I know that we are all supporting one another: it’s like, Cassey you’re our personal trainer and we’re all on this training/lifestyle/life journey with you, and it’s amazing and inspiring and encouraging. The fact that there are people out there who are so focused on finding flaws in others just makes me sad for them, because I can only assume their lives aren’t happy to find such enjoyment in pulling others down. I pity them. And it just makes me all the more thankful for you Cassey and for this whole community where we can focus on truly LIVING healthily, accepting that we are all just human and embracing the journey that we are on. Thank you for all you do Cassey, I think you’re an amazing example and inspiration to us all – never change! <3<3

  104. Viki says:

    Hey Cassey 🙂

    I absolutely agree with everything you said, and I can truly feel for you cause “the same” happened to me when I got really well not very kind comments below my pictures. Hm…actually when I first read that comment…with like wide open eyes and mouth LOL my first thought was..this girl is SO envious because your pretty, fun and have a milllion friends all around the world 🙂 I know most of us haven’t met you.. (ok I haven’t) but that does not stop us loving you and working hard on hour butts 🙂
    I saw your new challange video it is so fun I love it, but I confess I haven’t done it yet (emberassed face) 😀 but I will tomorrow…cause I’m already over today’s workout… Thanks for being such a good instructor Cassey <3 xoxo

  105. berry says:

    you are amazing cassey!! don’t let those people get you down

  106. vivian says:

    hi cassey! i was just wondering, but you said you are doing this because you want to lean down. but you also said you are not naturally lean and a while ago you said even though you gained weight you are feeling a lot better and stronger, and that low weight that you had previously was unrealistic for you, right? so isnt it more important for your body to be at its natural healthy weight, than making yourself slim down so you are more satisfied? sorry if i’m misunderstanding something here 🙂 either way i think you are beautiful cassey, you’re my role model!!

  107. Johanna says:

    Trolls should get the BanHammer lowered on them ^_^ ( oh, I sounded like Thor a bit, huh? 😉 ). Some other negative Nelly will always reappear, but banning them will provide you with a break for a little while. Plus, it will provide your Popsters with relief too because we get really upset when someone insults our friends, and I can’t think of any word better to describe you, than our friend. Beastin’ Out in June!

  108. Ann says:

    First I have to say that I really enjoyed the gentleman video! It was so much fun and i grinned through the whole challenge.
    I just don’t understand people linke that. Even worse is that he obviously never watched one oft your videos otherwise he would have known what a great person you are. When I first discoverd you I really fell in love with you and my friend (POPster for now 2 weeks) as well. So don’t let haters take you down! I love the idea of the Dietbet. But I personally won’t take part in it as I’m having a hard time gaining weight after eating problems. But I really think that it’s super motivating and that’s why I love the Blogilates community. We always motivate each other whether we want to lose weight, want to gain muscels, confidence or just want to live healthy. So I totally look forward to a community site!
    And I’m so excited for the new calender!!! 🙂

  109. maddy says:

    ps. i am more disturbed by pro-anorexia profiles on instagram, i had no idea such a side of that site existed. from the skinny tag (i was looking for skinny jeans) i wandered on disturbing profiles where thin girls posted pictures and wrote how fat they are in very derogatory terms and other thin girls told them stuff like “i know, right? look at how fat i am” and so on.
    also there is this “thigh gap” obsession, again, disturbing when one`s life revolves around a space between their legs and the thought of enjoying a fine meal is pure horror.
    wonder if their parents know about this, because those young people need help and support.

  110. Gailie says:

    I don’t know what picture that person was looking at, because it couldn’t have been this one. I see nothing that she has said (and I’m assuming it’s a “she”). And YOU know she is wrong too, but I know it still hurts. I don’t understand the mentality of cutting someone else down to make yourself feel better. How does that even work?! It’s horrible and disgusting. You did the right thing by putting this comment up as an example of how people (not just females) tear each other down, and once again, you’ve opened up to us and have been honest about your own feelings and – even though you don’t even have to because we fans follow you no matter what – in the process have become even more of an inspiration than you already are!
    I’d tell you what I’d say to her, but that’s not appropriate for this setting – Haha!
    You just keep being you – loves <3 Gail

  111. shannele says:

    “Don’t be distracted by criticism. Remember the only taste of success some people have is when they take a bite out of you.”


  112. maddy says:

    any person who posts pictures of him/herself on the internet is open to compliments and critique as well. if you are bothered by it, stop posting pictures, it`s that easy.
    but if 100 people tell you that you look fine and you are doing a good job and 5 write bad things, it`s pretty easy to single out and ignore the haters.
    that comment you posted is stupid, since there is obviously nothing wrong with you in the picture and probably the person who wrote it has huge insecurities and feels the need to put down other ppl. block him/her and keep doing your thing!

  113. deborah says:

    you’re such a great person! keep it up 🙂

  114. Mae says:

    It’s awful that someone would point out someones flaws to that extent, especially someone who does fitness as a career. I look up to you Cassey as my fitness inspiration as you look fit and healthy, not skinny and ill-looking. You’ve said in your more recent posts that you’ve gained weight but I can’t see it at all – I can only see a beautiful, healthy woman. The person who wrote that about you obviously has their own self-esteem issues, and sadly think that by pointed out other women’s flaws makes them feel/look better. It doesn’t. Keep up the videos, Cassey – you’re amazing!

  115. Lisa says:

    Think you are looking great, fit and happy! And that is all that matters, that you are happy with yourself! It disgusts me how people seem to enjoy to put insulting comments online, I think that person really is jealous and insecure her/himself and wants some attention.
    Keep up the good work Cassey, I love your initiative to help motivate people to lose weight, if they want to. Your workouts are great and full of enthusiasm. So don’t let anyone make you feel bad about what you do!

  116. Anna says:

    If this person thinks that you look “fat”, then I don’t know where this crazy world is headed. I just want you to know that you are great and you support me so much! Love you and all popsters!

  117. Harsha says:

    Ms Smartpants needs lesson on body types.Some Diva. I was a chubby child too ,whenever the subject came up I used to make the bullies think they were emaciated ! and at a loss. Had so much fun doing that.

  118. Alex says:

    You are beautiful!!!! She may have just said all of those things to just hide her own insecurities but an eye for an eye will only make the world blind. Don’t let her get you down!!!!!!

  119. sevda says:

    you’re an amazing human being. <3
    i cannot express just how much you gave me. i started working out because of BIG and I mean BIG anxiety issues that I was facing for more than a year and a half. It's all gone now. And when I was injured and couldn't practice my fav sport, and I was slowly beginning to get more anxious, I found your videos and they literally changed my life.
    i'm trying to lose a tiny bit of fat from my stomach and love handles and gain at least 5 pounds of muscle since my doc is worried i'm a bit underweight.
    yesterday my husband was watching me doing you intense abs workout before we went out running and i was literally SCREAMING! and he was like, do you hate her now? and i said, no, I FREAKING LOVE HER!
    i'm only saying this so that you know all the different lives you've touched and changed…

  120. Christina says:

    I saw that comment on Instagram! Seriously we are all insecure and there is no need to point out flaws. What’s the point? Does it boost her ego? Does it change her weight or flaws? Where is the gain in this? I wonder if she sits in a dark room all day critiquing every picture she sees. Maybe she is a psych major but still… Have some courtesy and keep your criticism to yourself.

    Cassey you are an absolute inspiration! Not only as a fitness guru but as a beautiful individual who is creating an impact to the community! <3

  121. Lydia says:

    People can be so stupid! Cassey, you are my role model, seriously! You and the good people on Tumblr helped motivate me and kickstarted me on my fitness journey. Lately I’ve been feeling really unmotivated to work out as much as I used to but it’s a great comfort to know that these things happen – what’s important is I pick myself back up. And I know I will, thanks to you and all the lovely POPsters!

    Forever grateful to you guys. <3

  122. MelodyJ says:

    I was working out before I discovered your videos two years ago. But I didn’t do pilates. You helped me add a whole new element to my workouts. I don’t get bore like a did before. The more popular you get the more haters you get. Don’t let that get you down. Just keep on doing what you were meant to do.

    As for the instagram beauty contests that makes me sad. I feel for this kids. I was terribly bullied all through school. Mostly verbal and one physical. But, I don’t know what I would do if I had to deal with cyber bullying. That that’s something that was already bad to a whole other level. A friend who works with teens said that now they are expected to spend even money to look good. They have to have prom dress and an after party dress. They also have to have Hummer limo not a regular one. That only creates an even bigger divide between the haves and have nots. Thus making the have nots a target. I’m also glad I grew up before the internet went public.

  123. Dana says:

    Wow.. If the social media wasn’t prejudiced enough, now girls are calling each other fat? Honestly.. What has the world come to? I can’t believe there are “beauty” contests.. Beauty cannot be judged by looks, it depends on how the person is on the inside, and that CANNOT be gauged by a stupid photo.

    About Cassey’s photo.. the first thing that came to my mind when I saw it was that.. OMG.. she looks so happy.. The workout is really going to kick my ass… 😛 . and no kidding it did!
    Let’s assume for a moment that she really had “love Handles” or “chubby” arms and midsection. Even if. SO WHAT? I really think its time people stop judging each other based on looks and focus on their actions instead. I don’t see anything WRONG in Cassey’s body, or anybody’s body in fact, because I don’t go by what the magazines dictate to me as a perfect body. A perfect body according to me is one in which you feel confident, happy and motivated to achieve anything possible. Thin or fat, short or tall, dark or fair, the sparkle in the eyes and the bright confident smiles are much more beautiful than those magazine photoshopped human mannequins.

    So all those people out there who feel insecure, if at all, because of their looks, and because of nasty posts like the one Cassey talks about, DONT BE! Its simply not worth any of our time. And to the writer of that nasty post. Please Lady, get a life!

  124. Sarah says:

    Hey Cassey, WOW is all I have to say. (Not really). I had no idea about Instagram. Crazy! I saw a couple of those on Facebook before and thought they were complete garbage inspired by stupid people. It’s just a way to give more people room to judge and be hideous to others.
    That comment tho…. ?!? I’m sorry for the poor person. :-/ Does she really believe all that? Cause I’m one different girl than. Where’s the joy in life by picking out flaws and looking for the bad?? I saw your photo before this post and thought it was awesome, “beautiful smile” and “she looks happy” were my first thoughts. (Loved the workout by the way!! XD laughed my head off with the fun of it all. Didn’t wear sunglasses but I did sweat. Hehe)
    You’re smart enough so I’m not going to repeat what you’ve had to of heard many times now, but thanks for sharing this and passing your strength on. Believe me. I’m sure it will help teach people how to react and take negativity like this.

  125. Heather says:

    This is just insane. You are a fitness instructor you are just motivating people. I think you are so inspirational and great! You never ever ever tell anyone to be skinny…. You always always always put an emphasis on just being HEALTHY. That’s really what fitness is about anyway… Being healthy. I’m 5’0 tall and I’ve always been pretty petite with an athletic build. About 4 months ago I developed Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) I could not eat or drink anything for 2 weeks. I was having to go to the doctor every day to get hydration IV’s. obviously since I couldn’t eat I lost a lot of weight. I went from 125 to 109. Keep in mind I’m 5 feet tall… 109 is not an unhealthy weight for someone of my size. But people kept telling “you are too skinny”. “You look anorexic” and that hurt because I felt great in my own skin. I knew it was gonna all come back because it was lost in an unhealthy way. Then once I gained it all back they would tell me oh what happened or good you finally gained it back you don’t look so terrible anymore. How rude! People don’t understand that telling someone they are too skinny when you know that they work hard to take care of themselves is just as hurtful is telling someone they are too fat. Its just not nice. I don’t care what anyone thinks of my body as long as I’m comfortable and I know ppl roll their eyes at me but they don’t know my story. My entire family dad and moms side have struggle with their weight for most of their lives… A lot of my family developed major health issues because of being overweight or just being unhealthy. And I’ve seen what they have gone through and I don’t want to go through that or put the people I love trough that. So yes I want to be skinny but a toned muscular lean skinny and I want to be healthy but not because of what other people think but because it makes ME feel better.

  126. That commenter was projecting onto your photo what he/she hates most about him/herself. That person is clearly extremely insecure and needed to feel better about themselves. I’m sorry they chose you to take out their hurt/anger on. You deserve better. You are wonderful, Cassey, never forget that. So many people love and admire you no matter what. Don’t let people like that get you down. I’ve spent the majority of my life hating my body and fighting the feelings of hurt/rejection when someone else hates my body as well. I’m over it. I do what I do for myself now, no one else. I will always be grateful to you for helping me reach this period in my life. <3!

  127. Louise says:

    I joined instagram only last week, so when I saw this comment I was like “whaaat is that what instagram is like? I’m never posting a pic of myself!”. Guess I’m glad to hear it isn’t the norm. Anyone who would say anything like that must be terribly unhappy in themselves. The biggest sign of being unhappy is needing to make others feel shitty about themselves.
    By the way, I’ve been following you for a year (before that I neverever exercised), and I now have a similar body shape to you through training at least an hour a day, doing any workout you ever tell us to do, and eating SO CLEAN. I am so proud! I have come so far and I feel SO STOKED to have a strong healthy body that looks (almost) as awesome as yours!
    Posting videos for free, blogging like a champ and keeping so many people motivated is an amazing thing to do. People will be jealous, and some people are always going to feel crap about themselves and choose to insult others instead of putting in the work to change themselves. You can’t help everyone, Cassey, but you sure have helped a lot.
    Gosh you should be proud

  128. laura says:

    The person who wrote that is as crazy as a loon. No heed need be taken. Cassey, keep rockin’ it, chica! 🙂

  129. OM says:

    its sad to see that people are judging you for gaining and now, losing weight..its like you cant please them..and YOU SHOULDNT are doing an amazing job and to be honest, you have never looked sooo amazing…i was totally jealous when i saw this recent pic of yours 😀 so keep doing the amazing work and hopefully someday, the bullies will shut up and may be thank you for all your effort!

  130. Jenny says:

    Don’t even worry about it. Haters gonna hate. We all love you and appreciate all the hard work you do to motivate us POPsters to stay healthy.

    1. Anja says:


    2. Ann says:

      Best you could have said! They will always find something to hate on! If you are toned the hate, if you’re not the hate, even if you have a beautiful face and body someone will still hate. Just don’t take serious.

  131. Liz says:

    As you should know, you are such an inspiration to us POPsters to be healthy, happy people. I have always admired you for your work ethic as well as your attitude towards something that is quite challenging. When I saw this woman’s rude, very inappropriate comment regarding your insecurities and weight, it irked me too! But to see your comment back to her, not being mean, nasty, or vulgar back to this woman whatsoever, you truly showed your character and who you are. And that is beautiful woman inside and out! I’m proud of you for not returning hate back towards this woman, you are such a fabulous role model for women (and men too!) of all ages. Bless you, for all that you do for this world.

  132. Amy says:

    Cassey, you are my go-to-girl whenever I’m in a pinch for a workout and I tell everyone I know about your upbeat and positive approach to fitness. Like you I am a blogger and a personal trainer with the goal of helping ladies get fit and feel confident and like you I end up reading and hearing many negative comments about my physical appearance. Each dismissive and abusive comment hurts. We are flesh and bone, real living people and it’s just not right to be so mean. I often question why I subject myself to such negativity and then someone will email to say they love my book, or that I’ve inspired them and I keep going. I am at a total loss on what to say to make you feel better but I do know how you feel. These people should be ashamed of themselves for being mean. I’m sorry girl, you are very loved and appreciated. Hang in there. 🙁

  133. annhara says:

    omg you just dont bother what they say cassey… for me u are such BEAUTIFUL girl… fun, young and you love what you do and most important is not just for you but you do it for other people like me…
    i love working out with u so you dont have to be sad or whatever coz of the comment.. i love u cassey… stay cool, fun n young… 🙂
    love from malaysia…

  134. Re Dimo says:

    Hey, I am sorry that someone was very rude to you. I think you are very kind and helpful. Thank you for your encouraging advice! I think you are a fitness Guru. XOX

  135. Natalia says:

    Wow. Some people are just beyond me. Thank you for sharing with us and being real even when it’s not easy. You have motivated me immensely! I never worked out at home before coming across your YouTube videos because I didn’t know how. I love that you don’t take physical beauty to the extreme, yet you are such a beautiful person! That’s why I love following you and your workout routines, you’re a true inspiration and are so relatable. There will always be nay-Sayers when you’re doing something right, so keep doing what you’re doing! Thanks for everything 🙂

  136. Katy says:

    First off, I’m shocked that someone would write such horrible things about the way you look. They obviously have deeply rooted issues.
    Secondly, hearing about these pageants reminds me a little of the “slam books” that were the big thing back when I was in middle school. They were bad enough — let alone adding pictures into the mix. This makes me a little worried for my daughters when they reach that age. Thank goodness they are only 1 and 3 years old right now!
    Keep doing what you’re doing. You are an inspiration to so many. There will always be some jealous person out there who can’t be happy for someone else who is successful and beautiful, but we can’t and shouldn’t let that slow us down. 🙂

  137. Jen says:

    Hey Cassie,

    Excellent post! I think some people are intentional about being mean and posting negative comments on social media boards. Some crave attention and I think most of the time they attack peoples weight, looks or anything easy to “call out” in order to reflect how they actually may feel about themselves. The fact of the matter is we as a society don’t take responsibility of our insecurities and try and pass them on to the next person. There is nothing wrong with goals!!! being healthy, eating right or being happy in your own skin whether you want to look like a body builder, swim suit model, athletic, average, curvy or voluptuous. We live in a society now where health is on a serious decline. Exercise, eating properly and paying attention to the medications and drugs we are taking are major to our health these days. We have become desensitized and confused about what a healthy portion of food actually looks like, What daily physical exercise actually involves (hint: doesn’t involve doing laundry) lets face it, we’ve gotten lazy. I think its 100% healthy and wonderful what your Blog, Social Media, youtube vids, products etc… are doing, there getting people involved and changing their lives through a very simple concept, Taking care of ourselves. People are always going to pick on something! When I train for competitions people nag me that I’m too thin. Now, Im 5″ with a petite frame the suggested weight for my build is between 103 to 115. I weighed 120 and people where picking at me for being “too thin” when I was actually all muscle. After competition I kind of let go, stressed from some life events etc… I lost a lot of my muscle mass and weighed 115… wouldn’t you know those very same people where now calling me FAT! The point I’m trying to make here is simple, Focus on you and your goals because at the end of the day you are responsible for yourself. I could have very well judged the people judging me, because EVERYONE has flaws. Is it worth it? Nah because id rather Improve myself and be where I need to be. Im not just going to let someone else dictate my life just because they have a different perception of how they think I should look!! It’s unfortunate that us women continue to allow all this negative self image non sense. We pick each other apart like animals when we should be coming together, connecting and supporting each other. I would totes go on but I have class early and need to get to bed! Keep it Going Cassey! Can’t wait to start the Diet tribe game June 1st, goals goals goals!!!!!

  138. Marina says:

    People who write this idiotic stuff are insecure and they find comfort and feel safe when they criticize other people. They are ugly inside, no personality only a relatively pretty body or face and nothing else. You where the reason I started loving my body again Cassey. What those people write are totally air. Worthless. Those people are looking at you and are so jealous because obviously they accomplished nothing with their lives.

    Keep doing your thing! I am proud of you.

  139. diana says:

    People think just because they are typing behind a computer, they have the right to say whatever they want. Very insensitive, unnecessary and downright disrespectful. You worked hard for what you want, who is that person to decide that you are insecure just base on instagram?! Ridiculous! Your videos have helped many of us get into exercising and staying healthy. There are so many benefits associated with exercising, having a toned body is just a perk. Ignore that troll Cassie, you are doing good!!

  140. Natesa says:

    Legit, I’m not just saying this to try to make you feel better, but I honestly don’t see what people are talking about. I mean I try to see the flaws they point out, but fail to see what they do. You are stunning. And what they used to tell us in preschool still applies, the rude commenter is simply jealous that she can’t get through your workouts with a smile the way you do. ON TOP OF THAT, the commenter fails to realize that criticizing you that way makes all of those who are bigger than you feel like total crap. Whatevs, the commenter is clearly in need of a serious hug. Keep up the amazing work Cassey, don’t let insecure commenters phase you. 🙂

    1. Nicky says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more 🙂
      I mean ‘love handles stickin’ out’??
      This is someone with issues, don’t pay too much attention to it Cassey, you’re lovely. I would kill to wake up tomorrow with a body like yours 🙂


      1. Jen says:

        Seriously! I still can’t get over that”love handle” comment. Insanity.

  141. Maritza says:

    Wow Cassey! What he/she said is horrible. That person must be very insecure to go through every detail of your body and greatly exaggerate and nit pick at your “imperfections” (quotations because no one is perfect, so how can I claim anyone is imperfect when I myself have unique features). I’ve been going through this myself and with family members. It is so discouraging. I am so sick and tired of people always claiming to be living a “healthy lifestyle.” I understand that yes, we need to strive for better healthy choices (like eating healthy and exercising). However, many people (especially women) have been associating “healthy” to body image. This is ridiculous people! Not everyone is shaped the same way! I think you’ve have handled this very well Cassey. Ignore this person’s ignorant comment and continue to be your positive, beautiful self! Brush it off girl!

  142. Becky says:

    What that person said was really hurtful and not true. You are beautiful Cassey Ho and I don’t see any flaws. You are not only beautiful, but you are healthy and fit! Some people may look skinny, but really they are very unhealthy inside.

    What I wanted to say is that, be careful about the weightloss. I know you have good intentions for everyone but weight cycling can be very dangerous if a person goes through enough cycles they can do internal damage which may cut their life short. Look up some journal papers on weight cycling and just read them and then see how you feel. I like your motto of eating clean, but I don’t think a short weight loss program is the way to go cassey.

    I am one of your biggest fans (from UCLA) and I love the time I spend with my computer doing your workout. I hope you and the rest of the dieters meet their goal, but be safe! Much love, Becky

  143. Kirbie says:

    Wow, I’m sorry that some jerk posted that comment! Sadly I’m not surprised though, girls are always the worst to point out other girls flaws. I get that it’s an ‘insecurity’ thing, but it doesn’t excuse the fact that its WRONG and MEAN! We should all be looking out for one another because we know how much pressure we put on ourselves, we should never do that to others (or ourselves really).

  144. Milly Grace says:

    Cassey you are a wonderful, inspiring person who should not let these girls get to you! You have inspired so many people, (POPSTERS!) and fulfilled many peoples dreams with your kind words and encouragement. You are beautiful inside and out; this person who said this to you, what have they done for their community? Oh thats right, NOTHING! I adore watching you and you should not be worried about these little flaws because girl you are perf! No matter what anybody says, you are healthy and proud of yourself and many people- including myself are soooo proud of you and who you are. Cassey Ho you are amazing!!! (:

  145. people are stupid. end of story. you’re gorgeous and totally trim. I can’t wait to start this Dietbet! Already signed up 🙂 As always, you’re an inspiration! Thanks for being so real on the blog.

  146. Emily says:

    You rock. I just discovered you from the Skinny Mom challenge, but I had to quit a week in because of being really out of shape and hurting myself trying to work out too hard. I have a 9 month old baby boy and in two days I turn 29 (!). Your article addresses my issues SO WELL. Ever since my youth I thought I had to be perfect and never saw my real beauty- honestly-until I gained a lot more weight. What do they say, you don’t know what you got til it’s gone? LOL. Anyway, thank you SO MUCH for being so honest and loving and kind to the people in this community. It really does go a long way to not just love ourselves but to show that kindness and respect to others, no matter where they are at. I don’t want to feel better for a moment by putting others down, but I have been guilty of it too- usually because of jealousy. Thank you for your INNER beauty which makes the OUTER shine that much more. Much love!

  147. Danielle says:

    I feel sorry for the girl who posted those comments. She sounds like someone who really needs some help. I looked at Cassey’s picture and saw a healthy, happy, strong woman. Anyone who can look at the same picture and have that point of view, is either jealous or has serious self-esteem issues. I hope she can get help. I am locked in for the Dietbet Challenge, and I am looking forward to a fun way to re-ignite my motivation. Had never heard of social dieting before and thought, “Why not? No harm in it!”. Feel the love from your POPster community, Cassey!

  148. Anna says:

    Beautiful post Cassey! I was so shocked to read about the instagram pageants… ugh, it gives me such a bad feeling, and I feel so lucky that the internet wasn’t this big when I was growing up! (there was still judgement of course, but not to this scale)

    Good luck to you and all the other popsters taking part in the dietbet! I myself wont, but I’ll be following the June calendar with you all! Let’s kill it!

  149. Sarah Potgieter says:

    I C A N T B E L I E V E T H A T S O M E O N E A C T U A L L Y P O S T E D T H A T A B O U T Y O U!!!!!!!!!!! C R A Z Y!!!!!!!!! True, you don’t look the same as last year when you did the bikini comp, but OMG, if I saw you walking down the street, I would still be like, wow, that girl is nice and toned. Where do people like that get off? Seriously!!! Do they even know what chubby means?

  150. Lita says:

    Well didn’t you criticize Honey Boo Boo(a little girl) for her weight? On the internet? You can say it is because you are concerned for her health, but I’m sure when she is old enough to be online and she finds things like your post about her weight, she will not see it in that way.

    1. May says:

      Actually, she criticized honey boo boo’s mother for the state of their health, which is fair enough considering the appallingly unhealthy foods she is fed. It had nothing to do with weight and I personally agreed with her.. Look around the net, I’m sure you’ll find much worse things said about honey boo boo.
      This lady on instagram however is simply hateful and insecure.

    2. Anja says:

      When she is old enough to be online she’ll be old enough to realize that weight CAN be a serious problem and that every parent should know about their responsibility when it comes to nourishing a child’s body AND soul. Because, seriously – what Cassey wrote about Honey Boo Boo was harsh but kind whereas other might call the poor child names and whatnot.

      When Honey Boo Boo is old enough to be online she’ll ask her MOTHER why they went public. Not Cassey.

  151. Jessica says:

    can you tell me more about dietbet? I saw that it is a $25 buy in, but how exactly does it work???

  152. sam malott says:

    Cassey, your perfection to me 🙂

  153. Sarah says:

    wowww. this absolutely disgusts me, to think that people saying things like that is even remotely okay. but what’s worse is I’m not surprised. our culture has so valued being attractive (read: thin) that its become a brutal, nasty competition. that’s why your posts about actually being HEALTHY are so inspiring and wonderful, especially since you seem to emphasize the mental aspect of health as well. You ought to know well that this terribly rude, awful comment in no way reflects who you are. Instead it reflects on someone who is probably so emotionally and physically unstable that they feel the need to make ignorant remarks about other people in order to feel more validated about themselves. So uh basically…. i love you. keep it UP!

  154. Jodie says:

    Excellent post, honesty is always the best way to clear up confusion.
    This whole situation reminds me of what happened on Reddit. Faith in humanity restored after reading this:

    Cyber bullying is the worst, I’m thankful every day that social media didn’t exist when I was in school.

  155. Marissa says:

    Hey Cassey… I’ve known about your site for about a year now and have really enjoyed your videos. But even though I don’t know you at all and probably never will, I have been blessed by you a lot even beyond the fitness aspect. Thank you for being willing to be “real” with a bunch of strangers on the internet. I think you are really a great role model and I think it’s great that you are speaking up about these issues. Thanks for always being so positive! The care you have for this community and for people in general is so evident. 🙂 Keep rocking it girl!

  156. karlee says:

    That’s right Cassey! Spoken like a true lady. Don’t let haters get you down!!